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Chiquita Brooks-Lasure
If the administration seeks a delay on Monday, presumably they would continue to pay the cost-sharing reductions but they don't have to actively defend the lawsuit in the short
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NEW May 22 2017
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Lamar Alexander

In order to rescue Americans from collapsing Obamacare exchanges, Republicans are likely going to have to temporarily do some things we may not like, including looking at funding the cost-sharing

Erik Wemple

Fox News viewers haven’t seen a change in the tone and outlook of the network’s broadcasts since the departure last summer of chief Roger Ailes. There’s still plenty of apologism for President Trump; slanted coverage savaging Obamacare and other legacies of the former president; and demagoguing any immigration topic in

Mai Khanh Tran

She works in a nail shop and she couldn't get health care for her children until the ACA. When her kid was diagnosed, she had good care–expensive, but good. After the election, we cried in my office because we realized that this was going to affect her daughter's life soon. We didn't think it would be this soon. She called me last week, petrified. Now that her child has a pre-existing condition, she's terrified she won't be able to afford her premiums. I had to really dig deep, but this will allow me to help a broader group of

Joseph R. Swedish - Anthem Inc.

Such adjustments could include reducing service area participation, requesting additional rate increases, eliminating certain product offerings or exiting certain individual ACA-compliant market

Kevin Brady

Our members want to deliver on repeal and replace Obamacare. They're really excited about fixing this broken tax

Mitch McConnell

Our members want to deliver on repeal and replace of Obamacare. They're really excited about fixing this broken tax

Jeff Smedsrud -

It makes buying health insurance online easier and faster – important things for young, healthy consumers. Because enrollment will be quicker, those who want – but don't need – health insurance will be more likely to buy. This is small, but an important step on a road to make health insurance a bit more affordable. It will improve the risk pool for those buying subsidy-eligible health

Seema Verma

This is another important step to help create stability in the health insurance market. It is common sense to make it as simple and easy as possible for consumers to shop for and access health coverage. It is time to get the federal government out of the way and give patients the best tools to make their own healthcare

John Goodman

Special interests agreed to be taxed and weren't even asking for the money back, but this bill does it

Rahil Briggs

It still feels like we weren't quite doing enough for children at risk, (but) we were just getting traction. Knowing how successful it could be, the idea of contemplating less than what we've had to work with is

Dana Wolfe Naimark

We are asking Congress to focus on this and make sure that kids don't get lost in the shuffle of all the fighting that is going on. We are extremely concerned on the impact on kids. Everything is at

Rahil Briggs

Fifty percent of mental health issues emerge before adulthood. To get it right in the early years is critically

Meaghan Smith

The campaign is over and while it's hard to tell, HHS is not actually supposed to be a political arm of the RNC [Republican National Committee].feedback

Meaghan Smith

HHS's role is to implement the law of the land, which includes the Affordable Care Act, not sabotage health care programs that millions of Americans rely

Larry Levitt

These waivers are an intriguing opportunity for states to access federal funds for reinsurance arrangements that can lower premiums. States would still have to kick in some money of their own, but those state funds would leverage federal dollars. However, the timing of this push for states to submit waivers under the ACA is somewhat odd, given that the administration is pushing to repeal and replace the law at the same

Tom Price

The failure of the individual marketplaces under Obamacare is driving insurers out of counties and states at an alarming rate, leaving millions of Americans without choices for affordable health insurance. To receive approval, the state must demonstrate that a proposed waiver will provide access to quality health care that is at least as comprehensive and affordable as would be provided without the waiver, will provide coverage to at least a comparable number of residents of the state as would be provided coverage without a waiver, and will not increase the federal

Mitch McConnell

Well I read the Washington Post story and I read General McMaster's response, which tends to refute the story…I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things, so we can focus on other things like our agenda, which is deregulations, tax reform, repealing and replacing

Mitch McConnell

I read the Washington Post story and I read Gen. McMaster's response, which tends to refute the story – rebut the story. I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things, so that we can focus on agenda, which is deregulations, tax reform, repealing and replacing

