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There's dozens and dozens of things that ought to have been done – some of it is really easy, some of it is more complicated – and none of it has happened. It just feels like we had a load of sympathy and an offer of money when it happened two years ago and then the government has just dragged its feet, despite the fact that I've nagged them.feedback
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Nov 22 2017
Tim Farron has been quoted 241 times. The one recent article where Tim Farron has been quoted is Environment department using 1, 400 disposable cups a day amid call for tax. Most recently, Tim Farron was quoted as having said, “Michael Gove needs to get his own house in order. A coffee cup charge should be introduced in the Budget to tackle waste and encourage the use of reusable cups, including in the civil service and Parliament.”.
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Tim Farron quotes

Jul 20 2017 - Labour Party

A revival can only happen if we gave ourselves a reason to be ... if we took a risk, a gamble. We chose to adopt the backbone Jeremy Corbyn lacks, the decisiveness Theresa May lacks and stand up for Britain's place in Europe.feedback

Jul 20 2017

This is no time to allow our destiny to be in the hands of fools or extremists. This is the time for a fresh start.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

If I'm honest with you, I felt to deal with the questions about all sorts of things I either had to compromise my faith and say none of it matters. Which I just couldn't do. I could have done, but that would have been a road crash of my faith.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

There was no doubt in my mind. The likelihood was that it was either death or survival. Without wanting to overdo the gloom, that's exactly how it was.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

I am very content with what we've achieved, I don't feel I have any wounds to go and lick. We've saved the party, we've done a job.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

Sniffing the spaniel, that might be the name of my book.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

72 hours before the election I was told that I could lose my seat. The thing I've probably learnt more than anything else in my two years is the importance of clarity. Maybe you can afford nuance when you've got 200 or 300 MPs. When you've got eight, you can't. We deliberately risked everything. I thought, if we take the safe option here we might just bleed away into total irrelevance.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

I was on the way to do a local election visit when she announced the election and I thought 'flipping heck, we really aren't ready'.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

I had a little acronym: PAWAWI – pick a ward and win it. And it was basically about getting people – it doesn't matter where you are, pick a ward and you could win. It might mean nothing if you're Tory or Labour. To us it's everything. It gave us momentum.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - Brexit

It didn't feel like it. But I'm a good campaigner, I think. Talking to people, rallying the troops. And I do wonder how much of my message was lost.feedback

Jul 19 2017 - Terrorism

Theresa May now has a choice. Does she publish that report or keep it hidden?feedback

Jul 19 2017 - Refugees

I have visited the camps in Greece and elsewhere – something neither the home secretary nor the prime minister have done. I have met these children who, through no fault of their own, find their lives paused as ministers have chosen to ignore them. Has the UK government even signed a memorandum of understanding with Greece to get these transfers under way? I know of two young people who signed a consent form to be transferred under Dubs over a year ago. They are still stuck in Greece.feedback

Jul 17 2017

The Conservatives often attack red tape, what they call burdensome regulations I call vital health and safety.feedback

Jul 14 2017

I thought there isn't a way forward out of this without me either compromising or just causing damage to the party in the long run.feedback

Jul 13 2017

The charter of fundamental rights is a cornerstone of what makes Britain what we are. I cannot understand what issue the government have with it.feedback

Jul 12 2017 - Extremism

It seems like the government, yet again, is putting our so called friendship with Saudi Arabia above our values.feedback

Jul 12 2017 - Brexit

We have been learning the lessons of Maastricht and I am putting the government on warning. If the government try any wheeze or trick to force through changes to vital protections, from workers' rights to the environment, they are playing with fire.feedback

Jul 10 2017

I am utterly shocked that this person represents the good people of Newton Abbott.feedback

Jul 10 2017

This disgusting comment belongs in the era of the Jim Crow laws and has no place in our parliament. The Conservative party should withdraw the whip from Anne Marie Morris and they should do it today. Every hour they leave her in place, is a stain on them and the so called 'compassionate conservatism' they supposedly espouse.feedback

Jul 05 2017 - British elections 2017

You would think our security would be more important, but it appears not.feedback

Jul 05 2017 - Saudi Arabia

We hear regularly about the Saudi arms deals or ministers going to Riyadh to kowtow before their royal family, but yet our government won't release a report that will clearly criticize Saudi Arabia.feedback

Jul 04 2017

This project has been a total disaster from start to finish. The fact they can't keep control on a flagship scheme like this shows what a total sham the Northern Powerhouse really is. My worry is that if we cannot deliver schemes like this on budget what hope do we have for HS2?feedback

Jun 28 2017

The Tories are in utter chaos. They have U-turned on their own U-turn within the space of a few hours.feedback

Jun 26 2017

This disaster left patient data, which includes blood test results and cancer screening, languishing in a warehouse. People in the Department must be held accountable for this shoddy affair.feedback

Jun 15 2017 - Northern Ireland

I am passionate about defending the rights and liberties of people who believe very different things to me.feedback

Jun 14 2017 - Democratic Party

A better, wiser person than me may have been able to deal with this more successfully, to have remained faithful to Christ while leading a political party in the current environment. Abortion is wrong … Society has to climb down from the position that says there is nothing objectionable about abortion before a certain time.feedback

