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It's like building a house. Before seeing the walls coming up, you need to dig a hole to make the foundations. Rome's administrative machine was stuck or worked under a flawed logic known to everyone. Legality needs time. Rome will never be Amsterdam, full of bikes, or Paris, full of metro lines. But it can improve, and we will improve it. People need to be patient.
Mar 22 2017
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From now, we will work to prevent the kind of abuses that led to the degradation you could see before the restoration.

It's more than an Olympics of sports, it appears to be an Olympics of 'bricks.

First of all, the law must be applied and respected. We need to implement rules for public tenders. Every company wanting to work for Rome in whatever sector will be given equal opportunity to propose their offers to the municipality, and the best offer will win the commission.

We must use the systems we have, for example the anti-Mafia statements. The National Anti-Corruption Authority analysed around 1500 contracts, 90% of these contracts were against the law and they also violated the rule of common sense. So it is clear that the administration has malfunctioned for years, and now we must get back on the straight and narrow.

Certainly not from my side. I have always said that I want a loyal and frank relationship with other institutions. The Democratic Party was very harsh towards me during the electoral campaign. As far as I am concerned there isn't a problem. We'll start from scratch and work in the interest of Rome and its citizens. I expect the same integrity from the Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, and the other institutions.

First of all, it was an assignment of legal assistance. As a legal assistant, my task was to enforce the judgement of the Court of Audit saying that ASL (the local health authority) had been a victim of fraud by a doctor. ASL paid more money than they had to. My job was to recover that money on their behalf. I was given the assignment in 2012. I carried out several enquiries and made an invoice in 2014 which was entered into the company accounts. In 2015 a warrant for payment was issued. My bill was paid in 2015 and entered into my individual tax return for that year.

I don't know if it's a coincidence or not. I'd say that it's a good sign, a sign of changing times. It shows that people are ready for a new adventure and I hope also that this will be a first step towards the development of gender policies.

No, not at all, but Rome must start immediately to blend the outskirts with the centre. And when I say outskirts I don't mean the outer belt of our city, I mean all those areas just outside the centre that are deprived of the most important services, like transport, social services, cinemas and theatres. These suburbs have become dormitories with completely empty apartment blocks. So no, it is not too late but we need to take action now.

We will start to tackle the problem of the large sums of money being wasted, which amount to 1.2 billion euros per year. We have to eliminate this waste and put the money into public services.

We must start renegotiating Rome's debt, which amounts to between 13 and 16 billion euros. We must first do an audit to determine what comes under the government appointed commission. Then we must renegotiate the interest rates. We can't pay interest rates that were negotiated in 2008.

After a two-and-a-half year Commission on spending, we think this amounts to 1,200 million euros a year. We have to claw back this wasted money and let people benefit from it.

A new era is beginning with us. We will work to bring back legality and transparency to the city's institutions.

We will work to restore legality and transparency inside the institutions after 20 years of bad politics and 'Mafia Capitale.

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