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These people – that's a tough, tough phrase. We've got no beef with Iranian people.feedback
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May 25 2017 Sanctions
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Tim Kaine is associated, including Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, and president. Most recently, Tim Kaine has been quoted saying: “You can take Duke out of the Ku Klux Klan, but you can't take the kook out of David Duke.” in the article This is what emboldened white supremacists look like.
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I'm going to work my tail off to get money back to the Appalachian region.feedback

I used to try public housing discrimination cases. And I'd be at the counsel table, and it would be me and a guy who wasn't able to pay me, and the other table would be filled with lawyers getting paid a lot, and I would just be there, really praying that the system worked. Like, if they didn't have me – I'm it. They wouldn't have anyone. So I prayed the system worked. And usually it did, but not always.feedback

In order to clarify, you never attended a K-12 public school, did you? And your children did not, either? And you've never taught at a K-12 public school?feedback

It expresses a profound truth about humanity and causation. What humans tend to do is ask, why am I here now? It's clearly because of something that came before.feedback

The point of the Job story is that he's not where he is because of the past. He's where he is because of the future.feedback

The Democrats in the Senate are the only emergency brake on the train. This might be the most important period. Maybe I'll be in the Senate for the next 30 years, and the next two to four years – God-willing, it's more than two years for me – are the most important years I'll ever spend in the Senate.feedback

Assad is a brutal dictator who must be held account for atrocities. But the President's failure to seek congressional approval is unlawful.feedback

Congress will work with the President, but his failure to seek Congressional approval is unlawful.feedback

It is the right thing to do to try to deter Assad from war crimes. President Trump doing this, finally waking up to the atrocities in Syria, is a good thing. He should not have done this without coming to Congress.feedback

Four hundred years after the death of Pocahontas, our country continues to do a disservice to her descendants by failing to recognize the major role Virginia's tribes have played in American history and the fabric of our nation. These six tribes have treaties that predated the United States, but because of this historical quirk and the systematic destruction of their records, they have been denied federal recognition and the services that come along with it. Congress can fix this injustice by passing our bill and granting these tribes the federal recognition they deserve.feedback

We have to understand everything about the ties between Russia, the Trump campaign, the Trump transition, the Trump administration. Especially the degree to which Russia tried to invade the American election, because we have to protect future elections.feedback

The notion of bulking up defense but slashing everything else, that's not going to find any votes on the Democratic side.feedback

The region is incredibly volatile. The last thing we need in this position is someone who has a penchant for over-the-top, hyperbolic, and even false statements.feedback

We love that our three children have their own views and concerns about current political issues. They fully understand the responsibility to express those concerns peacefully.feedback

I've never seen him seized by a responsibility as much as he is now.feedback

Any attorney general must be able to stand firm for the rule of law even against the powerful executive that nominated him or her. In this administration I believe that independence is even more necessary.feedback

The fact that they [issued the statement] and imposed this religious test against Muslims in the executive orders on the same day, this is not a coincidence.feedback

This is what Holocaust denial is. I think all of these things are happening together, when you have the chief political adviser in the White House, Steve Bannon, who is connected with a news organization that traffics in white supremacy and anti-Semitism, and they put out a Holocaust statement that omits any mention of Jews.feedback

In his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee yesterday, he demonstrated a clear-eyed view of our current national security environment and a deep appreciation for the challenges facing U.S. servicemembers and their families. I believe he is well-prepared to lead the Department of Defense and provide the incoming administration with wise and strategic counsel on matters of national security.feedback

Democracy always works better when people participate.feedback

If Hillary Clinton wins North Carolina, it is over. Take it to the bank. She will be the president.feedback

As you campaign, so you will govern.feedback

There was a clear understanding that there was not additional notice required.feedback

I really think it would be an embarrassment for the city.feedback

The Hispanic community has been part of our country since the Spanish arrived in St. Augustine in 1565. That was well before the British landed in North America, 42 years before the British arrived in Jamestown, Virginia. Spanish was the first European language spoken in this country.feedback

Do you know of him? Joe Arpaio is facing criminal charges for his discrimination against Latinos and for persecuting undocumented immigrants…he said that Trump will be receiving many Hispanic votes. Do you all think he's right?feedback

By 2050, communities of color will constitute the majority of our population. So of course Latinos will help shape the future of America because you folks are the future of the United States.feedback

With so much at stake for the Hispanic community, it's important that our campaign use the language that so many families around the country use.feedback

Wisconsin is absolutely key. If we win Wisconsin, it is very, very difficult for the other side to win this race.feedback

Now this is an unprecedented move as your folks were describing earlier because it happens close to an election, which is in violation of normal Justice Department protocol and it involves talking about an ongoing investigation, which also violates the protocol and as far as we know now, Director Comey knows nothing about the content of these emails.feedback

As far as we know now, Director Comey knows nothing about the content of these emails. We don't know whether they're to or from Hillary at all.feedback