Jun 14 2017

To be a political leader - especially of a progressive, liberal party in 2017 - and to live as a committed Christian, to hold faithfully to the Bible's teaching, has felt impossible for me. Abortion is wrong … Society has to climb down from the position that says there is nothing objectionable about abortion before a certain time.feedback

Jun 09 2017 - Democratic Party

You've got a Labour party that's moving to the Left, you've got the Tories moving to the Right. What's happened to the centre ground opportunity? Where's the vision and drive to challenge the party to move towards it? That's the kind of leadership that I'd prefer.feedback

Jun 09 2017

We will now have a government that is weaker and less stable, at a time when we are about to embark on the most significant negotiations in our history. If she has an ounce of self-respect, she should resign.feedback

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

She should consider her future – and then, for once, she should consider the future of our country. The negotiations should be put on hold until the government has reassessed its priorities and set them out to the British public.feedback

Jun 09 2017

I love this party. It is in my DNA. Leading it for the last two years has been the utmost privilege.feedback

Jun 09 2017

The Tories have taken our country for granted too many times. Whatever happens in this coming parliament, the Liberal Democrats will fight for you, your family and for your community.feedback

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

I could stand here and keep listing Nick's achievements, but it would take hours. Have no doubt, history will be kind to Nick. And the new parliament will be immensely poorer without the insight, expertise and passion he brings, especially to the Brexit debate.feedback

Jun 09 2017 - British elections 2017

There will be no deals, no coalitions and no confidence and supply arrangements. If the government puts a Queen's speech or a budget in front of us, we will judge it on whether or not we think it is good for the country – and if it isn't, then we will not support it.feedback

Jun 06 2017

What the security services lack is not more power, but more resources.feedback

Jun 05 2017

We cannot allow the safety of our country to be compromised by Tory unwillingness to upset their hardline friends in the Gulf. To stamp out terror, it is critical to know who is funding it. Stop hiding, publish the report.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Saudi Arabia

We call on the government to ... conduct an investigation into foreign funding and support of extremist and terrorist groups in the UK. He rang me back within the hour. He made it clear he had spoken to the home secretary and said it would definitely be published. He was not equivocal about it and he had time to speak to May before he rang me back. The Conservatives' evasion of this critical security issue reveals just how desperate they are to seek post-Brexit trade deals with dodgy regimes like Saudi Arabia.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Wiretapping

The alternative is a government that monitors and controls the internet in the way that China or North Korea does. If we turn the internet into a tool for censorship and surveillance, the terrorists will have won. We won't make ourselves safer by making ourselves less free. In the choice between cuts to corporation tax and properly funding our police, we should fund our police. Let's be clear – fewer police on the beat means fewer conversations, less information being passed on and less knowledge about who's who and who needs to be kept under surveillance.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Wiretapping

We have a government anti-terrorism engagement strategy that isn't trusted and doesn't listen to communities, even when they do try to speak out about those – like Salman Abedi – who are considered a danger. In the choice between ineffective mass surveillance, and investment in the sort of intelligence we are told is best – on the ground and closest to our communities, trusted and appreciated – Theresa May chose the former through the Investigatory Powers Act.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - WhatsApp

These issues are not going be solved with political gimmicks or by banning particular technologies. Instead of posturing, politicians need to work with technology companies like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and with other countries, to develop solutions that work to keep people safe. I trust our police and security services … they have some of the most extensive powers in any democracy anywhere in the world. In the choices we make we should provide the resources necessary for those who keep us safe to do their jobs with the powers they have been given.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Wiretapping

Theresa May talks of the need to have some difficult and sometimes embarrassing conversations. That should include exposing and rooting out the source funding of terror, even it means difficult and embarrassing conversations with those like Saudi Arabia that the government claims are our allies.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Wiretapping

We should also jealously guard the hard-won liberties that define us as a country. If we make the wrong choices those who seek to change our way of life have won.feedback

Jun 04 2017 - London

The remainder of this campaign must be a collective showing of defiance and pride in our democratic values.feedback

Jun 04 2017 - Terrorism

Tonight's horrific incidents in London remind us how much we owe our emergency services. My thoughts and prayers with everyone affected.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Marijuana

First and foremost you prevent the passage that the evidence suggests around the world from people using softer drugs, shall we say, onto harder drugs. Cause you build a wall if you like. If you regulate it you can control it. I wouldn't propose to do something controversial like this if the evidence didn't suggest that all of our children would be more safe than they currently are and the criminal gangs under more threat then they currently are. Let's follow the evidence.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Marijuana

Now it's very easy for politicians to just cave in. You know you ask difficult questions like this which you're absolutely right to ask, and so politicians will ignore what you really could do to minimise harm and maximise harm to those who are the criminals and you ignore that. We chose instead to be rational and look at the evidence. And the evidence suggests that if you regulate the market then you can make sure that you protect people.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Marijuana

So out there on the streets the evidence suggests that it is the availability of skunk, a very strong strain of cannabis that does potentially have a link to psychosis, that is being sold.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Homosexuality

