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And meanwhile any further delays in reaching an agreement brings Greece even closer to the need for a new
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Apr 05 2017 Greece
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Stamatis Giannisis is associated, including Greece and Alexis Tsipras. Most recently, Stamatis Giannisis has been quoted saying: “There is a widespread feeling in Greece that the delays in the country's exiting from the crisis are due to the disagreements between its creditors, however several crucial economic reforms have not yet gone through. In any case, further delays to the completion of the review on progress of the reforms can only bring more problems to the already extremely troubled Greek economy.” in the article EU financial affairs chief says progress made on Greek bailout review talks. An other article where Stamatis Giannisis has been quoted is Austerity-weary farmers hold protest march in Athens.
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Stamatis Giannisis quotes

Apr 07 2016 - Greece

Public sector employees aren't the only ones reacting to social security reforms. Similar objections are voiced by those working in the private sector. And they both threaten to crank up their protests to the maximum once the pensions bill to be agreed with the country's creditors is presented to

Apr 01 2016 - Afghanistan

Despite the reaction of opposition parties and even some MPs in the government's majority, the new law has been endorsed by the Greek parliament. It comes around 48 hours before the first 500 migrants, mainly from Morocco, Pakistan and Afghanistan, will be returned to Turkey in accordance with the agreement between Ankara and the European

Jan 07 2016 - Greece

Over the past seven years, with the crisis ravaging the Greek economy, 250,000 stores and companies of various sizes have gone out of business and over one million jobs have been lost. If the Marinopoulos supermarket chain goes the same way it would add another 400 closed outlets and 13,000 more

Dec 06 2015 - Greece

In spite of the slim majority the SYRIZA led coalition government had a relatively quite night in parliament as it successfully managed to pass the 2016 budget through. There's no guarantee however, that this will be repeated in a few weeks time when further austerity legislation including a bill on the reform on social security with substantial pension slashes will be presented to the Greek national

Nov 17 2015 - Greece

It has become something of a tradition to turn the commemoration of the 1973 student uprising into a protest against the policies of the government of the day. And it is apparent that the demonstrators are making no exception for the Syriza party of the radical left that has been ruling Greece for the past ten

Sep 21 2015 - Greece

In the last nine months, Alexis Tsipras has managed to win two national elections and a referendum. The question now is whether he will be equally successful in pushing forward with the reforms he agreed with the country's lenders last July and drive the badly-damaged Greek economy back onto the road of

Sep 18 2015 - Greece

More than 20 opinion polls taking in the whole country over the last two weeks and covering all the parties have given a fairly clear estimate of the percentage of the votes they are going to get on Sunday. The parties, therefore, have focused on attracting as many as possible of the so-called undecided voters – the ones that apparently will determine the final outcome of this

Sep 18 2015 - Greece

Analysts are very reluctant to makes forecasts. They can't be sure if the undecideds will be evenly distributed between the bigger and smaller parties, or will shift towards one of the two main contestants so that one of them might even win an absolute

Sep 18 2015 - Greece

In any case the vast majority of opinion polls are showing the two main contestants – SYRIZA and New Democracy – neck-and-neck, sometimes with less than one percentage point difference between

Jul 23 2015 - Greece

After a heated debate that lasted until the early morning hours of Thursday Alexis Tsipras' coalition government apparently won the battle but not the war as the left wing hard liners of Greece's Syriza ruling party once again stood their ground opposing the agreement with the country's

Jul 18 2015 - Greece

The cabinet reshuffle was unavoidable for prime minister Tsipras after key radical left-wing ministers refused to support the new deal with the country's creditors. The question now is whether this revamped Syriza-led coalition will be able to implement the austerity provisions in this agreement without further political

Jul 17 2015 - Greece

Following the refusal of the outgoing cabinet's left-wing hardliners to support the new deal with the country's lenders, the Greek prime minister wanted to send a message both at home and abroad that he is determined to carry out the reforms he agreed last Monday in

Jul 11 2015 - Greece

Despite 17 defections from members of the coalition government, Alexis Tsipras won the Greek parliament's approval to go ahead with the new reform plans with the country's creditors. But the mutinies have caused great concern among the Syriza leadership in light of the fresh austerity measures the national assembly will soon have to

Jul 06 2015 - Greece

It took almost seven hours to Alexis Tsipras in order to gain the support of most opposition leaders but the question now is whether he will be able to convince his European counterparts and lenders who are expecting him in Brussels on Sunday evening not with the friendliest

Jul 03 2015 - Greece

This will be the eighth referendum in the history of modern Greece. As happened with most of the others, its immediate outcome may pale in significance compared to the bitter divisions it may raise in Greek society, which could last for

Jun 09 2015 - Greece

Claiming that Greece is facing a humanitarian crisis, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and his radical left Syriza party are refusing to give in to creditors demands, saying additional austerity measures would do nothing more than deal another blow to the country's flailing

