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Sophie Nicolas
I could just tell by the cabin crew's reaction that it was really bad. [Crew] said 'I hope you all say a prayer, I'll be saying a prayer too, and let's hope that we all get back home safely.' I was crying a lot, a lot of people were crying, trying to call their mums and stuff but we couldn't really do anything just wait and trust the
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Jun 26 2017
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Pascal Fabre - Alix Partners

Overall, there are big steps not only on the product side but on the support and services side for the airlines to feel confident that they can go in and order those

John Leahy - Airbus Group

Twenty years from now, I think there'll be the big three manufacturers of Airbus, Boeing and

John Leahy - Airbus Group

Is this a slower show than previous years? Yes, it is. Are we conceding that Boeing sold a few more airplanes than we did? Yes. We had expected they would have had a bigger launch on the 737 Max 10, not quite as many conversions, more incremental

Farhad Alavi

The civilian aircraft industry is one of a shrinking number of major manufacturing sectors where we maintain a very clear competitive advantage. A hard line saying 'no' to such major aircraft deals at a time when demand has dwindled elsewhere does not inspire confidence in this president being committed to quality American jobs, particularly in the manufacturing

John Leahy - Airbus Group

We will have some orders today, but today's isn't going to be one of our record air

Charles Champion

The beacon on it will alert emergency services within minutes. The new recorder will hold up to 25 hours of recorded voice and data. It is designed to survive the impact of terminal velocity and will float on water. The recorder will release itself automatically if submerged in two meters of water or if the planes sensors detect serious structural deformation. The structural damage would have to be serious. We want to ensure no deployment on a hard landing or a bird

Tim Clark - Emirates

If they said we'll give you these winglets on a retrofit basis, to save up to 2.5 percent fuel, I would look at

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

GECAS' renewed order of our best-selling A320neo aircraft, underscores the continuing strong market demand for these fuel-efficient aircraft. The unmatched, low operating costs and appeal of the A320 Family make it a strong asset in GECAS'

Ihssane Mounir - The Boeing Company

It is getting a big endorsement from airlines and that is leading to more lessons endorsing it

Kevin McAllister - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

The 737 MAX 10 extends the competitive advantage of the 737 MAX family and we're honoured that so many customers across the world have embraced the outstanding value it will bring to their fleets. Airlines wanted a larger, better option in the large single-aisle segment with the operating advantages of the 737 MAX family. Adding the 737 MAX 10 gives our customers the most flexibility in the market, providing their fleets the range capability, fuel efficiency and unsurpassed reliability that the 737 MAX family is widely known

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

In fact, frankly, we look at the demand for really big airplanes and we find it hard to believe that Airbus will be able to deliver the rest of their A380s in

Sandy Morris - Jefferies International

The spirit of Sir Freddie may stalk Paris this year. He might relish the dynamism evident across the the industry as we watch developments such as [new budget airlines] Level, Eurowings, and Scoot. We sense a new determination from 'traditional airlines' to fight back to thwart the low-cost

John Leahy - Airbus Group

The A320 has 10 more seats, we have well over a thousand miles more range, up to 10 percent lower fuel use. You put all that together and we think the Boeing 737-10 is a competitor to the

Dennis Muilenburg

Against that increase in production profile, we are actually oversold… so we continue to feel very strongly about the airplane and now, as we feather in the 737 MAX 10, we're adding even more value into the market

John Leahy - Airbus Group

The A380plus is an efficient way to offer even better economics and improved operational performance at the same time. It is a new step for our iconic aircraft to best serve worldwide fast-growing traffic and the evolving needs of the A380 customers. The A380 is well-proven as the solution to increasing congestion at large airports, and in offering a unique, passenger-preferred

Dennis Muilenburg

The MAX 10 is going to add more value for customers and more energy to the

Kevin McAllister - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Our customers told us to build it bigger…and that's exactly what we're bringing to the

Kevin McAllister - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Simply put, the 737 MAX 10 will be the most profitable airplane the single-aisle sector has ever seen. GECAS understands the benefits the 737 MAX 10 will bring to its customers across the globe. We appreciate their continued confidence in the 737 MAX

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Has there been a slowdown? Has there been a hesitation for the bigger airplanes in the market? There's no question, and we've made

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

What is leaving the market, I believe, are those really big four-engine airplanes, like the A380, that just don't have the economics to

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

You're going to see a bunch of wide-bodies start to hit 25 years of service, and I think that will help spur production when we get into the next

John Leahy - Airbus Group

If A380 sales are soft, which is true, you'd have to admit 747-8 sales are

John Leahy - Airbus Group

My competitor out there in Seattle says, Oh, we'll just have more flights. So we have to move to bigger

Eric Schulz - Rolls-Royce

I am convinced that without a massive and significant improvement in airport installations and air traffic control routes, there will be still a lot of congested routes and if anything the city pairs will grow for bigger

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

The very big airplane market for the last 10-15 years has been moving downward and downward. That very big end of the market, maybe one percent, is going to be very, very

Peter Barrett - SMBC Aviation

I think you'll see some activity on this in Paris and that will start the process of seeing how airlines react to it. DIFFERENT DYNAMIC. There is a long road from first flight to certification and all that goes with it, but I think it will be a slightly different dynamic than we might have had in previous air shows where they were paper or theoretical airplanes and now we have real

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Absolutely keeping in mind the highest cost factor of operating an airline is the fuel so the more fuel efficient an aeroplane becomes the better it is for the airlines and its

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Like all the airlines we will be making more profit than we have been making in the past with lower fuel

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Keep in mind this is being delivered four years after the first delivery of the first 787 so they have incorporated technological advances that have happened in the last four years into this

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

We were the airline that placed the first order over seven years ago and on the back of the 80 aircraft order from Qatar airways this progamme was

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

You know the customer always wants a seat, they want a nice meal and they want to arrive from A to B on time. The customers don't get into the details but what is important for customers in Qatar airways is that they can get a product that is head and shoulders above its