I've already answered that, let's move on. We are all sinners.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Homosexuality

I joined the Liberals when I was 16 and amongst the things I did in my first couple of years as a Liberal was to be on the frontline of the protest against Section 28, which was introduced by the Conservative government, which was banning the promotion of homosexuality. I dealt with that weeks ago. You know what, we're not going there. My personal faith is my personal faith. And my actions absolutely are 100% are about defending LGBT+ rights and as a party, you look at what we've done. Lynne Featherstone, my colleague in government, she introduced equal marriage. I am proud of what she's done.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Homosexuality

Brian, you heard me talking about it weeks ago. Because to be honest with you, a person who is the leader of a political party, it's their job and [as] someone who's passionate about LGBT+ rights, prove it by your actions not by your words.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Homosexuality

I am a political leader and I am a liberal to my fingertips.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Trump Presidency

Prime Minister: if your special relationship with Donald Trump means anything, prove it.feedback

Jun 02 2017 - Climate change

If the special relationship between the Prime Minister and Mr Trump actually exists, it exists for moments like this. We need to make him see sense on climate change.feedback

Jun 01 2017

If people cast insults at you it's quite good to own them if you possibly can. I'm sure you do it from time to time. There can be nothing more honest than leading a party supporting Britain's place in Europe, and we have since 1955.feedback

Jun 01 2017 - British elections 2017

I cannot see any chance of us getting a better deal than the one we have now. In a democracy it's right to stand by your principles isn't it? I will campaign in that referendum on the basis of what's best for Britain. My view is I cannot see how Theresa May will be able to get a deal better than the one we currently have. I'm passionate about the European ideal. I'm often critical of things the commission does, just as I'm critical of things the British government does.feedback

Jun 01 2017

There are Labour and Conservative voters out there, particularly in those tranches of the country where the Liberal Democrats are challenging the Conservatives and in those places I want you to lend me your vote and I'll tell you why. Because that is the way we can prevent the dementia tax.feedback

Jun 01 2017 - Labour Party

One of the things that stops you getting your message across is the thought that if you vote for the Liberal Democrats it's a proxy for X or for Y. We are not in a position, I don't think, where we could potentially go into coalition with another party, led by Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn, which wants to take Britain out of that free trade deal to damage all of our children's [future].feedback

May 31 2017 - Article 50

We need to remain in the single market or we will not be able to afford the NHS and social care. If Jeremy cared about having enough money to raise living standards, he would not have trooped through the lobbies with the Conservatives and Ukip to trigger article 50 and make Britain poorer.feedback

May 31 2017

Maybe she's outside, sizing up your house to pay for your social care.feedback

May 31 2017 - Terrorism

That short-sighted approach needs to change. It is critical that these extreme, hardline views are confronted head on, and that those who fund them are called out publicly. If the Conservatives are serious about stopping terrorism on our shores, they must stop stalling and reopen investigation into foreign funding of violent extremism in the UK.feedback

May 30 2017 - Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn should come to the debate and make the case for his policies rather than sending someone who probably cast a vote of no confidence in him only a few months before. Don't be a chicken, come and debate.feedback

May 26 2017 - Labour Party

I don't agree with what he says, but I disagree even more that now is the time to say it. That's not leadership, it's putting politics before people at a time of tragedy.feedback

May 26 2017 - Labour Party

A few days ago, a young man built a bomb, walked into a pop concert and deliberately slaughtered children. Our children. Families are grieving. A community is in shock. Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to use that grotesque act to make a political point.feedback

May 23 2017 - Manchester bombing 2017

This a terrorist attack deliberately targeted at children having the time of their lives. It was cowardly, it was deliberate, it is beyond wicked. And that is why it is right that we should determine justice should be done, and we continue to stand up to those who wish to harm our society, to take away life, and to take away our liberty.feedback

May 22 2017 - Manchester bombing 2017

This is a shocking and horrific attack targeting children and young people who were simply enjoying a concert.feedback

May 22 2017 - British elections 2017

As Theresa May has made clear herself, nothing has changed and her heartless dementia tax remains in place. This is a cold and calculated attempt to pull the wool over people's eyes.feedback

May 22 2017 - Abortion

Well, I believe women should have access under law which is safe and legal, and I think that's the critical issue - do you believe people should be able to make that choice under law, and do you believe the law as it stands is right and the science that dictates, or rather underlines, that law is right. I do believe that, I did then and I do now. I think the odd kind of focus upon my faith over the last few weeks is one that I think millions of people will just think is very peculiar.feedback

May 22 2017

I'm one of millions of people in this country who has a faith - some Christian, some not Christian - and the majority probably with no faith whatsoever. My job is to fight for the rights of all of those people. I think people think it's bizarre that journalists and others spend their time banging on about someone's faith.feedback

May 22 2017 - Sex

The progress we made in reducing mixed sex wards during the coalition government is now completely unravelling. Men and women should never be forced to share hospital wards in a modern health service. It is an affront to basic human dignity.feedback

