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We can't combine both of the axles, front and rear, to be on the optimal window with the temperatures at the same time. So it takes two, three laps to build temperature up to all of the tyres and then to get the balance right and get the feel for the car and the confidence. That's been a bit of an issue. Plus, we had some set-up problems in practice two -- so not the easiest weekend. Definitely they [Ferrari] would be more in the window with everything and their car seems very driveable and
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May 27 2017
Valtteri Bottas has been quoted in 39 different articles. Most recently, Valtteri Bottas has been quoted saying, “Still, it felt very tricky in some places and it was very difficult to get the lap together, as we saw with the issues had with that and traffic in Q2. Altogether it has been a tricky weekend for us. Ferrari definitively has the upper hand this weekend, and well done to Kimi for the pole. Tomorrow it's the race and anything can happen.” in an article called Valtteri Bottas confident Mercedes can fight Ferrari. This is only one of 107 quotes from Valtteri Bottas. To see more examples Valtteri Bottas’s views and opinions, check out the section below. You can filter Valtteri Bottas's quotes by date and by topic to see, for example, what Valtteri Bottas said about seat recently and in the past.
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I lost some time during one lap, the team was asking me to go forward with the brake bias for the tyre temperatures which was affected by the flat spot. I also had a little bit of traffic. This track, there's so much pressure on the rhythm. If you can get the car in the rhythm then you can be so quick here and get consistent lap times but if you lose it then it shows in your lap times here and I kind of lost the rhythm for a couple of laps with

And getting that first win, gives me confidence that I can do it even though I've always knew I had the ability. But now it's done, I just want to do it again and again. It's not that simple this year. It's going to be always a massive fight and at least for the first half of the year it's going to be a fight between four different drivers .feedback

For sure, getting the first win is something special. You always believe in yourself because there's no point being here or doing this if you don't believe in yourself, if you think that you are not able to win then definitely you should stay home. But, actually getting the confirmation, getting the actual result matters in this world. How many points, how many races you can win, how many times you be on the podium. That's the name of the

It's going to take a while [to sink in]. I have to say that I'm not normally that emotional, but hearing the Finnish national anthem is something quite special for me, so it felt good. It's a little bit surreal, obviously it's the first win, hopefully first of many! It was definitively one of my best races ever, personally, so it's a good feeling. I'm just

I also had one lock up, maybe ten or 15 laps from the end, which hurt the pace a little bit, but apart from that it was OK. I did ask for a bit more of radio silence from the guys on the pit wall, just for me to get on it and focus, feeling a bit more like home. It was nice and quiet and that

It was OK, the main thing was the lapped cars, trying to pass them. With these new cars you definitively lose more downforce, when you're already two or three second behind them, so it was tricky to get close and pass them without losing time. That wasn't the main thing in the end and I wasn't quite happy on a few

Obviously I always knew I can do good results, if everything goes right. I always trusted my ability but it's nice to get a confirmation that this kind of results are possible, everything is possible. It's definitively good to continue from

It took quite a while. More than 80 races but worth the wait. Thanks so much to the team and the

I think, me personally, I'm definitively surprised. As a team, coming into this weekend, we were probably thinking we'd be better than [the last race] in Bahrain, but so far it hasn't turned out to be so good. Ferrari seems to be doing something better than us, so for sure it's disappointing for us not to be on pole. We made good improvements from yesterday to today but it was not enough and we still have work to do. Tomorrow it's a different story, it's going to be a long race and, again, it's difficult to predict but I think it's going to be

I think before qualifying the only problems we had was to extract the most out of the Ultra Soft tyres. We made it better, but I don't know if the problem is the tyres or the

For sure they have a very good car and we are struggling to compete with them, but we can. Tomorrow is another day and we'll do everything as a team to be in front of

It's too early to be too worried. For sure we are doing everything we can to improve from today and I think the main issue for us was not getting the Ultra Soft tyres into the correct temperature window for the one lap. Ferrari managed to do it today and the gap is big. You only need a few hundreds of a second in every corner to get such a big gap. Getting more out of the tyres is going to be our main topic

It was taking a long time to make the front tyres get up to temperature on the short runs. I did my best lap on the third lap of the tyre when I got the best grip out of the front end of the car and you should be able to do that in the first lap. We could get the rear tyres to work quite well, but we were struggling with the front tyres on lap one, as they were only up to temperature on lap three or

I don't mind the Shield. I think it looks quite OK and I think it's a good step compared to the Halo. That's my personal opinion on how it looks, so I don't mind that. The safety aspect is always important and it's always important to keep things improving and developing and safety always needs to be improved, so I wouldn't mind trying out the Shield and seeing how the visibility is and if there are any other issues with that. But I think in terms of safety it would be a good step to convert from what we have

