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Cartoon Movie is today the most important co- production for European animated film. It is all about a lot of money and the quality of the films is remarkable. Overall, 14 movies which got their financing here in the past made it to an 'Oscar' nomination – that's quite a remarkable record!
Mar 09 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Wolfgang Spindler is associated, including Golden Bear and Nicole Kidman. Most recently, Wolfgang Spindler has been quoted saying: “Cartoon Movie is today the most important co- production for European animated film. It is all about a lot of money and the quality of the films is remarkable. Overall, 14 movies which got their financing here in the past made it to an 'Oscar' nomination – that's quite a remarkable record!” in the article Cartoon big business in Bordeaux.
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With all the uproar about the screening ban of this film, all the discussion about the content of this documentary was lost . I ask the question, are not films and art in general used to illuminate difficult and delicate political subjects so they can be discussed openly in public?

The result of this political intervention is that most important Turkish film festival will neither have an award nor a closing ceremony. It may also make already difficult relations between Turkey and Kurds even worse. A sad outcome.

On several occasions, the President of the International Jury Darren Aronofsky has praised the quality of the films in the competition. As a director who has won many international awards for his own work, he certainly knew what he was talking about.

A fairy tale brought the official programme to a close. Later today (Saturday) we have the awards ceremony with no clear frontrunner to win the Golden Bear. Everyone is being kept in suspense.

Werner Herzog may take home the Golden Bear this time. His chances are high with this film and its top-class cast. And Nicole Kidman's lead role could prove to be the trump card he needs. We'll see!

Geographically, Morocco is certainly the right place to hold a music fair and offer musicians from the region a new, international platform. One can but wish Visa For Music a bright future.

Besides the international competition and the Shaken Aimanov retrospective, the EURASIA Film Festival offers a rich overview of about 30 years of Kazakh film production.

From the '50s to the '70s it was a very rich period for this type of movie. Lots of film directors used this type of story and based their scripts on this genre. So one of the pleasures of making this movie was to revisit this style, which had been a bit neglected lately in France.

What once started out as a religious celebration has become today a platform for international light artists who attract between three and four million visitors with their light installations . Hotel and restaurant owners have every reason to be pleased.

The Baku Jazz Festival is an excellent occasion to discover the country's jazz talent.

Just show me some basic funk steps you are doing on stage, what do I have to do to be as funky as you are?

This MEDIA award is usually the beginning of an international career for a European movie. We can be sure that Thomas Vinterberg will come to Cannes with his next movie.

It's the first time that a Romanian film has won a Golden Bear. After the international successes of Cristian Mungiu it is more proof that movies with strong stories from Romania can convince the jury at international festivals.

To walk on the red carpet at the Berlinale film festival is not only a great moment for the young film director Emir Baigazin, it's also a moment the cinema industry in Kazakhstan can be proud of.

Your last movie is the first you have made since leaving Iran. What was it like working outside your homeland?

The Fashion Week in Paris is certainly not as wayout as London. Here it is the established brands that are more in the limelight. It's quite hard for young designers to escape the shadow of the big names and get public attention, but I met one of them.

Is Paris fashion less exaggerated than London's? Or am I mistaken?

You're wearing a skirt tonight, but I have to say the outfits you made for the women on the red carpet were a lot sexier. Why weren't you more daring?

Oh look, that's not sexy? Did you look? Tell me that's not sexy?

Normally you're a man of fashion who judges women and their clothes, so now you're judging films?

The jury surprised everybody by awarding the Golden Bear to a film that's half art-house, half documentary.

Germany is looking for the next President before the Berlinale – the film festival -has ended. I asked people what the next head of state should be like at Berlin's fast food emporium, The Currywurst, Germany's fish and chips.

But 'Just the Wind' is certainly a contender, putting the discrimination facing Hungary's Roma community firmly in the spotlight.

There is a feeling from the heart from the musicians. It's just one of those things that just continues to grow. We are still attracting 10 year olds, 12 year olds to our show. It's new music to them, so I just think that the soul of the music , the heart of the music, comes from the musicians. Great songs last for ever.

The industry has long realised that more can be achieved with everyone working together. For anyone wanting to release an animated film in the cinema, the Cartoon Movie forum has become a must.

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