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Matt Gaetz
I find it a little condescending to be asked to vote for a budget that nobody believes in when we don't even get to see the tax bill that's supposed to be the great savior of the American
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Oct 26 2017
Justin Trudeau, Carl Tannenbaum, William Pauley and Patrick Harker, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about American economy. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 50 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 51 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Justin Trudeau is: “Canadians are rightly aware that much of our economy depends on a good working relationship with the United States, a good integration with the American economy.”.
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Mick Mulvaney

In our business that's usually seen as a sign that the other side doesn't know what to say substantively. If the debt ceiling is not raised, you have some difficulties. There's no question. There is absolutely no way that the U.S. will ever default on its debt. We are not going to do that. If we were going to live up to the promises that the Obama administration put in those documents, and if we were going to allow other countries to live up to their lack of commitments in those documents, it would have hindered our ability to get back to a healthy American

Kevin de León

It's now up to the White House to come up with a better agreement that protects the American

John Schellnhuber - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

It will not substantially hamper global climate progress but it will hurt the American economy and society alike. China and Europe have become world leaders on the path towards green development already and will strengthen their position if the US slips back. The Washington people around Trump fail to recognise that the climate wars are over, while the race for sustainable prosperity is

Josh Udashkin

It's one of these micro-level things that you can do to really make people's lives better. Education debt is not optional for many people and can hold them back. The lifeblood of the American economy is having some people go out, take risks and be able to build businesses. It's really hard to take risks when you're already starting life encumbered by liabilities around your

Joel Mullaney

The unprecedented regulatory power the Obama administration imposed on the internet is smothering innovation, damaging the American economy and obstructing job creation. It was pretty ridiculous. That's pretty much the exact opposite of what I think. It looks bad for me; it's not what people in my industry believe at

Mark Zandi - Moody's Analytics

The Mexican economy has its problems, but it has arguably been the best-performing Latin American economy in recent years. It has become less dependent on the ups and downs in oil prices, and more integrated into the global supply chain. Given its young population, Mexico has a bright economic future, particularly if it is able to address its problem with crime and

Justin Trudeau

Canadians are rightly aware that much of our economy depends on a good working relationship with the United States, a good integration with the American

Joe Manimbo

It just underscores how important the American economy is to both Mexico and

Bob Hoban

The biggest problem as it pertains to the American economy and the hemp industry is: Stop treating industrial hemp and cannabis plants that are made for industrial hemp purposes should not be treated like a drug. If, in fact, the court finds that the DEA has no jurisdiction over cannabinoids, that would help us solve major

Tim Pawlenty - Financial Services

Large financial institutions play a role in the American economy other institutions are not able to

Michael Dolega - TD Economics

Despite vows to bring it down, it's unlikely that the new administration's policies will be able to alter the course of the trade balance, which is buttressed by the high dollar and comparatively strong U.S. demand vis-à-vis the rest of the world. Moreover, any policies that serve to disrupt global trade may result in unintended negative consequences for the American

Aneesh Chopra

The appointment of Matt Lira on the innovation side is an extremely positive sign that the president will build on the progress the Obama administration began on harnessing the power of the potential of the internet for the American

B. Doyle Mitchell Jr.

When the American economy catches a cold, that means African Americans have

Tony Sayegh - Treasury Department

We've been working diligently since the first days of this administration to develop a tax reform plan that helps achieve our goal of sustained economic growth, provides relief for middle class families and creates a more competitive business environment that supports greater job creation and reinvestment in the American

Mike Pence

We're going to roll our sleeves up and we're going to cut taxes across the board for working families, small businesses and family farms. Working with this Congress, President Trump is going to pass the largest tax cut since the days of Ronald Reagan, and we're going to get this American economy moving again. With 100 percent of House Democrats -- every single one -- and a handful of Republicans actually standing in the way of President Trump's plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, we're back to the drawing board. Maybe we could have used a few of your WWE superstars on Capitol Hill

Jim Carr

Nothing is more essential to the American economy than access to a secure and reliable source of energy. Canada is that

Greg Hayes

The current administration has reached out to business in a way the last administration has never done. I think getting a chance to go to the White House to have your voice heard is very, very important and I think the Trump administration is trying to do the right thing to bring jobs back to America, to grow the American economy and we're certainly supportive of all of those

Justin Trudeau

Anything that creates impediments at the border, extra tariffs, new taxes is something we're concerned with. You're going to be hurting not just the Canadian economy but the American economy as

