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Mohamed Salad
May Allah punish those who massacred our
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Oct 18 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Al-Shabaab. 49 people are quoted and you can read 68 citations of them about Al-Shabaab. Abu Musab, Uhuru Kenyatta, Peter de Clercq and Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Abu Musab said: “This morning, we stormed the Jubaland base near Bula Gudud. We killed 26 soldiers, burnt two cars, and took three cars from the base.”.
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Dana White

The US conducted this operation in coordination with its regional partners as a direct response to Al-Shabaab actions, including recent attacks on Somali forces. This strike was conducted with the authorities approved by (President Donald Trump) (on) March 2017, which allows the US Department of Defense to conduct legal action against Al-Shabaab within a geographically defined area of active hostilities in support of partner force in

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

I said when I took office that security will be top priority for my administration. This strike will enhance security and reduce the threats of [al-Shabab].feedback

Dana White

On June 11, at approximately 2 a.m. eastern daylight time, the Department of Defense conducted a strike operation against al-Shabaab in Somalia. The operation occurred approximately 185 miles southwest of Mogadishu. The U.S. conducted this operation in coordination with its regional partners as a direct response to al-Shabaab actions, including recent attacks on Somali

Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo

We and our international partners will take every possible precaution to protect our civilian population from harm during these operations while targeting terrorists. To the members of al-Shabab, I tell you that we are bringing the fight to you. If you, however take advantage of my amnesty offer and denounce violence, we will integrate you into our reform program. You have no future with the terrorists, but you can still be a part of Somalia's future; a peaceful and prosperous

Ahmed Mohamed

The situation is grim over there. This attack was an unexpected

Yasin Nur Mohamed

They caught my fellow soldiers off-guard. We did not expect such a big assault on our

Yusuf Mohamed

Al Shabaab attacked Af Urur town this morning. There were few soldiers there and thus al Shabaab captured the town. It is difficult to know the casualties because the telecommunications were cut

Peter de Clercq - United Nations

We are trying to negotiate with the landowners to allow us to build pit latrines, but some of them are being stubborn. There is still a significant advantage to being in the camps. People can access cholera treatment centers at hospitals. Cholera is easily treatable – it is a matter of catching it before it is too late. From what we know, [you are] 4½ times more likely to die from cholera if you live in an al-Shabab-controlled

Aden Ibrahim

A suicide car bomb was driven into the cafeteria before exploding. We do not know about casualties

Peter de Clercq - United Nations

Increased belligerence from some international and national actors is not going to help us. If things deteriorate as a result of military effort, that will be manmade. We have argued very strongly that this is not the time for military

Peter de Clercq - United Nations

Increased belligerence from some international and national actors is not going to help us … if things deteriorate as a result of military effort, that will be man-made. We have argued very strongly that this is not the time for military

Abdirahman Yarisow

All this … will give us an opportunity with our allies and friends to really target al-Shabaab from the air, and for our federal forces and [the regional military forces in Somalia] to take

Abdirahman Yarisow

There has been close consultation with the two countries and our president has called a state of war. We are very serious about trying to carry out military operations to wipe out al-Shabaab from the country. It is do-able, but needs lots of resources, commitment from our friends and allies, and

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

We tell the young, brainwashed al-Shabab fighters that they have a 60-days deadline to lay down the arms with which they use to kill their people and come to us. We shall welcome them with open

Jeff Davis - Navy

This authority is consistent with our approach of developing capable Somali security forces and supporting regional partners in their efforts to combat al-Shabab. Somali and AMISOM forces have already achieved significant success in recapturing territory from al-Shabab, and additional US support will help them increase pressure on al-Shabab and reduce the risk to our partner forces when they conduct operations. We stand with the international community in supporting the Federal Government of Somalia as it strives to improve stability and security in

Rashid Abdi

They are a hard target, unlike ISIS. It's very unlikely there will be al-Shabaab assets out there to hit except some training camps that are themselves hard to find. They relocate from place to the other and are highly mobile. Those airstrikes will face more challenges, and civilian casualties will be

Mohamed Nor

We have to address the root cause, which is the security situation here and how to defeat (Somalia's Islamic extremist rebels) al-Shabab

Ahmed Mohamoud

It's only al-Shabab that can stand in ISIS' way to expand its areas of operation - Somali forces are now too disorganized to stop

Rashid Abdi

The concern in Washington has been mounting for some time now. The Trump administration is simply reiterating what has been policy, with slight variations. U.S. special forces are already on the ground. Drone attacks have been scaled

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

I tell those misguided people, they should come back to their country as we are ready to give them the support they need to integrate within the community, to work and have a peaceful existence. To those who work with Al Qaeda, al Shabaab and ISIL, we tell you your time is

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

To those who work with al Qaeda, al Shabaab and IS (Islamic State), your time is finished. You have been misled, destroyed property and killed many Somalis. Come and we shall give you good

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed

Our government will not loot but will help its people. We shall fight insecurity, economic crisis and

