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Peter Morris - David Wilson Homes
Qatar Airways has been particularly hit on markets to Saudi, Egypt, Bahrain, UAE, and Emirates on routes to the
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Sep 06 2017
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Max Wolman - Aberdeen Asset Management

But if the likes of Bahrain, Oman or even Saudi Arabia were to issue these days, I think there would be a slight risk premium of 10 to 15 basis points in the primary to the secondary market because of current political

Rashed al-Jalahma

We have relatives all over the region. We were in shock and awe when we learned we could no longer see them because of politics. What does the population have to do with the problems of the politicians?feedback

Rashed al-Jalahma

They are controlling us with the passport. If the Kingdom of Bahrain revokes my citizenship, so be it . . . I am not worried about losing my passport, but my concerns are about my

Wafa al-Yazeedi

This has made me so sad. We lived and felt like all the Gulf is one country. I have a cousin

Wafa al-Yazeedi

It's fake. I cannot trust them. I won't call them from my

Omar al-Ansari

Our family in Bahrain thinks Qatar is wrong, and we think they are not. That's causing friction between our families. It's not a nice situation to be

Boris Johnson

Qatar is a partner of the UK in the fight against terrorism but they urgently need to do more to address support for extremist groups, building on the steps they have already taken to tackle funding to those groups. I am also concerned by some of the strong actions which Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have taken against an important partner, and urge them to ease the blockade on Qatar. I call on all states to take immediate steps to de-escalate the situation and to find a rapid resolution through

Junaid Ahmad

The Qatar-Saudi feud seems to have come out of thin air. But the reality is that this has been going on for quite a while. All this hyperbolic language we have seen in the last week from Saudi and its allies – how Qatar supports the Houthis in Yemen or the Shia opposition in Bahrain - is about Qatar being neutral. And neutral cannot be tolerated, especially where it comes to

Chiradeep Ghosh - Sico

All Qatari banks will struggle for liquidity and will have to pay a premium for funding from elsewhere outside these four countries. It is especially challenging as they're not very liquid as their loan to deposit ratios are already above 100 per

Rex W. Tillerson

We call on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to ease the blockade on Qatar. We're seeing shortages of food [in Qatar], families are being forcibly separated, and children pulled out of school - we believe these are unintended consequences, especially during this holy month of Ramadan, but they can be addressed

Donald J. Trump

In Mosul, American troops are supporting Kurds, Sunnis and Shias fighting together for their homeland. Qatar, which hosts the U.S. Central Command, is a crucial strategic partner. Our longstanding partnership with Kuwait and Bahrain continue to enhance security in the

Rex W. Tillerson

Our expectation is that these countries will immediately take steps to de-escalate the situation and put forth a good faith effort to resolve their grievances they have with each other. We call on the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt to ease the blockade against

Romain Nadal

The worsening tensions in Bahrain constitute a brake in the resumption of a broad political dialogue that encompasses all components of Bahraini society. This dialogue is the only way to ensure national

Amy Hawthorne

Egypt and other regimes like Bahrain definitely feel they have a green light from Trump to undertake repressive actions in the name of counterterrorism and to anticipate that the Trump administration will not issue a word of criticism. We have a terrible experience of seeing what happens when authoritarian regimes crush that space between citizens and the state. It's what happened under Qaddafi in Libya, and it's what happened under Saddam Hussein in Iraq. And it never leads to

Jenson Button

Preparations have been good apart from I haven't driven the car, so it's not perfect. The option was to do half a day in Bahrain, which for me was absolutely useless to do because it's a completely different type of circuit. I said to the team that it would be best if I did a few days in the simulator, and obviously we drivers love the simulator so I was raring to go. I spent a lot of time in the simulator getting a feel for

Jean-Marc Rickli

I would not be surprised to see an increase in hostilities in Syria and Yemen. Also, the IRGC might want to foster pro-Shi'a groups in Bahrain and some parts of Kuwait to regain power after the

Emily Thornberry

Good foreign policy means good ethics but Conservatives cosy up to Saudi, Bahrain and Donald Trump. Under Labour that would change. Twenty years ago today, within the ornate golden walls of the foreign office’s Locarno room, Robin Cook set out the incoming Labour government’s mission statement on foreign policy. He committed Labour to protect national security through Nato, to promote exports, and to prioritise the environment. Then, introducing his fourth objective, Cook said: “Labour does not accept that political values can be left behind when we check in our passports.” He added: “Our foreign policy must have an ethical dimension, and must support the demands of other peoples for the democratic rights on which we insist for ourselves.”.feedback

Gianni Infantino - Uefa

It's an interesting, original proposal and we will discuss it tomorrow at the council and present the recommendation to the

Christian Horner

It was a real disappointment to lose Daniel early in the race with a right rear brake issue, straight after the safety car restart. We need to understand exactly what the cause of failure was; the outcome was similar to that which happened with Max in Bahrain but it looks like a different issue, so that needs thorough

Daniel Ricciardo

It looks big but last year it was about the same, 1.7, 1.8, so history shows it is a bit of a bogey one for us. I don't expect a 1.8 gap in Barcelona. If it is, then... [Qualifying was] everything I expected, so I expected fifth, all going well fifth was the target and I got that. We expected the gap to be bigger here than it was in Bahrain. The nature of the circuit has never been a strength for us, so no surprises