If I had some issues in this race for whatever reason or we are on a different strategy and Lewis is stuck behind me or something, if the team tells me to move over I will, because we are doing this as a team and our target is to get maximum points for the team. Of course, as a driver I will do everything I can not to be in that position and make sure I have my own race and personal result as

Maybe in the past every single detail, letting the drivers race hard or one being stuck behind the others at times, hasn't cost them anything, but I do understand the fact that this year it can cost points if for any reason, like for me in Bahrain, the pace of the other car is not good -- then the team needs to think and be clever not to lose any points. But we have only had three races this year and I feel that all my good results are on the way, so I'm not thinking about anything like that and I'm sure the team thinks there is no need

No, we have not had the conversation because I don't think there is any need to. This team has never had No.1 and No.2 drivers and it is not planning to. It has always tried to give equal chances to both drivers, but what is different for the team this year compared to the last three years is that the gap to the second quickest team has got

I felt like I was driving on marbles all the time, but for the other two stints there's not yet an explanation for why the rear end wasn't working and I had a slow pace. The slow pace was due to rear end problems, but we haven't yet answers for why that

For me it was not normal that it was oversteering so much, I used all the tools I had -- diff, brake bias -- to try to cure it, trying to save the rear tyres, but there was no way. The tyres were OK for the first couple of laps but very quickly, when the temperatures went up, it became very tricky. It was quite strange to lose so much pace, but it's not so easy to explain why,

For me it's all about focusing on the race and getting the maximum out of it. Definitely a good place to start. I think as a team we can be really strong tomorrow and hopefully get that 1-2, first one of the

I am really happy that we are allowed to fight and I'm sure we can do it hard. Hard but fair and try to avoid what we did last year with Lewis in Turn 1, we actually collided. I'm sure we can be

More at one. Definitely I've been getting more and more comfortable with the car. How it is behaving and also working with the team and fine-tuning the set-up of the car -- I'm getting better with that as well with the engineers. Overall just feeling more confident in the car and today felt good, especially towards the end of qualifying in

Got some good laps. Felt I could extract pretty much the maximum out of the car so that's always a good feeling and for sure it always takes a bit of time to get there. The more time you spend with a car driving it, you get more at one with the car. I definitely feel better and

I'm really happy with my first Formula One pole. It's my fifth season in the sport now, so it took a few races. But we got it and hopefully it is the first of many. It feels good. I didn't realise it'd been nearly 10 years since a Finn was last on pole. I'm very proud as always to drive for Finland and represent my country. It's not an easy track to get everything right. It's quite a technical and there are a few tricky corners. But I I've been getting more and more comfortable with the car and managed to get the lap

Thankfully it was good enough for pole. I just want to say a big thanks to the team for giving me this car. It's great that we're both starting from the front row. We've done a really good job this weekend to focus on the evening conditions and really maximise the lap time in the car. We'll enjoy this for a short period of time -- but the main focus is the race tomorrow. There is no point to start dreaming just yet. It's all about getting the maximum out of the race. As a team we can be really strong

I'm a racing driver, so being told to let your team mate through is the worst thing you can hear. But there was potential for Lewis to catch Sebastian, so I understand the team's decision. Personally it's hard, but what I have to find out is why we didn't have the pace

I was told there was a problem with the tyre pressures from the start, and that's why I was sliding around from lap two and Sebastian could put me under pressure. I was trying to extend the first stint, to minimise the issue for the second stint, but I was struggling and used the Safety Car period to

In the second stint was still struggling with oversteer, less than before but still struggling and then in the last stint, even with the harder compound, it was still oversteering, so it was a strange race for me. I'm OK with third but it was not a good

It took a few races, but hopefully it's the first of many. I'm getting better with the set-up of the car. Feeling more

It was out of Turn 10. I got a call, I think in Turn 7, saying the Safety Car was coming in at the end of the lap, so it was the last chance, in those straights, to do a bit of weaving to get the temperature into the tyres and out of Turn 10 I was going quite slow, trying to put heat into the tyres by going left and right, accelerating at the same time. I got into a bit of a slide, overcorrected it and spun into the grass. It was slow to get it out of the

I apologised to everyone. It was a silly mistake; I guess these things happen but it feels pretty s--- when it happens to you. The main thing is not to do it again and I'm glad Bahrain is already in one week. The worst thing to do now would be not stop thinking about that mistake. I need to understand how I can improve in the future and need to move on. I know the pace is there, I can do very good things with the car and as a team we did a stronger job, in terms of car pace, than what we had done on Sunday in Melbourne. I just need to keep going and the results will

We are starting as a team first and third, it's a good place to start. The weather can be anything really tomorrow. Lewis was strong today, Ferrari was strong and we were always expecting a close fight today on-track. I think it will be the same case tomorrow, but yeah, really thankful to the team again, great job in a short amount of time in practice today to get the car setup well. It was enjoyable to drive. Let's see what tomorrow

