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Hilary Lau - Herbert Smith Freehills
We've seen a lot of activities recently in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Myanmar. The whole Sri Lanka, India, and Bangladesh corridor is also hot as it's connecting the East and
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Aug 16 2017
“In all of these cases attackers are suspected of trying to replicate the modus operandi of the Bangladesh attackers.” said Subhankar Saha speaking about Bangladesh. It’s one of the 261 quotes about Bangladesh you can find on this page. 181 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Farhad Mazhar, Sheema Sen Gupta and Sarah Labowitz. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Sheema Sen Gupta

Bangladesh has a good framework of climate adaptation, based on the fact that they need to survive. Clearly there is an awareness (climate impacts) are increasing and we need to do

Sheema Sen Gupta

I hesitate to say climate change and urbanization are the major causes of child marriage. But they do compound it and make it a bit more difficult to

Rezaul Karim

We as humans make lots of behaviours while interacting with others everyday, but almost all the time we are not aware of the biases we have in those behaviours, such as in turning the head to one side during lip kissing. Prior studies also poorly understood the phenomena as they ignored the role of kiss recipients or were unable to disentangle the impact of kiss initiators on the head turning direction in kiss

Michael Proulx

This study is unique in giving us a look into a private behaviour in a private culture with implications for all people. Prior works could not rule out cultural learning due to having Western samples. It turns out, we as humans are similar even if our social values

Tamim Iqbal

I want all my fans and well wishers to know that I cut short my season with Essex to come back home early for personal reasons. Some media reported that we were the target of attempted hate crime. This is really not

Farhad Mazhar

But I am not afraid to reveal what happened to me. People become mysteriously silent after they emerge alive from enforced disappearances. When I return to work I will begin working on this issue. We have to end this culture of enforced

Farhad Mazhar

It was a short call. I whispered: 'They are taking me away, they will kill me.' I spoke to her for just a few seconds before they noticed it. They gave me the mobile and I spoke to my wife a few times on the issue. The bus kept travelling for hours. They abused me, throwing foul language at me sometimes. They also slapped me. Around 10 or 12 hours later, the men said they would release me. They took off the blindfold and dropped me at a secluded place when it was a little

Rahman Khan

Families are scared to talk about it because other members of the family may suffer the

Farhad Mazhar

They used some harsh language, took away my mobile and blindfolded me. They used their knees to keep me pinned down on the floor of the

Farhad Mazhar

My abductors were in plain clothes. I don't know who they were or which group they belonged to. I made several phone calls to my wife while I was captive. Police could locate my position from my calls after the microbus left Dhaka, I found out later. I am surprised why police could not intercept the microbus well before it reached

Farhad Mazhar

That morning I had had problems with my eyes and so I left my home to buy medicine. Suddenly three men appeared on the sidewalk and they pushed me inside a white

Farhad Mazhar

They gave me a bus ticket and asked me to take the bus from Khulna city to go back to Dhaka. I walked some distance and reached a market in Khulna, where I had some food before boarding the bus at 9.15

Meenakshi Ganguly - Human Rights Watch

In all but a handful of cases that we investigated, police refused to accept complaints that the person had been illegally detained by law enforcement

Wiratmaja Puja

Our production has turned out to be better than predicted. Pertamina has businesses in various countries, so we can re-sell to Bangladesh or others. We are pushing Pertamina to go

Sarah Labowitz

Companies and unions negotiated without the factory owners, who are the ones who bear the responsibility and cost of implementing the Accord's requirements. This was an original flaw in the Accord when it was first negotiated in 2013 and what gave it real legitimacy issues in

Mahiuddin Faruqui

We'll definitely compensate and provide jobs for the family members of those who have been deceased and injured. We will give the highest possible amount as compensation. It will be fixed upon discussions with the district administration officials or the government. The boiler was running well. After servicing when workers were trying to restart it, it went

Palash Chandra Modak

Nine people were killed in the blast and one died in

Khan Kamal

Our society does not allow any movement that promotes unnatural sex. Writing in favor of it is tantamount to criminal offense, as per our

Islam Shihab

I want my brother to remain alive among

Saleemul Huq

Temperatures have already gone up by 1C. We can see that the weather patterns have changed. Ask anyone in the street, and they will say the frequency of floods has changed. Bangladesh has a long history of floods, but what used to be a one-in-20-year event now happens one year in five. It is what we would expect with climate change

Saleemul Huq

In the next 20 years we would expect five to 10 million people to have to move from the coastal areas. The whole country is a climate hotspot, but the most vulnerable area is the coast. Dhaka is the place where people head

Tanvir Chowdhury - Al Jazeera

Experts think the government could do much more to prevent the loss of life by evacuating people living in the hilly areas during the monsoon

Reaz Ahmed

The recovery work is still going on. The death toll could rise as many areas still remained cut off. We have not been able to reach many of the affected places. Once the rains are over, we'll get a full picture of the damage and get the recovery work in full

Shah Ahmed Shafi

Do not play with our religious beliefs, national spirit and heritage. Do not push the country toward the curse of Allah through such anti-Islamic

