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Jeff Davis - Navy
War is a very difficult thing, in the heat of battle, in the fog of war the possibility always exists for friendly fire, and that may have been what happened here, and that is what we are looking into with this investigation. We did know going in that this was going to be a very tough fight. We were going after the leader of ISIS in Afghanistan and doing it in a way that required us to put a large number of people on the ground as part of this mission, and it was a mission that appears to have accomplished its objective ... but it did so at a
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Apr 28 2017
The latest person who has talked about Afghanistan is Barack Obama: “There are a whole bunch of folks who voted for the president-elect because they feel forgotten and disenfranchised. They feel as if they're being looked down on. They feel as if their kids aren't going to have the same opportunities as they did. You don't want to have an America in which a very small sliver of people are doing really well, and everybody else is fighting for scraps.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Barack Obama and all the other people that have spoken about Afghanistan. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.
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John Nicholson

The attack on the 209th Corps today shows the barbaric nature of the Taliban. The Afghan National Defense and Security forces and the people of Afghanistan have my personal assurance that we will continue to stand with them. We support our valuable friends and partners in the fight against

Mohammad Radmanish

Two suicide bombers detonated their vests full of explosive inside the mosque of the army corps while everyone was busy with Friday

Mauricio Pochettino

We provided all the tools [for Dier] to be a Premier League player. My first game in charge against West Ham, he started as a centre back, next to Kaboul. Kyle Naughton got a red card, he moved to full-back and scored. That season, he played like a full back, like a centre back but never as a midfielder. Then in the summer, we were looking for a midfielder and we had plenty of options (to buy one), but I decided to play Eric in

Sergey Lavrov

I hope that there will be no more unilateral actions like the one we have recently seen in Syria while the United States will pursue the course which President [Donald] Trump has announced during his election campaign. If the US vice president meant that Washington could unilaterally use military force, then it is a risky road. I can't say that Obama's presidency was 'an era of strategic patience' because the United States took quite tough steps against North Korea in order to hamper the development of industries important for missile and nuclear

Mike Pence

Just in the past two weeks, the world has witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of armed forces of the United States in this region. We are with you 100 percent. Even in these troubled times, we stand with you for a free and secure future. The U.S. stands shoulder to shoulder with the Republic of Korea. We will continue to closely consult with South Korea and your leadership as we make decisions moving

Erin Cunningham

More than 8,000 U.S. troops are helping Afghan forces battle the Taliban. The commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., has said that he will need thousands of additional troops to better support the international coalition's mission. While here, McMaster … met with Nicholson, senior Afghan officials and other NATO commanders overseeing the mission to advise Afghan security

Mike Pence

Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region. There was a period of strategic patience but the era of strategic patience is over. The United States is troubled by China's economic retaliation against South Korea for taking appropriate steps to defend itself. But as the president has made very clear, either China will deal with this problem or the United States and our allies

Frode Kristofferson

When [Norway] deployed to Afghanistan we saw that we needed female soldiers. Both as female advisers for the Afghan special police unit that we mentored, but also when we did an arrest. We needed female soldiers to take care of the women and children in the buildings that we searched. We have them available when we need the female soldiers in operations

Dawood Moradian

Many people in Afghanistan are wondering about the nature of relations between the United States and Pakistan, particularly the fact that everyone recognizes the principal role of Pakistan in supporting Taliban and other terrorist

Mike Pence

Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan. North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region. We are with you 100%. North Korea would do well not to test [President Trump's]

Sayed Malik Maluk

I have always said that it is better to equip Afghan forces. If we are not equipped better, the situation will not improve. I have said this repeatedly to foreign commanders. We need better and more modern gear, especially for the air

H.R. McMaster

There was a connection with a criminal underworld and a political upperworld and a political settlement that rested in large measure on criminality and impunity. If we only decide to support Afghan troops, it won't work. We also need to focus on political

Shah Wali

I was sleeping when we heard a loud explosion. It was an ear-splitting blast. I jumped from my bed and came out of my home to see what has gone wrong in our

John Nicholson

This was the first time that we encountered an extensive obstacle to our progress. It was the right time to use it tactically against the right target on the

Dawlat Waziri

No civilian has been hurt and only the base which Daesh used to launch attacks in other parts of the province, was destroyed. The ground forces could not do it, so the Americans bombed the

Ahmad Jawid Salim

But because the posts and havens of I.S. were very strong, it was decided to use this big bomb. We were getting reports minute by minute, and we were aware that the bomb would drop in 30 and then 20

Jimmy Kimmel

So Canada's about to become the stoner living in America's

Donald J. Trump

I don't know if this sends a message; it doesn't make any difference if it does or does not. This was another very, very successful

