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Masayoshi Son
Singularity is the concept that [mankind's] brain will be surpassed, this is the tipping point, crossing point, that artificial intelligence, computer intelligence surpass [mankind's] brain and that is happening in this century for sure. I would say there is no more debate, no more
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Oct 26 2017
Jim Cramer, Mark Cuban, Sundar Pichai and Jeff Bezos, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Artificial Intelligence. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 227 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 288 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Jim Cramer is: “Remember, these declines tend not to last very long in this market if the companies behind them are growing like weeds, as this one is, and the analysts who recommended it before will reiterate their buys with raised price targets – in fact, that process has already started. In a few days, buyers will swarm back to the stock, which I believe is worth a lot more than its current market cap because of the vision, the artificial intelligence – they know what you want – and the fact that Netflix is one of the great bargains of our era.”.
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Porter Erisman

Being a CEO means making the tough decisions and sometimes cutting back in order to allow the company to survive. Next 30 years, the technology is going to challenge a lot of job opportunities. People already are unhappy because a lot of machine learning, artificial intelligence are killing a lot of

Toshiya Hari

We remain very bullish on Nvidia. Equipped with Volta (new GPU architecture) and TensorRT (high performance deep learning inference optimizer), we believe Nvidia is better-positioned to address the Inferencing [machine learning AI] opportunity, a market historically dominated by CPUs (i.e., Intel).feedback

Chamath Palihapitiya

What I'm trying to do is say, OK, on the one hand, can we build the next great chip for machine learning? Yes. But can we also help the company that employs hundreds of thousands of people in the world [know] how to leverage that technology to keep those employees fully employed? That's a great

Antony Jenkins - Barclays Capital

I think the biggest myth of all… is that banks and other financial services providers are advantaged in this new world because the logic is that they have a lot of data and therefore they ought to be able to be better placed to run these algorithms. The truth of the matter is that in almost every financial institution, data is fragmented across many different technology stacks, and it is incredibly difficult to run even machine learning on these

Jeffrey Shen - BlackRock

So things have been coming along well. Big data, machine learning is certainly a huge driver for our alpha

Jim Cramer

That goes double for the semiconductor space, the chipmakers that make big-picture themes like autonomous driving, internet of things, artificial intelligence, mobile, gaming [and] the data center ... possible. Strength in the semis signals that consumers are willing to spend more money on all sorts of devices, which is why this group can be such a terrific leader, especially during economic expansion like we have around the

Douglas Barry

That big old rig could blow sky-high, slam into a school. It needs a human being. There isn't a machine that can equal a human being. Artificial intelligence can be hacked ... Who is ready for that? I wouldn't want my family going down the road next to a truck that's

Jessie Peissig

We're interested in systematically testing learning and memory in the octopus, so we can make direct comparisons to vertebrates. Similarities will tell us about constraints within biological systems, and differences could lead us to discover alternative processing strategies. These alternative processing strategies could be important for other fields of research, such as artificial

Sundar Pichai - Google

It is not just about applying machine learning in our products but it's radically rethinking how computing should work. People should be able to interact with computing in a natural and seamless way. In an AI-first world, I believe that computers should adapt to the way people live their lives, rather than people having to adapt to

Jeffrey Shen - BlackRock

The group I'm affiliated with, the scientific active equity group, 90 percent of the AUMs are above benchmark on one, three, five year. So things have been coming along well. Big data, machine learning is certainly a huge driver for our alpha

Brad Garlinghouse - Ripple

Blockchain is like the new big data or AI (artificial intelligence) – too many people are using it as a buzzword and not focused solving a real problem. We like to call them Blockchain tourists! There are many applications that are nothing more than science experiments. There are examples out there that Blockchain is not most applicable for, and that is why Ripple is focused on a real world use case, solving a real (and very large) customer problem, which has converted into commercial traction that is unmatched in the enterprise Blockchain

Juston Payne

It looks for stable, clear shots of people you know, and you help the camera learn who's important to you. And finally, all the machine learning happens on the device itself, so just like any point-and-shoot, nothing leaves your device until you decide to save and share

Juston Payne

It's an incredible application of Google Translate powered by machine learning – it's like having a personal translator by your

Brian Rakowski - Google

The way Now Playing works is that we have an amazing on-device machine learning model and a database of 100,000 songs updated weekly customised to location that will match the song playing in the background and put a little notification telling you what song and artist is playing on the always-on

Chris King

It is endlessly ironic that UK independent education, one of the most valued and enduring global brands, should be so sneered at in its country of origin. Across the world, political tensions are building and further waves of technology, not least artificial intelligence, seem set to disturb established patterns of occupation and livelihood. So today I am asking for a cessation of hostilities against independent schools, so we can all stop wasting time on needless battles and instead work together to improve standards and raise

Jim Cramer

To use another baseball analogy, it's like steroids – once somebody starts juicing, anyone who wants to remain competitive has to jump on the bandwagon. Artificial intelligence is like steroids for your

Jim Cramer

I get the sense that when it comes to the power of artificial intelligence, we're thinking way too small. We don't understand that AI might hold the key to all of sales if we simply learn how to harness

Jim Cramer

That means it really is different this time. In other words, artificial intelligence isn't cyclical. It's not boom-bust. It really is a secular, long-term transformation, which makes owning anything in the big data space ... in any way, shape or form [is] the place to be. Not for now. Not for next quarter. But for years to

Atif Malik

We expect Nvidia stock to grow into its multiple on strong earnings growth over the next three years, and exposure to some of the fastest growth secular end markets likes deep learning, artificial intelligence, and self-driving

John Giannandrea - Google

Machine learning and artificial intelligence is extremely important and will revolutionize many vertical

Ken Sena - Evercore ISI

Given a strong customer experience, scaled infrastructure investments, high user engagement, and lead within Cloud, we believe AMZN is among the best positioned to apply these neural network advances [artificial intelligence] across new verticals/industries. We see this lead in data, coupled with the company's edge in compute efficiency, as increasingly feeding insights into supply chain, for its retail, video, and other efforts, and through AWS, for its

Jim Breyer

I don't know if we know who the next Mark Zuckerberg is in terms of artificial intelligence but there will be another Mark Zuckerberg, Bill

Jim Breyer

It's a new paradigm in terms of the skill sets the very best students and post-docs have at the top universities. So there's this renewal that's very exciting. And artificial intelligence in a more general way, which is more than just voice recognition and voice capability, requires bio-engineering, neuroscience capability and skill sets that just don't exist at the [big technology]

John Giannandrea - Google

One of the most exciting research areas for me is in language understanding. I think that is kind of the holy grail for applied artificial intelligence. We are surrounded by documents and websites and news articles, literally hundreds of thousands published every minute, and the question is how to make sense of all this data. Today, computers can't 'read' in the sense of read and understand and summarize a document, and so I think progress in that area is one that I am really excited

John Giannandrea - Google

There is just a huge amount of unwarranted hype around AI right now. Machine learning and artificial intelligence is extremely important and will revolutionize many vertical industries and I am very excited by the progress we are making, but it is very practical and applied progress. And I think what we are doing is building tools, like, say, the Google Search engine that make you more

Brian Fishman

It's clear technology companies across the industry are treating the problem of terrorist content online seriously. We are increasingly using automated techniques to find this stuff. We're trying to enable computers to do what they're good at: look at lots of material very quickly, give us a high-level overview. We've also recently started to use artificial

Stephen Hawking

The development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human

Kent Walker - Google

The "larger problem is you can't necessarily catch everything on the entirety of the internet... The challenge is, while machine learning is a powerful tool, it's still relatively early in its

Matthew Panzarino - TechCrunch

The marquee feature of the iPhone 8 Plus is 'Portrait Lighting.' Using deep learning and computer vision, this mode finds faces in an image, detects the planes and angles that need to be lit and applies a variety of different lighting styles that a user can choose from either before or after the picture is taken. It works better than it has any right

