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Arslan Chikhaoui
Algeria amending its energy law is a positive signal to the international
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Oct 03 2017
Algeria has been commented on by 122 key people in the news. You can find all of them on this page with their statements. People who have been most quoted about Algeria are: Majed Nehme, Mohammed Barkindo and Noureddine Bouterfa. For instance, the most recent quote from Majed Nehme is: “I think it's too early to talk about the president's successor. Algeria is a democratic country so there must be a political consensus. It's clearly stated in the constitution that if the post of the president is vacant, then the head of the Senate can take over his functions for forty days to prepare for new elections.”.
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Julie Delaney

The moment that has stuck with me the most is the police taking people one by one in rooms and hearing them beg for their lives. All I kept hearing was the same three voices for hours as our faces were against the wall. That's where our clothes were ripped

Kathryn Bigelow

Am I the right person to tell the story? Absolutely not. Am I the perfect person to tell this story? Absolutely not. But it's a really important story that needs to be told, and that was my overriding

Simon Culkin

The delivery adds more diversity to the sources of gas we rely on. This year we have brought in shipments from Algeria, Qatar and South America too. The more sources you can draw on, the

Pierre Mutzenhardt

There'd been no difficulties with him. Nothing strange had been

Arnaud Mercier

He was someone who believed a lot in democratic ideals, the expression of free thinking, in journalism. Nothing, absolutely nothing, foretold that one day he'd be a jihadi who'd want to kill a policeman in the name of I don't know what

Alistair Allan Horne

He questioned me closely about the parallels between Iraq and Algeria. It was clear that he had read attentively what I had written. I was questioned intently on how de Gaulle got out of Algeria; I had to reply, Mr. President, very badly; he lost his shirt.' Though it was clearly a disappointing response, Mr. Bush replied, with emphasis: 'Well, we're not going to get out of Iraq like

Robert Pulleyn - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We see a risk that the investigation will impact Petrofac's ability to secure new contracts, given customers may be wary of higher counterparty risk, and the SFO inquiry may absorb management resources. For example, Saipem has not won any contracts in Algeria since 2014 following allegations of bribery first raised in Dec 2012, which evolved to charges in 2016 and that remain

David Wearing

Emmanuel Macron has condemned France’s behaviour in Algeria. Until Britain is similarly honest about its history, we will still think in terms of “us” and “them”Both Ukip and Theresa May trumpeted their anti-immigrant credentials yesterday, with fresh and not-so-fresh policies for the election. Hostility to foreigners is now an established theme in the UK’s political discourse, partly because it has deep cultural roots. But there may be something we can learn from Emmanuel Macron about how this problem can be

Benjamin Stora

Marine Le Pen uses the vocabulary of the Republic, but in a colonial

Benjamin Stora

They wanted to kill de Gaulle, physically. There were four assassination attempts against

Christophe Tellier

It was Algeria that was the problem. And now the children of the harkis, they are a problem. These immigrants, I hope they won't have all these advantages that they have the right to now. I hope they'll be taken

Terrence Peterson

History is a way to talk about France's relationship with its minority population. Like the Confederate flag, it means very different things to different

Steve Bolze - General Electric

The service agreement, and digital, will cover the total plant, everything from the gas turbines to the rest of the

Mattia Toaldo

You are in a situation where the US backs off from the political process, the UN is extremely weak, the French and the British are having elections, and the Italians were basically pushed aside. So who is left? Egypt, Russia, and

Kathleen Rivera

[Lomax] was poring over these punch cards and computing systems for entire days. His vision couldn't match the technology that he had at the time. Today, we have the system that can make it all very clear for

Tony Carroll

We had 10 English internationals, three Irish, Turkey, Algeria, Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda and Trinidad and Tobago. We are a community club, everyone knows about Senrab, they know where we train. It is one of those clubs that is infectious, with the history and standing that we have in the football

Mohamed Mouloudi

Current funding methods are still very weak. Giving the green light to Islamic finance through the participative option would help attract much money from reluctant

