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What I recommend you do is as you spend $250, once you start to get to $250 in profit, begin to take that trade off. Don't go for the home run and try and get that $250 pin at
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Todd Gordon is associated, including Fed and November. Most recently, Todd Gordon has been quoted saying: “This sell-off into the election rally in November lasted approximately three months. So we might be headed into a period of consolidation, and you can use the options market to your advantage and benefit from that.” in the article How to profit from a lag in the market rally.
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Aug 30 2017

If the premium gets cut in half down to about 52 cents, we need to cut the trade [because] it's not

Aug 28 2017

We're seeing a pretty impressive test of the recent range highs, and I think that based on what the macro situation looks like, gold should push higher. What we see here is TLT is diverging just a bit, meaning we are approaching those June highs but have not broken out where GLD looks poised to continue on through. So as both markets are pressing higher, that signifies a Fed that is perhaps on hold longer than we'd

Aug 28 2017

If that $100 of options premium that we just laid out gets cut in half, so if it goes to $50, we're going to contain the risk and get out of the trade because the breakout doesn't look like it's

Aug 23 2017

If [the premium] gets cut to about $80, let's cut the trade, it's obviously not

Aug 23 2017

[The semiconductor ETF (SMH)] is hanging inside of this little range here that we've seen for the summer, and it's possible that we're going to break

Aug 15 2017 - Bitcoin

The three major peaks in gold were associated with bitcoin at $1,222, in June at $2,969, [and more recently at] $4,374. So as gold has triple topped at around $1,300, bitcoin is making new

Aug 15 2017 - Bitcoin

The two have run up fairly well here together in

Aug 15 2017 - North Korea

We've seen volatility on the heels of this escalation in tensions with North Korea, but I think it's

Aug 08 2017

If we were to go back and re-approach the $156 mark, let's cut the trade and contain any remaining risk that's left out

Aug 08 2017

We were unable to close that gap, which usually suggests underlying strength in the stock. It looks like Apple is clear to move up into the $

Aug 08 2017

Apple is performing quite well

Aug 07 2017

What we give up in reward-to-risk ratio we pick up in probability of success. By selling options above us, we have a profit margin from $125 all the way to $

Aug 07 2017

TLT is sort of consolidating, not confirming that rally up in

Aug 02 2017 - Oil

This EIA data that we saw ... was actually a little bearish for the price. A logical take-profits zone [in this trade] would be back into the consolidation area, which actually forms the breakout right at around $9.50. That's going to be your downside technical target for crude

Aug 02 2017

There's certainly technical precedence to say that we're in overbought

Aug 02 2017 - Tesla

We're selling a call credit spread above the expected move. So by way of options math, you could say that the market has approximately an 80 percent chance of being below $340

Aug 02 2017 - Tesla

As we go into earnings, I don't mind taking a directional bet here to hedge my longer-term position in

Aug 01 2017

I see the market, as well as Apple, falling into a little bit of a range

Jul 26 2017 - Oil

The crude oil market looks to have found a low and is ready to start moving up, potentially into the mid-$50s, and even into the $

Jul 26 2017

This is a clue that the market is ready to start finding a bottom and it's potentially ready to push out of this channel around the $10

Jul 24 2017

The downtrend isn't even broken until the euro gets to about this $125 level as we currently trade $112. So we have about 10 percent more to go on the upside before resistance is even

Jul 24 2017

The euro has been rallying as the dollar has been falling after the Fed indicated that they're more or less done raising interest rates this

Jul 22 2017

A lot of the weekend, what we're using is what comes out of Joey's

Jul 22 2017

Communication is at the heart of

Jul 20 2017

We need the market to go sideways, slightly lower or higher to make

Jul 20 2017 - Oil

Halliburton has had a very nice move up and is certainly outperforming the crude oil market. [It has seen a] beautiful push up, and we've since retraced the push of the higher