Emily Winterbotham

Afghanistan was not really on the agenda during Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but ISIS was. Clearly Trump has decided that ISIS – whether it is in Iraq, Syria or Afghanistan – is something he is going

Mohammad Radmanesh

We will use whatever force that is available to us. And with the maximum amount of caution so that we don't cause civilian

Donald J. Trump

It was really another successful job, we are very proud of our military. We are so proud of our military, it was another successful event. Everybody knows exactly what happened, what I do is I authorise our military. We have the greatest military in the world, they've done a job, as usual, so we have given them total authorisation and that's what they're doing, and frankly, that's why they've been so successful lately. If you look at what's happened over the last eight weeks and compare that really to what's happened over the last eight years, you'll see that there's a tremendous

Medea Benjamin

Trump dropped the biggest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan on Thursday. Just where this escalation is going?“I’m really very good at war. I love war, in a certain way,” bragged candidate Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa. This is the same Donald Trump who avoided the Vietnam draft by claiming a bone spur in his foot, a medical problem that never kept him off the tennis courts or golf courses, and miraculously healed on its

Simon Jenkins

First Syria, now Afghanistan – obscene and pointless bombings. But Donald Trump has tasted the sweet cup of war and no one seems able to control him. Bombs are the fool’s gold of war. Imprecise, expensive and cruel, their strategic utility diminishes the farther they fall from a politician’s desk. The US, with Britain in tepid accord, has been bombing unstable Muslim states for 16 years and has delivered nothing but death and anarchy. But the bombs have warmed the souls of successive presidents and prime ministers. A good explosion reaches parts of the body politic no other policy can

Jim Cramer

I think it's because nobody was thinking about the Afghanistan conflict, it wasn't on the radar screen, and now the U.S. is dropping the mother of all bombs on some ISIS headquarters. In fact, this is a classic example of how I'm always telling you to wait for some exogenous weakness to give you a chance to buy great stocks at lower

Jim Cramer

But taken as an overall piece of the puzzle, it says, Hey, I've got to take some stock off the table here. This is getting a little too crazy for me, especially ahead of a three-day

Jim Cramer

Right now, investors are confused about Trump. A man who ran on the idea that America comes first, that China hurt our country with its currency manipulation, that interest rates may be too low, that Fed chief Janet Yellen is toast, that NATO's no longer relevant and that the Export-Import bank is a boondoggle for big companies, suddenly repudiated every single one of those principles in a single 24-hour news

Jim Cramer

If the president can change his mind so easily, if he can just abandon his hardcore, hard-fought principles while at the same time escalating the war in Afghanistan, then what else can he do? Investors, they do like a little predictability, and Trump is anything but predictable. When it doesn't matter how good the earnings are because there's so much other noise drowning them out, then you've got to keep some powder dry. Let stocks come down until the setup

Stephanie Link - Global Asset Management

We just have to get the macro to calm down a little bit. It might take a couple of weeks, but I do think that the economy is actually the underpinning of it all. The economy is a little bit better. The global economies are a little bit better. … Earnings are going to be better and that is what people care about when people are picking a stock. If earnings are going up, usually the stocks will

Art Hogan

If we can get in and out of some of these skirmishes without a full-on military event, then I think that we start to focus on things that are more fundamentals and both the economy and earnings are doing

Sean Spicer

The United States takes the fight against ISIS very seriously and in order to defeat the group, we must deny then operations space, which we

Donald J. Trump

I don't know if this sends a message. It doesn't make any difference if it does or not. North Korea is a problem. The problem will be taken care of. I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea. If they are unable to do so, the U.S., with its allies, will! U.S.A. We are sending an armada, very powerful. We have submarines, very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you. And we have the best military people on Earth. And I will say this. He is doing the wrong thing ... He's making a big

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

Allies sent Awacs surveillance planes to help patrol American skies and we launched NATO's biggest military operation ever in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Canadian soldiers have served shoulder to shoulder with American troops. More than 1,000 have paid the ultimate price. Our mission in Afghanistan is a major contribution to the fight against international

Mohammad Radmanesh

We have nothing officially on this so far, but the goal this year is to annihilate Daesh in the east and any other part of Afghanistan. We will use whatever force that is available to us, together with Resolute Support, and with the maximum amount of caution so that we don't cause civilian

Hans M. Kristensen

We have people arguing for new mini nukes. Here you have a case where the U.S. felt all it needed was a conventional whopper. The big unknown with this bomb is can you get the detonation point close enough to what is in the tunnel. How deep does it go in? Does this just destroy the entrance?feedback