Valtteri Bottas

I think, me personally, I'm definitively surprised. As a team, coming into this weekend, we were probably thinking we'd be better than [the last race] in Bahrain, but so far it hasn't turned out to be so good. Ferrari seems to be doing something better than us, so for sure it's disappointing for us not to be on pole. We made good improvements from yesterday to today but it was not enough and we still have work to do. Tomorrow it's a different story, it's going to be a long race and, again, it's difficult to predict but I think it's going to be

Guenther Steiner

Yeah, we need to continue to develop. We need to be on what we had in Bahrain, this is fine-tuning in the end, and it's nothing

Guenther Steiner

When you change a big system like this you can always have this, it's testing. We did some testing in Bahrain but it's a different story here. We knew they were running a bit hot in Bahrain and we knew we would get to it. But I'm not surprised of the result from today, I'm not like 'woah, I didn't think about that', it was something we could expect. We are developing in parallel wind tunnel more cooling options for the brakes, so we will be fine, but it takes a little bit of time to get used to

Guenther Steiner

I think there are pluses and minuses. We are running a little bit hot, you saw the brake dust coming out after Bahrain and we are working to have more cooling

Fernando Alonso

I think the car is the same as Bahrain so definitely still a lot of room to improve for tomorrow for us. Let's see tomorrow. This is the fourth power effect circuit of the championship so we don't expect big miracles here. I think it's going to be an interesting weekend in terms of what we can achieve here. So far nothing has changed, we're having difficult races and the results don't reflect the feeling we get inside the car or reward the good races we have

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

I think the way we've raced in the last two and a half years, everything is straightforward. Sometimes it was close, sometimes it was too close as well -- I remember China last year from my side, that was never ideal -- but you try to fight your teammate as well as all the others, but more than anything I think we know and we understand that we're racing for

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

I think he probably didn't have the races he deserved. At the last race obviously the start and the first lap cost him a lot, otherwise I'm sure he would've been on the podium. I see exactly what happens [from inside the team] and things didn't go 100 per cent in his direction so far... but I don't think there's any doubt inside the paddock that he's one of the most talented drivers we have. I don't think anybody else could go to WRC and perform at the level he did, just come back and be right up to the pace

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

I don't think there's anyone who doubts his skills or his talent but, as I said, you need to have a lot of things coming your way. If you look back last year, I had some races where things didn't come way -- it's up and down but usually throughout the season it sort of equals

Sergio Perez

It's the opposite I think. This year with these cars, the engines are much more important than in the past. The amount of time you spend full throttle is a lot less, and the amount you recover is also a lot less. Definitely Ferrari and Renault have done a massive step forward to catch

Sergio Perez

I think this track should be a bit better to us. I think Bahrain really exposed all of our issues in one go. It was also a very tricky weekend up to qualy with all the issues that I had personally with the car. I think Bahrain was always going to be a very hard race for us given the track layout, how it is. It was probably one of the hardest races for us. I think here we should be a bit more competitive. I at least have the hope that we can be more competitive and closer to where we should

Valtteri Bottas

Maybe in the past every single detail, letting the drivers race hard or one being stuck behind the others at times, hasn't cost them anything, but I do understand the fact that this year it can cost points if for any reason, like for me in Bahrain, the pace of the other car is not good -- then the team needs to think and be clever not to lose any points. But we have only had three races this year and I feel that all my good results are on the way, so I'm not thinking about anything like that and I'm sure the team thinks there is no need

Felipe Massa

To keep his mind up and don't look at the media and really believe that things we'll go right. After he finishes his first race he will start to feel confident. He's just starting. Definitely he didn't have the start that he expected. In the first race he had a problem with the brakes but what happened in China and what happened in the last race [in Bahrain] was not his fault. In China, Checo [Perez] was behind him and he couldn't see him, so who could have avoided Checo? Nothing. And in the last race for sure it was not his fault what happened. So we need to give him

Kimi Raikkonen

I'm pretty happy with the car now and in qualifying, on one lap pace, it was just small things. I feel that we are doing the right things and in the race [in Bahrain], I felt the car was really good but I made a mess of the first lap, so I put myself in a difficult position. It's not the ideal way to start the

Valtteri Bottas

This team never had number 1 or 2 drivers and it is not planning to. It always tries to give equal chance to both drivers. But what is different this year is that for the last three years the gap to the second quickest team has been bigger so every single detail, letting the drivers race hard hasn't cost them anything. But I do understand that this year it could cost points for any reason like for me in Bahrain where the pace was not good then the team needs to think, to be clever. But we've only had three races this year and I feel all my good results are on the

Toto Wolff - Mercedes

You need to be able to draw a line under a tough weekend [like Bahrain]. It's very painful to lose a race like that. There were too many marginal losses that we encountered and these cost us the victory. But they are down to us to fix. You need to be careful not to spend too much time thinking about these setbacks, but rather work on solutions for the future. That's

Yusuke Hasegawa - Honda

After a disappointing grand prix weekend in Bahrain, we have since had an extremely busy few days during in-season testing, also at the Bahrain International Circuit. The team has been working hard to implement some countermeasures to help combat our MGU-H issues. By the second day of testing, we think we were able to confirm the direction of our solution against the issue after completing 81 laps with Stoffel behind the wheel. The results are testament to the team's hard work and

