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On the fifth of next month, President Trump is scheduled to visit Japan. He kindly called me by phone already today and when he visits Japan, we will spend time discussing the issues of North Korea and aim to confirm our close
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NEW Oct 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Shinzo Abe is associated, including Japan and United States. Most recently, Shinzo Abe has been quoted saying: “We must explain it after reaching a concrete plan with the constitutional Commission, as I don't see this general election as a reflection of public opinion regarding the revision of the constitution.” in the article Japan election: Abe hails massive win, but what now for the country's pacifist constitution?.
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Shinzo Abe quotes

Sep 25 2017 - British elections 2017

I'll demonstrate strong leadership and stand at the forefront to face a national crisis. This is my responsibility as leader and my mission as prime

Sep 25 2017 - Social security

We will turn Japan's social security system into one that responds to all generations by boldly diverting policy resources to resolve the two major concerns -- child rearing and (elderly) nursing care – that working generations confront. We must not give in to North Korea's threats. By gaining a mandate from the people with this election, I will forge ahead with strong

Sep 25 2017 - North Korea

With this election I want to ask the people for their verdict on my North Korea

Sep 25 2017 - North Korea

If North Korea doesn't change, we will have to use every possible means to maximize

Sep 25 2017 - British elections 2017

We must protect the people and wealth of this

Sep 25 2017 - North Korea

If North Korea follows the right path, it can develop its economy. But if it doesn't abandon its missile and nuclear programmes, then it will not have a bright

Sep 21 2017 - Uber

It's absolutely possible to break down even a massive wall that everyone feels is

Sep 20 2017 - Japan

I intend to put forward daring policies unlike any that have come before. I will invest the entirety of my political resources to open up the future of

Sep 20 2017

We must make North Korea abandon all nuclear and ballistic missile programmes in a complete, verifiable and irreversible manner. What is needed to do is not dialogue, but

Sep 20 2017 - North Korea

For North Korea, dialogue was instead the best means of deceiving us and buying time. In what hope of success are we now repeating the very same failure a third time?feedback

Sep 18 2017 - Japan

I have a belief that a nation's surest defense is the trust and gratitude of its

Sep 18 2017 - Japan

I am absolutely not thinking about

Sep 18 2017 - North Korea

The solidarity of the international community is being put to the test in response to the repeated dangerous provocations by North

Sep 15 2017 - Japan

The international community needs to come together and send a clear message to North Korea that it is threatening world peace with its

Sep 15 2017 - North Korea

Now is the time when the international community is required to unite against North Korea's provocative acts, which threaten world peace. We must make North Korea understand that if it continues down this road, it will not have a bright

Sep 14 2017

I hope to travel by the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train next time I am

Sep 14 2017 - Japan

We (India and Japan) will strengthen our collaboration with those countries with whom we share universal

Sep 13 2017 - Japan

The government expects the BOJ to continue efforts to meet the

Sep 07 2017 - Japan

Resolving the situation on the Korean Peninsula […] is only possible through political and diplomatic means. First we need to dial down general tensions and then to begin dialogue between all interested parties, as proposed in the Russian-Chinese road map of gradual

Sep 06 2017 - North Korea

We must make North Korea understand there is no bright future for the country if it pursues the current

Sep 01 2017 - Japan

In order to save even one additional life, we will promote preventive measures to tackle various types of disasters and a well-balanced disaster prevention plan based on self-help, public assistance and

Aug 31 2017 - North Korea

They [North Korea] have conducted two launches of ICBMs [intercontinental ballistic missiles]. That threat is felt not just by our country or Asia alone. It has become a global threat, including Europe. North Korea will launch ICBMs again and the range will include almost the entire region of

Aug 31 2017 - North Korea

It is very meaningful that Prime Minister May and I agreed to further strengthen pressure on North Korea and to call on China to play a larger

Aug 31 2017 - Japan

The U.K.'s departure from the European Union has to be

Aug 31 2017 - Brexit

I really could feel the depth of the relationship. Our country would like to minimise the impact to companies because of Brexit, in the process of negotiations for Brexit. I hope that transparency and predictability will be ensured. That would be very

Aug 31 2017 - Brexit

With this in mind, I have asked Prime Minister May for her continued consideration in ensuring transparency and predictability so as to minimise its impact on business activities, including Japanese

