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I would rather have adversity and win. But like I said, we won 10 in a row, we lost a game and we've got a chance to come back and work on some things that we're definitely going to correct. See what happens (Wednesday).feedback
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We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Tyronn Lue is associated, including Bron, United States, and anyone. Most recently, Tyronn Lue has been quoted saying: “I mean, it's natural. You win 10 in a row and you're feeling good. Same thing happened last year versus Toronto. We've got to be better, but there's nothing wrong with being confident and feeling good. We wouldn't be in this position if we weren't confident. We've just got to get back to, like I said, being physical, bringing the physicality and having a defensive mindset. I think that's where it hurt us the most.” in the article Cavs' J.R. Smith expects Lebron James to 'be better' in Game 4.
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I mean, I think he's a decent free throw shooter. Don't change. You're the best player in the world, do what you do, have confidence doing it -- that's it.feedback

Oh, he might have seen it then. Those guys had MVP seasons, and you've got to give the award to some different people every now and then. I look at LeBron like Shaq; I think every year he's the MVP, and you can give him the award every year if you wanted to. When guys have incredible seasons like James Harden did and Westbrook and Kawhi, then you kind of credit those guys and give those guys the nod. But to me, I mean, LeBron is MVP, just like Shaq, you can give it to him every year if you wanted to.feedback

LeBron has been playing so well that we really haven't had a chance to really feature Kevin. But we've been talking, and he's been ready, and tonight was a huge performance from him. We needed that ... we needed that big performance from Kevin.feedback

Kyrie and LeBron went out, and I told him I was going to feature him, and he did a good job of carrying the load. We did a good job of getting the basketball to him, and he came up big for us.feedback

Any given night, it could be Kyrie, could be LeBron, could be Kevin, Korver, J.R. (Smith), Tristan (Thompson). So we just take what the defense gives us, and that's how we try to play. And whatever guys are doing, we try to ride the hot hand and everyone else will fill in.feedback

He's playing at a high level. And that's the reason why we're riding him so much. When LeBron's playing at that level other guys just have to be solid and we have a good chance to win.feedback

You get a chance to feel a team out and how they play. You know what their adjustments are for you and you get a chance to learn that on their floor, where the pressure is on them because they have to play well at home.feedback

You got to keep them engaged and you know show them new things. I've got to trick them at times, but they've been pretty locked in and we've just got to continue to do what we do. It is what it is, and we just got to continue to work on what we need to get better at and then whoever we play we just got to be ready.feedback

I know our team is anxious to play. (Kyle) Korver and LeBron, those guys are talking about it. So our guys are just anxious to play and ready to go out there.feedback

He hasn't gotten a lot of touches. That's on me to get him more involved. What we had going offensively was working, and we had to stay with it to get to 8-0, where we're at right now. And he understands that, and next series will be totally different.feedback

And it's about sacrifice. Scoring the basketball is not the most important thing, it's the small things that Kevin's been doing that goes uncharted.feedback

The playoffs is a game of matchups. That's why Toronto went out and got Ibaka, to try and slow Kevin down. Maybe we didn't feature Kevin enough against Toronto, maybe we showed 'em too much respect, and that's on me. But next round I've got to do a better job of really getting Kevin involved and really establishing Kevin.feedback

So, two of the teams that have been in back-to-back Finals, so, why not? Why not want to see it again? I don't see why it would be a problem. I think last year had some of the best ratings, I think, in NBA history. I think now with them adding (Kevin) Durant and the way they're playing, the way we're playing, it can be even higher.feedback

Is it a problem? I don't think so. I think a lot of people wanted to see Boston and the Lakers back in the day. I think nowadays, a lot of people want to see Golden State-Cavs. And it's not a problem. Right now, it's two of the teams playing some of the best basketball right now. I'm always watching. I'm watching everybody. San Antonio, Houston, Golden State, Washington, Boston, I'm watching everything. And my mind is always going, it's always running and you're always trying to get an advantage somehow. But yeah, I'm watching everyone.feedback

I'm very impressed. Since the second half of the season, he's really gone to another level. It started in the second half of the regular season and carried over to the playoffs. We're just riding him right now. The way he's been playing is phenomenal. He's carrying this team and everyone is chipping in and trying to help him as much as possible.feedback

