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Shari Ireton
The victim's body was discovered just before 2 a.m. in a dumpster just across the parking lot from Pakko's apartment
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You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Autism. 117 people are quoted and you can read 195 citations of them about Autism. Steve Earle, Crystal Skawinski, Allison Ziering and Sherrie Westin, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Steve Earle said: “Autism is the center of my life, apart from recovery. They are the two things that control my life.”.
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Heather Volk

If you've met one person with autism, you've met one person with autism – everyone looks a little

Heather Volk

I think the best thing we can do as scientists is ask smart questions and follow the data where it seems to

Mayada Elsabbagh

I think maybe the challenge in that type of reporting is that science changes incrementally. We make small discoveries over time. I think the real excitement is not so much in discovering isolated new pieces OF WHAT?, it's how we're going to put all those pieces

Heather Volk

If you do this during pregnancy, you can give the mom questionnaires in real time and ask her things like where she drove, what she

Nathan Fielder

There's a lot of social disconnects that people experience all the time that have nothing to do with autism or

Kim Sauder

It also erases accountability for autistic men. I cannot emphasize enough that sexism and misogyny are not inherent to autism and that autistic men who do exhibit such behavior should be challenged and held

Neil Genzlinger

A viewer without a connection to the world of autism might be tempted to just put Sam into that pigeonhole. The line between illuminating and trivializing is particularly thin

Crystal Skawinski

Robbie hasn't ever done anything due to my sister being in the hospital, that's where they spent all their time. Robbie didn't get to experience fun things in his nine years, so we want him to go places and learn new

Crystal Skawinski

The rainbows haven't only lifted Robbie spirits, they lift all of our spirits. There's a lot of support out there that I didn't know I

Crystal Skawinski

I can't tell you what Robbie felt not seeing a rainbow, but what I assume he felt was that his parents weren't there. They didn't come that

Crystal Skawinski

I tell him all the time about all this love that is surrounding him right now. I want him to flourish, I want him to

Crystal Skawinski

No one can tell me how Robbie is going to react to something because no one knows, . The two people that would have known aren't here to tell me what to

Paul Blanc

In utero, exposure is associated also with behavioral anomalies in children that resemble

Nathan Lo

The scientific evidence is very clear, abundantly clear, that these vaccines are safe – there is no relationship with

John Oliver

On those rare occasions when there have been problems with vaccines, they've been pulled and fast. The age children are supposed to get the MMR vaccine happens to be the same age diagnosable signs of autism can begin to appear, but correlation is not causation. That is what scientific studies are for. And remember, they are very clear–that links are not there. And the problems spending more and more time and money trying to prove that link, is that it takes resources away from studying actual causes and

Christoph Lees

It is possible that factors other than antidepressants explain the relationship seen with autism. In other words this study raises important questions but does not prove that antidepressants cause

Brad Duchaine

It's a really remarkable set of findings in that it really shows that genetic factors are driving differences in the way that toddlers are looking at faces. This suggests that genetic differences drive this important aspect of the way that we interact with

Charles A. Nelson III

These are very convincing findings, novel findings. They seem to suggest that there's a genetic underpinning that leads to different patterns of brain development, that leads some kids to develop

Warren Jones

When we started to get the results back, I thought that I had the wrong data because the match between identical twins was so strong. I thought I might have mistakenly matched data from the same

Charles A. Nelson III

That would be a big advance in autism. Twins have identical DNA, but they don't have identical experiences and they don't have the same

Warren Jones

How much Twin 1 looked at the eyes in a video that Twin 2 didn't get to see predicted how much Twin 2 would look at the eyes in a different

Schuyler Marshall

I did not at the meeting conclude that Martin Shkreli was autistic or on the autism spectrum, or make any kind of

Alison Singer

There comes a point where there's so much evidence, none of which shows any link between vaccines and autism, that you have to say '

Joey Fatone

I do feel like Kloey could be my little entertainer. The things that I was able to simply explain or express to Briahna when she was young, I have to take a different approach with Kloey, for her to

