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Richard Spencer
I don't necessarily think that that's a great thing. I'm not terribly excited about voting in general. Women should never be allowed to make foreign policy. It's not that they're 'weak.' To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no
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Oct 15 2017
Richard Spencer, Mike Cernovich and Peter Duke, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Alt-right. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 130 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 222 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Richard Spencer is: “I don't necessarily think that that's a great thing. I'm not terribly excited about voting in general. Women should never be allowed to make foreign policy. It's not that they're 'weak.' To the contrary, their vindictiveness knows no bounds.”.
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Joe Mulhall

There have been numerous attempts to forge a global far-right movement since World War II, but they've all been unsuccessful, because they've been rooted in large part in a message of nationalism. But with increased globalization and the development of the internet, the far right has gone more international. They have emerged as a force, communicating primarily

Michael Mark Cohen

What America is not understanding about what's happening at Berkeley is this is a community and a campus that is under a comprehensive, well-funded full assault by the alt-right. These people will not leave us alone. This has to stop unless the rest of the country is willing to let Berkeley become a

John Ganz

Freedom-lovers may say they share nothing with the racially-motivated right. But history suggests

Patrik Hermansson

You want to punch them in the face. You want to scream and do whatever – leave. But you can't do any of those things. You have to sit and

Jason Reza Jorjani

Our original vision was the alt-right would become like a policy group for the Trump

Luis Gutierrez - Brother

Where is it going to lead once the alt-right starts raising their voices, which they've already begun and will only become louder?feedback

Richard Spencer

It's a residue of an older conservatism. It really doesn't have much of anything to do with the alt

Ralph Northam

We told them in no uncertain terms to, Go back to where you came from and don't come

Ed Gillespie

If you believe that one race is superior to another or that one religion is superior to another … that is dehumanizing, and that is the presence of evil in our world and we have to reject

Ed Gillespie

They called themselves the 'alt-right'. They are not on any legitimate political spectrum of left to right. If on a scale of one to 10 – one is the most liberal, and 10 is most conservative – these people are a yellow. They're not on the same

Ralph Northam

I regret that the president of this great country of ours did not call it out for what it was. I'm proud that Governor McAuliffe and Attorney General Mark Herring and I did. I have said all along that these statues belong in

Angela Nagle

The 4chan thing is that they're not conservatives. They very much reject conservatism. They came to far-right ideas not through traditionalist politics, but through the fun of transgressing liberal sensibilities. And you could say it's kind of a punk sensibility. That was very much where it came from. It was very much about trolling, about being irreverent, about not respecting any boundaries or taboos, breaking every taboo as much and often as you can. That was very much the sensibility, rather than anything that was coming from a traditional right that we

Angela Nagle

The vast majority of the people who seem to be making up the bulk of this online are not willing to go that far, not even close. And so it's made it all very real. All the different groups around the hard core of the alt-right kind of peeled off. They've all denounced the alt right, they don't want to be associated with

Charles Williams II

This is the straw that broke the camel's back. When you hire Kid Rock, who is known to be dog-whistling and cat-calling to white supremacist organizations and the white supremacist community, alt-right, whatever you want to call them, and you take our tax dollars to do that? That's

Andrew Anglin

We need to be extremely conscious of what we look like, and how we present

Colin Jost

He's listing off hate groups like they're Pokemon cards. I got Squirtle. I got the Charmander. Oooh, the KKK. Look, it's evolving into the

Steve Duprey - Republican National Committee

I think the vote on the resolution will be unanimous and I support it. I do think it is useful to remind America that our party condemns all of these hate groups, and that while the President may have not articulated it as well as he could have initially, he too has been forceful in condemning racists, supremacists, the alt right, Nazis, and other hate

Donald J. Trump

All week they're talking about the massive crowds that are going to be outside. Where are they? Where are they? Well, it's hot

Terry McAuliffe

It's not just about monuments. This was a big issue that happened to this country on Saturday. These people who came to Charlottesville, the neo-Nazis, the alt-right. They weren't here about a statue. . . . There was hatred, there was bigotry that has been unleashed in this country, and we need to understand how it's happened and, most importantly, what we can do to move forward as a

Molly Sauter

At this point, it is now really difficult to be off on your own

Tony Suarez

The message rebuking hate and white supremacy and the alt-right–I think the advisory board was very clear on where they stand. I don't think there was any confusion in that

Annemarie Bridy

It's not a situation where someone can just set up shop overnight and start selling domain

Donald J. Trump

I've known Steve Bannon a long time. If I thought he was a racist or alt-right or any of the things, the terms we could use, I wouldn't even think about hiring him. The American carnage stops right here, right now. From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this day forward, it's going to be only America first. America