Mohiuddin Khan

We can handle all sorts of emergency cases through this center, we can refer them to the high level center instantly. This is the disability prevention and rehabilitation corner of this facility. The clients are coming from the makeshift settlement. This is the laboratory; we provide very basic but very comprehensive range of laboratory services. They had to travel around, at least 40 kilometers to access laboratory

Eoin Morgan

I think he's very close to full fitness. He came through the other day [when England played Bangladesh at The Oval], bowling more overs [seven] than we intended. But I think we're nearly there. He's had no pain in five days now. So, if that continues, there's a chance he may bowl 10

Karim Elguindi - World Food Programme

For up to 20 years most humanitarian assistance has been for registered refugees Since last year more than 75,000 came in addition to other tens of thousands unregistered refugees, they were not having much. The aim is to provide something more dignified and a user harmonised approach, similar to what we have in registered

Chandika Hathurusingha

Obviously it affects the confidence a little bit, but this is a practice game. It's a big game for us, the first game of the Champions Trophy. But our preparation was good apart from this game so we are confident

Mohammad Ali Hussain

Almost all rickety houses in the district were completely or partially destroyed by the cyclone. Not only Rohingya

Setara Begum

There's no roof. We are just drinking water. The little food we had in our home was all damaged after the cyclone. My children are crying for food. I am helpless. I have no money. There's no hope. I don't know how I will raise my

Eoin Morgan

Chris Woakes, who had a thigh problem, is 100 per cent fit and has come through the last two or three days really well. Ben Stokes has had a little bowl today, and we will see how he pulls up tomorrow to see how much he will bowl – but I certainly see him

Hamida Begum

We heard that a cyclone is coming. But there's no place we can go. I hate being a Rohingya. We are being tortured in Myanmar. Now in Bangladesh we have no rights - nothing. After this cyclone, we don't have a roof. We are living under the sky. We have no

Sajjadul Alam Bobby

Watching that game was a privilege. Beating England in an away venue meant a

Sajjadul Alam Bobby

It was the first window into Bangladesh cricket for the rest of the

Sajjadul Alam Bobby

Two hundred years of colonisation by the British were followed by 25 years of brutal and repressive rule by the

Sajjadul Alam Bobby

Cricket is and has been much bigger than winning mere matches – it has given Bangladesh a positive identity and unites the whole country. Cricket has given an entire generation the courage to

Omar Farukh

We have passed a difficult time. We had no tin or plastic sheets above our heads and almost all of us passed the night in the rain. We tried to save our belongings, whatever we have, with pieces of plastic

Rasel Uddin

The storm was really frightening. The winds were so strong, I watched a giant eucalyptus tree, dozens of feet tall, getting bent to the point where it was almost flat on the ground. It would straighten again, then the winds would blow it back to the point where it was flat

Rasel Uddin

The Rohingya live in small shacks – we describe them as barely standing – so they have been devastated. But also many Bangladeshi families in the area who live in homes like that have been affected the

John McKissick

The problem is that we're very under-resourced. We have supplies to repair 3,000 homes now, and we're working out how to distribute them without causing tensions and having a crowd start to fight over who gets the

Mohammad Imran

There isn't a single refugee home that hasn't had its roof blown

Shah Ahmad Shafi

It was not an issue whether Themis would be in front of the Supreme Court or at the back side of the Supreme Court. The issue was whether Themis would exist or not, whether this symbol would be removed from Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina

Why would a statue of the Greek Themis be set up in Bangladesh?feedback

Shahriar Abedin

We need security and guarantee of our job at least for three years after the handover to the new company. We also wanted guarantee of our achieved gratitude money and

Imran H Sarker

Why are these young people arrested? We always opposed that

Jahangir Hossain Matubbar

Yesterday when we arrested them, they did not complete the homosexuality act. They were preparing for that. We were very suspicious about them. For a long time they have been gathering there. People informed us and we rushed there to find why they had been gathering

Olof Blomqvist

Between the violence of armed groups and state repression, secular voices in Bangladesh are being consistently

Mahfuz Anam

It was farcical. Its purpose was to intimidate me and my institution. The message was: if we can do that to the Daily Star and its editor, we can do it to anybody. It was legal harassment. If the government felt I was exercising too much press freedom, they could revive the cases … or they could institute new ones. It all depends on how I behave. The religious extremists are passing phenomena. If the government and media work together, we can resist these

Marcus Hutchins

We think there might be more domains out there that will sort of come around in the next few weeks, but this one i think is pretty much done and

Manzoor Hasan

This will not create a conducive environment for us to deal with the U.N. and U.N. bodies. It is such a petty matter, one wouldn't think of doing something like this, which has much wider

Alec Stewart

Zafar's exceptionally tough but considered decision is one that we should all respect and understand. To retire at such a young age when his cricket career was progressing very nicely, earning a Test debut against Bangladesh last winter, proves that he has given great thought in deciding to walk away from the professional game. He is one of our own, having come through our age group and academy system where he first played for the county at the age of

Arif Hossain

I am marching to let the world know that we are united for science in Bangladesh. We have 160 million people to feed in the changed climate, and together we will make a better day with science and

