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Miroslav Jenca
The United Nations' engagement with regional organisations is increasingly important in implementing the Secretary-General's prevention initiative in addressing pressing global and regional challenges, and in this context the ASEAN-UN Comprehensive Partnership is of vital and growing importance across all areas of the UN's
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Sep 22 2017
Multiple people spoke about ASEAN in the news. We gather all their quotes on this page, an easy way to see all views about this topic at a glance. To go deeper, all quotes are redirected to the article from which they come. Phelim Kine is the person who had the greatest number of quotes. The most recent one of them is: “The ratbag of dictators, autocrats and juntas that dominate ASEAN's ranks perceive transparency, accountability and rule of law as existential threats rather than foundations of good governance. Expect ASEAN leaders to yet again throw the human rights of an Asian country under the bus by remaining silent about Duterte's abusive drug war by implicitly or explicitly invoking the organization's 'non-interference' principle.”.
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Lawrence Ho - Melco Crown Entertainment

We get news about what happens around the region. Occasionally, there are instability within geopolitics in the Philippines and the ASEAN region, so we take it (security) very seriously. It's the fastest-growing gaming jurisdiction in the world. Growth rates in terms of (the) economy is

Kent Boydston

Southeast Asia's collective insouciance has helped Pyongyang fly mostly under the radar, fill its coffers, and keep its criminal enterprises afloat. Indeed, DPRK-ASEAN trade is relatively small pickings, but $181 million per year is not nothing. The world should be concerned about these non-proliferation and otherwise criminal behaviors as they relate to the Philippines-DPRK relationship, although in (President Donald) Trump's call with (Philippine President Rodrigo) Duterte last month, these specific issues weren't

Ahmad Maghfur Usman - Asean

I wouldn't say the results were disappointing … AirAsia actually displayed the best results among all the listed carriers that I cover in Asean, that's why I'm still very positive on the stock and moving forward, there are cost saving initiatives that they have planned for so this should bode well for the upcoming

Tony Fernandes - AirAsia

We're seeing a much better environment. Some of our competitors are cutting costs, they're raising fares. We're also driven by very good results in the Philippines and Indonesia, these were two laggards for us before … and India is doing much better than expected so all the guns are moving in the right

Manuel Ott

We came here to play a good game. We know it's a tough opponent and a big club. We're here to compete and we're excited to play tomorrow. Football never has change anywhere. It's always nice to play AFC Cup game because the level is different. It's good quality teams and we want to measure ourselves against the best teams in the ASEAN zone and JDT is a part of

Kim Hourn - Kao

There's a limit as to how much you can criticize without evidence...It's a free society but yet, we have laws and if you play with the law, you're going to get into problems. The government selectively chooses cases that affect the national interest. And those citizens go through a due process of

Wai Wai Nu

At the time, Indonesian ministers told me that if they supported the idea of a UN rapporteur to investigate Myanmar, there would be similar proposals in their country… Leadership in ASEAN must be honest about these

Wai Wai Nu

Development can only be sustained when people are secure. My dream is for ASEAN is to become an inclusive society where all people in the region can enjoy freedom with respect to their human

Benjamin Mora

I'm always happy with my players' performances. The desire to win this match was very high. The players gave their 120% and always tried to dominate the game from the start. Unfortunately, I feel we started with too much confidence until the opponents took advantage to score a goal in the second minute. I'm happy that they didn't give up, and knew how important the victory was. And finally, we got the three points to ensure we progress to the next

Benjamin Mora

To make a comeback after the opponents scored was not easy but we successfully dominated the game. The most important thing was the players did not let go of the chance to do their best and they worked hard until the

Thitinan Pongsudhirak

ASEAN is in a precarious position now with the concessions, accommodation and even appeasement with China. If China continues to be shrewd and and takes ASEAN on another ride, then ASEAN will be much worse

Albert del Rosario

Our government, in its desire to fully and quickly accommodate our aggressive northern neighbour may have left itself negotiating a perilous road with little or no room to rely on brake power and a chance to shift gears if

Rodrigo Duterte

We must also be resolute in realizing a drug-free ASEAN. The scourge of illegal drugs threatens our gains in community-building, . I have seen how illegal drugs have ended the hopes, dreams, future and even lives of countless people, especially the youth. The illegal drug trade apparatus is massive. But it is not impregnable. With political will and cooperation, it can be dismantled, it can be destroyed before it destroys our

Najib Razak

We do not want our citizens to be marginalised in the age of extremism and radicalisation. We know that those who see no hope in their own societies are more prone to the siren calls of terrorists who can and (do) exploit their vulnerability and fill them with their lies. The neglected underclass of those who felt left behind by economic growth, prosperity and globalisation can overturn elections and political

Chew Sutat

There have been some smaller-name companies that have been delisted, but just in the last half year, we've had EC World REIT, China Jinjiang Environment Holding, Dasin Retail Trust and each of them is between half and a million (Singapore dollars) in market cap, which is far larger than those delisted in the last half

Max Loh

There is the perception that they are not garnering sufficient value and interest from investors on the SGX. In addition, the historical unfavorable experiences with certain S-chip companies continue to cast a pall over the entire slate of companies in this