Joey Fatone

I know things from a male perspective and they need the female perspective. It's especially challenging with a

Joey Fatone

She's on the spectrum of autism and there are all different types, so everyone handles their child differently, but we handle it as we go, like most

Carissa Tozzi

We'll make the space sensory-friendly, and we'll train the staff ahead of time. Kids can have a bite and some activities, and parents will be in a judgement-free zone where they can get an amazing

Gena Mann

There are enough things in the life of a special-needs parent that are challenging. You know what I really wanted? A space online where autism didn't suck all the

Gena Mann

He never really plays with toys, so the most important items were active things, the swings and bean bag chairs and climbing

Gena Mann

My 9-year-old daughter has long been the beneficiary of my love of shopping. When listing the talents of everyone in the family, she says that's

Magdalena Janecka

Our study suggests that there may be some benefits associated with having an older father. We have known for a while about the negative consequences of advanced paternal age, but now we have shown that these children may also go on to have better educational and career prospects. When the child is born only with some of those genes, they may be more likely to succeed in school. However, with a higher 'dose' of these genes, and when there are other contributing risk factors, they may end up with a higher predisposition for

Steve Earle

In the end I just gave up on heroin because I wasn't getting that high so I went on the methadone program and started smoking cocaine. I hate cocaine, I prefer heroin and opiates, but it was like being a monkey and you just conditioned yourself to push the button. You don't care whether you get a shot or a banana peel, you just want something to happen to change the way you

Steve Earle

She resents being in New York. She wants to leave New York and thinks I'm trying to control her life. I'm not. I just don't want John Henry to leave New

Steve Earle

I dodged a bullet recently. There are women. But I like sitting where I want to in the movies and when you go to the theater at the last minute you can get a really good seat if you're looking for a single. If I go to a baseball game I can stay for the whole

Steve Earle

I think she was going to leave me anyway. She traded me in for a younger, skinnier, less talented

Steve Earle

I know why I get up in the morning now: to figure out a way to make sure he's going to be alright when I'm gone. That's my job. That's what I

Steve Earle

They all draw on that relationship. This isn't the first time I've gotten dumped. And I've left people too, which has its own set of lows and guilts. This record is more about coming to terms with

Steve Earle

I sold them to buy heroin. I lost everything but my house. The house in Tennessee I still own, though I don't know how. I guess it's because I couldn't figure out how to put it in the car and take it to the pawn

Steve Earle

Autism is the center of my life, apart from recovery. They are the two things that control my

Dorothy Siegel

We basically cash in paraprofessionals and buy teachers. The whole goal of the Nest program is to replace people who hush children with teachers who understand

Dorothy Siegel

She called me in and she says, I want you to put this in every

Dorothy Siegel

To a 5-, 6- or 7-year-old, everything is

Dorothy Siegel

The para is not someone who's there to help a child understand how to interpret the environment so he doesn't get upset. The para is there to keep him out of trouble, so they'll allow him to continue in that

Geraldine Dawson

This is a really important study that sheds light on risk factors for ASD because of its size and it looked at how the use of different medications, as well as how the timing of a fever affects the risk of ASD. I don't think previous studies have done that well enough. However, the studies have not been entirely consistent so we need to conduct more of them to sort out these

Nathaniel DeNicola

In general, obstetrical practice won't change with one study. We'll need a large meta-analysis or systematic review to change our

Geraldine Dawson

Fever may contribute to risk of ASD, but likely doesn't operate in

Mady Hornig

What is particularly important about our findings is that it not only strengthens the evidence for a particular pathway for ASD, but it also suggests that we may be very close to understanding how to safely mitigate or prevent some outcomes by directing prevention or intervention strategies toward this

Thomas Frazier

This study, using a large, well-characterized sample, confirms the association between fever and risk for autism spectrum disorder. The research also clarifies that the relationship is strongest in the second trimester. Interestingly, the strength of the relationship increases substantially with three or more maternal fevers, and anti-fever medications like acetaminophen may reduce the risk of

