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We are thankful to the government of Argentina for their proactive approach to solving this issue, and remain optimistic that a negotiated solution can be reached both with Argentina and with Indonesia.feedback
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Oct 23 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Wilbur Ross is associated, including Cabinet and issue. Most recently, Wilbur Ross has been quoted saying: “Tax reform will result in a system at least as progressive as current law.” in the article Puerto Rico’s Crisis, by the Numbers.
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Sep 27 2017 - China

We can understand that they would desire self-sufficiency and if the way they get there is through a free and open level playing field, and it's a fair match, we're fine with that.feedback

Sep 27 2017 - China

The most important thing is better market access both for companies operating there physically and for companies exporting there.feedback

Sep 27 2017 - China

I don't want to give the impression that we made any concessions on the trip. We did not, nor did the Chinese side.feedback

Sep 26 2017 - China

It's very hard to say that China as world second largest economy needs the same sort of preferential treatment that it might be justified to have decades ago.feedback

Sep 26 2017 - North Korea

That's a gigantic step – the PBOC step – so assuming that it's followed through and other parts of the sanctions are followed through, that's a very good sign, very, very important pressure.feedback

Sep 26 2017 - Trump Presidency

The U.S. values its relationships with Canada, but even our closest allies must play by the rules.feedback

Sep 25 2017

Samsung's investment is great news for South Carolina and the United States. And it is a direct reflection of the fact that America is becoming an even stronger destination for global businesses looking to grow.feedback

Sep 25 2017 - Mexico

Hundreds of thousands of Americans go to work every day in the automobile manufacturing industry. The declining U.S. share of content in imports from Canada and Mexico puts those jobs at risk.feedback

Sep 25 2017 - NAFTA

We cannot forget that the point of a free-trade agreement is to advantage those within the agreement – not to help outsiders. Instead, NAFTA has provided entry into a bigger market for outside countries, and the United States is paying the price.feedback

Sep 22 2017 - NAFTA

If we don't fix the rules of origin, negotiations on the rest of the agreement will fail to meaningfully shift the trade imbalance.feedback

Sep 22 2017 - North Korea

A lot of the goods going into North Korea have been in support of the missile program and the nuclear program. If we can cut off their ability to import those things that would be very good.feedback

Sep 22 2017 - NAFTA

If you get much into 2018, the political calendar will overwhelm the trade calendar.feedback

Sep 22 2017

Well what we don't want to do is things that will unnecessarily irritate the Senate. We need the votes there and as proven with health care, it is a very fragile margin.feedback

Sep 18 2017 - NAFTA

The political calendar is such that if we don't get a deal more or less by the end of the year... it will get harder and harder.feedback

Sep 14 2017 - DACA

What exactly does the president get out of this deal?feedback

Sep 12 2017 - Trump administration

The subsidization of goods by foreign governments is something the Trump administration takes very seriously. The Department of Commerce will continue to stand up for American workers and businesses in order to ensure that China does not take advantage of the most open market in the world.feedback

Sep 08 2017

We would be far better off as a country to have a lower base rate and far fewer complications.feedback

Sep 08 2017

In general, business community morale is really good. The regulatory reliefs that have been granted by this administration have been extremely well received.feedback

Sep 07 2017 - Trump administration

The dumping of goods below market value in the United States is something the Trump administration takes very seriously.feedback

Aug 03 2017 - World Trade Organization

Apparently, the possibility never occurs to the WTO that there are more trade cases because there are more trade abuses.feedback

Aug 01 2017 - Protectionism

The Trump administration believes in free and fair trade and will use every available tool to counter the protectionism of those who pledge allegiance to free trade while violating its core principles. China is not a market economy. The Chinese government creates national champions and takes other actions that significantly distort markets. Responding to such actions with trade remedies is not protectionist.feedback

Jul 20 2017 - China

China acknowledged our shared objective to reduce the trade deficit which both sides will work cooperatively to achieve.feedback

Jul 19 2017 - China

We must create more balance in our trade by increasing exports of made-in-America goods to China. There are significant opportunities to do this if we can work together to remove the significant barriers that continue to exist.feedback

Jul 19 2017 - China

Your involvement will be crucial, because we all know the government can only put into play the conditions necessary in growth and innovation, and the private sector that is best equipped to carry the ball across the goal line.feedback