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

For new production it's very easy to have a new plant somewhere in the world. We have plenty of offers to do that. We want to stay in the UK, provided the conditions to work in an integrated organisation are met. Let's assume I could not visit my plants because I am not a British citizen... it could not be

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Any disruption in any mature region or market that is relevant for us is a reason for concern, . That's a development that is troubling for our industry, for many industries. We sincerely hope that these disruptions are not developing to a long-term conflict. We are far from being over exposed… to this region, . I think this region will remain important and relevant even allowing for some recouping, some consolidation; nobody can exclude that for the long

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

A supplier who is delinquent in Airbus Helicopters for example has no reason to think they can work in Airbus

Andrew Huang - Cebu Air

We have decided to take a conservative approach to the introduction of the A321NEO into our operations. We remain confident that Pratt & Whitney will address all issues on the GTF (Geared Turbo Fan)

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

It (the 737 MAX 10) is not a me-too airplane. We are focusing on a better

Didier Evrard

My first job is at least to adapt to the assumptions that we have for rate 1 in 2018, which is being done. Doing that is our first goal and meanwhile (sales chief) John (Leahy) is trying to sell more to A380 customers. Yes, it is likely that we may have to go below rate 1... and we will continue to study opportunities to (make) our programme as healthy as possible on the financial

Yury Slyusar - United Aircraft

This is an important stage in the formation of the new UAC industrial model. According to our estimates, the global demand in the MC-21 segment will be about 15,000 new aircraft in the next 20 years. I'm sure the airlines will appreciate our new

Howard Wheeldon

Airbus will leave no doubt that no stone has been left unturned as it tries to reassure investors that its business practices are

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Airbus has been building up and improving its compliance process, policies and organisation constantly over the past decade. We have been co-operating fully with investigations and further improving our compliance system is obviously our number one priority now. However, to embed irreproachable behaviours in all our business undertakings sustainably, we must take a hard look at both our systems and our

Françoise Horiot

Macron has so much to do, both at the national and European level. We have to go through the same process as a giant like Airbus, but we're a small company. The labor code and E.U. regulations are not adapted for small

Jonathan Root - Moody's

There's an expectation of reliability in the components, but the $64,000 question is the quality of the assembly [on the C919]. If I'm running a fleet for a U.S. airline or a European airline, I'm going to want to observe the reliability of the airplane – its efficacy in service, its operating profile, its reliability and so on. I think that would have to take a number of years being in service in order for me to consider inducting that aircraft into the fleet. From our perspective, it's a long time away before it might become a

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

Basically, they're telling them they have no intellectual property protection. This means you have Western manufacturers sometimes showing up with the 'latest and best' from

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

It's like watching a competitor creep up on you at a snail's pace and not necessarily moving in a straight

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

If the Chinese were doing anything except what they're doing I think the Western manufacturers would be terrified. They are taking a convoluted and at times a counterproductive approach to developing this

Gu Bin

For many years our country has been trying to do this, and we failed. Now, [the C919] can be compared to mainstream large passenger jets such as the Boeing 737 and the Airbus 320 in terms of its capacity and its technology and, to some extent, is even better than the latter. I see a bright future for the C919 and its

Gao Yuanyang

The large aircraft market can definitely accommodate C919 to form a A+B+c market

Derek Levine

The plane will not pose as a threat to Boeing or Airbus. By the time the C919 is ready to debut, it will be approximately 15 years behind the newer Boeing and Airbus planes. The expectation is that C919 will build a derivative that will meet FAA standards, which aviation experts believe will take [another] seven

Frédéric Gagey - Air France

We have to think about options in long-term for the renewal of short-haul fleet. We plan to open discussions with the planemakers by the middle or end of

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I want to clearly reiterate: from our point of view these allegations are unfounded and unsubstantiated. The legal authorities will also come to this conclusion, but certainly only after the elections. Until then, this posturing will go on, because that is what it is all about: distracting the public until election

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

We will not let part of the Austrian government use us as a punching bag that it can beat to score cheap political

Peter Bellew

We're hoping to come to a good agreement with Airbus on the reconfiguration cost on the aircraft. I'll still need some more help from them on that. I think you've hit the nail on the head

Steve Priest - JetBlue Airways

We just felt that swapping the neos with between 2018 and 2019 is

Kelly Ortberg - Rockwell Collins

I certainly have intentions of putting some offers in front of all of our OEMs on how we could do more standard equipment for them. If they move those airplanes to the right, then the revenues for the avionics and the interiors that go with those airplanes are going to move to the

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

It is up to shareholders and the board to decide. I am 58 now and I am not close to retirement. (Former CEO) Louis (Gallois) retired from the company aged 68, which is not my benchmark, but in 2019 I will only be

Edward H. Bastian

We continue to see excess capacity in wide-bodies as we look to the future for the industry as a whole. We continue to look internally as to what that means for Delta. You could anticipate some reductions, I think, broadly over the next several

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

We are fully booked in the years to it is not a surprise that the book-to-bill could be lower for some time. At the same time we are bringing up the production rates. In the long term the outlook remains very

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

We are very grateful that governments have responded to our plea to engage in these discussions, which will hopefully bring significant financial

Alan Joyce - Qantas

You know from what they have done on other aircraft that Sydney-London and Melbourne-London has real possibility. It's something that can be presented as a unique selling point for

Dinesh Keskar - The Boeing Company

We think our aeroplane has the legs and the capability. If the 787-9 can do Perth-London, we think that when the 777-8 comes out in the 2021 time frame we will have a lot more improvement in

Alan Joyce - Qantas

It has added competition, and we would be crazy if we didn't do a competition at the right time. That gets you the best pricing and ... the most capable

Alan Joyce - Qantas

The Kangaroo route is probably the most competitive on the globe. [Flying non-stop] takes us off this superhighway of very competitive conditions of capacity which is priced, in many cases, under