Mitch McConnell

I think we could do with a little less drama from the White House on a lot of things, so that we could focus on our agenda, which is deregulation, tax reform, and repealing and replacing Obamacare. I speak with him frequently. Well, we generally, no matter who the president is, generally don't pay too much attention to the president's budget. But we share some of his priorities. I think plussing of defense is something all Republicans think is

Teresa McRoberts

They're not really part of the healthcare reform debate. They're not part of the drug-pricing debate, so they really have minimal headline risk. People are looking for alternatives to pharma and alternatives to biotech, and so I think these stocks are getting bid up as alternatives to those. Plus, their fundamentals have been

Jeff Jonas - SAGE Therapeutics

The boost to the NIH budget is definitely a tailwind. The assumption is that both parties generally support this funding, and I think the assumption is that they will resist any

John Arensmeyer - Small Business

Forcing small employers to make this extra effort just to enroll in SHOP will make it likely that SHOP usage dwindles to little or

Bill Hammond

New York health plans have requested double-digit rate hikes in each of the past three years, and it's a safe bet they will do so again. The driving forces would include an underlying increase in health-care costs, the Trump administration's repeated threats to withhold $8 billion in promised subsidies, and uncertainty about Obamacare's future, given the attempts to repeal and replace it with something very

Seema Verma

Our goal is to reduce ACA burdens on consumers and small businesses and make it easier for them to purchase coverage. The ACA has failed to provide affordable insurance to small business and to the American people. This new direction will help employers find affordable healthcare coverage for their employees and make the SHOP exchanges function more

David Warner

It is up to CA to deal with the ACA [Australian Cricketers Association]. It's obviously in their hands. For us as cricketers, if we don't have contracts we are going to have to find some cricket to play somewhere else because that's what we love doing and we're obviously going to look to maybe do something in the meantime otherwise we don't get

Mark Taylor - Alpine Funds

Things haven't been going anywhere for months now and I know that Cricket Australia feel the ACA aren't negotiating at all. Cricket Australia want to change the MOU [memorandum of understanding], we want to get away from what they call a revenue sharing model … although, the one being offered to the players is still revenue sharing to a certain extent. No-one's worse off. Women are going to be very well paid under the new

Mark Taylor - Alpine Funds

The board and CA in general have been frustrated by the fact there has been no negotiation. I had players say to me in January of this year 'we could well be on strike by July'. This is before this MOU was presented. I'm not surprised James has done what he's done. Things haven't been going anywhere for months now, and I know Cricket Australia feel the ACA aren't negotiating at all. CA want to change the MOU, want to get away from the revenue sharing model, although the deal being offered to the players is still revenue sharing to a certain

Rod Blum

Quite frankly, this bill is a tweak of Obamacare. If you're on Medicaid, nothing's going to

Donald J. Trump

We are a very divided country. Republicans are very much behind me. I''m helping people today. I had all my Republican friends – who have frankly been in politics all their lives and have done a great job. We had congressmen and some senators. Obamacare is dead it's a disaster it's a complete disaster. I just sent a letter to [South Carolina Republican] Sen. Lindsey Graham from one of the most prestigious law firms in the country – tremendous, highly rated law firm – that I have nothing to do with Russia. I have no investments in Russia. None

Donald J. Trump

We're fighting hard. Well, we have a very divided country. I mean, the Republicans are very, very much behind me. They love what we're doing on health care. Obamacare is dead. It's a disaster. I think when you become president, it's very special when you're in the White House. It's very special, and I had all of my Republican friends, who frankly have been in politics all their lives and have done a great job – but I did. I looked around and I said, Sorry folks, can you believe it's me? As far as I'm concerned, I want that thing to be absolutely done

Katrice MacKay

The amount we are getting hit, compared to other people who are paying nothing and getting everything covered, doesn't add up to me. I think the divide is too wide. I did have siblings who couldn't get insurance in the past and that's just wrong. They shouldn't be dinged more than anyone

