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It would be a great ending to the season to win the cup. I feel privileged to be here again for the second time. This final was one of our objectives. We wanted to get here to win it and that is our next
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May 26 2017
Thomas Tuchel has most recently been quoted in an article called Tuchel has 'goosebumps' from Dortmund's Pokal run. Thomas Tuchel said, “We have watched these images over and over again over the past few weeks. Some amazing stories have taken place.”. Thomas Tuchel has been quoted a grand total of 222 times in 84 articles.
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As far as I know, [Edinson] Cavani recently extended [his contract] with Paris. The demand on [acquiring a new striker] is therefore not so great. We still have three important weeks, so now is not the time to comment on rumours. We can do it in peace after the season. With his history of injuries, I could well find reasons to say that he takes his time to get fresh and ready. If Marco is invited and decides to go, we will support him. But we will not be distraught if he stays here. This is not a disadvantage for us and we are proving the whole season that we can deal with

We have our own pressure, our own ambitious goals, which is nothing special before this game, the pressure is always higher in Dortmund than at

Such special victories are the best confirmation. They give a lot of self-confidence and help with the coming challenges. We must continue to exert ourselves in the league with all our energy and go beyond boarders. Otherwise it will not be enough against a very difficult opponent. Now we have to focus on the league and put the cup final aside. It's really nice that the 34th matchday [in the Bundesliga] is not the last game of the season. We need mental readiness. We can nurse our wounds

We came back and turned things around in Munich, that is just madness. We completely lost our footing after the first 20 minutes. We lost too many duels. We then had enormous luck after the break when [Sven] Bender prevented [Arjen] Robben from scoring Bayern's third. We would have lost the game had that gone in. We then scored two great goals and held on. We had the little bit of luck that's necessary when you come here. You could even say a lot of luck, but you need it here. This win is huge for the team's confidence and

It is kind of like going down a black slope. You are likely to do better the second

Reus has now scored twice in the league since his return and he also scored against Monaco. He is scoring crucial goals and is showing how much we were missing when he was unavailable. He gained a lot of confidence when he was recovering from injury during pre-season. His character has grown. I think Marco is ready to achieve great things. We had six players who never played in Munich before in the last game. It is a pressure that you cannot feel in a video

It turns out that the players are very open, they also dare to show their feelings and talk about [the incident]. This is not usual, not normally. But this is a glue for us that we would not have otherwise. I am very satisfied that we are now in third place. And I am very satisfied with how we did it. We have earned the win, played a great away game. Through the course of the game, we have completely put ourselves in trouble. Afterwards, however, to show such a reaction and to dominate so much is great. The team deserves a

We had the feeling we were treated as if a beer can had hit our

I'm convinced that the solving of the case will be very important for everyone of us. I believe that it's very important for us to know the background of the attack. I can only speak for myself: I personally am dealing well, but I do not dare to speak for my players here. I cannot expect the same from my players. I cannot expect everyone else to deal as I am, which is why we have to be very careful in how we criticise the players. We have to differentiate between the sporting and the human aspect when and if we utter

The Gladbach game can be considered not detached from the events. We also have to regard the minutes we played and the already straining mental pressure of a Champions League

Since I'm yet to talk with the doctor, I assume that everyone is tired, but

Unfortunately we didn't have the quality, energy or the luck to get into the

It was a wonderful coming together with our public, who have a real feel for such situations, which isn't the case anywhere

We played very courageously in every phase. We had good charisma on the

After the whistle and in front of the south stand, that was a great gesture from the

Marco Reus we changed just as a precaution, which was agreed beforehand. Sven Bender had to come off. His thigh muscles were tight and the risk was too

Sven Bender had to come off. His thigh muscles were tight and the risk was too great. I had the impression today that we have all learned to deal with these feelings. I heard yesterday [Friday] from a professional that there is probably a threshold of two to three days to become emotionally stabilised. So I think for the players it is becoming easier to distract themselves if they can stand on the pitch and

We were informed by text message. To decide things in Switzerland when we are affected did not feel good. At the very least, it makes you feel

It was surreal, you try to help, hope to get to safety and try to calm

We have to find a way to deal with it, but I am not sure how. We all have to deal with it in our own way. We all experienced the attack in a different way. A lot of players did not sleep. Some of them only really realised what had happened when they returned to their

But you are the best sportsman if you have no worries. Football is not as important as our families, living in peace, feeling safe and being

Bartra will be out of action for about four weeks. But he would have liked to play on Saturday if he could. You call your family to say you are alright. You just want to get as far away as possible. This is the first day to really process it. Wednesday was like walking through a cloud. Dealing with this is a process that will go on for days and weeks. It comes and goes in waves. Today [Thursday] has been a bad day for

I am sure the whole situation will have an impact on the upcoming games, but we are not concerned. We have to accept it and deal with it. Time will help. We do not want to bring every match from here on into the context of what happened on Tuesday. That would get us

