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Of course, you need to keep both feet on the ground. Second and third place is definitely not a disaster. But if you have a car and two drivers capable of winning races and it hasn't materialised, then it feels painful -- and this is how it should feel. We know what weaknesses we need to tackle and where we need to be even more diligent for the coming races in order to win. You have to confront each issue, analyse it properly and come up with a plan for how to avoid repeating those mistakes in the future. This is an exercise which we have done a number of times over the last few
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Toto Wolff is associated, including World Champion and Nico. Most recently, Toto Wolff has been quoted saying: “You need to be able to draw a line under a tough weekend [like Bahrain]. It's very painful to lose a race like that. There were too many marginal losses that we encountered and these cost us the victory. But they are down to us to fix. You need to be careful not to spend too much time thinking about these setbacks, but rather work on solutions for the future. That's important.” in the article Mercedes finding defeats to Ferrari 'painful'.
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You could see during the race he had the pace. He was doing Lewis' lap time at various stages during the race but once you are losing so many positions and you are not in the leading pack anymore you have to recover mentally and that is very difficult. He certainly has the character to recover from such a

You must give credit to Valtteri also because it's the second race Valtteri is doing in the team. There was no running on Friday and here he's less than two-tenths off Lewis. So I'm very happy also about his development

Lewis Hamilton. We have seen in the last years that we were able to ramp up our game over the sessions, and that Q3 looked much better than the other sessions. I think the same happened here, it's learning about the car's behaviour and driving it and giving it everything in the final go. I'm not saying the the others are not doing it. Today clearly he made the difference ... Similar to

Lewis is the best Lewis that I've seen in the last four years, both on and off the track. He has become a pillar of this team and he proved that in Melbourne. Australia was a weekend full of lessons, now we go to China ready and excited for another

I've been encouraged by how both of our drivers are approaching this season so far. Lewis is the best Lewis that I've seen in the last four years, both on and off track. He has become a pillar of this team and he proved that in Melbourne. Valtteri [Bottas] has settled in well and performed at a high level, rising above all the pressure and seamlessly taking over from

Australia was the first weekend for the new technical regulations, with a new car, new tyres and a new driver. We collected lots more information that will be flowing into all future thinking and will help us make better

We achieved a double podium in the first race of a brand new set of regulations - a strong result by any standard. But that doesn't mean we can be satisfied because there are still many areas where we can be better. We have been focused on these during the past week. It's not a case of looking at the competition for inspiration but of getting our own homework done to maximise our

As a group and as individuals, we are all on a personal development slope in this team. We try to improve every single day. On that particular day in Melbourne, Ferrari were better, so we now have to work out how we can improve again to beat them. The last three years were an outlier in Formula One and you need to be careful to manage your own expectations. If you think you are going to cruise to victory in the future, based on a track record of success, you'll be proven wrong very quickly. You need to put the finger in the wound, identify your weaknesses and then

All manufacturers are invited to join that meeting called by Jean Todt. It is more than just manufacturers who are involved in F1. It is a meeting that was called with the aim of seeking the manufacturers view on racing engines going forward. We [at Mercedes] have an opinion. I wouldn't want to lay it out at that stage. We need to learn the lessons of what we have done right with the current set of regulations and what we have done wrong. And come up with a product that is

It's personality-building. I think you just lose some and you win some. We have been very fortunate in the last three years that we won most of the races. And now it's about accepting that here Ferrari beat

We will come back stronger. We didn't have great testing and we didn't have a great Sunday [in Australia], but we will leave no stone unturned in order to win

I believe that these tyres have a very narrow window and you have to keep them in that window in order to perform well. If you are below the window, you lose performance. So that is different to the last years and needs a new calibration for all of us in understanding the

Ferrari was the quicker car, the way Sebastian held onto Lewis' gearbox, we were pushing flat out and we were just not able to pull away. There was the risk of the undercut and we thought the tyres wouldn't last anymore and all that led us to the decision to pit to avoid the undercut. And then coming out behind Max who was doing his own race just lost us the race. After the race it is always easier when you rewind and say what we could have done better. But I think as a general summary we just weren't quick enough. That is why Sebastian is the deserved