Haskel Lookstein

We condemn the monstrous act of murder that took the life of Heather Heyer. We are appalled by this resurgence of bigotry and antisemitism and the renewed vigor of the neo-Nazis, KKK and alt-right. While we always avoid politics, we are deeply troubled by the moral equivalency and equivocation President Trump has offered in his response to this act of

John McCain

The recent attacks upon [McMaster] from the so-called 'alt-right' are disgraceful. Since this fringe movement cannot attract the support of decent Americans, it resorts to impugning the character of a good man and outstanding soldier who has served honorably in uniform and sacrificed more for our country than any of his detractors ever have. Such smear tactics should not be tolerated and deserve an emphatic

Gary Cohn

You're changing history, you're changing

Gary Cohn

George Washington was a slave-owner. Are we going to take down statues to George Washington? How about Thomas Jefferson?feedback

Donald J. Trump

Okay, what about the alt-left, what about the alt-left that came charging at the, as you say, the alt-right? As someone who pays attention to what goes on with the far left in the U.S., [anti-facism has become] a focal point for politics that was not on the radar back when Occupy Wall Street was going on. There were groups, but it wasn't a focus on the

Mark Pitcavage

Modern white supremacist ideology, whether you're talking about the alt-right, or neo-Nazis, or racist skinheads, or the Ku Klux Klan, is centered around the concept that the white race is threatened with imminent extinction. That the survival of the white race itself is in doubt because it is being doomed by a rising tide of color, controlled and manipulated by the Jews. And so modern white supremacist ideology has become a very desperate, cornered-rat sort of ideology, where they basically rationalize that virtually anything is justified if it will somehow quote-unquote save the white

Mike Signer

With the terrorist attack, these monuments were transformed into lightning rods. We can, and we must, respond by denying the Nazis and the KKK and the so-called alt-right the twisted totem they seek. And so for the sake of public safety, public reassurance, to magnify Heather's voice, and to repudiate the pure evil that visited us here, I am calling today for the removal of these Confederate statues from downtown Charlottesville. We shouldn't honor the dishonorable Confederate cause, but we shouldn't try to erase it,

Yoni Appelbaum

At the moment it's in a state of chaotic disorganization, but that's for the moment. They also have the implicit backing of the president of the United States. That is not a small thing. The press conference that the president gave on Tuesday is going to really resonate. We went and talked to alt-right leaders after that, they felt they said energized, empowered, proud by what the president had said. And lots and lots of young men … are going to hear those remarks and feel as if this is something that is energizing and

Nino Brown

It went from a few hundred to well over a thousand to now roughly three thousand pretty quickly. There are about 10,000 interested in our event, according to Facebook. It's a distraction because we don't mirror the alt-right. The alt-right is trying to hide its politics, and we have nothing to

Claudia Davenport

As for female empowerment, there's nothing that has made me feel more empowered in my life than supporting and being supported by a strong man. I think that men and women are better off when we stop fighting nature and allow our distinct identities to shine

George Hawley

Women make the movement seem more

Kelly Baker

There are a lot of white women who buy into this movement, they're just doing it in private. They're not vocal, but they are supporters of the men in their lives who

Paul Joseph Watson

They really hate it when we use the term 'alt-left'. It would be a shame if this got 10,000

Justin Gest

Without his chief strategist the president will still have the ‘alt-right’ credentials they built together to mobilize and transform the Republican base. Intrigue swirls around the future of Steve Bannon at the White House in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s management of last weekend’s attacks by white nationalists in Charlottesville,

Tina Fey

It broke my heart to see these evil forces descend upon Charlottesville. I'm feeling sick because I've seen Raiders of the Lost Ark and I wasn't confused by it. Nazis are always bad. I don't care what you say. There's nine more alt-right rallies planned around the country this Saturday, including one in New York City in Washington Square Park. Part of me hopes these neo-Nazis do try it and get the ham salad kicked out of them by a bunch of drag queens, because you know what a drag queen still is? A six-foot-four black

Ryan Lenz

The alt-light is the alt-right without the racist overtones but it is hard to differentiate it sometimes because you're looking at people who sometimes dance between both

Dana Fisher

Violence begets violence. One of these groups is coming out with this violent message of hate, and the other has responded with a violent, reactive message. These men and women are basically deciding that there's a violent alt-right that's threatening people, and that they should arm and defend the

Anthony D. Romero - American Civil Liberties Union

This is not a new juncture for the A.C.L.U. We have a longstanding history of defending the rights of groups we detest and with whom we fundamentally disagree. It would be a very sorry day for our democracy if government officials insisted on denying any and all protests under the guise that violence might

Waldo Jaquith

I want to be clear, the violence of this weekend was not caused by our defense of the First

David A. Goldberger

The death may make people have second thoughts – I surely hope not. This is a real crossroads for the A.C.L.U., and I think it's going to choose the right