Jul 18 2017

The dollar has been dropping, and as the dollar drops, emerging market currencies will do well, which helps boost the equity prices. With the help of the falling dollar, the S&P and, now the Nasdaq being relatively stable, it looks like we could continue to see a push and possibly a move through that $45 mark in the emerging markets. If the premium we just paid gets cut in half to about $0.77, let's go cut the trade and simply move on. Otherwise, it looks like the Emerging Markets ETF is ready to break through those 2014

Jul 17 2017

You can see that the market is more or less in the middle of this uptrending

Jul 14 2017

If the stock market begins to drop and the premium remaining is about $1.30 on this SPY call spread, then let's cut it, close the trade, and move onto the next one. Otherwise, we're going to be looking for [the S&P to push] from that consolidation and headed to 2,

Jul 11 2017 - Taiwan

We have a skewed reward-to-risk ratio, but keep in mind we have a pretty good margin below us for support or for comfort before we start to hit a loss in the trade. We have a high probability of

Jul 11 2017 - Taiwan

There's obviously a trend, but the intervening pullback, so the corrections, to this trend are showing

Jul 10 2017 - Amazon

If the 65 cents in premium outlay gets cut in half, it goes down to about 32 cents or 33 cents, let's cut the trade, contain the risk and move

Jul 10 2017 - Amazon

As the SPY has moved up, you can see the retail stocks are pushing lower. [In fact], the retail stocks are threatening some pretty significant

Jul 06 2017

We are right on top of the equality point, so basically this distance is equal to the prior

Jul 03 2017

It's a little bit of a different concept, but it's a nice one to employ when it's a quiet market and you don't know exactly when the market is going to

Jul 03 2017

We had a bit of consolidation here following the nice runup in May into June, So the question is when will this market break exactly on the top side? That's tough to tell. I do think we will, once this consolidation is over, begin to resume on the top

Jun 28 2017

We are heading into a period where we're getting a lot of information from central bankers, so I'm kind of interested to see how the fundamentals are colliding with the

Jun 28 2017

What you give up in that skewed reward-to-risk ratio with credit spreads like this, you pick up in probability of success, and that's one of the benefits of using options like

Jun 23 2017 - Tesla

If the stock were to [close below $370 on July 14 expiration], I'm going to cut both trades, get out, and contain any risk that's still on the

Jun 23 2017 - Tesla

Tesla just continues to show amazing relative strength as the broader market is kind of hanging

Jun 20 2017 - Oil

As you can see we're broken a pretty good support level right around the $9 region, which equates to about $44 in crude oil. [That equates to] about $38 to $35 in crude

Jun 20 2017 - Oil

The technical damage isn't quite as severe, but it looks like the energy stocks could play a little bit of catch up here as you go down and test the lower $60 level. [This means that energy stocks could touch] the lows of this time last

Jun 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

You can see we've been in a very nice uptrend channel, clearly defining support on the downside. We can also draw a parallel uptrend channel, possibly bringing us above $125 [as high as] the $130

Jun 14 2017 - Tesla

We've seen weak retail sales, CPI data, and a falling dollar that's going to pressure that bond

Jun 14 2017 - Tesla

It broke from a three-year base, which is incredibly significant. I'm going to be looking for a $400 trade in

Jun 14 2017 - Microsoft

What we're essentially doing is defining a range in which we think Microsoft will exist heading into July monthly

Jun 14 2017 - Microsoft

Microsoft, as well as the broader market, has had a very nice move up over the last nine months, following a very orderly uptrend. It appears that the last consolidation we saw was back in the second half of summer 2016, into early fall. So that consolidation is right in this range, so it lasted about three to four

Jun 14 2017 - Microsoft

Done properly, options are a wonderful way to potentially make money in a sideways market in high implied volatility

Jun 13 2017

If the premium paid gets down about 90 cents, that's going to be half the premium