I get to be now, play a supportive role – that's what the vice president's main job is – to a woman who's going to make history, to a president who will preside over the centennial of women getting the right to vote.feedback

There's traditions that you honor, but it's always something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. So you got to make your own traditions.feedback

Other than supervising attorneys on occasion, this will be the first time I've had a female boss.feedback

I share those concerns and questions. We've got to get to the bottom of them. Generally, pro-competition and less concentration I think is generally helpful, especially in the media. But this has just been announced and I haven't had a chance to dig into the details. But those are the kinds of questions that we need to be asking.feedback

We have not run this campaign as a campaign against the GOP with the big broad brush – we've run it against Donald Trump.feedback

It's probably only been in the last couple of weeks that I've started to think about, OK, the prospect of winning is such that we better start doing some thinking about practicalities.feedback

I'm not worried about, you know, getting my two cents in.feedback

I have very good relations with Republicans in the Senate. There's some people who really want to get some good work done.feedback

Donald is still going to whine if he loses. But if the mandate is clear, I don't think many people will follow him.feedback

We should not have someone run for president who's going to pull the pillar down.feedback

The commander-in-chief has to take a command from the American public and when you look at voters and say, Sorry, guys, I may not accept your opinions,' you're basically dissing your own bosses, the American public, and I don't think voters like being insulted.feedback

Al Gore did, in a very gracious way that was very patriotic, accept the results once the court process was complete. But all along the way, he did it in a respectful tone. Did Al Gore ever say things were rigged? Did he use that kind of language? Absolutely not.feedback

We've got to keep regulation on abusive practices and on Wall Street, so that Wall Street doesn't tank Main Street again. These are their ideas, but they're our ideas too: We put Dodd-Frank in place for a reason, and we want to strengthen it, not get rid of or weaken it.feedback

(Clinton) is going to listen, but we are very very committed, with respect to Wall Street, that the kinds of abuses that led the American economy to go into a free fall at the end of the last administration – we're not going to tolerate that again and we're going to make sure we keep protections and guardrails in place so that the American public is protected.feedback

You often have to work with to find the dimensions of the problem and make sure that your solutions are going to have the effect that you want – rather than unforeseen consequences.feedback

In terms of what Hillary Clinton, who's running for president, thinks about Catholics, and the value more broadly of having a faith background, I can tell you she views at it as a plus, just as she views her own Methodism as a plus.feedback

You know, that's sexual assault, I mean it's clear.feedback

It's what sexual abusers do, but it's not what men do.feedback

Not only John Podesta – Colin Powell, the DNC, various state boards of elections have been hacked. And our director of National Intelligence last Friday said that it is absolutely clear from all the evidence that this is being orchestrated by Russia to at a minimum destabilize the U.S. election and maybe at a maximum to put their thumb on the scale for Donald Trump.feedback

It is I think beyond dispute that the Russians are behind efforts to hack into these emails.feedback

And we'll look for strategies like adjusting the payroll tax cap upward in order to do that.feedback

I think there's kind of a piece of the jigsaw puzzle missing in Donald Trump where he does not look at women and consider them as equal to himself.feedback

Will I do fundraising? Sure. But it starts to really move more and more toward encouraging people to vote.feedback

You can change the title of your book, but you are not going to change who you are, Donald Trump.feedback

Pence "basically threw him (Trump) under the bus, again and again and again.feedback

I've never played hockey but I think I'd be a good goalie, based on last night.feedback

You both have said Vladimir Putin is a better leader than the president.feedback

He loves dictators. He's got like a personal Mount Rushmore: Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Moammar Gadhafi and Saddam Hussein.feedback

I can't imagine how Gov. Pence can defend the insult-driven, selfish, me-first style of Donald Trump.feedback

Trump "offends women every time he opens his mouth.feedback

Some fool or maniac could trigger a catastrophic event.feedback

Donald Trump must give the American public his tax returns to show he's prepared to be president, and he's breaking his promise.feedback

The thought of Donald Trump as commander in chief "scares us to death.feedback

I had a difficult time reconciling that equality, which I knew to be true from the experience of my own life, with the teachings of the faith that I had been raised in my entire life.feedback

I would argue very few Catholics are in that position. We're all working out our salvation with fear and trembling.feedback

How many of us are in the church and are deeply serious about our faith and agree with 100 percent of church doctrine?feedback

When you look at a series of these comments that he's making, I do believe it is an incite or at a minimum an expression of indifference to whether violence would occur.feedback

Silence in the face of divisive, bigoted comments allows it to grow.feedback

We treat everybody exactly the same, so there's no disincentive to hire women rather than men.feedback

If you cannot call out bigotry. If you cannot call out racism, xenophobia... If you cannot call out and you stand back and be silent about it then you are enabling it to grow. You are enabling it to become more powerful. We want to be a nation of the positive virtues not the dark emotions and not the negative virtues.feedback