If you look back and say what we could have done better, we could have done better for sure. Would it have been enough to win? I don't know... Sebastian could have attempted the undercut at any stage and it could have come out the same way. We need to understand why we didn't have the pace at the beginning of the race in these conditions and improve from

It is personality building. You lose some and you win some. We have been very fortunate in the last three years that we have won most of them. Now it is about accepting that Ferrari beat us. I would much rather win than lose, but it is part of Formula One and we have had an exceptional run in the last three years. We always said this was an outlier and we cannot expect this to continue forever. We did not have a great testing and we did not have a great Sunday, but we will leave no stone unturned in order to win. We will come out

Even if we won all those races and it looked like it was easy or it was clear it wasn't. We were always sceptical whether it was good enough and we always tried to look at the negatives in everything we did and look at the worst-case scenario and that is why we always considered Red Bull or Ferrari to be real competitors. Fighting against Ferrari is something that is exciting. It is something that is exciting for the fans and a new challenge for us. I need to work on my emotions during the

We knew in Barcelona [Ferrari] were extremely strong but we also knew areas where we needed to improve. I think it is important to get your own house in order and then if you consider yourself where you need to be then you can assess the competitive

He is happy, he is motivated and for me I have seen the strongest Lewis on track so far this weekend. There was a point towards the end of [2016] where we sat down and it felt like a reset of the relationship. So many things came out which needed to be discussed and since then I have perceived him as being in a really good place. I think [to be on pole position] is a really good achievement. Keeping ourselves competitive and the team to beat was not a given. I think considering that fact for the start of the season we have been doing well. That was a factor of motivation for

You can see it is very close between Ferrari and ourselves, it is going to be a hell of a ride over the next 20

Of course. Lewis is one of the best drivers out there and it's never going to be easy, but that's something I am going to work at. You never want to be behind your team-mate at the end of the year, that's definitely always going to be my goal. This year it is going to be more tricky than before but that's also a motivator for me because I feel I have a lot to

The target with these new regulations was to make this generation of F1 cars the quickest in the history of the sport. And looking at the results from testing, we're well on the way to achieving that. It's something that's never been done before and that's a radical change. We've even made them look more

Lewis and Valtteri are in a great place. They have a respectful and friendly relationship from what we've seen in our team briefings so far. It's an exciting time for them because these new cars are a real physical challenge. Both felt from testing that the G-Forces are enormous and they are embracing the new challenge of F1

Having spoken to the drivers, these machines are violent -- just like Formula One cars should be. I have been out on track watching them and, next to the previous generation of cars, these are properly spectacular cars. From a fan perspective - and a part of me will always be a fan - it really is something special. Any true motorsport lover simply has to see them in the

Liberty Media will certainly have to tackle the topic of ticket

The Ecclestone era ending is a pretty big thing. We need to embrace the future and we shouldn't be too nostalgic about the past. This sport has a huge opportunity for growing bigger and bigger and we could all benefit from this. We need to push in that

Success in Formula One is not about single individuals but about the strength in depth and technical capability of an

Paddy has played an important part in our success during the past three and a half years and we thank him for his contribution to this significant chapter in Mercedes' motorsport history. Success in Formula One is not about single individuals but about the strength in depth and technical capability of an organization. We have the talent in place to continue our success of recent years and we plan to build upon it in 2017 and

But he's with Williams now, the lead driver, and is very important for the combination with (newly-signed Canadian rookie) Lance Stroll. Claire (Williams) and her team very much rely on

He has chosen to leave at the pinnacle of his career, as world champion, having achieved his childhood dream. The clarity of his judgment meant I accepted his decision straight away when he told

Ross has huge experience, has the right personality, the technical knowledge of potentially playing an important part in Formula One going

It's very difficult to fly back from a race that has been very difficult for you and where your team mate has scored a lot of points. But...he's a three times world champion, he's able to recover from that difficult

We have always kept them racing, actually we have had no team orders and that is exactly the same way we want to continue - and hopefully not let them down with mechanical

There are things we can learn from the American way, particularly in the digital

After all the hard work we've put in over the past two weeks it's deeply disappointing to come away with no points, but in my opinion this was a racing incident, with the drivers racing for position. Both Lewis and Nico are

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