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I hope the court quickly takes up my appeal. But my role in the next campaign is clear: Independent of my ability to run, I will be campaigning for the center right to lead the
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Nov 22 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Silvio Berlusconi is associated, including Italy, Milan, and government. Most recently, Silvio Berlusconi has been quoted saying: “I hope the Strasbourg court will make a decision in time for the elections. It would be hugely controversial if I'm not granted justice in time for the vote. Either way, whether I'm able to be a candidate or not, I will be campaigning with all my passion. Sicily showed us that a good centre-Right candidate can win if he is supported by a broad coalition.” in the article British lawyers fight to overturn Berlusconi's ban on holding public office, paving way for political resurrection.
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Silvio Berlusconi quotes

Apr 13 2017 - Forward Italy

To those who remain, from the players, the coach, and the employees of the club to all of our fans, I express the most affectionate wishes for great success, and I hope every one of them can achieve every one of the dreams they hold in sport and in

Apr 13 2017 - Forward Italy

After more than 30 years, I leave the position of president of AC Milan. I do so with pain and emotion but with the knowledge that, in the modern game, to compete at the highest level in Europe and the world requires investment and resources a single family can no longer support. I will never forget the emotions that Milan have given to us all. I'll never forget all the people who are to thank for my being able to preside over this club which has won so much. First of all, of course, are the great coaches and champions who made possible these feats that will stay forever in football

Apr 09 2017 - Easter

It was a complete invention by an Italian

Mar 25 2017 - Forward Italy

Should the deal not go through we'll continue to build a young and Italian

Mar 25 2017 - Forward Italy

Gigio is one of Milan's jewels. He's a gorgeous product of our youth system, he feels strong attachment in his heart to the jersey and the Rossoneri colours. For us he's completely off the market. The Chinese buyers have been impacted by some difficulties that couldn't have been predicted, but they guaranteed significant down payments: we're ready to continue to maintain our commitments and think the buyers will with

Feb 13 2017 - Italian elections

Taking the country to the ballot boxes in these conditions would be

Jan 28 2017 - Forward Italy

There is a risk that what will go on trial here is

Jan 20 2017

Vivendi's decision to backtrack has also made it more difficult to sell the pay-TV unit ... though this is not

Jan 19 2017 - Forward Italy

After all that has happened, there is a bit of

Dec 11 2016 - Italian elections

It's up to the PD to express and sustain a government for the remaining part of the legislature, which has to be as short as

Dec 01 2016 - Netflix

The projects we proposed to the French were ours, we're still working on them. Creating a pan-European platform is the only way to fend off competition from Netflix or web companies such as

Nov 18 2016

If no-one wins a clear majority, then the two (political) blocs will have to reach a (coalition) deal, as happens in

Jul 06 2016 - Forward Italy

I have not followed AC Milan as in the past, and now I want to close a 30-year period, including 28 major successes, in the best way and I think it's important the choice of giving Milan away to somebody who is willing to invest in the club to get it back at the top in Italy and in the

Jul 23 2015 - Forward Italy

Think about it: in Italy I am marginalised while Putin tells me he is ready to give me (Russian) citizenship and get me the lead of the Russian economy

Nov 28 2013 - Forward Italy

Firstly, finally Italy is free, but it's too late, it's

Nov 27 2013

It's a day of mourning for the law. None of us can feel secure about our rights, our property, our freedom. So we have to stay in the field. Even from outside parliament we can continue to fight for our

Sep 30 2013 - Forward Italy

I think there is no other option but going to elections as soon as possible. We are also convinced that all the poll numbers suggest that we will win these

Aug 02 2013 - Forward Italy

This is real judicial harassment that has no equal in the civilized world.We must continue our fight for

Jun 24 2013 - Forward Italy

Dear friends, as you may all know, storms don't scare me. In 17 years I've seen a great deal. They have tried every way they can to remove me from politics and from

Mar 21 2013

We're absolutely ready for a coalition government – which would intervene immediately with economic measures that many agree

Mar 01 2013 - Forward Italy

It is clear and evident that it (the judiciary) is a disease of our system, a cancer in our

Feb 20 2013

In our first cabinet meeting we will pass a decision to refund Italian families the 2012 tax they paid on their first house, to compensate them for that dreadful