Mark Pitcavage

(Alt-left) did not arise organically, and it refers to no actual group or movement or network. It's just a made-up epithet, similar to certain people calling any news they don't like 'fake

Patrick Forscher

In the comparison sample, people basically never did those things, or reported [doing them]. We found evidence that there's a much more extreme group of [alt-right] people who are reporting harassing and being offensive intentionally. But there's a group of people who doesn't do that that much, or not that much at all. When we're thinking about current events, our thinking should be grounded in evidence rather than intuition. This provides some evidence. It's definitely not the be-all and

Patrick Forscher

One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do this in the first place was to find some leverage points for

Patrick Forscher

If you look at the mean dehumanization scores, they're about at the level to the degree people in the US dehumanize ISIS. The reason why I find that so astonishing is that we're engaged in violent conflict with

William A. Bell Sr.

What Charlottesville represented was an open defiance by hate groups of the tradition of this country to bring social and racial harmony. The condonement by the president of the actions of the alt-right, the white supremacists and the neo-Nazis gave a greater urgency to take some kind of

Donald J. Trump

What about the alt-left, that came charging at the – as you say – the alt-right? Do they have any semblance of guilt? George Washington was a slave owner. Are we now going to take down statues of George Washington?feedback

Jared Taylor

It is gratifying that there is at least one political figure who recognizes that not everyone who wants to keep the Lee statue is a neo-Nazi or white supremacist, and that many of the counterdemonstrators were violent thugs. We live in astonishing times in which to state the obvious is

Jack Posobiec

The madman is back. He is out of DC and getting back into offense mode, where he's at his best by pushing back against fake news and calling out extremists who commit violence on both sides. Antifa should have been included in the initial

Jared Taylor

Thank you President Trump for condemning the alt-left antifa thugs who attacked us in

Richard Spencer

He was calling it like he saw it. He endorsed nothing. He was being

Mike Cernovich

It energized the base. Losers like Richard Spencer and David Duke will try to dick ride it, but Trump specifically disavowed neo-Nazis and white

Eros Resmini

We unequivocally condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism or any other group, term, ideology that is based on these beliefs. They are not welcome on Discord. When hatred like this violates our community standards we act swiftly to take servers down and ban individual users. The public server linked to that violated those terms was shut down along with several other public groups and accounts fostering bad actors on Discord. We will continue to be aggressive to ensure that Discord exists for the community we set out to support –

Nathan Damigo

I don't know exactly what he meant by that statement. People in his position, they're not stupid, they make these very ambiguous statements with words that are very loaded and hard to

Richard Spencer

There's no way in hell I'm not going back to

Richard Spencer

They at least are connected with identitarian ideas in a way that the rest of them are

John Fabian Witt - Yale

The amazing thing is that the president is doing more to endanger historical monuments than most of the protesters. The alt-right is producing a world where there is more pressure to remove monuments, rather than

Eros Resmini

Discord was built to bring people together through a love of gaming and our mission is to connect positive communities who share this appreciation. We unequivocally condemn white supremacy, Neo-Nazism or any other group, term [or] ideology that is based on these beliefs. They are not welcome on

Peter Cytanovic

I hope people acknowledge that being a party to the alternative right does not make me an evil Nazi, and that being pro-white right now is dangerous, and being pro-white doesn't mean I'm anti-anyone

Mike Cernovich

The alt-right will now be made up of losers with nothing to lose. This sets ceiling on numbers while also attracting loons and

Richard Spencer

I am not going to condemn this young man at this point. My cause has nothing to do with this

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

The biggest problem is a failure or refusal to enforce the terms of service that they have. The question for the Googles of the world is: Do you really want to be party to what is going on with these websites?feedback

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

Discord has had a monopoly on communication between members of the far right hate groups for the past six months if not more. Almost every leader in this movement has an account there. So much of the coordination and collaboration of Charlottesville took place on

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

They make a big thing of saying that they want to be where the 'normies' are. Why would you want to preach to people who already agree with you?feedback

Russell Moore

The so-called Alt-Right white supremacist ideologies are anti-Christ and satanic to the core. We should say

Mike Cernovich

That's all the alt-right stands for, is white nationalism. They are now indistinguishable. Worse than that, they are now associated with domestic

Mike Cernovich

These alt-right people are so scared of people calling them a cuck they walked with them. Those dumb motherfuckers, are you kidding me? They're gonna let themselves be in pictures with the Nazi flag?feedback

George Hawley

I think to an extent the alt-right loves the Antifa because they see them as being the perfect

Andrew Dodson

This is a phenomenal victory. Our ideas are so powerful, that the cops have to break the law and use violence against us to shut us down. This shows just what an unbelievable threat we are to the

Cory Gardner

We must call evil by its name. Praying for those hurt & killed today in Charlottesville. This is nothing short of domestic terrorism & should be named as such. Mr. President - we must call evil by its name. These were white supremacists and this was domestic

Chuck Schumer

Of course we condemn ALL that hate stands for. Until @POTUS specifically condemns alt-right action in Charlottesville, he hasnt done his job. Our country encourages freedom of speech, but let's communicate w/o hate in our hearts. No good comes from violence.

