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It is a very large sum, but actually it is less than one-third of 1pc of household wealth, net of debt. It is a tiny fraction. If one taxed that to some degree, you could then create an endowment. You could do it by an across-the-board wealth tax or removing some of the capital gains relief. The principle is a good
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Nov 08 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Vince Cable is associated, including Motors, media, and union. Most recently, Vince Cable has been quoted saying: “This doesn't solve the long-term problems of the health service, but it corresponds very approximately to what the chief executive of the NHS is arguing are the immediate pressures.” in the article Vince Cable’s pitch to UK plc: we’re more sensible than Corbyn.
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Sep 19 2017

I want to see fierce tax penalties on the acquisition of property for investment purposes, by overseas residents. And I want to see rural communities protected from the blight of absentee second home ownership, which devastates local economies and pushes young people away from the places where they grew

Sep 18 2017 - NATO

I think we need to make a distinction between engaging in business-like negotiations with other countries, and, obviously, the United States is the major power in the world, and a key part of Nato, we need to have proper discussions with them, and with him. But, there is a difference between that and honouring somebody with a state visit involving the Queen, all the panoply of a state visit. It's completely

Sep 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

And, I think, what will happen if Trump comes, there will be a major expression of public disquiet that we are honouring somebody who is ... racist, misogynist, indulging the most appalling

Sep 18 2017 - Trump Presidency

I think, frankly, the Prime Minister is embarrassed about having made this offer, probably now finds it rather difficult to retract

Sep 18 2017 - Brexit

I want our party to lead the fight against Brexit. In the real world, we have yet to experience the full impact of leaving Europe. But we've had a taste of what is to come in the fall of the value of the

Sep 18 2017 - Labour Party

At the end of these tortuous divorce negotiations, the British public must be given a vote on the

Sep 18 2017 - Labour Party

We have got to put aside tribal differences and work alongside like-minded people to keep the Single Market and Customs Union, so essential for trade and

Sep 18 2017 - Brexit

Foreign exchange dealers are not point-scoring politicians, they make cool, hard, unsentimental judgments. Quite simply, that Brexit Britain will be poorer and weaker than if we had decided to stay in

Sep 18 2017

I think the public will warm to us. We could break through – we've seen this in other western democracies. If the Conservative party continue to disintegrate with this infighting that we're seeing at the moment over Europe, and if the Labour party's civil war reignites, all kind of changes are possible. I'm there, we're there as a party to take up the reins for the millions and millions of people in this country who want competent, middle-of-the-road, sensible

Sep 18 2017

His authority and credibility is just being completely shot to

Sep 18 2017

If I was in charge of the government I'd fire the guy instantly. It just is a reflection of the extreme weakness of the prime minister's position that she doesn't seem prepared to do it. It's a bit like a school where discipline has broken down completely, the headteacher is barricaded in her own office, unwilling to impose discipline. The problem with Boris Johnson's statement is not that he's arguing with other politicians only, he's directly being contradicted by a very senior, respected public servant who's got nothing to do with

Sep 18 2017 - Brexit

The public should resolve this and have a choice – do they want to press ahead with the result of what the government has achieved, good or bad, or do they want an exit from Brexit? I think it's the only way of resolving this issue and giving the country a stable, long-term

Sep 17 2017

No, that wasn't the case. I'm not putting up a limit. I do it for as long as I need to do

Sep 17 2017

You may blink, but that's the message I need to get across and want to get across. Given the alternatives, I think that's plausible. In these times of political upheaval all kinds of strange things can

Sep 17 2017 - British politics

I think it's perfectly plausible, actually. As leader of the third UK party, my job is to be the alternative prime minister. I think British politics is in a remarkable state of

Sep 17 2017 - Labour Party

It's possible that we could break through. If British party politics starts to break up, if the traditional structures start to break up, and that could well happen, we are extremely well positioned with moderate, sensible policies. I am very confident talking about being an alternative prime

Sep 16 2017

We haven't been seen as even bidding for that ground. Being a plucky third party is not my view. It's got to be that we are a serious party with a serious leader who can run the

Sep 16 2017 - Inequality

We have to be in favour of the taxation of wealth. Otherwise, fighting inequality doesn't mean a great

