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Today, in a sense the entire country has become a torture-chamber: a place of savage horror and absolute injustice. Ensuring accountability, establishing the truth and providing reparations must happen if the Syrian people are ever to find reconciliation and peace. This cannot be negotiable. Detention remains a central issue for many in Syria, one which may determine the fate of any political agreement.
Mar 14 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein is associated, including UN and Security Council. Most recently, Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein has been quoted saying: “Can we be so reckless, so stupid, as to risk the future of humanity, simply for the sake of ballots?” in the article France's Le Pen faces new challenges from EU Parliament, UN.
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We have to be on guard to see that in the end vulnerable populations, populations at risk do not again see their rights deprived because of a view that is in the ascendancy based on false premises.

The use of half-truths is a very clever political device. Because as every propagandist knows, you allow the listener to fill in the rest.

If Donald Trump is elected, on the basis of what he has said already and unless that changes, I think it's without any doubt that he would be dangerous from an international point of view.

All seek in varying degrees to recover a past, halcyon and so pure in form, where sunlit fields are settled by peoples united by ethnicity or religion.

Less than 150 miles away from where I speak, a front-running candidate to be president of this country declared, just a few months ago, his enthusiastic support for torture.

I remind all State parties to Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, including the Russian Federation, that they are strictly prohibited from using incendiary weapons in airstrikes on heavily populated areas, and that the use of such weapons by ground forces is severely restricted.

Such a referral would be more than justified given the rampant and deeply shocking impunity that has characterized the conflict and the magnitude of the crimes that have been committed, some of which may indeed amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The bitter truth is, this summit has been called because we have been largely failing. It is shameful the victims of abominable crimes should be made to suffer further by our failures to give them protection. It is abhorrent that desperate women, men and children can be branded as criminals, and detained.

What Mr. Wilders shares in common with Mr. Trump, Mr. (Viktor) Orban, Mr. (Milos) Zeman, Mr. (Nobert) Hofer, Mr. (Robert) Fico, Madame (Marine) Le Pen, Mr. Farage, he also shares with Da'esh (ISIS).

It is hard to find a rational justification that explains the ease with which people can buy firearms, including assault rifles, in spite of prior criminal backgrounds, drug use, histories of domestic violence and mental illness, or direct contact with extremists – both domestic and foreign.

I do not equate the actions of nationalist demagogues with those of Daesh, which are monstrous, sickening, and Daesh must be brought to justice, but in its mode of communication, its use of half-truths and oversimplification, the propaganda of Daesh uses tactics similar to those of the populists.

Given these tent settlements have been in these locations for several weeks, and can be clearly viewed from the air, it is extremely unlikely that these murderous attacks were an accident.

But what we need also is for Europe to very carefully understand that painting with a broad brush produces very terrible results, and European history is filled with examples of this and I don't need to point them out.

There is a chance and I think it could well happen. We can never say that all these people who are thought to have been the authors of crimes will escape justice because we've seen in a number of cases people….

Looking back, one understands that this takes a long time before the political leaderships around the world understand there cannot be unrestrained exercise of power, that there is a limit to how you conduct military operations, that there is no willingness to agree to amnesties on the part of the Human Rights Office or other parts of the UN when trying to find a peace deal for example.

We're collecting evidence, more and more agencies are collecting evidence and in time we hope that the evidence will be brought to a court of law where the person standing accused would be put on trial.

Thank you for raising this. I mean, it is absolutely repugnant that there are people in whom victims, communities, vulnerable communities place their trust, peacekeepers, who stand accused of these sorts of horrific allegations. It is incumbent on the sending country, the country of nationality, to ensure that there is no impunity. The most the UN can do is remove them basically from service by sending them back….

I think a more careful understanding of developments would show that these groups, these Takfiri groups (extremist groups, Takfiri means literally excommunication) have targeted Muslims, other Muslims in numbers that would dwarf the non-Muslims, with the exception of certain groups in Iraq for example.

Yes, yes, or the Security Council is unwilling to refer a case, and for that reason then, you don't have jurisdiction. When we first agreed on the statute, I think we felt that the world would change overnight, we felt that it was such a major step forward toward ending impunity that the world would change overnight.

You have to understand how the court works. The court works on the basis of jurisdiction, which can only be obtained if a country joins or if the Security Council makes a referral.

Well, the Security Council has a special responsibility to ensure that conflicts of this nature, that can be centrifugal, that can be very dangerous and that can drag in many players which is what Syria has done, be brought to an end. And clearly the fact that it hasn't over the last five years is a demonstration that the Security Council has failed.

There are four points that concern us. The first point concerns the processing centres becoming detention centres and we already see this on the island of Lesbos. We're also concerned about the humanitarian conditions, about whether Turkey does qualify as a safe third country. And finally, there seems to be an inherent contradiction between a desire to return all and individual assessment.

Well, we can keep pressing them and yes, the UN can say: we won't take soldiers from your country anymore and pressure like that. But ultimately, it's they who have to realise that the responsibilities return to them.

But the Takfiris, whoever they believe doesn't share their ideology is considered an apostate and is not fit for life, and this is what the Islamic world has had to confront almost before Europe. And clearly, we have to do more in the Islamic context, clearly.

I hope every consideration is given to the independent assessment of the fact that we certainly do not want to see blanket returns. And that these potential inconsistencies between EU law and policy are basically wrung out of the agreement, and that we have something fully in line with EU and international human rights law.

Among my concerns is the potential for collective and arbitrary expulsions, which are illegal. Border restrictions which do not permit determination of the circumstances of each individual violate international and European law.

Today, I am urging the Turkish authorities to respect the fundamental rights of civilians in its security operations and to promptly investigate the alleged shooting of a group of unarmed people in the southeastern town of Cizre.

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