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This is a big blow to Baidu's strategy on artificial intelligence and a setback of the company's internationalization.
Mar 22 2017
Marc Benioff, Jen-Hsun Huang and Philipp Schindler, are the people who have been quoted the greatest number of times about Artificial Intelligence. You can find them on this page and an additional total of 85 people who have something to say about this topic. All the 94 quotes on this page are sorted by date and by name. You can also have access to the articles to get the context of the quotes. The most recent quote from Marc Benioff is: “What you hope is that the technology doesn't outpace the system so that it starts to strip the jobs away, and that's the fear of artificial intelligence.”.
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Carlos Ghosn - Renault

Artificial intelligence is still way below the creativity of the human brain. Technology is not going to replace human beings; it's going to support you. It's more, I have a limitation, and I want to eliminate this limitation by bringing this technology in.

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

Artificial intelligence is still way below the creativity of the human brain. Technology is not going to replace human beings, it's going to support you. It's more, 'I have a limitation and I want to eliminate this limitation by bringing this technology in.'.

Winston Binch

One of his projects, Volkswagen's Unleash your Rrrr, is an artificial intelligence-enabled program that lets people control a virtual car around a winding road by making car sounds. Rrrrs, vrooms, eerrks and the like let cars accelerate, turn and screech along hairpin turns. It was the first AI that was capable of understanding abstract sounds and emotions.

Mark Cuban

I think Amazon is the greatest start-up and the greatest company in the world. The way they are using new technologies is not just disrupting retail, it's getting ready to disrupt everything. I can see them competing with Uber. They are a smart, smart, smart company. All these derivatives of artificial intelligence are going to have substantial impacts on [Amazon's] profitability.

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

"Looking ahead, one of our greatest opportunities to keep people safe is building artificial intelligence to understand more quickly and accurately what is happening across our community,". "Our goal must be to help people see a more complete picture, not just alternate perspectives,". "Accuracy of information is very important. We know there is misinformation and even outright hoax content on Facebook, and we take this very seriously".

Anthony Noto - Twitter

We love that he's using the platform. He's built greater awareness of the platform and the power of the platform. That's great for us being able to show what's happening in the world and better than everyone else. Two years ago, if President Trump tweeted at 3 a.m. on the East Coast and you woke up at 6 a.m. on the West Coast, you would never see that tweet – it would be at the bottom of your timeline. Today that's injected to the top based on your profile and your interests and machine learning, and so you can see that tweet today.

Paul Clarke - Ocado

There's hundreds of algorithms and pieces of machine learning at play in this warehouse, with about 8,000 of these containers on the move at any one time it's like choreographing traffic around a city and that requires an enormous level of complexity, use of big data, lots of sensing. So if a piece of conveyor has a problem, the systems have to route around it and find another way.

Daisy Cai - Baidu

It makes 3D models of people that you can view through your VR headsets or you can also play or interact with on your AR application on your smartphone. We are looking at companies (that) use artificial intelligence algorithms in their drug discovery technology, so it can significantly shorten the drug discovery cycle.

Anant Maheshwari

We are excited to partner with Tata Motors as they embark on a new journey of innovation with Microsoft Azure cloud. Using IoT, AI and machine learning technologies, we will provide vehicle owners in India and across the world with a safe, productive and fun driving experience.

Jen-Hsun Huang

We can now see that GPU-based deep learning will revolutionize major industries, from consumer internet and transportation to health care and manufacturing. The era of [A.I.] is upon us.

Robin Li - Baidu

The most important force that could change the medical field is artificial intelligence.

Jim Cramer

It has gotten to the point where even mentioning the mall on a conference call is the kiss of death. They are dying shrines to spending the old way. As far as I'm concerned, things are better and that, not Trump, might be the real secret sauce behind this extraordinary and very real rally. These old tech stocks may lack the sex appeal of the cloud, mobile, social and artificial intelligence names, but the charts of Cisco, Jabil Circuit and Oracle look good.

Blake Irving - GoDaddy

We do not produce enough technically qualified candidates in this country. You can't take an 18 month training program and produce a machine learning scientist. There's always going to be some marginal groups that will abuse the system, it's true. There is a fraction of abuse. This isn't about trying to export jobs. People get confused with H-1B exporting jobs – that's just not the case.