Jul 19 2017 - Mar-a-Lago

Our presidents have struck up a strong relationship since meeting at Mar-a-Lago. They have charged us with resolve on trade and economic issues through new comprehensive economic dialogue. Trade discussions normally are denominated into months or years, not days. Together we made concrete progress in just 40 days. We agreed to many beneficial changes, including the resumption of U.S. beef shipments to China after a 14-year ban. But still, a lot of work remains.feedback

Jul 19 2017 - China

Though this is a good start, a lot of work remains. There remain serious imbalances, which we must work to rectify. China's exports to the U.S. as we all know far exceed the exports of the U.S. to China, and the U.S. market has far fewer restrictions on Chinese investment than China has on U.S. investment.feedback

Jul 13 2017

It'll come out when it's ready to come out.feedback

Jul 13 2017

We had a very good interchange of views. It will come out when it's ready to come out.feedback

Jul 13 2017

Doing "a good job in terms of Rio Tinto.feedback

Jul 13 2017

A company shouldn't have to be hundreds of millions of dollars into risk money without knowing whether there is a real chance it is going to get approved. The rest of the process has been so abysmal that Rio Tinto actually testified before the U.S. Congress how bad the process was.feedback

Jul 12 2017

If we determine that steel imports are indeed a threat to our security, the department will recommend responsible action to the president.feedback

Jun 30 2017 - South Korea

There are a lot of various and specific problems, and I think the way to address it is to deal product-by-product with what we can do to change the export side and what we can do to reduce the bad imports side.feedback

Jun 30 2017 - Oil

There are a lot of very specific problems.feedback

Jun 28 2017

The Paris agreement handicaps the United States economy in order to win praise from the very foreign capitals and global activists that have long sought to gain wealth at our country's expense. … The same nations asking us to stay in the agreement are the countries that have collectively cost America trillions of dollars through tough trade practices and, in many cases, lax contributions to our critical military alliance.feedback

Jun 28 2017

At what point does America get demeaned? At what point do they start laughing at us as a country? We want fair treatment for its citizens, and we want fair treatment for our taxpayers. We don't want other leaders and other countries laughing at us anymore. And they won't be. They won't be.feedback

Jun 27 2017 - Trump Presidency

If President Trump takes action on dumping it will be in the hope of provoking a collective solution by importing nations.feedback

Jun 24 2017 - Walmart

Take their acquisition of Whole Foods. I think that's a very clever move to marry together a very good, high-quality, niche retailer with the very broad brush approach of marketing everything that Amazon has done so well. But I surely don't see any anti-trust implications in that.feedback

Jun 23 2017 - Ford

The Ford decision shows how flexible multinational companies are in terms of geography. I believe that as President Trump's policies and reforms take hold, more companies will begin to locate their facilities in the US as several German and Japanese automakers already have.feedback

Jun 19 2017 - NAFTA

So, I don't know whether we'll be able to do that. But we're certainly mindful of the calendar and the fact that the calendar is fundamentally not our friend.feedback

Jun 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

The single most important thing that President Donald Trump has been achieving is the regulatory unwind. The amount of red tape that's been cut out is celebrated by every single CEO that comes to visit with me because that's what has been strangling this country.feedback

Jun 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

That's the whole package that President Trump was elected on, and it's the whole package that's driven the stock market to $4 trillion of gains since the election.feedback

Jun 19 2017 - Trump Presidency

There is I believe a genuine national security issue that must be considered in this case because steel is used in over 10,000 different products that the military needs and there is no steel mill in the country that can operate just on government business.feedback

Jun 06 2017 - Mexico

Unfortunately, despite all of these gains, the U.S. sugar industry has said it is unable to support the new agreement, but we remain hopeful that further progress can be made during the drafting process.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Mexico

The two sides have come together in quite meaningful ways, but there remain a few technical details to work out. We are quite optimistic that our two nations are on the precipice of an agreement we can all support, and so have decided that a short extension of the deadline is in everyone's best interest.feedback

Jun 05 2017 - Mexico

Clearly at some point we need to do something with Europe. It seems a little weird that a car being shipped from Mexico to Europe pays no tariff as they have a bilateral [agreement with the EU] and a car being shipped from the US pays the full tariff.feedback