Albert Roca

It's going to be a difficult game. Maziya won their first game in Bangladesh. We expect a really tough game tomorrow. There will be pressure on any team who always want to win. But this is a challenge for us to come here and do our best and try to

Drago Mamic

I was proud of my time at Churchill Brothers where I defeated Mohun Bagan 2-1 in the IFA Shield. It has been tough for me to build the team but we have made some signing and looking to add some more. We have to play well because we have the opportunity to come top of the

Shahin Ahmed

That NGO went to our buyers too. They showed them some video clips of child workers who are engaged in manufacturing some byproducts. […] They are no way part of the main industry, I can challenge

Eric Chien - Symantec

We found multiple links, which gave us reasonable confidence that it's the same group behind Bangladesh as the Polish attacks. It's one thing to go after Bangladesh, but it's a whole other thing to take on the U.S. This was a global list, but they hadn't gotten around to making a watering hole for all these country

Fakhrul Ahsan

They are well trained, and have thrown back the grenades we lobbed at

Richard Pearhouse - Human Rights Watch

Consumers should be asking plenty of sharp questions on the shop floor about what retailers are doing to guarantee they are not sourcing leather from Hazaribagh's toxic

Ramachandra Guha

But it is also part of a regional and global phenomenon of religious nationalism. You see it now in Turkey, and in our neighbourhood, with Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are parallels with Sri Lanka. And even in America, when George Bush said Jesus was his favourite philosopher,You can't blame Rahul Gandhi for

Scott Nova

This principle applies, whether or not leather from the tanneries in question is being used in a brand's

Mohammed Harun

If the owners provide us with these things, it will improve the

Mohammed Harun

We would hope to avoid the harm that can be caused by the liquid when the body and the limbs are exposed to

Enam Ali

What is at stake now is not the heritage of Bangladesh, but the heritage of Britain. I've given my life to the curry industry and I can see with my own eyes that it is disappearing. I really feel the government should intervene before it is too

Enam Ali

The British curry industry has wholeheartedly supported Brexit because we feel it would be a fair policy and we can bring people from outside the EU, from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan where people can come and look after our business because the industry needs chefs desperately. Because the people we are currently working with, the European workers – Romanian and Polish – they are now going to leave so what we end up with is nobody to work for us. So we will be really closing our

Venkiteswaran Muralidhar

They will probably be taken by rickshaw to a hospital in Dhaka. They are the most horrible conditions you can imagine. I work in this area. I have never seen anything as bad as

George Galloway

It's true I'm not local, but then neither was Sir Matt Busby. Neither was Sir Alex Ferguson nor Pep Guardiola nor José Mourinho. Like them I want to work for you, for Gorton, for Manchester. I am, like Sir Matt, a Scot of Irish background. There are plenty of us around Manchester. My 40-year relationship with Pakistan and Bangladesh, my 40 years with the Arabs, mean I can speak the language. I can talk the talk but I also walk the

Eugene Volokh

I’m blogging excerpts this week and next week from a new article by Mark Lemley and me, “Law, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.” (Click on the link to see the whole article, including footnotes.) This post is from the criminal law part; we begin with disturbing the peace, but soon we’ll tell you about indecent exposure, strobing, virtual groping and

Eugene Volokh

Stanford law professor Mark A. Lemley and I have just finished a draft of a new article, “Law, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.” It’s still early days in the development of commercial VR and AR, and even more so in the law of each. But we think that the shape of the technology is clear enough to speculate about the legal issues that are likely to arise. Plus, selfishly, we’d like to get in on the ground floor of something that’s going to be big - and we’re sure that VR and AR will indeed be

Bina Patru

I used to miss days at work because of illness and so I wasn't paid. Our children were often sick – my daughters suffered from diarrhoea and dysentery when they were growing up – and sometimes I had to look after them rather than

Bina Patru

These pumps and latrines have made such a difference for us. We used to have to walk more than half-an-hour each way to collect water from a well. We'd do that journey in the rain and the heat, walk with one jug on our heads, another on our hip. Water for everything else came from the streams. People had to go the toilet in the bushes and some went near the same

Nantu Ranjan Singh

But that's dropped right off since the interventions by Idea and

Tom Palakudiyil - WaterAid

This programme has helped change the mindset of tea garden owners, introducing them to the need to respect workers' rights and the value of a healthier workforce, while helping the tea pickers understand they have the right to good health, education and hope for a better future. As we continue our work, we'll also continue our advocacy with local governments and tea garden owners to ensure water and sanitation is made a priority for everyone, including the poorest and most

Basonti Singh

There's a lot of illness here – diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach upsets. Even the water from the well is red from iron and tastes bad. But when you're thirsty, you don't care if the water you drink is clean or

Numan Haider Chowdury

Built by the British in 1910. We're very grateful for their help for the poor people of this tea garden. If workers are disease-free, then they work well, so we all

Numan Haider Chowdury

We welcome NGOs that work for the benefit of the workers' health and development of the estates. But we don't want the wrong sort of