Feb 07 2013 - Forward Italy

We must work to make Europe change its suicidal austerity

Jan 27 2013 - Forward Italy

The racial laws were the worst fault of Mussolini as a leader, who in so many other ways did

Jan 17 2013

The media mostly leans to the left and there is a link with the Italian media that is mostly aligned to the left. There is a sort of link particularly with the Italian newspaper 'La Repubblica', that cultivates all these friendships and this chain is deployed against

Jan 17 2013

There is a circuit and they ask each other for help. They feed each other news. And the same news is taken up. That is to say: 'I'll publish a piece, please pick it up' and then it ends up as if it were the opinion of

Jan 16 2013

Daul is just one of the EPP's 14 deputy presidents. Maybe he has a personal ambitions. Don't forget he speaks German better than French, because he is from Strasbourg. He just wants to be somebody to give a boost to his political

Jan 07 2013 - Forward Italy

If they think that I would be useful for the government, the position that would let me best express all my experience would be the position of Minister of Finance. That would allow me to show once again, that I have no political ambition, and I don't think of politics as something that gives me

Dec 20 2012 - Forward Italy

I think it is not even in Monti's interest to become a small player alongside other small players in Italian politics, instead of this kind of miracle saviour he wanted to

Dec 12 2012

If Monti's intention changes, I declare that I would have no problem withdrawing my candidature as I have no personal ambition. After all I am the Italian who has been at Palazzo Chigi longer than everyone else!feedback

Dec 11 2012

There's no real reason why the markets should be agitated. Of what concern is the spread? Let's stop talking about this scam. We've only been talking about the spread for a

Oct 27 2012

Our democracy is not real. We live under a dictatorship ruled by the judges. We don't live in a democracy but in a 'magistratocracy'. So I feel an obligation to stay in politics and to focus my next political activity on the reform of the

Oct 26 2012 - Forward Italy

I was certain that I would be acquitted of these totally unreal accusations. It is a verdict that I can only define as politically motivated, incredible and

Oct 19 2012

People were dancing at my home, but I've not danced since I made a vow not to when I was young. I've never given money for sexual favours, on this occasion or ever in my

Apr 20 2012 - Forward Italy

I am maintaining all the girls who have been ruined by this trial and the prosecutors, they have been forever dishonoured. Some of them have lost their boyfriend, and maybe they'll never find another one again. I feel responsible because these girls have only committed one crime: to accept a dinner invitation at the prime minister's

Nov 13 2011

To those who cheered for what they called my exit from the political scene, I want to say very clearly that I will double my commitment in parliament to renew Italy's institutions. I don't expect any gratitude, but I won't give

Nov 12 2011

Legally I'm the most persecuted man there has ever been in the whole world ever he declared in

Nov 11 2011

Political events remain key to the outlook for the country and for the government debt market. Unfortunately, it is not the only issue now. We are also seeing a sharp deterioration in real economic activity with worsening of business confidence and declines in industrial

Nov 09 2011

I want to ask the opposition in parliament to approve these stability measures and, after the approval of the Stability Law, which meets all EU and Eurogroup requests, resign in order for the head of state to hold talks and decide what to do for the future. It's not up to me to decide what the head of state must do, but the only option I see is new

Nov 04 2011 - IMF

We have asked the Fund to monitor and publicly certify every three months the progress of our reforms so that we can show the markets, using the authority of the IMF, that the Italian government is making progress in the implementation of the

Oct 27 2011

In the final decision there has been the recognition of our ambitious projects which now need to be achieved. And naturally we gave the dates by which we have to achieve each

Oct 24 2011

We are sure to balance the budget by 2013, and from then on to start reducing the debt. We could even maybe start reducing it sooner, if we put some buildings which belong to Italian state on the

Oct 13 2011

I thank you and I invite you to vote for the

Oct 05 2011

I think our image in the world is so bad that there's no way to give any kind of confidence to foreign

Aug 03 2011 - Forward Italy

And without reacting to or feeding the neuroses of the market. Our economy is fundamentally

Jul 20 2011

I speak in one of the most dramatic moments of my personal life, in a fight for my freedom. I do not think that I should have to come before parliament and ask them to defend me because I am

Jun 13 2011 - Clean energy

Following the decision the Italian people are taking, we must probably say goodbye to the possibility of nuclear power stations and we must strongly commit ourselves to renewable

