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Chris Parker
I saw a little girl … she had no legs. I wrapped her in one of the merchandise T-shirts and I said, Where is your mum and daddy?' She said, My dad is at work, my mum is up there'. She passed away in my arms. She was in her 60s and said she had been with her family. I haven't stopped crying. The most shocking part of it is that it was a kids' concert. There were nuts and bolts all over the floor. People had holes in their back. It's the screams I can't get over and the smell … I don't like to say it but it smelled like burning flesh. I don't think anything has sunk in yet. It's just
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May 23 2017
“If you can have a tax reduction of 35 percent down to, you pick your number, 25 or 20 percent – to think that wouldn't cause additional investment is nonsensical. I know exactly what AT&T would do: We would invest more.” said Randall Stephenson speaking about AT&T. It’s one of the 318 quotes about AT&T you can find on this page. 192 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Jim Cramer and Craig Moffett. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Mehmet Durakovic

We'll go back, look at the video (of the T-Team match), basically, stop making

Ben Olsen

I thought the whole first half was brutal. We were full of sh*t. We looked like posers. We looked like we thought it was going to be an easy day at the office and I think we didn't have enough courage and we didn't have enough

Linda McMahon

Early on at [wrestling] events, there wasn't any merchandise sold. But at rock concerts they sold t-shirts, so we decided to have

Randall Stephenson

Lower taxes drives more investment, drives more hiring, drives greater wages. There are jobs wearing hard hats … to put that capital into the ground or on cell towers. There are high-paying, really good jobs with great benefits. The correlation is tight – very, very tight. Take regulation down, you get investment

Randall Stephenson

If you can have a tax reduction of 35 percent down to, you pick your number, 25 or 20 percent – to think that wouldn't cause additional investment is nonsensical. I know exactly what AT&T would do: We would invest

Matt Fuller - The Huffington Post

[T]here are 17 Republicans who appear firmly against the new version of the health care bill and 10 Republicans who seem to be leaning against it. There are also at least 11 other GOP lawmakers who report being undecided and could very well vote

Shahrom Kalam

We already gave our best but it's a missed opportunity because we're playing at home. We still have a lot of improvement to do but I have to say well done to Kedah as well. We have to stay positive and move forward to face

Ajit Pai - FCC

We were not living in some digital dystopia before the partisan imposition of a massive plan hatched in Washington saved all of us. The next thing you'll hear is that Title II is necessary to protect free speech. That's right: some will argue that government control is the key to the ability to speak your mind on the Internet. Most Americans should recognize this absurdity for what it is. For government regulation is no friend to free speech, but its

Scott McNealy - Sun Microsystems

They're owning so much of the digital advertising space, and the space hasn't really evolved as well as people wish it had. It was in the mid-90s AT&T did the first digital banner ad, and they had a 43 percent click-through rate. Now, the click-through rates are under 1 percent. Twenty percent of the people have ad blockers ... As many as half the click-throughs are

Russell Westbrook

He was talking about how he was first team all defense, but I didn't know what the hell he was talking about because I had 42 at a time in the series. Maybe he was dreaming or s--t, I don't

Randall Stephenson

It's really important that our unlimited offer is unique and plays to our

Gene Kimmelman

Antitrust officials may have a hard time buying AT&T's argument that it will expand broadband competition and not seek to harm competitors if they find the company is actively working to block new broadband players from entering the markets AT&T already

Julie Ana Kim

He did, however, use his hands to motion how big I was while saying he himself couldn't imagine coming to the gym while being that big. It doesn't help that this week, I've been super bloated and feeling bigger than usual and down on myself, and then this man just makes me feel like absolute s**t. I wish I could say I was like fuck you and kept on with my workout. Instead I just smiled in shock until he left and cried in the bathroom with Sophie. I was hurt, embarrassed, and mortified. If he said this to me at the beginning of my journey, I would never come back to the

Jeff Kagan

This change in the marketplace is a threat to both Verizon and AT&

Michael Balmoris - AT&T

For many years, AT&T has contributed to our nation's presidential inaugural

Celine Dion

I reassured him it was going to be done his way – he chose the songs at his funeral, the way he wanted it, everything to a T. And I respected

Caroline Van Wie - AT&T

The data show that there are competitive facilities blanketing the country, fighting for business customers nearly everywhere customers buy these

Nancy Pelosi

That would be bad news for consumers in Tribune's markets in two ways. First, consumers would lose an independent voice in their media market, and second, consumers could see their cable bills go up because Sinclair charges cable operators more than Tribune for retransmission

Sheryl Crow

Fear is definitely present in the songs. I think the election really incited a feeling of us against them, and a feeling of trying to get back to reason, so thematically there's a lot of that on the record. Also, technology, for better or worse, is a theme. I really think that so much vitriol in our dialogue is partially due to the fact that people communicate over technology without having a sense of

Jennifer Lamb

I snoop. I will go to AT&T today and pull the messages off your phone and look at them. If there's cheating on me, I will know before you get

Michael Garzoria

I was like 'Man that sounds so much fun, it's playoffs, it's a good game and I didn't want to miss it,' . It was definitely worth it. It was

Joan Baez

My granddaughter had no clue who I was until I took her backstage at a Taylor Swift concert, where she got a selfie, an autograph, a T-shirt and newfound respect for her

Tara Swennen

We cut it that morning. I would easily say about seven or eight inches. It always makes me cringe a little bit, like is Karl going to come kill me at some point. But it's a T-shirt, it wasn't that bad. We had a sweater option and it wasn't right with the weather, so we just decided to slash a shirt. It's very

Katharine Dennys - Mergermarket

High liquidity, access to cheap financing, healthy balance sheets and a need to demonstrate growth to shareholders via M&A all provide a positive outlook for 2017. Technology will drive M&A activity, with disruptive industries such as artificial Intelligence, fintech and the internet of things continuing to attract investor attention. Despite Trump's campaign promise to block anti-competitive deals, such as the US$ 105.0bn AT&T/ Time Warner deal, his attitude once in office suggests a more lenient approach towards such high profile