Matthew Owens

We cannot dismiss the alt right as a joke. We cannot ignore them away as their numbers grow and their influence expands. We cannot let their worldview normalize. We must be clear, united, and vocal in our

Mike Cernovich

That's all the alt-right stands for, is white nationalism. They are now

James Damore

We decided to have Mike Cernovich tweet my image because he has 300K

Lawrence Rosenthal

The propaganda value of it is so overwhelming for the alt-right. The pattern has been what's been going on in universities. It so easily gives itself to [the idea] that they are opposing free

Samantha Bee

Things may seem scary right now, but as long there's one grownup in a White House full of children, reality stars and Huckabees, we should be fine. Steve has been out of public view lately. If I could suck my own cock I'd probably never leave my bedroom either. Since I can't, I spend my time reading. Devil's Bargain traces Steve Bannon's rise from working-class kid to powerful hand of the king with tiny hands. This is the true story of how Steve Bannon brought the alt-right into our world like a reverse Buffy standing at the hellmouth saying, Come on in, demons!feedback

Douglas Brinkley

There's a huge strain in the military services that stays out of politics. They don't want an 'R' or a 'D' attached to their name. They're all about duty, honor, country. And I see Kelly as part of this tradition. . . . You can't tar and feather General Kelly as being alternative right or a conservative

Mike Cernovich

We're just doing what the left has done for a while. You use activist tactics to apply pressure to corporations, and the corporations

Jack Conte - Patreon

The decision to remove a creator page has nothing to do with politics and

Owen Jones

James Damore’s diatribe against women in tech offers an insight into the male backlash that was an important factor in the rise of Trump. Google has just reportedly fired one of its workers for circulating a memo discussing the biological inferiority of his female colleagues, and how this made them less suitable for tech. The software engineer in question is James Damore. You’re going to hear a lot about him in the coming weeks: he’ll probably be a star guest on alt-right shows and the rightwing lecture circuit, splashed on the front covers of conservative magazines, no doubt before a lucrative book deal about his martyrdom and what it says about the Liberal Big Brother Anti-White Man Thought Police. For the online right, he’s already a hero: I’ll wager that soon thousands of angry male rightists will change their Twitter profile pictures to Damore’s face, and their Twitter names to I Am James

Linda Sarsour

@Jaketapper joins the ranks of the alt-right to target me online. Welcome to the

Keegan Hankes - Southern Poverty Law Center

These are the spaces where you talk to people who aren't already in your movement. Recruitment is always at the center of this. The alt-right and white nationalists are extremely conscious of the fact that they are in the minority, and they are always trying to get more

Al Gore

I was wrong. On the other hand, two-thirds of the American people are convinced that it's an extremely serious crisis and we have to take it on. And there is a law of physics that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. And I do think there is a reaction to the Trump/Brexit/Alt-Right populist authoritarianism around the world. People who took liberal democracy more or less for granted are now awakening to a sense that it can only be defended by the people

Peter Duke

There's this kind of, I think, phony idea that things are objective – when you push the button, that's the objective reality, and I just don't think that's

Peter Duke

I got a wild hair up my ass, and I said, I want to start taking pictures of our side and making our side look heroic. There you go. Be the frog, man, be the

Peter Duke

My intention, was to make him look like a strong, forceful

Peter Duke

I said, You look like a muppet, and I want to make you look like a rock star. He said, You can do that?feedback

Peter Duke

It looks pretty nice right here. I can make you look

Marc A. Thiessen

His Warsaw speech, criticized at home, had echoes of Reagan, Truman, Kennedy and

Richard Spencer

A movement needs a good purge. If these were really top-notch thinkers, scholars, human beings, I might try to reach out to them. Being that they're not, I think it's good to just cut off the

Mike Cernovich

They are losers who can't draw a crowd without us. They should stop being garbage people who throw Nazi salutes rather than cry when we won't hang out with

Lacy McAuley

We are the ones who materially have our actual speech impinged upon on a regular basis. It's not a body of people who are white

Mike Cernovich

The New Right is focused on issues of grave concern to Americans who are trying to find hope. We support free speech, trade agreements that benefit American workers by giving them jobs rather than cheaper iPhones, and bankruptcy reform for students who were conned into assuming an unbearable debt load. We have ideas which neither party supports, and we are eager to debate

Connor Groce

It's not my place to say they shouldn't be doing this. They have the same right to stand up there and present their position . . . but I think if you're countering that, you're sort of countering what we stand