Thomas Johnston

It has to be better than what we've got now. I have literally no health insurance because I can't afford

Thomas Johnston

To be real honest, I wish I understood it a little

Mitch McConnell

To those who've suffered from the failures of Obamacare: We hear you. Congress is

Linda Dearman

I've been listening to some TV here and there and thinking, What am I missing? They were showing protests outside somewhere in Chicago. That's when I thought, All right, I need to read a little bit

Edward Belanger

Now I will no longer be expected to pay twice what I should for a product I don't need and be treated like a criminal with a fine if I refuse. In the end, it's going to be some sort of government program that takes care of those people. If it were up to me, I'd allow people to buy their way into Medicaid. I'd rather be taking care of them through my tax dollars, with all the other taxpayers in the country, than pay twice as much as I should for

Mike Poe

I don't see how he can say this won't affect people on Medicaid. People like me, not yet eligible for Medicare, are the ones who are

Donald J. Trump

(White House counsel Don) McGahn came back to me and did not sound like an emergency. Obama perhaps knew because [Flynn] had clearance from the Obama administration. And his clear – and this is something they never want to report – he had clearance from the Obama administration. The highest clearance you can have. [T]here is no Obamacare, it's dead. Plus we're subsidizing it and we don't have to subsidize it. You know if I ever stop wanting to pay the subsidies, which I will. Anytime I

Paul Howard

The biggest challenge is to get younger, healthier people in the market. They're staying out in droves. They wanted 44% of that population to be in the exchanges, right now it's 26, 27%. If you could lower the cost of the plans and make it more like true insurance with lower risks. Take the highest-cost patients and the federal government can pay for some of those costs, making it more profitable for insurers, but also lowering costs for younger healthier people, which lowers risk and premiums across the

Paul Howard

If you can find ways to bring costs down, best thing to do, again, talk about reinsurance, work on high risk pools, and give states more flexibility in how you design insurance coverage, giving them power to run their own markets, hold them accountable for outcomes. That's the right approach to direct both concerns on the left and right, affordability and

Karen Poulter

That's the major cost I have to pay each year. That's where much of my cash

Scott Flanders

Because it's certain to increase the number of younger enrollees, which is just critical to the stability of the system. Where I think ACHA falls short is funding for older Americans. In my view, in eHealth's view, the system would be more fair if there were more funding for people over

Scott Flanders

Anyone who still needs proof that health insurance costs are out of control should take a look at our 2017 Price Index Report. Middle-income Americans who purchase coverage on their own and do not qualify for subsidies under current law are straining under the burden of costs like these. And they're not being subsided, yet they are subsidizing others, and they're being priced out of the marketplace. Many of them are retirees living on fixed incomes. They've just been flabbergated by these massive increases in premiums. We're enthusiastic for AHCA for young

David Turner

Ralph Northam spent his life seeing patients as an Army doctor and a pediatrician, and he knows firsthand how important for people to be able to get the health care they need, when they need it. He firmly believes that every American and Virginian has a right to affordable health care, and he believes it is the responsibility of government to make sure they

Donald J. Trump

We are dealing with Congress … because it's not really what I'm considering. I mean look, on health care, I think we have a great bill and there's still a little bit further to go because we're also dealing with the Senate, but the Senate I believe really wants to get something done because Obamacare is dead, just so we

Cynthia Cox

All it takes is one insurance company to exit, and that can create panic for other insurers and they pull out too. Insurers don't want to be the last one holding the

Claudia Storicks

It was the only insurance that I could afford. I've been able to afford my medication and my doctor's visits because I'm on the ACA. Otherwise I probably would have lost my house and my

Kyle Dropp

These latest polling numbers on the American Health Care Act could spell trouble for Republicans. There is a notable enthusiasm gap: 29 percent strongly oppose the bill, but only 13 percent strongly support it. Moreover, we saw the number of Republican voters who strongly support the bill drop from 36 percent last week to 27 percent this