Isabelle Rapin

After evaluating hundreds of autistic children, I became convinced that the report by one-third of parents of autistic preschoolers, of a very early language and behavioral regression, is real and deserving of biologic

Anne Louise Oaklander

Communications disorders were the overarching theme of my mother's

Thomas Frazier II

Calling her one of the founding mothers of autism is very appropriate. With the gravity she carried, she moved us into a modern understanding of

Oliver Sacks

Isabelle would never permit me, any more than she permitted herself, any loose, exaggerated, uncorroborated statements. Give me the evidence,' she always

Isabelle Rapin

Rather than taking an industrial or teaching job outside of New York after he got his Ph.D. from Columbia University, my husband accepted a faculty position in the graduate school of a less prestigious university than mine because he knew I could not bear the thought of leaving Albert Einstein College of

Mark Mehler

She would never let us say that autism is a single disorder. She always said there were a thousand different

Martha Denckla - Kennedy Krieger Institute

She was the person to turn to to get your grounding in how to start and what to do. You'd just go to a national meeting and listen to

Nina F. Schor

She looked and comported herself as the very dignified professor. Old-school with a European persona. She stood ramrod straight, looked down her wire-rim glasses at you, and you thought, Oh, no, I'm in trouble

Robert Emerson

You can maybe intervene and change the patterns. We have some idea that the brain is more malleable in

Christa Robaina

This been a blessing for us and just calming our fears. We know what it's like as a family to be in the abyss of not knowing who your enemy is and what you are fighting. We were told this was typical of preemies. At 12 months, I had that mother's instinct to know something was not right. I think as a mom you probably always have mommy guilt. I look back at things I did in my pregnancy and things that I

Robert Emerson

No one has done this kind of study in 6-month-olds before, and so it needs to be replicated. We hope to conduct a larger study soon with different study

Christa Robaina

You have the opportunity to find out if something is

Christa Robaina

You have the opportunity to go find out if something is off. A lot of moms think it's just fine. Everyone tells you they'll walk, they'll talk and then they don't – and you've passed a window where you can have done

Joseph Piven

It is not really an efficient strategy to have every kid scanned at 6 months of age to see if they have

Joseph Piven

They don't look like they have autism in the first year. Social deficits emerge over the first two years of life, and [we] have not been able to move the needle down on early

Diana Bianchi

Previous findings suggest that brain-related changes occur in autism before behavioral symptoms emerge. If future studies confirm these results, detecting brain differences may enable physicians to diagnose and treat autism earlier than they do

Manish Arora

Teeth are like 'biologic hard drives' – information is constantly being captured in their growth rings as teeth grow, starting in prenatal development. By uncovering information from teeth, we can reconstruct what an individual experienced in utero and in

Eric Butter

As in many of the best scientific advances in our field, this study opens many more important questions to be

Eric Butter

Our genes and the genes of our babies are vulnerable to our ways of living. What we eat, the air we breathe, and the things we do can change the way our genes

Abraham Reichenberg

It is important to remember that there is a long way to go before the results of this study can be useful to families and individual patients. More research is needed so that we can understand how nutrients, environmental toxins and genes interplay and lead to the development of

Manish Arora

Much of the research so far has identified genetic factors that cannot be changed. Our study is an important step towards understanding modifiable risk factors such as exposure to environmental pollutants and dietary deficiencies. It is too early to make clinical recommendations. By uncovering information from teeth, we can reconstruct what an individual experienced in utero and in

Kirsten Hurley

I've noticed that a lot of people that I meet are really, really lonely–adults who've been diagnosed and they're not in relationships and they don't have families. I'd hate it if I was on my own all the

Kirsten Hurley

It was the ability to accept that I could lay a plan out for the day–and it may be ended by explosive diarrhea, or I'm going to say we're going to the grocery store at 10, and it's not going to happen. In my pre-child life, I couldn't have dealt with that. Once I decided to adopt, I was like a pit bull; I got every possible piece of information that I

