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He's a star. When he started interviewing, we knew he was gone. He gets it, he's smart, his people skills are off the charts, he's genuine. Nothing was too big, nor was it too small. And because of that, Chris would have him travel with us a lot, just because we used him so much. He's awesome.
Mar 25 2017
Terry Francona has been quoted in 47 different articles. Most recently, Terry Francona has been quoted saying, “I know when that happened with his granddaughter, the shooting, I know that that just tore him apart. I saw him at a golf tournament for that, about a year and a half ago, and you could tell that just ate him alive.” in an article called Dallas Green, who led 1980 Philadelphia Phillies to World Series title, dies at 82. This is only one of 122 quotes from Terry Francona. To see more examples Terry Francona’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Terry Francona's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Terry Francona said about peanut recently and in the past.
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We went eight years of a lot of good baseball. You've been to Boston enough to know if you can survive with somebody through eight years there, that says enough right there.

It's going to hurt. It hurts because we care, but they need to walk with their head held high because they left nothing on the field.

I had a nightmare that somebody broke my ribs.

You've got two really, really good pitchers, and it will be exciting. It's an honor to even be a part of it, and we're going to give it everything we have.

He was playing on that side and he's the center fielder. That was an unfortunate play.

Good players, good pitchers, can do special things. He's in that category. It was kind of an easy decision after talking to him.

She said: 'Man, this place is crazy. Who do you want to win?

The city kind of reminds me of our team a little bit. They got pushed around, now they're starting to push back, and I'm happy for them.

When you're on the road, one, it's kind of you against the world, which is OK. But the biggest thing of all is when you're the home team, you hit last, so you get to use your bullpen differently, and that's a huge advantage.

That was a big ask, and he answered. That was impressive.

I got down to the point where I had two scoops left. And I said, I can do this.

He worked for it and he ended up getting rewarded.

He doesn't have his own, I know that. I wish it was Brantley.

That wasn't how we drew it up, believe me. It's just as you go, you kind of have your guys ready for each situation and then you react to it and do the best you can.

Kluber has made himself, through hard work, one of the elite pitchers in the game. Once he got here he didn't take the foot off the gas. I mean, this kid's routines are impeccable. He works hard. Every time he picks up a ball, there is intent. There's a reason that it's October 28th and his gas tank, the needle's on full. That's a pretty big compliment to his work ethic.

I mean, that was as close a ballgame as you're ever going to find, and we found a way to manage to win that game.

As fun of a game as it was to be a part of, that was agonizing because we used so many guys.

When I was here, they didn't have the new clubhouse, so it was fun being at the ballpark until it was time to shower or go to the bathroom or something.

I don't think it makes it a bad game. I just don't necessarily agree with this. I just think you set your team up the way you set it up and then you get to the most important games and you're doing something different.

It's a disadvantage. It doesn't mean you can't win.

We're thinking about it. I think, I mean, there's no reason not to – it's no big secret, we're trying to balance scoring more runs than them. OK, he's a big part of our offense.

We gave up nine hits, eight walks, two errors, and we only gave up five runs. For us to win, we generally need to play a clean game, and we didn't do that.

There is an importance on small ball, but you can't try to hit a swinging bunt. That's a little bit of good fortune. Then Guyer got hit, which he is really good at.

The best thing that could possibly happen is to be on a winning team, and that's what I enjoy.

He threw three innings and under those circumstances, it's not the easiest to probably reach your best velocity, but he was getting after it pretty good.

I thought we actually did a really good job because it wasn't until I left there that people started to realize that.

He might not be 100 percent, but I don't think it's going to get in the way.

Some of the guys had a tough time getting through the celebration.

That was a lot to ask of that kid. We all thought he could handle it or we wouldn't have done it. But for him to kind of come through the way he did. I remember before the game, I told the guys that were up there, he's going to grow from this game, whether he does well or not. The experience he got in 4 1/3 innings is going to help him down the road for sure.

We always said if we could do it with this group it would be so special because this is as close to a family feel as you can get in a professional setting. So for that part of it, it is beyond feeling good.

Obviously, he needs to heal, but he can't just not throw.

Right before the game, I mean, like literally, my lower tooth, the veneer popped out while I was chewing. I undid my tobacco and there's my tooth.

If something happens with Bauer and we have a little bit of a malfunction in his finger ... then we would bring Kluber back (Tuesday), and then Merritt would pitch the next day. Then that would allow Kluber to pitch a Game 7 if need be.

We're not ready to activate him but he is doing much, much better. Like we said before, the first goal was to get him completely healthy, and then when that happens we'll see where and if it leads to him helping us in a game.

We thought that he could be a guy that we could leverage in situations like we have. And it would make our bullpen that much better and give us a chance to keep playing. And that's exactly what he's doing.

You hope that it wouldn't interfere with his touch and feel.

The guys who were in here before me said he was extremely remorseful, like he felt really, really bad. You know what? It was an accident. He wasn't doing something he shouldn't have been doing. He could've been doing a model airplane. He just cut his finger. It wasn't like he fell off a motorcycle or he was drunk at 3 a.m. and got cut on a beer bottle. It happens.

I don't think that's an issue. He's already thrown twice. Then, we just have to make sure that that thing doesn't open up where it's bleeding, because then they won't let him pitch. It needs to close. So, while he's doing his throwing and things, he needs to make sure he keeps this thing not aggravated or pulling the stitches away. So far, he's done a good job. The thing is healing nice.

That needs to be one of our strengths if we are going to get where we want to go.

It's kind of self-explanatory. Probably everybody in here probably at some point or another had a drone-related problem.

This was not malicious. He could have been opening a box in the kitchen. Things happen. I wish it wouldn't have, but like I said, it wasn't done maliciously, it wasn't done by being silly. Just happened.

He handles everything. He's about as tough mentally as you're going to find. He was excited.

And you could have given me a lot of guesses, and I wouldn't have probably got this one.

It's hard, man. It is so hard to explain how hard winning is. We've had some challenges thrown our way, but so has everyone else. We managed to get this far, and now we get to play more baseball.

He's good, but he has a groin thing that he's fighting. It started getting him in the third and again in the fourth, so I grabbed him. I told him we need to find a way to win a game, but we aren't going far without him, so we need to get him healthy and let him do what he does.

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