Yahya al-Aridi

Yahya al-Aridi has been quoted 10 times. The one recent article where Yahya al-Aridi has been quoted is Syrian government representative leaves Astana. Most recently, Yahya al-Aridi was quoted as having said, “Let them say what they wish.”.

Yahya al-Aridi quotes

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The world has to end this saga. The world has to end these brutalities.

We noticed a real understanding on the part of Russia, of the Russians. And we understand that they militarily have achieved what they wanted in Syria. Now they want to translate this military achievement into some sort of a political gain and this political gain cannot happen without this. The requirement for achieving this political gain is a ceasefire.

There are complications when you are going to face those who entered your country and continue to kill you, and a regime that has not abided by a ceasefire and continues with its policy of destruction and killing its people.

We will not enter into any political discussions and everything revolves over abiding by the ceasefire and the humanitarian dimension of easing the suffering of Syrians under siege and release of detainees and delivery of aid.

The Syrian regime has an interest in diverting attention from these issues. If the Syrian regime thinks our presence in Astana is a surrender by us, this is a delusion.

First is the consolidation of the accord signed by Turkey and Russia on the 30th of December, concerning the ceasefire, and making this ceasefire cover all of Syria and at the same time taking care of all the breaches by the regime and Iran, especially in Wadi Barada and Homs and in southern Damascus and other areas in Syria.

If the other side doesn't care about stopping the bloodshed in Syria, and cares most about staying in power at the expense of Syrian blood ... in that case, nothing will work.

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