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Steny Hoyer has been quoted 14 times. The two most recent articles where Steny Hoyer has been quoted are Closer US-Russia ties uncertain as Tillerson plans trip and Battles continue in Annapolis over the use of bail and redistricting. Most recently, Steny Hoyer was quoted as having said, “Vladimir Putin's Russia has not done anything to merit such engagement.”.

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We think they may lose their seats if they vote for it and Trump was threatening if they don't vote for it they'll lose their seats.

Vladimir Putin's Russia has not done anything to merit such engagement.

Now let me make it clear I am a serial gerrymanderer. As long as North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida, Texas, other states that I could name, pursue partisan redistricting, there's no reason to expect that those of us who are in Democratic states won't do so as well. But what we ought to have is a national mandate that redistricting is to be done in a fair balanced way through nonpartisan commissions.

It will be essentially dead on the arrival. It's probably the most irresponsible budget that I've seen and the most unrealistic budget that I've seen.

As has been shown over and over again the past few years, Republicans cannot complete the appropriations process on their own under sequestration's unrealistic targets. President Trump will soon learn that funding federal agencies is much easier with bipartisan cooperation.

We're going to fight as hard as ever to protect the ACA (Affordable Care Act), said Representative Steny Hoyer, the House of Representatives' second-ranking Democrat.

I think a lot of people are going to be looking at this and saying, Gee, I really didn't mean that.

Biden "talked about our commitment to working people in this country.

We will not be shut up. We will not be shut down.

You saw the stark contrast: unity vs. disorganization, lack of confidence in the other party in their leader.

I have some thoughts that the concerns that have been raised by... Democrats in the House and the Senate are still not addressed in a way that might lead us to support the bill.

America, and the American people, won today. This was about them, not about us; this was not about party, but people; this was about making sure that every American, in the phrase that we use so often, has access to quality, affordable health care.

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