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

In terms of economics, much depends on fuel prices. If they stay at $US50 a barrel or less, it should be possible to keep costs reasonable. But as fuel goes up, the disadvantages of flying a very heavy plane begin to make ultra-long haul

Harrison Ford

I'm the schmuck that landed on the taxiway. I was distracted by the airline which was in movement when I turned to the runway and also the big turbulence by the landing Airbus. It's a big deal for

Bob Ferguson

The conduct outlined in our complaint is outrageous. Discriminating against workers and retaliating against anyone who questions it is

Bas Lansdorp - Mars

Buying into Mars One, is buying into content, while buying into Boeing or Airbus is buying into technology. I think that throughout last 30 years, we see that content has become more valuable. High impact content like the Olympics, Formula 1 and big blockbuster movies are going up in value. That is exactly what Mars One is. It's comparable to the exploration of the earth, be it Europeans migrating to the U.S. on a one way boat ticket or maybe a better comparison is people in west of Africa settling across the world on all continents in 40,000

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I do not see that over time this will largely impact our delivery

Farhad Parvaresh - Iran Air

We are working very closely with Airbus and we are both very keen to stay on the schedule and to the contract that we made

Mathias Thomsen - Airbus Group

I think it will be incredible. You're in your capsule, you don't have to go in and out, it's integrated, it's seamless, it will be the most pleasant way of getting around town, getting to the airport. I think it will be irresistibly nice. It's not so much the infrastructure, but it needs to be there and city planning, urban planning, it takes a bit of time. So we actually see a good timeline for the technology maturation and the regulatory environments to work together within the next five to ten

Mathias Thomsen - Airbus Group

The four main technology areas that we are looking at right now at Airbus is connectivity, it's electrification, it's autonomy and it's how we can create new mobility solutions. And when we start thinking about that and realize that here at the automotive world it's the same themes. That's why we can see synergy in coming together and joining

John Leahy - Airbus Group

I would be expecting that we will get ECA cover on a case-by-case basis this year. I think Pratt has been frustrating. We are certainly capable of delivering the airframes the moment we have engines. The good news is the engine is meeting and exceeding our expectations. We did honour some firm contracts that people had for the original

John Leahy - Airbus Group

We will still be cumulatively behind by the end of 2017 but we will still be in the process of catching up. We can always hope that they will do more, but at this point their track record isn't that

John Leahy - Airbus Group

We are not planning any great new developments in the next few years ... We will be doing incremental

Hardus Greyling

Our machine is unique and the only one in the world. We have developed new technologies and patents which allows us to upscale the additive process to go significantly faster and significantly larger than other

Terry Wohlers

It looks like the people at Aerosud CSIR are on track and making very good progress toward carving out a slice of what is set to become a 3D printing market valued at tens of billions of

Ben Marcus

This round is all about finding a set of partners to help us

Alan Joyce - Qantas

In the international market, conditions are challenging. As travellers are very much aware, cheaper oil has led to strong capacity growth on international routes - pushing fares down and impacting all major

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

We have a particular concern in the military area, that is with our transport aircraft the A400M where we took a charge from the entire year of $2.2 billion… that hurts for sure. But it does not destroy, so to say, the underlying story of the improvement potential that we have ahead of us in the coming years and that goes particularly for earnings and for free cash

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

We cannot go on like that. This is unacceptable and puts a huge burden on Airbus and we need to do something about

Chloe Lemarie - Mainfirst Bank

I am not sure that the states will agree to put their hands in their pockets once

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

It won't be a walk in the park. The challenges on engine front are still there. Pratt & Whitney has to make a huge effort to further

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

It is a move away from the traditional managers, cheerleaders and engineers towards the bottom line-focused

Hans Peter Doskozil

As defense minister, I consider it my duty to report facts relevant for criminal prosecution and to claim compensation for the Austrian taxpayers' damage. This is what we did

Jacques Rocca

Museums are not just about preserving the past; they are also a window on the

Shukor Yusof

What's working for them is that they have very deep pockets and they are putting some of that money to replace fleet and also looking at new

Goh Choon Phong

Today's major order for widebody aircraft enables us to continue operating a modern and fuel-efficient fleet, providing the SIA Group with additional expansion opportunities to ensure that we retain our industry-leading position. We are continuing to invest for the future of the SIA Group. This order is also another demonstration of our commitment to further growing the Singapore hub, as we will be able to offer even more travel options for our

Michael O'Leary - Ryanair

We would be very happy to buy and fly Airbus. They're equally good aircraft. The main reason for our purchase decisions is which can we get

Marwan Lahoud - Airbus Group

With the creation of one single Airbus, we finally accomplished the ultimate merger. Now, it's time for me to move on and I am now looking forward to embracing new

Christian Scherer - ATR

If you want to take a more conservative stance, and I can imagine myself in the shoes of both shareholders, there is nothing wrong with ATR today. It is a very nice franchise and profitable contribution and we don't see any chess moves that should fundamentally modify the game. So we can go on; there is no

Christian Scherer - ATR

Do I as ATR have the ambition to continue to introduce new features, new airplanes, new products to grow? Absolutely. I am happy to see that we have one shareholder who is of the same opinion. The other one is exercising a perfectly rational business judgment and saying ATR is doing very well, keep on

Christian Scherer - ATR

My personal view is that a larger ATR is a question of when rather than

Gary Locke

Chinese airlines do not have to buy Boeing planes, they can buy Airbus. The list goes on and on, and that will cost American jobs, good paying

Christian Scherer - ATR

We have concluded the negotiations and we should sign the contract

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

One hundred years ago, urban transport went underground, now we have the technological wherewithal to go above ground. We are in an experimentation phase, we take this development very seriously. With flying, you don't need to pour billions into concrete bridges and

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

If we ignore these developments, we will be pushed out of important segments of the

Farhad Parvaresh - Iran Air

Everything has been done according to the international regulations and rules up to now. We hope that nothing special happens to end this