Jun 06 2015 - Greece

In spite of the harsh rhetoric against the country's international creditors which to a great extent sought to appease his party's hard liners, Prime Minister Tsipras appeared willing to continue the negotiations until a solution to Greece's fiscal problems is found

Jun 04 2015 - Greece

With the unrelenting demands of the country's foreign creditors on one hand and the intransigence of his own party's hard left on the other, Prime Minister Tsipras is faced with a very difficult political conundrum. The only solution may turn out to be a new general election, as early as the beginning of

Apr 27 2015 - Cyprus

The result has pleased the Greek Cypriot side as it feels that, by voting out hardliner Dervis Eroglu, the Turkish Cypriots have demonstrated they want a leader who is eager to seek a political solution for the reunification of the

Apr 26 2015 - Cyprus

Greek Cypriots are taking a great interest in this election. They hope that a victory by moderate Mustafa Akinsi will eventually accelerate the peace process which has stalled amid the presidency of incumbent leader Dervis

Apr 20 2015 - Cyprus

Officially the Greek Cypriot side expresses no preference for any of the two contestants for the Turkish Cypriot leadership, but the feeling here in Nicosia is that a victory by moderate Mr. Akinsi may signal the time for some essential progress to be made on the Cyprus issue, after years of

Apr 19 2015 - Cyprus

For the Greek Cypriot side the Turkish Cypriot election is of great interest, as the victory of any of the hardline candidates may result in a major setback for the political process that may one day lead to the reunification of the

Feb 05 2015 - Greece

This was just a ceremonial occasion for the new Greek parliament, but trouble is brewing for the new deputies as they might soon be called upon to take some of the most crucial decisions in the country's recent

Jan 27 2015 - Greece

Most members of the new Greek cabinet have minimal or no experience at all in government positions, but in those difficult times for the country they will immediately be called to meet the challenges of their assigned

Jan 23 2015 - Coalition of the Radical Left - Unitary Social Front

On the other hand, Syriza are focusing their efforts on widening this margin to enable them to win an outright

Jan 23 2015 - Coalition of the Radical Left - Unitary Social Front

We are now in the final strait and it seems everything will be determined by those undecided voters, most of whom will choose who to vote for only once they get into the ballot booth. Regarding the main two parties fighting for the lead, in New Democracy's case they hope to be able at the last minute to convince several of the undecided voters and overturn the findings of opinion polls who've been putting Syriza first by some

Jan 23 2015 - Greece

It is the undecided voters who hold the key to the riddle of this crucial election as it is their vote that will determine more than anything else what government Greece will have on Monday

Dec 30 2014 - Greece

With only 26 days to the vote this is going to be one of the shortest election campaigns in modern Greece. The big ideological differences between the two main parties make it one of the most politically polarised in the recent history of the

Dec 28 2014 - Greece

With the government's intense efforts to convince more non-coalition MPs to vote for its presidential candidate apparently failing, Greece seems to be heading to the national polls by the end of January or the beginning of

Dec 17 2014 - Greece

The 160 votes the ruling coalition's candidate managed in the first round are still 20 fewer than needed to avoid a general election. The government is optimistic that before a third round, several independent and smaller opposition party MPs will change their

Oct 11 2014 - Coalition of the Radical Left - Unitary Social Front

The government had no trouble winning this confidence vote. But the real challenge for the Greek Prime Minister is in February, when he will need a super-majority of 180 MP's in order to elect the next president of the Republic. With a combined conservative /socialist strength of 155 deputies in the 300 strong chamber, Samaras has to secure at least an extra 25 votes for his candidate, otherwise he will have to call an early

Aug 29 2014

The trial of the Golden Dawn MP's and city councillors accused of criminal activities is anticipated to start either by the end of this year or the beginning of next. But until the court delivers its verdict, those who are already behind bars will be banned from participating in parliamentary or local government

May 19 2014

To achieve that however, it will have to overcome its internal differences as well as gain additional support from otherwise traditional voters of neighbouring political forces, both from the center-left and from the

Apr 11 2014 - Greece

Chancellor Merkel is here in a demonstration of support to Prime Minister Samaras and his New Democracy centre-right party ahead of the May European Election. But she is also here to remind the Greek coalition government it should continue its reforms without straying from its austerity

Apr 09 2014 - Unemployment

With the Greek economy steadily improving over the past 12 months, the government is attempting a symbolic return to the capital markets by issuing bonds. But this seems to mean very little to the country's workers who've been experiencing severe pay cuts, amid unemployment that is over 27 percent of the

Apr 02 2014 - European Parliament

The revelation of this video comes at a time when the ultra right wing party's poll performance has taken a downward turn, following the arrests and incarceration of its leadership on criminal charges last September. But the real political consequences, if any, will appear in less than two months from now when Greeks vote in elections for both the European Parliament and local

Apr 01 2014 - Greece

After four years of austerity Greece's international economic profile is improving fast, but this by no means marks the end of public protest, as workers and pensioners have suffered a dramatic drop both in their incomes and their standard of