Jun 01 2017 - Fake news

Trump is betraying the country, in the service of Breitbart fake news, the shameless fossil fuel industry, and the Koch brothers' climate denial operation. It's sad.feedback

Jun 01 2017 - Trump Presidency

The first guiding principle is do no harm.feedback

May 30 2017 - Trans Pacific Partnership

The EU is one of our largest trading partners, and any negotiations legally must be conducted at the EU level and not with individual nations. Thus, it makes sense to continue TTIP negotiations and to work towards a solution that increases overall trade while reducing our trade deficit.feedback

May 25 2017

We will ensure that no country or foreign corporation can take unfair advantage of U.S. markets. BIS took the lead in cracking this case open. So I am confident that these 19 additional agents, and the bandwidth they represent, will have real impact.feedback

May 23 2017 - Yemen

Is the bulk of the Islamic world unified with the United States in this effort? This should put that to rest totally.feedback

May 22 2017 - Trump Presidency

In theory, that could be true, but boy there was certainly no sign of it. There was not a single effort at any incursion. There wasn't anything. The mood was a genuinely good mood.feedback

May 22 2017 - Women

At one of the sessions where a lot of contracts were awarded, there was also some panel discussions. One of the panelists was the woman who is the head of the Saudi Arabian stock exchange. That's a very unusual event and to my knowledge the first time a woman has been the head of an exchange in that region and for sure the first time in Saudi.feedback

May 22 2017

There was not a single hint of a protester anywhere there during the whole time we were there. Not one guy with a bad placard.feedback

May 19 2017 - NAFTA

The way were going to go away about is product by product, country by country.feedback

May 18 2017 - NAFTA

With this letter, we intend to notify not just congress, but all our trading partners, that free and fair trade is the new standard for U.S. trade deals. Since the signing of NAFTA, we have seen our manufacturing industry decimated, factories shuttered, and countless workers left jobless. President trump is going to change that.feedback

May 18 2017 - NAFTA

Since the signing of NAFTA, we have seen our manufacturing industry decimated, factories shuttered, and countless workers left jobless. President Trump is going to change that.feedback

May 18 2017

While assuring the case is decided strictly on a full and fair assessment of the facts, we will do everything in our power to stand up for American companies and their workers.feedback

May 12 2017 - China

China is the world's largest buyer of LNG. Now that market really is going to be open to the American producers. Presumably that will be cleared out now and we will get that going.feedback

May 12 2017 - China

This is more than has been done in the whole history of U.S.-China relations on trade.feedback

May 12 2017 - China

I have a new boss who's very demanding that things get done on time. So I'm quite relieved that we had tangible achievements.feedback

May 11 2017 - China

This is more than has been done in the whole history of U.S.-China relations on trade. Normally trade deals are denominated in multiple years, not tens of days.feedback

May 11 2017 - China

If you look at it on a historical basis, there's plenty of room to go back up. It's not as though this is going to wreck anybody's pocketbook.feedback

May 11 2017 - China

We do not intend to endanger anybody's health or safety in the U.S.feedback

May 11 2017 - China

Semiconductors are one of our shining industries, but they have gone from substantial surplus to the beginnings of a deficit. China has a $150 billion program to take that much further between now and 2025. That is scary.feedback

May 09 2017 - EPA

A company shouldn't have to be hundreds of millions of dollars into risk money without knowing whether there is a real chance it is going to get approved. So one of the problems is the regulation itself. And some of those regulatory problems are at the state and local level.feedback

May 09 2017 - EPA

On permitting, there are a lot of things. Mostly EPA-related issues. Well, if you can imagine that if they (EPA) torture you with getting a permit for a porta potty, how about a permit to actually drill a well? That whole mindset has got to change. They've been eight years trying to get permits to do it. There's been hundreds of millions of dollars (spent), and they still don't even have the assurance that they will get it.feedback

May 09 2017

Your experience will be greatly missed.feedback

May 09 2017 - Mexico

The Congress has been slow-walking everything. We don't even have half the people in place.feedback

May 09 2017

I think between the change in regulatory attitudes which will make it easier to make big projects, and the new taxes, which will make the rates of return much better, the reduced regulatory environment, I think over time you will see increases in capex – and that in turn has a big multiplier effect through the economy.feedback