Nasser Haider

Financial institutions must be more dynamic and aggressive in the market by allowing Islamic products to grow. Regulation has not been a hurdle for Islamic finance in Algeria, but a legal framework would help its

Noureddine Bouterfa

Growth of output mainly natural gas will continue in a sustained way for the medium term and

Noureddine Bouterfa

We have engaged a dialogue with oil firms to shed light on their understanding of our laws, including their apprehensions with regard to taxes and to bring the necessary corrections so we can boost the development of our partnership and make our country more

Alexey Reznikovich - VimpelCom

But I think that when you work in markets like Russia, Algeria and other countries it is extremely important to have very strong compliance function, very strong legal function and that's what we have been doing in Veon for the last couple of

Iman Amrani

Religious identity isn’t something you can take off in public. The European court of justice has turned the headscarf into a symbol of resistance. This week’s decision by the European court of justice to allow the hijab to be banned in the workplace is yet another sign of the continent’s obsession with how Muslim women

Djamal Ould Abbas

We have received 6,228 dossiers from candidates overall, but barely more than 100 from

Aziza Boudia

I was never involved in political or union activity, but I was always interested in politics, through newspapers, television. I don't know what parliamentary work consists of, but the challenge interests me a

Nasser Djabi

They are disconnected to the evolution of Algerian society, where girls are in the majority in universities, and girls have higher success rates on exams. Certain professions that have become more female, like the press, the legal system, education, health – but I see that the political parties remain closed in on themselves, and haven't followed this movement of

Zalane Abderrahmane

There's no point in having 30 percent of women in parliament if they are coming just to be ... decorative plants. Women should be there because of their ideas, their capacities, their personalities, their commitment, because they are the future of

Avram Grant

I hope the pitch is better than there because it was not good for everybody. Two giants, in my opinion, in Ivory Coast and Algeria, are out of the way so it's a good wake-up call to all the people that think they are a big team and that it's enough. It's not enough. You need to prove it on the

Sean Smith - Verisk Maplecroft

The significance of this attack is that it strikes at the very heart of the Algiers peace

Michel Dussuyer

After Algeria-Zimbabwe and Gabon-Guinea- Bissau, we were very careful. But we still have two (group) matches so we are still

Ira Joseph - PIRA Energy Group

LNG supply failures in the Atlantic deprived northwest Europe of hoped-for supply, benefiting mainly the continent's two biggest pipeline suppliers - Russia and Algeria. Russian and Algerian pipeline exports benefited greatly from Europe's LNG standstill and they are poised to benefit so long as Atlantic Basin LNG production problems persist and Asian nuclear outages keep shipments flowing towards the Far

Yasmine Kacha

It is urgent that lawyers are allowed access to the journalist's medical

Yasmine Kacha

A public apology should be presented to the journalist's family and an investigation immediately

Amine Sidhoum

I can confirm the death of the journalist Mohamed Tamalt in Bab el-Oued hospital after a hunger strike of more than three months and a three-month

Giuseppe Loprete - International Organization for Migration

They are about 1,000 – 271 from Niger, the rest from West African countries, mainly Mali and Guinea

Sarah Leah Whitson - Human Rights Watch

A mass and summary deportation of migrants, including men and women who may have fled persecution or have worked for years in Algeria, would violate their rights. The right of a country to control its borders is not a license for

Kaed Essebssi

Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt have direct contact with Libya on three levels: security, geographical and economic levels. May God help us to meet and coordinate together with Libyans. If this happens, we might give Libya, through our help, the opportunity to stabilise the

Bijan Namdar Zanganeh

We will leave the level of production (where) we decided in

Josef Baumert

We will have the ability to meet demand in Algeria. This project opens new doors for

Josef Baumert

For us, this is a sensible action toward increasing automobile sales in Algeria in the long

Bijan Namdar Zanganeh

If we look at the OPEC meeting from an economic point of view we can reach an agreement soon to freeze oil output to 32.5 to 33 million barrels per day as decided in

Michael Cohen

Three things have changed since Algiers. One is Trump was elected. Two, the earnings season showed U.S. oil producers were more resilient, and the third is the return of output from Libya and

Abdesselam Bouchouareb

This shows that the investment climate has improved. Our main goal is to reduce

Colin Smith - Panmure Gordon & Co.