Christopher Gindlesperger

Our federal advocacy and regulatory agenda has remained the same as it has for years related to the sugar reform issue. Anytime there is a new Congress or new administration there is a moment when the business community or other groups can tell their story about the jobs they can create, products they make, and the other contributions they make to the American

Troy Marshall

Working in manufacturing in the U.S., I understand if people aren't buying your product then I don't have a job. In my mind, it's sort of a reset of the American economy. It's the right thing to do. I don't think we need all the stuff we

Jorge Otero-Pailos

People in my field are interested in what makes buildings significant, . In fact, people's memories are what make buildings culturally significant. And smell is the most direct way to those memories, but we pay so little attention to it. It's one of the places where the shape of the American economy was decided, through the power of

William Pauley

This court is particularly sympathetic to Kolchinsky's position in light of the serious and far-reaching effects that Moody's conduct had on the American

Stephen Isaacs

Morgan Stanley and Goldman should hang their heads in shame here. I mean not about the valuation but non-voting shares. Isn't that the ultimate example of bubble trouble? So I say we are in a bubble, there is no value and investors should take a lot of risk off the table. There are two views; the Warren Buffet view is that he market isn't that expensive, the American economy is doing well and the long-term investor should always be engaged. And in the end he's done a pretty good job of managing other people's

Richard L. Trumka - AFL-CIO

He's the foreclosure king. He made billions of dollars by kicking a lot of working people out of their homes. He has been an example of what was wrong with the American economy, and if he brings that to the Treasury and spreads that, I think the American economy will suffer dramatically and again, Wall Street will profit and workers will get

Ted Malloch

The rest of the world shouldn't be worried if America is strong again, that America is the sheriff of the world again, that the American economy is growing at a clip that it hasn't, frankly, for the last decade. The rest of the world actually benefits from a strong

Michael S. Barr

You can blow up the financial system and really crush the American economy. I think that's where they're

Roger Bridges - Nikko Asset Management

What the Trump administration is trying to do is in fact roll back what economic theory would suggest. With the American economy as it is and you try to do fiscal expansion, the effect of that in any model where you've got floating exchange rates and freedom of capital movement, is that your rates go up and your currency goes up. Germany's been the one country which really hasn't liked this policy. It was a bit unfair on Germany. There's going to be pressure on the council in the

David Scowsill - World Travel & Tourism Council

Many travellers have been unnecessarily disrupted, due to the unclear nature of the executive order, coupled with a lack of prior consultation and poor communication to airlines and border officials. Preventing 'aliens' from entering the US for legitimate business or leisure purposes is misguided and counter-productive for the American economy. Our sector is responsible for the livelihoods of millions worldwide. The US has suffered in the past from similar isolationist policies. We urge the Trump administration to reconsider this

Ding Xuedong

Some of the slogans will be put into effect, for example, he's going to cut taxes and increase spending and he's going to increase investment in infrastructure and in this way to stimulate the American economy. I believe that's

David McIntosh

Tax cuts and deregulation will make the American economy great again, but tariffs and trade wars will make it tank again. The president-elect is spot on when he calls for cutting taxes and federal regulations, but 35-percent tariffs would be devastating to consumers and

Jason Furman - Council of Economic Advisers

We need the American economy to be as productive as possible: more education, more training, more infrastructure, a tax code that works for our companies. All of those things make it really attractive to produce in

Jamie Dimon - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

They really should get someone hugely qualified to help grow the American economy and negotiate with overseas and understand the critical role that business also plays in all of

Patrick Harker - Federal Reserve Bank

The independence of the Fed is crucial to making the best decisions possible for the American

Ali Noorani

Who is in the room and who is appointed to these positiosn has massive implications for the American economy, particularly when it comes to

Tom Elliot - deVere Group

There are some potential risks that should still be taken into account. These include the threats to trade agreements, old and new, and his (Trump's) pledge to halt immigration on which so many sectors of the American economy

Humberto Roque Villanueva

It may well be that deportations of the estimated 6 million undocumented Mexicans increase but we don't think it will be a measure that will take place soon or happen quickly. The Mexicans over there are useful to the North American economy and President Trump, the president-elect, will need to recognize the economic effects of such a campaign

Carlos Slim

If they slap on a 35 percent (tariff) it would destroy the American

Paul Ryan

The Paris climate deal would be disastrous for the American economy. It carelessly throws away the great gains that the United States has made over the past decade in energy

David Yale

This march is about the banks and what they've done to the American economy. We want them to be held accountable. We want them to pay for the damage they did. Fraud should be punished by jail

Rick Santorum

This will send shockwaves. This is a real blow to the American economy, to our status in the world, and the president has to be held accountable for he did not provide

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