Tim DiPiero

I've never had a client get arrested for talking too loud or anything similar to

Dan Heyman

Price "didn't say anything. So I persisted. At some point, I think they decided I was too persistent trying to do my job. I think it's dreadful. I mean, well, this is my job. This is what I'm supposed do. I am supposed to go out and find out if somebody is going to be affected by this health-care

J.D. Hickey - Humana

Again, I want to stress that our openness to this action is in now way a political decision. Nor is it a reflection of our perspective on the stability of individual Marketplace overall. In fact, we cant justify doing so based solely on current political uncertainty, but instead we believe it is an extension of our mission to serve our fellow Tennesseans, especially those who do not have other options for

John Nehls

I am ecstatic. BlueCross BlueShield was who I had before. The biggest concern we have is what's going to happen in 2018. We do have coverage for this year on the Humana plan, but in 2018 there will be zero options in this

Julie Mix McPeak

Their willingness to take this step and consider providing coverage for 2018 in the Knoxville area is a true commitment of theirs to the state of Tennessee. Time is of the essence for Congress to act and provide some level of indication of what the market regulatory perspective will be for 2018. The more certainty that we can provide around funding levels, reinsurance programs or any flexibility in Obamacare terms and conditions implications on the exchange will only add to the certainty that Blue Cross Blue Shield will participate in the Knoxville, area in

Bryan Lesswing

If Marylanders weren't scared of Governor Hogan's refusal to oppose Trumpcare before, they should be

Peter Lee - Microsoft Research

[T]he possibility of changing the rules . . . is threatening to upend markets and put consumers at

Rod Blum

I'm done here. This is ridiculous. This is ridiculous. He's going to sit here and just badger

Raul Labrador

In a lengthy exchange with a constituent, I explained to her that Obamacare has failed the vast majority of Americans. In the five-second clip that the media is focusing on, I was trying to explain that all hospitals are required by law to treat patients in need of emergency care regardless of their ability to pay and that the Republican plan does not change

Sabrina Corlette

Insurers are notoriously risk-averse. They're looking at an environment where we don't know what's going to happen with the Affordable Care Act

Charles Grassley
Jason Chaffetz

The attached memorandum contains no exception whatsoever for lawful, protected communications with Congress. In its current form, employees are likely to interpret it as a prohibition, and will not necessarily understand their

Chet Burrrell - CareFirst

What we're seeing is greater sickness levels. The pool of beneficiaries is becoming sicker, in part because healthier people are not coming in at the same level we

Bill Cassidy

There's a widespread recognition that the federal government, Congress, has created the right for every American to have health care. The House plan was scored by the Congressional Budget Office as actually raising

Bill Cassidy

We need to have something that is cheaper than an Obamacare policy but still gives adequate coverage so that if somebody has a crisis, they have the

Bill Cassidy

If your baby is going to die and it doesn't have to, it shouldn't matter how much money you make. I think that's something that, whether you're a Republican or a Democrat or something else, we all agree on that, right? Jimmy talked about his son being rushed over to have surgery. Now, I take that as a metaphor. Is your policy adequate? Of course, you can cut premiums if you do what sometimes happened under Obamacare – people got a so-called skinny

J.D. Hickey - Humana

With our past losses and the continued uncertainties associated with the individual Marketplace, we are not willing to consider expanding our current footprint in 2018 beyond the addition of the Knoxville region, as the other geographies are currently covered by other carriers. We believe this fiscally conservative approach to limit our risk profile in this market continues to be in the best interest of all the members BlueCross serves across all lines of our

Laura Wherry

This study suggests that individuals in the non-group market are better off as a result of the ACA but that they remain particularly vulnerable to experiencing substantial financial burden associated with insurance and medical care. Any changes to the ACA that would allow insurers to cut covered services or charge higher premiums for individuals with pre-existing health conditions are certain to increase this financial burden and ultimately make care unaffordable for those with significant medical

Michel Boudreaux

Overall, the data provide a pretty clear signal that nonelderly people with non-group health insurance coverage did experience financial relief after the implementation of the