While reaching agreement looks tricky, it would be surprising if there was not some kind of firm commitment from Saudi and its key Gulf allies, given all the issues were clearly visible at the Algeria meeting, yet Saudi was willing to sign up to a revised OPEC

Khalid al-Falih

I'm still optimistic that the consensus reached in Algeria for capping production will translate, God willing, into caps on states' levels and fair and balanced cuts among

Mohammed Barkindo

The group was committed to an output-cutting deal made in Algiers in September. We as OPEC, we remain committed to the Algiers accord that we put together. All OPEC 14 members, we remain committed to the

David Hufton

Market belief that OPEC can reach a credible deal has collapsed and prices are now $8 a barrel off the post-Algiers highs. The numbers show that the best deal OPEC are likely to come up with is well short of what is needed to achieve a balanced market in

Harry Tchilinguirian - BNP Paribas

There is a lot of enthusiasm after the Algiers accord where OPEC announced an output cut but since then we're seeing a few cracks emerging here and there. I think OPEC has a long road ahead of it and the discussions that are going to be held in the November 30 meeting are going to be not only difficult but probably

Anis Rahmani

Bouteflika used to unify people not divide them, and Saadani's remarks have put the president in an embarrassing

Abdelaziz Belkhadem

He can ask people in my village what I did during the war of independence. Everyone can ask what my family did during the

Mike Wittner - Société Générale

I know the bond sale, they've been planning this for many months. But the fact that they're, as of Algiers, signaling 'we're back in the game of actively managing the market,' it fits together to do that and then sell your bond. The investors of the bond are going to be more comfortable about the financial health of the issuer. To the extent that you're thinking about oil prices, it's 'don't worry, we got

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

I think they are serious…They weren't obliged to make this statement in Algiers….They have done it voluntarily and they have seen a positive impact from the

Mohammed Barkindo

Consultations remain ongoing among the Opec-14, the High Level Committee initiated by the Opec conference is moving forward on the implementation of the Algiers decision. Steps are being taken to further develop a framework for high-level consultations between Opec and non-Opec oil-producing countries. We believe there is firm and common ground for continuous collaborative efforts among producers, both within and outside

Jim McCaughan

Even if they purport to have a deal in Algiers, I don't think it will hold for very long because there's so much incentive from various cash-strapped oil producers to produce more so even a formal deal would fall apart. That puts a downward pressure on the oil price for the near-future even if there is a financial bounce on a purported

Kent Moors - Capital Research Group

Behind the scenes there's a considerable amount of negotiation. Everybody has been shooting themselves in the foot, for some time here in OPEC. There is a consistent simple budgetary crisis that's

Kent Moors - Capital Research Group

We have a situation where nobody has a vested interest in keeping any oil in the ground. Right now, your market share demands that you lift it up and you sell it, even though the overall revenue flow is declining and that simply is not

Kent Moors - Capital Research Group

Here's the bottom line: I'm seeing low $50 a barrel by the time we reach the end of the year. We're looking at $63 to 65 dollars a barrel, I think, by the end of the first quarter of 2017. That requires that the balance be clearly in focus and that balance requires that production remain tempered and those are the great

Martin Kobler

This is of course Europeans, but this is also Egypt, Algeria, in particular the south. There is a link between the terrorism in Libya and with Boko Haram in the

Khalid al-Falih

We are optimistic about the fundamentals. The market is trending in the right direction, slower than what we had hoped for a few months ago but the fundamentals are moving in the right direction. From that aspect we are feeling good about the market and I think the rebalancing is here but taking slower than what we had

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

It's all about what's going on in Algiers really ... the prospect or no prospect of a supply deal. There is no new fundamental development that is more important than