Nikhil Shantal

I go into the jungle where it's private and I take some water with me to wash my hands. I hope one day we have a latrine, it would be good for our hygiene and our

Angus Deaton

Professor Case needs no introduction to me. I am a great fan of her

Farah Kabir

We are here today to show their inner strength, as they have come a long way. I often take inspiration from them. Their courage is

Farah Kabir

I am ashamed of having such things in the country. Unfortunately, in Bangladesh we do have acid victims because of either gender discrimination or violence, or because of greed. And we want to remind everyone the kind of injustice that has been meted out to

Albert Roca

It's going to be a difficult game against Maziya. They won their first game in Bangladesh. We expect a really tough game

Ayoub Qassem

They are from different sub-Saharan countries, one from Bangladesh and six women. Our coastguards carried out a search operation in that area off Tajoura in attempting to find the missing ones but no one was

Rafida Ahmed

Two years ago, we were ambushed in Bangladesh by the sort of group the west’s populist leaders claim to oppose. But they are two sides of the same coin. I have no memory of the attack, but the pictures of my husband’s bloody, motionless body on the street, me next to him pleading for help, the four large stab wounds on my head and a sliced-off thumb, will remind me forever of the hatred and intolerance that changed my

Zaw Htay

Their number is much greater than our figure. We have to check on the ground. If it's true we need to find out the reason and the background data about the

Khatun Hazera

They shot him and then turned the body upside down, dragged it, put a sword inside it and took

Najib Razak

We hear their pain, those who have been raped, murdered and burned

Zaw Htay

These are extremely serious allegations and we are deeply concerned. We will be immediately investigating these allegations through the investigation commission, led by Vice-President U Myint

Mohammad Mizanur Rahman

We are fearful that the nature of the Rohingya people is not good – they have a record of involvement in drugs and smuggling, so if they are moved here, together with the pirates who rob, we will be in big

Alamgir Hussain

There is an uneasy situation, and police are patrolling the area to avoid any further clashes. We hope to resolve the problem soon, otherwise we may not be able to finish our project in

Shahriar Alam

After considering all aspects, we have taken a firm decision to shift them to the island. Still, this is a very early stage of our decision. We also have plans to provide them poultry or livestock for their livelihood. But all these arrangements are temporary. Myanmar will have to take them back. They are living in inhumane conditions. Taking the Rohingya back and giving them citizenship is the only solution to the crisis. They are getting involved in drugs and other unlawful activities. If we could have confined them in the camp, it would not have

Aye Aye Soe

The people that Bangladesh is saying are on their side, we have to verify that they are from Myanmar. We can't just accept on face value if they say they are from Myanmar. If they are found to be from Myanmar, we will take them back and of course we will do that in due

Fazle Kabir

Domestic demand-driven economic activity remains relatively buoyant, as indicated by credit growth, industrial activity, and import

Maruf Hossain Sardar

We used tear gas and water cannon after the protesters threw bricks at

Anu Mohammad

This will have a devastating and irreversible impact on the Sundarbans, its ecology and

Aye Soe

For the border situation, an operation is still in progress to create stability, so I don't think there will be a lot of results from this first-time meeting. We need to make sure how many people arrived and where they are from, but no one can confirm

Mohammad Anwarul Azim

It was mostly barren land. Roughly 150 huts were displaced, and we paid them as per government

Bhaskar Roy

Governments face a tough balancing act of luring investors, while at the same time ensuring adequate safeguards for farmers and the environment. Nations can't push for development alone and neglect other

Tofail Ahmed

Tea production this year is likely to hit all-time high of 80 million

Stephen Gilderdale

In 80 per cent of the cases that we are aware of and where we have completed investigations, a fraud has not actually ended up taking place. I personally am very pleased with the progress that we are

Subhankar Saha

In all of these cases attackers are suspected of trying to replicate the modus operandi of the Bangladesh

Thea Daep

The statement of the Bangladesh investigator indicating acts of criminal negligence on the part of certain Bangladesh Bank officials validates what RCBC had been saying all along, and that is that Bangladesh Bank's own acts are the cause of its own

Richard Towle

Although it's proper to highlight the situation in Myanmar itself, it's also very important to look at the situation of the Rohingyas in Bangladesh and here in Malaysia, where there is a lot we can still do to make their lives more secure and

Carlos Dominguez

It is part of co-operation. We will give them an update of our

Maqbul Ahmad

The government is consistently denying the actual presence of terrorism in Bangladesh. Rather they are using it as an effective instrument of repression of

Islam Alamgir

A democracy deficit is definitely encouraging the

Subhankar Saha

The payment in cash was also abnormal. ...The mechanism of transfer of money was also not transparent. So all these are

Thea Daep

RCBC is not the proximate cause of the theft. They have no case against us. BB (Bangladesh Bank) was the one who was

Thea Daep

Numerous reports quoting high Bangladeshi officials and the initial findings of BB's own investigation indicated that the heist got help from BB insiders. Shortly after, BB decided to abort its investigation which raises a lot of questions, to say the

Zaw Htay

The international community misunderstood us because of Rohingya lobbyists who distributed fabricated news. No one in the world would accept attacks on security forces, killings and looting of

