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I can't solve the economic crisis, I am a victim like the everyone else, I lost some….

No, my novel is about forgers, people who produce false records. Well, Berlusconi has done that to get rid of political opponents, if you want you can make a connection with that, but since my novel is about the Protocol of the Elders of Zion – a text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for achieving global domination – and its effect on humanity, I dare not say that Berlusconi ever acted on that scale.

Berlusconi was – is – a great communicator, he is a charmer, certainly a charmer of the public, the middle-aged people who are 50 or older, who watch TV and see him on TV. But he could not have a majority, he always worked with a 30, 40 percent lead and an electoral law that allowed him to dominate the parliament.

A very long time. Fortunately the rest of Italy managed to resist. How could Italy accept Berlusconi? A German journalist asked me the same question, I answered him by asking how was Germany able to accept Hitler, how could France accept Vichy.

I don't agree, during the year he has been subjected to constant criticism from most of the press, intellectuals, etc. It was used to damage Berlusconi's image, to show his weaknesses, and then at some point Berlusconi had to yield to the fact that he was not accepted by the European leaders. His fall coincided with the fact that Italy is now represented by a respectable man.

Go back to the early 1990s and the crisis and allegations of corruption with the Christian Democrats. There was a huge void, Berlusconi had the political intelligence and the ability to make alliances with no ideological issues, just as in a cattle market, he created allegiances. Then the Catholics – with reported scandals surrounding him – withdrew their support, so there was no room for Berlusconi in politics.

No. You believe that writers are the oracles that there isn't a question which the novelist can't answer. The writer though can raise a question, and there are questions that a writer cannot answer, but it's a question that a writer can ask. You believe the euro crisis can be a positive thing to create new ideas like this?

No, I do not believe that culture can change the course of the markets, not even Homer could do that.

Very strong, yes very strong since my youth!

I'm just saying that there is a European cultural identity which cannot be clearly defined because it is intangible, but it does exists: using it as a base we could start to unify Europe, to think of a political Europe, an economic Europe. But I can't talk about an economic Europe; I am not competent in that area and it would be dishonest to discuss it on television.

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