Jun 13 2017

Apple has struggled up around the $156 to $157 resistance levels. It's made a 'double top' over the last two months. Now, while the uptrend is in question, we'd expect the underperformers – Apple – to lead on the downside despite the heavy action in the [semiconductors] right now. Now, it's possible that Apple holds that support level and continues on its merry way. Or else, if we break through $140, that could be a greater issue and this tech sell-off could extend further. Otherwise, that key test of $140 is what we're shooting

Jun 05 2017 - Tesla

We have broken above the $320 resistance level. It looks to be now serving as support that can act as the next launch pad up to about $

May 30 2017 - Oil

We're towards the profit objective on the original trade, so we need to make some adjustments in the options position to get more downside

May 24 2017 - Oil

If we were to connect the most recent highs, you can see that crude oil has got some overhead resistance or ceiling to contend with right at about the $10.75 mark here in the

May 22 2017 - Tesla

If the value that we just put out there, which is $3.50, gets cut in half and goes down to about $1.50, I will exit the trade and simply contain risk. Otherwise, it looks like we have a sub-$300 test in

May 22 2017 - Tesla

Tesla put in its high right at $330, but has since been unable to recapture that high as the Nasdaq has broken

May 19 2017

We have a very nice uptrend going on in the Apple chart. We have a nice little pullback here it can compare against – a nice little $4 drop, give or take – and we're seeing a similar $4 to $5 drop here in

May 16 2017

You can see that the prior trend has been up and usually once a range breaks, the trend that was in place prior will

May 16 2017 - Facebook

At 2,500, it's not just psychologically important but I think that's technical resistance. If you look outside of tech ... transports are lagging, small caps have been well off. There's just a lot of just down S&P industries. Energy stocks ... [and] financial stocks are underperforming. Thank God for Apple, Amazon and

May 15 2017 - Amazon

What's of concern here is Amazon has already tried to make the move, and we're starting to see some hesitation. What I mean is we have three pushes [that happened over the past few weeks], and it feels like Amazon is starting to run out of momentum here. It seems to be that Google is ready to break this consolidation, push higher and probably reach $1,000. So it's just kind of the idea of Google sort of waiting for the correct

May 10 2017

I think we're going to fall into a sideways correction that should last between 2,500 and 2,300 for several months. The S&P should have a really hard time to break through 2,

May 10 2017

We're looking at a pending top in these stock market indexes that we really need to pay attention to. We'll be watching those upside Elliott wave resistance levels in those stock indexes. I will be exiting a lot of my long positions and even going

May 08 2017

It seems to me we're trying to carve some support into the 25

May 08 2017 - French election 2017

Everybody was expecting a pretty bullish move in the euro following the election; well, it seems we have a little bit of resistance in play here. Now we can lean against that as resistance. This guy's clearly broken uptrend support right around the $23 region, so miners are looking weak. We're seeing, following the French election, this euro rally running out of steam and giving some support to the dollar. That story is being corroborated by the commodity

May 05 2017

That opens the door to not only lower $40s, but possibly into the $

May 05 2017 - Oil

As long as that crude oil continues down into the $40s and $30s, these underlying stocks are going to have some

May 02 2017

We have support around the $120.50 area here in TLT. The KRE, which is one of your regional banks ETFs, is showing pretty good resistance up around this $55.50 region. So it looks like we have failed [to break through $55.50], and it looks like the regionals want to go back and retest the $51

May 01 2017 - Tesla

I really like how the stock's acting into earnings. Looks like if earnings do come out as expected, which is quite strong, you could be moving up towards the upper end around $330 in

Apr 28 2017 - Oil

The problem is [oil has] spent a lot of time consolidating around this $52 to $55 area now. You can see how the rally back in this stock has been less significant than that of the crude oil market. Further, we've already broken uptrend support, so the oil services are actually outperforming the underlying crude futures on the

Apr 28 2017

We might see some accelerated selling below about $47 to $

Apr 24 2017

We've actually failed on that breakout and it looks like the TLT is starting to drop here. I'm looking to put some long trades on those regional banks as that bond market breakout has failed and it looks like we are risk-on for