Harry Kargman

Brands are migrating those dollars now that their Google dollars are put on hold. We're seeing companies like AT&T move their brand dollars to safer content places, and Kargo is one of those places. What we're finally seeing is that marketers are waking up, and they're saying – 'just doing audience targeting at mass scale is not enough for us. We need to be guaranteed that we're running in great, brand-safe places, we need to know that our brand messages are actually aligned with the messaging on the page

Clayton Kershaw

Yeah, I guess I never really thought about t like that, but at the same time, having that many guys back, to come as close as we did last year, to bring a majority of those guys back last year, everybody remembers that. Hopefully you gain experience from failure. I would know. So hopefully that makes us a little better this

LeBron James

I had good intentions but I was a little bit too demonstrative at that point in the game. I can't show up my teammates, that's for sure, especially Double T (Thompson) worked hard for our team, he's a big-time player for our team so I had good intentions of what I wanted to happen, but the way it came out was ... it didn't look good on

Jennifer Rubin

At a Friday signing ceremony for two executive orders, President Trump apparently was so flustered by a reporter’s question about former national security adviser Michael T. Flynn’s bizarre public plea for immunity being turned down by the Senate Intelligence Committee, he left the room without signing the

Donald T. Bliss

In the post-Watergate time, he wanted to take into account the different interests, whether environmental, technological or economic, and to fully explain a decision to the public. Sometimes the way to move forward is to have a

Potter Stewart

It is simply not possible for a state law to be valid under our Constitution which makes the criminality of an act depend upon the race of the

William T. Coleman Jr.

Their argument is that because their racism is religiously based, they have a right to tax benefits denied to all others who cannot defend their policies on religious grounds. When fundamental public policy is violated, a defense of religious belief is not

Matt Maley

Given the uncertainty that surrounds what's going on in Washington . . . we wouldn't be surprised if the market saw some

Bob Quinn - AT&T

The Congressional action had zero effect on the privacy protections afforded to consumers. If the government believes that location data is sensitive and requires more explicit consumer disclosures and permissions, then those protections should apply to all players that have access to location data, whether an ISP or edge player or search

T.J. Kennedy - FirstNet

They will always be prioritized. They're always at the front of the line. This happens inside the network at the millisecond

Mike Poth - FirstNet

It's not going to be a build from scratch type of thing. So it's a win for us and public safety because it's going to accelerate the time to

Claude Julien

[T]his guy has turned himself into one of the better players in the league. You don't accomplish that just because you have coaches to help you out -- a lot of it has to come from within. And that's where he deserves a lot of credit for how he's handled himself. No doubt he's been good at listening to advice, and he was always a very coachable player and he still is to this day. He listens and he wants to get better. He's not satisfied with where he

Chris Calabrese

If the FBI wants information from AT&T, they're going to get it the way they always have, which is to send them a subpoena or a

Akio Hamaji

Still, overall demand for aluminium is pretty healthy here, backed by wider use of the metal in

Gigi Sohn

ISPs like Comcast, AT&T, and Charter will be free to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission – and no one will be able to protect

Randall Stephenson

We know at AT&T that if you saw tax rates move to 20 percent to 25 percent, we know what we would do: We would step up our investment

Brian Sandoval

I reaffirmed my unwavering opposition to any potential progress toward developing the site as a potential destination for high-level nuclear waste. [T]he storage of high-level waste at Yucca Mountain is not something I am willing to

Chris Pratt

So many people have said I look too thin in my recent episodes of #WHATSMYSNACK Some have gone as far as to say I look 'skeletal.' Well, just because I am a male doesn't mean I'm impervious to your whispers. Body shaming hurts. So to prove my security in the way I look I'm posting a current selfie of me at what I consider a very healthy weight. 500lbs. Zero percent body fat. Totally JK guys. This is a T Rex skull. Nailed you so bad.

Michael Balmoris - AT&T

We are pleased to have resolved this matter to the satisfaction of all

Bill Nelson

This is a gold mine of data–the holy grail so to speak. It is no wonder that broadband providers want to be able to sell this information to the highest bidder without consumers' knowledge or consent. And they want to collect and use this information without providing transparency or being held

Brad Bentley - AT&T

When we look for new entertainment relationships, we want opportunities that put our customers in the front row, so to speak, with their favorite artists. Our relationship with Taylor Swift gives us a special opportunity to work together to create unique experiences and content that helps fans connect with her like never

Rodney Crowell

[T]hose broad stroke love songs that earned a lot of money for me back in the day were from the culture at large. Then in writing Chinaberry Sidewalks, it came down to a culture of one. And for a long time, that's where I

Selena Gomez

People so badly wanted me to be authentic. And when that happened, finally, it was a huge release. I'm not different from what I put out there. I've been very vulnerable with my fans, and sometimes I say things I shouldn't. But I have to be honest with them. I feel that's a huge part of why I'm where I am. It had become so consuming to me. It's what I woke up to and went to sleep to. I was an addict, and it felt like I was seeing things I didn't want to see, like it was putting things in my head that I didn't want to care about. I always end up feeling like sh*t when I look at

Ed Sheeran

Taylor [Swift] isn't going to be releasing until probably the end of this year – Christmas is the smartest time to release because that's when everyone buys records. So I've got a full year of just all Ed, all the

Dan Verven

At the time, there was really nobody local that was carrying other teams. You basically had to have a friend in New York if you needed a Yankees T-shirt. No store in Chicago would have

Gina Caze

Nakia was my baby girl. I am sick and devastated. #ADHD games played u sad little DCF custody jit that's why u where u at for this dumb s–t n more u keep crying wolf u dead u will get buried life goes on after a jit that doesn't listen to there parents trying to be grown seeking boys and girls attention instead of her

Ajit Pai - FCC

Every call to 911 must go through. I have directed commission staff to track down the root cause of this

Jennifer Donelan

Nationwide AT&T outage now affecting Prince George's County 9-1-1: Residents w/AT&T DIAL 301-352-1243 for emergency assistance.