Daulat Waziri

It was a strong position and four times we had operations [attacking the site] and it was not possible to

Mohammad Nateqi

First, people are concerned now about how Americans view Afghanistan, and whether or not they will change their minds about supporting us. The relationship between Afghanistan, the United States, and NATO has been very strong. But if there are bad relations between Iran, the United States, and Russia, it will be very dangerous for

Gul Ahmad Azami

We are worried that Afghanistan will become another Syria, with world powers confronting each other

Mohammad Akram Arefi

Iran is worried that with American troops in Afghanistan, the two militaries will end up confronting each other. Iran also wants to revive its power in the region, by having influence over Afghanistan. And with America here, they can't have the type of influence they

Maria V. Zakharova

It is not clear what they will do in Syria and not only there. Nobody understands what they will do in the Middle East because it is a very complicated region, forgive me for saying such a banal thing. Nobody understands what they will do with Iran, what they will do with

David Frommer

I looked at the flier advertising my upcoming Seders at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan: “Commemorate The Miracle that The LORD Redeemed Our Forefathers and Us from Egypt, praising the LORD for all the Miracles HE continues to do for us.” As a summary of how Southern Baptists, like its author, the command chaplain, understand the [].feedback

Karl W. Eikenberry

The American military has tried for 15 years to help Afghanistan build a professional army. It has always assumed that its own goal of defeating the insurgency is shared by Afghan Army leaders. This is often not so. Others are ensuring the welfare of his family and supporters, staying aligned with political patrons, and avoiding combat so as to preserve his unit, which is a source of

Brent Huffman

It shows that the Chinese government acknowledges the extremely high levels of corruption at play within the Chinese government-owned mining company

Mohammad Humayon Qayoumi

Afghanistan has always been interested in the U.S. investing in many areas, specifically the mining area. Within mining, there are some areas that are strategic materials such as lithium. There was a quite good matter of interest from President Trump's

Ajmal Maiwandi

It's been more than a decade and a half. If the capacity doesn't exist to deal with a project of this nature, it would be surprising all

Omara Khan Masoudi

I'm very happy to see the president pay attention to the reconstruction of this palace. It's really important. The media now is celebrating this as the land of terrorism, Al Qaeda and Taliban. This is something

Ashraf Ghani

I do not make these decisions as an individual. I am not entitled. Has the legal due process been completed or not? What has been our treaty? – because it's not subject of discussion, I don't have it on top of my fingers. Those people are making a judgment that the conditions are worth returning. Of course, there's a push factor from the host countries, but there's also a pull

Malcolm Turnbull

This historic visit has ... underscored the growing partnership between our nations and has been a valuable opportunity to discuss our ongoing security and development

Andrew Hansen

In terms of the constant day-to-day threat ... it is certainly more dangerous in Iraq and Afghanistan. But in terms of the dominance of the threat – the capability of North Korea – certainly this is a much more dangerous

Manuel Neukirchner

Next we say women's football was banned not in the Middle Ages but in the middle of the 20th century – where was that? The answers are: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. And the truth is: West

Nawaz Sharif

It is our responsibility to continue the war against terrorists. The network of terrorists has already been broken and it is our national duty to continue this war until the complete annihilation of the scourge of terrorism from our

Ron Frye

I understood Afghanistan. Iraq, I never understood why we were there. I know why the president claimed we went to Iraq but there were so many shady background issues involved in it that I've just come to believe that the only reason we went to Iraq was all about money and oil. I joined the army to protect America and preserve freedom for those around the world who asked for our assistance. I did not join the army to act as a mercenary for

Robin Jeran

The government wastes so much money it's unbelievable. It just drives you crazy. We're out trying to save the world all the time and we don't take care of our own. We shouldn't have people starving, homeless. Let's shrink it back in and take care of us. My golly, this idea that we're the know it all, good all hasn't proved out. All we do is get our foot in the door, get a whole bunch of people killed, defending what? What have we accomplished in Afghanistan or any of these places?feedback

Jonah Blank

Russia sees a gap and is trying to fill it. It's looking around for opportunities, for any place where it can expand its own influence and freedom to pursue its own interests, and undermine U.S. alliances and

Dawood Moradian

There is an emerging Taliban Axis comprising of Pakistan, China, Russia, and Iran. They are united in two things: evicting US from Afghanistan and combating

Hashim Alokozay

The district of Sangin was surrounded for 14 months by Taliban. The forces couldn't get reinforcements and supplies. So the government failed soldiers. They left the district. The Taliban will now be able to recruit more people into their ranks. So with the government leaving Sangin to Taliban... Lashkargah is