Simon Baron-Cohen

I think what we're seeing now in the 21st century is a recognition that people with autism are perfectly capable of participating in all aspects of life, but they may have been doing that almost invisibly–and that includes

Kirsten Hurley

When Alex was younger and he was really sad about something, I'd just tell a fart

Simon Baron-Cohen

My clinical experience is that some of the parents with autism are fantastic parents. The same kind of obsessive approach that characterizes autism in other ways can be a really positive thing in

Matthew Wise Âû

We have been kicked and shunned for being parents who are autistic with autistic

Edward Ritvo

That paper was rejected eight times by eight of the major psychiatric and medical journals. Nobody believed it. They didn't believe the parents had it, that autistic people could grow up and marry and have

Matthew Lerner

It breaks my heart to even say those words, but that's the message that I've heard: 'Does having autism or Asperger's, does that mean that being a parent is just not a thing for me?'.feedback

Kirsten Hurley

This is something that drives me nuts. The things she does that I think are really abnormal because Alex didn't do them are actually, like, typical children things. If you're 14 and you're having real trouble with bodies and relationship sorts of things, your mom making fart jokes isn't going to fix it. I love hanging around with kids. I love the energy of it, and the fact that the conversations are really easier–whereas with adults you have to be far more careful about what you say and how you say

Raul Varela

Zucca had already been trained to be around children with autism, but taking her to the dentist was different. She needed to be able to resist the screaming, the noise from the drill and to stay still in the lap of the children, even when they pull their hair or their

Allison Ziering

I started to notice little things when he was around a year old, like he wasn't pointing and he wasn't clapping. And my friends' children were. He became sort of a different child. He would cry all the time, he wouldn't look at you. And when you called his name, he would not turn

Allison Ziering

They're so protective of each other and they just love each other and they fight like a typical brother and sister, which is perfect. Nobody wants to see their kids fight, but because Ethan is on the spectrum, to see him fighting with his sister is the most beautiful noise I could ever

Allison Ziering

When he was 15 months old, my parents got him this little piano and all of the sudden we would hear tunes like 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,' thinking it was the TV – and it was Ethan. He always loved music, even as a baby. If I was changing a diaper and needed to distract him, I would play music and he would be quiet. I used to call it musical crack! We got him speech therapy, we got him occupational therapy, anything you could think of and then someone suggested that we might want to get him music

Allison Ziering

He just blossomed. Socially, psychologically, physically – music had been his outlet and his way of communicating. He recognized that when he played music, he made people happy and people would flock to

Allison Ziering

It's just devastating to think that arts programs will be cut. I see how much it brought Ethan along, cognitively and socially. Before Ethan could even talk, music was the way for him to communicate. Study after study promotes the importance of music – music helps the brain, music builds the

Aaron Bulmer

That could have been my young one. It could've been my kid. I started to walk towards the pond … then I saw a small hand flailing. I saw him gasping for air, heard him gasping for air. I saw his face in the water and without any reaction I just jumped in. It's not anything I thought about … I needed to do this. When I came to find out later that he had autism it really struck me. It was one of those things that I need to educate myself more

Jennifer Frist

It was hard for us to figure out how to get involved, where to get involved, how to be effective. The autism community is large but very fragmented. Everyone has these opinions and is trying to make a difference, but people are living in their

Steve Holtzman

If you take certain positions – denying climate change would be an example; questioning the validity of a wealth of evidence that vaccinations don't cause autism; speaking in terms of alternative facts as if facts are things which are merely

Joanna Jaicks

Daniel chose the animals right away. We're very proud of him for making that choice!feedback

Mark Russ

Through the experiences that these autistic children had at the BJAGA, they are able to take their perceptions and inner conversations and reshape

Sherrie Westin

There are a lot of different opinions in the autism community and they're not all aligned. But this was not about a cause or a cure or any of the divisive issues. Everyone was willing to come together around the goals and objectives because it was about destigmatizing autism, and helping children feel like they're not