Kamrul Ahsan

Despite our border guards' sincere effort to prevent the influx, thousands of distressed Myanmar citizens including women, children and elderly people continue to cross border in to Bangladesh. Thousands more have been reported to be gathering at the border

Humayun Kabir

There was a group of people from our village who crossed the river by boat to come here, but suddenly the boat

John McKissick

Difficult as it is for the Bangladesh government to absorb large numbers, it seems to me there is no other choice, because the only other choice is death and suffering. For now, the only thing that can be done is to assist and protect

Aye Soe

They are using our country, our region as a base...with the intention of disrupting the area, causing unrest, chaos in the area, they are doing this to get international attention, to pressure

Kyaw Mya Win

The villagers have become insurgents, including women in the

Anwarul Azim

Early Tuesday, 86 Rohingya including 40 women and 25 children were pushed back by the BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) from the Teknaf border point. All of them tried to enter Bangladesh and came by two engine-operated boats. Now we have beefed up our patrolling and additional forces have been engaged to ensure security in the border

Mohammed Abul Kalam

(My) sorrows have a beginning but no end. I have lost everything, but the greatest loss is my daughters'

Salma A. Shafi

The tenants (in private slums) have no security as rents are raised according to the owner-developers' whims. Without any contractual agreement or legal support, tenants have no

Mohammed Abul Kalam

I never expected my daughters to support me. Instead, I dreamed they would continue their

Deepak Kumar

We are reason to believe that it may be linked to an electrical short circuit, but we are still looking into it. Everyone worked together to rescue the people inside the building. These included local residents, police, fire and ambulance

Carin Leffler

Despite the many disasters we have seen before, and the great amount of attention to the dangerous working conditions in the South Asian garment industry, factories there largely remain unsafe. These workers were killed because they were sleeping in the

John Gomes

The writ of execution that the money be handed back to Bangladesh has already been done by the court. The good thing is now that the process on this $15 million is more or less completed, we will go for the

Enamul Hoque Chowdhury

The administration, including police, was negligent and callous in handling such a sensitive

Scott Nova

They can say that they've finally got these things scheduled, but that's cold comfort for workers who have been working in a dangerous building for the past 24

Scott Nova

The factory has numerous serious safety hazards that have not been corrected even though deadlines for completing the work are long past. Any of these hazards has the potential to cause serious injury or death in a factory where almost 2,500 people

Robin Brooks - Norton Rose Fulbright

Companies are realising that they may be responsible for activities of their business partners and third-party suppliers. There is an emerging body of legal claims in a number of different jurisdictions against companies for human rights abuses in their supply chains and we expect this to

Peter Hasle

The working conditions are far more dangerous and less organized in Bangladesh, than in

M.A. Mannan

Xi's visit will set a new milestone. Our infrastructure needs are big, so we need huge

M.A. Mannan

Xi's visit will set a new milestone. (A) record amount of loan agreements will be signed during the visit, roughly USD 24

Dominique Legros - World Health Organization

So far, we have one experience of a large-scale campaign with a single dose - it was done in Bangladesh two years ago. It proved effective for six

Zhao Gancheng

I really don't think there is a zero sum game going on in Bangladesh between China and India. Bangladesh welcomes both Chinese and Indian

Sarah Labowitz

One of the risks for Bangladesh right now is that between the July terror attack, the legacy of Rana Plaza and now this (Tampaco fire), it begins to look like a non-desirable place to do business. The government and industry really need to step up and

Habibur Rahman

Why would the owner ignore compliance issues after investing billions of taka?feedback

Abdus Sattar

When we ask (for) documents or to implement recommendations ... the management says they struggle with so many licenses and do not understand which one should have

Syed Ahmed

This disaster has opened our eyes to the fact that we must also focus on other

Mohammad Manowar Hossain

All of a sudden, I heard a blast. I lost my senses. After I got my senses back, there were many injured workers lying beside me crying for

Mikail Shipar

It is our estimate that roughly 4,000 factories will come under this project. We cannot inspect all factories, and so we have to give priority to those factories that are prone to fires or

Mikail Shipar

There will be a committee from this ministry and action will be taken if anyone is found guilty for this lack of

Syed Ahmed

If we could have inspected the factory, then we may have noticed and could have taken action on those shortcomings, and this could have averted

Ye Htut

All of the security forces are deployed in Maungdaw, so we are not worried about security. Everything is

Kyaw Tin

The state counsellor instructed us to handle this issue cautiously in accordance with the

Ayush Khanna - LaborVoices

Mobile-phone penetration in developing countries is more than 90 per cent today, so it's an obvious technology to use to increase the transparency and accountability of the supply

Sarah Labowitz

Calls from workers is a good system to have, but it is not a substitute for audits and checks. You need both to tackle the issues in the supply

Sarah Labowitz

One of the big challenges for companies in locations far from their suppliers is: How do you hear from workers directly?feedback

Markus Roesner - Asian Development Bank

With Bangladesh located at the heart of the Trans-Asia Railway, efficient rail lines and services will put the country in an excellent position, in the future, to tap markets both east and