He tries to go as far as we need him. In that fourth quarter, I tried to get him out for a couple of minutes, but he said, No, I'm fine, just get me a timeout and I'll be OK.feedback

Guys got bored with the process because we never really used it a lot. But now, you can see that we're doing it: We're on the right page, we're clicking defensively. And that's because of the work we put in throughout the regular season.feedback

I don't know. But they're going to be more physical. We have to be more physical, but we also have to keep our composure. And not do anything foolish. The playoffs are a physical game. If you watched the game last night between Boston and Washington, we got to be able to keep our composure but also play a physical game.feedback

We talked about today that we could be more physical. I thought with Jonas Valanciunas and those guys rolling to the basket, we have to be more physical. We showed them a clip yesterday that we had to bring more physicality to the game. So, we've got to be more physical but we've got to be smart doing that.feedback

A little, small kid in Mexico (Missouri) with just dreams and hopes. You never thought it would come true, but I worked hard and I'm here and I'm just blessed.feedback

With J.R., he said, I'm not concerned with the offensive end, I'm going to continue to get stops. He's come to timeouts numerous times and said, Don't worry about me, I'm going to continue to get stops.feedback

I really challenged J.R., especially with Paul George, of just saying that, You have the assignment of guarding Paul George and we're going to [let] LeBron roam. He's going to guard him throughout the course of the game and the course of the series, but you have the responsibility. By doing that, it's given Bron a chance to play extended minutes and being able to roam and play fast and play with a pace. Like I said, you've got to give credit to J.R.feedback

I mean it proves that you're a winner. Proves that you're always in the playoffs and you're always giving your team a chance or an opportunity to win, so. The more points you have in the playoffs, the further you've been and the more times you've been to the playoffs, so it's a great achievement.feedback

But it's just, I don't like it when they make stuff up or they lie and make stuff up. If I didn't do a good job or I didn't do something [correctly], then I understand that. That's your job. You got to write it. But when you make stuff up, that's the part that I don't get that kind of makes me mad.feedback

That's why I know that the media has to do what they have to do, because when you rest him, they cry, Oh, he should play! [Michael] Jordan would never sit!' And then you play him 42 minutes: 'He's playing too much. Like, what? So if you don't play, you mad. If you play too much, you mad. ... And I've come to the realization that it is what it is. That's why I just try to tune the outside noise out.feedback

It's the hardest job, by far. It's the hardest job. But I've been through a lot of tough things in my life anyway, and I just try not to listen to the outside noise -- to the media and what they have to say. As long as I have the support of [Cavs general manager] David Griffin, [principal owner] Dan Gilbert, my players, the city of Cleveland, the state of Ohio, as long as I have that support, that's all that matters.feedback

I was like, Man, you should come back and play for me.' He was like, Man, you all have a lot going on over there. That was before we hit our stride like we're playing well now. He was like, If you and [James] Posey were still playing, I would come.' But he said, But y'all are coaching and y'all are going through what you're going through.' He said, Ah, I'm going to sit this one out.'I said, OK. We'll call you next year.feedback

When I was a player, probably about 7-8 years ago, I'm trying to attack every reporter that said something. But now I've come to the realization that it's not worth it. People are going to say what they have to say, and they got to sell books or they got to sell stories. They have to do it. That's their job.feedback

Last year and probably the year before when Coach [David] Blatt was here, I just got so caught up in trying to be perfect and do the right thing every single time that you never take time for yourself or you never have time to enjoy it, and I think this year, I think you can see I'm kind of different. I'm enjoying it more. I'm trying to enjoy it more and not let the outside noise get to me. ... [Drew] taught me how to just take a step back and you got to live and take time for you and enjoy it, and if you don't, it will kill you.feedback

I just got thrown right in the fire, not knowing how I wanted to coach. Like, I had a thought of what I wanted to do as a coach, but when you're coaching LeBron James and Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love and the pressures of winning a championship, it's different.feedback

That's good to know because we play well at home. Our fans are great; they have our support. LeBron saying he does play better on the road, that makes it a lot better for us.feedback

A lot of guys are taking care of their body. NBA players are some of the best conditioned guys in athletics in their sport, so they can definitely do it. I think a lot of times coaches get sidetracked by what other guys, what the media said or whatever. But you just got to go off what you feel, how the guys feel, how the players feel and what your team needs at this time. So, if Bron plays 46 minutes and (Kyrie Irving) plays 45 minutes and we win, then it's worth it. And if we need them to play that many minutes to win in the playoffs, then it's absolutely worth it.feedback