John Leahy - Airbus Group

I think that whether or not Trump would have done this deal had he been president is immaterial. The fact is the deal was done, it looks like the Iranians are honouring the deal, these aren't military aircraft, they're civil aircraft, it improves safety in Iran and both Boeing and Airbus will be creating more jobs, so I believe that the Iranians will honour their commitment and I would think the US will continue going through as they are issuing the

John Leahy - Airbus Group

If you ask me whether I'll be worried about China five years from now, I'd say no, 10 years from now I'd say no. But if you ask me if I'd be worried about China as a competitor 20 years from now I would tell you that China will be one of the big three manufacturers of aircraft 20 years from

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

Don't go fast to the conclusion that this year we will maintain this delivery [rate] across 2017. We don't intend to deliver 1,200 aircraft. We will see for December 2017. But I hope we will not have to strike another record and that we will be a bit smoother during the year. That doesn't mean they don't need to be

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

We will continue to ramp up. As of today, we will be above 700

John Leahy - Airbus Group

Right now we are overbooked and if I don't get some deferrals someone will be

Reza Jafarzadeh

The registration has been done, and the delivery should be by the end of the

Rob Stallard - Vertical Research Partners

What we'll be interested to hear is whether (Airbus and Boeing) expect orders to continue to decline in 2017 at the same time that they are raising

Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan

The final version of the contract will be reviewed, and if there is no problem, it will be signed by both

Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan

The final round of talks will be held with ATR representatives (next) week and we expect the IranAir contract to be signed ... in the following week. The purchase of 20 planes has been finalised and Iran may buy 20 more

Asghar Fakhrieh Kashan

Boeing has announced that its IranAir contract is worth US$16.6 billion. However, considering the nature of our order and its choice possibilities, the purchase contract for 80 Boeing aircraft is worth about 50 percent of that amount. The final round of talks will be held with ATR representatives (next) week and we expect the IranAir contract to be signed ... in the following

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

This is a landmark agreement not only because it paves the way for Iran Air's fleet renewal. Our overall accord includes pilot training, airport operations and air traffic management so this agreement is also a significant first step in the overall modernisation of Iran's commercial aviation

Farhad Parvaresh - Iran Air

The nominal value of the contract for purchase of 118 planes from Airbus is $25 billion dollars, but the Airbus proposal to sell A380 has been cancelled so that the value of the contract with Iran Air will not exceed $10

Abbas Akhoundi

We expect the final contract to be signed this (coming)

Johannes Dumrese

We are still in the very early stages of the process. I cannot say anything about the

Ali Rabii

The deal has been finalised with Airbus to buy seven planes. The delivery of the planes will start in

Farhad Parvaresh - Iran Air

We are now negotiating over the financing of the first three planes... We are trying to get first five airbus planes before March

Morten Eek - Statoil

It doesn't matter what the Aviation Authority says. We can specify the helicopter type we want to use and we have already built up capacity with a different helicopter, the Sikorsky

Morten Eek - Statoil

We have no plans to use this helicopter ever again, even if Norwegian authorities decides to lift the

Mark Dunkerley - Hawaiian Airlines

Our North America-to-Hawaii business is very strong at the moment, and we're seeing a lot of (last-minute) bookings for the Hawaii vacation out of North America. Leisure is the business to be

Mark Dunkerley - Hawaiian Airlines

We just don't have many routes that are big enough and thick enough to be able to sustain an aircraft of that

Greg Cope

These Turkish Airlines aircraft offer an operator the ability to quickly supplement capacity or test

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

With these leaner structures, we will improve performance and teamwork across Airbus. Therefore, the integration will ultimately strengthen Airbus in its ability to ensure future competitiveness and to remain a global leader in the aerospace

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

This WTO battle is a battle of the past which benefits only the armies of lawyers both sides employ. I continue to think that the only way out of the ridiculous series of disputes initiated by the US is to agree on a set of globally applicable rules for the support of the civil aircraft industry, which would benefit both sides of the

Tim D. Neale - The Boeing Company

We are really the only party that can credibly come up with a

Cecilia Malmström - European Trade

Today's WTO ruling is an important victory for the EU and its aircraft industry. The panel has found that the additional massive subsidies of USD 5.7 billion provided by Washington State to Boeing are strictly illegal. We expect the US to respect the rules, uphold fair competition, and withdraw these subsidies without any

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

It is clear that when you restructure your group you lose a bit of focus on your customers and your operations, and Airbus went through that in the past, so I believe that Rolls will manage through these difficult times and become

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

I am more confident than I was at the end of June. We are now really in the ramp-up phase so we target 50 aircraft this year, or very close to

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

The objective has not changed. I visited the final assembly line last Tuesday and they are still working on 50 this

Didier Evrard

We will progressively equip them with engines. The engines are now flowing: not at the pace we would have planned a year ago, but they are flowing and you will see a lot of deliveries until the end of the

Didier Evrard

It has improved, but it is not where it should be and we are watching them very

Nick Cunningham

The category killer has been the 777-300ER and the A350-1000 fits there. The question is where the market is?: The sweet spot may not be the largest aircraft, but manufacturers don't yet

David Mortlock

The licenses can be withdrawn at any moment... so long as they're not required by legislation, which is a very small

John Kirby

It's very much in keeping with our commitment to meeting our obligations under the JCPOA. There's no final

Tim Clark - Emirates

I will be asking Airbus a few questions as to how this could have

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I'm no big fan of Star Wars, but it's not crazy to imagine that one day our big cities will have flying cars making their way along roads in the sky. In a not too distant future, we'll use our smartphones to book a fully automated flying taxi that will land outside our front door – without any

Rodin Lyasoff - Airbus Group

In as little as 10 years, we could have products on the market that revolutionize urban travel for millions of

Rodin Lyasoff - Airbus Group

Many of the technologies needed, such as batteries, motors and avionics are most of the way

David Flynn - Business Traveller

You can spend money on brand new aircraft with decent business class seats, such as China Southern's (Airbus)

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I don't think we will get them. That's why we ordered Boeing, which we will start getting next year, to fill the gap with the Airbus