Omar Mohammed Amir Nessar

As long as the Talibs have a conflict with Isil, it would make sense for Russia to have contact with them. For one thing, there's no guarantee the weapons you supply will stay with the faction you give them

William Patey

No one will want to inherit this crock of the proverbial. We just didn't have the stamina - we always rush to hand things over to the locals, which is very laudable, but we did it before the institutions had been build. But this kind of thing really takes 20 or 30

Kareem Amin

For 30 years, people only heard the opposition propaganda about us. We are not intransigent warlords. We want to unify and rebuild

Timor Sharan - The International Crisis Group

Hezb is very fragmented, and it's all about personal interests. We don't know whether these former commanders will unite around Hekmatyar or work against him. This is his last attempt to reach power, this time through

Mike Crofts

We are trained to help and to seek, if you see someone injured, to move towards them. I suppose I was fortunate in that I had training in that area, I suppose in combat and medicine before going to Afghanistan. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we were unable to save him. PC Palmer at the time was surrounded by a whole host of colleagues who really loved him, we held his hand through the experience, talked to him throughout but unfortunately he passed

Bill Salvin

This move to a new district center had been planned for some time. The only thing they left to the Taliban is rubble and

Curtis Scaparrotti

NATO and the United States, in my view, must win in

Ana Locsin - Save the Children

Today should be a happy day in Afghanistan as children go back to class for the first time after a long winter. Instead it is a day cloaked in tragedy for the millions who can't access education and are struggling to survive. We know that children who aren't going to school are at increased risk of early marriage, entering the workforce where they can be exploited, or even recruitment into armed groups or being trafficked. And the longer they are out of the education system, the less likely they'll ever go

Bashir Ahmad Shakir

As a result of the powerful explosion, 14 have been killed, and six others have suffered serious

Shakil Ahmad

The soldier who mistakenly shot was loyal and brave and has fought successfully against the

Nizam Qaisari

I don't know what kind of government is this, a high-ranking police commander is murdering a university student and then he is resting in Governor Atta's

Robert Gates

Think of where our forces have been sent and have been engaged over the last 40-plus years: Vietnam, Lebanon, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Horn of Africa, and more. In fact, the first Gulf War stands alone in over two generations of constant military engagement as a more or less traditional conventional conflict from beginning to

Karim Yuresh

Our mediation did not help. We couldn't stop them. They are launching mortars at each other's positions. A delegation including the Afghan Army and police from Balkh arrived to mediate, but so far, that didn't help,

Mirdad Nejrabi

No one is above the law. Being a member of Parliament does not mean one has immunity to do whatever he or she can to disrupt law and

Ziaul Haq Sarhadi

We understand the sensitivities. Afghanistan depends on Pakistan for everything from needles to

Sahar Fetrat

On every international women's day, I keep thinking more of how suppressed we are within this patriarchal society. The symbolic celebrations, flowers, gifts and some words of empathy and sympathy are always given to women every 8th of March while on the same day, sexism, inequality, harassment and violence against women screams from all the streets and corners of this

Zubaida Akbar

We do not want to get flowers and head scarves. Instead, respect us as

Lal Raheem Shinwari

We, the residents and traders, are the worst

Khalida Popal

If the haters couldn't stop me, Trump can't. Sometimes I still have nightmares, . Those men are standing and looking at me and laughing or there is the fear that they will rape me. If those people inside my country, those haters, couldn't stop me, Donald Trump or [even] a hundred Trumps will never stop

Khalida Popal

Even when I was sick in the asylum centre I saw women who had worse situations than me and I wanted to save them. I was taking them out for walks and I had a football and told them: 'Just kick the ball.' They would be running after the ball, kicking it with bare legs and

Khalida Popal

I was not the woman I used to be. I said to myself so many times, I didn't risk my life to end up in an asylum centre in Denmark; it was not the goal. I felt like a bird in a cage. I was very depressed. I stopped talking to anyone, I had those dreams where someone is coming, I was dreaming that they sent me back. I missed my team – those girls I could hear their voices calling my name and laughing. It was really tough for

Khalida Popal

I think pay should be equal for male and female players. That is what I told the president. I looked into his eyes and said: 'Whenever you take a decision think about the father who has a son and a daughter when he is out shopping for his kids. He always wants to buy the same-value thing for both of them because he knows otherwise there will be a fight at home. Think like a father.' He was laughing and said: 'Yes, I will do

Khalida Popal

My problem was not the Taliban with the gun, it was also the Taliban with the tie, the suit and the boots, people with the mentality of the Taliban who were against women and their