Apr 26 2011

I don't consider this to be a hostile takeover bid. We agree that the best thing to do is to allow the creation of big international

Apr 11 2011 - Forward Italy

I will not be

Feb 09 2011

The only purpose of the entire enquiry is defamation by

Dec 12 2010 - Forward Italy

Those who don't respect the mandate of the electorate proves they don't have the interests of Italy at heart only their own miserable career

Dec 03 2010

In all these years, there has never been any personal interest, ever, on any occasion. We have all worked purely in the interests of our

Nov 02 2010 - Homosexuality

When I'm in the presence of a beautiful girl, I look at her. It is better to have a passion for beautiful girls than to be

Oct 30 2010

I'm here to talk about real trash. Media trash I leave to

Jul 30 2010

It is not a conflict between two persons… there's simply been declarations (positions) from one side towards the

May 26 2010

This is not your usual adjustment of public accounts. It is framed by the euro crisis and has been unleashed by speculation. The aim is to reduce the weight of the state in our economy and society. This crisis is different from those which have come before. Every country in Europe is affected, we have all been living beyond our

Apr 26 2010

Southstream is important, because it guarantees the opportunity to get Russian gas when there are cuts, for instance what happened recently in Ukraine. This is an opportunity to secure

Apr 22 2010

Last Tuesday you told me: First, that you regretted having contributed to the birth of the PDL party, and second you said: 'I want to create a separate parliamentary group'. Make these statements as a politician but not as Speaker of the

Mar 10 2010

I am not only a prime minister but I am also a tycoon and therefore I have my own personality to add to that of a

Jan 11 2010

I think it is indispensable to modernise the country. That is why it is worth us all working on

Dec 17 2009 - Forward Italy

If, after what happened, there is a better awareness of the need for calmer and more honest language in Italian politics, this pain will not have been for

Dec 03 2009

Our goal is that the South Stream does not cross Ukrainian territory. That's why we've made every effort to convince Turkey to allow the South Stream through its territorial

Sep 30 2009

And indeed, it's not worth

Sep 17 2009

I discussed this with President Obama during the G8, and we are preparing a plan which can be implemented more quickly, as the training of the Afghan forces gets

Sep 11 2009 - Forward Italy

I sincerely believe I am by far the best prime minister Italy has had in its 150 year

Jul 05 2009

I, as prime minister, besides all the appointments with the guests, will have various bilateral meetings with colleagues from the other countries and will take some important leaders to visit places damaged by the

Jun 30 2009

It's a catastrophe and is very disturbing, given the sequence of events. We have already transported the most seriously injured to the best hospitals. A child has been transferred to Rome and I'm going to return there to take charge of

May 28 2009 - Forward Italy

If someone asked whether I had 'a relationship, let's say steamy or more than steamy, with an underage girl', my answer would be: 'Absolutely not!' I have sworn it on the life of my children. I am aware that, if this were perjury, I would have to resign a minute

May 13 2009

These people don't arrive here because of any particular situation going on within their country or because they're victims of injustice. They're chosen methodically by criminal

May 10 2009

We have to welcome people who meet the conditions for political asylum. But we have to accept only those found on Italian soil, or in our

Apr 08 2009 - Easter

30 percent of people have found accommodation with friends or relatives, 17 thousand hotel rooms were made available and ten thousand have been taken up so far so we can still house another seven

Apr 07 2009 - Forward Italy

We have decided to say no thank you to all the countries that have offered to help because we can can deal with it ourselves, we are a proud country, with a strong welfare

Apr 06 2009

It is impossible to predict something like this. There is no one who can say when the next shock will come, in the next hours or coming

Apr 05 2009

This is all a slander against me and unfair and inaccurate information. I won't say I'll do something about it regarding some journalists, but I certainly would like

Jan 11 2009 - Forward Italy

I must say that we do not agree with it. It is a proposal which has not been put before the government. We were only informed about it via parliament and I personally reject

Nov 18 2008 - Lufthansa

As far as Alitalia is concerned, the Chancellor and I are agreed that the best option would be a deal between Lufthansa and Alitalia. We hope it will