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

On the 225, the grounding has been lifted by EASA, not yet by the UK authorities. We work with

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

I think market participants can expect that if EASA lifts (the ban), then it is good enough to

Michael Schreyoegg

The business unit has beaten previous quarterly records four times in a

Kazimierz Plocke

The turmoil around multi-role helicopters means chaos and helplessness and harm for the Polish

Antoni Macierewicz

The Anti-Corruption Bureau will now be looking into these

Antoni Macierewicz

There is no guarantee for 6,000 jobs for Poland in return for handing over 13.5 billion zlotys ($3.4 billion) to an international corporation ... in any of the documents, and I have looked into them very

Beata Perkowska

The talks concern buying helicopters in the framework of an urgent operational need declared by the armed forces of the Republic of

Ken Herbert

While pushback on the Trans-Pacific Partnership could have some implications for aircraft sales into the Asia region, we do not view this as a significant risk. Some speculate that the lack of the TPP could ultimately help Airbus gain share as the perception of Boeing is negatively impacted in the Asia region, but it is early to make this

Antoni Macierewicz

The contract was geared towards the French producer and disregarded the Polish producer. There is a question of compensation here which Poland should

Alain Flourens

The A380 still has a place in the Airbus product

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

The controversial and contradictory declarations of the Polish government over the course of this procurement proceedings created the impression of unprecedented confusion. Airbus wanted to invest in Poland big time and we wanted to contribute to building a competitive aerospace industry in this country. But the Polish government slammed the door on us.? We take note of

Radoslaw Domagalski-Labedzki

The ending of negotiations with Airbus is fuelling an emotional reaction, that's understandable. I would like to explain the government hasn't broken the negotiations but ended them when we became certain continuing them made no sense. These negotiations lasted a year, long enough to ensure that there was no further room for

Beata Szydło

We are doing what is being done by all other countries which protect national interests. For Poland, it is important we buy equipment here, in

Manuel Valls

Poland is a big country, but questions need to be asked of Poland, notably its defence industry, after the choices that have just been

Manuel Valls

Poland is a big country, but questions need to be asked of Poland, notably its defense industry, after the choices that have just been made. As far as France is concerned, we're worried because negotiations had started, but also for the very concept of European

Dirk Hoke - Airbus Defence and Space

Therefore, this project of the two defence ministers of France and Germany is not a critique of the A400M, rather it reflects that progress on a common European

John Mirenge

(In) five years we are looking at more than a million

Pat Cauthery

We are working with Airbus to get comfortable with their compliance

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

This report is a sweeping victory for the U.S. and its aerospace workers. We have long maintained that EU aircraft subsidies have cost American companies tens of billions of dollars in lost revenue, which this report clearly

Dennis Muilenburg

Today's historic ruling finally holds the EU and Airbus to account for their flouting of global trade rules. This long-awaited decision is a victory for fair trade worldwide and for U.S. aerospace workers, in

Maria Cantwell

Without having to compete against illegal, market-distorting practices, Boeing should win more sales around the

Michael Froman - World Trade Organization

We expect the EU, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Spain – some of our closest trading partners – to respect WTO rules. We call on them to end subsidised financing of Airbus

Mark Sklar - The Boeing Company

We look forward to receiving our license from the government

Bruno Benoliel - ALTEN

We have indications from our customers, I mean the European ones that they will continue to increase the externalisation, outsourcing because they absolutely need to make productivity

Bruno Benoliel - ALTEN

Within the aerospace sector the main driver for us is Airbus, and as you know Airbus has completely achieved the development of the A350 and A380 planes. So of course the R&D budget has decreased at

Bertrand Grabowski - DVB Bank

This sends a strong signal but it resolves only half the problem. The challenge to raise financing

Francois Hollande

We must cooperate this way to be able to give Europe the conditions to have its European defense policy. Jobs that will be created here are not detrimental to French or German workers. New jobs here will lead to the creation of new jobs in France and

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

On the A350, we reached our objective which was to deliver six aircraft during the

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

We tend to deliver a lot of planes in the last few days of the month, but what I can already tell you is that it will be the best month of August in Airbus's history, in terms of the number of planes

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

That seems to be bearing fruit, at least for the A350. This was one of the important issues of the

Rodin Lyasoff - Airbus Group

We believe that global demand for this category of aircraft can support fleets of millions of vehicles worldwide. In as little as ten years, we could have products on the market that revolutionise urban travel for millions of

Sanjay Kapoor - Spirit AeroSystems

We'll follow their cue and direction as they decide to go up to 14, or not, through the end of the

Aditya Ghosh

Operationally A320 neo continues to be a challenge. We are currently looking at a scenario where we would slow down the delivery of our A320 neo aircraft to allow (engine maker) Pratt & Whitney catch up with the production of updated

Aditya Ghosh

Operationally the A320neo continues to be a challenge. Problems with the engines on its existing A320neo planes were making it difficult for IndiGo to maintain flight

Dennis Muilenburg

On the 747 program, we decided to reduce future production expectations and revenue assumptions to account for current and anticipated weakness in the air cargo market. Despite the ongoing challenges of the air cargo market, we continue to see the 747 as a unique and significant value creator for our customers over the long

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

This is not just an Airbus target; this is a target for all the export credit agencies as well, including the UK export

Keith Leverkuhn - The Boeing Company

It goes back to when we launched the program because...all of our product development work is really done with the customers. And at the time what they said is they really like the 737, it's a proven performer, but what we really want is more fuel

Hrvoje Prpic - Trillenium

It will encourage and stimulate first class and business class upgrades prior to travel, while an on-board virtual first class will allow economy passengers to taste the first class menu, explore a wine list, and IFE (in-flight entertainment) in return for a paid premium usage of the VR headset wherever they are

Keith Leverkuhn - The Boeing Company

I think what is changing and changing dramatically is entertainment on the aircraft. You remember flying around on airplanes that have little screens that you can barely see, to now everybody has devices that they can bring on, as long as they can connect their device, then they're off and running and I think that's really going to be a dramatic

