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Vladimir Chizhov has most recently been quoted in an article called Russian envoy says EU sanctions will 'backfire'. Vladimir Chizhov said, “The EU is careful enough not to touch the flow of gas and oil from Russia. We are not going to cut off the gas, let me assure you.”. Vladimir Chizhov has been quoted a grand total of 26 times in 14 articles.

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The EU is careful enough not to touch the flow of gas and oil from Russia. We are not going to cut off the gas, let me assure you.

No, we are not in the business for 'tit-for-tat' retaliation. But we will certainly be looking at perhaps other markets , other sources of investment. There are plentiful . The world is not limited to the European Union.

You know, this talk about a second cold war, I think is misplaced. The cold war, as a phenomenon, was primarily an ideological stand-off, of two completely different ideologies, which of course were feeding practical policies in the diplomatic field and also in the military field. But the essence was this incompatibility of the two ideologies; it's no longer there. I don't see any problem between Russia and the West that cannot be solved by diplomatic means through negotiations. So I hope that reason will prevail.

It would have brought Ukraine well into, I would say, the circle of inference of the European Union.

Well, I'll be quite frank with you. I believe that the European Union has made a series of systemic blunders as far as Ukraine is concerned. First it tried to pull Ukraine into an association without actually taking into consideration the complex nature of Ukrainian society. The Ukrainian society, for different reasons, including historic, linguistic, even confessional, has never been a homogeneous society.

It's our expectations, otherwise the crisis will only be prolonged. Because, we are not in a position, the EU is not in a position to convince people in eastern Ukraine to accept the so-called 'new realities' in Kyiv.

Well, the majority of EU members recognised Kosovo, that doesn't make Kosovo an independent country.

No, it's not a quarrel. It's just there was a need to give the Ukrainians, the government and the public opinion, a clear picture of what they should expect. And that picture was given by the Russian side, but not by the European Union. And that, of course, resulted in those spontaneous protests that started back in November in Kyiv. Now, the EU, after that, supported the opposition without actually taking serious note of who those people are.

Well, we want stability. We want protection of human rights in Ukraine. We want the violence to stop. We want the rights of the Russian-speaking population to be preserved, not by voting for a change in the status of the Russian language or the latest decision to switch from the Cyrilic alphabet to the Latin alphabet. Why not hieroglyphs?

We're seriously worried over the situation in Ukraine. The country is in a deep political crisis, and above all, in a deep economic crisis. I think that is not disputed by anyone. so we want to assist in a political solution of that crisis, without interfering in the internal affairs of the country. On the economic side, we're prepared to work together, with the IMF, with the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) and other international financial institutions to provide assistance. Of course looking into the modalities and conditions.

There are no troops whatsoever, no Russian troops at least. The international airport of Simforopol is functioning normally. The military airport of Belbek is probably also functioning normally.

They have been hearing threats that so-called 'friendship trains' loaded with armed supporters of the Kyiv Maidan were on their way to Crimea. Naturally the local population is worried.

By my observation, the European Union has taken with a lot sensitivity the results of the Vilnius summit, including the decision taken by the Ukrainian leadership to postpone the signing of the Association agreement. I don't see a necessity to make it a subject of discussion at our summit.

An analogy with a steam roller would be appropriate. The European Union was mostly giving orders to Ukraine: what it should do, which laws it should pass, which reforms to conduct, whom from where to release. The EU never offered Ukraine or any other member of the Eastern partnership a full membership. Now Ukraine can join the Customs union.

I hope that neither Paris nor London regard the situation in Syria as a proxy war against Russia. I can say that Russia is not supplying weapons as such to Syria and is not arming the Syrian forces.

Unfortunately this is not improving the climate of our relations with the European Union. This is an attempt to politicise a human tragedy and to make political capital out of the death of Mr Magnitsky.

It provides an unequivocal answer to the main question,'Who started the war?' and it says squarely that it was Georgia's massive shelling and its deliberate attack on the city of Tskinvali.

I don't want to prejudge any decision that President-elect Obama will be taking, but I believe it's best for him to know what to expect from Russia in case the decision to go ahead is taken.

A reporter asked me earlier today whether we were going to turn off the gas and oil supplies to the European Union. I can assure you that is not going to happen.

It's not that Russia seeks exclusive control of all the pipelines. We understand that Europe will need much more energy than it does now. Perhaps from different sources. Whatever requests are filed with the Russian side are promptly executed by the Russian companies. In the longer term of course we will certainly look forward to increasing cooperation with our European customers.

… The obligation to observe international law, the obligation to respect each other's sovereignty and territorial integrity, the obligation not to engage in some sort of hostile activities against each other.

I believe that the reserves that Russia has are quite adequate to address whatever Europe – I mean members of the European Union – will order.

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