Vince Cable - Stansted Airport

Millions of workers in middle age now face their office and factory jobs disappearing with the advance of automation and artificial intelligence. We've got to be the party with the answers for those

Harjinder Sandhu

The hurdles in health care are very high. We're taking the state of the art in speech recognition and machine learning and we're applying it. The key is to couple it with deep knowledge of how physicians work and the information that is relevant to

C J Muse

NVDA has created an industry standard for AI systems that will be nearly impossible to

Vivek Arya - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Incumbency matters and Nvidia has a much wider AI/machine learning ecosystem that will be tough to

Joelle Pineau

I love that job, but there comes a time when you're up for a new challenge and finding out about a new way of doing research. Nowadays, so much machine learning research is happening in

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Our goal with artificial intelligence is to build systems that are better than people at perception -- seeing, hearing, language and so

Timothy M. Ghriskey - Solaris

It's sell on the news. They didn't talk about the evolution of Apple beyond the iPhone and into artificial

Mike Bithell

There's definitely a practical element to it. Artificial intelligence can be kind of abstracted. You don't have to have facial animations, you don't have to have humans walking around. You can have either rectangles or robots without

Jason Hong

Automobiles were a direct replacement for horses, but in the medium and long-term led to many other kinds of uses, such as semi-trucks for large scale shipping, moving vans, mini vans, convertibles. Similarly, AI systems in the short term will be a direct replacement for routine kinds of tasks, but in the medium and long-term we will see uses just as dramatic as

Rose Luckin

One of the difficult problems is the matching of a student and a tutor. We are starting to develop a way of using artificial intelligence to automate the interview process and make sure the initial relationship has the potential to be

James Belanger - The Weather Company

If you're expecting a human to derive a point forecast all over the globe, that's a lot of locations and a lot of time. It's an information overload. We've used machine learning to allow humans to focus on areas of their particular expertise. For instance, our team is probably spending more time on Irma [than other forecasting] given the uncertainty in the

Dario Gil - IBM Research

The field of artificial intelligence, despite its progress, is in its

Maija Tammi

The researcher told me that Erica had said that she finds Pokemon Go scarier than artificial

Anil Chakravarthy - Informatica

We use artificial intelligence to find what data you have where. A lot of customers deal with so much data. They don't even know basic answers to basic questions, like how many databases do I have? Where do I have customer data? What data is secure? And this is all over the place, in their own enterprises, in the cloud, and it's growing every day. And AI is a great way of answering those basic

Harlan Sur - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

We believe investors are underestimating the positive impact of new and broad-based demand drivers beyond PCs and smartphones in areas such as AI/Deep Learning and continued strength in data center/networking. We expect supply of memory components to remain tight at least for the next few quarters and, though we anticipate ASPs [average selling prices] returning to its normal trend of typical sequential declines in 2018, we anticipate Micron driving margins higher in FY18 on continued cost reductions in NAND [flash memory] and DRAM [memory].feedback

Jenny Dearborn - SAP

We need to use artificial intelligence to augment people, not replace them. And we need more people to have a voice in how we use that so we aren't being taken advantage

Jenny Dearborn - SAP

Artificial intelligence will be everywhere. It will be the most prevalent aspect of our society that won't be visibly seen. But it will be behind

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

That's why we decided to deeply integrate our Easy Reorder feature into Google Express. This will enable us to deliver highly personalized shopping recommendations based on customers' previous purchases, including those made in Walmart stores and on To take advantage of this personalization, customers only need to link their Walmart account to Google Express. It makes sense for us to team up with Google. They've made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping

Mark Lore - Wal-Mart Stores

It makes sense for us to team up with Google. They've made significant investments in natural language processing and artificial intelligence to deliver a powerful voice shopping experience. We know this means being compared side-by-side with other retailers, and we think that's the way it should be. An open and transparent shopping universe is good for customers. Next year, we will also leverage our 4,700 U.S. stores and our fulfillment network to create customer experiences that don't currently exist within voice shopping anywhere

Marc Benioff -

We're really seeing this incredible new capability that's driving so much growth in enterprise software, artificial intelligence, and Salesforce is the first to deliver artificial intelligence in all of our products that are helping our customers do machine learning and machine intelligence and deep learning using

Toby Walsh

Nearly every technology can be used for good and bad, and artificial intelligence is no different. It can help tackle many of the pressing problems facing society today: inequality and poverty, the challenges posed by climate change and the ongoing global financial crisis. However, the same technology can also be used in autonomous weapons to industrialise war. We need to make decisions today choosing which of these futures we

Cyrus Saihan - BBC

Whether watching a football match or a quiz show, most of us have at some point shouted at our TV, perhaps half expecting it to hear us, know who we are and respond to us – in the future, we might find that it does! If we look further into the future, when artificial intelligence and machine learning have advanced sufficiently, you could end up in a conversation with your TV about what's available to watch now, whether you like the sound of it or not, whether there's something coming up that you're interested in, and what you like to watch when you're in a certain

Louis Song

Most applicant tracking systems have evolved to the point where both file types are equally readable, so long as the information is structured in a legible format. This wasn't the case two to three years ago, but AI and machine learning have significantly improved recruiting software

Jim Cramer

Remember, if something's a cycle, that means it booms and busts. If it's secular, that means a sustained boom. If you think the growth in cellphones, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are secular, as I do, then there are a ton of stocks worth buying here. The disbanding of Trump's manufacturing council doesn't mean a thing to any of those

Chris Lattner

TensorFlow is one of the most advanced machine learning frameworks. I'll be contributing to make it even more accessible, broadening the reach of AI and ML to more engineers

Matthew Ramsay

We believe Friday's pullback will prove the entry point many investors have been looking for. Nvidia is continuing to execute strongly into several secular growth markets … we believe new trends including deep learning, virtual/augmented reality, and autonomous driving will catalyze new market growth longer

Rob Subbaraman

If you don't embrace these new artificial intelligence, robotics and ways to make up for shortages of youth labor, you're going to have a slowdown of potential

Toshiya Hari

While the bears are likely to point to the deceleration in datacenter in FY2Q … we remain bullish on NVDA's medium- to long-term opportunity in the business as the company's GPU franchise continues to benefit from the proliferation of artificial intelligence/machine

Mark Lipacis - Jefferies

Both INTC and AMD reported ASP [average selling price] related upside in client computing during 2Q17, we believe NVDA will report similar ASP benefits in its July quarter results. We expect NVDA to begin shipping its next-gen Volta GPU architecture optimized for neural network training [artificial intelligence] in 3Q17. Our field work indicates that the tensor cores (matrix multiplication) NVDA has put into Volta extends NVDA's lead over competitive merchant neural networking

Jim Cramer

It turned out to be the maker of the semiconductors used in gaming, artificial intelligence, machine learning. It turned out to be one of the greatest bargains of all time. But a funny thing happened since Lynch penned his seminal work. The homework has, in some cases, actually kept you out of stocks that you might otherwise have owned and made fortunes

Robert Hannigan - Government Communications Headquarters

This country is desperately short of engineers and computer scientists, and lacks the broad 'cyber skills' needed now, never mind in the next 20 years. The baseline of understanding is too low and often behind our competitors. If we are to capitalise on the explosion of data that will come through the 'internet of things', and the arrival of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need young people who have been allowed to behave like engineers: to explore, break things and put them

Tim Cook - Apple

In terms of autonomous systems, what we've said is that we are very focused on autonomous systems from a core technology point of view. We do have a large project going and are making a big investment in this. From our point of view, autonomy is the mother of all AI [artificial intelligence] projects. And the autonomous systems can be used in a variety of ways, and a vehicle is only one. But there are many different areas of it, and I don't want to go any further with