Tim Gionet

I had heard … about the dangers of political correctness, but I thought this was just exaggerated. I thought there was no way people in real life could be like

Frank Kermode

Shakespeare treats [Brutus] with delicate sympathy, but cannot have thought his act a right

Thabiti Anyabwile

We must be clear, We live in a time when equivocating on these matters furthers the sin of racism even to violence and death. Any 'church' that cannot denounce white supremacy without hesitancy and equivocation is a dead, Jesus denying assembly. No 2 ways about

Anne Fischel - Red Square

I thought I'd be speaking from Red Square where graduation is traditionally held, and then as the alt-right backlash hit us, I wondered if we'd have graduation at all. No one should see this graduation as a return to normalcy, to the way things were before. For one thing, the lives of some of our community members have been threatened, and they can't be here

William McKissic

I saw people identifying themselves as Southern Baptist and members of the alt-right, so this is horrifying to me. I wanted the Southern Baptist Convention to make it very clear we have no relationship to them. We're turning the corner. I see the heart of the

Barry McCarty

The committee on resolutions is prepared to report out a resolution on the anti-gospel, alt-right, white-supremacy

Ed Stetzer

Southern Baptists need to speak to this issue. Too many Southern Baptists were on the wrong side of the fire hoses in Birmingham. They need to get on the correct side of the rising tide of

Heidi Beirich - Southern Poverty Law Center

It doesn't seem like Trump cares about hate crimes against these populations. When it comes to extremism bred from our own culture, he says nothing–or very, very little. It makes you wonder whether the alt right and the extremists who supported him during the campaign–whether he's somehow afraid of offending them. The [victims] are fellow citizens–he should care about

Kyle Based Stickman Chapman

I believe in freedom of speech. Our speakers have a right to say what they want, and not be exposed to this shit across the street. I was gonna speak, but today it's so violent I'm gonna stay on the front lines. I am definitely willing to use violence to make sure my family is safe and my patriot family is safe. But do I want it? Not necessarily. Until antifa learns not to use violence … God, I hate them. I look over there and I just want to

Bill Maher

You can be mad at me for giving a platform to Milo, but Donald Trump is the apotheosis of the alt-right and the media gave him the biggest platform. Work in the fields? Senator, I'm a house

Ted Wheeler

Please back off and give the families and give this community the space it needs to mourn and process this horrific crime of hate and bigotry and

Kyle Chapman

We took our Mohamed/Sarsour meme to Times Square and turned it into an art exhibit. The local Muslims were beside themselves hah hah!feedback

Angela Nagle

Journalists should be saying, I don't want to talk about Pepe memes and hand signs. Tell me what are the limits of what you're prepared to do. We should force them to talk about what they really stand

Milo Yiannopoulos

Are they actually bigots? No more than death metal devotees in the 1980s were actually satanists. For them, it's simply a means to fluster their

Alexander Reid Ross

Fascism is more or less a social taboo. It's unacceptable in modern society. Humour or irony is one of the ways that they can put forward their affective positions without having to fall back on any affirmative ideological

Angela Nagle

The thing that people have to realize is that it isn't that complicated. We know what they believe in, and if you say that you're 'alt-right', presumably you believe in those things

Alexander Reid Ross

They're putting forward the anger, the sense of betrayal, the need for revenge, the resentment, the violence. They're putting forward the male fantasies, the desire for a national community and a sense of unity and a rejection of Muslims. They're doing all of that, but they're not stating

Ryan Milner

Unless you have an obvious marker of another person's intent, you can't really gauge their intent. They could be messing around. They could be deadly serious. They could be a mix of both. Every time you see a viral video of somebody shouting down a person of Muslim descent in a supermarket line, what you're seeing are the effects of an environment where it's increasingly normal, increasingly accepted and expected to speak in this register, whether or not that started out as a

Ryan Milner

A lot of the people propagating the Pizzagate conspiracy were doing it winkingly. But in the moment that somebody walked into that shop with a gun, then that playful buzzing participation around that conspiracy turned into real

Richard Spencer

I'm really a model gym-goer. I don't bother anyone. I don't talk to anyone. I really just go and lift weights. I don't come to the gym to do politics. But she started screeching and yelling all this

C. Christine Fair

I said, Oh, not only are you a Nazi, you're a cowardly

C. Christine Fair

I really do think we're in this 'Germany-1932' moment. The worst thing we can do is be silent and pretend that just because he didn't bring his torch to the gym, he's only a Nazi from 9 to 5. There is no First Amendment issue here. This is a private club that can regulate speech as it sees

Mitch Landrieu

They are not just innocent remembrances of a benign history. These monuments purposefully celebrate a fictional, sanitized Confederacy; ignoring the death, ignoring the enslavement, and the terror that it actually stood