Bill Gates - Microsoft

The work in artificial intelligence today is at a really profound level. It is going to be phenomenal, so anything connected with that I think would be an exciting lifetime career.

Judson Althoff

The car is like a rolling computer, capturing all kinds of data. All that data is coming back to Azure, where we apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to help auto manufacturers make cars better and safer.

Victor Anthony - Axiom Capital

YouTube is growing like weeds for them and they're investing against that. This is a business that has benefited from multiple different secular tailwinds. There's search, there's video, it's programmatic. Now you have hardware, artificial intelligence, machine learning. You have cheap multiple stock, very well capitalized balance sheet, $86 billion in cash.

Simon Bound - Morgan Stanley & Co. International

Ten years ago, we would have interviewed consumers in a mall to figure out what the hottest fashion trends are. Now we will also use big data techniques and machine learning.

Takeshi Yagi

There are many areas were we want to wow the world. Take robotics for example, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, or also biometrics.

Inga Beale - Lloyds Bank

CEO's feel reasonably confident we are not going to be replaced by artificial intelligence. But I'm sure there will be a time!

Brent Bracelin - Pacific Crest

We expect another solid quarter when Microsoft releases earnings results this Thursday, which should reinforce our bullish stance on the company's progress in pivoting from laggard to leader in cloud, digital and artificial intelligence.

Martin Schroeter - International Business Machines

The debate about whether artificial intelligence is real is over, and we're getting to work to solve real business problems.

Michael Chui

You think about some of the stuff we pay people to do, it's everything from helping people into bed, to physicians. And for physicians, the highest-valued thing we think they can do is differential diagnosis: collecting a bunch of data and analyzing perhaps what the disease might be. That could be the thing that is most able to be automatable using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Marc Benioff -

What you hope is that the technology doesn't outpace the system so that it starts to strip the jobs away, and that's the fear of artificial intelligence.

Colin Gillis - BGC Partners

Not only are we concerned about Apple missing big trends like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and home automation. But the services layer that everyone points to is still a bit lackluster.

John Drzik

Artificial intelligence will enable us to address some of the great issues of our age, such as climate change and population growth, much more effectively. With investment into AI now ten times higher than it was five years ago, rapid advances are already being made. However, increased reliance on AI will dramatically exacerbate existing risks, such as cyber, making the development of mitigation measures just as crucial.

Guillaume Devauchelle

There will be a mix because it's quite a complex system (with) sensing, data fusion, artificial intelligence, connectivity, man-machine interface and so on. Those are big blocks.

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

To the extent that voice becomes more important and something other than Google's voice assistant becomes the most popular voice interface on Android phones, that's a huge loss for Google in terms of data gathering, training its AI (artificial intelligence), and ultimately the ability to drive advertising revenue.

Steven Mollenkopf - Qualcomm

Today, billions of mobile devices with extraordinary power are uniting with advancements in robotics artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and so much more. We're already seeing the results.

Jen-Hsun Huang

We believe the car itself should also be an AI co-pilot. [Deep learning] allows software to write software.

Ryan Holmes

There are a couple of massive waves that are really going to create opportunity, such as (artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality). Will the next social network be on AR and VR? I think it's highly likely that some very clever incarnation of a social network in augmented and virtual reality.

Beijia Ma - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Big data is the input for things like artificial intelligence, which Amazon tends to dominate in, and it's really AI that is making us smarter about what to do with the big data (and) how do we actually improve our goods and services.

Beijia Ma - Bank of America Merrill Lynch

We're still looking at the providers of AI software. Primarily the Googles, Amazons, Microsofts and IBMs of the world who are very strong at that, but I think increasingly so we're going to be focusing on the holders of data which essentially is the feed stock that goes into things like artificial intelligence.

Toshiya Hari

We continue to view NVDA as a unique growth story in semis, levered to positive secular trends in gaming, VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence)/ML (machine learning) and automotive.

Yousuke Okada

It tends to be time-consuming if you try to start something new like 'deep learning' at a big company, so I decided to do it by myself.

Jean-François Gagné

We're looking at a bunch of challenges, especially in the realm cybersecurity, where clearly this is a race to having the best technology. There's a lot of talk about re-shoring, and bringing back jobs. As you do that, you need to stay competitive. So you need to augment the workers, you need to prepare them, you need to provide them with better tools. And these are all areas where artificial intelligence can help a lot.