Sheryl Sandberg - Facebook

We want to make sure all of us do our part to stop terrorism and so our Facebook policies are very clear. There's absolutely no place for terrorism, hate, calls for violence of any kind. Our goal is to not just pull it off Facebook but to use Artificial Intelligence and technology to get it before it's even

David Deming

You're learning to work in groups and be creative, and that this problem you're facing today looks like a problem you faced in a different context a year ago. That is a process that is very hard for artificial intelligence to

Martin Anstice - Lam Research

It's a sweet spot for the company, and that's one of the fundamental reasons why performance for Lam is as strong as it is. That supports a very diverse set of applications, whether it's autonomous driving, augmented reality, the world of A.I. and [machine learning]. I mean, there's a huge amount of innovation, and the world of silicon, the semiconductor industry and Lam are sitting at right at the center of making that

Michael Corbat

I would say that those areas, like many areas in banking today, remain ripe for the introduction of technology to help us and make us smarter. Artificial intelligence, robotics, all of those things we're using today, and we think there's a terrific trajectory in terms of how we can use them in the

Mohan Patt - eBay

By applying machine learning technology, eBay can deliver a fast and reliable shopping experience backed by one of the world's largest commerce data sets. Moments of shopping inspiration can come at any time, whether you're walking down the street or browsing your social media feed. At eBay, we're focused on creating new complementary technology that helps our millions of shoppers easily find the things they love at the best

Ilya Sutskever

What's more amazing is that people were able to keep improving it with deep learning. Deep learning is just the right

Mark Cuban

Montreal and Vancouver and Toronto are just kicking our a-- in artificial intelligence. So is

Eric Sheridan - UBS

We still hold firm in our constructive long-term view of Alphabet – strengths/advantages with respect to (artificial intelligence)/machine learning and mobile app ecosystem usage will likely result in Alphabet playing a key role in the next league of personal/enterprise computing trends over the foreseeable

James Kisner - Jefferies

The whole cognitive software market for artificial intelligence was $1.5 billion last year. As we spoke to a lot of industry contacts and customers, and competitors, they all had the same sort of comment: IBM is an expensive

Kevin Dallas

We're excited to partner with Baidu to take a giant step in helping automotive manufacturers and suppliers fully realize the promise of autonomous driving. Today's vehicles already have an impressive level of sophistication when it comes to their ability to capture data. By applying our global cloud AI, machine learning, and deep neural network capabilities to that data, we can accelerate the work already being done to make autonomous vehicles

Michael Hartnett

[R]obotics, automation, artificial intelligence, [and] the daily disruption of technology are all killing wage expectations. [C]orporations continue to emphasize cost-cutting over risk-taking and wide swathes of the labor market see that their ability to maintain wages & incomes are under enormous threat from

Leonid Bershidsky

What they're selling is not exactly snake oil, though it can work as a placebo for panicky candidates who are down in the polls with weeks to go before Election Day. But just like artificial intelligence or, say, the blockchain, [data science has yet to produce] killer apps that can ensure a political victory or business

Saqib Shaikh - Microsoft Research

I teamed up with like minded engineers to make an app which lets you know who and what is around you ... years ago this was science fiction. I never thought it would be something you can actually do, but artificial intelligence is improving at an ever faster rate and I am excited to see where this can

Jim Adler

This investment is our first Israeli company, it will not be our last. We're looking at Israeli start-ups across the board, from robotics, autonomy, data cloud, general artificial intelligence, deep learning. Cars are really just robots with

Henry Harteveldt - Atmosphere Research Group

This is very much the early alpha stage of all of this. It's very much the first wave, which is exciting, but the use of artificial intelligence is far from established and also, frankly, far from

Benjamin Netanyahu

India and Israel are walking hand in hand into the future as partners. From start-ups to space, communications to cybernetics, Israel's technological capabilities are merging with India'

Jim Cramer

That rotation out of tech, I think it had much more to do with a markup that existed until the week before of a serious markup of everything internet of things, everything video games, everything of artificial intelligence and not social media and not web

Monika Garg - Pacific Crest Securities

We are upgrading ORCL based on solid cloud execution and partner feedback that increases our confidence in its ability to accelerate the conversion of more than 400,000 existing customers to its new cloud offerings. New AI and ML [machine learning] functionality could further solidify this multiyear transformation, in our

Chris Niven - International Data Corporation

The combination of GPUs and a CPU are now available that can accelerate analytics, deep learning, high-performance computing, and scientific

Max Wolff

The overall market is way out over its skis from a historical basis, an average basis, a multiple basis, a duration of gain basis, a duration of expansion basis. The portion of the economy that is tech, one way or another, whether it is [artificial intelligence] or changes in entertainment, or changes in manufacturing, continues to

Vijay Rakesh - Mizuho Securities

While NVDA's valuations are steep, we believe current street estimates are conservative ... so that improving PCs, gaming trends, VR, and datacenter position for upside to estimates. NVDA is also well positioned for the up and coming machine learning, deep learning, and AI

Deepak Krishnamurthy - SAP

The policy is to continue driving organic growth. We have innovations in artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, Internet of Things around the SAP Leonardo platform. That's what's going to be the

Mark Cuban

Whatever you are studying right now if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate

Martin Hofmann - Volkswagen

Artificial intelligence is the key to the digital future of the Volkswagen Group. We want to develop and deploy high-performance AI systems ourselves. This is why we are expanding our expert knowledge required. Cooperation with NVIDIA will be a major step in this

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We started a project to see if we could get better at suggesting groups that will be meaningful to you. We started building artificial intelligence to do this. And it works. In the first 6 months, we helped 50% more people join meaningful

Peter Rigby

We have no protectionism here. The reason France has a nuclear industry, a shipbuilding industry, an aviation industry, a motor car building industry, is because of government intervention. My gambit has come from punch cards to artificial intelligence, like computing. My mother said that to me. I admire so much about the military, but I wanted to create something. The RAF is an admirable career but not one in which there is the freedom of ideas and risk-taking you have in being an

Jim Cramer

You play Nvidia for artificial intelligence, for GPUs, for autonomous cars, and for gaming. You play AMD for gaming and they have a faster chip than

Shantanu Narayen - Adobe Systems

I think both companies share this common vision of being able to help businesses transform. When you think about what we can do with the combination of what they've done with Dynamics and what we have done with the Experience cloud and the Marketing cloud, together we can go in and automate both sales and marketing with artificial intelligence. The volume of data that we are tracking and enabling people to understand and infer things from ... that will help a creator be a better creator. That will help a marketer be a better

Jack Ma - Alibaba Group

It's about wisdom. It's about experience. So I don't think the machine – the artificial intelligence – is gonna replace the

Ginni Rometty

The other thing we do, which I think differentiates us from everyone in this area of artificial intelligence built for business, is that I can guarantee you, as a customer, that your insights, your personal data, is not training that data for someone else to use it. That's not true with others. And so that, to me, is really the game if you're in

Omar Saad - Evercore ISI

Amazon's taking a page from players such as Stitch Fix, which has been gaining steam and grew revenues to $730 million last year by letting users try on looks at home. While Stitch Fix uses a combination of artificial intelligence and full-time stylists to recommend looks tailored for each user, Amazon brings to the table its massive scale, logistics expertise, aggressive stance and nearly endless supply of

Jim Cramer

Amazon isn't just any low-cost producer. It has tremendous artificial intelligence capabilities that let it figure out what you want, something that grocers have been woeful at. It has Amazon Prime, which can easily offer deals that would be unthinkable from, say, Kroger's point of

Reza Ghanadan - Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

If we're going to get along as closely with future robots, driverless cars and virtual digital assistants in our phones and homes as we envision doing so today, then those assistants are going to have to obey the same norms we do. That's something we are all familiar with, since 'normal' people detect norm violations very quickly. The uncertainty inherent in these kinds of human data inputs make machine learning of human norms extremely

