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Tariq al-Hashimi has most recently been quoted in an article called Tariq al-Hashimi, Iraqi Vice-President: 'Iran is behind sectarian strife'. Tariq al-Hashimi said, “Iran is behind sectarian strife.”. Tariq al-Hashimi has been quoted a grand total of 4 times in 1 article.

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I hope this is not going to happen because at the end of the day there would be not only my country suffering chaos – political chaos but I am sure the whole region would suffer as well. Because Iraq, as you're fully aware, is a rich country and any split in the geographical structure is going to attract neighbouring countries to interfere in our internal issues and there will be a big fight in the Middle East on Iraq as well. So this formula does not serve the national interest of Iraq, or the stability of the whole region.

The situation in Iraq is that the political process is fragile. We are facing a lot of challenges. Many parties are not convinced or sympathetic enough to keep to the work of getting Iraq stable. We do have many, many, many sources of violence for the time being. It is not only al Qaeda. Even the corruption of the security forces could be a source of violence. We do have real challenges and I am sorry to say that my country cannot sustain stability for years to come because we do have big challenges that we are unable to overcome for now.

I could talk from my own experience and the dialogue I had just recently when I was visiting Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey for instance. Three countries which have influence and significant power in the Middle East. They are very much concerned about the stability of Iraq and they are very willing for all Iraqi social components to come together and try to re-consolidate in their differences, to maintain and achieve sustainable unity in Iraq.

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