Neema Singh Guliani

With this move, Congress is essentially allowing companies like Comcast, AT&T, and Verizon to sell consumers' private information to the highest

Brooke Williamson

I went into Last Chance Kitchen thinking, Oh s–t' I have to compete again the next day. But I walked in and it ended up being a really fun, light-hearted wonderful experience. I think the pressure of being eliminated from the competition is so much more intense, and then once that happens, it's a sigh of relief almost. The win felt satisfying and wonderful, but at the same time, I felt for Shirley because I had been in her shoes and it's a hard position to be in. But it was definitely the answer I've been looking for for many

Philip Cusick

The Federal Communications Commission looks very smart for blocking the AT&T T-Mobile deal. Five years ago, Sprint and T-Mobile were irrelevant. Now we are seeing them drive down prices. Why would you want to change that?feedback

Ajit Pai - FCC

As I understand it, the parties have structured the deal such that it won't require paperwork with the FCC. The law as it is stated gives the FCC very limited authority and only if there is a transfer of control of a license between the two parties does the FCC get

Maryrose Sylvester - General Electric

This is a brand new market. San Diego is a very early adopter. While it's a smallish deal in dollars it's the biggest deal of this kind

John Legere

We're the only wireless carrier who had double-digit service revenue growth, overall growth, customer growth. The whole industry has been declining. Nobody has grown service revenue for over three years [except for T-Mobile]. We have more spectrum per person than AT&T, Sprint,

Bart Melek - TD Securities

This slowdown in copper imports signals waning demand in the face of increasing rates and slower manufacturing. These numbers provide further evidence that if the supply disruptions at the two largest copper mines do not last long term, then there is little reason to justify the extreme spec length and prices between $5,800-6,100 /t (~$2.63 - $2.67 /lb.), and we expect a reversal towards $5300/t ($2.40 /lb.).feedback

Randall Stephenson

I've had two conversations with President Trump and his administration. In neither one of those conversations was there any discussion about this deal. So those kinds of conversations would not

Randall Stephenson

The filing has been made with the Department of Justice. The review is ongoing right now. There will not be a filing with the FCC. We're going to assume no licenses from Time Warner. It will be a one-track review. The Department of Justice will review it and that's going at pace. We still think we'll be closed by end of

Jeff Bewekes - Time Warner

All our operating divisions increased revenue and profits while also making investments to capitalize on the growing demand for the very best video content and new ways to deliver it to audiences around the

Brad Bentley - AT&T

My job is advertising and transforming the brand. What we did launching DirecTV Now in just 18 months would have never happened prior to an AT&T transaction. Now with the Time Warner transaction coming, we're planning to become that media company which didn't exist before. I don't think he understood the facts. I think when you look at it--the facts of vertical integration...really unlocking value for consumers--I think he will definitely change his mind. What's supercharging this is this little Time Warner deal. That obviously is going to put us on a whole other

Brad Bentley - AT&T

It's just 65, 75 days into existence, so there has been some stability that we're working

Ajit Pai - FCC

Today, the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau is closing its investigation into wireless carriers' free-data offerings. These free-data plans have proven to be popular among consumers, particularly low-income Americans, and have enhanced competition in the wireless marketplace. Going forward, the Federal Communications Commission will not focus on denying Americans free data. Instead, we will concentrate on expanding broadband deployment and encouraging innovative service

Guy Adami

If you want to get into the content game – content and disrubiton – nobody seems to do it better than

Randall Stephenson

The world of distribution and content is converging and we need to move fast and if we want to do something truly unique, begin to curate content differently, begin to format content differently for these mobile environments, and this is all about

Craig Aaron - Free Press

Pai has been an effective obstructionist who looks out for the corporate interests he used to represent in the private sector, . If the new president really wanted an FCC chairman who'd stand up against the runaway media consolidation that Trump himself decried in the AT&T ? Time Warner deal, Pai would have been his last choice ? though corporate lobbyists across the capital are probably

Richard Painter

[T]he Emoluments Clause bans payments to an American public official from foreign governments. Yet they will arise whenever foreign diplomats stay in Trump hotels at their governments' expense; whenever parties are organized by foreign governments in Trump hotels … ; whenever loans are made to the company by the Bank of China or any other foreign-government-owned bank; whenever rent is paid by companies controlled by foreign governments with offices in Trump buildings; and whenever there is any other arrangement whereby foreign government money goes into the president's

Randall Stephenson

The competitive environment in telecommunications does not change after this closes. The competitive environment in the media and entertainment business does not change. The concentrations are the same. Nothing is different. And so as a result, as long as the law is applied, this is a deal that will be

Randall Stephenson

If you get this kind of tax reform, it would have significant implications to capital investment for a company like ours. Yeah, we would probably step our capital investment

Donald J. Trump

As far as hacking, I think it was Russia. James Clapper called me yesterday to denounce the false and fictitious report that was illegally circulated. Made up, phony facts. Too bad!feedback

Matthew Niknam - Deutsche Bank

We downgrade AT&T shares ... and trim our estimates to reflect weaker margins/slower EPS growth. With limited upside to our price target ... and a number of fundamental headwinds (wireless/linear video competition) likely to pick up in 2017, we see more balanced risk/reward at current

Ben Chittenden - Oppenheimer Holdings

AXP has lagged the financials rally post-election ... we still think investors should take a deeper look at the positives and are upgrading AXP shares ... T&E [travel and expense] spending should begin to rebound over the next six months. AXP is not rate-sensitive, which is why we think it's been left behind. With that said, AXP's billed business has historically been very levered to GDP

Blake Kozak

What the large players in the market like a Comcast, AT&T, and security providers like Vivint, what these companies can do is provide more marketing and provide more opportunities for consumers to use these products first hand. Get these products in front of them, because it's very difficult just watching advertisements on TV, as to what the true value

Dick Bove

Mr. Trump wants to focus on rebuilding America's manufacturing capabilities. This is Mr. Allison's greatest strength. He has already done this. He made over 100 acquisitions. He created tens of thousands of jobs at BB&T and he loaned out tens of billions of