May 19 2017 - British elections 2017

The Tories are utter hypocrites. How can they take cash off English pensioners and then give it to Scottish pensioners? It looks like a cheap election bung and it won't wash. It is utterly scandalous that the Conservatives want to axe the triple lock and now do this. Theresa May and her ministers are just taking pensioners and their votes for granted. They don't seem to care about them.feedback

May 18 2017 - Brexit

Someone is going to have the final say over the final Brexit deal. It could be the politicians or it could be the people. I believe it must be the people.feedback

May 18 2017 - British elections 2017

The fact that Theresa May isn't here tells you she is taking you for granted, she thinks she owns this result. She thinks she owns our country, owns our future and owns our children's future. Democracy did not end on 23 June. None of us know what the outcome is going to be, someone will sign off that deal, either the politicians or the people – I trust the people.feedback

May 17 2017 - Abortion

Take the issue of abortion. Personally I wish I could argue it away. Abortion is wrong. Society has to climb down from the position that says there is nothing objectionable about abortion before a certain time. If abortion is wrong, it is wrong at any time. Looking back on them I may not have explained myself terribly well but I support safe and legal access to abortion.feedback

May 17 2017 - Marijuana

I may not have expressed myself terribly well 10 years ago but I was pro-choice then and I am pro-choice now.feedback

May 17 2017

We are in the last-chance saloon. This is the opportunity for everyone in this country to bang their fists on the table and say, I didn't vote for this, I didn't vote for this mean, narrow vision of the future.feedback

May 17 2017

I hadn't thought of that. Tell you what, though – how about we just publish the manifesto online at lunchtime? That way the broadcasters can pick it up if they think it's interesting.feedback

May 17 2017 - Abortion

Personally I wish I could argue it away. Abortion is wrong. I may not have expressed myself terribly well 10 years ago but I was pro-choice then and I am pro-choice now.feedback

May 17 2017 - British elections 2017

But that's not the future Theresa May is offering you. If you want to know the most revealing thing that has been said during this election, look at Nigel Farage's Twitter. Theresa May is using the exact words and phrases I've been using for twenty years.feedback

May 17 2017 - Brexit

And that's fine. You see, when last year's referendum took place I campaigned harder than anyone else to remain. I believed passionately that our children would have a brighter future if Britain remained in the European Union. But we lost – and I accept that. But that doesn't mean I have changed what I believe. I believe that our children will have a brighter future if we are inside the European Union. That they will be safer and better off. That our economy will be stronger and our country will have more influence in the world.feedback

May 17 2017 - Refugees

Where we have good schools and hospitals. Where we take the challenge of climate change seriously. Where give our teachers and nurses and soldiers the pay rise they deserve for the service they give our country. Where we have an open, innovative economy. Where we treat the poorest and the most vulnerable with compassion. Where we don't turn our back on desperate refugees. That's the Britain I love. That's the Britain I want to lead.feedback

May 17 2017 - British elections 2017

And there was definitely nothing on the ballot paper that said we would turn our allies into enemies. Yet here we are, with our government making accusations of our neighbours and even threatening war with Spain. The choices Theresa May makes – and the compromises she negotiates with bureaucrats in Brussels – will affect our children's future for decades to come. My children, your children, Malcolm's grandchildren. In June last year we voted for a departure, but we didn't vote for a destination. So I want you to have your choice over your future.feedback

May 17 2017 - Brexit

But just because I believe that doesn't mean I think people who voted to leave are bad people. Of course they're not. We just disagree. You see, I grew up in Preston in Lancashire. And most of the people in Preston voted to leave. There are parts of Lancashire where two-thirds of people voted to leave. Friends of mine did. Members of my family did. They don't all admit that to my face, but I know they did. Those people, they're my people. I like them. They're good people. Decent people.feedback

May 17 2017 - Single market

And she's already making choices that will affect those things, including the most profound choice she could make – taking Britain out of the Single Market. That decision alone is a time bomb under our economy. And when it blows up it is going to take our NHS and our schools down with it. It is going to wreck our children's future for decades to come. And it is a choice. Plain and simple. It wasn't inevitable.feedback

May 17 2017 - British elections 2017

And, as it happens, I liked Malcolm too. Once he stopped shouting at me. But here's the difference between me and Theresa May – I want Malcolm, and everyone in Preston, and every single one of you, to have your say over what comes next. Nobody knows what Brexit will look like. The choices Theresa May will make will affect your life and our country for decades – your job, your weekly shop, your environment, your safety, where you can travel to and where you can live.feedback

May 17 2017 - Single market

There was nothing on the ballot paper last June that said we were choosing to pull out of the Single Market. There are other countries that are outside the EU but inside the Single Market – just look at Norway or Switzerland. There was nothing on the ballot paper that said that people and families from Europe who have made this country their home would be left in limbo, not knowing if they can stay in the country they raise their kids in.feedback

May 17 2017 - British elections 2017

A couple of weeks ago, in Kidlington near Oxford, I met a guy called Malcolm. I say met…he came up to me in the street and started shouting at me. You might have seen it on the news. Or the Internet. In the end we actually got along. But he was angry with me for not getting behind Theresa May and backing Brexit. I think I calmed him down a bit when we spoke, but I don't think I changed his mind.feedback

