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The latest person who has talked about Air Pollution is Jerry Brown: “We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out a poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks. It goes from some machine, into the air and into your lungs.”. You’ll find on this page all the other quotes of Jerry Brown and all the other people that have spoken about Air Pollution. You can select these people and their quotes by date, by name, and you can easily have access to the articles from which they originated.

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Folkard Wittrock

The truck provides a unique set of different instruments. On one hand we have instruments which are just sucking in the air around us, which means that we are able to analyse the air for pollutants. On the other hand we have remote sensing instrumen[...]

Michael Saul

Backing away from these modest rules is doubly dangerous given the administration's reckless plans to ramp up fracking and drilling on public lands across America. Federal rules are critical because state rules in places like Oklahoma have been appa[...]

Yuhang Wang

When you look at haze reduction, it is not just about reducing emissions of air pollutants, it is also about reducing emissions of greenhouses gases from China and all the other countries in the world, so we can possibly slow down the rapidly changi[...]

Joseph Stanko - Hunton & Williams

Essentially, it's a mandate that EPA rules follow the Clean Air Act, instead of creating their own new programs.

Tom Pyle

The president has worked diligently to fulfill his promises and I am confident he will do so. The Clean Air Act was abused by the previous administration to fit their agenda. It's up to Congress to make a decision on CO2.

Janet Sanz

The people of Barcelona have told us clearly in surveys that they want to fight against air pollution because it is a health problem of the first order.

Julie Morrissey

This work increases our understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It shows that the bacteria which cause respiratory infections are affected by air pollution, possibly increasing the risk of infection and the effectiveness of antibiot[...]

Paul Monks

This research has significant potential to initiate a global research effort to understand a hitherto unknown effect of air pollution and provide significant additional impetus to the control of pollution.

Steven Barrett

It ends up being about a one percent extra risk of dying early in a given year, per microgram per meter cubed of fine particles you're exposed to. Typically that means that someone who dies early from air pollution ends up dying about a decade early[...]

Penny Woods

The chancellor must take bold action to reduce the number of diesel vehicles on UK roads. We also need a new Clean Air Act, with fair targets to work towards. Few things are as precious as our children’s health. That’s why the research commissioned [...]

Jing Kang

These pathological changes are very important because they are the fundamental mechanisms for the common chronic diseases we have today. I can anticipate the same things [that happen in mice] would happen in humans, because many other inflammatory d[...]

Jan Lutz

I wanted to build cost-effective sensors, given the less than reliable government data and coverage regarding air pollution. But I think in five years Stuttgart will be like Detroit or something, because there is simply no innovation. The automobile[...]

Peter Erben

We wanted to highlight the bureaucratic apathy of the city administration. There is a pressing need for more proactive measures to combat air pollution. The existing ones are inadequate.

Paul Monks

The lead investigators have brought together their expertise in genetics, microbiology and air pollution chemistry to provide truly multidisciplinary, ground-breaking insights.

Julie Morrissey

This work increases our understanding of how air pollution affects human health. It shows that the bacteria which cause respiratory infections are affected by air pollution, possibly increasing the risk of infection and the effectiveness of antibiot[...]

Ulrich Vogt

We do not have good ventilation and hence no way of diluting the air pollutants.

Khem Bahadur Karki

It is a very serious problem, which poses a threat to people's health. Around 30 percent of respiratory illnesses are contributed by outdoor air pollution.

Sophie Power

Recent studies show that even if we managed to reduce diesel from over 50 percent, what it is now in London, to just 10 percent there will still be hotspots in London that are over the WHO guidelines for nitrogen dioxide. It's a long time coming, we[...]

Alan Jamieson

In fact, the amphipods we sampled contained levels of contamination similar to that found in Suruga Bay, one of the most polluted industrial zones of the northwest Pacific. What we don't yet know is what this means for the wider ecosystem and unders[...]

Dan Greenbaum

"(India) has got a longer way to go, and they still appear to have some ministers who say there is not a strong connection between air pollution and mortality in spite of quite a lot of evidence,"

Dan Greenbaum

(India) has got a longer way to go, and they still appear to have some ministers who say there is not a strong connection between air pollution and mortality in spite of quite a lot of evidence.

Alan Jamieson

Pollutants were there in every single sample, regardless of depth, regardless of species.

Henrik Poulsen - DONG Energy

When you look at climate change and air pollution from fossil fuel production, it is no longer some abstract discussion about a future threat to the planet, it is quite real. This is something which is changing the lives of millions of people around[...]

Mark Z. Jacobson - Navy

I believe that it is fantastic that a boat powered by hydrogen and electricity will travel the world. It is an important step forward and consistent with this proposed path to 100 percent clean, renewable energy worldwide for all purposes to solve e[...]