Mar 20 2014 - Greece

In spite of the government's pledge to give certain low income civil servants and pensioners some 500 million euros from the fiscal surplus it produced in 2013, the dramatic reductions in the salaries of all state employees over the past four years makes that half billion perk look like a drop in the

Mar 12 2014

They're determined to demonstrate until the government

Jan 21 2014 - Greece

Although the temporary grounding of the aircraft of the Syrian delegation at Athens Airport was treated as a minor diplomatic incident, it does carry the symbolism over the sorts of possible mishaps that may occur during the arduous Geneva peace

Jan 08 2014 - Greece

In a prolonged period of severe economic crisis, the EU presidency gives the government in Athens a good chance to restore the country's international profile. How successful it could be, will be reflected in the result of the oncoming European elections in May. A result that might determine the future of the frail Greek governing

Jan 01 2014 - Greece

Greece isn't a presidency novice. This is the fifth time it's held it since 1979. But this might prove by far the most difficult one. The coalition government has a very thin majority in the Greek parliament, and it is faced with many complicated political, economic and social tasks, both European and

Jan 01 2014 - Greece

Deputy Prime Minister, from today, Greece is at the helm of the Council of the European Union. But this is effectively a four-month presidency, as the European parliamentary election is due in May. Can you deliver on such a demanding agenda in such a short period of time?feedback

Dec 13 2013 - Greece

In spite of the spirit of goodwill that was evident in the meetings between the Turkish and Greek foreign minister and the Greek political leadership, the outcome of their talks demonstrated once more that bridging the gap on the open issues between the two neighbouring countries is still subject to a long and arduous process of political

Nov 06 2013 - Greece

The 24 hour strike by employees from both public and private sectors shows how Greek workers continue to resist austerity. It comes even though the government aims to end the year with a small fiscal surplus that will eventually let the country borrow on international markets again. This protest appears to mark the start of a new round of antagonism between government and trade

Nov 02 2013 - Greece

The Greek police are seriously investigating potential links between terrorism and organised crime. The professional cold-blooded way in which the murder of the Golden Dawn members was carried out is pointing the authorities in this

Nov 01 2013 - Greece

The cold blooded killing of the Golden Dawn members has come only a few weeks after the murder of the left wing activist by a member of the ultra right wing party is causing serious concerns to the Greek authorities who fear that this might be the beginning of a vendetta between the extreme right and the extreme left with unforeseeable

Sep 25 2013 - Greece

After the 35-year-old activist's death last week, Golden Dawn is now under investigation by the Greek judicial authorities who are trying to establish whether its activities are similar to those of a criminal organisation. If that's proven, some of its leading members may face up to 10 year prison

Aug 01 2013 - Greece

If the prices are not reduced, the government has said it will revise its policy and put VAT back up to 23 percent at the end of this

Jul 19 2013 - Greece

In spite of the Greek government's hopes for a gesture of support from the German finance minister, Mr Schäuble came to Athens bearing no gifts other than a promise that Europe will keep helping Greece post-2014 when the economic aid financed by the Troika

Jun 20 2013

This was the second in a row fruitless meeting between the coalition leaders. Although it did not produce a clear result, it clearly demonstrated that the major problem among the government partners is not just the future of the public broadcaster, but the future of the coalition

Jun 14 2013 - Greece

The decision to close ERT down has caused the biggest rift so far to the less – than – a – year – old coalition government. If the three party leaders cannot strike a deal over the future of the public broadcaster on their Monday meeting, many political observers in Greece feel that the chances of an early general election will increase

Jun 07 2013 - Greece

The Alter Summit, according to its organizers, aims to bring the various European social movements closer together in their fight against the unpopular austerity policies being implemented by most EU governments. And with Greece going through yet another year of austerity, Athens was to them a most symbolic place to

Mar 27 2013 - Cyprus

Cypriot banks have been closed since March 16 and with every day that passes life gets harder for individuals and businesses. Even when the banks do reopen problems will remain as there will be serious limitations on all

Mar 26 2013 - Cyprus

It's the second week in a row that the banks have remained closed, causing serious cash shortages for ordinary people and businesses. But even if they reopen on Thursday, as the government has announced, it's expected to be a very long time until the banking transaction system gets back on

Mar 25 2013 - Cyprus

The harsh decisions taken by the Eurogroup over Cyprus have strongly disappointed the Cypriots as they now realise that the years to come are going to be very tough. What most of them say they want right now is to get back to their daily routines, but even that is going to take some

Feb 16 2013 - Cyprus

For the first time since the island was divided back in 1974, the economic issues are overshadowing the political ones as Cypriots are facing an uncertain future and the prospect of long lasting economic

Dec 18 2012 - Christmas

Does the new tax system apply to all Greek taxpayers fairly, or, once again, do wage-earners in the public and private sectors bear most of the burden?feedback

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