Ray Attrill

While underscoring his determination to use all possible policy means to achieve inflation goals, [Kuroda] did nothing to assuage deepening market conviction that the policy instruments and settings announced last week won't do

Noureddine Bouterfa

We will not come out of the meeting empty-handed. The situation since the last meeting in June has worsened. So it's important to see what measures can be adopted in the short-term and very short-term to find a solution to this situation that isn't helping any OPEC

Michael McCarthy

The dominant news for investors is U.S. inventory data unless we see something surprising out of

Jonathan Barratt

The fact countries like Algeria are still talking about a deal means it's still on the table regardless of others' views about what might be happening. I expect Algeria and Venezuela to keep pushing for a deal - it's imperative for them to keep the price

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Perhaps most compelling (a reason to reach a collective output deal), many of the biggest and most influential producers are close to maxing out and hence may judge that there is little downside to agreeing to cap output at current levels or sign up again for a collective

Helima Croft - BC Capital

Most notably, a unified cartel would help to install a floor in the market, as quantifiable measures should hold members accountable. Additionally, such a framework could be struck in a way that it accommodates Iran's return to pre-sanction production levels. We view this as likely because the cartel historically has made country level concessions under certain

Fikadu Girma

We plan to produce 3,000 vehicles of three models every

Gomani Mohamad Saleh

The two Italians were working on a runway project at the airport but the Canadian was working on installing air aviation system. The security authorities are following the incident closely ... That's all the information we have so

Noureddine Bouterfa

Algeria has a proposal for participants in the Algiers meeting. Consultations with our partners show there is a consensus around the need to stabilise the market. That is already a

Mohammed Barkindo

The informal gathering was proposed as a move to having an extraordinary meeting with the aim of taking decisions to stabilise the

Mohammed Barkindo

It will be an informal meeting, it is not a meeting for making decisions. We met in June, it is September now and a lot of things happened between the two

Ann-Louise Hittle - Wood Mackenzie

If OPEC were to cut its production in Algiers, or really freeze its production, then prices would rise, and what producer would benefit the most rapidly from those high prices? It would be the U.S.. We would be back soon enough in a situation where the U.S. will move toward its previous boom-rate of growth and therefore start absorbing market share

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

The time frame to reach any agreement to freeze is not necessarily in September. It will need to include Iran and that will be more likely to be at the end of the first quarter of next

Doug King - RCMA Asset Management

The overall situation in oil, in my view, is stabilising. The stock draw should be with us as we head into the fourth

Seth Kleinman

I'm going to join the rest of the market in remaining extremely skeptical that we're going to see anything actually change, such as barrels taken off the market as a result of the Algiers meeting. This (Russia-Saudi) agreement is totally devoid of

Tony Nunan - Mitsubishi

Even though there will be discussions in Algeria, there's no strong feeling that anything will be done, so the supply remains high. Saudi Arabia's position hasn't changed. They are open to some kind of production freeze if Iran and other major producers

Adel Al-Jubeir

We are beginning to have a meeting of the minds but it is a work in progress and we'll see what happens in the meeting in Algeria. And I'm hopefully

Mohamed Saidj

These bars and shops are commerces that create jobs, pay taxes and are part of a balanced

Said Bahmed

Thanks to God, Algerian society is returning to its source of

Khalid al-Falih

We are going to have a ministerial meeting of IEF (International Energy Forum) in Algeria next month, and there is an opportunity for OPEC and major exporting non-OPEC ministers to meet and discuss the market situation, including any possible action that may be required to stabilize the

Abdelaziz Elksouri

The rhythms are very universal, with melodies that are more local to the Maghreb, to Algeria and Morocco. So I think it's this mix that speaks to the body a little and it's sort of a characteristic of the concerts we do, we are talking to the body, it really gets people moving, especially the

Abdesselam Bouchouareb

This is the right way to diversify our economy. We need to find sources of

Jussi Pylkkanen

It was painted in 1917 during the first World War and everybody, all the critics, all those people that really understand 20th century painting universally felt that this was the artist's greatest