Jim Cramer

When you see this kind of reliable pattern as AT&T demonstrated, despite what the fundamental analysts might be saying, you have to use the discipline that these technicians give you to pull the trigger and take advantage of a fabulous buying

Jim Cramer

As long as sellers overwhelm buyers with their dumping, no base can form. A climax is a sign that those potential sellers who had been holding on for some time are finally giving up en

Ed Labay - Hot Topic

The business of pop culture has exploded. Expressing your passion for these stories and characters, and being able to do it in a more fashionable way, or at work, has brought a whole new level to being a fan. This fashion allows fans to embrace their own individual fandom interests in a way that could never be done with a basic T-

William Power

After many years of avoiding the telcos due to competitive concerns, we are upgrading AT&T following a confluence of events that we believe significantly improve the company's prospects over the coming years. We are positive on the recent media moves, and believe the Trump focus on deregulation and lower tax rates could provide a multiplier effect for T's

Carolyn Finger

Aside from raising some sort of regulatory ire, if they choke off Fox for example, it may not be in their best interest. They can't be entirely

Randall Stephenson

Together, AT&T and Time Warner will disrupt the entrenched pay-TV models, giving customers more options, creating more competition for cable TV providers and accelerating deployment of 5G wireless

Randall Stephenson

They own a number of licenses here and there, everything from walkie-talkie, wireless licenses to satellite licenses on bands for

Mike Lee

Consumer welfare is maximized by protecting competition, not necessarily by protecting

Mark Cuban

Delivering content to consumers in this app-driven world is not easy. Alone, it will be very difficult, if not impossible for either AT&T or Time Warner to

Erik Gordon

The Obama administration seemed to have an almost gut, visceral dislike of big powerful companies. I think the Trump administration doesn't have

Erik Gordon

[However], the slight populist streak in the Trump administration means that it will bring antitrust cases where it feels that mergers will hit small and midsize companies or will put a lot of people out of

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

The dream that consumers had was the premise of an a la carte world. The consumer could only pay [as much as the cable companies] for a channel itself. But the price is only the price when you take a lot of services with it. It's always been an unrealistic

Brian Wieser - Pivotal Research Group

There are many alternative services for consumers to look at and many more to come, on top of the networks offering their own stand-alone

Greg Portell - A.T. Kearney

In a world that is very traditional, it's nice to see them trying something different. But my sense is that a lot of constraints in what they offer is because of the legacy of the [cable]

James Nail - Forrester Research

If they can't achieve these modest expectations with this kind of product backed with this firepower, it will be a statement about a fundamental flaw in the concept of [over-the-top streaming]. But I doubt that will

Abhey Lamba - Mizuho Securities

I still think Apple is going to win that game. Pixel is not as widely available as Apple. This weekend I was out phone shopping, and I had a hard time finding a Pixel that I could play with. I walked into AT&T and they were essentially discouraging me from going that route. ... Customers are favoring

James Nail - Forrester Research

No one has really delivered the right combination of content, price and ease that will get people to make that call to their current provider and say

Eric Handler

AT&T's proposed acquisition of Time Warner likely has a higher probability of getting approved given the impending power shift in Washington, D.C. We now view the likelihood of AT&T/Time Warner getting approved as a 70/30 proposition based on a recent expert discussion we

Barack Obama

The negotiations on agreements like T-TIP have been challenging, and obviously at a moment when there is concerns about

Bob Quinn - AT&T

We welcome any video provider that wishes to sponsor its content in the same 'data free' way for AT&T Mobility customers and we'll do so on equal terms at our lowest wholesale

Dexter Goei - Altice

There was a lot said during the campaign which people don't necessarily expect to occur during the administration. I do think that to the extent that the AT&T - Time Warner transaction gets approved, it may trigger more consolidation over the next few years here as people start to continue to look to position themselves on the

John Malone - Liberty Global

There is definitely synergy between owning the content and having the largest

John Malone - Liberty Global

The bigger opportunity is to make the content businesses more profitable and more

Josh Duitz - Alpine Funds

Candidates say a lot to help them win election, and when reality sets in, you have to see what they

Angelo Zino - Piper Jaffray

At the very least, there are going to be individuals put in place (by a Trump administration) that are going to make the deal a lot more challenging to

Melissa Parrish - Forrester Research

We will see new partnerships among the digital and traditional ecosystem in the service of what customer want, which will then result in what advertisers

Robert Johnson - Morningstar

That's the way the television of the future is going to be, an individual personal asset that people will take with them around the world, as long as they can get what they want. You want to get the content because … advertising is going [to] follow the

Scott Singer

In four years, you've gone from 40 per cent to 70 per cent (of total internet use) in

Michael Ovitz

We've seen a complete change in what the definition of content is. We've seen a complete change in simple issues like how do we consume content? What is content? Is content social media? Is content entertainment? Is content in a 30-minute form, a 60-minute form? Is it binge watched? Is it watched as needed? Everything's changed based on the mobile

Richard Blumenthal

The merger here is very different from NBC and Comcast in this respect: It involves wireless, it's a national platform and it involves more than one platform. It's several platforms, whereas Comcast and NBC really involved one platform and it was limited to certain parts of the

Richard Blumenthal

Consumer protection and antitrust enforcement never has been and never should be a partisan

Hillary Clinton

It raises questions and concerns, and they should be looked into. I'm going to follow up closely. Obviously if I'm fortunate to be the president I will expect the government to conduct a very thorough analysis before making a

Gavin Patterson

We are very happy with sport at the moment, it's working for us. We don't close the door in terms of other options going

Gavin Patterson

We're seeing around the world a recognition that the convergence of networks and content is something that's

Tom Wheeler - Federal Communications Commission

It is the consumer's information. How it is to be used should be the consumers' choice, not the choice of some corporate