Kirill Budaev - Irkut

We accept we have a negative image to the past and we need to do something. Because of that, we have attracted international suppliers to this program, very well-known and the same as Boeing and Airbus have attracted. MC-21 is not a Russian plane, it's an international plane with Russian brains. The company's international suppliers such as Pratt & Whitney, Zodiac and Honeywell, will help the aircraft get global

John Strickland

They are coming up against established manufacturers with worldwide networks in terms of spares and

Kirill Budaev - Irkut

The 737 has a fuselage width of 3.75 meters. We have more than 4. And this additional space gives you additional personal space. You could increase the cushion width, you could increase the width of the aisle which could speed up the turnaround time because people can pass each other on the

Bertrand Grabowski - DVB Bank

For both Boeing and Airbus, the question still isn't whether or not all the aircraft they produce will have a taker, but who this taker will be and at what

Randy Tinseth - Boeing Commercial Airplanes

Despite recent events that have impacted the financial markets, the aviation sector will continue to see long-term growth, with the commercial fleet doubling in

Richard Aboulafia - Teal Group

The issue is how do you as a manufacturer survive the ill winds blowing from the outside world. It is getting grimmer out

Thomas Brueck

To substitute 100 percent of the kerosene use today, we will not do it with algae alone. We need a combination of different technologies to actually enable that

Vladimir Valkov - Irkut

It is not made of metal, it is made of composite materials. That allows us to give it a special shape. It is much lighter and stronger, so it is a great step in the development of our aviation

Dmitry Medvedev

I only want to say that I am absolutely certain that the airliner will be the pride of Russian civil aviation, and that our citizens and foreign people will take pleasure in flights on

Dmitry Medvedev

The creation of MC-21 aircraft is the tremendous victory of aviation industry, the victory of Irkut Corporation, our scientists, designers, our engineers, and

Farhad Parvaresh - Iran Air

We are very hopeful and optimistic that the licences will be released in the near

Klaus Richter - Airbus Group

The number indicates on the one hand that it is very crowded in the FAL – but it is supposed to be – and it also shows you that there is a chance to deliver the end-year target. The airframes are there; now it is a race against the clock for the cabins and to finalise

James Bevan

There are two challenges that they face in terms of order flow. First of all the number of airlines that want to have fleets for national pride purposes is clearly declining as the global economy remains weak. Secondly there has been consolidation in terms of airlines wanting to co-participate in routes as evidenced by the Quantas/Emirates

Larry Lawson

We haven't seen any slowdown from the plan in terms of

Kiran Rao - Airbus Group

We are putting more passengers on the same amount of space but because of the cleverness and the way we have designed it we don't have to compromise on

Bernhard Gerwert - Airbus Defence and Space

This is an excellent outcome for our Orlando process which aimed at repositioning Defence Electronics for the future with an excellent outcome for all stakeholders. Defence Electronics is a strong, profitable business with significant growth potential and we are convinced that KKR and the Defence Electronics management team and employees will continue to strongly develop the business going

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

I don't think this engine was tested adequately, especially for the temperatures in which Qatar Airways will operate. We will only accept it when we are fully satisfied that it can operate efficiently and safely at Qatar operations (and) ... once we get sufficient performance guarantees and undertakings from both Airbus and Pratt &

Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum - The Emirates Group

Panama City will be our first destination gateway in Central America, providing a convenient option for our passengers travelling from or through our global hub in Dubai and onward to destinations throughout Central

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

So far we don't have a business case, because a final assembly line of a wide body, is of course, much more complex, and much more costly. And we would need much bigger quantities to be delivered every

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

China has focused, rightly so, on single-aisles (narrow-body aircraft) a lot, and will continue to procure a lot of single-aisles. But I am sure the next step will be getting more wide-bodies. So perhaps one day there will be enough market to look at such a big

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

The economy is slowing down. This is true globally, this is not true for our market. And we believe that for the next five years, 10 percent plus growth year-on-year, in already the second biggest market in the world, meaning it's extremely important, is a very cautious

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

I know that's an area of question marks and concerns for many, and I understand why. But let's look at the facts. Since the oil price started to drop at the end of 2014 we did not see a decline in orders and how can we explain that? That oil price situation helps to improve the profitability and the cash situation of our customers, so it makes the acquisition of the fuel-efficient aircraft very affordable for the future times when the fuel price might be

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

We've seen another year of robust performance in commercial aircraft. Our customers, believe it or not – largely thanks to the oil and kerosene price – are globally, financially in very good

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

Clearly, as industrial and business people, we prefer that the UK stays in the EU. We have a clear framework in place, which is good for the efficiency of Airbus at large, but also for the efficiency and the investments in the UK. Our preference is very clear: for the UK to stay

Jeremy Cook

Oil prices are low and may head lower, but this isn't a longer term issue for markets; and oil prices may repair up to $50,$60,$70 a barrel, then you'd have to say that airlines are still going to be looking for fuel efficient vehicles with which to operate their

Akbar Al Baker - Qatar Airways

Let me be very clear: it is not the fault of Airbus. Airbus has delivered all their part, and as you know, no airplane can fly without an engine. And they have huge issues with the

Bill Hemmings

This outcome was the minimum needed from ICAO for a credible first

Drew Kodjak - International Criminal Court

The proposal will only require CO2 reductions from new aircraft of 4 percent over 12 years, when market forces alone are predicted to achieve more than a 10 percent efficiency gain in the same time

Jean-Paul Troadec

These new findings are an important element for the investigators. We cannot presume to know know exactly what happened on board but it's not entirely normal to turn around several times after a technical incident without finding

Abbas Akhoundi

Our first measure will be a contract with Airbus for 114 new aircraft, which will soon be signed and we will release more details after striking the deal. We could have the first fleet of these airplanes in Iran before 21

Pierre de Bausset

Mahindra India and Airbus Helicopters have agreed on a blueprint that can put India on the world map for military helicopter