Aug 30 2017 - Brexit

There's a real job to be done in the United Kingdom. It's about getting the Brexit deal right, it's about building that deep and special partnership with the European Union but it's also about building global Britain, trading around the

Aug 29 2017 - Japan

This missile poses a serious and grave threat and it greatly damages regional peace and

Aug 29 2017 - Japan

North Korea's reckless action is an unprecedented, serious and a grave threat to our

Aug 29 2017 - Japan

The outrageous act of firing a missile over our country is an unprecedented, serious and grave threat and greatly damages regional peace and

Aug 28 2017 - North Korea

This reckless act of firing a missile over our nation is an unprecedented, serious and significant threat, one that seriously diminishes the peace and safety of the region, and as a result we have lodged a firm protest against North

Aug 28 2017 - North Korea

By working together with the international community, we will seek to further strengthen pressure against North Korea. The "ballistic missile was fired and that it flew over our country. We will immediately collect information and analyze the data and we will do our utmost to protect the

Aug 15 2017 - Japan

After the war, our country has consistently taken steps as a country that abhors war and treasures peace, and has made efforts to promote the peace and prosperity of the world. We intend to keep this immovable policy firmly, throughout the ages, while facing history with

Aug 15 2017 - North Korea

We shared the awareness that the most important thing is preventing North Korea from going ahead with the

Aug 09 2017 - Japan

Here in Nagasaki, a city that continues to pray for perpetual peace, I reaffirm my commitment to realizing a peaceful world without nuclear weapons. At the same time, I give my condolences to those who lost their lives because of the nuclear bomb, and I pray for peace of mind for the relatives of the victims, the participants of this ceremony, and all Nagasaki

Aug 06 2017 - Japan

We need a realistic, step-by-step approach, in order to achieve a nuclear-free

Aug 04 2017 - Japan

What's been asked of us is to firmly show

Aug 03 2017 - Japan

We'll seek to end deflation by accelerating a virtuous economic

Jul 31 2017 - Japan

Under the strong resolve of the U.S.-Japan alliance, in order to further improve our defense posture and our capabilities, we will take concrete steps to do our utmost in ensuring the public' safety from the North Korean

Jul 31 2017 - Russia

The international community including China and Russia need to gravely accept such concrete facts and should apply more pressure. President Trump and I fully agreed that we need to take further

Jul 31 2017 - Japan

President Trump and I completely agreed that we must also take further action… We will make every possible effort to protect our citizens' safety against the threat from North

Jul 31 2017 - Japan

I completely agreed with President Trump on the recognition that we must take further action. We have made repeated efforts to resolve the North Korean issue peacefully, coordinating between Japan and the United States and with the international community, but North Korea has trampled all over these efforts and unilaterally escalated [the situation]. China, Russia and the rest of the international community must take seriously this undeniable fact and increase their

Jul 29 2017 - Russia

As long as North Korea continues these provocations, the United States., South Korea, China and Russia and the whole international community must closely cooperate and apply additional

Jul 28 2017 - ICBM

As a result of their launches of ICBM-level missiles, this clearly shows the threat to our nation's safety is severe and

Jul 28 2017 - Japan

I have received information that North Korea once again conducted a missile firing. We will immediately analyze information and do our utmost to protect the safety of the Japanese

Jul 25 2017 - Japan

We meet as friends, but we never seek or give favors. I have never advised him to visit the ministers in

Jul 12 2017 - Japan

I was able to talk with people in evacuation centers and hear their worries and troubles. The government will make every effort to rebuild so that people can resume their former lives without

Jul 10 2017 - Arctic

We reaffirmed our close collaboration in our relationship with

Jul 10 2017 - Arctic

We will be enhancing our cooperation in the area of the environment regarding the Arctic

Jul 08 2017 - G20

As I look at the current situation, particularly the security environment in the Asia Pacific region including North Korea, we believe that it has become increasingly

Jul 06 2017 - NATO

We must reinforce the foundation among Japan, the U.S. and Europe that share common principles and values by further strengthening Japan-NATO

Jul 06 2017 - G20

Ahead of the G20 summit tomorrow, I believe Japan and the EU are demonstrating our strong political will to fly the flag for free trade against a shift toward protectionism. It is a strong message to the