Kannan Venkateshwar - Barclays

Given the relative story at TWX on a standalone basis as well as the potential deal...we upgrade the stock. We believe there are a number of ways for T to deal with regulatory concerns, especially with asset sales, although it is not clear at this stage if T is flexible on that

Leon Wagner

As customers consolidate they are interested in dealing with suppliers where they have confidence they will make a call and get something

Patrick Keane - Sharethrough

With this deal, Time Warner will have access to more data on the content consumption habits than any other media company in the

Elai Katz - Cahill Gordon & Reindel

Enforcers don't quite know yet what that (big data) means for antitrust or what to make of

Randall Stephenson

To the extent that it keeps their content costs down, we'd be open to

Bernard Gershon

The Holy Grail is advanced advertising and delivering custom content and ads. It is the data and the direct relationship with the consumer that makes this deal so

John Bergmayer

This is a structural advantage that AT&T would have over its rivals, and competition authorities should be concerned about the possible

Jeff Bewekes - Time Warner

What it allows us to do is just move faster, with more innovation, better consumer offerings, more different price points, more effective advertising, and therefore people are going to see that more of the cost of content can be borne by

Jim Cramer

If you project this relationship forward given the recent strength in the dollar, Williams thinks that Costco could be on the verge of a significant

Beth Mooney - KeyCorp

I think the strength of the quarter was really driven by two things: first and foremost it was the core performance of KeyCorp on a standalone basis … Within the quarter we did have our successful acquisition and integration of First Niagara, literally one year after we announced the deal, we have now $35 billion more in assets, another 1 million clients and 300 additional

Jim Cramer

To me, once again, the exceedingly profitable revenue stream is the one to watch, and it is still being relatively ignored, despite its 24 percent growth to $6.3 billion, and despite the naysayers'

Daymond John

When I was a little brown boy from Queens making a couple of hats, it was Samsung's tech style division that reached out to me and turned me into a $6 billion brand. So, they are always looking … somehow they are going to manage to bring that to their new devices, because nobody thought they could even touch Apple. Look where they got in such a short period of

Bryan Kraft - Deutsche Bank

We see limited downside if this merger is not approved by regulators. We see three primary potential outcomes for TWX, all of which yield a higher stock price than today's, in our

Randall Stephenson

This is 100+ premium channels ... A mobile-centric platform for $35 a

Randall Stephenson

It has all [Time Warner's] content, all the premium content you know and love, and that includes your mobile streaming

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

I see AT&T as trying to diversify away from wireless. Wireless is very

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

The way we look at it, it's a bold move by AT&T. I applaud them for taking that risk. It validates the point that content providers and wireless carriers can go hand in

Marcelo Claure - Sprint

We see this as a positive move as long as it's properly regulated to make sure that content is available to all consumers regardless of which network they are

Michael Del Nin

We believe these results keep us well on track to deliver another full year of excellent financial

Reed Hastings - Netflix

That's what made us successful for the last 14 years is we've done no M&A. We've stayed out of all those discussions. We don't do bankers meetings. We're very old school in that way. Let's just build the greatest service on earth, and again, it's done very well for our

Reed Hastings - Netflix

There's a lot of AT&T investment in content, that could make things tougher. On the other hand it's probably going to get easier for us to recruit Time Warner executives, which are a very talented

Reed Hastings - Netflix

We want to require that for AT&T customers, that HBO and Netflix are treated the same. Now that they're going to own HBO we think that any special treatment for HBO data would be inappropriate, but I think that's pretty

John Bergmayer

These sorts of behavioural conditions are very hard to write, very hard to enforce and don't necessarily always give you the precise outcome you were looking

Tim Wu

It's interesting that both presidential candidates have said they'd take a close look at this. So one of the first tests for the new president will be where they come down on this: Will it be Louis Brandeis or the University of Chicago?feedback

Tim Wu

Over the last 40 to 50 years, antitrust law has evolved to be almost completely indifferent to vertical

Scott Hemphill

But is antitrust law only about economics, or does enhanced political power play a role? Would a combined AT&T and Time Warner put too much power in one company? That's the big

Scott Hemphill

Vertical deals rarely get prohibited outright. Modern antitrust case law has pretty much kept politics out of the

David R. McAtee II - AT&T

If someone is looking for a test case to overturn the time-honored judicial precedents of vertical mergers, this is not the case. What we have here is a classic vertical merger that will benefit consumers in an environment that's begging for

Tim Wu

The antitrust system as it stands is focused on prices to consumers, innovation and efficiencies. That reflects the triumph of the University of Chicago school of economics. But there's an older tradition, embodied by Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, that says a concentration of too much power in too few hands is bad for democracy and bad for

David R. McAtee II - AT&T

We feel we have an even stronger case. Comcast was a dominant, entrenched cable and broadband provider, and NBC Universal had big broadcast licenses in an ecosystem where over the-top video was still in its infancy. Yet the government approved the deal with conditions. On all counts, we have a stronger case for

Scott Hemphill

It's important to assess how well the NBC consent decree has done. On the face of things, online video seems to be thriving. But has Comcast engaged in troubling behavior as a result of owning NBCUniversal? That's an important question for thinking about this

Glenn Hower - Parks Associates

Can you price it more competitively than other services? Can you add unique services? Do you have a sleeker interface?feedback

Peter Csathy

All of these services ultimately want to get to the same place. They want to be your destination for all things video, and it's an absolute

Glenn Hower - Parks Associates

There are no contracts, you can cancel any time. That seems to resonate in the

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

Being mediocre at both is probably a far worse business plan than being great at one or the

Reed Hastings - Netflix

I can't tell you how many bankers have called this week. We don't take any of the

Reed Hastings - Netflix

The key thing is whether there is going to be net neutrality, which hasn't been AT&T's favorite topic. If they got there...then good things might

Sanjay Sen

I don't know how favourably regulators will look upon

Jim Cramer

The truth is, vanity has always been the kind of theme you can bank on, but thanks to technology it has gone into

Jim Cramer

If you are looking for a safe investment in the beleaguered food space, I think B&G Foods is the way to