Markus Roesner - Asian Development Bank

The planned 102-kilometre (63-mile) stretch of railway will connect the tourist town of Cox's Bazaar with the existing Bangladesh railway

Markus Roesner - Asian Development Bank

We expect the railway will mean tourism increases at least 5 percent annually, bringing huge business opportunities to the

Khamchang Mro

We reforested the degraded area of our village forests. As a result, our village forest has now gained a healthy

Syed Ahmed

So far our focus was only on readymade garment factories, but now this disaster has opened our eyes to the fact that we should also focus on other

Syed Mokbul Hossain

My company is fully compliant and I've never sacrificed on quality, as my clients are mainly multinational companies. Now my only focus is on my workers who were injured and on those who

Patricia Jurewicz

Located in the middle of the supply chain, spinning mills are uniquely positioned to identify cotton produced with forced labour and prevent it from entering corporate supply chains. Our initiative targets the most opaque place in the supply chain, where yarn spinners blend different types of cotton

Patricia Jurewicz

They are the key to knowing if the cotton that gets spun and woven into our clothes was harvested under forced labour

John Kerry

Democracy, still provides the most resilient and reliable platform we have for preventing and responding to violent extremism ... to defeat terrorists, we must uphold, not betray, the democratic principles we cherish and they abhor. Bangladesh cannot truly meet the aspirations of its people and share prosperity if its workers are not safe and their rights are not

Shahidul Hoque

It was a joint operation between the police and SWAT unit. It was carefully planned and took about one hour. When we entered the house we found three militants dead. Among those three was a person whose face looked similar to a photo of Tamin Chowdhury and I can now confirm Chowdhury was among the

Ansar al Islam

Shameem was the leader of that attacking group. After a tip-off, police arrested him from Tongi, on outskirts of the city on Tuesday

Subhankar Saha

We only assessed different options, including the legal (option). We look forward to co-operation both from the Fed and

Subhankar Saha

At the moment we have no plan to go for any legal action against the Fed bank or SWIFT; rather we will seek their

Ajmalul Hossain - Bangladesh Bank

Bangladesh Bank knows enough about what happened from the internal and external reports so far obtained by it and

Maria Celia Estavillo - Rizal Commercial Banking

That's why I think a report is not forthcoming. They should finish their investigation, they should find out what happened in Bangladesh, they should find out who is liable there, they should give a copy of that to the Philippines government. And if they are confident of the strength of their case, they should file a case in

Siddiqur Rahman

The drop in July is mostly due to the long Eid

Mohammad Jaaffar Ahmad

In the long run, we have to work very hard to secure other markets which Indonesia is not competing with us in. Indonesia will go to the big markets like China, Pakistan and

Alfredo Lim

The money is with Solaire (Resort and Casino). It will put us in a bad light if the money is not immediately released to

Subhankar Saha

RCBC did not perform its role properly. RCBC is similarly liable as those parties who took money in their

Cesar Virata - Rizal Commercial Banking

We had these rogue employees or officers that were able to do these things. It can happen to any bank. I think the Bangladesh government should find out first who was responsible for remitting their

Carolyn Maloney

I couldn't believe that that much money could be lost in the SWIFT system, and in the whole federal system for central banks. It's a wake-up call and it has to be corrected. To me, I see it as a threat to the confidence people could have in the central banking

Subhankar Saha

I couldn't believe that much money could be lost in the SWIFT

Gareth Price - Chatham House

The attacks could have significant economic impact – which may well have been in part, the intention. The decision by Uniqlo to suspend travel to Bangladesh would, if replicated by other companies, have a devastating effect on the

John Kirby

The Secretary (Kerry) encouraged the government of Bangladesh to conduct its investigation in accordance with the highest international standards and offered immediate assistance from U.S. law enforcement, including the

John Kirby

We remain in close contact with the Government of Bangladesh and have offered our assistance in their efforts to bring to justice those responsible for these

Sanchita Saxena

We are all very devastated to hear the news about Tarishi Jain. She was a smart and ambitious young woman with a big

Paolo Gentiloni

We have identified nine (Italians) killed, there is another person who is missing and could be hiding himself or could be among wounded people ... we are looking for

Nayeem Ashfaque Chowdhury

All the hostages were killed last night. The terrorists used sharp weapons to kill them

Sushma Swaraj

I am extremely pained to share that the terrorists have killed Tarushi, an Indian girl who was taken hostage in the terror attack in Dhaka. I have spoken to her father Shri Sanjeev Jain and conveyed our deepest condolences. The country is with them in this hour of

John Kirby

We are working with the local authorities to determine if any U.S. citizens and locally-employed staff were affected. On learning of the attack our embassy issued a shelter-in-place order, This order was issued out of caution, but at no time was the embassy compound itself under immediate threat from this

John Kirby

The situation is ongoing. It's obviously too early for us to say who is involved, the motivation, any of that stuff. It's all still unfolding right now and we will obviously update

James Wagner

The Emory community mourns this tragic and senseless loss of two members of our university family. Our thoughts and prayers go out on behalf of Faraaz and Abinta and their families and friends for strength and peace at this unspeakably sad