Jul 06 2017 - Refugees

I would say that before accepting immigrants or refugees we need to have more activities by women, by elderly people, and we must raise [the] birth

Jul 06 2017 - Japan

Japan and the European Union will hoist the flag of free trade high amidst protectionist

Jul 06 2017 - Japan

It sends a strong message to the

Jul 04 2017 - Climate change

That's why we must all take action together

Jul 04 2017 - US, China relations

The latest launch clearly showed that the threat is

Jul 04 2017 - G20

Leaders of the world will gather at the G20 meeting. I would like to strongly call for solidarity of the international community on the North Korean

Jul 03 2017 - Japan

We have to take [the result] seriously as a severe criticism against our party the LDP. I'm determined to reshape the party to work together and win back trust among the public through realising

Jun 18 2017

We are struck by deep sorrow. I express my heartfelt solidarity to America at this difficult

Jun 09 2017

A stable succession of the Imperial throne is a momentous issue. The government will advance debate with respect for the

Jun 09 2017 - Japan

Abdication will take place for the first time in 200 years, reminding me once again of how important an issue this is for the foundation of our nation, its long history, and its

Jun 02 2017 - Japan

The labor shortage is getting serious. To overcome it, we need to improve

May 29 2017

As we agreed at the recent G7 summit, the North Korean problem is a top priority for the international community. In order to restrain North Korea, we will be take specific action together with the United

May 28 2017

North Korea's provocation by ignoring repeated warning from the international society is absolutely

May 27 2017 - Nuclear weapons

The threat has entered a new stage (as North Korea tests missiles and nuclear weapons) ... there is a danger it can spread like a contagious

May 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

Unfortunately, this time around we won't be able to play golf

May 23 2017 - Japan

On behalf of the government of Japan and the Japanese people, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the victims and extend our sympathies to those who have been

May 21 2017 - Japan

I would like to have a thorough discussion about this at the G7

May 20 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

Eleven countries have made their judgement on the assumption that the U.S. will be in TPP. We need to consider what is best and the 11 countries must be

May 20 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

We have finally come to an agreement on the rules of free and fair trade. Since we have come thus far, Japan must now take on a leadership role and bring the talks

May 17 2017 - Internet of Things

We would like to enhance economic activities between Japan and the United States based upon trading and investment rules....In addition, we will have sectoral cooperation approaches in the domains of high speed rail, infrastructure and energy. Going forward, with the utilization of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, we want to overcome the challenges coming from an aging society with low

May 17 2017 - Japan

We have already accumulated data and with the use of AI, we will make good use of the big data that we have. Thereby, we can contribute to other countries and regions, which may suffer from the same kind of challenges. With the use of big data and AI, we can shift to health management and preventive medical care and encourage those dependent on medical and nursing care to become more self

May 16 2017 - Japan

We now need to apply pressure on North Korea, and Japan and the United States need to coordinate closely so as to apply

May 16 2017 - Japan

Considering the tightness happening in the labor market, I think there will be a gradual increase of wages as demanded by market pressures. If you want to recruit good human resources, you will have to improve your conditions of

May 16 2017 - Japan

For the last four years consecutively, we were able to increase the wage levels...the momentum for wage increase is being

May 15 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

Eleven countries have made their judgement on the assumption that the U.S. will be in TPP. We need to consider what is best and the 11 countries must be united. Since the U.S. understands the importance of having free and fair rules in the trading world, our wish is that the U.S. will return to

May 15 2017 - Japan

President Trump says all options are on the table. He is demonstrating this position both by words and by action. We regard this

May 14 2017 - South Korea

We will continue to closely coordinate with the United States and South Korea to respond to the North Korea

May 14 2017

North Korea's repeated missile launches are a grave threat to our country and a clear violation of UN

May 10 2017 - Japan

I promise Japan will do everything it can to put on the best possible competition, a tournament that will live on in people's memories around the

May 03 2017 - Trump Presidency

There is a scramble to win over the heart and mind of President

May 03 2017 - Japan

Those members of the public who think of the Constitution as an immortal tome are now a small

May 01 2017

Despite strong warnings by the international community, North Korea today went through its ballistic missile launch. It is a grave threat to our country. This is absolutely not acceptable. We strongly condemn such

Apr 29 2017 - Japan

We'd like to maintain a close coordination with the United States, our ally, to maintain a high state of alert. We'd like to be water-tight to ensure safety for our