Sundaram Janakiramanan

The exchange will take action if the company does not satisfy the minimum financial performance over a certain period of time… In addition, since bearish market generally happens with poor economic performance, financial performance of these companies also will be poor. Thus, these companies may decide to delist and go

Phelim Kine - Human Rights Watch

The ratbag of dictators, autocrats and juntas that dominate ASEAN's ranks perceive transparency, accountability and rule of law as existential threats rather than foundations of good governance. Expect ASEAN leaders to yet again throw the human rights of an Asian country under the bus by remaining silent about Duterte's abusive drug war by implicitly or explicitly invoking the organization's 'non-interference'

Albert del Rosario

We should utilize our leadership to be able to uphold the rule of law. The leadership of the Philippines will lose a lot of influence if we pass up that

Meredith Sumpter

Indonesia is a massively important market, this is 40 percent of ASEAN, and there is a notable U.S. private sector presence in Indonesia, but much more could be done to expand that

Meredith Sumpter

So the rising Muslim populism aside, I would expect that during this trip, the vice president will focus on the bilateral relationship, on ASEAN, on counter-terrorism, and also doubling down on what could be done to strengthen commercial ties between the two

Ashish Shastry - Kohlberg Kravis Roberts

This investment underscores our commitment to Vietnam in particular and to ASEAN generally. Vietnam holds great opportunity with its growing economy and favorable demographic trends. KKR is committed to investing in the market by partnering with leading companies such as Masan

Wang Yi

If someone is still trying to make waves [in the South China Sea], they will have no support and will meet opposition from all parties. We definitely will not allow this stable situation, which has been hard to come by, to be damaged or interfered

Lin Yongxin

If the draft satisfies both China and Asean, it would prevent other countries from meddling, and China and Asean will cooperate within the new

Joe Carr

Singapore is the home of our Asia headquarters and as such has always been a key market in our strategy to grow the UFC brand and the sport of MMA in the ASEAN

Perfecto Yasay

The ASEAN members have been unanimous in their expression of concern about what they see as a militarization of the region. We do not know the complete picture of what this foreign policy might be, insofar as its relationship with China is concerned. We're, however, hopeful that the policy that would come out will be

Sigmar Gabriel

Of course, if the US president starts a trade conflict – I don't want to call it 'trade war' – with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and with China. Of course, we in Europe should tell the ASEAN states and also China and India: 'We have no interest in a trade conflict, we want to be fair partners' – and we have to ask China to reciprocate – but we should take advantage of the opportunities that open

Alex Dryden - JPMorgan Chase & Co.

In the ASEAN region, global trade is the lifeblood of these developing economies, with global exports amounting to 45% of GDP. Countries such as South Korea and Taiwan derive 38 percent and 55 percent of their GDP from exports, respectively, would be particularly hard

Roberto Cola - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

It's a relief for steel producers globally, especially in ASEAN. But I think the big factor was the shutdown of many steel plants due to China's anti-pollution measures which had curbed volume for

Enrique Manalo

We hope we will have a pleasant scenario during our chairmanship. We will talk to China in a way we will put forth our interest just as we expect china will put forth

Khairy Jamaluddin

I raised this issue in the cabinet last week. I will do so again this week and stand guided by

Rajiv Biswas - IHS Economics & Country Risk

The collapse of the TPP agreement may galvanize momentum for the successful conclusion of the RCEP, with China and ASEAN playing central roles in strengthening the APAC trade

Mustafa Izzuddin

China regards Malaysia as an important player in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) bloc, and a claimant that Beijing believes it can have a more reasonable dialogue to address and resolve the South China Sea dispute, notwithstanding Malaysia's own shifting and ambiguous

Ramon Lopez

Let me clarify. The President did not talk about separation. In terms of economic (ties), we are not stopping trade, investment with America. The President specifically mentioned his desire to further strengthen the ties with China and the Asean (Association of South-east Asian Nations) region, which we have been trading with for

Ted Osius

Indonesia is very internally focussed right now ... Thailand is very internally focussed, and Malaysia has a rolling political crisis. I don't know exactly what direction the Philippines is headed; Singapore has a lot strategic thinkers but it's a city state; I don't think you can really count on Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to provide the strategic engine for

Hu Xijin - Global Times China

As an ambassador based in China, you were probably not able to attend the meeting in Venezuela nor be a witness. I think Singapore should feel ashamed when you tried to trip up China, your largest trading

Jonah Blank

The biggest obstacle to a unified counterterrorism response is that ASEAN has never been unified about anything. There are few mechanisms in place for genuine cooperation by all–or even most– ASEAN nations on any

Mark Beeson

Such diversity means that full agreement on any single issue can seem

Lee Hsien Loong

Therefore, let us keep our overall relations in the proper perspective. Our relations are much broader than any one

Phelim Kine - Human Rights Watch

For most ASEAN leaders, Duterte represents a throwback to an uglier and more brutal form of Asian state, which taints ASEAN efforts to market itself as an increasingly progressive, modernizing trade block with a focus on trade data, rather than daily police-killing body