Richard Feigen - Old Masters

I don't really see an end to it, unless interest rates drop sharply, which I don't see happening in the near

Sarah Lichtman

Prices for works from these periods only seem to go up each auction cycle and the reputations of the artists become further enshrined. Today the works epitomise the conservative, moneyed

Jean-Yves Le Drian

Iraq has called on us to help with air support for the military action on the ground by the Iraqi troops and the troops from Kurdistan, and of course we will continue airstrikes in the coming

Carsten Fritsch - Commerzbank

It is more fears that this might spread to places like Algeria, Kuwait or the United Arab

Abdallah Djaballah

The evidence Bouteflika is ill is that he is not even able to make the announcement himself that he will run for a fourth

Abdelmalek Sellal

Bouteflika's decision to run comes at the insistence of the people and after some deep

Mourad Medelci

To begin with, it is incumbent on us to evalute the terrorist threat which is developing dangerously and taking on a new dimension, with increasingly strong ties to organised crime and the trafficking of drugs and

Said Sadi

We are facing a disguised coup. That's why, as the opposition, we have to mobilise against it. But the citizens must be aware that this day, the 12th of November, will remain a black day in the history of an independent

Majed Nehme

That's right, Ali Benflis already said that before the campaign

Majed Nehme

I think it's too early to talk about the president's successor. Algeria is a democratic country so there must be a political consensus. It's clearly stated in the constitution that if the post of the president is vacant, then the head of the Senate can take over his functions for forty days to prepare for new

Majed Nehme

There's nothing in the constitution which prevents him from presiding on the grounds of poor health. There is no condition covering this in the

Majed Nehme

There may be protests but the majority of candidates have already accepted the initial results, with the exception of the most imporant candidate, Ali Benflis, who has asked his supporters not to use illegitimate means to

Majed Nehme

Since Algeria's independence in 1962 the president has been the head of the armed forces and secret services according to the constitution, and he decides who to hire and fire. The president is also the defence minister. He is

Mohamed Said Belaid

The operation has enabled us to neutralise an important number of terrorists and to free a significant number of hostages. But unfortunately some people have been killed and injured. For the moment, we do not have definitive figures. We will communicate the details as soon as we have

Shinzo Abe

Algeria has not had assistance from other nations, as far as I know. I certainly know about countries which have offered to give Algeria assistance, but that has been declined. Therefore it is very likely that this is an Algerian

David Cameron

What we know is that the terrorist threat in the Sahel comes from al Qaeda in Islamic Magreb. They aspire to establish Islamic law across the Sahel and northern Africa and they also aspire to attack western interests in the region and frankly wherever they can. Just as we have reduced the scale of the al Qaeda threat in other parts of the world, including in Pakistan and Afghanistan, so the threat has grown in other parts of the

Shinzo Abe

I've strongly asked Algeria to deal with the situation by giving priority to human lives and to ensuring people's safety. I believe the leaders of the other countries convey the same

Ali al-Naimi

If I were in the business of guessing what prices are going to be, I'd be in Las

Ali al-Naimi

Whether production is going to increase or decrease, depends on demand from our customers. We don't raise or reduce production just for the sake of it, but as long as there are consumers, you have to meet the consumer's

Manuel Valls

In the face of terrorism, which plays on terror and fear, we have to be especially determined, as France is, fighting against terrorism everywhere. Because terrorism is an affront against our freedoms and fundamental

Henri Giuge

We don't understand, we just don't understand. But what worries me is that this ultimatum is very

Kacem Bouhdiba

We asked the government to help us because of what happened. As you can see we've lost everything, our money, our furniture, even our animals have died. We have lost everything because of this

Francois Hollande

It is being taken to Gao and so will be analysed as quickly as possible. What we know already is that the plane's wreckage is concentrated in a small area – but it is still too early to draw any conclusions. They will come in due

Abdelmalek Sellal

This Renault factory is a win-win partnership, and we shall work for more plants on Algerian