Romit Shah - Nomura Securities

The valuation is pretty astronomical. It's a semiconductor which is being valued as a software company, which it's not. The best businesses in the space trade at six times revenue, and Nvidia is trading at around 12 times, and fueling that is a lot of hype and hope around artificial

Steve Kenner - Apple

The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including

Jared Cohen

The best part about machine learning models is they get better with

Paul E. Szurek - CoreSite Realty

As processing power has become more efficient [and] therefore less costly, it has enabled more use cases for data, and as a result, the demand has continued to exceed the improvements in processing power. There are some things on the horizon that require, probably, this kind of processing power to really go commercial in a big way – you know, autonomous driving vehicles, internet of things, artificial intelligence, and a lot of the really cutting-edge data analytics that I think we'll see over the next five, 10, 15

Jim Cramer

They're being tried throughout the cloud, and when you hear about machine learning, you are almost certainly hearing about the harnessing of Nvidia

Vivek Arya - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

NVDA is trading at a premium multiple, but the momentum could persist given: (1) Only 17% ownership by large-cap active US managers (vs. large-cap semi comps 25%-39% ownership; (2) Potential expanding ownership by Softbank vision fund, per media reports; and (3) Scarcity value as the only proven way to gain exposure to nascent AI/machine learning trend which could be a 10-20x growth opportunity. This weekend's E3 gaming show typically marks start of 2H seasonal

Tim Cook - Apple

Technology alone isn't the solution, sometimes it's even part of the problem. I'm not worried about artificial intelligence giving computers the ability to think like humans. I'm worried about people thinking like computers without values or

Rupert Stadler - Audi

AI will make driving more efficient and comfortable, and potentially safer. 90% of all accidents are caused by human error. Machine learning is far from automatic, it needs expensive and highly trained people to turn models into high value and useful

Cyrus Mewawalla

For many aspects of tech, traditional valuations and discounted cash flow models are simply not applicable. Some of these big themes like artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, they don't exist commercially yet. But we know they are going to be big and we kind of know who is going to lead them. This tech rally has some way to

Scott Kessler - S&P Capital IQ

We still see healthy sustainable growth, driven by mobile and YouTube, and also note more emerging opportunities related to cloud and self-driving cars. Additionally, we see gains related to artificial intelligence and machine learning. .... However, we acknowledge continuing legal/regulatory risks, particularly in

Anshel Sag - Moor Insights & Strategy

Computex seems to have shied away from mobility in favour of 'Internet of things', which incorporates aspects of both cloud computing and artificial

Aneel Bhusri - Workday

This is that huge move towards machine learning, which I believe is not going to replace jobs, it's just going to make people more effective. We're able to look at a massive amount of data and based on things like their current salary, how long has it been since they were recently promoted, how competitive is that job outside the company, we can make a prediction whether that person is likely to leave in the next 12 months. And that's very useful to an HR organization or to a CEO who's trying to maintain their top talent and keep their top talent at the

David Einhorn

Reading Core's annual reports is like opening a time capsule preserving the history of energy market hype. You'd almost expect them to start talking about machine

Marwa Mahmoud

The interesting part is that you can see a clear analogy between these actions in the sheep's faces and similar facial actions in humans when they are in pain–there is a similarity in terms of the muscles in their faces and in our faces. However, it is difficult to 'normalize' a sheep's face in a machine learning model. A sheep's face is totally different in profile than looking straight on, and you can't really tell a sheep how to

Jim Cramer

They're going to have robots building robots. And then we're really going to have nothing. We may be naked. Mickey has an eye. He knows want we like. [But] Amazon is artificial intelligence. They know what we're going to like. ... They skate not where the puck is going to be. They skate right into the goal. That's

Brad Gerstner - Altimeter Capital

Compute and storage utilities, I think this is going to enable massive innovation by all sorts of companies, not the least of which are all the industrial companies that can lever and take advantage of the massive investments that Google's making, Amazon's making, Microsoft's making, and machine learning that's in the

Walt Mossberg

We have these big five tech companies – the oligopoly. We have companies whose names we don't even know. And all these people are working on a wide variety of things that I think will come together to once again upend everything. And I'm talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality, virtual reality, transmitting power through the air. All kinds of bio[tech] and health

Jensen Huang - Nvidia

The AI revolution is moving fast and continuing to accelerate. NVIDIA's GPU deep learning platform is the instrument of choice for researchers, internet giants and startups as they invent the future … Our Datacenter GPU computing business nearly tripled from last year, as more of the world's computer scientists engage deep

Aubrey de Grey

For the first time, we can look at the bacteriophage, the viruses that impact our bacteria and microorganisms to know exactly what they are doing. My hope is that Viome will help advance personalized medicine by using deep machine learning to uncover the root cause of many diseases and help prolong life. The study of the microbiome is in its infancy, but it's so important, since most of the cells in the human body are foreign microbes that affect the bloodstream and our overall

Trip Chowdhry - Global Equities Research

It is a cloud computing company, it's a machine and an artificial intelligence company, it is an app company, it is an energy company, and just an automobile is nothing more than a laptop on four

Ruben Roy - MKM Partners

Investors are looking past intermediate term valuation and a thesis that earnings can be a lot higher down the road when new emerging markets, like data center acceleration, machine learning/artificial intelligence and autonomous driving really kick

Jonathan Weekley

There's a blatant, obvious need for a routing service. There's a segment of drivers who think they know the right place to go. When you combine simple statistics and machine learning, you can definitely route a vehicle much more efficiently. Uber and Lyft are using carrots and sticks, such as surge, to route their fleet. But they don't own the fleet, so they have limited

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

We've built AI systems to recommend 'People You May Know.' But it might be just as important to also connect you with people you should know – mentors and people outside your circle who care about you and can provide a new source of support and inspiration. The founder told me: 'We want kids to be able to think again, and that comes from seeing men and women who about what they do. We've got whole neighborhoods of kids just waiting for someone to give them a sense of

Matthew Woolsey - Net-a-Porter

In order for luxury to survive in a world of artificial intelligence, we need to move consumers from lightly engaged to heavily engaged. Human-led engagement is the ultimate luxury

Sundar Pichai - Google

We want it to be possible for hundreds of thousands of developers to use machine

Sundar Pichai - Google

In an AI-first world, we are rethinking all our products. We are rethinking our computing architecture again…We want Google Cloud to be the best cloud for machine learning. All Google came from understanding text and Web pages, so the fact we can understand speech and images [with neural networks] has profound implications for

Shinzo Abe

We would like to enhance economic activities between Japan and the United States based upon trading and investment rules....In addition, we will have sectoral cooperation approaches in the domains of high speed rail, infrastructure and energy. Going forward, with the utilization of artificial intelligence and the internet of things, we want to overcome the challenges coming from an aging society with low

Mark Cuban

In order for machine learning, deep learning, etc. to be effective and work the most quickly, the more data that is tagged and defined and labeled correctly the quicker everything goes. The equivalent of low-end skilled labor today... will be labeling and tagging data. It's going to be the job of the future. The stupid thing about [President Donald] Trump taking credit for these factories is every single one of those companies is going to have less employees simply because they built those factories. Amazon is a data company. To me, that is the world's greatest

Hillary Clinton

I can't be anything other than who I am. And I spent decades learning about what it would take to move our country forward – including people who clearly didn't vote for me – to try to make sure we dealt with a lot of these hard issues that are right around the corner like robotics and artificial intelligence and things that are really going to be upending the economy for the vast majority of Americans, to say nothing of the rest of the

Bill Gates - Microsoft

When I left school, I knew little about the world's worst inequities. Took me decades to learn. (Artificial intelligence), energy, and biosciences are promising fields where you can make a huge impact. It's what I would do if starting out

Jensen Huang - Nvidia

Every single software developer has to learn deep learning. Every single software developer has to apply machine learning. Every single software developer will have to learn AI. Every single company will use AI. AI is the automation of