Tom Neumayr

We've provided comments to NHTSA because Apple is investing heavily in machine learning and autonomous systems. There are many potential applications for these technologies, including the future of transportation, so we want to work with NHTSA to help define the best practices for the industry.

Ajit Narayanan

We are investing a lot in machine learning and AI. We precisely know how consumers behave, we precisely know what kind of products sell.

Martin Ford

There are many people who think it could be sooner than that because technology is accelerating in terms of machine learning and robotics.

Martin Ford

Within 10 to 15 to 20 years we are probably going to have a visible problem in terms of the problem technology is having on the job market. There are many people who think it could be sooner than that because technology is accelerating in terms of machine learning and robotics.

Walter Isaacson

It sounds very reasonable until we try to figure out how to do that. As much as we think that machine learning and artificial intelligence and algorithms can sort out the wheat from the chaff, it's actually something that human judgment is better at. I would think we might want to go back to having some humans in the loop.

Jason Cooper

These staple, pillar technology companies like Facebook, they do a lot more than what they're known for. Facebook will continue to evolve and be more than a social network. The vast majority of Facebook hires will be web developer types. ... Those are always going to exist. But computer vision, deep learning, neural networks, we're seeing a lot of demand there.

Norman Chan

So far, two banks have already made use of the sandbox to conduct private trials of their biometric authentication in securities trading services. A few banks are discussing with us and planning to make use of the sandbox for areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and many more.

Jeremy Warren - Vivint

Unfortunately you're seeing more of that on the bad guy side itself, using AI techniques and machine learning to make malware easier to use. AI and ML tools are becoming part of a weapons set on both sides.

Richard Yu

We are going to take them [Apple] step-by-step, innovation-by-innovation. There will be more opportunities. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality. It is like driving a car. At every curve or turn, there is an opportunity to overtake the competition.

Thomas Djursing

The voice recognition is one of the big drivers at the moment. And this in combination with neuro networks and artificial intelligence is making it possible to actually start speaking to the computers. We've been waiting for this to happen, but now it's doable.

Yang Yuanqing - Lenovo Group

The Group will develop new smart devices, powered by cloud and enriched with services. The Group is exploring smart home, smart office, smart healthcare and other areas and leveraging artificial intelligence ... and other new technologies.

Nigel Toon

GPUs have been built to run programs that completely describe the algorithm. Machine learning is different. You are trying to teach the system using data and that requires a different style of compute.

Simon Fuller

I was imagining who would be my very first choice to work with on an extraordinary new virtual reality experience to capture the world's imagination. In a second, I thought it simply has to be ABBA… We are exploring a new technological world, with virtual reality and artificial intelligence at the forefront, that will allow us to create new forms of entertainment and content we couldn't have previously imagined.

Boris Schlossberg

I think it's interesting that [Alphabet] could become just as much of a hardware company as it is a software company, if they can succeed in this whole new arena of artificial intelligence.

Benoit Carré

The element of exploration is as big, as vast as the music that exists. This means we can explore small groups of music, for instance, songs, we can put in two songs, we can put 5,000 songs. We can go into pop, we can go into jazz. We are not finished exploring, with the help of artificial intelligence, a new creativity.

Doug Balog - International Business Machines

As artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced analytics become the price of doing business in today's digital era, huge volumes of data are now the norm. It's clear that today's datacenters can no longer rely on one company alone to drive innovation.

Barack Obama

When Wired asked me to guest-edit the November issue I didn't hesitate. I know it's the height of election season, and I happen to have a day job that keeps me pretty busy. But given the chance to immerse myself in the possibility of interplanetary travel or join a deep-dive conversation on artificial intelligence, I'm going to say yes. I love this stuff. Always have.

Victor Vina

What are the benefits to our personal lives? As artificial intelligence evolves, it is crucial to consider values such as empathy, identity and privacy, in addition to intelligence, efficiency and productivity.

Steve Kenner - Apple

The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation.

David Gurle

As machine learning and data sets improve, those bots are going to become smarter. I'm very confident that we are in the era of that transformation.

Robert Luna

I think artificial intelligence is real. If we were talking maybe five or six years ago, it may have seemed like something from 'Star Trek.' But these are things that are happening today.

Brian Blau

Search has been Google's golden ticket for the past 20 years of the internet, and now they are hoping artificial intelligence will become the next golden ticket.