We basically had the feeling that we were being treated as if a beer can had hit our bus, and half an hour later the decision was made that (it would be held) tomorrow at 6.45 p.m. And that was the point of time when we were informed. Then it was very unclear how serious the injury of Marc Bartra was and what was behind this incident, that gives you a feeling of

We were informed by text message that Uefa was making this decision. We would have liked more time to take stock. This gives you the feeling of impotence, that we have to keep functioning and nothing else

The situation is absurd. We only had 15 players available in the squad. We would have wanted to have more time to digest all of this. We did not get this time. We have to live with the fact that the match was scheduled. It's about our dream, our big dream, and the squad did not have the feeling they could make the difference in the small

It was very difficult for the team to focus on the game. We let the players decide if they wanted to play today. But we noticed that training did us

There are players who can easily deal with what's happened and others who worry more – very mixed feelings. We wished we would have wished for more time to deal with what happened but someone in Switzerland decided we have to play. It's not very fair. What happened yesterday happened to us as people. Every player has the right to start with a strange feeling. We've been left feeling a bit helpless by the decision. But professionals find solutions to problems. We are strong

I have a bit more experience than my players and I told them not to worry so much about it, try not to think so much about it, it does not get better. Everybody has the right to deal with it the way he wants to. If you want to talk about it, talk. If you want to be silent, be silent. If you need a hug, I hug you, or find someone who hugs you at

It's all different characters and it was very inspiring to see how we dealt with it in the second half. We made a good second half. The game is over now and it feels a bit

We would have wished for more time to process this. But we try to divert ourselves as best we

We have shown what we are capable of in the Champions League. We are ready to show it again Tuesday. We need four good halves in the quarter-final. Good periods alone will not be

There is no need to show 20 replays of the game. As we play on Saturday-Tuesday, there is no time to analyse the last match. Players need to recuperate mentally,

We need Aubameyang in absolute top form to reach the semi-finals. That is what the Champions League demands. We need Aubameyang's finishing, his defensive contribution but also his music and vibe before the game. It calms everyone down. He speaks Spanish, French, Italian, English and even German - when he wants. He can understand German - when he wants. Sometimes it is best to wake up on Sunday morning and just forget the last game. We are not in a bad situation, we just had one bad result. We deservedly lost against a strong

It was already a difficult game to begin with and the way things panned out only further complicated matters. We deservedly lost by this margin. We needed to be on top of our game in order to stand a

Overall, we did not have a chance of causing Bayern any problems at this level, . We started well, but were nonetheless trailing by two goals after 10 minutes. That made things very hard for us. It was nearly impossible to turn things around. We kept on playing well and pulled one back, but the third goal effectively decided the game. It is a very bitter

Ancelotti is an extraordinary coach and extraordinary personality with an extraordinary

Bayern are no longer as dogmatic as they were under Guardiola. They play with more freedom and enjoy a lot of

Hoffenheim hardly have any injuries. They are riding a wave of success. There have been hardly any negative moments in their

I'm not surprised about Hoffenheim. They play at their full potential and have two players [Niklas Sule and Sebastian Rudy] that will join

The personnel situation makes it very tough but when you're wearing the Dortmund jersey at the Allianz Arena you're ready. Playing Bayern at this time of the season means you usually play the best Bayern you can play. That's good, the biggest measuring stick. It's important that we have beaten Bayern to have the belief that it is possible. If you give me four weeks without any injuries, I'd say yes, we're on the same level as Bayern. We travel to Munich in a confident mood. We expect the best possible Bayern side and believe we can match them for 90

I don't think you'll find any team at this stage who don't believe they can go all the way, but you've got to be realistic. As unspectacular as it may sound, we can't afford to have a single bad half; to get through, you need two top performances, and that means four top

Reus has returned to the training pitch and is feeling well. He is training with the ball again, but has not resumed squad training

But we have to be careful, especially if we bear in mind what's happened

He would not be the first player who got influenced from the outside. But we cannot doubt his character. You can have a critical chat with him and he understands the club's view. He is so important for us with his confidence, we have a different attitude with him on the pitch. We fully believe in him, also because of how he returned

We see the situation slightly different now than immediately after the game, because we have some more information now. We were informed the day before that he had planned something in case he scored, but we did not know any details. The people in charge have already had their say on the matter. There will be further discussions, but I can afford to solely focus on the football side of things. Of course, this makes things slightly more complicated. There is a conflict of interests between what's best for the players and for the

Erik Durm, as well as Andre Schurrle, is out. Schurrle came back from international duty with an injury while Durm sustained a muscle injury in training and is not ready. It's annoying when players return injured, especially with Marco Reus and Mario Gotze already out. Schurrle suffered a knock to his

We're going to Gelsenkirchen to win. It'll be tough but we're confident that we can pull it

We will have to wait and see on Christian but he's definitely in the squad. It is complicated. The justified hype and the way opponents play takes its

Schalke are a physical side, who play with a lot of heart. We have to emulate those virtues and play with at least the same