Joe Kiani

I guess, in this day of fake news, we should've expected something like that. But unlike the normal fake news, this had even a greater impact because you have these robo-news agencies trying to use artificial intelligence to give information, but unfortunately, when they get it wrong, you have robo-computers selling or buying based on that news. So I think this had a terrible, vicious

Jim Cramer

I couldn't agree more. One of the reasons we keep going out West so often is because, like Mark Cuban says, I need to retrain my brain because I want to see the business application.' Cuban knows how powerful these tools are for doing business better, and, of course, unfortunately, with fewer people. All in all, if you're competing against a company that has deep machine learning and you do not have artificial intelligence going for you, then your fate will be like these retailers we see on our screens and the forecast will be in the vernacular of Mr. T: Pain!feedback

Mark Cuban

It's the ultimate AI (artificial intelligence) company, it's the ultimate start-up. When Amazon talks about opening up grocery stores, it's not because they want to sell groceries in stores – it's the same with bookstores – it's because they want to know what you need, when you need it, before you know you need it so they can deliver it right to your door in anticipation. They become prescriptive and the opportunity there, globally, is

Steve Kenner - Apple

The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and

Nadav Zafrir

If we want to enable an interconnected, safe world that continues to prosper based on data and machine learning and so on, we need to design a safer world as

Chris Pratley - Microsoft

What you're basically seeing is everyone in the industry is taking advantage of deep learning and how it's revolutionizing how we build

Deep Nishar - SoftBank

Beyond gaming, this new form of simulation on a massive scale has the potential to help us make better decisions about the world we live in. Improbable's technology will help us explore disease, improve cities, understand economies and solve complex problems on a previously unimaginable scale. Along with machine learning and the internet of things (IoT), Improbable's distributed computation technology represents a critical next frontier in

Frans van Houten - Philips

Sensor technology will pick up a lot of personalized data and that can be used to make personalized treatment plans. It will help do diagnosis better, and through artificial intelligence and machine learning we can take these massive amounts of data and interpret what is going on and then get to the first and right

Jim Cramer

Nvidia makes the best graphics processors around. Gaming was up 49 percent as this company makes graphics chips that can run gorgeous games on your PC or power the new Nintendo Switch, which is the hottest console in the universe. Amazon Web Services, Facebook, [Alphabet's] Google, IBM and Microsoft all rely on their chips – who else is there – to power their cloud platforms because of Nvidia's artificial intelligence

Jim Cramer

You don't use Nvidia, you won't be able to win the enterprise or the customer. No wonder the stock was the best performer in the S&P 500 last year and rallied $18 today. Artificial intelligence is here and you could argue it's here because Nvidia's processing power allows it. I doubt that any of its customers would

Chamath Palihapitiya

I would love to put us in a head-to-head to see how they do. Watson is a joke, just to be completely honest. I probably should have been more careful with my words. I have companies that we've been building and incubating for years in things like cancer and diabetes where we're bringing machine learning to the market where we've competed with competitors including IBM. I'm in the business of buying things that can grow in meaningful multiples ... over five to 10 year

Jensen Huang - Nvidia

The AI revolution is moving fast and continuing to accelerate. NVIDIA's GPU deep learning platform is the instrument of choice for researchers, internet giants and startups as they invent the future. Our Datacenter GPU computing business nearly tripled from last year, as more of the world's computer scientists engage deep learning. One industry after another is awakening to the power of GPU deep learning and AI, the most important technology force of our

Chamath Palihapitiya

Watson is a joke, just to be completely honest. The companies that are advancing machine learning and AI don't brand it with some nominally specious name that's named after a Sherlock Holmes character. I think what IBM is excellent at is using their sales and marketing infrastructure to convince people who have asymmetrically less knowledge to pay for something. I put them and Oracle in somewhat of the same

Neal Nathani

I think the opportunity they're playing into – which is AI and machine learning – are just in the early stages of taking

Jeff Bezos -

It is a renaissance, it is a golden age. We are now solving problems with machine learning and artificial intelligence that were … in the realm of science fiction for the last several decades. And natural language understanding, machine vision problems, it really is an amazing

Jordan Jacobs

Geopolitics is playing a part, as people contacting us have said 'I don't want to live in the U.S.'. Plus, public schools are very good and healthcare is free. Many of the best people in deep learning and machine learning come from University of Toronto, following in the footsteps of deep learning pioneer Geoffrey Hinton. We get an endless stream of requests from founding corporate partners – banks, telecom, airlines etc. – seeking research collaborations to use machine learning for problems including healthcare, logistics issues, smart cities and computer

Jordan Jacobs

Globally there is a shortage of researchers. We would like to hire 5,000 machine learning PhDs and Master's graduates in the next five

Jeff Bezos -

But those are kind of the showy ones. I would say, a lot of the value that we're getting from machine learning is actually happening beneath the surface. It is things like improved search results. Improved product recommendations for customers. Improved forecasting for inventory management. Literally hundreds of other things beneath the

Tariq Shaukat

I don't think that looking at prices itself as opposed to the value being delivered to the customer is the right way to look at it. Our skill set capability in data management, machine learning, is second to none and we think that will be one of the key adopters in cloud adoption. Within five years we can overtake Amazon in the market and that is all based on this idea that only 5 percent of workloads are currently in the cloud that could go into the cloud. What happens today is not a terribly good predictor of what is going to happen in the

Stephen Hawking

We must … continue to go into space for the future of humanity. I don't think we will survive another 1,000 years without escaping beyond our fragile planet. Our picture of the universe has changed a great deal in the last 50 years, and I am happy if I have made a small contribution. Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate. Humans, who are limited by slow biological evolution, couldn't compete and would be

Doug Gurr

We are constantly inventing on behalf of our customers, and our development centres in Cambridge, Edinburgh and London play a major role in Amazon's global innovation story. By the end of this year, we will have more than 1,500 innovation-related roles here in Britain, working on everything from machine learning and drone technology to streaming video technology and Amazon Web

Dara Khosrowshahi - Expedia

Mobile is always on and gives you location context. The second M is messaging. Messaging allows for asynchronous communication, so we don't need to be on the phone at the same time, you can just send me a message and I can respond to you, and it comes with identity. So if you send me a message, I know it's you. You combine that with machine learning and we can perfect our services just for you. We can be the perfect travel agent for you constantly driven by data and getting better and better and better every

William Hague

Nation states are fighting back. People see them as a way to take back control from big corporations and machines, . Politics is going to intrude more in business over the next 20 years than it has in the previous 20 years. People feel they have no influence over the rise of giant corporations or new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). 47 percent of all jobs could be replaced by machines as the pace of the so-called fourth industrial revolution gathers pace. Politics and societies are being profoundly changed by

Mark Cuban

I started buying Twitter just recently because I think they finally got their act together with artificial

Tim Cook - Apple

We are seeing a kind of delay in purchasing behavior that we think is a consequence of the number of rumors and reports about future products. That is happening. However, if you look at iPhone outside of greater China, iPhone units grew very nicely. We had more upgraders in the first half than ever before. And we had more switchers than ever before. There is a lot of good news in there. We are investing a ton in machine learning and autonomous systems. We are having significant growth rates beyond what we ever dreamed

Harry Kraemer

High growth covers a lot of sins. Picture yourself running the company where one minute we're talking about how we're going to operate air cargo, and the next minute we're going to talk about artificial intelligence. I don't think it's

Larry Page

We were early in machine learning and are already seeing significant dividends coming out. Many of the Alphabet companies are already using this technology and are planning to use it even

David Steinberg

We would use our database of 350 million people. We could identify a cluster of 7 million people who look like your best customer. We would reach out to them via messaging, social media, and based on who interacts with messages and clicks stuff, the machine learning platform gets smarter and fine tunes who you are a looking