Rob Portman

Our own strategy, rather than relying on what the House did, is to look at this with fresh eyes and think, How do you ensure these people can continue to get

Jessica Vealitzek

He claims he's been hearing more people in favor of it, but I don't see people out on the streets advocating for the A.H.C.A. It's hard to believe that he's telling the

Lise Talbott

It's increasing the amounts of energy. There's a lot of sentiment that he lied to us. People in the community understand the impact of this vote. There are 300,000 people here with pre-existing conditions. That's everybody's

Debra Caplan

I think that there were a good number of people who thought he'd vote no. I think all of that good will has been erased by this vote. There are a lot of people who were not interested in replacing him who are very much there now. There are a lot of people saying this is the last

Michael Himawan

Now our attention turns to Gardner. We can't allow the bill as it is to pass the

Camille Gallo

Big money liberal interest groups, like Save my Care, are intentionally peddling lies and using scare tactics to simply push a political agenda, instead of working to address critical issues facing the

Nathan Gonzales

This is more evidence of a new chapter of the fight over health care in this country. I know Democrats in that House chamber felt like that vote (Thursday) gave them that House majority, but there's a long time between now and November 2018. But for Perriello, there's a lot less time between now and the June

John Whitbeck

I don't think there's any singular issue in all of American politics that has done more damage to the electoral success of the Democratic Party than Obamacare. I hope he continues to campaign on Obamacare, and he'll lose two

Bob Holsworth

The fact that Northam is a physician and that this is the one issue he's been visible on gives him an initial advantage on this matter. If Perriello was successful in taking this issue from Northam, his chances would be thoroughly

Thomas Perriello

When it was really crunchtime, it was clear to folks who was willing to stand up to the insurance companies and the drug companies at great political risk to put Virginians and patients first. That's my track record. I was willing to take millions of dollars in attack

Jennifer Duffy

Democrats are going to beat this down as long as they can because it's doing good for them. You are going to see a lot of challenging Republicans and gubernatorial candidates on would they ask for this waiver or not. They've had this issue for six years and now the tables are

Stephen Farnsworth

Over the last several days, it seems like Northam has been playing catch up on the health care debate. Powerful images can really trump substance as we've learned in politics, and the arresting image of a crushed ambulance is going to resonate with a number of voters a lot more than a quietly successful career in health

Barack Obama

Well said, Jimmy. That's exactly why we fought so hard for the ACA, and why we need to protect it for kids like Billy. And congratulations!feedback

Steve Wojcik

If enacted, it would be a win-win for employees and employers because it makes it easier for people to use their accounts and for employers to administer

Chris Byrd - Wex

What is happening on Main Street, not Washington, is what is really driving the growth of

Richard Popper

Before Obamacare, Maryland had a well-functioning pool. California didn’

Mitch McConnell

The process will not be quick, or simple, or easy. But it must be done. It is the least both parties owe to countless Americans who suffer under Obamacare and will continue to suffer if we do not act. To those who suffer already, my message is this. We hear you and Congress is

Howard Gleckman

Warren Buffett's right. For somebody like him this would be a major tax cut. If you just look at the tax provisions of the American Health Care Act, which repealed the tax increases in the Affordable Care Act, it dramatically is skewed towards the highest income households. What President Obama did explicitly with the Affordable Care Act is he partially paid for the act subsidies by raising taxes on high

Warren Buffett - Berkshire Hathaway

So it is a huge tax cut for guys like me. And when there's a tax cut, either the deficit goes up or they get the taxes from somebody else. Medical costs are the tapeworm of American economic competitiveness. That is a problem this society is having trouble with and is going to have more trouble

Donald J. Trump

Republican Senators will not let the American People down! ObamaCare premiums and deductibles are way up-it was a lie and it is dead!feedback

Raul Labrador

During ten hours of town halls, one of my answers about health care wasn't very elegant. I was responding to a false notion that the Republican health care plan will cause people to die in the streets, which I completely