Hassan Rouhani

The legs of Iran's economy are now free of the chains of sanctions, and it's time to build and

Hassan Rouhani

Iranian government policies in the post-sanctions era will focus on attracting foreign investment, expanding non-oil exports, and making the best use of financial

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

The sales process for the defence electronics is ongoing, and we want clarity on the buyer by the end of the

Michael Fallon

Well we can't be certain at the moment but it looks more likely than not that this was a bomb, placed aboard the airliner. ISIL claimed they did it, we have no corroboration of that, so it's impossible to be certain, but we have to take every precaution now given that there are so many British citizens out in Sharm

John Leahy - Airbus Group

How are we going to double the amount of traffic in 15 years if all we can do is double the number of aircraft? You can't do that. We need larger aircraft. it just so happens the A380 is a larger aircraft that people prefer to fly in. It's quieter, smoother, with bigger seats, burns less fuel per passenger for each one of its trips and has less impact on the

Jan Cocheret - Emirates

Locked out of the cockpit a pilot would have no option but to sit with the passengers and wait and see what happens. I seriously sometimes wonder who's sitting next to

Max Pignede

Let's pray for the relatives of the victims, so that they may find solace and courage in the sympathy shown by the entire

Bertrand Vilmer

The answer is no. Not if it conforms to European maintenance standards. First of all, the Airbus (A320) model went into service in 1988. There are more than 6,000 flying at the moment and slightly over 10,500 which are in the process of being ordered or supplied. It's an extremely common aircraft. There are extremely strict maintenance

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Well, as I say it's a combination. I mean we have improved our operational performance particularly in the area of commercial aircraft. We had a very good order intake, almost a record year, the second-best ever, more than 1400 large commercial aircraft. From that comes a lot of pre-delivery payments. That explains the cashflow improvement; As I said, a pretty good

Jon Davies

And what is the focus now for Airbus, is it on the big super-jumbos, the A380, the new A350, or is on the smaller planes?feedback

Jon Davies

Tom Enders in Munich, thank you very much

Jon Davies

It is a huge jump by anyone's measurement. Where did it come from?feedback

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I'm 100% happy, it was a pretty good year in 2014, we met most of our operational targets, the commercial momentum was very strong, we achieved major milestones and I think that reflects pretty well in the ebit, in the free cash flow which is very important for us, and certainly in the

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Well, I'm glad you mention the A380s because 2015 is a very important year because this is the year we break even, after 15 years of heavy investment in that plane. That's a major milestone, a success, our teams have worked very hard to get to that day, but apart from the 380 the focus is really on the ramp-up of the new long-range aircraft, the 350 this year and the transition from the old 320 to the new 320 that is really our bread-and-butter business, so we'll have our hands

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

The fall in the euro is extremely important for all industries which export and we export 100 percent. Plus we are facing a competitor, Boeing which operates in dollars. There is an immediate effect for smaller companies which don't have foreign exchange mechanisms. We do and so are less prone to fluctuations in one direction or the other, but ultimately we can say that a ten cents change in the euro against the dollar is more or less a billion for Airbus. So in the long run it has a huge impact for

Louis Gallois - Airbus Group

It's an enquiry that started over a year ago, and so I'm not surprised that it has produced a report. But on the content of that report I have, I repeat, nothing to

Harald Wilhelm - Airbus Group

The A350 is in a critical phase, and challenges and risks

Jean Francois Knepper - Airbus Group

The paradox it is that with six years of work ahead of us, plus those orders from the Dubai show, the bosses persist in pushing ahead with job

Philippe Camus - Airbus Group

We have maintained a high level of investments and thanks to the industrial optimisation, cost saving plans, order book and investments, EADS has a solid and healthy base to build

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Airbus is two thirds of our revenues, Airbus is the most internationally known brand, whereas EADS was never quite a household name beyond the European

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

It has been a pretty good year. The main reason for our great success in sales was obviously that we offered a new version of the A320, the A320 neo, with considerably less fuel consumption and – guess what? – in a world where oil prices go up and up, the airlines need fuel efficient aircraft and that is behind our roaring success in

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Flying in the past happened literally only in North America, western Europe and south-east Asia: that's about one billion people, but the emerging markets – that's about five billion people – and this is where aviation is just about to pick up, so there is a huge potential and that really is the source for our strong optimism in

Julian Talavan

It's imperative they launch this plane, it is necessary that our shareholders make this investment. They've made a lot of money in the past from the successes we've produced. It is necessary today to launch this plane at all

Louis Gallois - Airbus Group

It is a symbol of the future, and this is what the A350XWB is all

Karel De Gucht - European Union

This WTO panel report clearly shows that Boeing has received huge subsidies in the past and continues to receive significant subsidies

Wolfgang Clement

We both agree that we need to keep equal conditions of competition in Europe concerning fiscal policy and

Julien Talavan

It is essential we launch this aircraft and that our shareholders take a lead role by investing. They have made a lot of money due to Airbus success in the past. Now we have to make this plane, whatever the cost. Otherwise, we won´t be able to take on Boeing on equal

Jacques Chirac

There should be no compulsory redundancies and no site closures that aren't properly organised with appropriate

Igor Perne

I built my first wooden simulator over 10 years ago using as a model a life-size Airbus A320. Then I got a chance to acquire a real one from Ljubljana airport. I cut off the entire front section of the aircraft and re-assembled it. It took me about two and a half years to complete the

Fabrice Bregier - Airbus Group

While other companies, even in America, in the aerospace business, are laying off, we hired four thousand people last year, and we'll do the same again this year. We go where the talent

Yan Derocles

It is the beginning of a long-standing process that could take maybe three to four years more to send the final report. We will also have to wait for the report that the WTO will send about the subsidies that Boeing has

Gustav Humbert - Airbus Group

2005 was the best year ever for Airbus, be it in terms of deliveries and production rates, in terms of profitablility, in terms of order intake, both gross and net. With this big success in 2005, we have maintained the leadership in our