Carlos Sainz

They take a decision, they go with it, they understand they wouldn't change their decision because they would lose some credibility. They will never change. But there you have it. First incident, fighting for position, first

Carlos Sainz

You go home with the penalty, you get it, you cannot appeal, nothing. That's how it is. Even for pride, they wouldn't change their opinion. I don't think it would change nothing. Even if you had the opportunity to appeal, it's not like suddenly the stewards are going to decide the

Carlos Sainz

I obviously was quite surprised with the grid drop. I thought they were going to consider it a racing incident. Obviously in F1 when you are fighting for position, for the points, there are a lot of racing battles going on. It was, for me, a racing incident. Lance simply didn't see me and maybe a guy with a bit more experience would have seen me and left me enough space on the

Eric Boullier

So I think it's going to be complicated for Honda to understand what's wrong, it could maybe be coming from some batch problems. I don't believe it is a car build problem but we can't find what's wrong... We can do two laps or we can do two days [worth of running]. It is a little bit less hot today, by the way. Maybe these five or six degrees are good enough, but I don't know. It's a bit

Eric Boullier

No, because it's very difficult to understand what's going on. We obviously changed the MGU-H four times and [Tuesday] morning, two laps, MGU-H gone, changed the engine, did 17 laps. [Wednesday] we had a small alert but we couldn't find anything wrong physically on the car and then since then we've run faultlessly, without any

Eric Boullier

We had good days last year as well I think. But today we are following the test plan and a lot of information has been understood and solutions tested on the car. So a very good test in terms of data and

Helmut Marko

Let me get our pace history straight: in Australia we were 1.8 seconds behind, in China it was 1.3 seconds and in Bahrain something in the range of nine-tenths. So we are improving and step by step closing the gap -- but it is, of course, not

Valtteri Bottas

I felt like I was driving on marbles all the time, but for the other two stints there's not yet an explanation for why the rear end wasn't working and I had a slow pace. The slow pace was due to rear end problems, but we haven't yet answers for why that

Valtteri Bottas

For me it was not normal that it was oversteering so much, I used all the tools I had -- diff, brake bias -- to try to cure it, trying to save the rear tyres, but there was no way. The tyres were OK for the first couple of laps but very quickly, when the temperatures went up, it became very tricky. It was quite strange to lose so much pace, but it's not so easy to explain why,

Maurizio Arrivabene - Ferrari

The victory was an important one, achieved thanks to the great efforts of all the guys at the track and back in Maranello. For the whole weekend, the team demonstrated courage, determination and a little bit of madness. This is all part of our DNA, characteristics which 70 years ago saw the birth of Ferrari. Courage and determination were needed to tackle a weekend like this, in which we expected to encounter a few difficulties in qualifying, which is why, based on good long run data on Friday, we prepared as well as possible for the race. In order to do this you also need to use some

Maurizio Arrivabene - Ferrari

Sebastian drove a really great race, demonstrating once again all his class. Kimi was caught up in traffic at the start and then he certainly wasn't helped by the arrival of the Safety Car. The SF70H proved itself to be strong also in these conditions, at a track which requires above all power and good traction. The tyres worked very well, which allowed us to fully exploit our very good strategy. And now it's time to concentrate on the next round of the World Championship, the Russian Grand Prix in

Zak Brown

We have several goals and objectives set and we are working towards them. We don't have unrealistic expectations from where we are today to where we can get

Ross Brawn

The only thing that would be good for everyone would be if we could charge the promoters a lot less money. I did some good deals commercially. They are paying a lot of money, and most of them, if not all of them, are not making any money. Quite the opposite. If we could reduce the fee they pay they could then charge less for tickets and sell more tickets. So if you want to look after the fans, that's the way to do

Bernie Ecclestone

I've never met Sean [Bratches, the Liberty Media commercial director]. Ross Brawn popped in to see me for 10-15 minutes a week or 10 days ago. I spoke to Chase Carey this morning, he was asking me some things which I could help him with, which I did. So if there's any help they want, I'm there helping. I would have said wait until your contract finishes and then you can do what you like but you are in the middle of Formula One and you are a Formula One

Claire Williams

No. It's a bit like disappearing with another girlfriend halfway through the year and then coming back. It doesn't seem the right thing to be

Daniel Ricciardo

The safety car worked for me in that we jumped up to third but it wasn't so good for our tyres and that's where we lost a lot of ground. Even once we settled into a pace and the chaos settled we fell back and I was struggling with grip at the front and rear. We never really got that [soft] tyre working for us

Daniel Ricciardo

That tyre was just not happening for us today! At the restart it never felt switched on, as we say. Struggling to get the restart, so Lewis got me... basically the whole first lap I was sliding. So that's why I went back. That tyre actually never really came good, we were on Massa's pace but we know we were quicker than that. It was a strange turn of events from the beginning of the

Daniel Ricciardo

It was a race of two halves really. At the beginning I genuinely thought we had a chance to win. That stint was looking very competitive and I could see Valtteri was struggling. I was at the tail end of the front pack and I could see everyone else in front of me -- they were sliding and looked like they were struggling more. It was easy for me to stay there and I was looking after my tyres, so at that point I was thinking it could be on today, not only for a podium but for a