Sherrie Westin

We came away feeling like there were two objectives here. One was to create a resource for families with autism, to make their day easier. The other was to destigmatize autism and address the community at large. We wanted to create greater understanding and awareness of what autism looks like – more understanding, more empathy and, ultimately, more

Dawn Fitzpatrickstarted

Julia gives me hope that my children and their peers will grow up in a world where autism is normalized, rather than

Elmo Cadabby

We can play side by side like we do

Geraldine Dawson

The good news is that we can help people with autism learn to interpret facial expressions. Early behavioral intervention focuses on helping the young child with autism pay attention and respond appropriately to facial expressions. There are also training programs in which people with autism can be taught explicitly what each facial expression means and then practice these skills in real life

Sarah Griffiths

We found that on average, young people with autism are a bit less accurate at recognizing all expressions, not just the subtle ones. The types of mistakes that children with autism make like confusing scared and surprised are the same types of mistakes made by typically developing children. So it's not just that children with autism interpret emotions completely differently, but they are more likely to make common

Chris Packham

We're up against agro-chemical businesses like Monsanto and Bayer. That's why no one's getting involved: no one has the balls. I think Jen's come to accept that I have chosen to talk about some of the things that she thought were painful. She texted me a little while ago, a reference to an article about 'curing' autism. I texted back saying: 'That would have saved you a lot of boring dinner times.' And she texted back: 'I would have missed the

Holly Robinson Peete

I love how this bracelet can go with anything and the tassels make it perfect for spring. I have been wearing a few together for a cool stacked look. I am addicted to them!feedback

Blythe Harris - Stella & Dot

The designs not only celebrates the diversity of families affected by autism, but also the strength of a community coming together to improve the lives of their loved

Carol Povey

Many autistic people are drawn to technology, particularly the predictability it provides, which means it can be a very useful means of engaging children, and adults too. This robot is one of a number of emerging technologies which have the potential to make a huge difference to people on the autism

Mandy Farmer

Things are this hard for him, and yet he never gives up. Life is all about

Mandy Farmer

We can tell people about how hard he works in all of these therapies and that he still can't effectively use a spoon or fork, or independently dress himself or tolerate a room with loud noises, but watching this short clip says it better than I ever

Stacey Gordon

I just wish Julia was around when my son was younger. This is so special for me to be Julia, it's going to be huge for the autism community. Because [I] am constantly reminded of those moments you wish your child had never experienced – like bullying or being left out – and he will probably experience again. But at the same time, I'm so grateful that, through this experience as Julia, I can help other

Sherrie Westin

She is going to be so powerful on two fronts. It will help kids with autism be able to identify with a character and it will also play an important role in destigmatizing autism. We want to reach all children in terms of giving them greater empathy and to talk about and increase awareness and understanding. We just had to bring her to life. She was created as a positive response from the autism

Stacey Gordon

There are moments in the show where Julia gets overwhelmed by a loud sound and gets bumped when she's not expecting it and she has a panic attack and covers her ears and cries. Allen takes her out and does deep belly breathing to calm down. And in that moment, I had to imagine my son when he was going through all of that and used those moments to bring Julia to

Sherrie Westin

We wanted to make sure Julia had characteristics that were consistent with those on the autism spectrum in such a way that kids could identify with Julia. We worked hard to make sure that kids could

Lisa Goring

We think it's a terrific next step for Sesame

Stacey Gorden

The 'Meet Julia' episode is something that I wish my son's friends had been able to see when they were small. I remember him having meltdowns and his classmates not understanding how to

Leslie Kimmelman

I knew nothing about autism, and it seemed that those around me – even the professionals – didn't know much either. Today, happily, that has changed. There's greater awareness, and there has been much progress understanding autism. But it's still a puzzle, and every child is affected