Vladimir Putin

The tragic consequences of these events led to a terrorist attack in Algeria which took the lives of civilians, including

Nidhal Ouerfelli

We have re-checked control posts, including Ras Jedir, where we agreed to rehabilitate infrastructure. We are also coordinating with the army, national military police and

Abdelfattah Mourou

The Independent High Authority for Audiovisual Communication wrote to us that we are forbidden from talking to foreign media. Try not to put me in an embarrassing position, otherwise I would be punished and they'll say, that one didn't obey the

Nidaa Tounes

Men who were in power or who had ties to power recruited young Tunisians, exploiting poverty and social exclusion, unemployment, bribes and jihad – as if that were true

Mohamed Ali EL-Aroui

We've found problems on the border with our brother country Algeria, at Mount Chaambi. We've arrested several terrorists in the past few days. Our raids were effective, and we also eliminated other elements. We've made a lot of progress in the fight against

Claude Moniquet

There is obviously a window of opportunity for Europe, and that's quite rare. A chance for Europe to play a role on the international stage, and if there's anywhere where Europe can be significant, it's obviously in North Africa and Africa. North Africa and Libya, it's just the other side of the street from us, like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia…for us these are neighbouring countries, countries with which we have a common history, long-standing relationships, and I think that's the right policy to show: that we are interested in these situations and that we are on the side of their

Mahmoud al-Zahar - Hamas

So let us return to Spain again because we left in 1492 and called for the re-occupation of Britain, India, and Arab and Muslim nations, and called for re-occupation by France of Syria, Lebanon,

Antoine Glaser

Unfortunately, that can't be ruled out. You could quite easily imagine that the Tuaregs from the Azawad area believe that they, too, can claim their independence, and that is what is happening. And you have got countries like France, for that matter…where Foreign Minister Alain Juppe has already talked about granting autonomy to Azawad. You can see it is an idea that is really in people's heads now, even in the international

François Chignac

The first question is simple: does the scenario of the country splitting up seem plausible to you?feedback

Slimane Yacini

Welcome to the World Cup Corner. After twelve years away from a major international football tournament Belgium return to the top table with a win over

Trinidad Jimenez

We have to study new measures and advice but I must meet those in charge of these organisations to decide if we should adopt additional

Benjamin Stora

It was one of the most violent anti-colonial wars, lasting for eight years. It brought hundreds of thousands of deaths, an exodus of a million Algerians of European origin – the 'Pieds Noirs' – and the massacre of the

Benjamin Stora

Most of these people were of very modest means, either petty administrators or craftsmen or small shopkeepers. They were rejected by history. From 1962 up to today, they lived in nostalgia and resentment – so many people. There is no equivalent in

Jamel Ezzidini

Gaddafi addressed the people at the beginning of the revolution, saying: 'Who are you?' Libyan people are answering today, We're the ones who will follow you everywhere you go, wherever you have disappeared, and we will continue to follow you until justice is

Zetoto Mustapha

We will not go back to work until we have our due rights. Firstly a wage increase, secondly improved retirement conditions, which must not change, because we work hard here. We cannot work until we are 60-years-old. The retirement and pension issue concerns all Algerian

Hasni Abidi

We all know there are Islamic groups among the rebels. Also, there are an enormous number of weapons spread across the country. They have either come from Gaddafi or other countries, or even cross-border smuggling. It is difficult to know how to gather those

Hasni Abidi

I don't think that welcoming part of the Gaddafi family to Algeria for humanitarian reasons will end the relationship with Libya. There is a pragmatic and realistic wing within the National Transitional Council and it tends to build healthy relations with neighbouring countries, mainly

Hasni Abidi

It is true that France and the UK have been leading the military operations against the Gaddafi regime, to help the rebels topple Gaddafi. But I think what is important for Libya is to develop a new system, new institutions to help run the country, because Libya has no institutions apart from those run by Gaddafi. The challenges for the future are difficult and I do not think the National Transitional Council will be able to handle them

