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As of now, I'm consulting with my doctors. I'm hoping for some improvement and if I can get some improvement, I'll get back on the sidelines. But I'm not going to do that unless I know I can help the
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Apr 25 2017
Steve Kerr has been quoted 91 times. The one recent article where Steve Kerr has been quoted is Frustrated Kevin Durant still uncertain for Game 3. Most recently, Steve Kerr was quoted as having said, “[We want] 100 percent health. If it was Game 7 of the Finals, he'd play because we're not talking about anything that could damage his career. But what we're talking about is something that if [it] potentially could get worse and knock him out for a few weeks, then it's not worth it.”.
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I was uncomfortable with the way it ended. I apologized to Scott. I know he wasn't happy. There was absolutely no offense on our part. We weren't trying to pour it on or offend

It was kind of strange. I think JaVale should not have taken the three. When you have a lead like that you shouldn't be shooting a three-pointer. I told him that. I think he understands

That's as tough a back-to-back as you're going to find, in terms of playing two of the best teams in the league. Our guys are tough and competitive, and they're pretty good. So, it's been a good two

That's the idea. We were exhausted. We had a brutal schedule, we lost [Durant], guys were playing extra minutes … we were spent, and I could feel that. Our staff could feel

I think it's great. I love this challenge. I love the fact we had to play Houston tonight, one of the best teams in the league, and I love we're going down to San Antonio, into the lion's

I know how lucky I am. Most first-time coaches don't inherit Steph Curry and Draymond and Klay and all these guys. I inherited a hell of a

I wouldn't be opposed to [making the regular season shorter], even at the expense of my own salary, but it's something that everyone would have to agree to. I think even just going down to 75 games. I think that would make a dramatic difference in schedule. Now I don't see that happening because there is money at stake for

If the NBA punishes the Spurs for sitting players, it opens up a huge can of worms. This is a serious legal challenge for the

[Thunder GM] Sam Presti's a friend of mine. I know [Thunder chairman] Clay Bennett, it's a class organization all the way. So I don't really pay any attention to a story like that unless there's an actual name that's put on, so, I assume it's just sources? Sources? So I don't know who that is. It's nobody with the Warriors. So, we have great respect for the Thunder. Sam's been a friend of mine forever. They're first class, so I don't know where that comes

The defense really was kind of setting up some of those shots, too, in transition. When you can make stops it solves a lot of problems. We've struggled to score the last couple of weeks. Tonight, we broke

That's what I love about Steph, is that he's never going to stop shooting and he never loses confidence. It wasn't his night and yet he still scored 12 in the fourth quarter. That's the mark of a star. When it's not your night and you still hit big shots to help your team win … I thought it was a really good response on an otherwise tough night for

Never seen anything like it, so it's the toughest part of the schedule for us, but it is what it is and every team has their own point in the schedule that they circle and everybody is justified in complaining. It's just the way it goes. You can't do anything about it, so you complain about it a little bit, get it off your chest and then you go play the games and see what happens. We looked at it and it just seemed crazy, and it still seems

We're surviving to this point. We obviously lost our first two games without him, so it's good to get a win without him tonight. This is how it's going to be for a while, so we have to get used to

It was strange and I kind of liked it better in the second half. It felt more normal with the

The fact is, you lose one of the best players in the league, it's not like you can just change the scheme all of a sudden, 60 games in, and make these dramatic changes. It's more just, next man up and everybody play a little bit better. With Kevin out, it takes away a lot of our versatility. It really does change the makeup of the

It still seems bizarre. You can't do anything about it. So you complain about it a little bit. Get it off your

In my mind, what's happened is everybody is trying to be so cool out there that you almost feel guilty if you play hard. Maybe the best thing to do will be to watch a tape of an All-Star Game from about 1985, because it was a different game back then. It wasn't like guys were diving on the floor for loose balls and taking charges, but it was competitive. And I think you're just as likely to get hurt not trying than you are competing at 75 percent. And that's all they need to do, is compete at 75 percent. Right now, they're like at 10 percent, and that's