Jim Cramer

It's a panoply, an upsetting one at times, but we are stuck with it. Rather than denigrating this market, though, I think today was a lesson in

Jonathan Adelstein

There's going to be a huge political food fight over this, there's no doubt about it, and I think Trump coming out against it just contributes to

Jonathan Adelstein

In the end, I think it probably gets done, but I don't think it's going to be pretty. The bottom line is it is not that strong of an anti-trust case for DOJ because it is a vertical, not a horizontal

Christopher Sagers

The general view is if FCC takes jurisdiction over this deal, it's probably not getting through at

Jim Cramer

Don't buy the stock of either AT&T or Time Warner. Get income from steadier companies, get growth from growers. Both of these companies have now taken themselves out of the running for either, and that is no place to

Jim Cramer

I think AT&T looked at what Verizon was doing with AOL and Yahoo, looked at how well its own stock had been performing with DirecTV – again believing that the stock went higher because of asset and not interest rate comparisons – and I bet it didn't want to be left behind when it comes to building an

Jim Cramer

I wonder if that wasn't simply the case of AT&T paying a good dividend versus the low return from fixed

Jim Cramer

It's easy to make the political case that this could hurt Americans, and the concessions AT&T would need to make to get the deal done would probably be pretty

Jim Cramer

In retrospect, Wall Street completely misvalued Time Warner the enterprise. The stock simply did not reflect the company's true worth because the ultimate arbiter is another business swooping in to make an acquisition, not the incredible fickle nature of the stock

Jim Cramer

On days like today the market does seem unfair to me. A fine executive like Jeff Bewkes should not have to wait for years before the value of his company is recognized on Wall

Mark Stodden - Moody's

We think this deal is going to be difficult for them to

Mark Stodden - Moody's

If for some reason there is some volatility in the fixed income markets, it could be problematic for a balance sheet this

David Burks

They want to maintain their … investment grade credit ratings and we think they will do what they need to do. And it's potential they might even sell some assets if that were

Mark Stodden - Moody's

The company is extremely strong and is buying a great asset. So we don't really think there is a lot of risk of moving to speculative

James Nail - Forrester Research

What does a telecom company know about creating content. As Time Warner gets swallowed into this bigger enterprise and has to fight for resources, will they be successful or not? They can very quickly fall

Eric Schiffer

To me, they're [AT&T] making a big financial mistake. The smart way to go here is you license content. There's nothing of Time Warner's they couldn't license. Why do they need to own it? If they wanted to create their own content, there's a lot cheaper ways to create content than to buy Time

Eric Schiffer

I think AT&T is clueless. When has 1 + 1 equaled more when it comes to these content distribution mergers? One plus one is not

James Nail - Forrester Research

AT&T needs Time Warner more than vice versa. The Netflix example shows us that content is more powerful than distribution. With all the good content that Time Warner has, they'll be able to get better distribution [on their own] than AT&

Jeffrey Nassof - Freeman

The deal demonstrates banks' continued confidence in the bond markets, even despite the uncertainty around elections and the Fed. JPM and BAML should be first in line to lead the bond financing to replace the bridge, which could generate another $200 million in underwriting fees down the

Randall Stephenson

Ultimately, we think we'll be competing head to head with the cable companies with a wireless offer. We can hit those kind of price points, combine it with this kind of content, we think this is

John Legere

When you compare and contrast [our results] to what AT&T announced in their earnings, they're bleeding. They're needing to go and find new revenue

Kannan Venkateshwar - Barclays

[T-TWX deal] is just the first step in a multi-step process that is likely to force a number of other management teams to act...In our opinion, the media value chain is moving towards an end state maybe 5 to 7 years from now where 3 or 4 large vertically integrated conglomerates with presence in wireline, wireless and content potentially compete with each

Kannan Venkateshwar - Barclays

AT&T's deal for TWX is likely to be seen as a turning point for the media industry in the coming

Terry Kawaja

There's always a political undertone to these considerations, and that is just a function of the time. What period are we in, what era are we in, what do politicians and policymakers have to take a stand about?feedback

Austan Goolsbee

The fact that both parties seem to be against this has got to be making the people at AT&T very

Randall Stephenson

As soon as we closed DirecTV, we went full out on developing this [DirecTV Now idea].feedback

Greg Portell - A.T. Kearney

I don't think you're really going to see the telecommunications companies running the media

Barry Lowenthal - Media Kitchen

You have to wonder if incurring all that debt is worth it in the long

Jim Cramer

...There used to be a Justice Department. It was independent, and it made

Jim Cramer

...If I were AT&T I would say, Hey, the worse that happens is maybe we become like

Sanjay Sen

The CEOs couldn't easily explain the synergies and I can't clearly understand them. How successfully will it integrate these three large and different businesses?feedback

John Traynor

In the 1980s and 1990s it was all about hardware. For the last 10 years it's been all about connectivity and

John Traynor

We'll be talking about this a year from now, but Comcast-NBC got through. We think AT&T can handle the debt

John Janedis - Jefferies

We believe the deal will receive intense regulatory scrutiny by the FCC. Many pundits believe that the Comcast-NBCUniversal deal that was approved in March 2013 would not have been approved if it were to occur today, given a regulatory environment that appears more hostile. Looking ahead the likely new president may be less 'business friendly' going

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

I think that that really puts this thing kind of front and center on the politicians' radar screens [and puts] it in the middle of this presidential

Barton Crockett - FBR Capital Markets

I think that if they have to get FCC approval, and that's a very loose standard that can be very politicized, it can be very difficult to get this deal through. I think they're trying to avoid the

Ivan Feinseth

I think the biggest beneficiary of this is Disney. Disney really has not been valued based on its content, and they are the king of

Ivan Feinseth

History has shown that these mega-mergers just don't work. They don't really create shareholder value. The first time [Time Warner] was taken over and merged with AOL, that became the biggest disaster in M&A

Ivan Feinseth

In theory, merging distribution and content makes sense, but it doesn't really work in practice because the content is dependent on a broad base of distribution. So if you narrow it down to one distributor, it doesn't really work for the