Apr 29 2017 - Japan

As prime minister I am focusing on China's response. China, I hope, will play a constructive role ... it is my high expectations that China will perform its role

Apr 29 2017 - Japan

A peace treaty between Japan and Russia has not been concluded yet, even after 70 years have passed since the end of World War Two. It is an extremely unusual situation. Infinite possibilities are latent in the cooperation between Japan and

Apr 28 2017 - Trump Presidency

I was very encouraged to see someone like you could have such . . . experience both in the military as well as security, defense and the diplomacy taking this

Apr 24 2017 - Wiretapping

We completely agreed to strongly demand that North Korea, who's been repeatedly dangerous and provocative, show restraint. We'll maintain close contact with U.S. and high level of monitoring and surveillance as we respond firmly on North

Apr 24 2017

The North Korean nuclear and missile problem is an extremely serious security threat to not only the international community but also our

Apr 24 2017 - North Korea

We agreed to strongly demand that North Korea, which is repeating its provocation, show restraint. We will maintain close contact with the United States, keep a high level of vigilance and respond

Apr 18 2017 - Palestinian settlements

It goes without saying that it is a matter of paramount importance for us to seek diplomatic efforts as well peaceable settlements of the issue. But at the same time, dialogue for the sake of dialogue is valueless and it is necessary for us to exercise pressure North Korea so that it comes forward and engages in this serious

Apr 17 2017 - North Korea

Needless to say, diplomatic effort is important to maintain peace. But dialogue for the sake of having dialogue is

Apr 17 2017 - South Korea

Japan will closely cooperate with the US and South Korea over North Korea and will call for China to take a bigger

Apr 17 2017 - Refugees

Needless to say, diplomatic effort is important to maintain peace. But dialogue for the sake of having dialogue is meaningless. We need to apply pressure on North Korea so they seriously respond to a

Apr 14 2017 - Japan

We cannot turn away from this reality. The security environment surrounding Japan is getting

Apr 14 2017 - Syria conflict

The security situation around our country is getting increasingly severe. We have just talked about Syria. There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to put sarin on warheads to strike the

Apr 13 2017

There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to deliver missiles with sarin as

Apr 09 2017 - Japan

Unity between Japan, South Korea and the US is very

Apr 07 2017 - Syria conflict

Many innocent people became victims from the chemical attacks. Japan supports the U.S. government's determination to prevent the spread and use of chemical

Mar 27 2017 - Japan

I'd like to encourage the party to have this discussion and am keeping an eye on how it's

Mar 24 2017 - CeBIT

We are now witnessing the opening of the 5th chapter. We are now able to find solutions to problems that could not be solved before. This is the age, in which all things are connected, all technologies fuse, and this is the advent of Society

Mar 23 2017 - Japan

I remember that my secretary told me that she would reply to the inquiries he sent to her in a written document. I remember that was a reply declining his

Mar 21 2017 - Japan

Going forward, Japan and the EU and the US should, hand in hand, work to maintain and reinforce the free and open international order, and today I wish to reaffirm that resolve, together with the presidents Tusk and

Mar 21 2017 - Japan

I find it important for Japan and the EU to cooperate with the United States as well to show to the world the flag of free trade as a

Mar 21 2017 - Japan

It promises to be a historic year between Japan and the

Mar 20 2017 - Japan

Francois and I agreed on the importance of ensuring a free and open maritime order in the Indo-Pacific region (and) of continuing to support the stability and prosperity of this

Mar 19 2017 - Japan

Machines equipped with AI, or machines that are essentially robots no longer perform only narrow … functions … the machines of tomorrow will be tasked with solving … (a) multitude of challenges. Japan has no fear of AI. Machines will snatch away jobs? Such worries are not known to Japan. Japan aims to be the very first to prove that growth is possible through innovation, even when a population

Mar 19 2017 - Japan

It is through connectedness that economies will grow, Japan having grown through reaping … the benefits of free trade and investment, wants to be the champion upholding open systems alongside

Mar 11 2017 - Japan

Keeping in mind the valuable lessons we learned by losing so many victims, we will relentlessly revise our preparation for disaster with all our effort and