My decision will not necessarily be linked with that because I've done the top four 20 times. It's more, it's not that,'' said the Arsenal boss at the weekend. I take a bigger perspective than that. It's not the last result that will decide what I will do. I don't want to judge. I'm judged enough and I'm not a judge so I can't answer. Everybody in life is responsible for his own behaviour. I'm responsible for my own behaviour. I don't judge other

I give my best. As long as I am at the club, whether that is for two more years, 10 more years or four more months, that will not be different. As for all the rest, everybody has to look at

I can't give you any information about the topic because it doesn't involve me. I'm happy with my job in Dortmund and have a contract, so it is of no interest to

The result feels good. We obviously didn't make our best game. Nevertheless, it is great that we have

Weigl might try things later today, he was in rehab basically 24 hours after Hertha. Kagawa picked up a knock to his knee against Lotte. It would be a shame for Shinji if he had to miss tomorrow's match, as he is in blinding form. I'd advise Pulisic not to read too much, especially if things aren't going so well. Maybe turn off that Google alert for his own name on his phone. It's incredibly hard to play us at our home, nobody really likes it. I didn't fancy it much for five years [coaching Mainz]

It'll be a tough game. Ingolstadt haven't had a lot of good results, but they have played well. They defend very resolutely. It was very aggravating for us to not win the reverse fixture in Ingolstadt, as they were going through tough times. Ingolstadt will be very courageous with our personnel problems in mind, so we'll have to develop a special

We're happy about Pulisic's development, but we have to keep in mind that he could play at youth level. He was an important factor as a substitute and now with more injuries he is an integral part of the

This young lad is an academy player, he still could play at youth level. So I would tell Mehmet to slow down a

I'm very happy because it was a very difficult match. The pitch was difficult to play on, the opposition performed very well too. In fact, it all went as we

He's an incredible talent. We won't change our opinion of that but he came to us after half a pro season in Denmark. The transition for him is huge. Of course there are ups and downs in his performances. He has to learn the job of being a professional footballer. He needs to be patient. Mor can become a special player. He's working diligently and we're giving him all the support. He's very close to the team, although it might not look like it. Mikel has made a big jump in his development. He's training at a high level. He'll play an important role for us in the next

We had talks with Merino in the winter about whether a loan move would make sense but I was strictly against

We have to acknowledge it was an intense match against Benfica that was also mentally draining. Players who played on Wednesday and have to start tomorrow won't be on their highest level. We have to find a good

If anyone can do it, it is Barcelona. Congratulations for this extraordinary

We were ecstatic when we came into the dressing room, after the 4-0 on the pitch. I thought it was 4-1 at the time [at Barcelona-PSG] but it was 5-1 with two minutes to go. We all stood there like we were involved ourselves, all in a party mood. We followed the closing minutes over the TV. Suddenly, everybody who came in joined us and watched. Everybody had the feeling that Barca would score one more. When it happened, it was insane. We thought before that we would be the exciting news, but compared to that we were

He's a player who never gives up. The good thing about him is he's open to criticism and always maintains his intensity. He and the team both put in an extraordinary second-half display

Auba had to do the job and he did it. It was extremely important that he scored twice in the last two league

After our early goal we sort of eased off a bit. Like we lost the plot a bit, too

The two clubs have the aesthetic to play offensively, so they are a huge inspiration for me and a great influence on my work. I rather feel that I'm not at all interested in talking about the two, so I cannot evaluate this speculation. We didn't want to break rules for the sake of it. We had to come up with ideas because we knew were inferior as a

For so many years in youth football I was always demanding better facilities, better equipment via which to test the players, better pitches, better travel, under-soil heating. Now I'd do almost the opposite if I was starting again. I'd say: 'Let's make it difficult for

Tomorrow's match is the kind of game everyone looks forward to when he signs a contract at

For one I don't want to, but I also don't quite know yet with which player type we will line up where. But there is no doubt, he is a loss, he was in outstanding form. We need to free our minds from the 1-0 scoreline. It won't be at the centre of our preparations. We've got the feeling that we're able to score in different ways, we're able to prevent counters, able to beat Benfica. Benfica is not only a big name. The aura of the club always rubs off on the players, who take confidence from that. We have the feeling that we can progress, we're feeling that it's the right moment for it as

It remained a close game because Leverkusen never gave up. We had to defend diligently in order to avoid the possibility of conceding early

It's impossible that Reus will play on

This is sad news, he's been playing at a high level for weeks. That is a huge loss for us that definitely blurs this

They ensure a high level and we feel very fit for the tasks that are on the

We need peace, calm and tranquillity for Mario. He needs rest, understanding and support - all of which he will get here. It takes time for the best treatment. Then he will be an important part of the team again. We had more training time and more time to regenerate. My team is doing excellently well at the moment, their energy and quality is outstanding, their desire for training as

There is nothing arrogant about Aubameyang's masked goal celebration. It's a derby and I'm sure you'll be talking about it in years to come. We controlled large parts of the game but needed a lot of time to find solutions up front. Missing by centimetres when Dembele hit the post - sometimes we lack the urge to score a messy goal. We needed a bit of luck for the referee not to give the handball. The referee doesn't have to give it - but he certainly

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