Fernando Alonso

Well, it's not luck! We didn't do a good job with the engine. It's not luck, we are down on

Fernando Alonso

It was amazing, the deficit we had on the straight. Sometimes I looked in the mirror at the beginning of the straight and I saw the car 300-400 metres behind, so I forgot completely about the car, started changing settings on the steering wheel, and on the braking he was alongside!feedback

Lewis Hamilton

All this is the fruit of superb work at the track and in Maranello, so my compliments not just to Seb for his achievements in Bahrain, but also to the whole team. Congratulations to Kimi too on a good race. That said, we are well aware we have a long road ahead and know that if we want to get to the most important finish-line of all, we cannot stint on our commitment and focus for a

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

We obviously struggled to find the right set-up but, overall, it's been better here than it has been in the last couple of races. Obviously when we start to push in qualifying, it's not exactly what I wanted. In the end, there's always a bit of guesswork involved because the conditions change a lot here, but I think there was a lot of potential, but the end result was far from what I

Kimi Raikkonen

Tomorrow is another day, but I'm, obviously, in a far from ideal position for the start, but it's going to be quite a tricky race tomorrow, so hopefully we make the right decisions and make the best out of

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

Q2 I thought it would be tight. I was very happy to go into Q3, and I was very happy with my first lap, I crossed the line, looked up, and then saw both of them ahead! When I got the time I was a bit down to be honest, because four-tenths was a lot more than I expected, also given how good the lap

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

Then on the next run I tried a little bit too hard probably everywhere but I had nothing to lose. I was quite safe to the cars behind, I was confident, the car felt good so I tried a bit harder. Didn't work, went slightly slower. Obviously if a tenth quicker it's not enough, so I try to do it a bit more. Hopefully we can do a bit more

Daniel Ricciardo

I didn't feel like I had as much grip as I was expecting in Q3. I thought the track would have ramped up a bit more. Yeah we went quicker but for me I thought it would have been still a bit more. So I was surprised to be

Daniel Ricciardo

Not perfect, no. I felt it was a good lap for what I had. But not perfect. I didn't spin! I stayed on the track, that helped. And then I don't know, it is weird because we came here and it is week since the last race and there is not that much we could have put on the car. There are little bits here and there but there is nothing on the car which meant half a second closer to pole. I think that is what the gap is. Half a second less than it was last

Daniel Ricciardo

My happiness with the balance was probably no better than it was in China. You look at the lap times and sure I am happy, but I don't feel like the grip is massively bigger than we had a week ago. At the same time I do feel that we have learned more than last week. We have learned more what not to do. But I didn't feel what we have learned had translated into half a second. So that is a nice

Daniel Ricciardo

When I crossed the line I was like eeeerhhhh.... I know Max had done a .6 and knew my lap then was a .5, so I was like 'it will be close with Max'. But then when Simon [Rennie, race engineer] said I am P4, I was a bit confused. But it was

Paddy Lowe - Hamilton

It became a very disappointing day in the end today. During FP3 this morning we were able to complete our practice programme as planned to find suitable qualifying and race settings. Unfortunately this afternoon in qualifying we had to end Fernando's Q2 session prematurely after detecting an MGU-H issue. We are still investigating to find out exactly what the issue is and whether or not it's related to Stoffel's issues

Lewis Hamilton

A big congratulations to Valtteri. He's been working so hard and he's gelled so well with the team. Today he was just quicker than me and did the better job, so hats off to him on his first pole. My lap felt great but it was so close out there. I was losing quite a bit of time through the first sector, which is unusual as it's usually a very strong sector for me. Overall it was a great battle and that's exactly how close qualifying should always be. It forces us to be on the absolute

Paddy Lowe - Hamilton

It also puts him in a good position to start the race, with a free tyre choice and new sets available. Equally for Felipe we have some good opportunities for the race and we look forward to seeing what we can do tomorrow. I also want to say a massive congratulations to Valtteri, who started his Formula One journey at Williams back in 2010, and who did a great job achieving his first pole position

Max Verstappen

We have made many small improvements and tried to optimise everything which seemed to work and we understand the car more and more with every run that we do. We are definitely closer, I think Mercedes is still too fast for us but the Ferrari doesn't look too far ahead. Our car seems to work much better on this track so hopefully we will get a clean start with no incidents and then see what we can do in the race. It was definitely possible to be a bit further forward but last time I started a bit further behind and ended on the podium so anything is

Lewis Hamilton

I'm happy with the job I did and it's great for the team to lockout our first front row. Today we had a bit of a margin over the Ferraris but generally in race trim they seem to be a bit quicker, so we expect them to be closer tomorrow. It's definitely going to be tight. Looking after the tyres is difficult, so whether it is a one or two stop race will be interesting to see. Hopefully we'll have a great battle

James Allison

It will be different again tomorrow when everyone has their cars full of fuel -- then we are sure to have our work cut out. We're expecting the weather to change a fair bit for tomorrow, both windier and cooler. But it will be normal fare for Bahrain - tough on the brakes, tough on the drivers. It'll be a long, hard toil, but hopefully we'll end up at the front. It's going to be super