Jean-Paul Troadec

The recorders are located on the fuselage and we're confident we can find the recorders – if they remained attached to the fuselage. In this case it will be quite easy to find the recorders and to recover

Stephan Droxner

He's really a very good manager. He knows what he's doing. He's a tough guy when it comes to decisions, but he has a way of involving his staff in pursuing the difficult road ahead for

Dieter Zetsche - Daimler

We're aware of the responsibility we have to our employees, but also to society. Precisely because we take this responsibility seriously, there is no alternative but to continue improving our competitiveness; only if we grow profitably will we be able to guarantee the company's future and consequently guarantee

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Understandably the British want to achieve an astronomically high price, and understandably we want to pay a fair

Alan Pardoe

Well of course, as the prime supplier of a complete aeroplane, we have behind us hundreds, if not thousands, if not tens of thousands of suppliers employing many people throughout the industry, so anything we sell, any order which we obtain, is good for the rest of the

Alan Pardoe

We are trying to see what the travelling public want, what our customers want, to be able to satisfy the travelling public. And the aeroplanes, which you can see behind us, are one illustration or perhaps several illustrations of what we see

Kitty Higgins

When he looked up, he said the windscreen was filled with birds, and this is after the first officer had spotted them. So it all happened very quickly but the first officer said it literally was filled with big dark brown

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I can say this plane is absolutely safe to fly. I don't want to go into all the specifics here. Are we learning from this? Absolutely. You heard me talking about taking lessons from the A380 programme for the A350

Peter Kulitz

Our system of training, alternating with work-experience is very successful, but in the years ahead we'll have fewer young people. So my dream is that lots of young French people come to Germany. Not just to work but also to learn and use our training system! We have to cooperate – the French, the Germans – like Airbus which is a great example!feedback

Robert Gates

I am very optimistic that this time we will be able to get on with

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

Well it means an incremental order to the A 320neo. We have already an incredible 1,200 orders this year. So we having a great run with NEO. But, not surprisingly, John (Leahy, head of Airbus sales) was just explaining this is a 15 percent fuel burn reduction – that's 30 percent roughly over the real old models – and with the fuel prices up over 100 dollars a barrel, that's a no brainer for our

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

I mean, it's quite interesting in the first of the year, the Europeans looked at the Arab revolutions and how that could impact business. Now the Arab colleagues are looking on Europe and are asking themselves how that could impact European and the world economy. Overall the situation here is still very, very

Tom Enders - Airbus Group

It's become one of the most important air shows in the world, certainly the most important in the region, the Middle East is a fast growing region. Air traffic is growing above average very clearly and we expect that the Middle East and Asia will remain, for future, for the next 10, 20 years the two fastest growing air traffic regions on this

John Leahy - Airbus Group

This continues to be a strong year for aircraft sales, despite the fact that there are record fuel prices, despite the fact that there are airlines that – with these fuel prices – are losing money. The reason for that is because they have to replace the old aircraft. Today there are about 16,000 aircraft flying around the world with 100 seats and above and 3,000 of them are old technology aircraft, burning a lot of fuel, they're over 20 years of age. The airlines rapidly need to replace those, with fuel over $140 dollars a

Olga Pleshakova - Transaero

These planes are an innovation among narrow-bodied aircraft the world over, and guarantee high levels of passenger comfort and high fuel

Ramon Gorriz

This not only an industrial problem. This is also a political issue in which governments involved such as France, Germany and Spain should have an important

Angela Merkel

I think we will have to make a decision in the coming years: Is the big fight the one between Boeing and Airbus or is the important question: how do we use our common values in contact with China? On all of these questions we should have open and straight forward

Louis Gallois - Airbus Group

We have been able to deliver 498 airplanes in 2009, and I want to congratulate Airbus for the way they have managed the deliveries in 2009. Nobody in this room was expecting that we could deliver 498 airplanes at the beginning of the

Louis Gallois - Airbus Group

Our target is to reduce by 10,000 overhead staff. It will be fairly shared between the different countries. Airbus Germany 3,700, Airbus France 3,200, Airbus UK 1,600, Airbus Spain 400 and the central entity (the Toulouse headquarters) 1,

Mike Bair

When we committed four years ago to bringing this airplane to market we brought the best and brightest global partners from across the world to revolutionise passenger flights. I'm proud of what we've accomplished

Hans Peter Ring - Airbus Group

Fifty percent of our backlog is in growing regions of the world and not in Europe or the U.S….so provided there isn't a big double-dip recession we think it is manageable for

Curtis Carson - Airbus Group

For the airlines, the biggest benefit I would say today is the weight we reduce from the aircraft. With reducing the weight, we are not only saving costs on our side, but we are also introducing for them a way to improve their fuel burn, save money on their fuel, improve their revenue, and operate the aircraft more

Peter Sander - Emerging Technologies

This is a very interesting part because, normally, this is part of a fuel system – it's two pipes in one – and it's normally welded out of ten parts. So, with 3D printing we have the chance to integrate the bracket of the pipe – two pipes in one – and print it in one shot. So, in this case we have weight reduction, but, of course, the most interesting thing is that we have a cost reduction down to 30

Anna Jones - Greenpeace

The airline industry cannot be green if it pursues the expansion of airports because any gains made through more efficient aircraft will be wiped out by the increasing number of

Scott Carson - The Boeing Company

Our economies around the world are being tested, in part due to the higher oil prices, but also due to other influences. Food and energy resources around the world are being challenged. We can use this as an excuse to step back from the environmental concerns; or use that as a stimulus to drive technological change that will reshape the face and footprint of this industry

Ali Alemadi - Qatar Airways

It's a totally new technology and different than other aircraft. It's kind of easier to work, it's like more computerised than other

Aikaterini Lakouri - Qatar Airways

The 787 is our new aircraft and is very luxurious. The seats are different from the other aircraft, they're facing from the other side and we can provide a 5-star experience

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