Mar 06 2017 - East China Sea

North Korea fired four ballistic missiles today which fell near our Exclusive Economic Zone or EEZ. Japan will collect and analyse information regarding this issue. Japan also lodged strong protest against North

Mar 05 2017 - Japan

The constitution represents the shape of our country, and it should describe Japan's ideal

Feb 14 2017 - United Nations

I believe that the stance of the United States towards North Korea will become much tougher, that is

Feb 14 2017 - Japan

When I was alone with the president at the White House, I told him that it would be inappropriate for us leaders to directly debate exchange-rate issues. Currency issues are best dealt with by the finance minister and Treasury secretary of both

Feb 13 2017 - Japan

I think there will be a number of different strategies on the

Feb 12 2017

North Korea's most recent missile launch is absolutely intolerable, North Korea must fully comply with the UN Security Council

Feb 12 2017 - U.S. National Security Adviser

President Trump and I myself completely share the view that we are going to promote further cooperation between the two nations. And also we are going to further reinforce our alliance. I just want everybody to understand and fully know that the United States of America stands behind Japan, its great ally, 100

Feb 11 2017

My scores in golf are not up to the level of Donald at all, but my policy is never up, never in, always aiming for the

Feb 10 2017 - Japan

In a relaxed atmosphere I hope to take time to discuss with Donald the future of the world, the future of the region and the future of Japan and the United

Feb 10 2017 - Japan

I am quite optimistic that ... good results will be seen from the

Feb 09 2017 - Japan

People in a high position like him do not have to do that for others. He is very

Feb 04 2017 - Japan

I was very encouraged, to see someone like you who has substantial experience, both in the military and in security, defense and diplomacy, taking this office. So I believe that you are quite familiar with the situation surrounding

Feb 03 2017 - Japan

I do have hope and I am convinced that together with you, we will be able to demonstrate the unwavering alliance between Japan and the United States both to the public inside and outside

Feb 03 2017 - Japan

I hope to explain that Japan's auto industry alone employs over one million people there, if you include suppliers and other support

Feb 02 2017 - Toyota

Toyota has been making big investments in the U.S. It has built big factories, created jobs. If they make profits, their salaries increase and the benefits for Japan also grow. It's important for each of us to think that way. If the United States grows, without a doubt that benefits

Feb 02 2017 - Japan

We are already producing extremely large numbers of cars in the U.S. We are one of American manufacturers, aren't we? I hope President Trump understands

Feb 01 2017 - Japan

The criticism that our policies are intended to direct the yen lower is

Jan 30 2017 - Japan

The BOJ adopted unprecedented monetary easing under Governor Kuroda, which has exerted intended effects on prices. Governor Kuroda has my full trust. I hope the next governor would be someone who takes over his policy

Jan 25 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

I think President Trump also understands the importance of free and fair trade, and I want to steadfastly seek his understanding of the strategic and economic significance of the TPP

Jan 24 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

"I believe President Trump recognizes the importance of free and fair trade and I'd like to concentrate on getting him to understanding the strategic and economic significance of the TPP agreement,"feedback

Jan 23 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

When we met last time, I believed him to be trustworthy, this belief has not changed

Jan 23 2017 - Japan

I hope the unveiling of this outline of past debate (at the panel) would deepen the people's understanding of the

Jan 20 2017

In the 21st century, while the Asia-Pacific region is the source of the global economic growth, the security environment of the region is becoming more

Jan 20 2017 - Japan

The Japan-U.S. alliance is the cornerstone of our country's foreign and security policy, in the past, present and in the future. It's an unchanging

Jan 20 2017 - Japan

I am aiming to visit the United States as soon as possible to further fortify the bond of alliance together with new President

Jan 15 2017 - Indonesia

Japan will actively encourage cooperation in maritime security and the development of the remote islands in

Jan 15 2017 - South China Sea

The issue of South China Sea has drawn the attention of the international community and directly affects the peace in the

Jan 12 2017 - Japan

I chose the Philippines as my first destination this year and that is testament to my primary emphasis on our bilateral relationship. I'm committed to elevating our bilateral relationship to a higher

Dec 29 2016 - Japan

I offer my sincere and everlasting condolences to the souls of those who lost their lives here, as well as to the spirits of all the brave men and women whose lives were taken by a war that commenced in this very

