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Of course it's down to the club and the players too, but above all it's down to the coach heading the project.feedback
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NEW May 26 2017
We can learn a lot about a person if we know what types of things he or she talks about or comments on the most frequently. There are numerous topics with which Zinedine Zidane is associated, including Madrid and Bernabeu. Most recently, Zinedine Zidane has been quoted saying: “I have great respect for him.” in the article Zidane hails 'born leader' Buffon.
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It all comes down to the final game and it'll be tough, just like tonight's game.feedback

He's feeling great and he's shown it again here. He has put in a massive shift and worked really hard defensively too. You can tell from the way he's playing that he's in very good nick. For a long time now we've been saying that the team is in good shape physically and today they've proved that. There's still one game to go and we have to get something out of it. We must continue on in the same vein because the title race isn't over just yet. It was important for us to win and we're really pleased with the three points.feedback

I'm only thing about tomorrow's game and nothing else. Celta are a professional team and will go out to win. Nothing less.feedback

He will be with us. Whatever happens, if they have to play, they play. The cards as always, they'll do everything they can not to get a yellow. I don't know how long those players have had four yellows, so we'll keep going. This is football, you know. We're just keeping going until the last minute of the last game. We're not going to relax at all, I promise you that. Whatever happens, happens. We haven't won anything.feedback

We've just got two games left and that's it. I'm thinking positively about the game tomorrow.feedback

I'm not thinking about anything else, very positive, focusing 100 per cent on what's ahead of us. I'm just being positive.feedback

James is here, that's not up for question. He's with us. He didn't train [on Tuesday] because he has a knock, but James is here and we're thinking just about the three games we have left this year. I can tell you how he is, he's a lot better, he's out on the pitch, not with the group, but that's positive. We're happy with that, but we just have to think about the game [with Celta] and that's it. Gareth isn't with us.feedback

Listen, right now is not the time to talk about that.feedback

Morata wasn't angry with me, he was angry at something else. I don't know what but it can happen, it's fine. We spoke and that's it.feedback

The good thing is that we are very switched on and very good physically. In every game we are playing for the league.feedback

Navas has been - and still is - fundamental. It was a deserved win. We started the game very well and then Keylor was very good. It is not easy to win LaLiga. Each day we are getting closer and with two games left we are going to continue in the same vein. We are going to play in Vigo and we will face it up in the same way.feedback

It's getting better, but you have to go day by day. But he's not even training with us. I cannot tell you when he will return, but hopefully it is soon.feedback

You know how hard it is and how long the road is to reach a final and for two consecutive years. We have to congratulate the team for having made it to the final.feedback

He's recovering and there's time for him to be ready for the final. I hope he's ready before and I hope he can be with us more than anything. We're a better team when he plays.feedback

Real Madrid are absolutely not the favourites. It's very difficult to score against this Juve side. The defence isn't their only strength, either. They have great players in attack, too. I became a man and a better player at Juve. It's a great club. Facing them in the final will be special, because I still have Juventus in my heart. It'll be a wonderful final, we've had a similar path and both teams deserve to be there.feedback

Now there's time to prepare, but on Sunday we already have an important Liga game [at home to Sevilla].feedback

We're very happy to reach the final again. Everyone deserves it, above all the players, who have worked so hard until now. It's deserved.feedback

I don't think it's going to be a problem with the attitude. The important thing is we know the risks of the qualifying round. Nothing is won and we have to play the match, our performance must be excellent to get to the next round. We need to be calm and think that we are playing a soccer match.feedback

I don't think there's an issue with the players' attitude [being 3-0 up], there are risks involved in football; you have to play, you don't win before the whistle, and we've got to put in a good performance if we want to go through.feedback

What we have to do is to give 100 per cent to win because it's been eight or nine months of competition and the players have worked very hard throughout this period, but these things can happen in football. Every three days you're up there, you need to produce the goods, you need to deliver. I think we've done a very good job until now, but we've got to prove ourselves again, against Atletico, then on Sunday [at home to Sevilla in La Liga], and then the next week too. There's no divine right, we just have to give 100 per cent.feedback

We're going to approach the second leg the same way we have done every game – to start strongly to try to win the game, that's our aim. We want to play well and give 100 per cent to win the game, then we'll see what happens. But we're going to keep faith with how we do things, which is to try to win. I'm not thinking we're not going to score, the opposite in fact. We're going to try to score, we're going to try to play well and score, like always.feedback