Diane Greene

Over the next five years, businesses of every kind will be transformed by smart data, analytics, machine learning and digital communications. What is going to differentiate business in the future is digital technology.

Paul Daugherty

We're just at the start of a new era of applying artificial intelligence in a big way to transform business. It will be bigger than the cloud, it will be bigger than the overall digital business wave we're looking at because it stands to transform the way humans interact with technology and its consumers and workers.

Sanjay Aurora - Darktrace

That's where you use machine learning to interpret all the variety of so-called small events - some related, some unrelated - and use mathematics to say hey this is a leading indicator to an insider threat because I have not seen this there before.

Kristina Salen - Etsy

We already have deep skills machine learning, because it's really hard to connect 40 million items to 26 million buyers around the globe, But this augments our skill set and actually accelerates our progress in search, and we think it is going to drive future growth.

Joel Fishbein - BTIG

The company has invested heavily in artificial intelligence (six deals in the past 12 months), and they believe imbuing their platform with machine learning will be the next catalyst for sustained growth.

Marc Benioff -

It's amazing what is now possible, whether it's machine learning, deep learning, machine intelligence that we're able to do today that we weren't able to do just a couple of years ago. Our customers are going to get that for the first time in October.

Mark Haefele - UBS Wealth Management

This helps uncover biases. You can say, Look, you said your biggest interest is planning for the long term but this artificial intelligence is showing us what you're really excited about are short-term trading ideas.'.

Ben Wood - CCS Insight

Movidius will help further Intel's efforts to offer solutions around computer vision and artificial intelligence. The company is betting big on securing a place in the next wave of technology that will be instrumental across multiple areas including autonomous driving, drones, mixed reality, navigation and robotics.

Christopher Bishop - Microsoft Research

I think artificial intelligence is probably the biggest transformation in the IT industry. Medical is such a big area in terms of GDP that that's got to be a good bet.

Ian Ing

Their play on machine learning – deep learning – is to process all the collection points and be able to take all that data and process it on the servers through analytics.

Jody Holtzman - AARP

Voice recognition will take the friction out of issues of technology usage. Then you add on AI, machine learning, IOT, the connected home, autonomous vehicles … Amazon Echo is great new entry point to this.

Pam Dillon - Wine Ring

I am extremely excited and hopeful about artificial intelligence and the good that it can bring to the world. Together we are creating a landscape – a whole new way of thinking about how we can bring to bear technology – in the context of making these recommendations.

Sundar Pichai - Google

Our investment in mobile now underlines everything that we do today from search and YouTube to Android and advertising. Mobile is the engine that drives the person and now through a deep investments in machine learning and AI we are building the engine that will drive our future.

Sundar Pichai - Google

Machine learning is the engine that will drive our future and it's already making our products better.

Mark McDermott

I think London has a heavy fintech and AI [artificial intelligence] bias right now, which is flourishing, but a tad narrow.

Devin Wenig

We are planting the seeds right now to ensure that eBay is not only relevant, but a leader – a disruptor – in artificial intelligence.

Scott Kupor - Andreessen Horowitz

We've got … which is basically using machine learning to basically figure out how to build an autonomous vehicle.

Robert Graboyes

There is a convergence of technology that is opening up – big data, artificial intelligence – and it's allowing doctors to identify patterns in health that wouldn't have been available to intuitive practitioners.

Marc Benioff -

What I see is an AI first world. And for every customer ... to be able to get a whole another generation of productivity out of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning.

Aniruddh Bajirao -

The fact that you have this really interesting artificial intelligence system in place to be able to leverage on top of Messenger – now we're talking about an even more interesting platform.

Klaus Froehlich - BMW

We have some catching up to do in the area of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Going forward we will sell electric drivetrains. We see many smaller manufacturers who cannot afford to develop a plug-in hybrid.

Jennifer Blanke - The Forum

If you think about the 3rd Industrial Revolution, that was really computerisation – that was the digital age that started around mid-20th century. And what we're seeing is that the 4th Industrial Revolution is really building on that with all these exciting technologies, whether it's biotech, artificial intelligence, 3D printing – all of these different, exciting things that are coming together.

Matthew Reynolds

And what we do is use a machine learning algorithm to match patterns of the changes due to gestures with previously recorded patterns and when we see a match we say 'oh' a particular gesture has been performed.

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