Dong Liansai

The scale of the red alert measures show that the Chinese government is taking air pollution seriously. However, the ongoing 'airpocalpyse' is further evidence that China must implement far stricter limitations on coal consumption and accelerate the[...]

Anne Hidalgo

Mayors have already stood up to say that the climate change is one of the greatest challenges we face. Today, we also stand up to say we no longer tolerate air pollution and the health problems and deaths it causes – particularly for our most vulner[...]

Marion Le Mouroux

It's worrying for our future. If we are generating this much pollution, what's going to become of us.

Sophie Vigourous

A nice day like this makes you want to go out for a walk and get some fresh air. You can't really feel it, the pollution.

Amelie Fritz

We've noticed that the measures haven't been followed that much. We've noticed only 5 to 10 percent less traffic.

Roberto Fernández del Castillo

If we can get good data on air pollution itself, and we can combine that with data on things like exacerbation of asthma attacks. We can get a better understanding of how we can ameliorate the effects of air pollution, how we can motivate people to [...]

Denes Honus

We're commercializing more than 10 years of academic research… (about) specific moss cultures which you can find in the woods, and they have the ability to literally eat up air pollution.

Sunita Narain

There is lax action on the court's directives. There is little recognition of the urgency of toxic air pollution, particularly in the winter months.

D.S. Rawat

Environment and air pollution-related issues might hurt Brand India and hit sectors like tourism and outdoor recreation, as people tend to stay away from polluted areas.

Surya Kant Tripathi

Higher air pollution levels may take days to settle.

Anthony Lake - UNICEF

Air pollution is a major contributing factor in the deaths of around 600,000 children under five every year – and it threatens the lives and futures of millions more every day. Pollutants don't only harm children's developing lungs – they can actual[...]

Nicholas Rees - UNICEF

Air pollution affects poor children the most.

Bill Hemmings

This is a landmark decision and we are very pleased that the world has bitten the bullet and is now tackling poisonous sulfuric fuel in 2020. This decision reduces the contribution of shipping to the world's air pollution impact from about 5 percent[...]

Bill Hemmings

This decision reduces the contribution of shipping to the world's air pollution impact from about 5 percent down to 1.5 percent and will save millions of lives in the coming decades.

Erik Solheim

People are risking their lives every time they leave their homes. But it isn't just about accidents. Designing transport systems around cars puts more vehicles on the road, increasing both greenhouse gas emissions and deadly air pollution. We must p[...]

Maria Neira

This new model is a big step forward towards even more confident estimates of the huge global burden of more than 6 million deaths – 1 in 9 of total global deaths – from exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution. More and more cities are monitori[...]

Jerry Brown

That's real stuff and it goes from some machine into the air and into your lungs.

Jerry Brown

This bill curbs these dangerous pollutants and thereby protects public health and slows climate change.

Rajasekhar Bala

Air pollution, especially that caused by atmospheric fine particles, has grave implications for human health.

Jerry Brown

Cutting black carbon and other super pollutants is the critical next step in our program to combat climate change. We're protecting people's lungs, their health by cutting out the poisonous chemical that comes out of diesel trucks that comes out of [...]

Jerry Brown

"This plan gets us the most bang for the buck". "It directs hundreds of millions where it's needed most - to help disadvantaged communities, curb dangerous super pollutants and cut petroleum use - while saving some for the future".

Jerry Brown

California's combatting climate change on all fronts and this plan gets us the most bang for the buck. It directs hundreds of millions where it's needed most – to help disadvantaged communities, curb dangerous super pollutants and cut petroleum use [...]

Bill Magavern

It's important that we reduce emissions of these super-pollutants rapidly.

Marcie Keever - Friends of the Earth

People should not have to choose between mobility and a healthy climate. The EPA's nine-year delay on regulating aircraft emissions failed the American people. Now it's time for the Obama administration to issue a strong rule, to hold the aviation i[...]

Sara Rasmussen

Residents of communities undergoing (fracking) and those nearby can be exposed to noise, light, vibration, heavy truck traffic, air pollution, social disruption and anxiety.

Gina McCarthy - United States Environmental Protection Agency

Using the power of the Clean Air Act, we're getting VW's polluting vehicles off the road and we're reducing harmful pollution in our air – pollution that never should have been emitted in the first place. It should send a very clear message that whe[...]

Alison Mochizuki - Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's looks forward to working with the EPA in its mission to reduce air pollution and protect the ozone layer, and, with this agreement, has committed to reducing its emissions to a rate that matches the best of the industry.

Sanjay Narayan - Sierra Club

MATS offers tremendous benefits for the American people by protecting their health, at reasonable costs to industry. The Supreme Court correctly rejected the latest industry challenge to these vital protections against dangerous, toxic pollutants–po[...]

Kiros Berhane

I think we can safely say this is one of the clearest pieces of scientific evidence to say reduction of air pollution can lead to improvement in respiratory health for children.