Mario Gabelli - Viacom

It's [also] open to the free market process. If somebody wants to come in and top it, obviously we'd be further

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

Let's be honest, prices aren't going to go down because of this. I don't think vertical integration lends itself to consumer

Craig Moffett

You can imagine lots of strategies that would involve withholding content from distributors or not counting downloads of Time Warner content against data

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

If you're not going to be able to withhold HBO from Verizon, what exactly are you getting?feedback

Randall Stephenson

It's a purely over-the-top video product. DirecTV Now is what we're calling

Donald J. Trump

They're [the media] trying desperately to suppress my vote and the voice of the American people. As an example of the power structure I'm fighting, AT&T is buying Time Warner and thus CNN, a deal we will not approve in my administration because it's too much concentration of power in the hands of too

Jennifer Fritzsche - Wells Fargo

They are not taking out a competitor, that's the message they are going to be taking to the Department of

Michael Yoshikami - Destination Wealth Management

It does suggest we are going to see continued consolidation in the space, maybe companies like Viacom could very well be in

Jennifer Fritzsche - Wells Fargo

It's not going to be easy and there are going to be twists and turns along the road, but history would be made if this is told [by regulators] to not

David McAtee II - AT&T

We look forward to discussing the many benefits of this transaction with our regulators. In the modern history of the media and the Internet, the U.S. government has always approved vertical mergers like ours, because they benefit consumers, strengthen competition, and, in our case, encourage innovation and

Tim Kaine

I share those concerns and questions. We've got to get to the bottom of them. Generally, pro-competition and less concentration I think is generally helpful, especially in the media. But this has just been announced and I haven't had a chance to dig into the details. But those are the kinds of questions that we need to be

Amy Yong

I think it's going to be very similar. When you get the first sign of regulatory approval, I think the stock will obviously reflect

Colby Synesael - Cowen and Company

If you wanted to be invested in a wireless company or you wanted to play wireless as a theme or broadband as a theme, this to some degree takes away from

Colby Synesael - Cowen and Company

There are clearly a lot of people who are selling the stock because this no longer meets the requirements to which they thought they were buying into before

Craig Moffett

Investors are concerned that (the leverage) makes AT&T a much riskier security than it has been in the past. For a stock that has traditionally been viewed as a defensive, it is now much more exposed to both cyclical and secular

Josh Earnest

Certainly when you consider the size of the deal ... I don't think anybody would be surprised if they announced a review. The president would hope and expect that regulators would carefully consider the potential impact of this deal on

Randall Stephenson

The idea that we're going to come along and start to constrict the distribution of this content makes no economic sense. That would be a crazy idea. So the idea that is going to be a byproduct of this (deal), it doesn't make

David McAtee II - AT&T

We really just haven't prejudged that. With respect to the FCC licenses, we take a very simple approach here: we follow the law and so whatever the law requires that's always what we'll

Amanda Wait - Hunton & Williams

They are going to make a hard look back at the concession and licensing provisions and see how they

Randall Stephenson

There are no competitors being taken out of the marketplace. This is a pure vertical integration and while regulators will often time have concerns with vertical integrations, those are always remedied by conditions imposed on the merger. And so that's how we envision this one to play

Roger Entner - Recon Analytics

They are not buying Time Warner for a tiny TV station. It sticks out as a sore thumb and I would expect that to be gone as quickly as

Omar Sheikh - Credit Suisse Group

Given the steep multiples being offered by AT&T, we doubt a competing offer for the whole of Time Warner can

Brian Fallon

We think that marketplace competition is a good and healthy thing for consumers. And so there are a number of questions and concerns that rise in that vein about this announced deal but there is still a lot of information that needs to come out before any conclusion should be reached. Certainly she thinks that regulators should scrutinize it

Colby Synesael - Cowen and Company

From a regulatory perspective we believe management are relying heavily on the argument that vertical mergers have historically been approved, yet with so much up in the air in Washington, we find this riskier than would be

Peter Navarro

AT&T, the original and abusive 'Ma Bell' telephone monopoly, is now trying to buy Time Warner and thus the wildly anti-Trump CNN. Donald Trump would never approve such a deal because it concentrates too much power in the hands of the too and powerful

Al Franken

I'm sceptical of huge media mergers because they can lead to higher costs, fewer choices, and even worse service for consumers. And regulators often agree, like when Comcast unsuccessfully tried to buy Time Warner Cable, a deal that I fiercely

Edward J. Markey

In the telecommunications market, we need more competition, not more consolidation. We need a telecommunications market where pay-TV gatekeepers don't favour their own content providers. Less competition has historically resulted in fewer choices and higher prices for consumers, and this deal should be assessed with consumers, competition and choice in

John Bergmayer

Vertical integration between programming and distribution in particular raises a number of issues: DirecTV, for instance, might favour Time Warner content, crowding out or refusing to carry alternative and independent programming that viewers might

Jeff Bewekes - Time Warner

The question is, are people really going to watch what we make on a computer screen or not. I think an awful lot rides on whether that happens or

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

Earlier this month, Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger highlighted the growing importance of distribution for content

Amy Ray - Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft

I don't think they would have inked a deal this big if there wasn't a good possibility of it going through. The real question is, will it go through without any sort of remedy or commitment? I'd put that chance very

Andrew Schwartzman

It was an unsuccessful merger from a regulatory point of

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

In our view, regulators will fear that AT&T will use its distribution footprint to favor Time Warner content vs. third

Paul Gallant - Cowen and Company

By standard antitrust metrics, this deal should be O.K. in Washington. But the Democratic Party is moving left, and if Clinton wins, this could become an early test for her 'tougher on business'

Craig Aaron - Free Press

It's a massive deal concentrating a huge amount of media power under one corporate umbrella. Consumers benefit when companies have to negotiate and fight with each

Randall Stephenson

We have a very common view of the world. From the first time Jeff and I had a conversation this thing just had what I would call gravity and it moved along on its own very natural