Karl Blanchet

Syria is just the tip of the iceberg. In Afghanistan and Yemen today, international humanitarian organizations ... report attacks on health facilities every week. Patients have been shot while traveling in ambulances in Colombia, ambulances are used in suicide attacks in Afghanistan, doctors are murdered in Somalia, and hospitals bombed in Afghanistan, Yemen and

Massood Sanjer

People trust us. They see us as a source of help and pressure. I get 1,000 calls a day and I have a database of 10,000 phone numbers. We get answers, and we change people's lives. We need a Trump who will seal the border

Massood Sanjer

There are so many shocking stories. You can be killed for love in Afghanistan. We are much better today than during the Taliban, but some things make me hopeless. In some ways we are still back where we were

Massood Sanjer

You can always be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I don't feel scared to walk down the street. The country needs

Mohammad Farid Hamidi

The foreigners made ambitious plans without looking at the capacity so nothing was

Yama Tourabi

His political will is clear, but there are signs of resistance in his office. I wouldn't say he cleaned the house because I don't think you can clean up [the attorney general's office].feedback

Mohammad Gul

We are losing our youths every day in this war. Our government leaders have their families abroad and they are safe in expensive villas. America is doing nothing to stop this war. How long do we have to die? Why are they killing us? Who is there to answer our question?feedback

Ahmad Samir

He was a humble, honest, easygoing person. He had dreams for his life, like all of us. He was saving to buy a small flat for his mom, because their house was old and leaked a lot when it

Mohammad Nabi

It was a nightmare situation, because those who came had white uniforms on, I mean the uniform of a doctor. Nobody can imagine a doctor with a Kalashnikov who opens fire. It is very strange to see people in white uniforms kill people. They killed our patients in their beds and they killed our

Vanda Felbab-Brown - The Brookings Institution

We still haven't heard a peep from the Trump administration for what its plans or ambitions or intentions are for Afghanistan. This current levels he cannot break the stalemate. So far no word, no focus, no indication of any kind from the White

Theo Farrell

While disturbing, [Wednesday's attack] should not be mistaken for the rise in ISIS. All the evidence suggests that [ISIS has] been contained in Kandahar. And while there are ISIS cells in other parts of Afghanistan, the country is very hostile ground for

Tracey Hazel

It has been proved with the Chilcot that it was not worth it. I obviously think somebody else should have had [Mr Blair's] ticket, like one of the

Paul Day

Her Majesty the Queen seemed very enthusiastic about the memorial, if I may be permitted to say so. The Duke commented on the fact the lettering wasn't necessarily clearly visible enough. It could be darker. That's an aesthetic decision we might readdress afterwards, but we'll

Michele Lunn

They're so unpredictable children, we tried our best. He was fine up until a few minutes before the Queen

John McDonnell

From the left now [...] we should now be mapping out not in manifesto form but in a manual form the first 100 days of a Labour Government going into power. The issues around energy, you immediately announce no more nuclear power. On foreign policy, you immediately say we are coming out of Afghanistan now, we're scrapping nuclear weapons. We would have built up popular support for those policies. This is the most exciting period of my political life. We have a Tory Government waging class war against us. That's exactly what's

Obaidullah Barekzai

This is not the first attack by the Islamic States group, they have carried out several bloody attacks in

Ashraf Ghani

All women must unanimously stand against such acts. A hospital is a place that is considered immune in any law, any religion and sect. Attacking a hospital is an attack against the entire people of Afghanistan and against all the women of

Bibi Jamila

I am a Pakistani citizen but they are not allowing me to cross to the other side. We don't want to live like

Ghulam Farouq Sangari

Our police forces haven't been paid for a month. When we speak with the interior ministry, they just say there are some problems with the

Zia Durrani

We have given them weapons, ammunition and territories but cannot pay them their salary. This is

Amanullah Hottaki

A policeman with a gun is like a hungry lion. They are armed and if they turn against the government, that will create a big

Shamsul Islam

More than 2,000 Afghans have so far moved across the border. Thousands of others are waiting to be allowed exit into Afghanistan. There are long queues. Clearance and immigration take

Jimmy Carr

Say what you like about these servicemen amputees from Iraq and Afghanistan, but we're going to have a f---ing good Paralympic team in

Najib Danish

Right now, police forces have started a clearing up operation inside the police

Abdul Nasir Ziaee

Two terrorists entered a building. One blew himself up and the second was shot by Afghan security

Mohammad Karim

The poor can't dig deep wells, but that doesn't mean they should die of

Mohammad Karim

The government mustn't allow people to dig deep wells because it has caused many

Aslam Khan

The increase in population and drought has resulted in a shortage of water in Kabul, so more people are demanding deeper wells to get