Abdulle Omar

I was staying in my shop when a car came in into the market and exploded. I saw more than 20 people lying on the ground. Most of them were dead and the market was totally

Abdikadir Abdirahman

We carried 39 dead bodies, and there were many others

Peter de Clercq - United Nations

In areas that cannot be controlled by the government, we do have partners to work with. But of course that remains a big question mark - how al Shabaab will react to the

Ahmed Nur

The death toll may rise for some of the injuries are serious. We believe the al Shabaab planted the

Mohamed Ahmed

So far we know three of the security forces died. We believe al Shabaab is behind the

Hassan Ahmed

Two teenagers armed with pistols shot him in the head after he got off his car. His bodyguards fired back but the killers had already disappeared by

Abu Musab

Today, we killed a prosecutor who had sentenced many teenagers – many boys and girls – to their deaths for alleged links to al

Abdikadir Farah

The whole market is ruined and people perished. The death toll is sure to

Hussein Edin

Many al Shabaab fighters attacked us this morning and after brief fighting we left the town for tactical

Dana Boente

These women funnelled money to a terrorist organisation which was conducting a violent insurgency campaign in

Dana Boente

National security is the top priority in this office and we will continue to work closely with our law enforcement partners to investigate and prosecute those who provide material support to

Ali Roba

If not for the quick response by our security forces, we would be talking of many more casualties now. From the nature and style of the attack, it will obviously be al

Abukar Sanei

It seems that there is a fatigue by the international community, especially the EU. One of the reasons that the fatigue can be attributed is that honestly, AMISOM (the African Union peacekeeping force) is not winning the war against

Abu Musab

We attacked the Banadir beach restaurant and now our fighters are fighting inside

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Whether it's Daesh or PKK or PYD or YPG or the DHKPC or Nusra or Al Shabab, in our view these are all terrorist organisations… There are no good or bad terror organisations. We can not make a distinction between good or bad terrorist organisations. They are all terrorist and all are

Abu Musab

Salah defected from the parliament in 2010, joined us and repented, and he became a martyr

Joe Kibet - African Union

AMISOM forces killed 110 al Shabaab and captured a large cache of weapons. a claim by al Shabaab that it had killed 60 AU soldiers was a "

David Obonyo

Following the incident, 21 al Shabaab militants were killed, 19 AK 47 rifles, three rocket propelled grenades and a pistol were recovered. Regrettably, KDF suffered two fatalities and five injuries. The injured were evacuated and are receiving medical

Abdiasis Abu Musab

The U.S. bombed an area controlled by al Shabaab. But they exaggerated the figure of casualties. We never gather 100 fighters in one spot for security reasons. We know the sky is full of

Feisal Omar

I was taking photos when a car full of explosives went off beside

David Obonyo

Jungal was one of the main Al-Shabaab planning and operations bases in Gedo region which has seen an increase in militia activities recently. This is a setback for the

Joseph Nkaissery

I take this opportunity to reiterate that Kenya shall never be cowed by these evil

Phylis Wakube

He (God) has chosen my niece. I always used to comfort her and encourage her about school. She also has siblings behind who were actually depending, you know, counting on her. If she would succeed they would also do

Uhuru Kenyatta

To the families and friends of the survivors and indeed all Kenyans, I want you to know that our security forces are pursuing leads on the remaining accomplices. We shall employ all means at our disposal to bring the perpetrators to justice. We're also in active pursuit of the mastermind of the attack and have placed a reward for the information leading to his

George Saitoti

For the first time our country is threatened with the most serious level of

John Kerry

He is a legal and an appropriate target for the US military under the authorisation of the use of the military force passed in September of

Patrick Smith

I don't think it is the end of al-Shabaab. I think they are retreating from Mogadishu, they will change tactics and strategy to a more guerrilla mode, they will change into civilian clothes, and they will still be a potent

Peter Smerdon - World Food Programme

Al Shabaab in November issued 11 conditions for aid agencies to operate in southern Somalia. These included conditions such as women being removed from their jobs unless they worked just in hospitals or health centres, and payment of 20,000 dollars every six months for

Joseph Jama Ole Lenku

Some offensives have been taken, they have been identified where they came from, their resources destroyed and we continue to make inroads to make sure that we bring to justice those

Tom Maliti

The al-Shabab have said since October 2011 that they did not like the presence of the Kenyan military in Somalia – when Kenya moved into Somalia in October 2011. Al-Shabab at that time threatened to fight Kenya on Kenyan

Uhuru Kenyatta

The obvious intent is to create hostility and suspicion across ethnic and religious lines and to drive non-Muslims from certain parts of this country. The ultimate aim of this atrocious campaign is to establish an extremist caliphate in our

Uhuru Kenyatta

We have overcome terrorist attacks before and we have fought courageously and defeated them within and outside our borders. We will defeat them

Uhuru Kenyatta

I ask God to give you comfort as you confront this tragedy and I know what you feel, having also lost very close family members in this

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