May 17 2017 - Brexit

Someone is going to have the final say over the Brexit deal. It could be the politicians or it could be the people. I believe it should be the people. You should have the final say on whether Theresa May's Brexit deal is right for you and your family in a referendum. And if you don't like that deal, you should have the choice to remain in the European Union. Giving you the choice over your future is exactly what our manifesto is about. I want you to imagine a brighter future. Imagine a future where our children can grow up in a country where people are decent to each other.feedback

May 17 2017 - Trump Presidency

There is a party offering you, unequivocally, the chance to turn this around, and you need to grab it.feedback

May 17 2017 - Brexit

We want to give all our children a brighter future in a fairer Britain where people are decent to each other, with good schools and hospitals, a clean environment and an innovative economy. Not Theresa May's cold, mean-spirited Britain.feedback

May 17 2017 - British elections 2017

In the biggest fight for the future of our country in a generation, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour has let you down by voting with Theresa May on Brexit – not against her.feedback

May 16 2017

Another perspective that my faith gives me is that we live in a fallen world. That doesn't mean Christians give up. On the contrary it means we do our best to bring about the best circumstances for as many people as possible. It was the day of Thatcher's Britain, the miners' strike and monetarism. With four million people unemployed, it struck me that human misery was being used as an economic tool to achieve low inflation. The government's aim was to destroy the trade union movement. Being brought up in a Lancashire working-class home, I was outraged.feedback

May 16 2017 - Homosexuality

Take the issue of Sexual Orientation Regulations, for example. Some Christians argue that they should be allowed a conscience clause, so they do not have to provide goods or services to gay people. I don't see the regulations as all bad.feedback

May 16 2017

I've always voted Conservative, But I'll never vote for them again.feedback

May 11 2017 - British elections 2017

I thought in 2010 we had no choice, actually. I wasn't an enthusiast, [but] I thought there was a national emergency, a risk of financial meltdown. Certainly now, there is no appetite. The difference with Theresa May and her approach to Brexit, the extreme Ukip-style Brexit, is so profound there is no way we could possibly work with her.feedback

May 11 2017 - Refugees

Labour should match this, this is a challenge to other parties and particularly to the government. I think we need a strong opposition and you only get that with a clear alternative, this is our clear alternative. I don't want us to be the kind of country who turns our back on those in desperate need, this is about Britain doing it's fair share. It's not about taking all of the burden. I had met Syrian refugees in Cologne, welcomed into a civilised country which had the desire to do the right thing.feedback

May 11 2017 - Refugees

They were setting up home, very quickly learning German, aeronautical engineers who will become loyal, tax-paying German citizens. As safe, sanitary and caring as a camp can be made to be, it's still a flaming camp and it's no way to raise your kids.feedback

May 11 2017 - Refugees

My job is to try to present a different set of value, we are a political party making this a major part of our campaign. We believe the British people are better than the Conservative party are making us out to be.feedback

May 10 2017

The worst governments are the ones with the weakest oppositions. The Liberal Democrats are in a very strong position now to fill that space.feedback

May 10 2017

The Liberal Democrats will engage in no pacts, no deals. There will be no coalition involving Labour or Conservatives or any other party following the election.feedback

May 10 2017 - Labour Party

There will be a Conservative landslide. There is no point in pretending otherwise. The Liberal Democrats are the only opposition party basically left standing with a decent result in the local election results, in a place with fire in our bellies and a clarity of purpose to challenge what is the real vacancy in British politics – and that is for there to be a decent opposition. In the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn you now have an opposition which is not only not an alternative government, but not even an effective opposition.feedback

May 10 2017

That wise choice means we would have the money we need to spend on our schools and our hospitals. Our priorities are health and education.feedback

May 10 2017

The local party in Brighton made a choice and their democratic right to choose to withdraw in order to support Caroline Lucas. I'm relaxed about that. I've always been a fan of Caroline Lucas.feedback

May 08 2017 - Brexit

From challenging the Government over the economic risks of a hard Brexit to fighting for more funding for the NHS, together we will provide the strong opposition Britain needs. A Conservative landslide would be bad for jobs, bad for the NHS and bad for our schools.feedback

May 08 2017

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for a strong opposition that can change Britain's future.feedback

May 08 2017 - NASA

I had a Carl Sagan photograph above my bed, who was of course the great, I guess the human voice of Nasa. I had pictures of strange sort of leftwing politicians. I remember I had a Mrs Thatcher picture. I had a John F Kennedy picture. I had a [Liberal leader] Jo Grimond picture.feedback

May 07 2017 - French election 2017

Emmanuel Macron has kept the wolves from our door, but we must never be complacent in the fight against racism, fascism and the far right. This is not just a victory for France, but a victory for Britain and the liberal values we hold dear.feedback

May 07 2017 - Europol

This shows how criminal gangs and potentially even terrorists are trying to cash in and use other people's passports. This is a massive national security risk.feedback

May 06 2017

The guiding principle of the pensions system must be to ensure that none are left unable to meet their basic needs for survival and participation in society, and that everyone is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. The message is clear – we will help pensioners and the Conservatives won't.feedback