I think we could talk about gimmicks and talk about anything we want, whether it's the money or involves charity, it just comes down to the players taking it seriously. I don't think they have to be out there taking charges, but it's a collective thing. I think they have to decide, maybe with the players' association, they have to decide what they want that game to look like and right now, it's a

Players have to make that decision, and I think they need to understand that it would be good for the league if they did

We haven't lost two in row in a long time obviously and we've been in a rut on this trip in general. We're not making shots, but we're also well aware that this is just a blip on the radar screen. We'll be fine and I'm not concerned at all. We just have to play better. The only thing that jumps out on tape is that they're taking some quick ones that we could probably move the ball a little bit more and get better shots. We're still getting good shots. I think we can get great shots if we move it a little

I can tell you I had a preconceived notion of JaVale before he got here that turned out to be totally false. And a lot of that was because of what goes on with Shaq's 'Shaqtin' a

That was difficult, because Jose got a buyout from the Lakers specifically to come to us. He had several other teams that were interested, that wanted him. He chose us ahead of them. Everything we do here is first class. … Joe just said, The guy took a $400,000 pay cut to leave the Lakers. We're not going to leave him hanging out to

There was no way (owner) Joe Lacob was not going to honor it. Everything we do here is first class. You guys know that. The way we treat our players, the way we go about our business. There was never even a doubt. Joe just said: 'The guy took a $400-thousand dollar pay cut to leave the Lakers. We're not gonna leave him hanging out to

It was a hell of a run and we figured it'd probably end at some point this year. Not that surprising that it's on this trip. Without KD, we're going through a tough time but we're going to bounce

At first, we thought he was done for the year. The second prognosis was way better than the first. Just given that sequence, I think he's feeling a lot better about things now than he was at first. I think we're strong off the bench. We've got plenty of depth compared to last year. But last year doesn't really

I love his competitive desire. He's crazy in a good way. You need guys like

I'm always concerned about any injury, because you never know how bad it's going to be, so we'll just wait and see and keep our fingers

On a night like tonight where Steph doesn't have it going, we have a lot of other guys who can score and make plays. A lot of them came

It's one of my favorite parts of coaching honestly, is seeing how a team comes together, seeing the relationships develop, seeing guys laughing together, seeing who hangs out with who. It's great. This team has a really, really good chemistry that developed really quickly. Obviously, we had the core group intact from last year. We lost some key guys, too. The additions have been great. The chemistry is really

I guess that's kind of the beauty of the game. You just let the game break the ice, and that play, I thought, broke the

It shows our guys recognize what the weekend is

I'm just going to try to create a very comfortable environment for the players and hope that everyone just relaxes and enjoys themselves – and I'm pretty confident that they

The only thing I want is for our players to enjoy the weekend. It's a hectic weekend for all of them. It's a great honor to be here. I want everybody to be comfortable and happy. This should be an enjoyable time. So I don't want anybody to feel

It was one of those nights they had everything going, they were on fire and we couldn't get much going ourselves. We looked kind of gassed out

KD kind of rounded into form and had a nice all-around

I thought we took the fight to them right away. We forced turnovers on the first three possessions of the game. That really set a good tone for

We gave him the game ball, then we asked him if he wanted to give a speech to the guys. It wasn't exactly historic, but it was a great moment for

As someone whose family member was a victim of terrorism, having lost my father, if we're trying to combat terrorism by banishing people from coming to this country, by really going against the principals of what our country's about and creating fear, it's the wrong way to go about it. If anything, we could be breeding anger and terror. I think it's shocking. I think it's a horrible idea. I feel for all the people who are affected. Families are being torn apart and I worry in the big picture what this means to the security of the

Mo is one of my favorite people that I have ever been around. He's just got a smile on his face all the time. He loves to play. He loves to shoot, he's a phenomenal shooter. He was such a pro for us the last couple of

What Steph has realized is he can just be himself and let it fly. He doesn't have to worry about Kevin or anybody else. We feed off Steph's energy and