Lewis Hamilton

The gap to Ferrari looks pretty good here but their drivers were complaining of understeer, so perhaps they have gone with more of a race set-up in mind. And then there's Red Bull. You always have to have them on the radar because they have all the resources they need to be fighting at the front. Tomorrow's race will be all about surviving on the tyres and making the right decisions in terms of strategy. We're starting from the best possible positions and we now need to get the heads down and work hard to convert it into podium finishes

James Allison

A first pole for Valtteri and it feels excellent. It's lovely to have a front-row lockout and it's a great reward to Valtteri for three excellent laps in qualifying today. We are all really happy. The gap to Ferrari is a little larger than in the first two races but rather than being surprised we're just grateful for that small bit of breathing

Valtteri Bottas

I'm really happy with my first Formula One pole. It's my fifth season in the sport now, so it took a few races. But we got it and hopefully it is the first of many. It feels good. I didn't realise it'd been nearly 10 years since a Finn was last on pole. I'm very proud as always to drive for Finland and represent my country. It's not an easy track to get everything right. It's quite a technical and there are a few tricky corners. But I I've been getting more and more comfortable with the car and managed to get the lap

Eric Boullier

Super-competitive racer that he is, Stoffel was disappointed not to make it through to Q2, but we were very impressed by his performance here today. Given his acute lack of running yesterday, in fact, we reckon he totally nailed it. He'll start tomorrow's race from 17th place on the starting grid. The 2017 Bahrain Grand Prix will be a long, hot and difficult one for both our drivers, but that's the hand they've currently been dealt, and they'll play it as best they can, of that you can be absolutely

Valtteri Bottas

Thankfully it was good enough for pole. I just want to say a big thanks to the team for giving me this car. It's great that we're both starting from the front row. We've done a really good job this weekend to focus on the evening conditions and really maximise the lap time in the car. We'll enjoy this for a short period of time -- but the main focus is the race tomorrow. There is no point to start dreaming just yet. It's all about getting the maximum out of the race. As a team we can be really strong

Paddy Lowe - Hamilton

Overall I'm quite pleased. We had a trouble free session and Felipe did a good lap at the end for P8. I think Lance should be very happy with his qualifying because it's a difficult circuit with varying conditions between sessions and it's quite tricky on tyres, so I think he's done a really good job in only his third Formula One qualifying

Eric Boullier

In Q1, Fernando got everything he could out of our chassis / power unit package, and would certainly have set a representative lap time in Q2 but for an MGU-H issue that prevented him from doing so. As a result, he'll start tomorrow's race from 15th place on the starting grid. Stoffel had a badly disrupted day yesterday, also as a result of MGU-H issues, but he recovered well today to post a Q1 lap just a couple of tenths off Fernando's

Fernando Alonso

Here it has to be something from the heat. [I will be] a quick camel tomorrow! The lap was good, until the last corner I was half a second faster than in Q1, but I went on the throttle and it blew up. Unfortunately that's the situation and we see tomorrow what we can do. The lap was good, we were going to be somewhere between 12th and 14th, again, as in the first two races, but the engine blew up and I just dived into the

Nico Hulkenberg - Renault

Long run pace and tyre management, we will obviously find that out tomorrow. In Shanghai we were struggling a bit but yesterday we got some good long runs in. We tried to work against it a bit in Shanghai, made some changes. I hope that it's better tomorrow. I think tomorrow will be a true

Nico Hulkenberg - Renault

This was seriously, together with the lap from Brazil in 2010, my best quali lap in my career. Especially around here, which I always found a track where I used to struggle in qualifying before to hook it all up perfectly but today it went smooth as silk. It was beautiful. A great lap. I felt since winter testing it was there. In winter testing in Barcelona we did a sub-1m20s lap time with not crazy low fuel and under good normal circumstances, not underweight, so from the beginning the car was good with

Nico Hulkenberg - Renault

I'm happy, I'm positive from that respect. I think already yesterday we saw that one lap pace, the car has one lap pace. It's like naturally there. I think that's probably our strong point at the moment. So that's pretty good,

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

I think the team has obviously done a really great job. A lot of hard work, commitment, things start to click and hopefully that sort of success now in the first couple of races helps us to build up some sort of momentum that Mercedes had in the past and the last couple of years, so they will be the ones to

Toto Wolff - Mercedes

Losing make you feel much worse, wining makes you feel great. At this moment it feels really wrong but bouncing back and winning feels even better. For Formula One it is good there is a fight between Ferrari and Mercedes, we have to see it as sportsmen. We have a fight that is on and that is how is how it is even though it feels shit right

Stoffel Vandoorne

We're going a bit blind into qualifying tomorrow, but Fernando did a lot of running today which was positive. We'll have to start with a bit of a base of information from Fernando's side of the garage, but I'm sure it'll be useful for us as well. Our reliability issues have meant the start of the season hasn't been ideal, as there hasn't been a weekend yet where we haven't had any

Sebastian Vettel - Ferrari

The car feels good on a single lap and as for race simulation we can further improve for

Eric Boullier

On an extremely hot day here in Bahrain, the mercury nudging 40 degrees, Fernando got through his planned programme without interruption, garnering us a large amount of data to crunch this evening. For Stoffel, things were quite a lot more tricky. His car was beset with serial MGU-H issues, which we're now investigating with Honda, and as a result he was unable to do anything like as much running as we'd have liked him