For all the progress we made, it is still too dangerous to be living as an LGBTQ in this country.feedback

I knew gay couples as friends, in my neighborhood. I knew them to be great neighbors. I knew them to be great parents to beautiful kids. And I saw them struggle with antiquated and even hostile adoption laws. But I had a difficult time reconciling that reality with what I knew to be true from the evidence of my own life, with the teachings of the faith that I had been raised in for my entire life.feedback

The LGBTQ community vote in so many of our battleground states can be the difference between victory and defeat.feedback

I want to add: Who am I to challenge God for the beautiful diversity of the human family? I think we're supposed to celebrate it, not challenge it.feedback

When I heard the proponents describe their motivations, it became clearer to me where I should stand on this.feedback

Hillary Clinton is going to use that sanctions power to the utmost to really squeeze those who are supplying North Korea. I think this is a wake-up call for them.feedback

He has openly encouraged Russia to hack his political opponents and commit espionage against his own country.feedback

Trump seems to support Russian interests at the expense of American ones.feedback

I trust Hillary Clinton to make (foreign policy) decisions with full knowledge that the life of my son and his friends may be riding on the outcome.feedback

Just shows you how important Ohio is. We're going to be here a lot.feedback

There were emails that contained classified information that had been improperly marked. So when she received the email, the material that was classified - which is supposed to be flagged and identified as classified - in many instances was improperly labeled. We look at so much material, unless it is specifically pulled out and identified, it is difficult to know sometimes whether a statement or a paragraph is classified or not.feedback

When he's looking the leader of Mexico in the eye, he can't bring himself to say it.feedback

Campaigning in Florida, Clinton running mate We just ought to be extending our sympathy to the family.feedback

Okay, well now I'm going to get one more beer. That felt great. Nothing makes me more nervous than doing that. But it's good to get our of your comfort zone. Asheville is a pretty good place, huh?feedback

We are trying to do something that has never been done in the history of this country. If it had been easy for a woman to be elected president of the United States, it would have happened already.feedback

We might find that this generosity that he's claiming is just smoke and mirrors. I think that's probably the case.feedback

We might find that this generosity that he's claiming is just smoke and mirrors. I think that's probably the case. My wife and I put out 10 years of tax returns yesterday, right 10 years. You have a right to know. I don't care whether you are a Democrat, Republican or independent, you have a right to know.feedback

Even Richard Nixon released his tax returns to the public when he was running for president.feedback

I think we all ought to feel a little bit of weight on our shoulders because our citizens are counting on us. And I talk to people all around the world. I'm on the Foreign Relations Committee and the leaders of the other nations tell me, we are counting on you.' We've got to have the right leadership in this country.feedback

This will be the hardest speech that I will give through the entire campaign.feedback

I just want to say this. It's going to be 99 days and I'll suspect they'll probably be the hardest 99 days that I have, that I have ever been connected with but they'll probably be the most exciting, too. They'll probably be the most meaningful, too.feedback

I have been for the Hyde Amendment. I haven't changed my position on that.feedback

You cannot believe one word that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth – not one word.feedback

Does anybody in this massive auditorium believe that Donald Trump's been paying his fair share of taxes?feedback

She's consistent. She has battled to put kids and families first since she was a teenager – in good times and bad, in victory and defeat, in and out of office, through hell or high water. And with Hillary, it's not just words; it's accomplishments. She wasn't afraid to stand up against thugs and dictators and was a key part of the Obama national security team that decided to go to the ends of the earth to wipe out Osama bin Laden.feedback

Trump is a guy who promises a lot. But you might have noticed, he has a way of using the same two words right after he makes his biggest, hugest' promises. ... Believe me. There is nothing suspicious in my taxes, believe me.feedback

I've been a lieutenant governor and governor and now in the Senate serve on the Armed Services and Foreign Relations committee. I've climbed, and I haven't missed a rung on the ladder.feedback

So I have got a lot of really good work to do here on the campaign trail for her as a Senator and I'm just, you know, the waiting game is almost over.feedback

He trash talks Latinos - to him it doesn't matter if you are a new immigrant or you're a worker who has been here for a long time or a DREAMer or if you're a Latina governor of New Mexico or a federal judge.feedback

This is why people hate Congress. This is why people hate Washington.feedback

I don't like it personally. I'm opposed to abortion. I deeply believe, and not just as a matter of politics, but even as a matter of morality, that matters about reproduction and intimacy and relationships and contraception are in the personal realm. They're moral decisions for individuals to make for themselves. And the last thing we need is government intruding into those personal decisions.feedback

It's always got to be about him. He said, Hey, the British pound is taking a beating now. That could help my hotel out. Your loss, Britain, is my gain.' This is a guy who will always put himself first.feedback

Appomattox was the beginning of the unification of our nation, but that process is still not complete.feedback

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