Dec 28 2016 - Japan

Our countries, which have eradicated hatred and cultivated friendship and trust on the basis of common values, are now, and especially now, taking responsibility for appealing to the world about the importance of tolerance and the power of

Dec 27 2016 - Japan

The alliance between Japan and the United States is one with hope in dealing with various problems in the

Dec 16 2016 - Japan

We need to set aside the past and create a win-win solution for both of

Dec 16 2016 - Japan

The issue won't be solved if each of us just make their own case. We need to make efforts toward a breakthrough so that we don't disapoint the next

Dec 15 2016 - Japan

I want to negotiate as the representative of Japan with the keen feelings of the former residents of the islands engraved in my

Dec 14 2016

It's not like the whole city will be taken over by

Dec 09 2016 - Japan

We want to carry this out and expect others will follow

Dec 05 2016 - Japan

We must never repeat the tragedy of the war. I would like to send this commitment. At the same time, I would like to send a message of reconciliation between Japan and the

Dec 05 2016 - Japan

Our talks in Hawaii will be a chance to show the rest of the world our ever stronger alliance in the

Dec 02 2016 - Sanctions

We decided to impose further sanctions to those already in place to comprehensively resolve various issues such as abductees, nuclear, and missiles after coordination with the US and related nations. We will closely monitor how North Korea will respond to the newly adopted UN

Nov 22 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

This is the problem that cannot be solved without the relationship of trust between leaders. I will be directly communicating with President Putin and make progress one solid step at a

Nov 21 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

This would disturb the fundamental balance of

Nov 21 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

TPP is meaningless without the United

Nov 21 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

We've also exchanged opinions about the need to pressure North Korea more because the nuclear missile threat from that country has

Nov 21 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

From here on, through the joint public and private sectors, we will promote Japanese involvement in infrastructure and other sectors in

Nov 18 2016

I am very honored to see the President-elect ahead of other world leaders. The Japan-U.S. alliance is the axis of Japan's diplomacy and security. The alliance become alive only when there is trust between us. I would like to build such a trust with Mr

Nov 17 2016 - Japan

As the outcome of today's meeting and discussion, I've renewed my conviction that together with Mr. Trump I'll be able to establish a relationship of

Nov 17 2016 - Japan

I do believe that without confidence between the two nations (the) alliance would never function in the future and (after) the outcome of today's discussion I am convinced Mr. Trump is a leader in whom I can have great

Nov 16 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

There's no doubt that there would be a pivot to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership if the TPP doesn't go forward. RCEP doesn't include the United States, leaving China the economy with the largest gross domestic

Nov 16 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

There's no doubt that there would be a pivot to the RCEP if the TPP doesn't go

Nov 16 2016

RCEP doesn't include the U.S., leaving China the economy with the largest gross domestic

Nov 11 2016 - Japan

The agreement is a legal framework to ensure that India will act responsibly for the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It will also lead us to having India participate practically in the international non-proliferation

Nov 11 2016 - Japan

In Japan, the era of high economic growth began when Shinkansen started its service in 1964. I hope the advent of high-speed railway will trigger fresh economic growth in India as

Nov 11 2016 - Japan

He has proven to be able to get along with fairly edgy

Nov 11 2016 - Japan

This is going to be a respectful

Nov 08 2016 - Morocco

Japan aims to play a leading role in crafting arrangements that raises transparency in each country's emission cuts to help accomplish the spirit of the Paris

Oct 25 2016 - Japan

This red carpet is a lot more exciting than the red carpet at the parliament building. I'm feeling very excited, and it's sinking in that the Tokyo International Film Festival has finally kicked

Oct 17 2016 - Japan

Integrated resorts will be a headline attraction for Japan's growth

Sep 26 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

An early entry into force of the TPP will be a big chance and we will aim to quickly achieve a 1 trillion yen ($10 billion) target (of annual agricultural exports).feedback

Sep 26 2016 - Trans Pacific Partnership

We'll further accelerate Abenomics and maximize the pace of moving out of

Sep 22 2016 - Japan

I want to cooperate with Cuba, joining forces as much in the public sector as in the private

Sep 21 2016

We must concentrate our strengths and thwart North Korea's

Sep 12 2016 - North Korea

North Korea went ahead with two nuclear tests in just nine months. This is absolutely unacceptable. Ignoring the condemnation of the international community, North Korea has conducted missile launches repeatedly. Missiles landed within Japan's exclusive economic zone last month and this month consecutively. It's an unprecedented