Mike Signer

Whew! Lot of trolls out tonight. Must be doing something right. Apparently this troll doesn't know about our unemployment rate (2.9%-lowest in Va) and AAA-bond rating. Oh well! Another profile in courage here – anonymous trolls lecturing elected officials about cowardice. Yawn. It's always a difficult balancing act for public officials about how much oxygen to give the alt-right, which depends on publicity to survive. I think for me, it's the right choice to say: 'Enough is

Mike Signer

In time when you've seen legitimacy conferred on a really toxic politics of intimidation from the top down, including the sort of blessing of the alt-right movement from the White House, I think it's a sign you're doing the right things when these trolls try to attack you from anonymous accounts. Here is what this great country faces in this age of @realDonaldTrump-a sitting mayor subjected to anti-Semitism. I will not be intimidated. Well, let's not be too sure. Could have been a

Corey Stewart

Only a jerk would talk politics on Mother's Day. Go be with your family. Talk

Richard Spencer

Your articles on isis have been popular on the

Richard Spencer

What if there's some kid at St. Mark's who is an alt-right shitlord, who has an anonymous Twitter account, posting videos, following me, retweeting me? What's going to happen to him if he gets discovered?feedback

Kyle Bristow

The Republicans have an elephant. The Democrats have a donkey. The alt-right has a cartoon

Ben Nimmo

In French terms, the alt-right and the far right overestimated the affect you can achieve through social media. I don't for a moment think that the game is over and I don't think for a moment that the Russian disinformation campaign has admitted

Ben Nimmo

There's a big cultural gap that these groups have to jump over to expand their message. The language and iconography of the alt-right is pretty specific. Most of it just isn't going to translate

David Chavalarias

Tweets written in English don't have much impact. But if they are posted with photos, then that can have more of an

Tommaso Venturini

There has been an effort to spread fake news, but not to the same extent as we what saw in the U.S. campaign. So far, it's hard to see any evidence of the impact of fake news on the potential

Matthew N Lyons

The alt-right was key in getting Trump into power. But its strain of misogyny differs in sometimes surprising ways to that of the traditional Christian right. One hundred days on from Donald Trump entering the White House with its help, what will the alt-right do next? The small, loosely organised movement, which has helped to revitalise far-right politics in the United States, has made skilful use of internet activism and has a receptive ear in Trump’s chief strategist Steve Bannon, who as former head of Breitbart News once proclaimed his network “the platform of the alt-right”. More than shaping White House policy, however, the alt-right’s greatest impact may come from its efforts to shift the political

Alex Yao - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

You will see a high number of highly visible law enforcement. We're going to have a very, very low tolerance for any

Bruce Miller

The forces that led to the alt-right – forces that were in the book already, rolling back women's sovereignty over their bodies – were there before the

Richard Spencer

This is a moment to savor. We just achieved a great victory. It was certainly a great victory for the alt-right, but it's a great victory for free speech, for identifiable movements around the world,

Andrew Anglin

And they will rue the day, as they see two hundred skinhead Alt-Right Nazis marching with a guy from Hamas carrying machine guns through the center of their town!feedback

Jim Rutenberg - The New York Times

As soon as I turned on a television here I wondered if I had arrived through an alt-right

Carter Eskew

Now I know what it must be like for an alt-right devotee to have a bad acid trip. Seemingly overnight, the once solid nationalist credentials of Donald Trump have distorted into some Sgt. Pepper-like fantasy of globalism. His steadfast admiration for Russia’s strongman has kaleidoscoped into a marshmallow pie of affection for NATO. And those rotten, no-good currency manipulators in China are today as harmless as tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Even Janet Yellen, the head of the Federal Reserve - that bastion of globalist financiers - who once should have been “ashamed” of herself has now become a diamond in the sky, and the president says he may even reappoint her to another

Deb Butler

Nothing surprises me out of this legislature anymore. As if we haven't already been in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons this year with HB2, we're now going to prove just how draconian and ridiculous we are. It seems that these alt-right legislators don't learn from mistakes made, and they feel this sort of damaging and disruptive behavior is somehow going to get them reelected, and I think the contrary will prove true. I can't fathom my more moderate and rational Republican colleagues would allow such a thing to happen. The courts are not going to sustain such

George Lakoff

The strategy is to control discourse. One way you do that is preemptive name calling . . . based on a moral hierarchy. The whole idea is not to be civil. The idea is to

Dan Cassino

Bannon's crusade against the 'deep state' – the idea you can go in and disrupt everything – doesn't work. The national security state is strong and deeply entrenched. The idea he could go in and change it in his own image doesn't go anywhere. The other story is the White House civil war: the conservatives against the 'alt-right' and Bannon was the loser here. He bit off more than he could