The facts are there. We look at the club, how big it is, our fans, those who support us, and we want to achieve the maximum, but we have to prove that we're good enough, starting on Wednesday. We're going to give our all to progress, to qualify for the final. We are all rowing in the same direction, the fans too. Everything will be decided now. We like to be in this position. We have a final on Wednesday, three more in the league, but first we're going to focus on the game against Atletico Madrid.feedback

We are thinking about ourselves, thinking of winning. Three finals remain.feedback

Now we will relax, thinking about Wednesday, which is going to test us a lot more than tonight, and we are going to have to have a perfect game.feedback

I speak to Cristiano a lot. He knows and he understands well that until now he has always played 50, 60, or 70 games a season. The accumulation of all the years, he knows as well, sometimes you have to stop and rest. I have said before that I don't want to be the coach that makes Cristiano sit out. I speak to him and all the players a lot and I know that at times players have to rest. With all the games that we have to play in, if we want to be in good form and be at a great physical level then we have to rest players - that's it. It is a dialogue that we have. We have conversations about it.feedback

We have three 'finals' left, plus a fourth in Europe to maybe reach the final [itself]; we know what we have to do.feedback

I'm not worried about anything but at the moment we haven't won anything. We could win two, one or end up winning nothing. The only thing I can say is all we are doing is we must keep going every day until the last minute of the last match of the season.feedback

We always go out to try and play the game - we can start one way and finish in another. If you think we have got less balance with the BBC and it is a problem [when they play], then I don't think that is true. I think it is the opposite. They are three huge world-class players, they are very good. But what Toni says is perhaps true as well, we can have more balance when the game needs it, such as playing with players on the wing who can defend and attack.feedback

That is what we want to do. Real Madrid wants to do it that way, I can't tell you how things are going to end up, but I'm not worried. The only thing I can say is I like the way that we work.feedback

I have said before that I don't want to be the coach that has made the decision to leave Cristiano out. I speak to him and all the players a lot and I know that at times players have to rest. With all the games that we have to play in, if we want to be in good form and be at a great physical level then we have to rest players - that's it. It is a dialogue that we have. We have conversations about it.feedback

When I make a change it isn't always just to defend, sometimes it is the opposite. When Marco Asensio and Lucas Vazquez came on [against Atletico] it wasn't to defend. Everyone can have their opinion but I am very happy with the BBC and all the players. The games that we have played with the three up front can you tell me when we haven't played a good game? There have been very few that we haven't played well. To put together a side it is always complicated, all the other players are good, they all want to play and do very well. The BBC also do very well.feedback

Cristiano is a goalscorer. He's unique. All the players were brilliant. One lad comes off and another one comes on and plays a great game. We knew what we had to do from the off and we played the game we wanted to. Isco played as a number 10 and was fantastic. We then had width with [Lucas] Vazquez and [Marco] Asensio when they came on. In a defensive sense we were brilliant too. I'm very happy with everyone's work.feedback

Over the last four or five years especially, they have made it very difficult for us. You can't live off the past. What happened, happened. This is totally different. They'll do everything to go through.feedback

Atlético never give in, they always fight, battle, and use their weapons in the best way.feedback

It's a team that always troubles us, just as many other teams. The main strength of the team is they never put their arms down whatever it happens, it's a team that always fights.feedback

Ronaldo has always played on the wing but he has the quality to play in several positions. He could play as an out-and-out striker as he's a great player. And almost 400 goals as a winger... that's something we can't forget. It's an amazing achievement but he's so good he could play anywhere. I don't know anything about his future. But there's a pain in his ribs. He is in better shape and hopefully he'll be back before the end of the season.feedback

I come away from here happy with the performance and everyone's goals. The players that don't get as many minutes are also focused and fitness-wise you couldn't spot any difference, quite the opposite. They're in fine shape and they've proved that. They're keen to play, I've got a great group here and they're all ready to face up to the challenges that lie ahead and we've got some real cup finals ahead of us from now on in.feedback

We created a lot of chances in the first half and we failed to put all of them away. Many of the players who've featured here aren't our regular starters and what they've gone out and done, in terms of the tempo and discipline, was amazing.feedback

Isco was phenomenal. He does things on the pitch that not everybody can. The fans congratulated him, I am happy for him, for the work he does. When he has to play he always does his job.feedback

When we lose we have to know how to accept the criticism. Sometimes that can motivate you even more, and we will try and do that. He will be with us, he is good, physically very good has trained normally. But you will see the XI tomorrow [Wednesday].feedback

