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David Beadle - Moody's
We believe most of the ongoing revenue gains by the discounters will come at the expense of the 'Big Four'. The only uncertainties are the extent to which inflation and population growth soften the blow of this hit to revenue, and how the loss of market share will be spread
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Oct 18 2017
In this page you'll find all points of view published about Aldi. You'll find 83 quotes on this page. You can filter them by date and by a person’s name. The 4 people who have been quoted more about Aldi are: Fraser McKevitt, Matthew Barnes, Kenny Jacobs and Scott Mushkin. Fraser McKevitt specifically said: “We haven't seen sustained market growth of this kind since May 2013. A 1.5 per cent increase in the volume of goods going through the tills has contributed to this growth while the remainder of the overall sales increase is down to higher prices.”.
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Mike Paglia - Kantar Retail

Comes at a time when shoppers are, more than ever, seeing the appeal in a small format, quick-trip-type store that offers low prices and high

Florian Scholbeck - ALDI Einkauf

You should see what kind of cars were out there! The Porsche drivers were buying 6-packs. Because the quality is on

Phil Lempert

The typical 40,000 square-foot supermarket is a dinosaur, and it's extinct. Those stores need to

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

We haven't seen sustained market growth of this kind since May 2013. A 1.5 per cent increase in the volume of goods going through the tills has contributed to this growth while the remainder of the overall sales increase is down to higher

Chris Wildish

It was a white bucket, a builder's bucket, in a white Aldi bag or Lidl bag...Flames were still coming out of it when I saw it and had a lot of wires hanging out of it – I can only assume it was done on purpose,. It was standing against the door of the rear-most

Mickey Chadha - Moody's

We expect the pricing environment to remain very competitive in 2017 as value discounters like Aldi expand, players like Lidl enter the market, Wal-Mart flexes its pricing muscle and Amazon continues to lower pricing at Whole

Scott Patton - ALDI

Grocery shopping online is a relatively small part of the business, but it is continuing to

Richard Lim

The least affluent households spend 17pc of their expenditure on food compared to an average of 11pc, so [higher food inflation] has a significant

Christina Carr

When I was growing up, there used to be a bit of a stigma around shopping at discount stores at my

James Walton

Although they're small in the U.K., they're massive businesses in their own right. They have great scale when considered globally, and they're only buying a fairly limited range of

Mark Whitfield

You're buying unusual or luxury products, but not paying as

Edouard Aubin - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

U.K. households are quite sensitive to pressure on disposable income. That is why they are switching to cheaper

Denise Morrison - Campbell Soup Company

One need not look any further than Amazon's proposed acquisition of Whole Foods, the expansion of Aldi and Lidl, or the Blue Apron IPO for evidence of the changing retailer landscape. In this environment, companies and brands must differentiate themselves or risk

Bernard O'Connor

Champagne is fighting this battle in Europe, and they seem to be winning. It seems logical that they'll next take the fight to global

Katie Vickery

If the European Court of Justice adopts the opinion of the Advocate General then protected products, even when used as ingredients, will continue to enjoy a high level of

Tony Baines

Demand for Japanese cuisine is growing in the UK and we wanted to make it easy and accessible for people to enjoy Japanese culture at

Ryan McDonnell - Lidl UK

We have always been committed to helping households save money on everyday family essentials, and school uniforms should be no exception. Customers shouldn't have to choose between price and quality, which is why we've launched this extensive and affordable 'Back to School' range, giving them the best of both

Matthew Barnes - ALDI

We need more high-performing individuals to help us achieve our growth plans. In return, we offer market-leading pay and benefits and career development opportunities that are unrivalled in the supermarket sector. Our approach is to recruit the best people in retail and invest in their long-term career development to ensure they operate in an environment where they feel engaged, motivated and

Heidi Klum

Lidl is known for making quality products at affordable prices and I'm proud to partner with them on this fashion

Ben Cahill

It's fantastic to see Co-op's own brand Champagne rubbing shoulders with some of the most esteemed brands in the industry. We travel the globe to source top-quality wine at the very best prices and this win just goes to show that buying award-winning wine doesn't have to break the

Liz Ruggles - ALDI

The grocery industry has seen many changes over the years . . . but Aldi has never lost

James Thomson

Amazon will know exactly what people are buying both online and offline . . . they will know exactly what to put on the

James Thomson

If you're a national grocery brand today, you've got to be scared out of your mind. Amazon bought 400 Petri dishes [by buying Whole Foods' stores]. There is no such thing as failure to