Zenia Mucha

A transaction of this magnitude obviously warrants very close regulatory

Randall Stephenson

With great content we believe you can build a truly differentiated service. In particular,

Jan Dawson - Jackdaw Research

This creates massive strategic tensions that are almost impossible to

Rich Greenfield - BTIG Research

There may not be dramatic harm, but it's certainly hard to find clear

Jeff Bewekes - Time Warner

The more we talked about it, the more it fell into place, that there would be benefits that might be significant and might allow us to evolve the ecosystem

Amir Rozwadowski - Barclays

Companies that traditionally ran their businesses in 'siloed' environments are now expanding their reach into tangential markets in order to seek out new growth and bundling services in order to reduce

Andre Barlow - André

It's a smaller version of the Comcast/NBCU deal but it raises the same types of

Darren Bush

(The Justice Department) will look at it but they won't stop

Donald J. Trump

On November 8, Amereicans will be voting on this 100 day plan to restore prosperity to our country, secure our communities and [restore] honesty to our

Amy Yong

At the end of the day, these companies are trying to compete with Google and Facebook and Amazon, not just traditional competitors,'' she said. You see Google pivoting into

Craig Moffett

It's not hard to imagine what you can do on paper. They would keep HBO exclusive for only DirecTV subscribers, or only make TNT or TBS available over AT&T Wireless. But as a practical matter, those kinds of strategies are expressly prohibited by the FCC and antitrust

Dan Nathan

The likelihood of this deal getting done is not particularly

Doug Creutz - Cowen Group

What does it get them that they can't get by licensing Time Warner content and at a much cheaper price than buying the whole company?feedback

Ari Wald - Oppenheimer Holdings

But now we're seeing some profit-taking in those groups. What's very encouraging is that we're seeing more cyclical areas of the market have accumulated, which we actually think is very bullish for the

Erin Gibbs - S&P Global

And AT&T, with their acquisition of DirecTV, they are now able to do a lot of bundling, they have more

Ernesto Ramos

I never thought I would see the day where people invest in stocks for yield and in bonds for capital gains but that's actually what's going on today. In order to get those returns from bonds, you're going to have to see some substantial rate reductions and we might not see

Ernesto Ramos

When you don't know where to go, if you don't have a good financial advisor, if you don't have the tools at your disposal to pick the good from the bad manager, I think it makes a lot of sense to index because you get the lower fees. And you get the broad market

Ernesto Ramos

Even if it doesn't go up in price, just take those dividends and reinvest

Ernesto Ramos

The earnings seasons that's just getting started is presaging some interesting positive developments there so we'll keep our eye on

John Wren - Omnicom

This year is further complicated by the upcoming U.S. presidential election, the increasing likelihood that the Fed will raise rates before year-end, and the potential effects of

Andres Mendoza-Pena

I'm not saying that third parties are not going to do their best, but if you walk into an AT&T store, you have Samsung devices, Apple devices and other devices, the full line up. For a mobile operator, assuring that a customer is satisfied with the mobile service is the first objective. Their secondary objective is their satisfaction for the

Marcus Lemonis

These people put their hard-earned money into this concept. When you start to put yourself in the position as the franchisor and you say to somebody, I'd like to take your money and then every month as you do business you're gonna pay me,' I don't give a s--t if he emails you at 4 in the

Leo Langelier III

I am currently using my tablet that has AT&T number sync. I have a Bluetooth headset connected that allows me to make and receive calls. It also can receive texts, but it works marginal at

Ignatius Chicha

My sense is that we are almost at the bottom. We can't go any lower, even on the 91-day, relative to inflation. (Otherwise) they start becoming real negative interest

Alexander Muiruri

The new law ... brought demand for Treasury bills and bonds as most banks waited for clarity on its

John Hodulike - UBS

We are lowering our EPS estimates by 3 percent to reflect the increased competitive intensity in wireless and incremental costs associated with AT&T's DTV Now

Tanja Rueckert - SAP

We cooperate with Siemens, Dell, Intel , T-Systems and Vodafone among others. We talk to other partners as well. That is the direction we will continue to look at. To work with others in

Sergey Dyachenko

The territory is quite close to China. Many investors are interested in developing this deposit and other

Sergey Dyachenko

Its further fate will depend on how far it will be able to advance in terms of infrastructure - in energy and

Sergey Dyachenko

Everyone is keeping an eye on the development in the Philippines and

John Stephenson

Now we've got a promo out there, and you would hope the promos would be effective and they certainly are. With that we're going to make an investment in those customers but these are our best

Ben Schachter

I think in general, you're having more and more folks from different areas looking at Apple – you have guys looking at the dividend, growth, as well as some people excited about what growth can be in the software side of the business, which we think is still under-appreciated by investors and we think could be a meaningful investment going

Ben Schachter

I think it's people happy with the iPhone 7. Not too long ago, people were afraid that the iPhone had had its best days, and it was going to be a decliner in perpetuity going forward. Now people seem to be pretty comfortable that you can be flat, to maybe a little bit of growth this year, and ... heading into the ten year anniversary next year, that should be a more meaningful upgrade cycle for

Toni Sacconaghi

It's tricky to know exactly how many might upgrade this year, for the 7, and how many might wait. Part of the issue is that Apple is now in its mature phase of the iPhone evolution. Five years ago, only about 25 percent of the people purchasing an iPhone were upgrading. Today it's about 80

John Stephenson

The reality is as one of the biggest providers of the iPhone services, our sales are up. We have seen a real improvement, exceeding our

Eric Franchi

The [telecommunications] set is all evolving into media companies in order to remain competitive. The odds of a content business building reaching scale is not

Eric Franchi

The odds of a content business building reaching scale is not great. Buying your way into it from the AT&T perspective seems to be the most logical

Eric Franchi

The odds are against a telecommunications company creating a scaled media entity and doing so quickly. We've seen a few examples like Netflix. The quickest path is through acquisition. Number two, if they buy a significant media asset they are going to be buying the ad sales expertise and talent and the agency and brand