Margot Sanger-Katz - The New York Times

Insurance companies could charge a 64-year-old customer five times the price charged to an 18-year-old one, to cite the most extreme example. The changes in the subsidy formula would also require older middle-class Americans to pay a much larger share of their health insurance bill. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that far fewer older Americans would have insurance coverage under this bill than under the Affordable Care

Jake Novak - CNBC

There are many other problems with this bill from both a liberal and conservative perspective. It simply does not fix the growing problems with Obamacare and actually makes them worse by increasing its fiscal

Raul Labrador

I was responding to a false notion that the Republican health care plan will cause people to die in the streets, which I completely reject. That line is so indefensible. Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. It certainly doesn't help that the media is only highlighting a five-second video, instead of the entire

Reince Priebus - Republican National Committee

I think we want to let them do their work, let them work this out. They are all very mature. They all know what is going on. They all know the commitments we have made to the American people to repeal and replace a failing program in

Susan Collins

First of all, the House bill is not going to come before us. The Senate is starting from scratch. We're going to draft our own bill. And I'm convinced that we're going to take the time to do it right. Speaker Ryan today said that he hoped that the Senate would improve the House bill. I think we will do so and that we will come up with a whole new fresh approach that solves the legitimate flaws that do exist with the ACA, where we have seen, in some markets, insurers fleeing so people won't be able to buy subsidized insurance. But it will keep some of the benefits of the

Donald J. Trump

Republican Senators will not let the American people down! ObamaCare premiums and deductibles are way up – it was a lie and it is dead! Wow, the Fake News media did everything in its power to make the Republican Healthcare victory look as bad as possible. Far better than Ocare! Why is it that the Fake News rarely reports Ocare is on its last legs and that insurance companies are fleeing for their lives? It's dead! ...they're not even doing it for the party, they're doing it for this country – because we suffered with

Tom Price

Well, look again, Jake. The winners under Obamacare were the federal government and insurance companies. The winners under the program that we provide, and that we believe is the most appropriate, will be patients and families and

Adam Jentleson

They're basically taking Obamacare and changing it around the

Paul Ryan

We are proud of this effort, it's us keeping our promises and it's a lot better than

Mark Shields

The House Republican majority was in far greater jeopardy had we not repealed

Matt Bevin

We want this to be a helping hand for people at a time when they need it, but then be able to return to the commercial

Ross Coulter

The only plans that are comparable would be a $400- or $500-a-month

Paul Entin

The individual mandate is the most important issue to

Marc Snyderman

They're trying to rip pieces of legislation out that you can't rip

Raul Labrador

That line is so indefensible. Nobody dies because they don't have access to health care. All across Idaho, families and small-business owners are struggling to keep up with skyrocketing health care costs caused by Obamacare. The people of Idaho know Obamacare is a disaster and want it fully repealed. Since I was first elected to Congress, I've been working to repeal Obamacare and that includes opposing the first version of the American Health Care

Rachel Easter

It's just devastating for women. They suffer more from chronic asthma and arthritis, for example, which are pre-existing conditions. And one of the most egregious situations would be the undermining of protections for people who are survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault. There were really horrific stories about this happening before the Affordable Care Act – it could be the provision of preventive HIV medicine after a sexual assault or receiving counseling for trauma related to that. People are really scared for their health and their economic

Karen Pollitz

Since the election, there is a new political x-factor. It is pretty clear insurers are going to have to start all over

Karen Pollitz

The market is stabilizing. I think insurers are getting the hang of it. We aren't in a death

Karen Pollitz

This is a small market, but it really is the tail wagging the dog in our

Cori Uccello

The market itself is still fragile. Insurers need to know if they are going to get

David Blumenthal

The U.S. spends more on health care than any other country, but what we get for these significant resources falls short in terms of access to care, affordability, and

Bernie Sanders

The president has just said it, that's great. Let's take a look at the Australian health-care system, and let's move – maybe he wants to take look at the Canadian health-care system, or systems throughout Europe. Thank you, Mr. President. Let us move to a Medicare-for-all system that does what every other major country on Earth does: guarantee health care to all people at a fraction to what we