May 01 2017 - NAFTA

I don't think this has anything to do with the personal relationship between Mr Trudeau and the president.feedback

May 01 2017 - NAFTA

It has been a bad week for US-Canada trade relations. Last Monday, it became apparent that Canada intends to effectively cut off the last dairy products being exported from the United States. Today, the Department of Commerce determined a need to impose countervailing duties of roughly $1bn on Canadian softwood lumber exports to us. This is not our idea of a properly functioning free trade agreement.feedback

Apr 29 2017 - Multilateralism

There isn't a day that goes by that the president doesn't discuss some aspect of trade.feedback

Apr 29 2017 - Trump administration

We need the president's tax plan, regulatory relief, trade negotiations and the unleashing of (the) American energy sector to overcome the dismal economy inherited by the Trump administration.feedback

Apr 28 2017 - NAFTA

If we could only get Congress to release the 90-day letter, we'll be going on our side as well.feedback

Apr 28 2017 - NAFTA

It was a silly idea to let a lot of outside stuff in. The whole idea of a trade deal is to build a fence around the participants inside and give them an advantage over the outside. So there's a conceptual flaw in that.feedback

Apr 26 2017 - NAFTA

My practice is to comment on things we've actually done or are doing as opposed to commenting on rumors.feedback

Apr 26 2017

They're an important ally. They're generally a good neighbor. I don't regard as being a good neighbor.feedback

Apr 26 2017 - China

At the very same time that our military is needing more and more of the very high-quality aluminium, we're producing less and less of everything, and only have the one producer of aerospace- quality aluminium. This is not a China-phobic program, this has to do with a global problem.feedback

Apr 25 2017 - NAFTA

They are a close ally. They're an important ally. They're generally a good neighbor. That doesn't mean they don't have to play by the rules. If you think about it, if NAFTA were functioning properly you wouldn't having these kinds of very prickly, very unfortunate developments back-to-back. So in that sense it shows that NAFTA has not worked as well as it should.feedback

Apr 25 2017 - Republican Party

There is no reason that we should not be able to hit that – if not beat it.feedback

Apr 25 2017

The reason we're putting it on is because Canada's forests are owned by the various provinces and the provinces charge very discounted … prices to the lumbermen, which in turn lets them get subsidized low prices coming into the U.S. It seems unfair because in the U.S. most of the forests are privately owned and, therefore, they pay full market price.feedback

Apr 25 2017

The president seems to be making it clear that if he needs a little higher near-term deficit out of which we can grow ... it sounds as though he's up for that. I don't know that it's dead because the budget that's being put in will be an opening salvo in the whole tax negotiation. So we'll have to see what comes out the other end.feedback

Apr 24 2017

There are several different layers of duty each for a different company, but it averages 20 percent. It affects $5 billion worth of lumber coming in from Canada. It's about 31.5 percent of the total U.S. market, so it's a pretty big deal in terms of the Canadian relationship.feedback

Apr 24 2017

It has been a bad week for U.S.-Canada trade relations. This is not our idea of a properly functioning Free Trade Agreement.feedback

Apr 24 2017

What we are doing is dealing with another bad act on the part of the Canadians.feedback

Apr 20 2017

We now really have to defend ourselves, and we especially need to since the need for steel is already growing by the military before we have a major buildup.feedback

Apr 20 2017

[Those challenges] accomplished some measure of reduction, but it doesn't solve the whole problem. We're groping here to see if the facts warrant a more comprehensive solution, that would deal with a very wide range of steel products and a wide range of countries. The recommendation won't be to prohibit imports, it will be to change the price.feedback

Apr 20 2017 - China

Repeated efforts by the United States to encourage other countries to reduce and address the underlying causes of excess capacity in the steel market have had little meaningful effect.feedback

Apr 18 2017 - Japan

It's a little bit early to say just what forms things will take, but we are certainly eager to increase our trade relationships with Japan and to do so in the form of an agreement. We made good progress in terms of establishing the overall issues and frame of reference for continuing dialogue.feedback

Apr 16 2017 - EPA

This is the first time any administration has canvassed the private sector to find the worst regulatory and permitting problems, and it is axiomatic that you can't solve a problem until you have identified it.feedback