Sep 09 2016 - North Korea

If North Korea did carry out a nuclear test, it's something absolutely inadmissible, We need to and will strongly protest against (their actions).feedback

Aug 15 2016 - Japan

Going forward, and sticking to this firm pledge while facing history with humility, we will make every effort to contribute to world peace and prosperity and the realization of a world where everyone can live without

Aug 06 2016

We must not have the tragic experience of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 71 years ago repeat

Aug 03 2016

It imposes a serious threat to Japan's security and it is unforgivable act of violence toward Japan's

Jul 27 2016 - Japan

The new economic package needs to be something which would bolster domestic demand and ensure a trajectory toward economic

Jul 11 2016 - Japan

We have promised through this election campaign that we will sell the world the agricultural products and tourism resources each region is proud

Jul 09 2016

The missile launch was a "clear challenge to U.N. Security Council resolutions. We should strongly condemn the launch by working with the international

Jun 30 2016 - UBS

A sense of uncertainty and worry about risks remain in the

Jun 27 2016 - Japan

Risks and uncertainty remain in financial markets. We need to continue to work toward market stability. Tokyo's readiness to conduct yen-selling intervention in the market if it deems yen rises as

Jun 22 2016 - United Nations

Today's missile launch, as with ballistic missile launches in the past, is in clear violation of the United Nations [Security Counci] resolution. We absolutely cannot allow it and I have lodged a resolute protest against

May 29 2016 - Japan

There is a risk of the global economy falling into crisis if appropriate policy responses are not

May 25 2016

I want to make this a summit at which the G7 sends a clear, strong message to respond to all situations and contribute to the sustainable, strong growth of the world

May 24 2016 - South China Sea

As for the South China Sea, we share serious concerns over unilateral actions that raise tensions, such as large-scale reclamation, the building of facilities and militarization. It is a significant achievement that we have agreed to cooperate to secure rule-based, free, safe

May 10 2016 - Nuclear weapons

By having President Obama visit Hiroshima and see the realities of radiation exposure, and by having him communicate his thoughts and feelings to the world, I believe this will lend great power towards achieving a world without nuclear

May 05 2016 - Japan

A vote to leave would make the UK less attractive as a destination for Japanese

May 05 2016 - Japan

Japan very clearly would prefer Britain to remain within the EU. Many Japanese companies set up their operations in the UK precisely because the UK is a gateway to the

May 05 2016 - Japan

Britain's friends around the world, including Japan, will be watching your decision on June 23 with very close

Apr 14 2016 - Japan

We intend to do the utmost to grasp the situation. I'm now planning to hear what we have gathered on the

Apr 10 2016 - North Korea

We need to firmly make them understand that these taunts come with a 'severe payback' and unless they resolve the nuclear issue and missile issues, they will not be able to see a bright

Mar 18 2016 - Wiretapping

Japan strongly demands North Korea to exercise self-restraint and will take all necessary measures, such as warning and surveillance activity, to be able to respond to any

Mar 17 2016

I have to say to something to my country:When you're sitting there, wherever you are, in a dark room, suffering with the pain, there's still no one. No one answering. No one responding. You're

Mar 10 2016 - Japan

There is no rebirth of Japan without the recovery of northern Japan. Under this unshaken belief, I am renewing my determination to build a new northern Japan, which is full of

Mar 08 2016 - United Nations

It is a considerable threat to our national security that North Korea's missile has landed in Japan's exclusive economic zones. I firmly protested against North Korea's unforgivable action which is in obvious defiance of U.N. Security Council

Feb 07 2016 - Al-Qaeda

Those innocent lives were taken by this cruel and atrocious terrorism, and I feel strong indignation. This is a challenge for the common values shared by the international community. We strongly condemn

Jan 28 2016

Abenomics is at a critical juncture. I'd like him to use his full capacity to pull Japan out of deflation and put its economy on a growth

Jan 06 2016 - United Nations

North Korea must abide by U.N. resolutions that require the country to scrap its nuclear and ballistic missile programs completely and

Nov 05 2015 - Nuclear weapons

I believe that by visiting Hiroshima, understanding the reality of radiation exposure, and voicing his opinions there, President Obama is going to provide a strong push for achieving a world devoid of nuclear

