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Nobody will steal our dream…of a European Ukraine.

A lot is being said and written but it's really very simple.

What exactly does that mean for us? he asked. It means we want to achieve European standards in every aspect of living.

Where there is a will, there is a way.

I urge you to show full Ukrainian hospitality, sincerity and friendliness.

In the case of Tymoshenko it is impossible to jump to any conclusion, conclusions can only be drawn by courts. Here we have to take into account the court cases that took place abroad. There was the case of former Ukrainian Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko found guilty in the US of extortion, money-laundering and fraud and in Russia the case of General Georgy Oleynik found guilty of abuse of office.

The Tymoshenko issue is rather controversial because it contains numerous abuses of the law. This is both a political and a criminal issue. And the second part is just a criminal issue, not political. It's a violation of criminal law. We are talking about tax evasion, we are talking about losses to the national budget, we are talking about gas that did not go through proper customs procedures and then reached the Ukrainian people, we are talking about the losses sustained by the country.

The reforms of the judicial system should not be an area of disappointment for the EU's leaders; more than an year and half ago we started to address these issues and started thinking about systematic decisions. We are doing this as part of the process of EU integration, what we are doing is for our own sake. We realise that our legal standards need to change.

Ukraine has to start changing for the better, but putting pressure on us to do it faster and in artificial way is wrong. It is the process and this process is still continuing and is leading to progress, and it's bringing positive changes already.

I've never used my position to put pressure on law makers or courts in Ukraine. I wanted Tymoshenko to prove her innocence. If she made a mistake, and then the entire country suffered as a consequence then she should admit it. If she didn't pay taxes she should admit it and pay them. That is just natural, you pay your taxes. By all means we want Ukraine to mature, to integrate and to adopt new, modern European standards and rules.

This worries representatives from some European countries.

Well the trial is not over yet and the court is an independent institution in our country. I wouldn't like to comment on it (the case) because it could be seen as putting pressure on the court or law enforcement authorities.

Ukraine has no alternative to choosing Europe, but as the EU is not ready to even discuss Ukraine's membership, we will choose our own ways and methods of integration, according to our own national interests.

We also hope that we can get a chance to further continue our work on visa-free travel.

I want to remind Tymoshenko that the basis for democracy is people's will, and democratic leaders always accept the expression of the people's will. The country does not need another political crisis. The people have clearly come out in favour of a change of power, and the Prime Minister should make the right decision and move to the opposition.

We have all we need to be able to live normally. Nothing extraordinary is taking place.

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