Jeanette Betancourt - Sesame Workshop

In the U.S., one in 68 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We wanted to promote a better understanding and reduce the stigma often found around these children. We're modeling the way both children and adults can look at autism from a strength-based perspective: finding things that all children share….Just as we look at all children as being unique, we should do the same thing when we're looking at children with

Jeanette Betancourt - Sesame Workshop

We wanted to promote a better understanding and reduce the stigma often found around these children. We're modelling the way both children and adults can look at autism from a strength-based perspective: finding things that all children share. Just as we look at all children as being unique, we should do the same thing when we're looking at children with

Lessie Kauzlarich

They don't understand why the car went off the road. They keep trying the same things that haven't worked and, without help, they often eventually give up. For instance, we had two students who wanted to be friends but were driving each other crazy. Their joking can sound mean. When it came to a head, our therapist sat them down and had both say what they felt about the other person. So they get perspective, learn conversation skills and conflict resolution. And they do it in a safe environment where they can say what they

Lessie Kauzlarich

We've done video modeling where we record students and then they watch themselves engaging in positive social interaction, which is powerful and

Elizabeth Crais

If they ask a flood of questions and don't get a response, teach them to stop. They may not always understand why this is appropriate, but through practice and reward they learn new, positive

Kristen Kalymon - Kennedy Krieger Institute

I had a kid who, after trying a lot of activities, got involved in adaptive ball with kids with physical disabilities, though he did not have a physical disability himself. He ended up loving it … there was not as much pressure [to perform], and he found common

Kristen Kalymon - Kennedy Krieger Institute

You want a parent that is attentive and willing to monitor. You don't let kids totally disappear without listening for something they may not be able to negotiate themselves. In a stalemate a parent has to step

Christine Ferraro

The big discussion right at the start was, 'How do we do this? How do we talk about autism?'. It's tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single person who has autism. That's a thing that can be typical of some kids with autism. I would love her to be not Julia, the kid on Sesame Street who has autism. I would like her to be just

Jeanette Betancourt - Sesame Workshop

We wanted to demonstrate some of the characteristics of autism in a positive

Leena Haque

Our message is that individuals aren't weird, they are just part of a neurodiverse spectrum upon which we all

Stacey Gordon

It's important for kids without autism to see what autism can look like. Had my son's friends been exposed to his behaviours through something that they had seen on TV before they experienced them in the classroom, they might not have been frightened. I would love her to be not Julia, the kid on Sesame Street who has autism. I would like her to be just

Christine Ferraro

The big discussion right at the start was, 'How do we do this? How do we talk about autism?'. It's tricky because autism is not one thing, because it is different for every single person who has autism. So it was a very easy way to show that with a very slight accommodation, they can meet her where she is. I would love her to be not Julia, the kid on Sesame Street who has autism. I would like her to be just

Stacey Gordon

As the parent of a child with autism, I wished that it had come out years before, when my own child was at the Sesame Street

Stacey Gordon

The 'Meet Julia' episode is something that I wish my son's friends had been able to see when they were small. I remember him having meltdowns and his classmates not understanding how to react. He's more interested in math and science, and plays the piano brilliantly. It is so much fun to be on set with everyone, and get to play up all the positive things I've seen with the kids that I've worked with. At the same time, I come at this with a reverence. I don't want to let the autism community

Michelle Olsen

She was like, Mice are the only creatures that look at you like they could take you down, even though they are the size of your thumb. Mice are like furry little

Jill Silverman

It was extremely frustrating. It made me not want to study social behavior

Mustafa Sahin

Single laboratory studies on a single mouse model were not providing sufficient confidence in the pharmaceutical industry to invest in autism spectrum

Rodney Samaco

I can't even keep track anymore. It's not like they come out once every three months; this is happening every

Michelle Olsen

Maybe, that has something to do with the model systems we are

Peter Kind

If it doesn't translate from a mouse to a rat, is it likely to translate through to humans?feedback

Jill Silverman

I think he kind of got offended. Like, Does this mean this negates everything that has happened in the mouse because it's different in the rat?feedback