May 06 2017 - Labour Party

The local elections proved that the Labour Party is finished and the Conservative Party is heading for a landslide. There is only one opposition party left standing after Thursday - not just standing but growing - and that's the Liberal Democrats.feedback

May 05 2017 - British elections 2017

The Liberal Democrats will rescue the NHS and social care. We are prepared to be honest with people and say that we will all need to chip in a little more.feedback

May 05 2017 - Brexit

Whatever you think about Brexit, however you vote, we should all be concerned. The only plausible route for the Tories to lose seats is through the Lib Dems.feedback

May 05 2017 - Labour Party

If you want a strong opposition to this government, we are the party for you. Labour has failed as an opposition and handed Theresa May a blank cheque to do as she pleases. The voters have delivered their verdict on Jeremy Corbyn.feedback

May 02 2017 - British elections 2017

These reports blow a massive hole in the Conservative Party's arguments. Theresa May chose a divisive hard Brexit, with Labour's help, and now has no idea what to do next. This government has no plan and no clue and this shows it starkly.feedback

May 01 2017 - Single market

These reports have blown a massive hole in the Conservative party's arguments. It's clear this government has no clue and is taking the country towards a disastrous hard Brexit. Theresa May chose a divisive hard Brexit, with Labour's help, and now has no idea what to do next. This election offers us a chance to change the direction of our country, keep Britain in the single market and give the people the final say over what happens next.feedback

Apr 30 2017 - Democratic Party

But I'm somebody who believes that Britain is better off in the European Union and what the South West is famous for is wanting to be able to be self-governing, to be independent, to be different from those in Westminster who tell them what to do. And the worst thing for the West Country is to be a blanket of blue where the Tories just take you for granted. And that's the thing I think people around the country are beginning to realise. That a Conservative majority is now not in question, but a Conservative landslide means they will take you for granted wherever you live.feedback

Apr 26 2017 - Refugees

I hope these children are identified and brought to the UK as soon as humanely possible – it is our moral duty and responsibility. The Dubs scheme was opened after huge pressure both in parliament and from the public – we wanted to see 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees offered sanctuary in Britain. Whilst I welcome the fact the government will now take in some more, this is simply not enough.feedback

Apr 25 2017 - Homosexuality

What I want is to make sure we deal with something that's become an issue. No, you asked me a question about what I felt about first of all, people who are gay and indeed also about gay sex, and I have said no, I do not feel that they are sinful. And I think that's something that's important to say when people get the wrong idea of you. We're all sinners.feedback

Apr 25 2017 - Homosexuality

I don't think people want political party leaders telling them what is and isn't sin. People's faith is private, and it's up to them to decide how they make these interpretations. For me, separating faith from politics means you shouldn't be trying to have a running commentary on these things, and also shouldn't be trying to impose one's beliefs on others.feedback

Apr 22 2017 - Brexit

We had to be prepared for it [recovery] to take a long time. It is a great opportunity, to give Britain the chance to change its future. What's not to like? What's not to be excited about?feedback

Apr 22 2017 - Brexit

Did you get your credit card back, Tim? Yeah, great, thanks, got it, . The polling, the canvassing that we have been doing, puts us ahead of where we were at this stage at the Richmond Park byelection [which the Lib Dems took in dramatic circumstances from the Tories last December]. So I think if I was a betting man, I'd say our candidate Jackie Pearcey would have been an MP on 4 May. I think she'll now have to wait until 8 June. We've got these seats that were not seriously on our radar and now they are.feedback

Apr 22 2017 - Labour Party

There is no way we can countenance any kind of arrangement or coalition with the Conservative party and likewise with the Labour party led by Jeremy Corbyn. He [Corbyn] accepted hard Brexit, he voted for it. He enabled it. It has put us in the situation we are now in.feedback

Apr 21 2017

We'll be reflecting on that over the coming days. I think it's right that people have a sense of what our intentions are in advance. The problem is, they're both run by parties at the moment that have visions that are completely the opposite of the Liberal Democrats. My sense at the moment is that talk of coalitions is a little bit fanciful.feedback

Apr 21 2017 - British elections 2017

Theresa May thinks she's going to be crowned on 8 June and it will be a procession over the next seven weeks, not a contest. The Liberal Democrats will make sure it's a contest. My message to people out there of all political persuasions – as you might not agree with me on absolutely everything – but if you agree with me that Britain needs a strong opposition, you need to back the Liberal Democrats.feedback

Apr 20 2017 - Single market

The public will have a very clear choice. If it wants to keep Britain in the single market, and keep a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is its chance.feedback

Apr 19 2017 - British elections 2017

Vauxhall, Esher and Walton, where there is an incredibly pro-leave MP [Labour's Kate Hoey and Conservative Dominic Raab]. Things have changed a lot, so I don't actually know the limit of our ambitions. I don't even have a number in my own head. It's the party's policy to put women in the seats we think we can win, and because it's a snap election obviously a lot of former MPs are standing again. When we had a former incumbent who was male, that makes it a bit lop-sided but we have many new women candidates including one in Sutton, and obviously Richmond Park.feedback