Nov 13 2008

Regarding the opposition shown by certain countries – some of which are important countries – I am confident we will be able to convince them of the strategic importance of Turkey, within the European framework, as a country bordering the Middle

Oct 26 2008

This won't change the government's or the majority's actions. This is a demonstration organised by the left, which shows its divisions. Its only aim is to oppose the government, all the

Oct 22 2008

I want to give a very simple warning: we will not allow the occupation of schools and

Oct 16 2008

All Europeans will have to share the burden equally if we are going to be willing to forge a path

Aug 01 2008

Those opinions which are describing as negative the behaviour of the Italian government and people towards Romanian people in Italy, are totally false and

Jul 16 2008

Where the children are concerned, the government, and the country want to be able to guarantee them an education exactly like all other Italian

Jul 06 2008

This is the legacy of what happens within a small group of magistrates, who are out of control, and who continue to try and overthrow the result of the election through actions which began in 1992 and which are still being carried

Jul 06 2008

There is an alarming problem in how the judiciary functions which we ourselves experience every day, which citizens experience first-hand whenever they have to deal with justice. We've long been asking for reforms, structural interventions, investment and projects to make the judiciary

May 21 2008 - Forward Italy

The right to not be in fear is a primary right that the state cannot guarantee for its citizens and so we've activated a series of measures

Feb 10 2008 - Forward Italy

I am sure that the next spring, spring 2008, will be for Italy a spring of

Jan 29 2008 - Forward Italy

When a country needs a real government to govern right now, how can we think about leaving it suspended, looking for something on which there is not the slightest possibility today of reaching a common

Jan 23 2008

I think that with the disappearance of the majority, the most logical thing would be that this government continues just for normal administration until the next elections, elections in the very near

Feb 23 2007

We don't want a repeat of this government which has already done enough harm by undermining Italy's credibility abroad, increasing taxes, destroying reforms put in place by the previous government and stopping public planning projects from going

Feb 22 2007

I do not believe, that these men will be able to govern properly. I think this will be a parenthesis, an interruption in our path towards development, progress and

Nov 27 2006 - Forward Italy

I am fine. I am going to the San Raffaele hospital where they want to monitor me for 24

Sep 16 2006

Prodi "would have to accept what parliament

May 10 2006

The left has today completed its total occupation of the state institutions, neglecting the half of the country that expressed itself differently and voted for the right. I believe this half of the country feels that the conclusion of the elections does not respect the will of the

Apr 13 2006 - Forward Italy

We need to check the voting registers from 60 thousand bureaux, but it seems there have been widespread

Apr 11 2006

If we really want to move forward with a country that's not divided, with a parliament that has no majority and an opposition that puts up barricades, and a country seen as united, I believe it's time to follow the example of other European countries such as Germany and unite the different forces to govern with

Apr 11 2006

This majority will bring some calm to the country. And we will remain faithful to the choice of our loyal

Apr 08 2006 - Forward Italy

I trust the intelligence of the Italian people too much to think they are such pricks that they would vote against their own best

Apr 06 2006 - Forward Italy

He can sense defeat, he doesn't want to accept it, and he's doing everything he can to stop it. The fact he doesn't want to be beaten is human, that he's still trying to win a few votes is legitimate, but that he does that in riding roughshod over every rule, all good taste, shouting and often incoherent, that's not a good

Apr 04 2006

We inherited a deficit of 19 billion euros from the left. That is why, as a country, we are so much in the red

Apr 03 2006 - Forward Italy

For us the first house is sacred like the

Mar 27 2006 - Forward Italy

I have been accused many times of saying communists eat babies. Go and read the black book on communism and you'll find that under Mao's China they didn't eat babies but they boiled them to fertilise the fields. It's something horrible but it's

Mar 01 2006 - Forward Italy

It is essential that relations between the United States and the European Union remain strong and

Dec 20 2005

I expected this decision, because I expected Dr Fazio to make a serious and responsible gesture. He felt at the moment it was the right move to make, to restore peace to the glorious institution of the Bank of Italy. Otherwise it would have been in turmoil and become embroiled in a media

Nov 01 2005

There was a declaration from Romano Prodi that the opposition would do the same as (Spanish prime minister) Mr Zapatero once elected, so all Mr Bush has to do is put one and one

Dec 10 2004 - Forward Italy

The prime minister works in the interests of the

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