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The build-up of personal debt levels was so stark that when interest rates do rise there will be a serious problem.feedback
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May 02 2017 Populism
William Hague has been quoted 63 times. The one recent article where William Hague has been quoted is Senior U.K. politician warns populism here to stay. Most recently, William Hague was quoted as having said, “Nation states are fighting back. People see them as a way to take back control from big corporations and machines, . Politics is going to intrude more in business over the next 20 years than it has in the previous 20 years. People feel they have no influence over the rise of giant corporations or new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). 47 percent of all jobs could be replaced by machines as the pace of the so-called fourth industrial revolution gathers pace. Politics and societies are being profoundly changed by technology.”.
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I am particularly concerned by the unacceptable procedural shortcomings during the trial, including that key prosecution evidence was not made available to the defence team.feedback

Iran does have the capability to play a more positive role across the region. It has played, for many years, a divisive and sectarian role through supporting divisive or often terrorist groups in other parts of the region. We look to it to desist from that.feedback

We've also agreed unanimously to take further steps together through a coordinated strategy to increase our support for the moderate opposition, the national coalition and for its supreme military council and associated moderate armed groups, to do everything we can to hold the Assad regime accountable for the terror it is perpetrating.feedback

Today we are trying to use every diplomatic opportunity to bring Russia and Ukraine into direct contact with each other at a senior level, to make sure that the governments of Russia and Ukraine are talking to each other, which the Russian have not been prepared to do at a senior level in the recent days.feedback

This is a very tense situation and dangerous situation that Russia's intervention has now produced.feedback

We reject the suggestion the UK's Armed Forces, who operate in line with domestic and international law, have systematically tortured detainees.feedback

They remain very difficult negotiations, I think it's important to stress that. We're not here because things are necessarily finished. We're here because they're difficult and they remain difficult. There are narrow gaps but they are important gaps.feedback

We must test the Iranian Government's sincerity to the full, and it is important that our channels of communication are open for that.feedback

Our priority is to make sure that the world knows the facts of what has happened.feedback

We are clear in the British government that it was the Assad regime that carried out this chemical attack…large scale chemical attack. All of the evidence points in that direction, in that one direction. The eyewitness accounts, the fact this area was under bombardment by the regime forces at the time the chemical attack took place.feedback

The European Union will continue to be able to talk to the various parts in Lebanon, we will continue our work to try help the stability of Lebanon. And the UK is doing a lot, we are helping to fund the border operations of the Lebanese armed forces their border security, we are all concerned about the stability of Lebanon.feedback

We are all aiming to achieve a political solution, a political settlement in Syria. But that political settlement will not come about if the opposition can be destroyed by force.feedback

It has been suggested that GCHQ uses our partnership with the United States to get around UK law, obtaining information that they can not legally obtain in the United Kingdom. I wish to be absolutely clear that this accusation is baseless.feedback

This decision today gives us the flexibility in the future to respond to a worsening situation and the refusal of the Assad regime to negotiate.feedback

If the DPRK conducts another missile launch or nuclear test, we committed ourselves to take further significant measures. We also condemn the DPRK's current aggressive rhetoric and confirm that this will only serve further to isolate the DPRK and we urge them to engage incredible and authentic multilateral talks on de-nuclearisation.feedback

Such a threat to the stability of the whole region should not be endured because one person wishes to stay in power.feedback

There is additional pressure that can be placed on North Korea, additional sanctions that can be put in place. Of course these have the most effect if they have the strong support of China, a key nation in this regard and a permanent member of the Security Council.feedback

There are great dangers from the Syrian conflict. Either dangers of the chemical and biological weapons which we believe Syria to have, or that weapons in Syria could be moved elsewhere in the region.feedback

It is absolutely unacceptable of course. It is in this case the cold-blooded murder of people going about their business. So there is no excuse whether it be connected to Libya, Mali or anywhere else.feedback

I've urged (Al-Khatib) once again to make very clear the commitment of the national coalition to all things the assad-regime is not committed to. To human rights, to international humanitarian law, to democracy and freedom for the people of Syria.feedback

I've agreed, in principle, that our assistance to the opposition will include communications equipment, to help political activists overcome the regime's communications blockade and ensure their message gets to the outside world. Our help is likely to include, for instance, mobile phones, satellite phones and radio equipment, which can be used to warn civilians of impending regime assaults.feedback

I think that events over the weekend including the escalating death toll and the spreading of violence to other parts of Syria show how necessary that resolution was.feedback

It is terrible to hear the accounts of what has been happening from people here, many of them have come from close by over the border, from Deraa for instance. There are accounts of bombardment from the air, the use of every kind of heavy weaponry against the civilian population.feedback

It can continue to obfuscate and avoid the critical issues, incurring tough sanctions and increasing international isolation. Or it can begin to cooperate seriously… and seize the opportunity to secure a more prosperous and peaceful future for the Iranian people.feedback