We could have done things differently, but we were optimistic and thought we could score the third.feedback

In football there's no luck. There's lot of hard work, effort in every game, every moment, every ball.feedback

We know the importance that Toni has for us. He's a very intelligent player but not just with the ball. Tactically he's very good as well.feedback

I know him very well and he knows me very well but that doesn't mean anything. It's not a disadvantage or an advantage. There's a game tomorrow and I think that it's two very good teams coming up against each other and that's it. We're not playing against Carlo. I learnt many, many things [from Ancelotti]. But, as you know, I'm not going to tell you what I learnt with him. But it was many things. The better you are the more criticised you are but they know it and are accustomed to it.feedback

They are experienced players, very good players and they are players who are criticised.feedback

We expect 90 minutes when we are going to have to suffer In the little details, we're going to try and get under their skin a little bit.feedback

Everybody says that this is a very good defensive team and I say, yeah, they do defend well but they are not just defensive. Over the last few years – the last four or five years since Simeone's been there they've improved a lot in that aspect but they also play football very well. They don't just have defensive players. I'm not just talking about the three up front but the midfield and the full-backs, they all know how to play football.feedback

If Madrid ask us about Theo, the answer would be energetic and determined. Theo is our player, on loan at Alaves, but our player.feedback

The idea is to get to the end of the season in the best possible physical shape. I think when Cristiano or Gareth [Bale] don't play we know it's because there are a lot of games coming up and the other players who are training, I know what they can bring to the team. Every game is a story in itself. We know that. That's why we go game by game. Hopefully we are going to end the season very well.feedback

I think he is going to finish the season like never before. Well, I never know because he also ended other years very well, but he's very good physically and I hope he will end [the season] very well. Maybe I'm going to make a mistake. You're telling me that Modric is doing something wrong and I'm worried about what you're saying, how can you tell me it's not right?feedback

Yes, we can improve. That's obvious. But we're not playing badly. I think the results that we've achieved up until now have been good. You know what we did. And what's left in this season, it's going to be very important because everything is going to be decided now after the international break.feedback

April's going to be a big month for us. We have a group and a squad to achieve good things. I'm happy because the best part of the season is coming, where everything is decided. I think the players know that. We're focused on our objective, which is to win everything.feedback

We know it's going to be a difficult game… and we know it's a hostile atmosphere. I don't know if they can decide the league. But they're three big points for us. They're going to defend strongly, they're doing very well. We're going to suffer, but we're working hard, we're confident, we've got good character, we need to put all these ingredients together to win. What we're going to try and do is just put in a good performance and keep picking up points. Pressure, we're going to have pressure until the end.feedback

What we did last year, if we can repeat it, that would be great. It's in our hands at the moment but it's a long [time], there's a lot [of matches] left, it's going to be tough. We're going to take each game as it comes. That's the best thing we can do.feedback

They keep achieving what they are told they can't achieve. Whatever club Leicester face, they won't be favorites. And with that pressure off them and on the other team, anything can happen.feedback

It's part of the game, everyone makes mistakes. In the end he saved us. I'm happy with how his team-mates got behind him. The save he made has given us the three points. The referee decides whether or not it's a penalty. Keylor has a big personality and he made a great stop at the end. He made up for the mistake and made sure we got all three points.feedback

My evaluation of the match is very good because we picked up the three points. We didn't have it all our own way and that's normal, but I am happy. We must congratulate all the players because we've had to be patient. The result in the end is a fair one, even if at times it didn't all go our way. The opposition played in their own half, they defended well and caused us problems on the counter-attack. We're happy with the result and we must congratulate the players because it wasn't easy. The pressure is there, it doesn't end here, there's still a lot to play for and we know that.feedback

With 4-4-2 we have more balance, but I'm not thinking about these things. I know that we can play in many ways and we can do it well. With three or two up top, we can change our system. The most important thing is attitude and what we want.feedback

I don't think they're more dangerous or anything has changed since the last time we spoke. I'm not going to talk about percentages. I am focused on our game on Sunday. I'm not here to talk about what happened in midweek. We have not won the league for quite a few years, maybe five or six years. We are really motivated, we want to win this league title. It's difficult to play every three days with the same intensity and energy. Rivals also play their part and can make life hard for you. The league is important and we want to win this league title this season.feedback