Bob Fernley

We had a big test programme to work through today with several new parts to evaluate. We split some of the test items between the cars and now we need to understand what to carry forward into qualifying and the race. As was the case in Melbourne and Shanghai, there is a very close midfield pack and the margins will be very tight during qualifying. The drivers were not as comfortable with the car when the track temperatures dropped so we need to focus our attention on addressing the balance ahead of

Eric Boullier

But both our drivers enjoy the Bahrain International Circuit, and have indeed won here before, Fernando in Formula 1 and Stoffel in GP2, and they'll do their best to qualify as well as they can tomorrow. Stoffel could obviously do with an uninterrupted FP3 in preparation for quali, so let's hope it works out that way for

Esteban Ocon

The practice sessions went pretty well for me and I'm quite satisfied with our performance. I am feeling good in the car and this is a circuit I know well and enjoy. I was able to simply focus on performance and getting the information we needed about the new parts and the tyres. It was tough in the heat and it's a demanding track on tyres so making them last and getting the performance from them is definitely the focus as we prepare for

Romain Grosjean

It was a pretty solid day. It was very warm -- the first time we've had those conditions this year. We need to keep working on the car. Clearly, tires are having a tough time on the long runs. A qualifying lap is only a lap, so it's pretty fun. There's a lot of work to be done for tomorrow, but as I said, it's the first time we've had the warmer conditions this year. There's a lot to learn from today, and hopefully we can find a little bit of performance for

Stoffel Vandoorne

It's been another troublesome day for me, let's say. In FP1 we had some engine problems and again in FP2, so very limited running for me today. It's a shame to miss that much track time, especially in FP2 when the conditions are very similar to qualifying and the race. It's not been ideal, but hopefully tomorrow we'll have a smoother run and get on top of the

Guenther Steiner

It was a good day for us. For sure, it was our best Friday this year. We completed our programs in FP1 and FP2. The car seems to be competitive, as well, for points. Now we'll go look and see what we can do better and come back

Fernando Alonso

It was a good Friday for us, at least on my side of the garage, as Stoffel unfortunately had a lot of problems today. I was running OK and there was some positive news from today in terms of set-up and in terms of the directions to go with the car. We're 1.5 seconds from the fastest car, which is by far the lowest gap so far. Also, we did 31 laps, which again is a lot of

Sergio Perez

We had a very straightforward day with lots of laps and no significant problems. There was a huge change in the track conditions between the two sessions when the temperatures dropped and the car was not as well balanced in the second session. It feels like we lost a bit of direction on both the soft and the supersoft tyre compounds, so this is something we need to understand and improve

Daniil Kvyat

It was a very busy FP2 after not doing many laps in the first practice session because it was very hot and the race here takes place at night... So we did many things this evening -- long runs, short runs -- and I think we covered everything we wanted to do. We now have a lot of data to go through overnight and we believe we can make a step forward for tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. We will try and do our best and be as well prepared as possible -- the weekend has started positively for us and hopefully it will carry on this

Kevin Magnussen - Renault

We had a decent day. We have some interesting things to look at for tomorrow, but so far things are not too

Nico Hulkenberg - Renault

That was a pretty straightforward Friday aside from doing less in FP1 because of the extreme heat. Everything was more together with the car and how it felt on track this evening compared to the afternoon so we can look forward to tomorrow and Sunday. The car felt pretty decent today, but of course there's always room for improvement ahead of

Stoffel Vandoorne

It's a difficult situation at the moment, but this is how it is. We knew it would be another difficult weekend and hopefully tomorrow will be better for us. I don't really have any idea what might be possible for tomorrow - we shouldn't set ourselves any targets - I think we just need to make sure we have a smooth run, and we'll see what's

Jody Egginton

Unfortunately for Carlos, we suffered an exhaust failure during his first run of the session which ended his running due to the time required to replace the effected parts. For Daniil, the run programme was completed and long-run performance was fairly encouraging. However, there is still work to do to get the car optimised, especially for short-runs, but we have a good idea of what is required to extract the performance from the car and we will be working hard overnight analysing the data to allow us to make a step forwards in tomorrow's sessions and ultimately the

Fernando Alonso

Considering what we have in our hands, I think we are maximising our potential. I think we're moving in the right direction, but still we have a long way to go, and I hope tomorrow we can have a decent quali. We need to exploit every single lap we have on track tomorrow morning; we need to do a good qualifying and we need to attack in the race. We're still not 100 per cent confident that we're on top of our problems, so we need to keep

Felipe Massa

I'm happy with our qualifying session and the job that we did. Maybe the perfect position would have been seventh as we lost a little bit of time at the end there. But, I'm really looking forward to the race tomorrow. I'm happy with the performance of the car across the whole weekend, not only on new tyres but also the old tyres. Tomorrow is another day and we need to concentrate on getting everything right and try to get a better position

Sergio Perez

I was really unlucky today with the waved yellow flags. I had to abort my final lap in Q1 and that was the end of my qualifying. It's a shame because I had the speed to be much higher up, but sometimes things just don't work out. I still feel positive for the race because we made some good progress between final practice and qualifying. I felt much happier in the car, but we could not show it with the final result. Tomorrow we will do all we can to move forward. It's going to be a tough race, but with good strategy I think we can be more

Mario Isola - Pirelli & C.