Brian L. Roberts - Comcast

It's absolutely brutal. The US is about 15 years behind Europe. There's an 'it will never happen to us' mentality. Lots of European supermarkets assumed [Aldi and Lidl] stores were for low-income shoppers . . . but they've lost 10 per cent of their market share to

Oliver Chen - Cowen Group

Grocery is already intensely competitive given new rock bottom pricing entrants Aldi/Lidl, WMT's commitment to price investment, and intense digital innovation at

John Brick - Morningstar

My takeaway is simply this interview invokes confidence that Kroger is still very competitive in the space ... and [Kroger's] $16 billion dollars in natural and organic sales is larger than the entire Whole Food chain's revenue. This is on the back of their CFO ... saying they are ready for Aldi and Lidl to expand, as [Kroger] has been preparing for

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

The market's robust performance this period is partly down to particularly weak sales growth last year and a continuing increase in like-for-like grocery inflation, which is now running at 3.2 per cent. At this rate, that's an extra £133 on the average household's annual shopping bill, or the equivalent of seven additional shopping trips a year. Overall sales rose by 2.2 per cent, although its market share fell half a percentage point year-on-year to 15.1 per

Micahel Lavery - Piper Jaffray

Shifts in the retail environment, particularly in North America, may pose risks broadly for center-store processed food manufacturers, including General Mills. Consumers continue to drive away from processed foods. We expect continued downward pressure on pricing from intense retail competition, driven by retailers like Walmart, Aldi and Lidl and online retailers,

Will Harwood

We're building on the foundation that's made Lidl so successful across

Scott Mushkin - Wolfe Research

Kroger is probably facing its most trying time since the Wal-Mart invasion of the late 90s. The challenges facing the business over the next 12 to 24 months have done nothing but

Andrew Wolf

Clearly, the traditional [supermarket] industry wishes they weren't coming. Essentially, Aldi and Lidl appear to be in a race. They are going right after Wal-Mart's

Bill Bishop

They will take a bite out of the market and shrink the market so all of the incumbents are going to be competing for their fair share of a smaller

Bill Bishop

The Lidl launch is going to have a dramatic impact on supermarkets and other people selling fast-moving grocery

Scott Mushkin - Wolfe Research

The quality has come up significantly on private label so now you can get brand equivalent quality or higher for private label

Phillip Keene - Wal-Mart Stores

As a company, we feel good about our plan and our customers are telling us we are strong as a business and headed in the right direction, both in-store and

Kent Knudson

There's a tremendous amount of value at stake that will shift to Lidl and Aldi. Traditional grocers can't afford to lose sales right now given how competitive it is - it will be very

Jason Hart

We pioneered a grocery model built around value, convenience, quality and selection and now Aldi is one of America's favorite and fastest-growing reatilers. We're growing at a time when other retailers are estruggling. We are giving our customers what they want, which is more organic produce, antibiotic-free meats and fresh healthier options across the store, all at unmatched prices up to 50 percent lower than traditional grocery

Mike Watkins

Tesco's re-focus on the customer and their changing needs, such as simplifying ranges and promotions, has meant they've not only attracted new shoppers but encouraged them to visit more often. These incremental improvements are helping reverse the declining spend per visit which was an ongoing challenge for Tesco last year. The growth is also now being supported by initiatives which revisit some wider consumer trends such as tackling food waste and supporting healthier eating and

Chris Hayward

Consumers are starting to feel the pinch as prices continue to rise. That may not seem like much, but if inflation continues at its current rate over the course of a year that would mean an extra £119 spent on groceries per

Tony Baines

It has been a huge year for innovation at Aldi. We've not only expanded our sparkling range, but also introduced a brand new French initiative. We have been working closely with renowned winemaker Jean Claude Mas to change perceptions around French wine, which is often perceived as expensive and intimidating, so it is fantastic to see some of these products acknowledged as some of the best in the

Neil Saunders - Banana Republic

Looking in more detail at the various strands of Walmart's initiatives, a sharper focus on price is cutting through – especially on grocery. The response to Walmart flexing its price muscles has been good, and we expect further small gains over the rest of this year. A more disciplined focus on low prices is also important as Aldi, and now Lidl, expand into the

Matthew Barnes - ALDI

If you look at the population, we think not only could we have a store in every town and city, but for every 25,000 to 30,000 people. We have 700 stores now and 300 sites already approved on our books. And there are 600 town locations where we don't have a store; in many of which we could easily have two, three or four stores ... We don't have a store in Watford, (but) that would be a six to eight Aldi town. As inflation begins to stretch household budgets consumers will increasingly look for opportunities to reduce their grocery