Rodney Samaco

They like to put their head in the crevice of your elbow. They would look very nervous. Then, they would bite you. We're not here to say anyone's strategy is better or worse. We're here to say, Let's put this in our toolbox to try to understand autism and related disorders. There are so many papers we're preparing right now on various rat

Surabi Veeraragavan

You can actually grab the rats and put them in your hand and treat them exactly how you would treat a puppy. You can put them on your shoulder, you can put them on your arms; they will go to sleep right away. You can pet them and play with

Gwyneth Paltrow

When my father was diagnosed with cancer in 1998, I really started to think about the link between environmental toxins and cancer. What's the impetus behind the way our bodies are no longer able to overcome all these skyrocketing diseases, from immune disorders to autism to diabetes and cancer? What is going on? That exploration definitely started me down the path. I want to be healthy, to feel as good as I

W. Ian Lipkin

Most people, when they think about viral infections, think in terms of viruses going into tissue, killing cells, damaging

W. Ian Lipkin

I think that this makes a very strong case for continuing to try to develop herpes simplex

Milada Mahic

We believe the mother's immune response to HSV-2 (herpes simplex type 2) could be disrupting fetal central nervous system development, raising risk for

W. Ian Lipkin

We are now looking at other triggers. We think that a wide range of different types of infections can cause

Joseph Piven

It's the first marker of any sort, brain or behavior, in infants, to predict which individuals would be classified as autistic at 24 months of age. But now we are entering the era of possibly detecting autism before the symptoms are even

Kelly Botteron

Because of the regions that are affected and the way which they're affected, they can help us learn more about what is causing

Matthew Pletcher

Decreasing the age of diagnosis, even by a couple years, could have profound impacts for the entire lifetime of that particular

Joseph Piven

If we can target interventions before autism appears and before the brain changes appear, during a time when the brain is highly malleable or plastic, we can have a bigger impact on the

Joseph Piven

In the field we are always trying to detect autism at younger ages, so we can start treatment earlier, but we hit a wall around 2 to 3 years of age, because the symptoms don't start showing up until around

Hope Hicks

The president-elect is exploring the possibility of forming a commission on autism, which affects so many families; however no decisions have been made at this

Karen Remley

Claims that vaccines are linked to autism, or are unsafe when administered according to the recommended schedule, have been disproven by a robust body of medical literature. It is dangerous to public health to suggest otherwise. There is no 'alternative' immunization schedule. Delaying vaccines only leaves a child at risk of disease for a longer period of time; it does not make vaccinating safer. Vaccines work, plain and

Evee Bak

I hope that the outcome could be something that could eventually help my brother like a therapy or something just so that it could make his life easier or make him be able to be successful in his

Alison Singer

So we're trying to find girls who have the autism genes, but no symptoms and then figure out what else do they have in common and can we identify this female protective effect, because if we can find this female protective effect, we can use it to protect both boys and

Joseph Buxbaum

Girls actually can have the same mutation as a boy and not have autism, and even need to have twice as many mutations on average to actually manifest with

Evee Bak

The thing at the forefront of my mind is mostly just taking care of Tommy and making sure he's happy and

Erin Lopes

He's a wonderful person and I don't think that we'd ever want to change

Allison Klein

She didn't meet the stereotypical behaviors of no eye contact, no communication, hand

Kevin Pelphrey

Nobody really wanted to make the call. Had she been a boy, there would have been much more pressure to look into

Ben Affleck

As a movie it celebrates our differences and says that how we're different is kind of what makes us special and interesting, and I think that theme is applicable to autism as well as to a whole host of other

Gavin O'Connor

When we finished the film we screened it for some people in the (autism) community and some of the foundations, like 'Autism Speaks' and some other ones. We wanted to get their feedback before we locked the movie, just to make sure that we were accurate and we got everything right, and fortunately I was very happy that they were happy with the

Cynthia Addai-Robinson

When you're watching the accountant, you are feeling for him and caring for him and are hopeful for him and that only works when you have a fully realized