The biggest gains at Sakhir are all to be found in traction: it is quite a stop-start circuit, so getting the power down properly and keeping the rear tyres in good condition is very important. Last year we found quite a high degree of wear and degradation, so it will be interesting to see how this has changed with the introduction of our 2017-specification tyres. The second free practice session will be particularly important, as it is the only one held in representative conditions of qualifying and the

Antonio Giovinazzi

It was not my weekend. I made the first mistake in qualifying and [in the race] I just called [for] the dry tyres too early and then when I come back on the track and was on the main straight I had some aquaplaning and lost the car straight away. Nothing [I could] do. I want to first of all say sorry to the guys and to the team because they did a fantastic job overnight to give me the car for today, so sorry I made this mistake but important now is to cancel from my mind this weekend and keep working and hopefully I will be back strong for the next

Valtteri Bottas

I apologised to everyone. It was a silly mistake; I guess these things happen but it feels pretty s--- when it happens to you. The main thing is not to do it again and I'm glad Bahrain is already in one week. The worst thing to do now would be not stop thinking about that mistake. I need to understand how I can improve in the future and need to move on. I know the pace is there, I can do very good things with the car and as a team we did a stronger job, in terms of car pace, than what we had done on Sunday in Melbourne. I just need to keep going and the results will

John McQuilliam - Manor

After the company entered administration we switched focus on a program to legalise the 2016 car for the start of the season, buying us time to produce and complete the 2017 car for race three [Bahrain]. This activity extended well into February but stopped when the owner withdrew the entry for the 2017

Pascal Wehrlein

For me the most important is that I can train intensively to ensure a 100 per cent performance from my side as soon as possible. I will then be well-prepared for my first complete Grand Prix weekend for the Sauber F1 Team. Hopefully this can be in Bahrain but, if not, then we will take the time it needs until Russia to make sure I am completely

Michael Knights

It could be that they're being withheld for another time, or for another set of

Matthew Levitt

The problem with Bahrain was that they had so little credibility that it was hard to separate what was real from what wasn'

Christian Horner

I think we have to reserve judgement until after two or three races. I think if you look at Melbourne historically there has never been a lot of overtakes here. China and Bahrain are two circuits which are much easier to overtake at before drawing judgement. The positive thing is the drivers were pushing all race so there wasn't a lot of fuel saving and not much tyre saving going on which was a

Bob Corker

This type of conditionality would be unprecedented and counterproductive to maintaining security cooperation and ultimately addressing human rights issues. There are more effective ways to seek changes in partner policies than publicly conditioning weapons transfers in this

Joseph Votel - Army

We continue to urge the government of Bahrain to reverse steps it has taken over the past year to reduce the space for peaceful political expression in its (Shiite) population and have encouraged the Bahrainis to implement needed political reforms in the

Brian Dooley

This sale will send exactly the wrong signal to the dictatorship: that it will receive the weapons no matter how brutally political opponents are treated. Instead, the White House should take action to stop this political crackdown, which is not just morally acceptable but also dangerous, fueling the country's

Flavio Briatore

I organised a surprise dinner in London for the 40 years in Formula One of Bernie Ecclestone. The amazing thing is that all the people I invited were present. Normally, if you invite one hundred people, you have 60 people who confirm they can attend because you are talking about people that are very busy -- or who live many thousands of kilometres away. But everybody came to London, including Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Salman of Bahrain, Luca di Montezemolo, Stefano Domenicali, Piero Ferrari, David Coulthard, Max Mosley, Toto Wolff, Niki Lauda, and many other

Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa

If militias and armed groups are committing terrorist acts targeting innocent lives and property, as well as receiving elements of combat training, we must confront them ... and stop their threats to peace and

Sayed Alwadaei

This came from the Bahraini king, and for him to sign off on this amendment means that he is personally approving the new repressive measure and all the consequences it will have. The responsibility for this de facto martial law lies at his

Husain Abdulla

In a year where the new Trump administration is dismissing human rights from its foreign policy to Bahrain and the Gulf and preparing to sell arms without conditions, this is a dangerous sign of things to

Mohammad Javad Zarif

I do not see any reason why Iran and Saudi Arabia should have hostile policies towards each other. We can in fact work together to put an end to miserable conditions of the people in Syria and Yemen and Bahrain and elsewhere in the

Bahram Ghassemi

The lack of transparency in the unfair trial of the three Bahraini citizens was confirmed by the international community, human rights and all popular bodies all around the

Boris Johnson

The UK is firmly opposed to the death penalty, and it is our longstanding position to oppose capital sentences in all circumstances. The Bahraini authorities are fully aware of our position and I have raised the issue with the Bahraini

Maya Foa

It is nothing short of an outrage – and a disgraceful breach of international law – that Bahrain has gone ahead with these executions. The death sentences handed to Ali, Sami and Abbas were based on 'confessions' extracted through torture, and the trial an utter

Boris Johnson

Now is the time for my country to seize the opportunity of leaving the EU. We will be there to work for European peace and stability. We'll still be there to stick up for our friends and partners in the Gulf... (where) for the first time since the 1970s we will additionally be able to do free trade

Hisham al-Rayes

With the merger and recoveries, we are creating a $1 billion-plus bank in

Hisham al-Rayes

The recent merger we announced was Bank Al Khair – we hope during the first quarter of 2017 to finish most of our