Apr 12 2017 - Trump administration

We will not stand for the distortions in foreign markets being used against U.S. businesses. The Trump administration will continue to employ all of the tools provided under the law to take swift action against harm full trade practices from foreign nations.feedback

Apr 10 2017

If we don't get some tangible results within the first 100 days, I think we'll have to examine whether it's worthwhile continuing them.feedback

Apr 08 2017 - China

Normally, trade discussions, especially between China and ourselves, are denominated in multiple years. This was denominated in the first instance in 100 days with hopefully way stations of accomplishment along the way. Given the range of issues and the magnitude, that may be ambitious, but it's a very big sea change in the pace of discussions.feedback

Apr 08 2017

That was not a major part of the discussion, nor do I recall the Chinese specifically raising it.feedback

Apr 07 2017

Given the range of issues and the magnitude, that may be ambitious, but it's a very big sea change in the pace of discussion. I think that's a very important symbolization of the growing rapport between the two countries.feedback

Apr 07 2017 - Mar-a-Lago

They recognize that shows our clear determination to crack down on this sort of activity.feedback

Apr 06 2017

The bank is part of a domestically focused trade toolbox that this administration will continue to focus on in the coming months. We will use that toolbox to rebalance our trade policy in order to put American workers first.feedback

Apr 04 2017

One of its purposes is to fill a hole that would otherwise exist in the tax proposals. We're taking it very seriously.feedback

Mar 31 2017

If anyone had any doubt about the president's resolve to fix the trade problems, these two executive orders should end that speculation now and for all time.feedback

Mar 31 2017

What's driving it is that the U.S. has the lowest tariff rates and the lowest non-tariff barriers of any developed country. While other countries talk about free trade, they actually are far more protectionist than we are.feedback

Mar 31 2017

It will demonstrate the administration's intention not to hip-shoot, not to do anything casual, not to do anything abruptly, but to take a very measured and analytical approach.feedback

Mar 31 2017 - World Trade Organization

We've been studying it very carefully. But I don't believe the president has taken a position on it just yet. Something needs to be done to fix that one way or the other. We don't have a value added tax. And three times the WTO [World Trade Organization] has ruled against measures passed by Congress to let our exporters deduct their corporate income taxes on exports when they make the export. It's an inherently unfair anomaly.feedback

Mar 31 2017

Our trade deficit overall is about $500 billion a year. Quite miraculously, that also equals the net trade surplus with the rest of the world.feedback

Mar 31 2017 - China

We are in a trade war. We have been for decades. The only difference is that our troops are finally coming to the rampart. We didn't end up with a trade deficit accidentally. If trade deficits are good, why is China so pleased that they run a huge trade surplus? It's perfectly obvious that if China hadn't been such a huge net-exporter it never would have grown at the rate that it did. When I first took this job I was horrified to learn that billions of dollars of duties that have been won after ... hard fought cases have never been collected.feedback

Mar 31 2017

You have to think about it this way: We are in a trade war. We have been for decades.feedback

Mar 30 2017

So what this report will do is within 90 days, come back to the president with the detailed causes by country and by major product. So we're going to be very busy during the next 90 days trying to trace through the intricacies of each of these events.feedback

Mar 30 2017 - NAFTA

There's no change in our thinking. This letter simply describes in very broad outline the topics that we will be discussing. So I don't think there's any great reason for you to overthink it.feedback

Mar 30 2017 - NAFTA

There's no change in our thinking ... I don't think there's any great reason for you to overthink it.feedback

Mar 25 2017

I believe that if we and the Mexicans make a very sensible trade agreement, the Mexican peso will recover quite a lot.feedback

Mar 10 2017 - NAFTA

That's what triggers the beginnings of the formal process itself.feedback

Mar 10 2017

Until we see all the details of it, it's really hard for me to come to a conclusion.feedback

Mar 10 2017 - NAFTA

NAFTA is a trilateral agreement and it would make a lot of sense to have trilateral discussions.feedback

Mar 07 2017 - Sanctions

Those who flout our economic sanctions and export control laws will not go unpunished. They will suffer the harshest of consequences.feedback

Mar 07 2017

Industrial power is, at the end of the day, a national security issue.feedback

Mar 07 2017

The right solution is to properly equip the American workforce, not to try to hold back technology.feedback