Phelim Kine - Human Rights Watch

That dynamic means that Duterte can expect his most meaningful face-time in Laos with other ASEAN embarrassments such as Cambodia's dictator Hun Sen, representatives of Thailand's military junta and his authoritarian Laotian

Bounnhang Vorachith - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

There is a need for us to closely follow these developments and continue to enhance ASEAN cooperation and collaboration with the international

Sek Wannamethee

There is no indication at the preparatory ASEAN SOM yet as to what, if anything, the Philippines would raise at the summit regarding the South China

Barack Obama

A lot of work can be done around war legacy issues... that involves dealing with unexploded ordnance. We should

Mark Mobius

This is going to feed into a general feeling of confidence and consumer spending and investment is picking

Jolene Seetoh

While stock valuations are above historical averages, the earnings outlook for 2017 has become more positive, especially in Indonesia and Thailand. Improving economic fundamentals and growth in corporate earnings should drive positive market performance over the medium to long

John Woods

The economic recovery has... been subdued and could face challenges in the second half as a rising fiscal deficit limits government spending, leading to potential earnings

John Woods

The market rally appears to be riding on irrationally high

Walden Bello

Laos has now become one of the most rights-repressing countries in ASEAN: leaders in the region and from around the world must stop looking the other way, and demand Vientiane end its asphyxiation of independent civil

Tang Siew Mun

Asean has done a commendable job in management [of] the South China Sea within the limitations that [it] operates [in].feedback

Simon Tay

Asean strengthens what would be small-to-medium sized economies into a cohesive economic bloc, It becomes an interlocutor for trade relations between Asean and the rest of the

Chum Sounry

So, this shouldn't drag ASEAN countries into the dispute, and it shouldn't drag Cambodia to get

Chum Sounry

The dispute in the South China Sea is between the Philippines and China, not ASEAN and

Peter Bellew

We will have a lot more to do in the next five quarters to make sure the airline gets back on track but we are there at the moment. Malaysia Airlines is now on a path to growth across the ASEAN region. This new aircraft order will set the stage for our continued recovery and success into the next

Malcolm Cook

Certainly, Cambodia's paralysis of ASEAN ... hurts ASEAN's unity, cohesion, relevance and reputation. It makes ASEAN peripheral, not central, on this issue. For Laos and Cambodia, they clearly see relations with China as more important than their membership in ASEAN and are willing to damage ASEAN to aid their relations with

Hong Lei

China will work with ASEAN [Association of Southeast Asian Nations] countries to safeguard the peace and stability of the South China Sea. We've pointed out many times recently that as for the relevant dispute, China does not accept any decision imposed by a third party as a means of resolution, nor any solution plan that is forced upon

Barack Obama

Hopefully ... that information can be used to negotiate on an international level to try to prevent some projects that might have very bad effects. One of the things that we've seen in ASEAN is that when small countries band together as a unit, then the power

Carlos Ghosn - Renault

In Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), (Mitsubishi) makes more than 7% operating margins. In 2015, we had a negative margin. (Mitsubishi's) position of strength is our position of weakness. In Asean, they can support us a

Susan E. Rice

We obviously have issued such statements in the past with ASEAN, and in it we consistently underscore our shared commitment to a peaceful resolution of disputes, freedom of commerce and navigation, the rule of law, and the necessity of disputes being resolved through peaceful, legal

Katina Adams

Such a reciprocal halt would help to lower tensions and create space for diplomatic

Alexander Feldman

What keeps us up at night is that one of the big tension areas is the South China Sea. We would like as a business community to see those differences and overlapping claims be addressed in a way that is done though discussion rather than military

Penny Pritzker

The discussions touched on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a free-trade deal signed by Obama earlier this month and that currently includes four of the ASEAN nations and could add others. The potential for deepening our economic engagement is

Zaw Htay

President Thein Sein is not visiting the U.S. because he has other business to attend to, that's all we can

Joseph Dickerson - Jefferies

We believe ASEAN credit quality is set to deteriorate further, as existing trends are exacerbated by yuan

Andrius Bartuskevicius

Apart from mainland China, the ASEAN market is another big trade partner for

Hun Sen

Tourism is acclaimed as the green gold in fostering socio economic development and poverty alleviation as well as contributing to the development of the green

Thitinan Pongsudhirak

From the private sector interest, I think the U.S. feel that they've been behind the curve, behind the Europeans and ASEAN and China and so on. So this is catch-up time for the US, and especially for US businesses. I think the president's visit will be utilised by the private sector of the Americans to try to pursue their economic and commercial

Hun Sen

We must lay out priority actions and key concrete measures to address all the challenges, and bridge the gaps, which are obstacles for creating the ASEAN economic community by the planned

Minna Saneri

In Malaysia, we have an English speaking and skilled work force, we have good infrastructures, we have a pro-business government… It's a very good place to start the penetration of the ASEAN

Barack Obama

During the past 6 years we've made great strides in elevating and expanding this partnership, but I think we all agree we can still do more. That's why the United States is committed to strengthening ASEAN both as an institution and as a community of nations bound by our shared interests and

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