Approaching this weekend compared to Melbourne the first round of the year it was different feeling. Having an F1 full race weekend with the team then the qualifying session then the race then the podium finish it was a nice start, so definitely feeling more and more comfortable. Still not satisfied, I think we mentioned that there is a big learning curve for me with everything. I feel better and better every single day with the team and every single lap with the

I think around one lap here, there's quite a few places. One-thousandth is like this maybe [gestures small margin] so it's not much. A real shame he managed to get between us. That's a shame but the race is

It's just how the weather goes and now as a team we just have to make the most out of the time available. We'll need every lap we can get in, no matter in which conditions, to get all the data we can, for the dry and for the wet and react to the weather. We need to do some long runs in FP3, in case the race is run in the dry, to know how the tyres behave in the longer runs with higher fuel loads. It will be a mixture of different kinds of

There's nothing to worry about, we are in the same boat with the other teams and drivers. We need to go with the weather and with the decisions the FIA is going to make regarding running, in terms of what sessions we're going to do tomorrow and on Sunday and we'll go from

I think that for us, as a team, it's definitively more important to get both cars in front of Ferrari. We need to get up to first place in the championship, that's our ultimate target. As a driver I definitively want to take every position it's there to be taken including against my

I feel well, being part of the team, and pretty comfortable with the team, but I haven't reached the point where I can say that I can't learn anything more about this team. There's definitively a lot of things I'm getting more and more comfortable, I feel good, but I think I'm going to continue in the steep learning curve I've been in for the last few months for a while

I think that as a starting point it was good for a first race even though it was not like my best weekend ever, it was not a perfect weekend but it was a good start. That's why I feel more comfortable and confident going into this second race with the team. The first one is done and now we focus on this one, but it's way too early to say if it's possible to win

We'll see where we are, we'll see with the weather and everything, but I feel that historically this track has been better for Mercedes than Melbourne, so if that's the case this year we should be able to fight for victory. But let's

It's really hard to follow. I was quite a bit faster at the end than Kimi [Raikkonen], but as soon as you arrive, two seconds behind, that's it, you can't really get closer than

Just the red guys, they are a bit too quick. We need to work harder and we are definitely ready for that. I'm ready for that. This is a start, starting with the podium and if we improve on this I look forward to the next few

Obviously it was first race with the team and I really want to thank everyone. The team has been so welcoming. We've worked really hard for this first race to be ready. Everything went nice and smoothly. It was also one of the most physical races ever, although this track is not too hard. But the new cars make it harder and judging from today it will be tough in some tracks. It's nice to see the physical side being hard -- I like that. It's always been difficult to follow when you are in turbulent air, when you're 1s or 1.5s

Now the aero has a bigger effect on the grip of the car, there's more turbulent air and from 2,5s behind it's even more difficult to follow. You get a better slipstream on the straights, but you can't get close enough in the corners, and that's the

This track has never been fantastic for me in qualifying, but today the race was good. As a team I think we did a good job with the car we had. Ferrari was quicker today, no doubt about that, so they did a better job this

I think it's going to be a big challenge, we need to work really hard if we want to beat (Ferrari). They were quicker today, no

I struggled quite a lot with the ultra soft tires, I felt I was sliding around, missing some front and rear grip. It wasn't a disaster but I will have my points that I will

We've worked really hard to be ready and everything went smoothly, but we need to work harder to beat the red

Myself I didn't get any perfect laps in, so not that satisfied. Tomorrow's the day that matters. It seems like in the race starts we've been quite strong. If we can keep that form I had in practice, and have a nice and clean race and get some really good

I don't know. It's only Friday but it seems OK, we're looking good. I have to say the car felt better than at the end of testing in Barcelona, but Ferrari looks to be the closest to us and we don't know how much faster they can go, how much fuel they had on board and how much more they can turn up their engine. We're not underestimating them but it will be tomorrow afternoon that we'll see where we

It's only practice, but I feel I have work to do in the shorter runs -- for me that's what I have to focus on. I was quite pleased with the long runs, in terms of pace, but in the short runs I was affected by a yellow flag, but, having said that, I still have work to do. There's no particular area where I was losing out, but I know I have work to

[It will be] a tough fight! That's what's to be expected when you're in a fight with Lewis, it's never easy to try and be at his level of speed. But that's always the target, today was just the Friday of the season and let's see how things develop. I'm allowing myself a bit of time to get into it and I'm sure I'll get

I always set my target very high. I want to perform to the level where the car can be, right from the first race, that is my target. I always take it day-by-day and step-by-step but I want to start at a very high level and keep on getting