It's just part of the playoffs -- how he's feeling, how the games are going. But there's no back-to-backs.feedback

He knows his body better than anyone. He said he feels great and he feels worse when he doesn't play, so we'll see how that works out.feedback

Teams are suffering, because they listen to what the media is saying about guys playing minutes.feedback

With him playing the minutes he played during the course of the regular season, it has helped him in the playoffs. Now he is able to play those 42, 43 minutes. Because he's used to it. His body can take it, so, I'm not worried about what outside people say.feedback

That was the craziest thing I've ever seen. A grown man asks somebody permission to do something, I never understood that. They always make a story out of something when it comes to us. In case we need them. In case we need those guys. Checking in on them, making sure they're fine and staying in tune with the game in case we need them. But to ask permission is stupid.feedback

It wasn't about Kyrie or Kevin. It was about D-Will, Korver and Channing and how well they played. They were playing great, that unit was going well, and Kevin and Kyrie, they understood. No, I didn't ask those guys for permission to sit them out, but I did want to keep those guys engaged just in case we needed them down the stretch, because D-Will played, I think, 15 or 16 minutes straight. Kyle Korver played 15 or 16 minutes straight ... so just considering the game and how it was going, just had to check on those guys and make sure they stayed engaged into the game in case we did need them.feedback

When I say, Kevin, I had to ask you, could I bench you?' They were saying, S---, get out of here, man. You know you didn't do that. You didn't want to put us back in in the first place.' But I mean, to ask for permission? That's crazy.feedback

I wonder if he had permission. Pop's the greatest, so he can do whatever he wants to. He's done it before. He has a great feel for his team. His team respects him. Whatever he does, they respect that. My team here, they respect me. Whatever decision I make, they respect it.feedback

We just never quit. We knew the importance of this game. To go up 3-0, makes things a lot more difficult for those guys.feedback

He just willed his team and said, I'll put you guys on my back, going to make every play, make the right play,' . LeBron willed us home, 41, 12 and 13, played the whole second half. That's what playoff basketball is all about. You got to be willing to sacrifice and lay it on the line to win a game and that's what he did for us.feedback

Every decision you make in the playoffs is difficult.feedback

We've got to hold back. We can't show our hand early because … these are some good teams and we don't want them to be able to come into a series and be able to adjust to what we do. We just have to be able to play our normal defense until we get there and then we will see what happens.feedback

Shump was unbelievable. He came in and made it tough on Paul George and made a couple shots for us also. We needed that spark.feedback

I mean, I think he's a decent free throw shooter. I just think don't change. You're the best player in the world, do what you do, have confidence doing it, that's it. But, he's either going to miss or make them, but don't keep changing. So what?feedback

LeBron's a competitor, he wants to win and me tapering his minutes down, he thought it would be bad, especially with the things we was going through at the time. We just gotta see how his body feels and he'll communicate that with me.feedback

Not a lot of laughing. A lot of seriousness. When the playoffs start, it's just his time. He's always focused and that's just who he's been since I've been around him. My cousin drove me to Applebee's last night. I got 18 wings fried hard with the sauce on the side.feedback

We have to be very aware of him. We know he's going to score his points because he's a great player. But we have to do a good job of taking out all the other guys - C.J. Miles, Monta (Ellis), Aaron Brooks and Lance Stephenson. We have to try and take those guys out of the game and out of the series because we know P.G. is capable of scoring 30 each night so we have to make it tough on him, show him different things, different schemes, throw different people at him and just try to take those other guys away.feedback

I figured it was going to be Indiana, just looking at their schedule, looking at the (Chicago) Bulls' schedule, I pretty much thought it was going to be them. And I've been putting it together for a while. So today I was able to go through some plays and try to take away some things.feedback

I'm not going into the playoffs thinking that. I'm going into it thinking we can win.feedback

They're well coached. Coach [Nate] McMillan did a great job the second half of the season figuring out his team, who he wanted to play and what lineups. They've been playing well. Paul George coming off pin-downs and trying to run LeBron around off catch-and-shoots, because you can't post Bron or it's hard to go on-on-one, so he ran Bron around a lot. We've got to be prepared for that.feedback