Omar Mohammadi

At least 239 people have been killed and 214 wounded during the past two months of heavy snow and rain in 22 provinces of

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

The president has been rightfully reticent on it because he's waiting for my assessment and the assessment from the intelligence community. It shouldn't take too long. I've got to integrate a fair number of issues to give a good recommendation for the way

Imtiaz Gul

This is a virtual declaration of war against the state of Pakistan. But this has led to a degree of complacency within our civil-military leadership that perhaps they have completely destroyed these elements, or broken their

Zahid Hussain

Either the entire government is in a state of denial, or they know it well but don't want to do anything about

Zahid Hussain

The Islamic State (group) might not have a strong organizational structure in Pakistan but we have thousands of members of banned groups sympathetic to the (their) ideology. They subscribe to the Islamic State (group) world view. The government has no clear strategy. They don't have a clear policy to deal with

Qamar Javed Bajwa

Each drop of the nation's blood shall be avenged, and avenged immediately. No more restraint for

Aziz Hakimi

These groups are all very similar, but are entirely separate forces. The Taliban is a local force limited to within Afghanistan while ISIL thinks bigger, of a Great Muslim Caliphate, and its Afghan branch is an integral part of this new global Islamic

Asif Ghafoor

Recent Ts (Terrorist) acts are being exec (Executed) on directions from hostile powers and from sanctuaries in Afghanistan. We shall defend and respond. Your security forces shall not allow hostile powers to succeed. We stand for our

Indrika Ratwatte - United Nations

There were incidences of pressure and harassment especially in KP [Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province]. But does it amount to forced return? No. It doesn'

Ariane Rummery - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

UNHCR does not promote returns to Afghanistan given the enduring conflict in different parts of the country and its limited absorption capacity. At the same time, the agency does help those who decide to return based on the options available to

Gerry Simpson - Human Rights Watch

What is now needed is not more money to incentivize return to harm, but more money to help Pakistan protect Afghan refugees in

John Nicholson

We have a shortfall of a few thousand. Yes, sir. Our complex relationship with Pakistan is best assessed through a holistic

John Nicholson

I have adequate resources in my counterterrorism mission. In my train, advise and assist mission, however, we have a shortfall of a few thousand. This is in the NATO train, advise and assist mission, so it can come from America or its

Mohammad Rafi

Considering the current situation, interference by neighboring countries, and the corrupt circles within the government, we would be happy for the number of foreign troops to

Zabihullah Mujahid

This is nothing more than a dream. We have experienced large numbers of invader forces in our country. This will be nothing more than suffering and more

Dawlat Waziri

The Afghan defence ministry supports any decision taken between the Afghan and American governments. This is a joint battle against terrorism and we support any possible way to tackle terrorism in the

Dejan Panic

It makes us fear for the future of our operations, because all of the serious aid organisations operate without armed guards, and we can be easy targets in this changing

Khalid Fahim

There is no doubt that our operations are increasingly affected by increased insecurity. The practices on the ground often conflict with what leaders say at the high levels. What facilitates access is acceptance and impartiality. We are there for the people of Afghanistan. If people want us, then they facilitate the

Christine Monaghan

In areas where ISIS has tried to expand its influence, residents are often caught between the Taliban, government forces, and ISIS in a

John Nicholson

These contributions could come from our allies as well as the United States. We have identified the requirement and the desire to advise below the core level so these additional forces would enable us to thicken our advisory effort across the Afghan ministries and do more advising below the core

Peter Maurer

We condemn in the strongest possible terms what appears to be a deliberate attack on our staff. This is a huge tragedy. We're in shock. These staff members were simply doing their duty, selflessly trying to help and support the local community. Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of our colleagues killed and those unaccounted

Jeff Davis - Navy

President Ghani affirmed his commitment to reforms, especially eliminating corruption, and highlighted the importance of a sustained US-Afghan relationship for the security of Afghanistan and the region. In light of the recent attacks, including today's attack against the Afghan Supreme Court, Secretary Mattis offered his condolences for the sacrifices of the Afghan people and commended President Ghani's unwavering commitment in the face of the

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

Yet another record year of civilian suffering in Afghanistan. Unless all parties to the conflict make serious efforts to review and address the consequences of their operations, the levels of civilian casualties, displacement and other types of human suffering are likely to remain at appallingly high

Stephane Dujarric - United Nations

Those behind today's bombing and other such despicable acts must face

John Nicholson

What we're seeing right now is what I would call an equilibrium, but one that's in favour of the

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

The killing and maiming of thousands of Afghan civilians is deeply harrowing and largely preventable. All parties to the conflict must take immediate concrete measures to protect the ordinary Afghan men, women and children whose lives are being