Apr 19 2017 - Labour Party

The issue is not about who might work with who, it's about whether she can be defeated – at all. It seems to me the Labour party is in a position where they are going to go backwards. I don't think that's an arrogant thing to say, I think it's a reasonable assumption based on all the available evidence.feedback

Apr 19 2017 - Single market

Brexit has an impact on everything, if you are worried there are not enough carers, about the state of the hospital, that your school is not properly funded or there are too few police officers, then leaving the single market is a reason why that is the case. People don't trust politicians at the best of times, nobody believes you can have a better NHS and social care without more money. We have to be really clear that there is a way of getting more money if we as a community make a choice to invest in it together.feedback

Apr 19 2017

The British people deserve to hear the party leaders set out their plans and debate them publicly. What is she scared of?feedback

Apr 18 2017 - British elections 2017

This election is your chance to change the direction of our country. There are large numbers of Conservative seats where the Lib Dems are the challengers. Seats up and down the country where the Tories are looking vulnerable, where constituents will question this brutal, dumb hard Brexit. The only way to stop Theresa May winning a majority, the only way to stop a hard Brexit, is by the Lib Dems winning in those seats.feedback

Apr 14 2017 - Homosexuality

The UK government must strongly condemn this disgusting violence, and use every possible opportunity to raise this with the Russian government. It is disappointing that Boris Johnson has failed to stand up for these people by not visiting Russia after Trump told him to stay at home.feedback

Apr 14 2017 - Brexit

We are the only people who are basically saying we could stop Brexit, democratically – certainly a hard Brexit. We are serious about power, we think what the country desperately needs is an electable alternative to the Tories. There isn't anybody else, why shouldn't it be us? We know that's talking big, I understand the ridicule that will be thrown at me for saying those things, but if you don't want to run the country, what are you doing in politics?feedback

Apr 13 2017

Rather than making every state school excellent, the government want to spend more cash on another ideological experiment. This speech is the political equivalent of a rose-tinted view of the 1950s, where a few excel and millions of other young people are consigned to the scrapheap.feedback

Apr 12 2017 - Russia

He should have gone to Moscow. When he went to Moscow he should have been clear with the Russians just how much we condemn what Assad has done, and what they've done in support of Assad, but try to get them back to the negotiating table. The humanitarian imperative was – and remains – how to prevent the further massacre of the innocent. So the discussion needed to be about no-fly zones, safe corridors and gaining the cooperation of regional powers – all massive challenges, likely to take up the energies of the G7 summiteers.feedback

Apr 07 2017 - Chemical weapons

When Assad first used chemical weapons I didn’t vote to punish him, and I regret that. It’s up to Theresa May now to kickstart the diplomatic process. I am in no doubt that what will end the war in Syria is what ultimately ends every conflict: words and diplomacy, not weapons. But when diplomacy fails and civilians suffer, as they have been doing for many years in Syria, and when they are the victim of weapons that have been outlawed by the international community for their horrific and indiscriminate consequences, then we cannot shy away from proportionate military intervention.feedback

Apr 07 2017 - NATO

Evil happens when good people do nothing. We cannot stand by, we must act. The attack by American forces was a proportionate response to the barbarous attack by the Syrian government on its own people. The British government rather than just putting out a bland statement welcoming this should now follow it up and call an emergency meeting of the Nato alliance to see what else can be done, be that more surgical strikes or no fly zones. Evil happens when good people do nothing, we cannot sit by while a dictator gasses his own people. We cannot stand by, we must act.feedback

Apr 05 2017 - Brexit

Changing the color of the passport is just another expense on an ever-increasing list of the cost of Brexit.feedback

Apr 04 2017

Unfortunately, May's hardline, anti-immigrant rhetoric to date means that many leave voters will now feel let down by this new, sensible approach. By immediately jumping on the hard-right, Brexiteer bandwagon last June, May has set herself up to either cripple the country or betray public trust. That short-sightedness is now unravelling, but she must now continue to be honest with the British public about the scale of this task, instead of hiding behind nonsense rhetoric.feedback

Apr 03 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

Blair's speech shows how badly Corbyn's Labour has failed as an opposition. Labour have waved the white flag and given Theresa May a blank cheque for a divisive, hard Brexit.feedback

Apr 02 2017 - Gibraltar

It is absolutely ludicrous and totally inflammatory.feedback

Apr 02 2017

Paramedics provide life-saving care, often in stressful circumstances, but the blue lights flashing right now are for the ambulance service. It is unacceptable that such high levels of stress are now seen as part of normal life for ambulance staff. The things paramedics see and have to deal with on a daily basis must keep people up at night. We need to do more to care for those who care for us.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

It is shameful that Theresa May has threatened to withdraw security cooperation from our closest neighbors and allies.feedback

Mar 29 2017 - Single market

Quitting the single market while keeping immigration at current levels and smearing all criticism of rock-hard Brexit as treachery – that seems to be the plan. Theresa May’s tactic is clear: to accuse anyone who dares question her headlong, blindfold charge towards hard Brexit of being democracy deniers. This despite it looking increasingly likely that the result of her reckless, divisive Brexit will be to leave the single market and not reduce immigration – the very opposite of what Brexiteers pitched to the people.feedback

