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They're doing the right thing morally, they're doing the right thing economically, and they're doing the right thing for their shareholders and their company. You can't have a thriving tech industry that's not integrated into the world economy. I think these meetings are just window dressings. Sure you have a meeting with the president when he asks ... but I don't thing it affects things much.
Jan 30 2017
Walter Isaacson has been quoted 21 times. The one recent article where Walter Isaacson has been quoted is Humans beat machines when it comes to shades of truth on Facebook. Most recently, Walter Isaacson was quoted as having said, “I sometimes wonder whether humanity can survive the internet. It's been such a wonderful 20-year, 30-year run on the internet, and now you see the proliferation of fake news, hate sites, that sort of thing.”.
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What really is a danger in cybersecurity is spearfishing, because if you know enough about a person, they can know the name of their boss, their wife, whatever, and say, Hey, would you open this attachment? That allows you into the system.

How do you have a doctrine that says, If you do this and you're a state actor, we will name you. These consequences will happen'?

What the government has tried to do is to take critical infrastructure .... like the electricity grid, and say, If you attack that, it could be an act of war. Well, are airlines critical infrastructure? Yes. Is our election system a critical infrastructure? In my mind, yes.

I don't think that they were doing it for any other reasons than simply to make more money right after a bonus structure went in that would have rewarded that for big executives.

[Wells Fargo] should have smelled something was wrong there, just like EpiPen and Mylan should have smelled something wrong with what they're doing: jacking up something that kids need.

It makes us wonder why corporate America can't keep its mind on the fact that it's not just about seeing how much money they can make for themselves but seeing how they can serve customers.

[With] the anger in this country against big institutions, against government, against business, this kind of strokes it.

When you're doing things like that, I wonder how do you go to sleep that well at night.

We have to take away the perverse incentives, especially in the tax code, that allow these things to happen. We have a very, very complicated tax code with all sorts of loopholes and deductions and I think across the board you have support for simplifying the tax code to about 25 percent, which I think would solve a lot of these problems.

We always have to balance the question of whether a corporation is supposed to be focused only on the short term return to the shareholder, or whether the corporation has other stakeholders. The problem is with a 39 percent (U.S.) corporate tax rate and $150 million to be made each year, if you do an inversion, the balance tips and people move jobs overseas.

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