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Today with deep sorrow we bid farewell to our beloved father, the 9th president of Israel. Our father's legacy has always been to look to tomorrow. We were privileged to be part of his private family, but today we sense that the entire nation of Israel and the global community share this great loss. We share this pain
Sep 27 2016 Israel
Shimon Peres has been quoted 49 times. The one recent article where Shimon Peres has been quoted is Family was 'moved' by emotional talk with Obama. Most recently, Shimon Peres was quoted as having said, “Today with deep sorrow we bid farewell to our beloved father, the 9th president of Israel. Our father's legacy has always been to look to tomorrow. We were privileged to be part of his private family, but today we sense that the entire nation of Israel and the global community share this great loss. We share this pain together.”.
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I don't think it's connected whatsoever, you know. It may be used as an excuse but not as a reason. Whatever happened in Egypt, in Tunisia, in Syria or in Yemen, has nothing to do with Israel. It is a result of their internal situation. So we pray for peace, not only between us and the Arabs, but for peace all over the

I wish it would be shorter, but you know I learned to be patient, without giving up the major goals. I know that if you want to arrive at a certain point, it may be more difficult than you think, it may take more time than is valid or rational. But don't give up the goal – and I am not going to give up the goal. I am not impressed. I regret, maybe, that it has taken so much time, but that's not a reason to give it up. I am convinced that neither us nor the Palestinians have a real alternative, no

Occasionally, the problem of the security of Israel, not always. Because things are changing so dramatically and it's not something that you do once and you have it forever. We have new weapons, we have new strategies, we have new contenders. And I know that the best solution to this war is peace. But I try to sleep as well as I can, my four or five hours during the night. So I shall be fresh and able to think during the

Well, there may be disagreements, too, but I don't think that the Israeli government has announced that we are going to build. The announcement is that the Israeli government is going to plan. And between planning and building there is a difference and a gap. And it depends very much if we shall renew the direct negotiations. If this will happen, I think this, again, can be solved

I think, you should ask 'Where will it begin?'. It's stopped already, but I do believe with the new government there is a chance to reopen the negotiations. And I feel there is a sort of maturity on both sides. Basically, to understand that with the opening of negotiations you can't solve all the problems. The opening is an opening to summarize what you did agree and to look for

Well, I think the declaration of the announcement of planning was a reaction to the fact that the Palestinians went one-sidedly to the United Nations. So I agree, this is a little on the provocative side, but Israel looks upon the unilateral approach to the United Nations as a sort of provocation. We have to stop provocation, I agree. If you don't stop, I mean, it will be an exchange of provocation and that is

I regret it very much. It's based on ignorance. It raises the flames of hatred – totally unnecessary and completely unfounded. So this is one of the regretful experiences in the recent

Friends and colleagues, let us all embrace those who lost loved ones in the war of terror, who carry a grief they cannot be freed from and still love their nation with dignity and

Dear friends, there are not many people in my lifetime about whom I can say wholeheartedly: here is a man who has changed history,

And I credit him as one of the persons who saved many lives by preventing war in the Middle East. He saved the lives of Egyptians, of Arabs, of Israelis by not allowing a war to be renewed. No matter what criticism there is now against him, his contribution for peace, as far as I'm concerned, will never be

Peace can be attained only by negotiations and terror is aimed at interrupting the peace efforts. None of us has the slightest intention in mind to submit to this

The prime minister goes to Washington determined to represent his people, to implement an agreed solution here, namely to have a two-state solution, a Palestinian demilitarised

We need a Palestinian state for moral reasons, because we don't want to govern another nation, but also for a pragmatic reason: we don't want to see the conflict eating up our future. There is no need for it and there is no other

I think that the economies are looking in the wrong direction. They shouldn't look at the financial side of the development, but to the scientific explosion that will take place. It is not the pockets that enrich our brains, it is our brains that fills our

The road for his liberation is still a long one and a complicated

I do believe there is a fair chance to renew negotiations before the end of this month. I think that the time may be right to do so. There are still some remaining differences but they are manageable and if we shall miss this opportunity we shall remain without a

I call on Kadima chairwoman Tzipi Livni and Labour Party chairman Ehud Barak and I say to them: let's unite to secure the future of the state of Israel. I ask to meet with you first to discuss with you a broad national unity government for the good of the people and the

If the people in Gaza want to live in peace, if the people in Gaza want to enjoy free passage, there is a simple thing they can do: stop

It was an attempt to destroy an otherwise more restrained and tranquil situation in Jerusalem. It's a mistake, because in fact the Arabs and the Jewish people in Jerusalem are having their daily experience and contacts in a peaceful

These are preliminary contacts and I think every contact that leads to the direction of peace should be welcomed, yet the value of it is still too early to

We recommend to the government to correct all the

Let the Gazians decide their own destiny, their own situation. Any attempt by Israel to intervene there will put Israel in an impossible

Hamas is pushing to the end of its government. They cannot behave like this, to be wild, to fire, to shoot, to say 'We shall not make agreements, shall not respect them'. Who is going to support them, who is going to pay for them?feedback

War is a very difficult thing but we will overcome this

So the minute they'll stop it, there is no problem with Israel. We don't want anything from Lebanon – neither land, nor water, nor influence. The only thing we want is to live in peace. If Lebanon can do it, welcome. If not, we have to defend ourselves and we shall do

President Mubarak of Egypt tried to mediate to bring an end to it, but Hamas rejected all his proposals. Abu Mazen tried his hand…his propositions were ignored and

This is not yet the beginning of the negotiations because the negotiations must be carefully planned, on the timing, on the location, and, the most important point, about the conclusions; because if they meet and nothing comes out, it could be a

I think it's first of all a problem for the Palestinian people, not for Israel, because Hamas is for unilateral war, not for unilateral peace or for withdrawal. We shall not change our position but if Hamas doesn't want peace, doesn't want negotiations and wants to continue with their terrorist activity, I don't think they will have any support from outside or from

We shall draw the necessary conclusions and we hope the Palestinian Authority will do likewise, because terror is damaging not only the security of Israel but also the destiny of the

I think it is an important agreement because we are going to evacuate the Philadelphi line which is 14 kilometres long and will now serve as a frontier, division between Egypt and the

Settlers don't have a future in Gaza. So whatever's happening right now is a passing experience and they will be out in accordance with decisions of the parliament and

The real infrastructure of relationships between the Palestinians and us is political rather than technological. It's not relations between guns, it's a relation between

The will of the people is to have a unity government whose main goal is to carry out the Gaza

It is a good start. I hope we shall be able to move ahead in the direction of peace. It is not easy, it is not simple, but it is promising, it is the right

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