Hisham al-Rayes

We are waiting for the final approval of the Central Bank of Bahrain. Once we have it, I expect during the first quarter the listing will take

Masood Ahmed - International Monetary Fund

Some countries -- Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Oman -- start from a position where they have to make more of an adjustment to be able to balance their budget in five years. They all do have policies that they're articulating that will help them get there, but they will entail difficult

Mark Toner

We call on the government of Bahrain to release him immediately. We have concerns about the state of human rights in general in Bahrain and we're engaging with the government on all these

Ruth Jebet

I admit it was too easy for me but nobody told me about the record. I wanted the gold

Robert Mazur

You have the movement of cash into Lebanon, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, other parts of the world, and then you have the drugs going up into Europe. This is a very lucrative route. It's a route that relies very much on the longstanding smuggling route in West African nations and countries within the Middle East where there are factions loyal to

Ariel Plotkin - Amnesty International

Preventing human rights defenders, journalists and former prisoners of conscience from leaving their own country is just one of a long list of repressive tactics the Bahraini authorities have sought to punish and muzzle its critics in recent

Michele White

Any spread of the Bahrain-style ban on foreign ships that have recently called Iran can only fuel this hesitancy for owners who trade in the Middle East

John Kerry

Bahrain is a critical security partner of the United

Tariq al-Hassan

Unfortunately, the issue of human rights had been misused by some organisations and by some states, and it is only just that they acknowledge what Bahrain had achieved in this field. This broken record about torture in prisons, I don't know what this talk is

Joe Stork

All the available evidence supported the conclusion that these new institutions have not effectively tackled … a 'culture of impunity' among security

Tariq al-Hassan

Bahrain has faced terrorist attacks … acts of unrest and attacks in the past five years. Today, security is better and is under control. But this stability must be preserved because we are facing an assault from abroad, specifically from Iran as we have shown more than

Tariq al-Hassan

I see that the level of transparency that exists today, unfortunately, is being ignored by those who belong to human rights bodies, or some of

Kent Moors - Capital Research Group

Bahrain] is connected to the province in which they produce the majority of their oil. It is also the only province in Saudi Arabia that has a majority Shiite

Ayatollah Khamenei

We will not stop supporting our friends in the region: the oppressed people of Palestine, the oppressed people of Yemen, the people and government of Syria, the people and government of Iraq, the oppressed people of

Don Goldman

We're limiting the production to around 30 cars, and we built 10 as of this week. This car that's behind me right here was actually built for a customer in Bahrain, that's where he

Mehdi Ayat

Of course, I am one of those who is boycotting the show-parliament that we have in the country because no qualified candidates are available. The people entering parliament are threatening and terrorising the

Enrico Dini

The idea is to mine the seabed and take the binders and the sand exactly from the place where we are going to place our

Enrico Dini

We have seen an artificial reef – an artificial reef in the sense that it's a shape with particular features, with a particular geometry, very complex, that would be impossible to manufacture without that technology. And those features have been conceived to enhance – ecologically – the fish

David Rejeski

3D printing is kind of agnostic to complexity. So it's easy to make complex things and I think for people who want to replicate nature in any way, it's a huge, huge boon to those folks. It's a brand new tool that they've never had

Salman Bin Isa Al Khalifa

We are in our final days of preparation for this big event. The team of Bahrain International Circuit are putting the final touches to the Formula One village and to the entertainment

Mohamad Hassan Ibrahim

We hope to come here again and share sweets with you after the fall of this

Thomas Zaccaria

Committing 2.8% of government revenues is essentially aspiring to be among the top 5 nations in terms of research investment and Qatar certainly has an interest in being a leader in the region and a partner and collaborator in the region. But I think it would be fair to say that our ambitions are truly to be leaders in the world in a few areas where we intend to

Khaled Machaca

Part of our mission in Qatar is not only to do good science but also to build future generations in terms of their ability to conduct good science by themselves. So the training becomes critical, it's an essential component. So our programme is structured with training spanning the entire spectrum of all that we

Nick Clegg

I think it would be wrong to try and draw neat comparisons between the situation in Bahrain – the tensions between the Sunni and the Shia communities there – and the decades of brutal abuse of the human rights and freedoms of people in Libya by an authoritarian regime under Colonel

Nabeela Al Khayer

It is interesting to work here. Interesting to work with different artists from all over the world. Asilah – the place by itself it gives you a beautiful feeling for

Mustafa Erdogan

Fire of Anatolia has been touring worldwide for 12 years now. We began in 2000 and we've been everywhere from Siberia to Bahrain, from New Zealand to the United States. Now we're in Belgium with our show Troy. It's the 8th time we've been to Belgium. They are great audiences. The Belgians love

Aqeel Raees

Usually this is our best or peak season and due to what has been happening, our occupancy has dropped from the high 90 percent to the low 25 and 30 percent, so our business has been badly affected in all

Saleh Yemen

They have political parties in a way that Kuwait or Bahrain don'

Maha Barada

While this truce potentially ends the row for now, it is unclear if there has been any shift in views on how to deal with crucial issues affecting the region. For instance observers want to know if Qatar has agreed to stop its support for the Muslim Brotherhood, bringing it into line with the policies of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. It is unclear if the agreement has resulted in such a

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