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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Sven Giegold is associated, including London, UK, and money. Most recently, Sven Giegold has been quoted saying: “This is a big success for the promotion of investments in sustainable products.” in the article EU requires pension funds to assess climate change risks. An other article where Sven Giegold has been quoted is German hard line on Italy may rebound with Deutsche in crisis.

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In light of recent leaks revealing money laundering and tax crimes, it is ridiculous that Panama and other famous havens for dirty money are still not on the Commission's blacklist.

This is a big success for the promotion of investments in sustainable products.

EULeaks gives an opportunity to share with us anonymously and securely information about wrong doing in breeches of EU law or in the European institutions but also in the member states.

The UK cannot expect special treatment for the City of London during the exit negotiations.

If you want to keep your market open, you have to accept all the rules. Without that, Europe would be foolish to extend privileges to the UK and the City of London.

There won't be freedom for capital movement for the City without the freedom for people to move inside the common market. Perhaps it will take some time for everyone in the UK to understand this.

London will remain a strong centre but the doors in Frankfurt are open and Frankfurt will gain through this vote.

Because what the journalists have uncovered is that it was possible to open bank accounts and secretive companies and disguise the real beneficial owners of large amounts of money.

Procrastination on this problem is not acceptable; it would be reaching into the pockets of the younger generation.

Small and medium size businesses might get better access to finance which is positive. On the other hand we must be very careful that not the tax payer has to step in agian if banks get into trouble or insurance companies get into trouble because they receive goodies from Mister Hill.

He was not giving us names for which financial services companies he worked for and therefore he seems like a man who seems like he has something to hide.

Essentially it will just be hot air. Because the important issues will not be on the table. Six months ago we were promised this summit would tackle tax evasion and tax dumping (where some countries undercut others' tax rates unfairly). But these disappeared from the agenda. And the big plan on the eurozone has also been dropped.

The compromise we have found today is a breakthrough for a common banking supervision. It is important that the culture of ever decreasing standards in bank supervision is finally over. It means it is no longer about protecting one's own financial centre and big banks will be overseen equally in a European way.

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