Donald J. Trump

The President was complementing a foreign leader on the operations of their health care system and it didn't mean anything more than that. I think he believes that they have a good health care system for Australia. Again that is one of the biggest things that is wrong with ObamaCare, it has tried to be one size fits all and that is the opposite of what we are putting in place right now. But when everything comes together with the inclusion of Phase 2, we will have truly great healthcare!feedback

Alina Salganicoff

What's interesting is that a lot of the language and the support that the Republicans have generated is that they want to give more choice to the states to [design] their own benefits, and the AHCA sets up waivers to do

Dan Donovan - Giant Eagle

As written, the AHCA [American Health Care Act] would impose a tax hike on city residents to fund tax cuts elsewhere in the state. My constituents would also be unable to use the bill's tax credits because of New York's rules on insurance

Adam Sonfield - Guttmacher Institute

All their state residents may find themselves unable to use the subsidies. So what you end up with is a situation where you're either harming New York and California residents, or the federal government is forcing state governments to change their law. Neither situation is a good

Alina Salganicoff

They are states that strongly ... support abortion access. Ten of those states also banned abortion coverage through their individual

Chet Burrell - CareFirst

What we're seeing is greater sickness levels. The pool of beneficiaries is becoming sicker, in part because healthier people are not coming in at the same level we hoped. We were hoping for more stability. The factors that I have described to you today lead to instability and to a spiral, and we think we are in the beginning of

Bill Cassidy

There's a widespread recognition that the federal government, Congress, has created the right for every American to have health

Matt Bevin

One of the most remarkable lies that has perpetrated in recent years in the healthcare community in America is that expanded Medicaid was working well in Kentucky. Every state is watching this to see what happens. It's the first one in the queue. I think what will happen is that other states will look at it and go, We want everything they

Trevor Noah

Right now, Obamacare doesn't let insurers raise rates for people with preexisting conditions. But with this bill, their rates could go way up. And if people can't afford their higher rates, they get thrown into something called a 'high risk pool,' which sounds less like an insurance plan and more like something you find in Charlie Sheen's

Seth Meyers

House Republicans today voted on and passed an Obamacare replacement bill without knowing how much it would cost. Though I'm not surprised – they also voted on an Obama replacement without knowing the

Mitch McConnell

Obamacare has failed the American people and must be repealed and replaced. As Congress considers this legislation, the administration will continue working to deliver relief and stabilize health markets, and Congress will continue to act on legislation to provide more choices and freedom in health care

George Huang

If Kentucky is successful, you'll see this spread through the more conservative-leaning states. It's possible even a Democratic blue state could do it. It's the flexibility that some states are

Donald J. Trump

He has worked so hard. I was joking, I said, you know, Paul, for the last week I've been hearing 'Paul Ryan doesn't have it. It's not working with Paul Ryan. He's going to get rid of Paul Ryan.' And then today I heard 'Paul Ryan is a genius, he's come a long

Donald J. Trump

A lot of people said, how come you kept pushing health care, knowing how tough it is? Don't forget, Obamacare took 17 months. Hillary Clinton tried so hard–really valiantly, in all fairness, to get health care through. Didn't happen. We've really been doing this for eight weeks, if you think about it. And this is a real plan. This is a great plan. And we had no support from the other

Avik Roy - Forbes

While repeal and replace of Obamacare has attracted the most attention, this Medicaid piece is very important and again, something that conservatives and Republicans have talked about from a long

Paul Ryan

We've been dreaming of this since I've been around – since you and I were drinking at a

John Holahan

All the evidence that is out there -- that we've pulled together and other people have -- is that Medicaid is a pretty low cost program. It's so much more expensive to put people in private

Donald J. Trump

Insurance companies are fleeing ObamaCare - it is dead. Our healthcare plan will lower premiums & deductibles - and be great healthcare!feedback

Orrin Hatch

At the same time, we will be working to put together a package that reflects our members' priorities with the explicit goal of getting 51 votes. Coupled with the constraints imposed by the budget reconciliation process, we must manage expectations and remain focused on the art of the doable as we move