Leo Trasande

Air pollution-associated preterm birth contributes direct medical costs in the first few years of life due to associated conditions, such as in the newborn intensive care unit, as well as lost economic productivity due to developmental disabilities [...]

Zhang Gaoli

(We) will use greater determination, greater vigour and better moves to prevent air pollution in Zhangjiakou, the Beijing-Hebei-Tianjin region as well as the Yangtze River Delta area and the Pearl River Delta. Using concrete actions to bring down th[...]

Tian Weiyong - Emergency Response Unit

Judging from the test results and the data collected, the overall air pollution at the core zone is controllable and pollution outside that area has not exceeded the level set nationally.

Simon Birkett

These estimates will send shockwaves around the world. It's hard to grasp the scale of a public health problem that is responsible for… one in five of all deaths. There can no longer be any doubt – air pollution affects us all and the vulnerable the[...]

Sebastien Pant

This means that the number of premature deaths due to air pollution – which we already suspected – is higher than we thought.

Sebastien Pant

I think any kind of study like this will increase the pressure on national politicians and it will have been noted by people across the European Union. It's the first time that there has been such a study on the number of deaths from nitrogen dioxid[...]

Bas Eickhout

So yes, we have better tests, but we are even doubling now the emission target. So more or less, we are legalising cars to pollute more, while it's a loss for democracy, air pollution and our citizens health.

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

The relationships between health and climate change are complex and volatile. Extreme weather threatens lives – many dangerous diseases are sensitive to climate conditions and air pollution adds greatly to the global burden of death and disease.

Thomas F. Mentel

We have basically focused on reducing air pollution for a long time, but it seems climate change is much more complex than that alone.

Jens Hjorth

There's quite a high level of air pollution over the Mediterranean. And there's a lack of data about this, we don't know enough. So we need more observations. And this ship is a very good platform for making observations, because it covers a large a[...]

Christopher Wild

Classifying outdoor air pollution as carcinogenic to humans is an important step. There are effective ways to reduce air pollution and, given the scale of the exposure affecting people worldwide, this report should send a strong signal to the intern[...]

Lisette van Vliet

What we see is that very high risks both for the environment and for human health because of climate change contributions, because of ground water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, land use issue, workers health.

Roberto Verri

We can consider this technology entirely ecological because it works exclusively with high pressure water. There is no air pollution or ground or underground dumping.

Dana Loomis

Our task was to evaluate the air everyone breathes rather than focus on specific air pollutants. The results from the reviewed studies point in the same direction: the risk of developing lung cancer is significantly increased in people exposed to ai[...]

Matthias Beekmann

Aerosol is dust, very fine particles which float in the air and which man breathes in. That is why it's bad for one's health. Organic means this aerosol is made up of chemical elements like carbon, oxygen and hydrogen.

Jan Procházka - Advanced Materials

The industrial solutions can very efficiently clean high concentrations of pollutants but there is a certain level which is very hard to remove So this is a field where photocatalysis actually is very useful.

David Bookbinder - Sierra Club

The importance is that the federal government will now begin setting limits for the first time on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas pollutants, something the Bush administration refused for eight years to do, as the problem grew worse and wors[...]

Carlos Brais Carballeira Braña

Three different samples are exposed for three weeks in order to accumulate all the pollutants in the area, in this case from passing cars or industrial plant, but primarily it'll be general road traffic.

Terje Grøntoft

The new thing about this memory dosimeter is that it's a combination of two existing dosimeters: one that was sensitive to acids in the environment and one that was sensitive to traffic pollutants. It combines the measurements of these dosimeters in[...]

Angela Benedetti

Among the various pollutants that we study, there is, for example, dust from the desert. We can see here a beautiful image of a dust plume coming from the desert, wrapping around and going towards southern Europe and affecting air quality in this re[...]

José Angel Fernández Escribano

These contaminants can affect rivers, which then flow into the sea, and pollute the marine environment. It will be possible to develop these tools and to discover all the pollutants that are affecting the whole ecosystem.

Du Shaozhong

From the 1st of July, pollutants have been reduced by 15 to 20 percent. We have had 23 days of clean air.

Benito Mogedas

Microalgae eat some of the pollutants in the waste water to take in nutrients during photosynthesis. These are substances such as nitrates, phosphates or phenolic compounds. So microalgae biologically clean that waste water.

Krzysztof Kapusta

This is where we analyse the different chemical compounds present in the gases created underground. We use chromatography to perform those chemical analyses. A pipeline coming directly from the reactor brings the gases to this system. The computer r[...]

Richard Engelen

You can think of citizens who are sensitive to high levels of pollution like people with asthma, who need to know what the conditions will be for the next few days. There are authorities and cities or regions that need to change, for instance, traff[...]

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