Hasni Abidi

There are big fears after information suggested some organisations took part in fighting in Afghanistan, such as the al-Jama'a Almoqatila in Libya, headed by Bilhaj, who is currently the chief of Tripoli's military council. The fear is that those organisations may get involved in the political system. Therefore, the National Transitional Council is not ready and cannot rule, but it is a tool to help the transition into a political

Delia Fischer

Here I quote from the chairman of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee Claudio Sulser: 'Such behaviour cannot be tolerated on any football pitch, and in particular not at a FIFA World Cup when the eyes of millions of people are on the stars on the

Ali Benflis

A third term, a fourth term… that's not my thing, that's not

Foudil Boumala

These elections do not pave the way for an alternative or for political debate and ideas. They are a problem, heaped on top of the other big problems of

Wenke Roggen

The French police suspected him of being part of a network of criminals, whose purpose is to plan terrorist acts. At his home they found weapons and ammunition and military

Francis Perrin

The attack at In Amenas was an attempt to hit the gas resource – the crown jewels of Algeria; as well as the Algerian state and Sonatrach Petroleum, a state-owned company. So obviously this is a strike against the state and they intended to hit it

Issa Hayatou

My thoughts go out to the family and friends of this young man who enjoyed his job peacefully and went further to pursue his passion for football abroad. African football cannot be the breeding ground for hooliganism whatsoever. We expect exemplary sanctions to be taken against this grave act of violence. Violence has no place in African football in particular and sports in

Issa Hayatou

We remain resolute and state in the strongest terms our determination to eradicate all forms of violence and unsportsmanlike conduct in stadiums on the

Kerbadj Mahfoud

An unfortunate act has claimed the life of a young player, who, in the space of a season, won the hearts of thousands of Algerians across the country. Talented, as evidenced by being the league's top scorer in the 2013/14 season, he was highly regarded by his teammates and his opponents for his great human

Rashed Al Ghannouchi

They promised investment, loans, aid and an increased partnership with Tunisia. The US wants to invest in Tunisia, promoting tourism and the Gulf states, which are the main investors in Tunisia, the neighbouring Maghreb countries, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and the Arab

Adell Dellal

And economically of course, but what of the other Islamic experiences , like Algeria in the early nineties, What about Somalia which model do Ennahdha intend to

Shinzo Abe

From what we've heard from the Algerian government, there is indeed grim information about our

Kamel Morjane

Of course this [these democratic elections] will take time. We cannot fix it today. This will be fixed by the different parties, and when I say parties, it is not only those who are in government. We are in contact with all the elements, political elements of the Tunisian

Philippe Chalmin

It's totally imaginable that given the tension, we are going to see over the next few months food riots, riots over poverty, riots over bad

Nicolas Sarkozy

If we want to control matters in the Mediterranean, we can only do so with the cooperation of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and

David Cameron

It is a very dangerous, a very uncertain, a very fluid situation and I think we have to prepare ourselves for the possibility of bad news ahead. Cobra officials here are working around the clock to do everything we can to keep in contact with the families to build a full as possible picture of the information and the inteligence that we

Francois Hollande

For 132 years Algeria was subject to a profoundly unjust and brutal system. This system has a name, colonisation. And I recognise here the suffering that the colonisation inflicted on the Algerian

Jan Egeland - United Nations

Oh I mean there are many, many of the old issues like even torture extra judicial executions are still with us. We are now seeing the dramas of Algeria, of Mali and especially in the war of Syria unfolding. The new generation of human rights battles to a large degree is around the freedom o information, the internet. The internet is a great tool for opening up societies opening up dictatorships but it is also a place for surveillance for spreading false accusations and hate so I think in the battle for information and the battle for our minds is one of the future battlefields where our values human rights international law has to be

David Cameron

What is required in countries like Mali – just as in countries like Somalia on the other side of Africa – is that a combination of a tough approach on security, aid, politics, settling grievances and problems; an intelligence approach that brings together all the things we need to do with countries in this neighbourhood to help them; to make them safer, but to make us safer

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