Bob Corker

People are going to want to improve it. I don't see any way that it goes back in the form that it

Donald J. Trump

We knew that wasn't going to work. I predicted it a long time ago. I said it is failing and now it is obvious that it is failing. It is dead. It is essentially dead. If we don't pay lots of ransom money over to the insurance companies, it would die

Paul Ryan

Many of you have been waiting seven years to cast this vote. Many of you are here because you pledged to cast this

Donald J. Trump

It could get maybe even better. It's a very good bill right now. The premiums are gonna come down very substantially. The deductibles are going to come down. It's going to be fantastic health care. Right now Obamacare is failing. We have a failing health care – I shouldn't say this to our great gentleman, my friend from Australia cause you have better health care than we

Bob Corker

My guess is we're going to spend at least a month looking at the issue, making sure that it passes the test of

Donald J. Trump

It could change a little bit. It could be maybe even better. It's a very good bill right now. Premiums are going to come down substantially. Deductibles are going to come down. It's going to be fantastic healthcare. Right now ObamaCare is failing. I went through two years of campaigning and I'm telling you: No matter where I went, people are suffering so badly with the ravages of ObamaCare. We're going to get this passed through the Senate, I feel so

Steve Beshear

To me, morally, it was the right thing to expand Medicaid, but I had a responsibility to not to do something that would bankrupt the

Kevin Brady

That's the argument and the case we're going to make to the Senate and the Trump

Mark Meadows

If it's revenue neutral, you're not really lowering taxes. You're shifting the

Jonathan Traub - Deloitte Tax

That may prove to be one, if not the most difficult votes of the tax reform

Donald J. Trump

In those Pacific waters we forged iron bonds between our two countries. Few peoples in the world share ties in history, affection and culture like the Americans and the Australians. Those ties are sealed with the blood of our grandfathers and fathers and those same ties are now the priceless heritage we celebrate so beautifully tonight. People are suffering so badly with the ravages of Obamacare. Hey, I'm president! I'm president! Can you believe it?!feedback

David Dillon - Society Of Actuaries

About one percent of the population incurs 30 percent of the costs. The premiums are going to come down. However, those 30 percent of the claims aren't going away. They have to be funded

Marilyn Tavenner

The tax credit should be enhanced to reduce premiums and better meet the needs of people with low and modest incomes, are older, or live in areas with high health care costs. The American Health Care Act needs important improvements to better protect low- and moderate-income

Kevin Counihan

We just don't know how big the number of states are [that will opt in]. Two is fine. Fifteen – not close to

Paul Ryan

We still have a lot of work to do to get this signed into law, and I know our friends in the Senate are eager to get to work. We are going to see that work through. You know why we're going to see this work through? Because the issues are just too important. The stakes are just too

Donald J. Trump

I tell you, people suffered so badly with the ravages of Obamacare. As far as I'm concerned your premiums will come down. This will get passed through the Senate. I feel so

Scott Serota

It also is critical to fund cost-sharing reductions during this

Paul Ryan

We've got a lot of work to do. But one thing is now clear. Republicans are committed to keeping our promise to lift the burden of Obamacare from the American people and put in place a better and more patient-centered

Paul Ryan

You know, a lot of us have been waiting seven years to cast this vote. Many of us are here because we pledged to cast this very vote... Are we going to meet this test? Are we going to be men and women of our word? Are we going to keep the promises that we made? Or are we going to falter?

John Goodman

Before there was Obamacare, in the individual market, insurers could refuse to cover people who were uninsurable. Less than 1 percent of the United States is estimated to be uninsurable. So the Kaiser numbers are just way wrong. What is the right way to handle all this? What's the right way to handle it is to create a market for sick people. Every health plan in the exchange has a perverse incentive to attract the healthy and avoid the sick. So we have a real race to the bottom that's going to continue even with the Republican

Will Ferniany

We estimated about a third people on exchange will drop