Tadamichi Yamamoto - United Nations

I am deeply saddened to report, for yet another year, another increase in civilian casualties, another all-time high

Ana Locsin - Save the Children

The humanitarian situation across much of Afghanistan has deteriorated significantly in the past 12 months, and with the start of the traditional fighting season not far away with the end of winter, it could get even worse in the coming months. It's a critical time in Afghanistan, when far more international help is most definitely

Rajab Salangi

It will remain blocked until the snow is cleared from the main road, facilities are provided and it is safe to

Syed Maghferat Shah

So far the rescue workers have recovered nine bodies and efforts are under way to retrieve mor?e. There is no way to rush the injured persons to Chitral hospital because all roads in the valley have been blocked due to heavy

Nader Khan

I warn my son every day about the cars coming from the Kabul side. The drivers are completely careless and I fear for my son's life. It pains me to see him work, and I would rather see him go to school. But what he earns now is the only income we have in the

Javed Noorani

I feel pity if they allow it. The World Bank , in collaboration with the Afghan government, tried to remove the heritage [site] to safety, but this act in itself is a breach of international standards and laws on archaeology. People are worried because they have been displaced without being consulted or their consent

Tim Williams - UNESCO

This is an outstanding and complex archaeological landscape, with astounding quality of

Brent Huffman

Chinese companies have a history of making big promises to third world

Aleksandar Vulin

We are establishing tougher control, meaning that only with certain permissions they would be allowed to leave the camp, to return at a certain time and that they would be issued appropriate identity

Dawlat Waziri

The Afghan government has control of all 34 provinces of

John Sopko

The Afghan security forces need continued donor support, plus mentoring and limited tactical support from the U.S. military, to block insurgent

Haidary Mohammad

I've been through a lot of firefights and ambushes and stuff like that in Afghanistan. The Taliban look for the guys who work with Americans, and I was one of the guys. There's two friends of mine still working in the north of Afghanistan with the Special Forces. Their paperwork is nearly done, one already got his visa, and they're still hoping to

Susan E. Rice

This is stone cold crazy. After a week of crazy. Who needs military advice or intell to make policy on ISIL, Syria, Afghanistan, DPRK?feedback

Kirsten Di Martino - UNICEF

Others argue if you do [allow child marriage] some of the refugees might not claim they are married and just hide it and not come to the attention of the protection services. Therefore if they are in an abusive relationship or exploitative situation they may not be protected. It's not always a scenario of having a young girl married to a much older man, necessarily, because a lot of the refugees come from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria and they are legally allowed to marry before the age of

John McCain

Maybe you don't take it with the seriousness that it deserves. It's clear from your record that you've been an impediment to that. It's nice to believe you think it's important because you've spent your entire congressional career pitting the debt against the military. What were you thinking when you voted for an immediate withdrawal of troops and Afghanistan?feedback

Jens Stoltenberg - NATO

The military operation [in Afghanistan] was a direct response on an attack on the United States. So NATO is important both for Europe, and for the United

Barack Obama

There are a whole bunch of folks who voted for the president-elect because they feel forgotten and disenfranchised. They feel as if they're being looked down on. They feel as if their kids aren't going to have the same opportunities as they did. You don't want to have an America in which a very small sliver of people are doing really well, and everybody else is fighting for

Donald J. Trump

They were willing to send their young people to Afghanistan to fight, not because they were attacked, but because we were attacked. And we should never forget

Shams Zaman

The best cartridges are used by NATO forces across the border, in the thousands. The empties are picked up by scrap collectors and then hauled from Afghanistan to us,

Monica Zanarelli - International Committee of the Red Cross

We are relieved and grateful that Juan Carlos is now back with us, safe and sound. His abduction was a terrible ordeal for him, as well as for his family, friends and colleagues. Our priority now is Juan Carlos' well-being and getting him home to his

John Nicholson

On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President [Ahsraf] Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

We see each day a world awash in change. Our country is still at war in Afghanistan and our troops are fighting against ISIS and other terrorist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere. Russia is raising grave concerns on several fronts, and China is shredding trust along its periphery. I have very modest expectations for areas of cooperation with Mr.