Richard Spencer

What Trump did was nothing less than a betrayal, a betrayal of his supporters, of his message 'America First!,' of his promise to be different–to learn from the mistakes of the past and chart a new course. I'll wait and see, of course, but I'm not sure I can continue to support him. Most all of the alt-right feels the same

Richard Spencer

Millions of people voted for Donald Trump so we could avoid nonsense on this. Millions of people voted for Donald Trump because we saw an authenticity in his opposition to these kinds of

Sheri Berman

Across Europe nationalists began openly referring to themselves as 'national' socialists to make clear their commitment to ending the insecurities, injustices, and instabilities that capitalism brought in its wake, while clearly differentiating themselves from their competitors on the

F.H. Buckley

Frank asked how it was that the poor folks of his home state voted for a Republican Party that cared so little for their economic interests. Become the jobs and the health-care president, and you [Trump] will have answered Frank's question. Steve Bannon has said the Republicans will become a party of 'economic nationalism'. No one has bothered to define this, but here's one thing it must mean: We're going to treat Americans better than non-Americans. We're going to see that Americans have jobs, medical care and an enviable safety

John Derbyshire - Newsmax

Citizens of modern states will accept no other kind of health care but the socialized or mostly socialized kind. This being the case, however regrettably, the most efficient option is to make the socialization as rational as

Richard Spencer

Unlike Paul Ryan and Rich Lowry, who masturbated to Atlas Shrugged in their college dorms and have no loyalty to their race, Donald Trump is a nationalist. We can't ignore the politics of this. If Trumpcare passes, leftists can credibly claim that Trump has betrayed his populist vision. They will recycle the hoary script about nationalism and 'scapegoating' immigrants as a means of pushing through a draconian agenda. And they'll have a point!feedback

Richard Spencer

When single-payer healthcare is implemented, issues like food safety, nutrition, and obesity become matters of public concern. It will draw more attention to the alternative we are presenting to America's current lowest-common-denominator

Kate Starbird

I went back and tracked some of these articles using the Wayback Machine and they cited Russian scientists, and they went through right-wing blogs that we might call alt-right now. At the time, I didn't notice what was going on, but with the benefit of hindsight, you notice that this stuff was happening for a long

Al Letson

Some people in our class didn't know about it. That is enough to make it worth

Meghan O'Keefe

A lot of people have confused the rhetoric the president used to get elected with making it okay to express racist ideas again. A lot of people believe they have the right to be racist and that we have to honor that as a legitimate point of

Malcolm Cawthorne

I find it ironic he didn't say where in Europe. I identify myself as African American, no hyphen, because where in Africa?feedback

Richard Spencer

We want a new type of society that would actually be a homeland for all white

Oren Segal

All it is, make no mistake, is a repackaging of white

Meira Levinson

But the question is, how quickly and to what extent will there be a shift? It is the case already, thanks to Trump's tweets, statements, and rallies, that he has been redefining certain civic norms and values that had been seen as common and

Satchel Tsai

It was very civil. It's important to be civil when you talk about

Maureen Costello

We're hearing from teachers that they're afraid to talk in favorable terms about diversity, that they really are afraid of being accused of partisanship now and the line about what is partisan has moved since the

Kathryn Leslie

Sometimes, our stereotype of a white nationalist can be different than a young, articulate, clean-cut guy who espouses lots of racist

Al Letson

What you're talking about is the country is trying to find a balance where everybody gets a seat at the

Elaine Bander

No one who reads Jane Austen's words with any attention and reflection can possibly be alt-right. All the Janeites I know, are rational, compassionate, liberal-minded

Juliette Wells

Of course the one female author who has name recognition on par with Shakespeare is the one who gets dragged into debates like this. It's the flip side of her enormous international fame. Her characters are white, and her world is white. What do you do with that?feedback

Tracey Hutchings-Goetz

It was a version of the novel that didn't make any sense to us as scholars, supported by a completely unscholarly

Amy Schumer

I want to thank them. It makes me feel so powerful and dangerous and brave. It reminds me what I'm saying is effective and bring more interest to my work and their obsession with me keeps me

Sarah Posner

Leading conservatives have taken to pretending that the alt-right is a fringe movement that they and President Trump have disavowed. In recent interviews and at a high-profile conservative conference last month, conservatives have taken great pains to distance conservatism - and the Trump administration - from any alt-right

Jonathan Capehart

When people like Steve Bannon or others grab this term and said, ‘Oh yeah, we’re alt-right, ’ I don’t think they had any idea that this other group existed.”.feedback

Thomas Melvin

People are happy because he's doing what he said he'd do. They know he's got a heart for

Richard Spencer

Trump is stumbling toward a nationalist ideology. In that way, he has a connection with the Alt-Right, he has a deeper connection with us than he has with conservatives. Seems to be open to other ideas besides just the conservative

