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Paul Ali
We understand that they are being used for show business, where they would be taken to places for them to narrate how they escaped Boko Haram captivity and afterward they would be given money. That is not what we wanted for our
Mar 11 2017
“Boko Haram is the most barbaric and deadliest terrorist group in the world, even if it's difficult to draw rankings in horror. We must therefore support the Nigerian army and neighbouring countries, we need to help them be more efficient, to train personnel and share information.” said Francois Hollande speaking about Boko Haram. It’s one of the 35 quotes about Boko Haram you can find on this page. 27 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Mohammed Benhammou, Mathieu Guidère and Natalie Roberts. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Olatunji Olarewanju

Early information from her was that the rest of the girls are alive and well and, you know, are holed up in Sambisa forest under Boko Haram fortification. And then she also said unfortunately that about six of the girls may have died over the course of the 765

Helene Sandbu Ryeng - UNICEF

Children in this situation typically require medical assistance and psycho-social support to help them cope with what they have been through while they were in captivity. Our experience with children and women who were kidnapped by Boko Haram and freed by the military or escaped shows that they often face mistrust, stigma and rejection when they return to their

Francois Hollande

Boko Haram is the most barbaric and deadliest terrorist group in the world, even if it's difficult to draw rankings in horror. We must therefore support the Nigerian army and neighbouring countries, we need to help them be more efficient, to train personnel and share

Francois Hollande

This terrorist group [Boko Haram] has been weakened, it's been pushed back, it's been chased around and has given up the territories it was controlling, and as a result it's being even better targeted and fought. However, this terrorist group remains a

Muhammadu Buhari

Thousands of persons, mostly women and children, who were kidnapped by Boko Haram, have already been rescued and reunited with their families. he "continues to believe that with the total commitment of the Federal Government, Nigerian Armed Forces and security agencies...the girls will be eventually

Ryan Cummings

This was not one of the towns that Boko Haram renamed as part of its

Jennifer Cooke

There is an urgent need to prevent Boko Haram from regenerating and possibly coming back more virulent, destructive, and globally connected than

Issa Tchiroma Bakary

The town of Goshi in Nigeria was formally identified as one of the Boko Haram posts, hosting factories for the manufacturing of bombs and

Mohammed Benhammou

I don't think that Boko Haram will sabotage the elections. It is certain they have managed more or less to obstruct the elections especially in the north of the country. But I don't think they will succeed in stopping them. It's true that there is a security threat. Boko Haram might carry out terrorist attacks to stop people going to vote, particularly in the

Mohammed Benhammou

Nigerian authorities have taken extraordinary measures. They've closed the land and sea borders. Vehicles are not allowed to be used, except official vehicles. The Nigerian authorities are also circling Boko Haram

Mohammed Benhammou

No, we cannot say that. Polls from February were not going in his favour because he's seen as failing on security and on facing up to Boko Haram, among other

Mahmat Madaga

Boko Haram is a militia made up of civilians. They don't have the same experience we have. We are a well-organised army, they cannot withstand

Ban Ki-moon - United Nations

Like al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and ISIS all these terrorists, they have committed unspeakable brutality against humanity. Not a single country, even the regional countries cannot handle this

Makmid Kamara - Amnesty International

The situation in north-eastern Nigeria in relation to the activities of Boko Haram and the Nigerian military response to the violence of Boko Haram has been escalating. It has gone beyond a situation where the ordinary people in that part of the country can feel

Laurent Fabius

We support you in your fight against terrorism, against Boko Haram, which is a necessary fight, not only for your country, but for the whole

Mathieu Guidère

2009 was a turning point because leaders emerged, in particular the group's current leader Shekau, who had a messianic vision: impose a system on the entire population of the north of the country. They began a strategy of revenge; attacks and reprisals that bred more violence, feeding off hatred. Today it's very hard to see just what Boko Haram and Shekau really

Mathieu Guidère

But on a local level, unfortunately, the fact there's been an international mobilisation, from outside, from abroad, and that Boko Haram is at the centre of this global communications campaign, makes Boko Haram look like the champion of all things anti-Western, refusing foreign interference and fighting it, and this will only raise its profile and help it recruit new

Mathieu Guidère

This can be explained by a number of very complicated factors, but it comes down to geopolitics in the end. After internal power struggles both at federal and governmental level, there is no consensus on how to fight Boko Haram. And we are in a pre-election period for the presidency and both national and state

Mike Omeri

One of the informants, one of the key commanders who supplies information to them [Boko Haram] has been apprehended, so something is being done. We are inching towards it, we are inching towards where we want to

Francois Hollande

I am referring particularly to a terrorist group called Boko Haram which exists in this part of

Jean-Yves Le Drian

We believe that it is the Boko Haram group which is behind the kidnapping, but we don't have a signature yet. And now unfortunately, terror comes after horror. Now this group – which we think is behind it – is in the process of kidnapping

Idriss Deby

There is determination to tackle this situation head on … to launch a war, a total war on Boko

Tom Cargill - Chatham House

It's hard to be sure who is responsible. You have the Islamist insurgency – Boko Haram – who have been increasing in activity but this would be a major escalation. You also have al Qaeda-linked elements who have been trying to move in and who Western diplomats have been increasingly worried

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