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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Trip Chowdhry is associated, including March-April, Groupon, and pain. Most recently, Trip Chowdhry has been quoted saying: “Durability is absent.” in the article Snapchat is ‘total junk’, not worth $500 million and investors should avoid its IPO, an analyst has warned. An other article where Trip Chowdhry has been quoted is Twitter is ‘toast’ and the stock is not even worth $10: Analyst.

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Let all the hot air go out, let the private investors cash out, let's see how the Industry evolves in 1.5 years.

If data quality is bad, ad targeting is bad, and if ad targeting is bad, advertisers are not happy, and hence monetization will remain challenging for Twitter.

If you think about this quarter, it's as good as it can get because two major events happened in a single quarter. You have U.S. elections and the Olympics. This is not going to repeat for the next four years.

You can't just shoot iPhones out of an assembly line at the speed of a bullet. Apple does things to perfection. There is no need to rush and create an inferior product the way Samsung did.

The start-up bubble will burst around March-April 2017 and that will cause valuations to collapse including that of Twitter.

The hi-tech industry is going through a serious deconstruction. There is more pain to come.

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