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I am so exited for Serena. She is so prolific on the court, but now I am happy to watch her prepare for her wedding!
Mar 21 2017
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Honestly, I probably just need to continue playing like I'm playing. I haven't played badly. I lost a set today. I was not happy about it. But my opponent deserved that set. So what else could I do? Try to get the next two. Growing up, all I wanted was to have an opportunity to play these tournaments. But then you get here and then you have an opportunity to inspire other people. It's more than a cherry on top. It's more than I dreamed of.

Should I look across the net and believe the person across the net deserves it more? This mentality is not how champions are made. I'd like to be a champion, in particular this year. The mentality I walk on court with is: 'I deserve this.'.

I have a lot to give, I have a lot to give to the game. I feel like I have a lot of great tennis in me. So anytime you feel that way, you continue. It's just the excitement of having the opportunity to compete at my best level. It's wonderful to start the year out with this appearance.

Oh my gosh I'm so excited. I want to go further. I'm not happy just with this. I'm just so excited that I have another opportunity to play again.

It's good (but) it's never enough. I've tasted it before and it's always a great feeling because it means, hey, I have an opportunity for the quarterfinals. That's what I'm going to go for.

All I can say is it's been a wonderful, wonderful career for me full of positives. That's what I focus on.

Just like every player here, I have put in a ton of work. I'm not coming all the way to Australia for kicks and giggles. I'm here as a competitor.

I pay attention and address situations that are noteworthy. That's been my past record, clearly.

I have to talk about this every interview. I've played some of the greats.

I'm not coming all the way to Australia for kicks and giggles. I'm here as a competitor.

Well I know how to play tennis ... You know, I like to think I'm good at this. She hasn't had the years that I've had yet. Se hasn't had the gray hairs that I'm dying, the wrinkles that I'm hiding. You're trying to make me feel old now!

Each player in the draw has an unbelievable ability to play tennis. There are some that have won more championships than others, but it's because we know how to play this game, and it's pretty serious stuff for us.

What can you do except come back and play again?

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