Sep 16 2017

It's pretty dawn to dusk stuff. I go to bed late. I go to bed very

Sep 16 2017 - Carbon

This report shows that becoming carbon-free by 2050 will be crucial if we are to meet the Paris agreement's ambitious target of limiting temperature rises to 1.5 degrees. Furthermore, it sets out how this ambition can be

Sep 15 2017 - Lebanon

I think to be frank it didn't play well in the general election – I think people didn't understand what we were trying to say. This was our fault, of course. It came across to people as rerunning the last one, which is not what it's

Sep 15 2017 - Lebanon

It's a bit like being handcuffed to a radiator in the basement of a flat in Beirut and she is at the mercy of other people. The minute she shows a sign of independence of mind there will be 70 letters that will go into the chairman of the '22 committee [the Tories' influential backbench group of MPs] and she'll be

Sep 09 2017 - Brexit

They go along with Brexit because they say, well people in my constituency voted for it,' but deep down they are really, really worried about the

Sep 08 2017 - Immigration

The leaked Brexit document shows the government is happier playing to the leavers’ gallery than tackling the economy’s underlying problems. The leaked proposals on post-Brexit immigration give us a useful insight into the government’s thought processes. The desire seems largely to be about addressing “public concern” over pressure on public services, depression of wages and displacement of UK workers: that is, issues of perception, whether or not they are

Aug 24 2017 - Immigration

The consequences were very serious. I would hope they would not just apologise to the individual students, many of whom have paid large fees and even found themselves deported in some cases, but simply acknowledge that the figures are grossly distorted and

Aug 16 2017

After. @realDonaldTrump whitewash of murder and hatred by #WhiteSupremacists why is he still on list of invited official guests to UK?feedback

Aug 09 2017 - Brexit

He "agreed with David Davis' ex chief of staff … The public should have a chance to exit from

Jul 31 2017

Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond are working closely to take the UK out of the EU and are not going to be diverted from that important task. It is a simple question: does he support the position of Philip Hammond or Liam Fox? Because he can't support both. And if Philip Hammond secures a three year transitional deal, can Boris Johnson confirm he will stay in the Government and support the policy?feedback

Jul 30 2017

If the foreign secretary is working so closely with the chancellor, can he confirm that he supports the chancellor's call for a three-year transitional deal with continued free movement of labour? So far he has been uncharacteristically silent on the

Jul 30 2017

It is a simple question: does he support the position of Philip Hammond or Liam Fox? Because he can't support both. And if Philip Hammond secures a three-year transitional deal, can Boris Johnson confirm he will stay in the government and support the policy? It is certainly bold of Boris Johnson to accuse others of lying. How is he getting along with finding that £350m a week extra he promised the NHS?feedback

Jul 22 2017 - Sanctions

Given its weakness, the government isn't in a position to bring sanctions against the House of Lords if they defy them. So I would hope that they are

Jul 22 2017

There were some quite generous tax cuts on capital gains. Why do that? There is actually a very strong case for aligning capital gains tax and income tax, which is a standard sort of tax avoidance. So, we must certainly do

Jul 22 2017

In the early days the SDP and the Liberals coexisted. The merger came six years later. So if something does happen, then it's something we have to live with and coexist with, and it will require some careful diplomatic

Jul 22 2017 - Labour Party

It wasn't terribly clear what [Corbyn] was actually going to do that would make any difference. Most of his tax policies do involve higher marginal tax rates on high earners, but as far as I know he didn't say anything at all about wealth and property, which is actually the real source of inequality. Well, as long as it remains cultish and emotional, it's quite difficult to counter. There are two basic problems. One is their economics, which make no sense. Of course if you are in a cult you don't worry about things like that, but I think a lot of people will start to worry about

Jul 22 2017 - Immigration

I don't see much upside in

Jul 20 2017 - British politics

My aim is that my party will occupy that space in British

Jul 20 2017

There's a shift back to two party

Jul 09 2017 - Sex

It is I hope a thriller, it is written as part of the Robert harris genre. Not as good as that obviously, I am a beginner. It is going to break on the world in a couple of months'

Jul 09 2017 - Sex

I am not advocating that as policy – but it very often happens that councils don't maintain these systems very well and when that happens people's self discipline – the system

Jul 01 2017

There is some thinking on it and I am up for it, . I am happy to work with Ed and Ken on

Jul 01 2017 - Northern Ireland

It's a scandal that this is shrouded in secrecy. We must know who the donors are and the fact that the DUP have such a prominent role in British public life means that these obscure transactions can no longer be hidden in Northern