This is a missed opportunity to address the serious concerns of the international community.feedback

Iran should not doubt our commitment to a peaceful, negotiated solution. But it should understand clearly that in order to achieve this it must be willing to take urgent, concrete steps to reassure the international community to which we will respond. Our door remains open for serious engagement and negotiations.feedback

It is part of the pattern of behaviour of the Assad regime, I believe, to commit atrocities and then try to blame those atrocities on other people and so we must always have our eyes open to that – difficult as it will be to determine what has happened in any individual incident.feedback

Of course, it is not open ended. There isn't an indefinite period of time for the Annan plan to work but it is the right plan, it is the best plan for any kind of peaceful transition in Syria.feedback

We look to Russia to continue to put pressure on the Syrian regime to comply with the ceasefire.feedback

We were able to inform the Italian government as the operation got underway, but not to do more than that. But I think everybody understands the constraints involved, the rapid timing involved in a case like this.feedback

Iran is a country where opposition leaders are under house arrest, where more than 500 people have been executed so far this year, and where genuine protest is ruthlessly stamped on.feedback

The idea that the Iranian authorities could not have protected our embassy, or that this assault could have taken place without some degree of regime consent, is fanciful. Now, we require the immediate closure of the Iranian embassy in London and that all Iranian diplomatic staff must leave the UK within the next 48 hours.feedback

I have expressed the view we've held since the summer that the Assad regime should go, that is the the best thing for the future of Syria. But I've also emphasised the importance to them of achieving a united platform and a unified body among the opposition.feedback

I believe we must aspire to a future of cyber space which is not stifled by government control or censorship, but where innovation and competition flourish and investment and enterprise are rewarded. We know this is not a view shared by all countries but states will find it harder and harder to try to restrict their citizens' demands for the freedom to express their ideas.feedback

It's not surprising now that the elements of the Gaddafi regime are in a confused state and are giving out different messages. And so, yes, we have heard from different of the Gaddafi sons, through the media, over the past 24 hours: messages of surrenders, messages of defiance.feedback

Those messages of defiance are increasingly delusional, because they have always been followed by them running off to a new hiding place, rather than actually standing and fighting.feedback

Our decision also reflects the responsibilities that the NTC has taken on in the areas under its control. It means we will deal with the National Transitional Council on the same basis as other governments around the world.feedback

I think the appearance of Mr al-Magrahi on our television screens is a further reminder that a great mistake was made when he was released. The prime minister and I, when we were in opposition, both strongly disagreed with that decision by Scottish ministers.feedback

The repression in Syria continues, and it is important to see the right to peaceful protest, the release of political prisoners and taking the path of reform not repression in Syria over the coming days and weeks.feedback

AV means that not just the candidate who comes second can win. But under AV even the candidate who comes third can win and that is not what I call democracy.feedback

We encourage those around Gaddafi to abandon him and embrace the better future for Libya, that allows political transition and real reform, that meets the aspirations of the Libyan people.feedback

Since the conditions of a ceasefire and an end to violence are not fulfilled, then our operations to protect civilians in these locations in Libya will continue. It's very important that that unified commitment to them continuing is very, very clear in our statements today.feedback

We have said all along that Gaddafi must go; that the Libyan people must be able to have a more representative Government and determine their own future. And it is necessary to take these measures to avoid greater bloodshed, to try to stop what is happening in terms of the attacks on civilians and on the people of Libya.feedback

We're also agreed that the international community, including the United States, and our other partners should continue to plan for different contingencies, including a no-fly zone, to ensure that we can respond swiftly and resolutely to events in Libya.feedback

We want to see proper protection for foreign nationals in Libya and in particular assistance for them as they are trying to leave the country.feedback

You asked me earlier about whether Colonel Gaddafi is in Venezuela. I have no information that says he is, but I have seen some information that suggests he is on his way there.feedback

We have also received a request from the Egyptian government to freeze the assets of several former Egyptian officials. We will of course cooperate with this request, working with EU and international partners as we have done in the case of Tunisia.feedback

We have inherited a defence budget massively overcommitted, 38 billion pounds (45 billion euros) overcommitted over the next 10 years, so any responsible government has to do something about that. But we will remain a country with an independent nuclear deterrent, formidable intelligence agencies, with deployable armed forces around the globe.feedback

We have inherited a defence budget that is massively over-committed. It is over-committed by 10 million pounds every day for the next ten years. So even if the defence budget was held constant, we would still have to make some important reductions. But at the end of all that, we will still have the third or fourth biggest defence budget in the world; we will still be a global military power.feedback

As we set about rescuing the nation's finances, there will be painful and perhaps unpopular moments, but having taken on this responsibility, whatever is flung at us, each of us must see it through.feedback

BP will decide on its own dividend, of course, it is a big, err, let's be clear, it has a big task in front of it, and it has had to work hard in recent weeks, it does have to do its utmost to stop this oil spill, to deal with it satisfactorily on a permanent basis.feedback

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