Of course, Bale can drop into the midfield four, but I prefer the three up front. What do you [the reporter] prefer, why. I think Gareth offers more up front with Benzema and Ronaldo. Gareth on the left, Ronaldo on the right and Karim Benzema up front – that's how I like to see my front three. With the three up front we create a lot of chances, with three [midfield] players tucked in behind. We played very well in Eibar [last weekend's 4-1 win] with a 4-2-3-1 formation, or 4-4-2.feedback

It depends. With one up front, two up front or four in the middle we can change our formation and switch. Everyone has a right to have their own opinion. You may feel we play better with four men across the middle. If all three [Benzema, Bale and Ronaldo] are fit I have all three playing up front. It was a knock, a blow – he'll be in the squad. Nothing serious, he'll be with us on Sunday.feedback

During the season there are moments that you have to suffer, sometimes you don't play a good match, but this is normal in a very difficult league as La Liga. Today we played a very complete game from the beginning, with intensity. We did several changes in the line-up and the players who entered did a great game. Eibar are a very good team that are doing a good season.feedback

When you look at the game and the scoreline it means we played a great game. We still have the second leg. We will have to work hard and fight for it. We will suffer at their place for sure. I don't think that we're euphoric and imagining ourselves in the final. There's no such thing as an easy game and we need to play a perfect game at their place in order to go through.feedback

I'm lucky to have these players. We try to play our football and enjoy ourselves. It works because we have great players with great attitudes.feedback

We're content, very happy and we can enjoy it, but we still have a long way to go in the Champions League and LaLiga.feedback

When they applaud you, especially the rival supporters, it is not usual. We know that Luka is fundamental for us. He handles game situations very well and off the pitch, he is a spectacle because of his professionalism.feedback

The positive thing is that we came back in the last two games, drawing the last game and winning in Villarreal. There are things we can improve – let it be tomorrow. Ronaldo is feeling some muscular problems. That's why he has not trained with us.feedback

You have the possibility every three days to get back to doing things better. It's not the best moment in the season with the last three or four matches we have played. We cannot stumble because if we want to win La Liga you cannot lose many games. We are never going to look for excuses, we depend on ourselves in the sense that we know what we can get by fighting and working in training and in matches. It is a time when results are not what we expected but the important thing is to give one hundred percent and improve things. Within a season, this can happen.feedback

Every team wants to win the Champions League, but it's a long, hard road and we're on that road. The good thing is that We're in good shape, we have everyone back available, which makes it harder for me to decide who to play, but it makes me very happy.feedback

As a coach, he is the best player I have had. I only know Simeone from playing against him but they are two people I have enormous respect for both of them for the job they are doing. Simeone is a very experienced coach.feedback

Simeone and Mono [German] Burgos are doing a great job for their club. I know Burgos a bit - I like him and have great respect for him.feedback

I don't think we're conceding cheap goals but it is true that we are conceding more goals.feedback

You don't train [to play with 10] but you tell the players there is a possibility. Against Barcelona we were down to 10 men and we had a player [Ramos] sent off. Our opponents, Bayern Munich, had a player sent off. It can happen and we have to be ready, pack the midfield and make sure the team is in good shape. I won't tell Casemiro to change how he plays, as he has been perfect so far. He got a yellow card after 10 minutes the other day. If he can escape a booking, then he will try to.feedback

James had a good game, he worked hard and scored two goals. He was important, just like everyone else.feedback

I do not know if this is fair or not, but what is clear is that we have believed until the end and here is the proof that you have to play until the end, until the last minute, you have to make changes. The good thing about us is that we are close, a tight group, focused and able to make a difference any minute.feedback

I am very happy for everything we have achieved together, because you know it is not easy at all to win the Champions League. We really worked hard, we fought it out and I am very happy.feedback

I'm very happy and very proud about everything they've done tonight. We had a special night, we achieved what we wanted and I'm very happy for the players because what they did together was phenomenal.feedback

This club has always been like this, we have achieved extraordinary turnarounds. Very important matches have been played here at the Bernabeu, and tomorrow's is just one more match. Maybe the most important match of the season, but it's just a football match.feedback

Football with a personal touch, with attacking play, is what I'll aim for. I'll try to evolve from what I was, to what I am as a coach now. But as a coach my goal is for the players to enjoy it on the pitch.feedback

I'm more emotional now than when I signed as a player.feedback

We have to do our best so that the team is able to win something. I'm going to put all my heart into Real Madrid.feedback

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