Steve Bannon

There's a new political order being formed out of this. We are a nation with a culture and a reason for being. I think that's what unites

Matthew Schlapp

We don't think there's any role for the alt-right in the conservative

Ned Ryun

The alt right is not part of the conservative movement. I don't think we need to normalize

Steve Bannon

When two-thirds or three-quarters of the CEOs in Silicon Valley are from South Asia or from Asia, I think…. A country is more than an economy. We're a civic society. You got to remember, we're Breitbart. We're the know-nothing vulgarians. So we've always got to be to the right of you on

Richard Spencer

I assume that this will become the meme to end all

Tim Treadstone

If you don't support white advocacy, you cannot be alt-right and that's where a lot of people are running into a

Jared Taylor

Racial nationalism has not triumphed in America. It will some day. But to think it has done so [already] is

Jared Taylor

Donald Trump was never a racial dissident of the sort that I am. He was never one of us. He's an American nationalist. The left was wrong to think that he was dancing to the tune of people like

Richard Spencer

A lot of people were calling me and saying, Oh, you should do it, just do it, this is the moment.' I'm obviously flattered. If I did this, it would not be some eccentric campaign that no one talks about and is a footnote to history. It would become a major conversation around the country … just because of my profile in the alt-right. Again, I would only do it to win

Sophie Bjork-James

They are not simply conservative or alt-right, but actually espousing racist ideas and racist goals. They won't agree with this label, but I think it is important to be clear about what they represent and what their goals

Michael Vachon

George Soros has spent his life and his fortune promoting justice and human rights around the world. The alt right has manufactured conspiracy theories and delusional narratives to spread their false

Richard Spencer

Do you think it's a coincidence that everybody like me loves Trump and supports him?feedback

Richard Spencer

The whole promise of his campaign was that he wouldn't do

Donald J. Trump

We have to solve that problem. I would love to be the one who made peace with Israel and the Palestinians, that would be such a great

Oren Segal

The hatred and bigotry that is at the core of alt-right ideology has not changed. What has changed is the name, their packaging and the stated belief that they have a champion in the highest

Richard Spencer

There's an ironic exuberance to it all. I think that's ... one of the things that makes the alt-right fun, is that we're willing to do things that are a bit

A. Scott Bolden

The scariest part of his potential administration will be how his political debts to the alt-right will manifest itself in his administration and policies. Jeff Sessions is one of those manifestations . . . to be in control not only of justice in America, but really to bring injustice to

Richard Spencer

This is corporate Stalinism. Twitter is trying to airbrush the Alt Right out of existence. They're clearly afraid. They will fail!feedback

Richard Spencer

This is corporate Stalinism. I am alive physically but digitally speaking there has been execution squads across the alt right. There is a great purge going on and they are purging people based on their

John Weaver

Just to be clear news media, the next president named a racist, anti-semite as the co-equal of the chief of staff. The racist, fascist extreme right is represented footsteps from the Oval Office. Be very vigilant

Bruce Springsteen

Well, you know, the republic is under siege by a moron, basically. The whole thing is tragic. Without overstating it, it's a tragedy for our democracy. […] The ideas he's moving to the mainstream are all very dangerous ideas, white nationalism and the alt-right

Jared Taylor

She's not doing it because she's a sweet girl and hopes that we succeed, she's doing it obviously because she thinks she can hurt Donald Trump by calling attention to us sand our support of

Jared Taylor

She has called attention to our movement, and we're perfectly pleased that she should do so. The fact that she's calling attention to people who have very thoughtful things to say about problems for which the prevailing orthodoxy has no solutions, yes, we're grateful to her for

Hillary Clinton

The de facto merger between Breitbart and the Trump Campaign represents a landmark achievement for the 'Alt-Right,' a fringe element has effectively taken over the Republican Party. This is part of a broader story -- the rising tide of hardline, right-wing nationalism around the

Hillary Clinton

This is not conservatism as we have known it. This is not Republicanism as we have known it. These are racist ideas, race-baiting ideas – anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, anti-woman. All key tenets making up the emerging racist ideology known as the '

Hillary Clinton

To give you a flavor of [Bannon's] work, here are a few headlines they've published:. That one came shortly after the Charleston massacre, when Democrats and Republicans alike were doing everything they could to heal racial divides that Breitbart and Bannon tried to enflame. Just imagine – Donald Trump reading that and thinking: 'This is what I need more of in my campaign.'.feedback

Hillary Clinton

There's always been a paranoid fringe in our politics, a lot of it arising from racial resentment. But it's never had the nominee of a major party stoking it, encouraging it and giving it a national megaphone until now. When Trump was asked about anti-Semitic slurs and death threats coming from his supporters, he refused to condemn them. Through it all, he has continued pushing discredited conspiracy theories with racist

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