Mar 27 2017 - Labour Party

This is the biggest act of economic self harm in history and some Tory MPs are grasping at any straw they can find to assuage their consciences. They, like Corbyn have waived this through and history will judge them for it.feedback

Mar 26 2017

It's not just that the horse has bolted, Labour opened the stable door.feedback

Mar 26 2017 - Single market

Just weeks ago, Labour MPs voted against membership of the single market and to give Theresa May a blank cheque for a hard Brexit.feedback

Mar 25 2017

If we are to spend billions and evacuate the place, we might as well make it more secure, as well as deal with structural issues. The government has a habit of allowing these contracts to run over budget, but it should be hard-nosed and negotiate proper security into the price that will give strong protection long into the future. This is not just about protecting politicians. There are huge numbers of people who work in parliament, and we owe it to them, especially those charged with laying their lives on the line to protect MPs, to make their place of work as secure as we possibly can.feedback

Mar 25 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

We are here to show solidarity and respect for those who voted leave. We do not believe they wanted this. [Theresa May] does not speak for 52%, she barely speaks for 5%. We are not giving up this week of all weeks. We here are as testament that we refuse to despair. Britain can be better than this.feedback

Mar 19 2017

It is a huge opportunity for a progressive party. This party. All you generals without armies, here's your army.feedback

Mar 19 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

The Conservative party has been taken over by its own version of Momentum. May's Momentum, the hard Brexiteers. The anti-free trade protectionists. The shrink-the-state extremists. The anti-immigrant, anti-refugee, anti-international aid zealots. It's their party now, and it's hard to be sure whether Theresa May is their leader or their captive.feedback

Mar 19 2017

Some of them might be hoping that the Labour party will sort itself out. I've got news for you, Labour are done.feedback

Mar 19 2017 - Refugees

You are now the supporters of a government that is as anti-business as Jeremy Corbyn. You are now the cheerleaders of a government that is as anti-refugees as Nigel Farage. Theresa May has put at risk the very people who have bankrolled her party's success for years, and she didn't have to. So business should drop the Conservative party like a hot brick. We can gain the seats to rob the Tories of their power to wreck Britain, and by doing so we can change the course of our country.feedback

Mar 13 2017

The Midlands engine is facing a false start. This is another sign of the chaos and incompetence at the heart of this government.feedback

Mar 13 2017 - Scottish independence

The SNP are risking taking Scotland out of both the UK and out of the EU. Being outside both would be the worst of all worlds for Scotland.feedback

Mar 13 2017

This proposal could be a game changer for all those people who feel they've been robbed of their identity by the Brexit result.feedback

Mar 10 2017

Kicking the can down the road for a few weeks shows that the Conservatives are still planning to hit hard-working self-employed people.feedback

Mar 09 2017

Now it emerges that even America recognises that Britain will be a far less attractive place to invest post-Brexit. With investment down 1.6% last year on Brexit fears, it is yet more proof that you can't have a hard Brexit and a strong economy.feedback

Mar 09 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

Theresa May humiliated herself and embarrassed Britain by begging Donald Trump for a trade deal.feedback

Mar 09 2017

Kicking the can down the road is not enough. They need to axe this tax, not think people won't notice in a few months. It's a scandal this government thinks people are so stupid.feedback

Mar 07 2017

It would be in the best interests not only of the children stuck in Europe, but of the government itself, to stop fighting the decent majority who want Dubs to remain open.feedback

Feb 08 2017

In a democracy, you respect the result but you do not wave the white flag and give up.feedback

Jan 28 2017

Clearly spent her time with Trump dodging his despicable comments on torture, on women, on Muslims and on Mexicans.feedback

Jan 17 2017

Throwing the gauntlet down against the rest of Europe, the PM is virtually guaranteeing that acrimony rather than compromise will prevail.feedback

Nov 11 2016 - Article 50

We'd vote against Article 50 if our 'red line' is not met ... which is we want to respect the will of the people and that means they must have their say on a referendum on the terms of the deal.feedback

Nov 11 2016

We believe that what started with democracy last June, which we totally respect, must not now end up with a stitch up, with a deal being imposed on the British people that absolutely nobody voted for.feedback

Nov 04 2016 - Article 50

Given the strict two year timetable of exiting the EU once Article 50 is triggered, it is critical that the government now lay out their negotiating (stance) to parliament before such a vote is held.feedback

Nov 04 2016

So far May's team have been all over the place when it comes to prioritizing what is best for Britain, and it's time they pull their socks up and start taking this seriously.feedback

Jul 20 2016

She has come a long way since we were on the hustings together in north west Durham.feedback

Jun 24 2016

I accept the result but by golly I don't agree with it.feedback

Mar 12 2015 - United Nations

If we were just being asked to bomb Syria I'd be voting no, I'd be out there demonstrating in between the speeches, I'd be signing up to those emails from the Stop the War Coalition. But this is not just a case of bombing, this is standing with the United Nations and the international community to do what is right by people who are the most beleaguered of all.feedback

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