Apr 24 2017

We're seeing the regional banks outperform and again, they're really going to gain from a move up in

Apr 20 2017

That's the first close below the 50-day moving average after an extended uptrend in the stock market. So that's where this little piece of analysis begins. So if history is to serve as to any indication of what's going to happen in the future, we might have approximately 63 days of sideways back-and-forth

Apr 11 2017

I'm not going to put a stop on this; I'm fully comfortable taking the $38 of risk, so I'm going to carry this right through

Apr 11 2017

I think some technical damage is done to these financials and we might want to explore some additional

Apr 06 2017

We just need the market to go sideways, up or even slightly down and you can still make money on the

Apr 06 2017

We're seeing some volatility in the markets. There are a couple sources of volatility and concern in the markets. I think that's going to be enough to punch the market through resistance to test that long-term downtrend from

Apr 03 2017 - Facebook

We can use this as a launching pad to establish long Facebook trades heading into

Mar 29 2017 - Tesla

If the trade doesn't play out, no problem. We're not going to have max loss of premium; we can contain some of the capital that we've outlaid and salvage some of that

Mar 29 2017 - Tesla

We look to be breaking a range in Tesla, and it looks like with this next leg up in the bull market, Tesla can get us done. Options markets are pricing a 68 percent chance that Tesla will be between $317 and $240 at the expiration of the [May options] we're looking

Mar 20 2017 - Oil

We're going to put a $9.60 stop-loss on the premium we just paid on those 10-call options, so if we break below $9.60 [on the USO], let's cut the trade. Otherwise, we should be able to go up and re-test those mid-$50s in crude

Mar 17 2017

We are looking for continued higher gold prices on the back of a pretty dovish

Mar 17 2017

It doesn't matter how low gold might fall – if we're wrong in this trade, max loss would be $91 per options

Mar 14 2017

So basically [Apple] did a huge selloff intraday, cleared out any selling stops, and then rallied all the way back up to the close. It looks like the selling interest has been exhausted through $137 and the buyers are ready to regain control through $

Feb 28 2017

We're in a period of consolidation here, and it looks like we have formed resistance on the top side that we can lean against to establish those

Feb 17 2017

As you expected, gold and bonds were sold off because those are generally safe-haven

Feb 13 2017

The gold market has rallied up into resistance, and I think offering a nice opportunity to establish shorts. We've sat here at a little pullback, but it looks like the dollar has found support and is ready to continue higher, which is going to help that gold market push

Feb 08 2017

It's either going to be a Fed that's going to be much more accommodative for much longer than we thought, and that's why we're seeing the dollar sell off with gold and bonds

Feb 03 2017 - Iran

The market has already broken the recent range [and] has settled in what we call kind of a bull flag, which is a short-term move against the established trend before we eventually resume [moving higher].feedback

Jan 30 2017 - Protectionism

Markets are taking this as a sign that this protectionism is quite real; markets are selling

Jan 23 2017 - Netflix

You can see we have a really nice sort of bull flag that's formed following the gap up in

Jan 23 2017 - Netflix

Being that implied volatility is so expensive here, we'll receive fairly decent premium for the sale of the

Jan 17 2017

We're starting to see the bond market and the gold market rally up into Inauguration Day as the stock market is acting a little weak up

Jan 17 2017

It looks like we're going to try to pierce up through this resistance level just at about $123, and we're focusing in on this little gap up here just around the $130

Jan 17 2017

I don't know if we're going to get up that high into inauguration, but let's play a move up through this resistance on an approach of that gap

Jan 17 2017

If it gets down to 30 cents, in terms of premium remaining, the trade goes against us, let's cut the trade and move

Jan 11 2017

We've seen [Alphabet] as well as the other tech stocks start to re-emerge as the market leaders in here. It looks like with the tech strength that we have, we should be able to poke through and make new

Jan 09 2017

We've seen a bit of a snapback here in the market and I think this little pullback is an opportunity to sell near term for a continued push