Nicholas Yang

We try to develop robotics and artificial intelligence. What we are trying to do is, we're trying to free some of human resources up so they can do higher-value-added

Amber Atherton

I used to have a long note going on my iPhone that I'd update regularly with caption ideas and everyone asked me to caption their photo. People would text me photos all day asking for caption ideas and it just got to the point where i was like 'OK I'm gonna build a visual recognition system and embed machine learning to solve this problem in a more scalable

José Tavares

He is a living, breathing genius. He does not think like the rest of

Vítor Frade

A chameleon changes color, but never forgets it is a

Vítor Frade

It is not a method. Football is not a linear process. It is not a sum of things: If you do this, plus that, you will achieve

Vítor Frade

Whenever I read something, I am always thinking how it applies to football. That is true whether it is something on biology or epigenetics. It is always

Peter Donnelly

There is huge potential for machine learning to impact in very positive ways on much of what we do as individuals and as industry and as a society. But there are

Prasar Sharma

Generic coding skills are going out of fashion now. You are required to be adept at data science, machine learning, cyber security…But there are zero people formally trained in these

Neil Campling - Northern Trust

It is what is under the 'fun stuff' that is really key in terms of technology and opportunity for Facebook monetization. Namely the precise location technology which can map out images in 3-D with extreme precision and can be combined with Facebook's object recognition technology which has the capability of processing images in real time, image tracking and recognition, location tracking. The same can provide very targeted artificial intelligence services, relevant ads and suggested content and increase engagement and value of the platform even further than what it does

Jesús Villasante

The internet's impact on our world is already enormous and will accelerate even more in the coming years with the rise of artificial intelligence, the bridging of the physical and digital worlds and the pervasive use of data. We believe the digital world should respect the same values and rights we enjoy in the physical one. We also believe Europe has the potential to be a key player in internet matters even if many important decisions are taken

Cary Davis - Warburg Pincus

Business to business (B2B) machine learning in the next 10 years will be as big as enterprise software is

Steve Wozniak

I've totally changed my mind – We aren't talking about artificial intelligence that sits down and says, What is my life in the world? What do I have as obstacles? How do I solve them? What should I solve? Only humans do that. What we are talking about for artificial intelligence hasn't gotten to that level of brain functionality yet. A lot of other companies like Google have been more forthcoming and talking about what they're doing, Apple's tendency is to be quiet and shock you with what they come up with. These are going to be very important things in our

Liza Daly

Artificial intelligence tends to mean whatever it is that computers can't quite master

Jeff Bezos -

Inside AWS, we're excited to lower the costs and barriers to machine learning and AI so organizations of all sizes can take advantage of these advanced

Jeff Bezos -

Over the past decades computers have broadly automated tasks that programmers could describe with clear rules and algorithms. Modern machine learning techniques now allow us to do the same for tasks where describing the precise rules is much

Richard Windsor

Bixby falls even before its first hurdle. Samsung's delay in the roll-out of Bixby is a strong indication of just how far behind Samsung is when it comes to artificial

Chris Anderson - 3D Robotics

The funny thing is half these guys actually work for Google, they just don't work for the autonomous car division. He's got great computer vision skills, great artificial intelligence skills, but doesn't happen to be on the autonomous car team so this is what he does for fun. We're competing with Google and Tesla – and they don't suck – so what can we possibly do as amateurs that they can't do?feedback

Philip Hammond

If the UK is going to make the most of the freedoms it will have after leaving the European Union, we have to build trade links with the fast-growing economies of Asia. We have to invest in the skills of the future and our economy must remain at the cutting edge - not just of FinTech, but of AI (artificial intelligence), biotech - of every area in which we have the potential to lead the world into this new industrial revolution. The world does not owe us a living. We will have to strive and graft and fight to seize opportunities, and make the most of

Mark Reuss

We are spending money on the future, whether it is in mobility, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence or electrification. Years ago, G.M. was fixated on the next quarter or the next year – and not the next 10

Justin Trudeau

The strategy will promote collaboration between Canada's main centres of expertise in Montreal, Toronto-Waterloo, and Edmonto n and position Canada as a world-leading destination for companies seeking to invest in artificial intelligence and innovation. We know that the job market is changing, and instead of resisting in vain, we're focused on funding research and innovation, like in AI and quantum computing, that'll help lead the change here in Canada. And while we do that, we're preparing Canadians to find good jobs through investments in education and

Katharine Dennys - Mergermarket

High liquidity, access to cheap financing, healthy balance sheets and a need to demonstrate growth to shareholders via M&A all provide a positive outlook for 2017. Technology will drive M&A activity, with disruptive industries such as artificial Intelligence, fintech and the internet of things continuing to attract investor attention. Despite Trump's campaign promise to block anti-competitive deals, such as the US$ 105.0bn AT&T/ Time Warner deal, his attitude once in office suggests a more lenient approach towards such high profile

Pascual Restrepo

When economists talk about automation, we're actually talking about a bunch of stuff – we're talking about capital, software, machinery, robots, artificial

Marcy Kaptur

We have a lot of automation. We have a lot of artificial intelligence and it's very important to what we do. When you see Chinese and Korean steel dumped into your market and the government doesn't respond and use the powers that it has, and you are told you're pink slipped by next June, that is not a good picture. It's unfair. He can … self-initiate a dumping case. He can actually put a quota on the amount of this steel that can come into the country right now and give our industries a chance to recover. We don't have to accept this as our

Laurence D. Fink - BlackRock

The democratization of information has made it much harder for active management. We have to change the ecosystem – that means relying more on big data, artificial intelligence, factors and models within quant and traditional investment

Steven Mnuchin

I think that is so far in the future – in terms of artificial intelligence taking over American jobs – I think we're, like, so far away from that that. Not even on my radar

Jack Dorsey

So machine learning and folks who have more of a data science, algorithmic background are teams that we're very interested in right now, and that's both from a risk standpoint but also more automation and taking less mechanical action as a seller so that you can … Just let Square do the right thing to provide you an insight about your business and the

Roberto Mancone - Deutsche Bank

The advisory business of banking is a very costly model, and artificial intelligence can help to manage the data and to scale the advisory model in a way that was unforeseeable

Adam Jonas - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Vehicle safety is even getting more attention in social media and from regulators because of the spikes in fatalities, up over 20 percent in this country over the past two years. It seems like the only thing progressing faster than the pace of machine learning is the pace of human unlearning. We're getting dumber faster than the cars are getting

Fang Xingdong

This is a big blow to Baidu's strategy on artificial intelligence and a setback of the company's

Sheng Fu - FactSet

We are pleased that the steady and sustained revenue growth generated by our utility apps helped to continue to drive our revenue and profit growth sequentially in the second half of 2016. Looking ahead, we remain focused on connecting our over 600 million global Mobile [monthly active users] with more personalized and richer content by capitalizing on emerging artificial intelligence

Stephen Hawking

Ever since the start of the industrial revolution, there have been fears of mass unemployment, as machines replaced humans. Instead, a demand for goods and services has risen in line with the increased capabilities. Whether this can continue indefinitely is an open question, but there is a greater danger from artificial intelligence if we allow it to become self-designing, for then it can improve itself rapidly, and we may lose control. I have always supported women's

Philipp Schindler - Google

We believe the combination of these new policies and controls will significantly strengthen our ability to help advertisers reach audiences at scale, while respecting their values. We'll be hiring significant numbers of people and developing new tools powered by our latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to increase our capacity to review questionable content for

Jen-Hsun Huang

Because of deep learning, because of AI [artificial intelligence] computing, we've really supercharged our road map to autonomous vehicles. No human could write enough code to capture the vast diversity and complexity that we do so easily, called

Alison Gass

I try and think about what university museums have, or have access to, that is unique, and in this case Stanford has extraordinary programs in artificial intelligence research. They make it possible to think about the world through different disciplines. Trevor wanted to look at the impact of artificial intelligence technology on the visual field, so I invited him to spend time at