Jun 21 2017

They will have to accept they are a minority government which will stay in power with the consent of the other parties in parliament and run a different style of

Jun 20 2017

I believe I can, as leader, offer the energy, dedication and drive, as well as experience, to help – with you – to make our party a credible contender for

Jun 20 2017 - Labour Party

With the prospect of another election looming large, we must be ready for the

Jun 20 2017

The "political winds are moving in our favour. With 20 years on the national political stage I am passionate as ever about our liberal values. I am ready to commit my energy, enthusiasm and experience to the task of leading the Liberal Democrats through what will be a period of chronic

Jun 20 2017

The party has survived five difficult years of Coalition government and the disadvantage of the current unreformed voting system. We are now growing again and the political winds are moving in our

Jun 09 2017

It was just her misfortune that the Prime Minister decided to call an election when she had only had two years to prove herself in the

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

The phrase 'Brexit means Brexit' was always a nonsense. The wider national picture is unclear. All I can say is: I and my party very explicitly committed ourselves not to joining a coalition or a pact. But we will be in constructive

Jun 09 2017 - Brexit

I think one of the conclusions which emerges from tonight, from the confusion, is that there is much division in the country, regionally, between generations, and I think we are going to have to learn to talk to each other much more constructively. Issues like personal care and, above all, like Brexit, are going to have to be approached in a consensual, cross-party

Jun 03 2017 - British elections 2017

Only the Lib Dems have a positive economic plan, including boosting spending while still achieving a surplus on the current budget. Theresa May keeps insisting that no deal is better than a bad deal, but an extreme Brexit could be

Jun 03 2017 - Brexit

Since they are ruling out increases in income, corporate tax and VAT, we must assume that there will be an increase in national insurance and in various 'stealth taxes' yet to be specified. Both Labour and the Conservatives are adopting a Brexit strategy that seems explicitly designed to inflict maximum economic damage. The storm clouds are already gathering – we are seeing rising inflation, falling real wages and rising personal

Jun 03 2017

Since they are ruling out increases in income, corporate tax and VAT, we must assume that there will be an increase in national insurance and in various 'stealth taxes' yet to be specified. It undoubtedly raises

May 21 2017 - Scottish independence

I'd like to see it go away all the way to the

May 14 2017 - Labour Party

We have hung in there and we have recovered and established a base and then there will be serious conversations about where British politics goes and how you create an alternative to the Conservatives which… is centrist, centre-left, pro-business, practical, offering an alternative to what is potentially a very damaging form of

May 14 2017 - Labour Party

I think many of the Labour people are just waiting to see, get this election out of the way, I think frankly you will then have a lot of bloodletting because it is clear that Jeremy Corbyn isn't going to win, he is going to be trounced, the Labour Party's future is in great

May 14 2017 - British elections 2017

Public-sector workers are facing a double blow at the hands of this Conservative government, with years of pitiful increases to pay combined with a Brexit squeeze caused by soaring inflation. Living standards are falling, prices are rising and nurses are going to food banks – but Theresa May doesn't

May 11 2017

We've got used to being cautious these days. We got down to eight, we were in the 60s at one point, there's a big range of

May 11 2017 - Brexit

The atmosphere amongst supporters is a bit like 1997, it's real enthusiasm. How far that translates into seats I don't know. It's Brexit that's changed my mind. I'm a bit of remainiac, I'm still in

May 11 2017

We got into this through a referendum and the only way of delegitimising the last one is to have another. We are trapped in that

May 11 2017 - British elections 2017

I had been rather taken in by the straight-forward Theresa May, who I thought meant what she said. I sort of believed the mystique, this is someone who means what they say and doesn't play silly games. … So I was

May 08 2017

And so I would find it difficult to vote against somebody like that, and I hope that our people around the country are discriminating and think and act in a constructive

May 08 2017

There's value is value in a good relationship with people in other parties, and I particularly met a lot of people on the Labour side whose views are very close to mine. I'll just give one example – there's Rupa Huq who's the candidate in Ealing I think. Purely by coincidence I found myself, I think it was on Any Questions or one of those programmes in Warwick a few months ago, and I gave her a lift home back to Ealing. We talked for a couple of hours, and it was very clear that on almost every issue our views were almost