Jan 09 2017

The dollar's had an amazing run to the top side on the back of the Fed beginning to normalize interest

Dec 28 2016

We just saw some existing home sales data that was the best since February 2007, just before the stock market collapse based on the housing market. So a company like Home Depot should certainly benefit from this housing

Dec 20 2016

We have interest rates that are continuing to press higher. [This] will help [banks'] net interest margins, which will help increase their

Dec 12 2016 - OPEC

I like the bottoming formation in crude, but I think better opportunity rests in trading in the actual energy

Dec 07 2016

If the Fed hikes, and they most likely will, and don't deliver any sort of concrete information as to when they're going to hike again, you could see the dollar sell off and the gold market

Dec 05 2016 - Christmas

Statistically speaking, since 1990, December will finish positive 74 percent of the

Dec 05 2016

We've seen really strong moves in the financials and industrials, which are all very well-represented inside of the small

Dec 03 2016

Why would you risk $60 to make $40? Because we're selling puts that are 80 cents below the market… so we have a higher probability of

Nov 29 2016 - OPEC

I like the setup, so I'm going to take it through the OPEC

Nov 15 2016

We're shorting puts that are below the market, so we're already in a position that is in a profitable situation. And if volatility drops off, that volatility will continue to come into

Nov 15 2016

We're seeing a pretty good area of support that's been in play for the last two years, and it looks like it's a good idea to take the other side of this

Nov 14 2016

The for-ex flows like to come in where there are higher rates of return available, which right now, that is in the U.S. strengthening the

Nov 14 2016

If the premium, the value of the options spread drops by half, under 25 cents, let's go ahead and cut the trade and contain the

Nov 08 2016

So it should be

Nov 08 2016

Fundamentals and inter-market analysis of the banks look

Oct 31 2016

Couple that with oil prices that are struggling around the $50 region and a stock market that I believe is very overbought, all those forces could press EWW

Oct 31 2016

We're selling a call spread that is several dollars above the current price, so we have a high probability of success. That is what we pick up in exchange for the skewed reward to risk

Oct 26 2016 - Alibaba

You don't want to buy calls, which is also a bullish bet, because those calls based on the implied volatility are overvalued, so it's better to be selling the expensive

Oct 26 2016 - Alibaba

It looks like we could continue to press higher following the report on Nov.

Oct 24 2016

Into an uncertain event like earnings, implied volatility will increase because the expected movement is very

Oct 21 2016

The dollar is threatening to break the range that's been in place since March 2015 as we're moving into a series of potential interest rate increases, which makes that U.S. dollar more attractive

Oct 21 2016

We can see that the euro is in quite a nice downtrend already, so we expect to see this trend bringing us down to about the 103

Oct 17 2016 - Starbucks

It's a stock that's just been underperforming for months and heading into earnings on November 3. I think Starbucks is finally ready to punch through pretty critical support

Oct 11 2016

Health care has been an underperforming sector SPDR, and today it seems like they want to punch

Oct 10 2016

We have a couple factors suggesting that emerging markets, along with domestic markets, can continue to press

Sep 30 2016

If the market were to go back above $124, the recent range of the last two days, I'm going to [get out of the trade].feedback

Sep 26 2016

We have an attractive risk-to-reward

Sep 12 2016

While we're above the $124 mark here in the GLD, I think it's a buy and we could move out of the range in the gold

Sep 06 2016 - Cisco

They've made that transition quite

Sep 06 2016 - Cisco

What we want to do is buy some in-the-money calls and have basically a long stock position but use the options market's

Sep 06 2016 - Cisco

It looks like we want to go back up and retest the pre-credit crisis highs right around

Sep 06 2016 - Cisco

We've broken from the 2010 [high] to the 2016 [high] right at about the $30

Sep 02 2016

I believe the Fed's mission is to keep volatility as low as possible heading into that November election. I think it spells flat interest rates, a lower dollar and a higher gold

Sep 02 2016

If GLD were to simply break below this low, about $124.50, we're going to get out of the trade and protect premium that we've