Richard Burr

This is the second significant terror attack in one week, in vastly different parts of the world. Extremist groups are no longer challenged by the distance to their targets and we are likely no longer protected by the vast oceans beyond our borders. The terrorist threat is truly

Hasan Mahmud

If the sea level is rising by one meter, the map of Bangladesh will be

Brad Adams - Human Rights Watch

It is terrible that when bloggers were murdered, the government could only preach

Scott Nova

It's so grossly irresponsible to put thousands of workers into a building that doesn't have

Scott Nova

There have been substantial safety renovations in factories that have unquestionably made those factories substantially safer. At the same time, it's also true that there have been unacceptable

Tom Carper

It is my understanding that there is no evidence of any attempt to penetrate Federal Reserve systems or that any Federal Reserve systems were compromised in connection with these recent incidents. However, these cyberattacks raise important questions about the security of the SWIFT system and the ability of its members to prevent future

Adrian Nish - BAE Systems Land and Armaments

They have got a very distinctive manner. The links come through the code, which bears the hallmarks of a single, constant

Mohammad Shamsuddin

Professor Rezaul was killed in a similar fashion as the killings of bloggers. he was a peaceful person and had no

Shah Alam

It used to be their duty to point it out but we have not discovered any evidence that they instructed earlier than the

Sarah Labowitz

Politically, socially, there's a big debate about the real cost of globalization. If the fashion industry were to disappear tomorrow, it wouldn't be good for Bangladesh and other countries where workers are dependent on it. But we are going to need to keep the debate going, keep the pressure on retailers, on governments, on

Grace Poe

The trend now in the world is having bank disclosures, not bank secrecy. This is to prevent also the funneling of money down to terroristic activities, drug cartels, etc. We should be one with the international community in preventing such

Subhankar Saha

We are working with the Philippines anti-money laundering authorities on tracking the money. The media reports we have seen from there are that the commercial bank in the Philippines continued the process of transferring the money on without carrying out the proper

Atiur Rahman

I thought, to protect the image of the bank, I resigned voluntarily to take a much higher moral ground, there are not many examples of that in this country, to really take the responsibility, morally, and then

Shahidul Hoque

We were looking at five of the six militants before the incident. We have tightened up security and will implement a plan we've discussed with all the high officials of the concerned security

Matteo Renzi

Terrorists want to destroy our daily lives. We are duty bound to respond with even more determination to defend our

Matteo Renzi

Together with the other countries that have been affected, Bangladesh, Japan, and all the countries in the international community which have experienced moments like the one we're going through today, we will continue our struggle because only together, united, can we state an idea of civilisation, which is different from what we have unfortunately seen tonight in

Shinzo Abe

Those innocent lives were taken by this cruel and atrocious terrorism, and I feel strong indignation. This is a challenge for the common values shared by the international community. We strongly condemn

Sumon Reza

They couldn't be over 28 years old. Actually I saw them from a distance… they were lanky, but I saw two faces quite well. I mean, I saw them and they were not

Rana Dasgupta

It will take long time to get any decision. The nature of the case is time-consuming. The High Court will continue to hear from both parties and then will deliver its

Shahriar Kabir

After filing the case, we realised that the bench would not be favourable for us, so we did not move

Kazi Shawkat

I saw someone bring out a big knife and hit him on his head and shoulders. I shouted for help but nobody came to save him. A woman with him was also hit on the

Ria Begum

We did not want to go into the factory this morning but the management forced us to and said there was no problem with the building. Just after I sat at my table to work the building collapsed. I couldn't leave, I was

Irina Bokova - UNESCO

You mentioned Bangladesh and female access to education, but there is still a huge disparity worldwide. You are the first female head of UNESCO – is that an issue that is particularly dear to your heart?feedback

Irina Bokova - UNESCO

No, I believe that governments have still the primary responsibility for educating their people. When I say this I can give many examples where good government policies have brought a real change and we see an effort in Bangladesh, and I always give this example, with the enrolment of girls where the right government policies have seen a parity of girls and boys in

Bryan Robert - Kantar Retail

I think it is up to regional government such as the European Union, it's up to national and local government within these low-wage economies to make sure the correct procedures are being adhered

Christoph Napierski

COP15 will create about 40 thousand tons of C02 equivalent. We are not only counting CO2 but other greenhouse gas emissions. These greenhouse gas emissions will be offset in Bangladesh by a project where we are going to make two factories much more energy effective, by using less coal in the production. This will not only be positive for air quality in the region but reduce the CO2

Asif Nazrul

I think one election can not change the fate of the country. But if you carefully observe, people of Bangladesh are now becoming increasingly aware of the importance of human rights, the importance of good governance and they are raising their voice against corruption and any type of extremist

Jamel Ezzedini - Euronews

Hundreds of Bangladeshi refugees have been repatriated back to Bangladesh in the last four days. Others are in a camp waiting their turn to go back home to their home country. The Tunisian government – in cooperation with domestic and international organisations and also Arab countries – is preparing to welcome a wave of refugees. The question is whether these preparations will be enough. That will remain unanswered until it becomes clear what is happening on the other side of the