Obviously the targets are completely different now compared to the last few years. I feel I am in a good place and it would definitely be nice to have another Mercedes one-two here. It is a dream come true to join a team like this, that has pretty much dominated Formula One for three

I feel I'm ready to race and ready to bring the car to where it should be. Every time I step into the car I make progress and I feel I was getting very close to getting everything out of the car [by the end of testing]. I am confident I can get the limit out of the car. I always set my target very high, so I want to perform to the level where the car can be, right from the first race, that's my

Going against Lewis, I am pretty excited about that. He's a three-time world champion, he's a great reference and everyone knows how good he is as a driver. So it's great to be the teammate to Lewis and I just wish we can have a very strong year in this new era of Formula

I don't fear that, I think Mercedes doesn't have a number one or number two driver and that's pretty much up to me to perform. As long as I do my job so that my performance on track is at the level the car should be, we're all good. So far it has been very good. In testing we managed to work well as a team and there was a good team spirit the whole time. I see no reason why it shouldn't continue like

I always remind myself the only thing that matters is I perform on track and that's all I need to do. I don't know what's wrong with me but I feel no pressure at

The team is definitely closely watching my performance and Lewis is the reference. I am happy with that, I know this year is going to be important for me to prove to the team that I deserve this spot, I am completely fine with

I've definitively needed to adapt some things on my driving style, take slightly different lines and use slightly different driving techniques. It's not just because it's a different car with more grip. Mechanically it behaves a bit differently, which takes a bit of time if you want to get absolutely everything out of the

Who knows what people are bringing to Melbourne. We are aware that we should not underestimate them. We're not at this point saying 'OK, we are the number one', we are just working flat-out. We are still here tonight, and tomorrow on track. Then working all through next week. I'm also going back to the factory, have a chat with the engineers and try and get all the information I can to be more than ready for Melbourne but then it's Melbourne and we will

I think that is very difficult to say. We are definitely not confident that we are in the front. We are not relaxing or being in a comfortable situation at all. I think we do feel the other teams have made good progress over the winter. I think Ferrari is looking very strong, Red Bull can always surprise. Even some other teams can be close but definitely some other teams like Ferrari, they are looking very solid and strong and

Ferrari are looking very strong, Red Bull can always surprise, and other teams can be strong. But Ferrari look solid, strong and fast -- and who knows what people will bring to

Day two had very windy conditions, the cars, in general, were quite snappy then. I think the wind does make a bigger effect now, because the overall downforce is bigger and if you get a gust of wind you lose a bigger amount of force than you'd normally lose before. That makes it a bit more

In terms of performance, lap time wise, I think the main proportion of the gains come from the aero, but it is very difficult to calculate exactly how much comes from the tyres. I think there is a good gain from the tyres, but aero wise it's much bigger. I think the main benefit with these new tyres is that they are more consistent, you can do longer stints with the average pace being much better, so I think the races are going to be much quicker because of

I think in terms of tyres, from my feeling there's not a massive difference in terms of how there's a sudden loss of grip. Only in cases when the tyre is not hot enough, which is easy in these kind of conditions, especially with the harder

It can be quite tricky to get them to work, they are quite snappy and if you have oversteer it can be quite sudden. With the softer compounds, once you get them up to temperature, you get the same amount of sliding and losing grip that you had last

He has been part of this team for a long time, he knows exactly how the team works. He did comment after the first time running with the new car that he feels pretty much the same behaviour as the old car - obviously with more grip and feels slightly

I still think there's work to do, as changing teams is maybe a slightly bigger thing than I initially thought it would be. But it's not a hurdle than you cannot go over, I think it's definitively something that I can do and I've been working flat out since the announcement to get comfortable with

I definitively feel more comfortable and more part of the team every day, I already feel good. For example, getting in this morning and having breakfast here it already felt normal, so that's a good feeling. But there's definitively a big difference compared to last week, because this was the first proper time of working as unit, as a team, on track, with the engineers, finding performance, and I learned very much from it every

But I would rather join a new team at this point than, for example, the year

I think that during the two days of running I did - in four half days - I definitively did more laps than I've ever done and that's very nice and very useful in this new era of Formula One, with the new type of cars and, for me, with a new team. For me any track time is beneficial and I learned a lot from this running, and I'll be working together with the team on all the details. So it was a very good test, overall, the best ever for

We can be better. It does not have any special meaning because it's only testing and there's no reward for that. We weren't particularly focusing on lap times this week, the main priority was, for us, to get the mileage, find any issues with the car if there was anything to come from that side, because we'd rather have them here than in the races. For me it was important to get the mileages, so I was pretty happy we could manage plenty of running and, at the same time, go through the test program of the

I really feel like I'm getting the most out of what I've got

I'm just trying to do the best I can to take the second

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