Aug 30 2016

In this kind of market, which is low volatility, I don't think it's a good idea to wait to get to the breakout point and then try to play the push through. I think it's a good idea to trade up to the decision point, and if the market continues to break out, maybe we can take profits and hold onto a piece for the

Aug 29 2016 - Tesla

We have technical support from two different trend lines right at about the $210 region. So if you like the fundamental story with Tesla, this technical setup offers a pretty good opportunity to be in on the long

Aug 29 2016 - Tesla

You could potentially risk $10 to $12 on this trade to make possibly a break out towards the range. As we scale back, that ultimate range breakout should be able to take you up towards that $300

Aug 27 2016

If XLP moves back above the $55 mark, I want to cut the trade, protect any premium that's remaining, and move on to the next trade. But otherwise, we should be able to go down to the $53 in the face of a potentially increasing interest rate once this Fed ping-pong match is

Aug 27 2016

The sectors that are responding the most are those interest rate sensitive

Aug 27 2016

Right now, it looks like the markets are starting to price in a Fed rate hike. If interest rates move up, that means the interest rate-sensitive sectors like XLP should move to the

Aug 09 2016

You're seeing that inverse relationship between the bond market kick in, and I think bonds are right on the edge of a drop, indicating we might have an increase in interest rates

Aug 09 2016

We're trying to get from point A to point B. We're not trying to hit a home run here and call the end of a 35-year uptrend in the bond market; we're just trying to go to [the] next zone of technical

Aug 02 2016

They say don't sell a quiet market, but I'm very much on guard for a reversal out of this uptrend channel in the

Aug 01 2016

The consolidation has certainly been in

Aug 01 2016

We've broken recent resistance that will now act as support around the $290 mark in IBB. I'm going to be looking at trades on the long side in these two ETFs to break the broader S&P 500 out of the

Aug 01 2016

As a hedge, if you are long markets and you want to get a safety trade on, I want to go ahead and put on a long FXY

Aug 01 2016

The Japanese yen is a very important market to indicate global risk appetite. The relationship we need to focus on as a U.S. investor or a global investor is a weakening yen is good for global stock

Jul 18 2016

I think it's time now to hedge [our portfolio] as we become very overbought in the stock market. I see the bond market, specifically TLT, which is the ETF that tracks 20-year U.S. Treasurys and longer, pulling back into

Jul 18 2016

Basically what we're doing is selling puts below support, which is a net long position in the bond market, which will serve as a hedge to your long stock

Jul 18 2016

We'd expect to see a little bit of a move down. Then if the stock market becomes overbought, we begin to pull back because we're heading into a huge earnings week. We could see the TLT begin to push

Jul 15 2016

If the trade moves too much below that short strike around $27, let's get out of the trade and salvage any premium that we

Jul 13 2016

If this stock market break is for real, we should be able to get down and test lower levels in the bond

Jul 11 2016

The Nasdaq daily chart has been in a long-term consolidation, and I'll define that consolidation coming from late 2015 if we draw a trend line through all major significant highs. We're looking at implied volatility to the QQQ, and you can see implied volatility down at about 13 or 14. Options are very cheap because volatility is very low, so let's use this opportunity of cheap options pricing to get some upside

Jun 21 2016

The greater the expected price movement over some kind of event, the more expensive puts and calls become because the greater the chance that strikes will become in the

Jun 21 2016

This is the week of potential Brexit, and markets are pricing in high degrees of volatility, specifically in the macro markets like bonds and commodities and

Jun 21 2016

We can take advantage of this implied volatility that is very

Jun 20 2016

All the higher beta names you'd like to see leading in a global market are

Jun 14 2016

We would like to sell this expensive implied volatility. We can see that the UUP as we [look longer term] has made a higher low looking to break out of downtrend

Jun 13 2016

Falling bond yields and interest rates will hurt the earnings capability of the financials due to their net interest margins, which is basically borrowing in the short term, lending in the long

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