Katy Huberty - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

We do not think the super cycle is fully appreciated. What we expect in September is a phone that has significant advancements in technology: OLED screens, 3-D sensors, wireless charging [and] likely some more advanced software in the area of artificial

James Tagg

We are interested in seeing how the Eureka moments happen in people's brains. For me it is an actual flash of light but it will be different for others. This chess position is designed to show the difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and human intelligence (HI) and the nature of human understanding. A human looking at it for a short while will 'see' what white must, and more particularly, must not do, and use very little energy to decide this. But, for a computer, the puzzle requires an enormous number of calculations, far too many for even today's

Mark Cuban

The world's first trillionaires are going to come from somebody who masters AI. Whatever you are studying right now if you are not getting up to speed on deep learning, neural networks, etc., you lose. We are going through the process where software will automate software, automation will automate automation. I would not want to be a CPA right now. I would not want to be an accountant right now. I would rather be a philosophy

Kate Crawford - Microsoft Research

We should always be suspicious when machine learning systems are described as free from bias if it's been trained on human-generated data. Our biases are built into that training

Miltos Petridis

AI technologies used include reasoning systems, machine learning, natural language processing, voice integration, image processing and

Rosemary Gilligan

AI systems are now being used for everything from helping to prevent fraud to identifying plagiarism. It's being used in diagnostic systems, helping organisations to process huge volumes of data with great speed, efficiency and accuracy. It can also enable businesses to capture someone's expertise, so it's not lost to the employer when that person

Andy Pardoe

Many service providers to small businesses are already leveraging AI's capabilities. AI has never been more widely used, with many of the largest technology companies providing integrated AI platforms. This democratisation of AI is allowing small businesses to more easily add advanced data analytics and machine learning to their processes. AI could better determine optimum resource use, which would improve overall performance and profitability. This could be anything from minimising energy consumption to determining the schedule of sales calls individual sale people make each

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

Artificial intelligence is still way below the creativity of the human brain. Technology is not going to replace human beings; it's going to support you. It's more, I have a limitation, and I want to eliminate this limitation by bringing this technology

Stacy Rasgon

We believe INTC is facing structural headwinds as datacenter weakens, quality growth becomes more elusive, and competition increases. Datacenter, for long the (only) structural reason to hold Intel's stock, is showing signs of cracks. … We are seeing an increasing number of credible competitive threats emerge, including AMD (with their first major offering in half a decade) and NVDA (whose GPU offerings appear preferable in high growth AI [artificial intelligence]

Winston Binch

One of his projects, Volkswagen's Unleash your Rrrr, is an artificial intelligence-enabled program that lets people control a virtual car around a winding road by making car sounds. Rrrrs, vrooms, eerrks and the like let cars accelerate, turn and screech along hairpin turns. It was the first AI that was capable of understanding abstract sounds and

Mark Cuban

I think Amazon is the greatest start-up and the greatest company in the world. The way they are using new technologies is not just disrupting retail, it's getting ready to disrupt everything. I can see them competing with Uber. They are a smart, smart, smart company. All these derivatives of artificial intelligence are going to have substantial impacts on [Amazon's]

Anthony Noto - Twitter

We love that he's using the platform. He's built greater awareness of the platform and the power of the platform. That's great for us being able to show what's happening in the world and better than everyone else. Two years ago, if President Trump tweeted at 3 a.m. on the East Coast and you woke up at 6 a.m. on the West Coast, you would never see that tweet – it would be at the bottom of your timeline. Today that's injected to the top based on your profile and your interests and machine learning, and so you can see that tweet

Paul Clarke - Ocado

There's hundreds of algorithms and pieces of machine learning at play in this warehouse, with about 8,000 of these containers on the move at any one time it's like choreographing traffic around a city and that requires an enormous level of complexity, use of big data, lots of sensing. So if a piece of conveyor has a problem, the systems have to route around it and find another

Daisy Cai - Baidu

It makes 3D models of people that you can view through your VR headsets or you can also play or interact with on your AR application on your smartphone. We are looking at companies (that) use artificial intelligence algorithms in their drug discovery technology, so it can significantly shorten the drug discovery

Anant Maheshwari

We are excited to partner with Tata Motors as they embark on a new journey of innovation with Microsoft Azure cloud. Using IoT, AI and machine learning technologies, we will provide vehicle owners in India and across the world with a safe, productive and fun driving

Roger Matus - Neurala

If you don't want to hire a Ph.D. in deep learning, then Neurala is the choice for

Jen-Hsun Huang

We can now see that GPU-based deep learning will revolutionize major industries, from consumer internet and transportation to health care and manufacturing. The era of [A.I.] is upon

Robin Li - Baidu

The most important force that could change the medical field is artificial

Jim Cramer

It has gotten to the point where even mentioning the mall on a conference call is the kiss of death. They are dying shrines to spending the old way. As far as I'm concerned, things are better and that, not Trump, might be the real secret sauce behind this extraordinary and very real rally. These old tech stocks may lack the sex appeal of the cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence names, but the charts of Cisco, Jabil Circuit and Oracle look

Blake Irving - GoDaddy

We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country. You can't take an 18 month training program and produce a machine learning scientist. There's always going to be some marginal groups that will abuse the system, it's true. There is a fraction of abuse. This isn't about trying to export jobs. People get confused with H-1B exporting jobs – that's just not the

Bill Gates - Microsoft

The work in artificial intelligence today is at a really profound level. It is going to be phenomenal, so anything connected with that I think would be an exciting lifetime

Judson Althoff

The car is like a rolling computer, capturing all kinds of data. All that data is coming back to Azure, where we apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to help auto manufacturers make cars better and

Victor Anthony - Axiom Capital

YouTube is growing like weeds for them and they're investing against that. This is a business that has benefited from multiple different secular tailwinds. There's search, there's video, it's programmatic. Now you have hardware, artificial intelligence, machine learning. You have cheap multiple stock, very well capitalized balance sheet, $86 billion in

Simon Bound - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Ten years ago, we would have interviewed consumers in a mall to figure out what the hottest fashion trends are. Now we will also use big data techniques and machine

Takeshi Yagi

There are many areas were we want to wow the world. Take robotics for example, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, or also

Inga Beale - Lloyds Bank

CEO's feel reasonably confident we are not going to be replaced by artificial intelligence. But I'm sure there will be a time!feedback

Brent Bracelin - Pacific Crest

We expect another solid quarter when Microsoft releases earnings results this Thursday, which should reinforce our bullish stance on the company's progress in pivoting from laggard to leader in cloud, digital and artificial

Martin Schroeter - International Business Machines

The debate about whether artificial intelligence is real is over, and we're getting to work to solve real business

Michael Chui

You think about some of the stuff we pay people to do, it's everything from helping people into bed, to physicians. And for physicians, the highest-valued thing we think they can do is differential diagnosis: collecting a bunch of data and analyzing perhaps what the disease might be. That could be the thing that is most able to be automatable using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep

Marc Benioff -

What you hope is that the technology doesn't outpace the system so that it starts to strip the jobs away, and that's the fear of artificial

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

Not only are we concerned about Apple missing big trends like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and home automation. But the services layer that everyone points to is still a bit

John Drzik

Artificial intelligence will enable us to address some of the great issues of our age, such as climate change and population growth, much more effectively. With investment into AI now ten times higher than it was five years ago, rapid advances are already being made. However, increased reliance on AI will dramatically exacerbate existing risks, such as cyber, making the development of mitigation measures just as

Guillaume Devauchelle

There will be a mix because it's quite a complex system (with) sensing, data fusion, artificial intelligence, connectivity, man-machine interface and so on. Those are big

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

To the extent that voice becomes more important and something other than Google's voice assistant becomes the most popular voice interface on Android phones, that's a huge loss for Google in terms of data gathering, training its AI (artificial intelligence), and ultimately the ability to drive advertising