Nov 02 2015 - Japan

Regarding the issue of 'comfort women', I believe we should not leave behind difficulties for future generations as we try to build a future-oriented cooperative

Sep 19 2015

The legislation will protect Japan and our peaceful way of life…and prevent war. I believe the legal basis allowing our children and future generations peace has been

Sep 10 2015 - Japan

There is concern that the region will see unprecedented heavy rains. The government will work as one to prioritise the safety of the people and do our best to prevent any further

Jul 17 2015 - Japan

The construction cost has been greatly inflated and there was criticism from the public, including the athletes, on the plan, which made me believe that we'll not be able to host an event that everyone in this country will

Jun 01 2015

North Korea's nuclear test is a serious threat to our nation's security and we absolutely cannot tolerate it. We strongly denounce

Mar 11 2015 - Japan

The current intensive five-year reconstruction plan expires next March, but we will draw up another for the next five years by this

Jan 25 2015 - Japan

A picture that we believe shows the murder of Haruka Yukawa has been distributed. We are analysing the validity of this image and unfortunately at this point, we believe it is highly likely to be

Jan 25 2015 - Japan

We ask for the remaining Japanese citizen, that no harm comes to him – and we ask that he is released as soon as

Dec 15 2014 - Japan

My 'Abenomics' policies are still only half-way done. I am aware that there are still a lot of people who still do not feel the benefits (of my policies). But it's my duty to bring about these policies to those very people, and I believe this election also voiced that

Nov 11 2014 - Trans Pacific Partnership

At this APEC summit, we were able to create a roadmap for

Nov 11 2014

I believe that not only our Asian neighbours but many other countries have long hoped that Japan and China will hold talks. We have finally lived up to their expectations and made a first step to improve our

Jun 24 2014 - Japan

Rising corporate revenues are leading to more jobs and higher wages. It is this sort of positive cycle that is starting to

Apr 23 2014 - Japan

However, the negotiations are very difficult and so it is necessary for them to

Dec 17 2013 - Japan

Through international cooperation and our proactive peace policy, we will continue our effort to make even more of a contribution to international peace and

Dec 06 2013

He fought for the abolition of apartheid with a strong will. On nation building, he made a major achievement with focus on the reconciliation of the people. He was a great

Aug 15 2013

We will never forget that today's peace and prosperity is built upon the sacrifices of your precious

Jul 22 2013 - Japan

I think that now is our real start. The thing that people want most across the entire country is a strong economic recovery that they can actually

Jun 05 2013 - Japan

To turn two decades of stagnation into ten years of recovery we will need daring, openness, innovation and action. With this growth plan we will completely turn around the Japanese economy, dragging the nation out of stagnation and into

Apr 16 2013

Japan's police departments are increasing security and monitoring important facilities as well as areas where large numbers of people are gathering. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our

Feb 12 2013 - North Korea

We are considering taking independent sanctions against North Korea. In addition, we will make use of all possible measures to solve the issue. I have given clear instructions to prepare for the

Jan 20 2013 - British Petroleum

From what we've heard from the Algerian government, there is indeed grim information about our

Jan 18 2013 - Al-Qaeda

Algeria has not had assistance from other nations, as far as I know. I certainly know about countries which have offered to give Algeria assistance, but that has been declined. Therefore it is very likely that this is an Algerian

Jan 18 2013 - Al-Qaeda

I've strongly asked Algeria to deal with the situation by giving priority to human lives and to ensuring people's safety. I believe the leaders of the other countries convey the same

Jan 11 2013 - Japan

But without economic growth, there is no hope for the future of Japan and for rebuilding our

Dec 26 2012 - Japan

I hereby form a cabinet that will tackle crises for the Japanese people. Our nation's strength comes with a strong economy. Without strong economic revitalisation, there is no financial reform or any future for

Sep 11 2007 - Japan

I determined today that I should resign. We should seek a continued mission to fight terrorism under a new prime

Jan 09 2007 - Japan

This shows the world how mature Japan has become as a democratic nation. It shows our confidence in civilian control and our firm intention to play an important role in maintaining security in

Jan 18 2006 - Japan

It seems likely that the ongoing investigation into Livedoor's subsidiaries led share prices to fall. But even considering the Livedoor factor, I think they are falling too much, too

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