I feel good. As long as we're healthy, I think we can win. So, health is the most important thing. We chased the No. 1 seed, we lost two games to Hawks that we should've won, but we didn't. So now we're here. It's going to be a tough road whether you're first seed, second seed or third seed. The Eastern Conference had gotten better and we understand that. And we have to play better so we understand that. The challenge is here and we're up for the challenge.feedback

Also with [Jeff] Teague being a fast guard who can get downhill, put a lot of pressure on you and get into the paint. Those are two things we have to be better at and we got to be good at going into the playoffs.feedback

We had some key injuries this year that set us back, but for the most part, it's pretty much the same. I think the East has gotten better. Toronto has gotten better. Boston has gotten better. Indiana is playing good basketball. The Bulls finally figured out what they're going to do, who they're going to be. Same thing with Milwaukee. So, teams have gotten better and that's just the biggest difference to me. It's going to be a bigger challenge for us this year.feedback

My confidence is that we can win. And I know we can win the series. We just got to play Cavaliers basketball, which we're capable of doing, which we showed we can do. I hear all the talk or whatever, I don't listen to it. I know our team, I know we have confidence to win. As far as the outside rumblings, that's just part of it. It always surrounds this team and I'm used to it.feedback

I thought the effort was great. It was unbelievable.feedback

If we can take care of business like we're supposed to, I think that we'd like LeBron and Kyrie to get some rest. I think JR and Korver and Kevin and those guys should play a little bit because they've been out for so long and just try to keep JR's rhythm and establish Kevin's rhythm and the same thing with Kyle. So the most important guys right now are Kyrie and LeBron, just trying to get those guys some rest if we can.feedback

These games like this come back and bite you, especially down the stretch when you're trying to get some rest. Trying to hold on to that No. 1 seed and getting rest, and you come out and have a performance like this, it's not good.feedback

I just know we didn't respect those guys. Dunleavy comes off the bench and scores 20 points. We know what he does, he shoots the basketball. We're late getting to him, late chasing him off screens. Late on a lot of screens. They came in, they played hard and they beat us.feedback

Games like this come back and bite you. Obviously a bad performance. Beat Boston and have the game that we had, and to come back and not validate it against a team that didn't even play their guys. I didn't think we respected them tonight. I thought we thought we'd just mess around with the game until it was time to knuckle down. By that time, they already had confidence. That's who we've been. That's who we are. I hate it.feedback

We're gonna get him out there and just kind of see what he can do. We're confident that he can do some good things.feedback

It's a fine line. You want to go into the playoffs healthy and rested but if you can get home-court, you want that too. We're great at home.feedback

Come on. Ten points? You might get eight. Especially against us, you might be able to get eight.feedback

They should be able to score 10 points. I averaged 10 points for four years. They ought to be able to score 10 points. I mean, the best player in the world, he better be able to score 10 points.feedback

I mean, 10 points? That's one bucket a quarter and then one free throw a half. I mean, come on, man, if you can't do that then we shouldn't be sitting here talking. That's it. What we talking about? Ten points?feedback

That's part of the game. You like to see that passion, and a lot of times take it out on the other team. They were both mad and frustrated, but that's what you want to see. We wanted to win that game and it was a big play. Some miscommunication right there, but they got over it.feedback

So this is kind of like his training camp and his preseason, then all the other things that are going on as far as his family [Smith's daughter was born five months premature this January]. It's gotta be tough on him. I just got to keep talking to him, tell him he doesn't have to press. We're behind him 100 percent. His daughter is in our thoughts and our prayers. Basketball is our life, but it's not the only life that you have. He's gotta understand that. He's just gotta stay up and stay positive. That's why he is who he is.feedback

With JR, it's a lot. To miss training camp because of the contract situation and then you finally start getting your legs under you, and you get hurt -- and you're out for three months.feedback

We'll get in late, 2-3 in the morning and he's in at 8:30 getting his stretching and workouts. Or we're just having a walk-through. And he's on the treadmill running for 30 minutes.feedback

We've got to hold back. We can't show our hand early because these are some good teams and we don't want them to be able to come into a series and be able to adjust to what we do. We just have to be able to play our normal defense until we get there and then we will see what happens.feedback

I'm not confident, but we've got to. It seemed like they were so much faster than us. We just didn't have it tonight.feedback