Steven Mollenkopf - Qualcomm

Today, billions of mobile devices with extraordinary power are uniting with advancements in robotics artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and so much more. We're already seeing the

Jen-Hsun Huang

We believe the car itself should also be an AI co-pilot. [Deep learning] allows software to write

Ryan Holmes

There are a couple of massive waves that are really going to create opportunity, such as (artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality). Will the next social network be on AR and VR? I think it's highly likely that some very clever incarnation of a social network in augmented and virtual

Beijia Ma - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Big data is the input for things like artificial intelligence, which Amazon tends to dominate in, and it's really AI that is making us smarter about what to do with the big data (and) how do we actually improve our goods and

Beijia Ma - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We're still looking at the providers of AI software. Primarily the Googles, Amazons, Microsofts and IBMs of the world who are very strong at that, but I think increasingly so we're going to be focusing on the holders of data which essentially is the feed stock that goes into things like artificial

Toshiya Hari

We continue to view NVDA as a unique growth story in semis, levered to positive secular trends in gaming, VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence)/ML (machine learning) and

Yousuke Okada

It tends to be time-consuming if you try to start something new like 'deep learning' at a big company, so I decided to do it by

Jean-François Gagné

We're looking at a bunch of challenges, especially in the realm cybersecurity, where clearly this is a race to having the best technology. There's a lot of talk about re-shoring, and bringing back jobs. As you do that, you need to stay competitive. So you need to augment the workers, you need to prepare them, you need to provide them with better tools. And these are all areas where artificial intelligence can help a

Tom Neumayr

We've provided comments to NHTSA because Apple is investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems. There are many potential applications for these technologies, including the future of transportation, so we want to work with NHTSA to help define the best practices for the

Ajit Narayanan

We are investing a lot in machine learning and AI. We precisely know how consumers behave, we precisely know what kind of products

Martin Ford

Within 10 to 15 to 20 years we are probably going to have a visible problem in terms of the problem technology is having on the job market. There are many people who think it could be sooner than that because technology is accelerating in terms of machine learning and

Walter Isaacson

It sounds very reasonable until we try to figure out how to do that. As much as we think that machine learning and artificial intelligence and algorithms can sort out the wheat from the chaff, it's actually something that human judgment is better at. I would think we might want to go back to having some humans in the

Jason Cooper

These staple, pillar technology companies like Facebook, they do a lot more than what they're known for. Facebook will continue to evolve and be more than a social network. The vast majority of Facebook hires will be web developer types. ... Those are always going to exist. But computer vision, deep learning, neural networks, we're seeing a lot of demand

Norman Chan

So far, two banks have already made use of the sandbox to conduct private trials of their biometric authentication in securities trading services. A few banks are discussing with us and planning to make use of the sandbox for areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and many

Jeremy Warren - Vivint

Unfortunately you're seeing more of that on the bad guy side itself, using AI techniques and machine learning to make malware easier to use. AI and ML tools are becoming part of a weapons set on both

Richard Yu

We are going to take them [Apple] step-by-step, innovation-by-innovation. There will be more opportunities. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality. It is like driving a car. At every curve or turn, there is an opportunity to overtake the

Thomas Djursing

The voice recognition is one of the big drivers at the moment. And this in combination with neuro networks and artificial intelligence is making it possible to actually start speaking to the computers. We've been waiting for this to happen, but now it's

Yang Yuanqing - Lenovo Group

The Group will develop new smart devices, powered by cloud and enriched with services. The Group is exploring smart home, smart office, smart healthcare and other areas and leveraging artificial intelligence ... and other new

Ashok Goel

I got comments like 'Mind blown' and 'I want to nominate Jill for outstanding TA award'. The way I think about it, there are seven billion people on this earth and about half of them don't have access to good education. If we can take artificial intelligence and provide those people with minimal question-answering, who knows what a difference it could make in someone's life? If something like Jill can provide even basic support?feedback

Nigel Toon

GPUs have been built to run programs that completely describe the algorithm. Machine learning is different. You are trying to teach the system using data and that requires a different style of

Simon Fuller

I was imagining who would be my very first choice to work with on an extraordinary new virtual reality experience to capture the world's imagination. In a second, I thought it simply has to be ABBA… We are exploring a new technological world, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the forefront, that will allow us to create new forms of entertainment and content we couldn't have previously

Boris Schlossberg

I think it's interesting that [Alphabet] could become just as much of a hardware company as it is a software company, if they can succeed in this whole new arena of artificial

Benoit Carré

The element of exploration is as big, as vast as the music that exists. This means we can explore small groups of music, for instance, songs, we can put in two songs, we can put 5,000 songs. We can go into pop, we can go into jazz. We are not finished exploring, with the help of artificial intelligence, a new

Doug Balog - International Business Machines

As artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics become the price of doing business in today's digital era, huge volumes of data are now the norm. It's clear that today's datacenters can no longer rely on one company alone to drive

Barack Obama

When Wired asked me to guest-edit the November issue I didn't hesitate. I know it's the height of election season, and I happen to have a day job that keeps me pretty busy. But given the chance to immerse myself in the possibility of interplanetary travel or join a deep-dive conversation on artificial intelligence, I'm going to say yes. I love this stuff. Always

Victor Vina

What are the benefits to our personal lives? As artificial intelligence evolves, it is crucial to consider values such as empathy, identity and privacy, in addition to intelligence, efficiency and

David Gurle

As machine learning and data sets improve, those bots are going to become smarter. I'm very confident that we are in the era of that

Robert Luna

I think artificial intelligence is real. If we were talking maybe five or six years ago, it may have seemed like something from 'Star Trek.' But these are things that are happening

Brian Blau

Search has been Google's golden ticket for the past 20 years of the internet, and now they are hoping artificial intelligence will become the next golden

Diane Greene

Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning and digital communications. What is going to differentiate business in the future is digital

Paul Daugherty

We're just at the start of a new era of applying artificial intelligence in a big way to transform business. It will be bigger than the cloud, it will be bigger than the overall digital business wave we're looking at because it stands to transform the way humans interact with technology and its consumers and

Sanjay Aurora - Darktrace

That's where you use machine learning to interpret all the variety of so-called small events - some related, some unrelated - and use mathematics to say hey this is a leading indicator to an insider threat because I have not seen this there

Kristina Salen - Etsy

We already have deep skills machine learning, because it's really hard to connect 40 million items to 26 million buyers around the globe, But this augments our skill set and actually accelerates our progress in search, and we think it is going to drive future

Joel Fishbein - BTIG

The company has invested heavily in artificial intelligence (six deals in the past 12 months), and they believe imbuing their platform with machine learning will be the next catalyst for sustained

Marc Benioff -

It's amazing what is now possible, whether it's machine learning, deep learning, machine intelligence that we're able to do today that we weren't able to do just a couple of years ago. Our customers are going to get that for the first time in

Mark Haefele - UBS Wealth Management

This helps uncover biases. You can say, Look, you said your biggest interest is planning for the long term but this artificial intelligence is showing us what you're really excited about are short-term trading ideas.'.feedback

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

Movidius will help further Intel's efforts to offer solutions around computer vision and artificial intelligence. The company is betting big on securing a place in the next wave of technology that will be instrumental across multiple areas including autonomous driving, drones, mixed reality, navigation and

Christopher Bishop - Microsoft Research

I think artificial intelligence is probably the biggest transformation in the IT industry. Medical is such a big area in terms of GDP that that's got to be a good

Ian Ing

Their play on machine learning – deep learning – is to process all the collection points and be able to take all that data and process it on the servers through

Jody Holtzman - AARP

Voice recognition will take the friction out of issues of technology usage. Then you add on AI, machine learning, IOT, the connected home, autonomous vehicles … Amazon Echo is great new entry point to