Shibani Seth

Life was much better. I don't like it here. I keep remembering my life in my old house, old neighbours, our land, our fields. Old memories won't leave

Lovely Yesmin

The money should be used to compensate the families of the injured, dead, maimed and missing

Roy Ramesh

They are talking too much in a big mouth but in the field they are not doing

Shahiduallah Azim

The factories have to survive. Without orders they can't pay workers' salaries. That's why we urge our customers and retailers not to take their business somewhere else, but to keep orders up so the workers and factory owners can

Shamima Nasrin

Our demand on this May Day is that legal measures are guaranteed against the owner of Rana Plaza. We also hope that compensation is in place for those workers whose dead bodies are still missing. And the injured must be compensated based on loss of future

Mohammad Atiqul Islam

We have agreed to the new wages after the prime minister assured us she would look into our

Mohammad Atiqul Islam

In the greater interest of our garment sector, we agreed to it. But many small factories cannot afford the

Pope Francis

I think of how many, and not just young people, are unemployed, often due to a purely economic conception of society that seeks selfish profit outside the parameters of social

Ith Samheng

We pay our deep condolences to those who died. The government will organise an investigation into this incident and take measures to prevent something like this from happening

Reshma Begum

There was a man beside me, he was telling me 'sister, save me'. I said, How can I save you, I am also dying?' Then he was asking me for water. I was searching in the darkness. I did not find anything, then that man

Ramesh Roy

The government, the building owner, the buyers, BGMEA (Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association ) and the owner of the factories have to pay compensation

Saifur Rahman

We did not get justice. We will appeal against the

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

What's your gut feeling though, do you think there will be commitment at the EU level?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Well, you say Bangladesh and other countries, but this agreement only implicates Bangladesh. Why didn't you get retailers to sign up to an agreement in all of the countries they operate in?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

But the big ones, like Walmart and Gap, aren't on board….feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

So, Europe is Bangladesh's main trading partner, and Europe has said it's going to take appropriate action. What are you going to be doing to make sure action does take place at the EU level?feedback

Phillip Jennings

Hang on a minute, have you seen the list of companies that have signed up for this agreement, Isabelle?feedback

Phillip Jennings

Have you seen the names, do you want me to read them all out to all your listeners?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

The US National Retail Federation has said that the agreement you have worked upon lacks, and I quote here 'common sense'. This is particularly problematic for the US, what do you say to that?feedback

Phillip Jennings

Honestly, the common sense missing here is from Glenn Murphy, the CEO of Gap, and the board of directors of Walmart. And an absence of any sense of gravitas or consequence by the National Retail Federation. They are being bullied by Walmart, bullied by Gap, and they are saying this lacks common sense. We are talking about life and death here. The common sense is about doing what we can, together, private and union with government, to improve the quality of life for the Bangladeshis. That's common sense, but it's also the common

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

If you are talking about life and death then, it could be argued that you've been quite intransigent in the negotiation process. Wouldn't it have been better to get a bit of a broader coalition of retailers on board, and be more acquiescent to their demands?feedback

Phillip Jennings

One of the issues we are going to have to discuss is how do we make this a broader-based agreement. But given the factory collapse, given the fact that more than 2,000 lives have been lost in Bangladesh, given that in Bangladesh this is a sector employing four million people in 4,000 factories, that was the critical issue. But help is coming and help is on the way for all of those other countries. I think it is inevitable that we broaden the

Phillip Jennings

Isabelle, we have a broad coalition of retail brands, household

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Phillip, we are in the grips of a recession, consumers are asking for cheaper and cheaper goods, we've already seen another factory collapse in Cambodia. Do you think you can ensure such a disaster doesn't happen again?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

So you've had some big names signing up – H&M, Calvin Klein, Primark, Carrefour – but some notable absences. Who are they?feedback

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

We've only got time for one more viewer question, and that comes from the United Kingdom. My name is Tessa Waite and I'm from the UK. The EU has said it will do more to improve labour standards in Bangladesh – will the pledge become reality?feedback

Gloria Chang - Greenpeace

Greenpeace is so happy to see that 'Rainbow Warrior' today is going to enter her new phase of life by serving the communities in Bangladesh, which are heavily affected by climate change and extreme

Runa Khan

The front part is going to be renovated into two operating theatres with a dental unit and an eye unit and all primary level outdoor patient work and secondary level

Dimitris Ayvatoğlu

Eventually ships grow older and they need to be disposed of, and the right way to dispose of them is actually to recycle them. There's a lot of steel onboard the ships – they are made of steel primarily, but there also are other reusable and recyclable

Sonny Nilson

You can get burned. You can fall down from a great height – especially in winter when it's slippery, and, of course, something can hit your head any moment. I think we'll be the last generation to work here. It's a dirty and dangerous job – and kids nowadays prefer to work at their

Selim Alkaner

Know your problem first, and observe, and understand, and then start collecting data – measure. If you're able to measure, you can manage. If you're not able to measure, you can't manage. We're trying to fill that gap by measuring. This is one of the key motivations of that project – collecting quantified

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