Christian Wolff

Some of the people I met and did research with were very blunt with me and there's something really charming about that. You're just going to get the truth from that person and it's kind of winning in a way. There's a little bit of that in Christian. He sees no reason for social niceties or to tell a white lie. He just tells the

Lisa Meeks

The interview is a major hurdle. MindSpark walks them through the process and gets to know them in more dynamic and holistic

Suzanne Wright

When you have the U.N. sanction it, it means a

Brian Kelly
Angela Geiger

What Suzanne Wright has done to raise awareness of autism is immeasurable. Even during the past few difficult months, her determination never wavered. For more than a decade, she has been a tireless advocate on the national and international stage: at the United Nations, on Capitol Hill, at Autism Speaks Walks nationwide, and in personal letters of support to individuals and families affected by

Brian Kelly
Angela Geiger

Suzanne sparked a global conversation with one question: How can we help people with autism live their best possible lives?feedback

Daniel Coury

The odds are very positive that the product of an IVF pregnancy or an induced labor is going to be a healthy child. The great majority of children with autism have not been the product of an induced labor; we still don't know all the causes of

Bryan King

These investigators were able to take advantage of a very large population database to look within families and compare the risk for siblings who were induced versus those who weren't, thus better controlling for other genetic and environmental

Maja Mataric

Play with children with autism doesn't happen very

Maja Mataric

We are particularly motivated by autism because the incidence is so high and so many children today are diagnosed with

Dennis Wall

So kids with autism are not getting enough of the care that they need, for as long as they need it in the United States and we need to fix the

Dennis Wall

The Autism Glass programme is meant to teach children with autism how to understand what a face is telling them, period. And we believe that when that happens they will become more socially engaged, and as a consequence of that gain confidence in social settings. The access to care is too

Robert Ring

Glass and wearable technology are the future. They're going to play a pivotal role in how we understand, manage and diagnose disorders like

Dido Harding

Throughout the cyber attack, we worked hard to put our customers first, and we know that they have appreciated our efforts and our honesty throughout. Nevertheless, last October was a challenging period for TalkTalk and its customers and, in recognition of that, I have made a personal decision to donate my bonus to our charity partner, Ambitious About

Stuart Shapira

Regardless of what the number is, we know autism is common. Research shows that the earlier a child with autism is identified, the better. The sooner the child starts receiving services, the sooner the child will reach his or her full

Danièle Langloys

Now, families seek help privately from autism specialists – that is a sector which is developing. So all in all about 20 percent benefit from requisite care. However for adults it's a different story – no autism diagnosis, no services – we see these people wrongfully hospitalised in psychiatric

Danièle Langloys

In Europe we are lagging behind on this issue: we have a retrograde vision of autism, diagnosis is rare and often badly carried out, there is discrimination against people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in school and in the professional world, there is misguided psychiatric treatment, a lack of educative and social

Aurélie Baranger

France is often named and shamed as one of the worst in Europe because you would expect better from a country with the tradition of human rights and so on. But it's not the case, unfortunately. There is still more to be done in order for the situation to be satisfactory for families of those with autism in

Aurélie Baranger

In many cases it's families that are left to care for adults with autism and when parents die or are no longer there to care for them they are often left alone and without any support. And we've seen reports in the news of people who have died because they did not have anyone to care for

Aurélie Baranger

If the family is not there sometimes they will go to psychiatric hospitals where they will sometimes be heavily medicated in some countries and they will not receive adapted support for

Danièle Langloys

Basically nobody dares question the psychoanalysts in this realm which blocks people from being diagnosed with autism and therefore stops them from receiving the care they

Ashley Roman

They're able to correlate the fish consumption with protection from autism and I think that is potentially a very important finding. We still recommend that women avoid the fish that are highest in mercury like catfish, shark, swordfish and giant mackerel, typically the larger fish that have longer lifespans and they tend to concentrate more mercury in their

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