What's happening right now is really scary and

I think KD going to the line the way he did, not settling for jumpers but attacking was big. Anytime the game is slipping away from you, it's important to get to the free throw line. It stops the momentum of the other team, it allows you to set up your defense and you get some easy

I am very disappointed in the players. They've asked for a vote and a lot of them just made a mockery of it. I don't know what the point is. I saw the list. I saw all the guys who got votes. ... There were 50 guys on there who had no business getting votes. Although a lot of people wrote in their buddies in the presidential vote as well. So maybe that's just their own way of making a statement. I think if you're going to give the players a vote, I think they should take it seriously. Didn't alter

The fourth quarter, once they made that run, our body language was bad, and that can't happen. And that bothered

He's very popular in Georgia. We know that. And a lot of people in Georgia probably vote more than

It was the most bizarre box score I've ever seen at

That's a really hard shot. I thought Klay played tremendous defense. You don't do anything

Just to get back here and for them to get back to our place, a lot of things have to go

The great thing about Steph is he doesn't worry about it too much. He's got the confidence of M.J. (Michael Jordan). Very few players I've ever seen can miss 10 shots in a row and then make the next one like it's nothing. Steph's done it his whole career. He doesn't get down on himself, just keeps playing and keeps shooting and you just know that eventually he's going to break

He definitely didn't get away with anything -- it's not like he raked him across the arms and it was a blatant foul. He got a lot of ball. He may have gotten all

It looked clean, because I'm the Warriors coach. But, honestly, I saw the replay and it looked clean. It was a hell of a

He relishes it. He really does, even against a guy like Anthony Davis, who's so good. It didn't surprise me. One-on-one against anybody, I'll take him. He's a nasty

Who knows? I know he would have kept shooting. Klay's never going to stop

Five in seven, that's rough, that's

... The issue that's really important is how do we do what's best for the players? But I understand that it's a perception issue around the country and the NFL, NBA, it's a business, so you don't want your customers thinking, These guys are a bunch of pot heads.' That's what it is. But to me it's only a matter of time before medicinal marijuana is allowed in sports leagues because the education will overwhelm the

First, I'm disappointed it didn't work. I really wanted some relief and I didn't get it. Having done the research it was well worth a try. You can see it with our country, our country is starting to wisen up on the medicinal marijuana side. I hope we can wisen up on the prescription drug side. That's scary stuff and it's really not talked about often

I'm actually kind of glad it became an issue because I think it's a very important issue to talk about, having gone through a tough spell over the last year with my own recovery back surgery, a lot of pain, chronic

Athletes everywhere are prescribed Vicodin like it's vitamin C, like it's no big deal. I think the league should look into medicinal marijuana for pain relief ... that's what should be in the

I'm always struck every time I'm home on the couch watching a sporting event, some drug commercial comes on, they show these happy people jumping in a lake, rowing a boat, then you just wait for the qualifier. Side effects include suicidal thoughts and possible death. And you're like, this is insane.

I tried it and it didn't help at

I would hope so, and I'm not a pot person. It doesn't agree with

I have no idea if I would, maybe I would have failed a drug test, I don't even know if I'm subject to a drug test or any laws from the NBA. I tried it and it didn't help at

He's our most vocal defender. He's our most vocal human being. It

That was amazing. I don't know if I've ever seen a sequence like that from one guy. Draymond's amazing. He literally can guard anybody in the

I mean 47 is a shocking number but getting 30 every night is not surprising. We don't have to do anything spectacular, just keep the ball

And you walk in and you see the faces of your players, and most of them who have been insulted directly, as minorities. It's sure shocking. It really

That was quite a show. Not at all surprising the way Steph bounces back from bad

They do this every year. Let's just give them credit. They came in sky-high with a ton of energy, played really well, and we were flat, right from the

It's going to be an ugly tape to watch. ... I think our guys were embarrassed tonight. I know I

No, I didn't see losing by 29 points. It's going to be an ugly tape to watch. ... I think our guys were embarrassed tonight. I know I

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