John Nicholson

Regardless of the circumstances, I deeply regret the loss of innocent lives. On this occasion the Taliban chose to hide amongst civilians and then attacked Afghan and U.S. forces. I wish to assure President (Ashraf) Ghani and the people of Afghanistan that we will take all possible measures to protect Afghan civilians. We will continue to assist the Afghan security forces in their efforts to defend their

Roger Turner

We're viewing this as a high-risk mission...We're not in any way viewing this as a noncombat mission, or something to take

Faisal Razmal

I feel like I'm drowning here. I'm not mentally

Homeyra Ghaffari

People hear about America and think it is a dreamland and everything is law and order and they are going to be absolutely safe, and when they enter they are in shock as they try to find their way around. They feel isolated, don't have any clear direction. Their dream shatters right

Maria V. Zakharova

(The three countries) expressed particular concern about the rising activity in the country of extremist groups including the Afghan branch of

Ahmad Shekib Mostaghni

Discussion about the situation in Afghanistan, even if well-intentioned, in the absence of Afghans cannot help the real situation and also raises serious questions about the purpose of such

Angela Merkel

We will continue to take resolute action...because it's about protecting people whether they are in Germany or in

Sher Mohammad Haidari

There's a lot of other interpreters who were shot, hurt, are crazy disabled, and all of them are stuck in

Caitlan Coleman

Obama, your legacy in leaving office is probably important to you, and our lives and those of our children are to us. So please don't become the next Jimmy Carter. Just give the offenders something so they and you can save face, and we can leave the region

Michael O'Shaughnessy

We are deeply concerned for the safety and well-being of Joshua Boyle, Caitlan Coleman and their young children and call for their unconditional

Javid Faisal

The Taliban never protects projects, and it isn't their job. There is no stake for a terrorist group in the [national]

Robert Crews

Taliban spokesmen have been presenting the movement as a competent, development-oriented government-in-waiting, one that can advance the welfare of the Afghan people more efficiently than the current Afghan

Ali Madad Nasiri

It was early morning and I was sleeping when four policemen came to my home and arrested me. I didn't have a chance to take my clothes, cellphone and laptop - all left

Michael Flynn

She doesn't take any accountability for herself, and she put our country at

Hassan Fazili

They might have questions about the movie and, as a director, I'm supposed to answer the questions. But we can't do much from

Hassan Fazili

I received phone calls saying that they will kill me making movies like

Hassan Fazili

It was really important for me to be there, to know what people get from this

Ash Carter

To have a stable security partner that is eager and willing to work with the United States is an asset for the future for

Ash Carter

The United States presence and continued support to Afghan forces and strategic partnership with the government of Afghanistan demonstrates to the world that America is and will remain committed to a sovereign and secure

John Nicholson

Our policy of having an enduring counterterrorism effort alongside Afghan partners is, in my view, very sound – something that we need to

Peter Cook

In his meetings with senior Afghan officials, the secretary will discuss the growing capabilities and resilience demonstrated by Afghan security forces in recent months. He will also discuss ongoing efforts to continue building Afghan combat capacity including

Shaida Abdali

Unless we take a collective measure to fight terrorism, to fight the breeding ground for terrorism, the safe sanctuary, we will not be able to bring peace and stability either to Afghanistan or to anywhere else in the region, including

Khalid Payenda

That would be air cargo between Afghanistan and India. We have a lot of potential for trade on both sides. On our side, it's mostly fruit and dried fruit and potentially through India to other places for products like carpets and

Gopal Baglay

There have been very many ideas on how to enhance connectivity, overcome current challenges and also expand the trade

Jason Amerine

He was indecisive and betrayed his duty to us, leaving my men to die during the golden hour when he could have reached us. Every element in Afghanistan tried to help us except the closest friendly unit, commanded by

Gilles de Kerchove

We have to be prepared because some of them will come to Europe. They may try to come back home and we don't want to repeat the mistake we made in the late 80s when the Russians left Afghanistan and we left these mujahideen ... in the

James Mattis - US Marine Corps

Actually it's quite fun to fight them, you know. It's a hell of a hoot. It's fun to shoot some people. I'll be right up there with you. I like brawling. You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't wear a veil. You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot

Mohammad Radmanish

They have been tested in Afghanistan and can support our forces on the

Peter Cook

He had ties to terrorist groups operating throughout Southwest Asia, including groups responsible for attacking the U.S. and coalition forces in Afghanistan and those plotting to attack the

Nurul Izzah Anwar

In 1980, we withdrew from the Olympic Games that is more prestigious to protest the invasion of Soviet troops on

Bashir Ahmad Rashidi

We can find Iranian saffron in Herat saffron markets and I hope those who import Iranian saffron into Afghanistan think about the quality of Afghan saffron compared to Iranian

Bashir Ahmad Rashidi

Over the past two years, we've seen saffron having a good impact on the economy of families and our

Kyle Kensing

You are talking about a lot of time and

Pernille Kardel

Religious and ethnic tolerance are values the Afghan people hold strongly. I urge the Afghan authorities to do everything possible to defend Afghans of all faiths.