Bill Bishop

The growth of Aldi and Lidl will require existing U.S. grocery retailers to start asking themselves how they can do things differently to control costs – from marketing and merchandising to operations and

Jason Hart

We are re-merchandising, remodeling, enhancing our product range and are focused on gaining volume so more customers start their shopping at Aldi and we are able to complete their shopping lists more so than we have in the past. We don't confuse our customers with yo-yo discounts, sales, coupons, and loyalty cards that require membership

Scott Mushkin - Wolfe Research

We have not seen anything like this in the grocery sector in the United States

Burt Flickinger

Aldi is disrupting the sector the way Wal-Mart did when they

Burt Flickinger

Given Aldi's expansion, Lidl's entry, Wal-Mart's response and Amazon's growing ambitions in this space, it is fair to expect a significant acceleration in the bankruptcy and liquidation cycle in this sector over the next few

Scott Patton - ALDI

The remodels are aimed at increasing our volumes which means more purchasing power that will help us lower prices

Simon Mottram

We have carved out a market at the top. The future is to keep that quality but to reach more people. Aldi does a cycling jersey for £15 to £20 but we won't do that because that isn't really a cycling jersey – it's a piece of polyester. But we do need to make our pricing more

Kenny Jacobs

We're Aldi in the air. We don't like Ryanair to be like any other

Kenny Jacobs

I want you to be able to come onto the Ryanair website and browse a flight from Madrid to Cancun. To be able to browse any type of flight from anyone who wants to list their

Neil Sorahan

There's a big need for the UK to agree bilateral agreements with the EU bloc. [Should this not happen] there's a distinct possibility that there could be a period of time - days, weeks, months - where flights can not get in or out of

Kenny Jacobs

This is a big new aspect for low-cost airlines working with legacy

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

Around 54pc of the population purchased a 'free from' product during the past three months – that's 3.3mmore people than last

Mike Watkins

The level of promotional spend has gone back to levels not seen since before the 2008/09 economic crisis. The last few years, have seen about a third of the typical supermarket shopping bill going on promotional items. However, to be more price competitive, supermarkets have turned temporary price reductions into permanent cuts, so there's less promotional activity as many prices are cheaper all-year round. There's also been a shift away from multi-buy to simpler price cuts, which is in tune with shopper needs to make it easier to manage their basket

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

We expect inflation to continue to accelerate, and as a result we're likely to see consumers looking for cheaper alternatives. A reduction in promotional activity means the proportion of spending on promotions now stands at just 32.9% – 5.5 percentage points lower than last year. As a result, offers are becoming a less significant option for shoppers looking to save money. Already taking market share from their branded rivals – and up nearly 5% during the past 12 weeks – own label lines could be among the main beneficiaries of inflationary

Finn Cottle

Organic wines are seeing something of a renaissance. While the whole organic market is in general outperforming non-organic food and drink sales, organic still wine – red, white and rosé – is a runaway success story. English organic wine makers are seeing booming sales too – perhaps as people rediscover that link with their environment that organic exemplifies. Organic wines also taste better, perhaps due to less intensive production using fewer synthetic

Milos Ryba

Retailers are preparing themselves for Lidl's market entry. They are not falling asleep. They really take it

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

Underpinned by an extensive programme of store openings, the past quarter has seen Aldi attract 826,000 more shoppers than during the same period last

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

If prices continue to rise at the same rate for the rest of 2017, shoppers will find themselves around 27 pounds ($33.39)worse

Christopher Haskins

Undoubtedly what Unilever is doing is justified in terms of the economics of it, but Tesco's worried that Aldi may not follow

Bruno Monteyne

That's a major dynamic we haven't seen for years. It shows the supermarkets have improved their offer, not just price but service and different ranges. It won't replace Aldi and Lidl but it's a valid alternative if you want broader

David Walker

We don't think that Woolworths should be a retail conglomerate. We would like to see it as a clean liquor and supermarket business, performing competitively against ALDI and

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

The immediate economic uncertainty is unlikely to cause a substantial fall in grocery volumes, as demonstrated by the 2008 financial crisis when basic food, drinks and household sales proved

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

This marks the first time that each of the big four has simultaneously witnessed a drop in sales since April

Manfred Bischoff

Either we need more sausages, or we'll have to get rid of the sausages

Fraser McKevitt - Kantar Worldpanel

With like-for-like grocery prices 1.7 percent lower than last year, the supermarket price war shows no signs of

Clive Black - Shore Capital

To say that Tesco had a nightmare year would be an

Wael Al Abrashi

This makes us feel better and it will definitely calm people's anger and make them trust the military

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