Mar 07 2017

The whole tax reform issue is a very, very important one, a very central one to the administration. And my hope is that they will work collectively toward an agreement that the House Ways and Means, the full House, Senate Finance, and the full Senate and the White House can agree to.feedback

Mar 07 2017 - Sanctions

Those who flout our economic sanctions and export controls will not go unpunished.feedback

Mar 07 2017 - ZTE

You're going to see a lot more out of us on enforcement. I think it's ridiculous to go to all the trouble to bring a trade case, win it and then not enforce it against the other party. We will be a very strong enforcer of it.feedback

Mar 03 2017

Finance is clearly one of the mechanisms for international competition.feedback

Mar 03 2017

He was smarter than I was. I stayed at the party.feedback

Mar 03 2017

We need to do something to balance the budget. I'm a little skeptical about the theory that there's a totally free lunch and that the markets will absorb everything, but we do need something to fill that hole.feedback

Mar 01 2017

No, he did not. What he addressed was the issue that needs to be solved, which is there's inequitable treatment of the U.S. Other countries have a value-added tax which they rebate on exports. Border advisability, other programs are possible ways of solving that. But I didn't hear him coming out clearly in favor of any one system.feedback

Jan 18 2017 - NAFTA

I am not anti-trade. I am pro-trade. But I am pro-sensible trade, not trade that is to the disadvantage of the American worker and to the American manufacturing community.feedback

Jan 18 2017 - NAFTA

NAFTA is logically is the first thing for us to deal with. We ought to solidify relationships in the best way we can in our territory before we go off to other jurisdictions.feedback

Jan 18 2017

I think I've probably had more direct experience than any prior Cabinet nominee has had with unfair trade in the steel business, in the textile business, in the auto parts business and other sectors. I am very well aware of the issues many companies face, and I'm sensitive to both the issues abroad and the issues here at home.feedback

Jan 18 2017

We did the best that we thought we could do to in order verify the legality of the employment and it turned out that was incorrect.feedback

Jan 18 2017

I look forward to working with @realDonaldTrump to restore fair trade & stand up for USA jobs if confirmed as Secretary of Commerce.feedback

Jan 17 2017 - Ford

When Ford offshores new production facilities to Mexico, that both boosts the Mexican economy and reduces investment in this country.feedback

Jan 17 2017

We should not put up with malicious trading activities, state-owned enterprises or subsidized production.feedback

Dec 27 2016 - Cyprus

I recommend that Cyprus should adopt and immediately announce even more liberal financial service policies than it already has so that it can try to take advantage of the inevitable relocations that will occur during the period of confusion.feedback

Nov 30 2016 - Mexico

Mexico has 44 treaties with other countries that make it very advantageous to do international shipping from Mexico rather than from the United States.feedback

Nov 29 2016

Trump's plan ... calls for cutting corporate taxes from 35 percent to 15 [percent]. That's going to help solve one of our big problems, which is our trade deficit, because it means corporations are can cut their pretax margin by 20 percent.feedback

Nov 08 2016

I'm feeling good. Most of everything is in the margin of error, so that is a good thing. This is going to be tight.feedback

Nov 08 2016

Since I have already voted in Florida, I will be at the New York victory party.feedback

Nov 08 2016

As soon as Trump announces his Cabinet choices, the market will feel better.feedback

Nov 08 2016

We're already pretty long in the tooth, even though this recovery is the weakest we've had in decades and decades.feedback

Oct 25 2016

A rapid acceleration of growth also leads to a significant reduction of our debt burden relative to GDP, and when Mr. Trump's spending cuts are added the plan achieves full revenue neutrality.feedback

Aug 16 2016 - NAFTA

Hillary Clinton can't tell a good trade deal from bad one. She was for NAFTA [North American Free Trade Agreement], which has cost almost a million jobs. The one that [Clinton] boasted in her economic speech that she went against was Central American Free Trade Agreement. That free trade deal worked out well for the U.S. in the form of trade surpluses with CAFTA countries.feedback

Aug 04 2016

This election is Donald's to lose and so far the Democrats have been clever about baiting him and he generally has bitten.feedback

Jun 15 2016

I also think you're going to see a different Donald if and when he becomes the nominee.feedback

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