Apr 29 2017 - Labour Party

There's a danger that if we don't find some way of working together what will happen [is] the Tories will massively increase their majority. You'll get a lot of right wing head-bangers coming in, you'll get more UKIP MPs, so you know we have to find some way of working together if there is an early election. At election voters can either back Theresa May and strengthen our negotiating hand for Brexit. Or risk the real threat of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister in charge of our Brexit negotiations, weakening our economy and bringing grave uncertainty to our

Apr 29 2017

What is so bizarre, so shocking, is that they are investing in property in other parts of the country. It makes no sense whatsoever. It did very serious damage to some councils. It should have been a warning to all corporate treasurers in local government to not go anywhere near

Apr 29 2017

This is not a wise and sensible thing to do. Local authorities have a long and inglorious history of gambling in financial and property markets. When they are massively constrained in what they can do around council tax – and indeed commercial rates – they are trying to prevent even deeper and more damaging cuts by taking these unorthodox measures. In some cases they may succeed, but there is a very high risk of bankrupting their local authorities. It does suggest a certain degree of

Apr 29 2017 - Deutsche Bank

For Britain, the economic weather is arguably worse than it was before the credit crunch. The pound has plummeted, which is driving up prices and trapping consumers in a vicious Brexit

Apr 22 2017 - Brexit

Hammond admitted that taxes would have to rise, no doubt due to Theresa May's hard Brexit that could leave anything up to a £100bn Brexit black hole in the public finances. Theresa May should come clean on how she intends to fill the Brexit black hole if she won't increase

Apr 20 2017 - Scottish independence

The cost of defending Fred Goodwin and his associates is shocking. RBS' legal expenditure is obscene in the extreme. The Government should not be allowing a state-backed bank to spend what is therefore majority taxpayer money on defending one of the architects of the credit crunch and financial

Apr 19 2017 - Labour Party

I think it's just way beyond what's possible and I think our differences with him on substantive issues are so great that it's very difficult to see any form of coalition being

Apr 19 2017 - Labour Party

No, there is no prospect of us having an electoral deal with the Labour Party but obviously we vote with individuals and with parties on particular issues. On the Europe issue for example our colleagues in Parliament voted with Ken Clarke and obviously there are like-minded Labour MPs and as legislation goes through Parliament, the so-called Repeal Act, our colleagues and hopefully some of us joining them, will be able to work with other

Apr 04 2017 - Conservative and Unionist Party

The government is ardently pursuing bilateral deals with the subcontinent and other non-EU countries – but why not just do business with our neighbours?I still recall the stinging rebuffs I received as a teenager pursuing some beautiful young woman with whom I was besotted: “Can’t you take a hint?” The British government is similarly failing to take the hint that the Indian authorities are not going to succumb to ardent wooing for a bilateral trade deal. A few months ago Theresa May was despatched from Delhi in a rather humiliating manner, and either the message has not yet reached the Treasury or the PM wants to see her chancellor sent packing in a similar

Mar 12 2017

I'm sure they will justify it on the basis that they got competitive quotes for their consultants. It does seem rather a lot of money. I'm less concerned about the value of the money of the sale than actually stopping it taking place in conditions where the green purposes of the bank is lost. It's the issues of policy and principle, rather than these consultant's

Mar 11 2017 - Christian Democratic Union of Germany

The Germans were incandescent. We think they even had [Angela] Merkel on the phone to persuade GM to reverse its

Mar 11 2017

Of course, we didn't have to deal with Brexit, which has thrown a huge spanner in the works this time

Mar 06 2017

Car components have to go backwards and forwards across frontiers and they will require tariffs and

Dec 10 2016

This is yet again a threat to media plurality, choice, just as it was six years ago when I referred this to the competition authorities and it should be

Oct 28 2016

I can't see how anything other than a customs union arrangement would satisfy the car

Oct 28 2016 - Single market

One of the key factors in keeping General Motors here was the confidence they had that we would stay within the European single market and the customs

Dec 09 2011 - Single market

Both sides of the coalition accept, absolutely fundamentally, that our future lies in our very close relationship with Europe. We're members of the Single Market, it's going to stay that way, hundreds of thousands of British jobs, in all sectors of the economy, all parts of the country, depend on the Single

Sep 19 2011

The commission's key findings – to separate retail and casino banking – must be put in

Sep 19 2011

We want to explore what is causing it and how it can be

Sep 19 2011

A lot of responsibility rests on the Bank of England to relax monetary policy further linked to small business

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