We're small. You've got to play LeBron [James] at the 4 some and got to play Derrick Williams at the 4 some, [Richard Jefferson] at the 4. We are undersized, but you've still got to box out and be physical and try the best we can. We do miss Kevin's defensive rebounding, which is big for us, but we still have to go out and do it.feedback

We played hard and fought down the stretch and got tired. I thought LeBron got tired and Kyrie got tired. What we took advantage of in the first half, we weren't able to get those things in the second half because our guys got tired.feedback

We got J.R. off the floor. He's fiery, he's feisty. He's ready to get back on the floor. It happens throughout the course of a game. It's nothing, though.feedback

It's going to be a process. But it's a great process to have, and we have great players. Now, we have a roster with 12 guys that should be playing.feedback

He understands the big picture and what we're trying to accomplish. The guy's played so many minutes over the course of his career, and going to six straight Finals he has to take some rest at times.feedback

That first 2 1/2 quarters was great basketball. That's how we're capable of playing. Moving the basketball, sharing the basketball, making the extra pass ... that's who we are.feedback

We got to 25, got comfortable and started messing around with the game, taking bad shots, and they made some good shots, some tough shots.feedback

It was a good game – went down to the wire, shot for shot. I.T. made two big shots, Avery made two big shots. We competed, we fought. That's all you can ask for.feedback

He played through it. Guys are going to get their proper rest going forward, even though Kevin is out. We're going to be fine.feedback

We can't run LeBron into the ground because Kevin's out. Guys have to step up and be ready to play. The games we discussed he could possibly be out in March, we'll look forward to that.feedback

Probably, I'm not sure yet, but it's a good possibility. We'll see how the guys feel. When we're playing good like this, guys might want to play, so we'll just see how they feel.feedback

When we got here, we told him, Whatever shot you have, take it.feedback

We are going to do it. We are the champs, we do have a great team and we have the (fourth) best record in the NBA right now so we got to play like it.feedback

For me, LeBron James, the best player in the world, took a team that was worse to the NBA Finals two years ago. We have a good team. We just have to start playing better as a unit. No excuses.feedback

For me, you always want to try to improve the team whether you're great or not. Golden State won 73 games last year and they added Kevin Durant. You always want to get better and when you see teams getting better as a competitor you want to get better. But we have enough on this team to win a championship. We can get better. I know Griff is going to make us better and he's going to do the best he can.feedback

Maybe Pop has it in his contract to fly under the radar. They're good every year.feedback

Of course you want to play well. It's Christmas, everyone is locked in and everybody is watching, you have the last two champs against each other so it's going to be a good game, but it's not like if we beat Golden State or they beat us it's seven wins in the win column.feedback

In practice (Friday), he looked really good, had a lot of pop, was moving around well. There will probably come another time where he's going to need a little rest also. Right now, he's feeling good and that's the biggest thing for me.feedback

It was pretty much the circumstance. It wasn't like, we're coming to Memphis; we're going to sit our guys.feedback

It's a tribute to his hard work and his dedication.feedback

It's not normal, but considering the circumstances that's what we have. But that's not my main objective. My main thing is to try to get this team to stay on track and play the right way and try to get back on track by playing Cleveland Cavalier basketball.feedback

To get 34 points on this team, it says a lot. The thing I liked the most was when he got going, our guys really looked for him.feedback

A lot of guys were humbled by the experience. When you get a chance to meet the President of the United States – and he knows your first name and last name, and knows your stats and how you play and who you are as a person – it just means a lot.feedback

He's very physical. Sometimes he demands double-teams if he gets deep in the paint. He's going to drive fouls on your big men. They also have a shot blocker.feedback

We were tested tonight. Overall, I'm pleased to come out with a win when we had some adversity.feedback

If they win it, we've got to come back and win it again, too.feedback

For him to internalize it this whole time without saying anything to anyone is tough.feedback

Every time I see those last plays, guys celebrating and crying, it just sends chills through my body. I'm pretty sure that on opening night it's going to be even more than that. It's going to be an emotional night, I know that and I'm going to enjoy it also. It's going to be one of those nights. It's a great night. Who wouldn't want to be in that position as an NBA player or NBA coach? It's going to be a great night for us.feedback

That was one of the best moments I experienced this summer.feedback

I don't know why, but they do come up to me and thank me. We're champs and they carry themselves like that and rightfully so.feedback

We made history tonight. Cleveland, Ohio, we're coming back, baby!feedback

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