Bosnian genocide

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Miroslav Petkovic

It is clear to anyone that the value of such evidence is misplaced and cannot be accepted by the

Samantha Power - United Nations

Aleppo will join the ranks of those events in world history that define modern evil, that stain our conscience decades later – Halabja, Rwanda, Srebrenica and now

Alan Tieger

Within a short time, over 7,000 Srebrenica men and boys, boys as young as 12, have been systematically murdered and all the remaining inhabitants of Srebrenica expelled. The Srebrenica community had been destroyed, had

Stasa Zajevic - United Nations

We will never stop paying tribute to the victims of

Aleksandar Vucic

As far as my opinion about what happened in Srebrenica (in 1995) is concerned I never shy away from voicing it publicly, the way I bow my head in front of Srebrenica victims shows the respect I have for the

Fatima Duric

I lost my husband here, and I escaped with my two children across the mountains in 1995 towards Tuzla. After all these years, his body (her husband's) was found. In fact, just a few bones of his body. And that is what I am burying

Laurence Alexandrowicz

Twenty years ago there were as many people as today, at the mercy of the Serbian army. This genocide is still a shameful smear for the international community which recognises being unable to defend those innocent people. Today, Bosnians have one principal demand: that all war criminals be brought to

Laurence Alexandrowicz

The Srebrenica genocide is the most high-profile tragedy of this Bosnian war, but it was not an isolated case. Most deaths occurred during the Serbian forces offensive in 1992 and the war criminal Ratko Mladic is currently on trial for genocide at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at the Hague for events in the region of Prijedor, further

Laurence Alexandrowicz

During the war, displaced people had the right to live in abandoned houses. After 1995, the law changed and you could get your property back. But you had to do so within three weeks of hostilities ending. Suffice to say that many people were never able to recover their

Laurence Alexandrowicz

A sizeable security force comes along with this event, since each year the most radical of the Bosnian Serbs threaten to disrupt things. They have vowed to protest if ever the flag of the Islamic State movement appears, crudely labelling as Islamist terrorists these Muslim

Kadira Gabeljic

I am glad to see this verdict was reached, but this is just a small portion of all war crimes committed during

Henk Kamp

What has hurt you the most is that you have been left alone by politicians, who gave you this impossible

Henk Kamp

It was completely unjust that you were personally held

Munira Subasic

I really expect this court to make a decision that will bring justice for us. Just a minimum of justice that would help victims of genocide, especially us 'Mothers of Srebrenica', otherwise the court is pointless and can't do its job. If Karadzic doesn't receive life in prison it would be a clear message that the world and Europe wanted all this to happen because we are of Muslim

Munira Subasic

In the six and a half years of the trial, he has proven so many things that I think that, if there is justice, and if The Hague tribunal respected that, and if the Hague tribunal were not just an emissary of the NATO alliance, he would be

Staffan de Mistura - United Nations

If Kobani Ayn al-Arab falls, there will be close to 400 kilometres of the Turkish border to be basically under control (sic) of ISIL,out of the

Tomislav Nikolic

A great crime occurred in Srebrenica, committed by a few Serbs on some members of the Serbian people. We must find them, try them and punish them. That's it. There's no need for this to cause conflict between Serbs and Croats or Serbs and Bosnians. It mustn't affect relations between our countries, our

Munira Subasic

We hope that the trial will be as short as possible and there will be no repeat of the Milosevic case. We are also hoping that Mladic and Hadzic will face justice. That would be the biggest victory for the world, Bosnia Herzegovina and Europe and it will ease the pain for us, the

Nicholas Whyte - The Independent

This is very interesting because it means that in future no international peacekeeper will be able to operate outside the law. Everybody must be aware of the legal consequences of their acts and also of the things that they have failed to

Larissa Elwin

Dutch peackeepers acted unlawfully by cooperating with the deportation by the Bosnian Serbs. It can be said with sufficient certainty that the 300 men who where taken would have lived if the Dutch peacekeepers had acted

Vukosav Karadzic

We know he is clean and innocent. He was fighting for the cause. He was on the right path. He created Republica Srpska. He fought for his people like everyone else fights for their

Sanela Slihovic

On the one hand, it's easier when we know where they are and we have a place to come to, but on the other hand this is so difficult. But the heart has to stay strong and endure what it has

John Hocking

We communicated throughout the evening at the airport and then later at the detention unit. Through the interpreter, I can say that we had no problems understanding each other and he was very

Haris Kusmic

The Holocaust which happened to the Jews could happen anywhere else in the world. It happened in Bosnia 50 years later, in Srebrenica. You never know who might be

Carla del Ponte

Karadzic and Mladic are still at large. And the international community cannot accept that this tribunal will close the door in 2010 without having the most responsible for the genocide, the genocide in Srebrenica, in court in the

Peter Robinson

Not a single witness has testified that Radovan Karadzic planned, ordered or was even informed about the execution of prisoners from Srebrenica. Think about that, and you have to ask yourself why. Maybe one reason is that is simply isn't

Alex Hagedorn

They are saying that the genocide convention is less important than the absolute immunity of the United

Mark Brown - United Nations

We made serious errors of judgement rooted in a philosophy of impartiality and non-violence, which however admirable was unsuited to the conflict in Bosnia. That is why, as I also wrote, the tragedy of Srebrenica will haunt our, the UN history, for

Ratko Mladic

He should not have been hiding, he should have surrendered a long time

Sergio Cantone - Euronews

Despite the attempt to use the case against Ratko Mladic to shed light on the question of the UN's responsibility, the trial itself seems to concentrate only on that of the Serb general: the sole and exclusive architect, according to the accusations against him, of the massacre at

Axel Hagedorn

The Dutch soldiers and the UN have the task from the mandate to protect the people of Srebrenica, and they did not do it. They did not shoot one single shot at the attacking Serbs. They did not use air support even though all conditions were met from the mandate and that is why Mladic could go on. They just went back to the compound and just did not do anything. There was no resistance against the attacking Serbs, even though they knew they were going to attack, and they did not take any measures to avoid

Axel Hagedorn

That is a big question now, what shall the court do? What will be the defence of Mladic also? Who will he blame? Does he say 'it was myself, I made the decisions' or does he hide behind Karadzic or behind Milosevic? At this time it seems that he wants to hide behind Milosevic. And that can be very interesting for our case, too. For us, Mladic is a very important witness in this case. We have to see what he is going to

Lejla Muhic

It is a tragic time that happened to Bosnia and I hope that people don't forget about this, and that's basically

Saliha Osanovic

I saw Mladic on TV today. I was hurting inside. He said he was ill, incapable of following the trial. And I have been ill for 16 years. I lost both my sons. Imagine, my husband called Nermin. But I am not the only one, my wounds are inside of

Darko Mladic

We are not stating anything about the trial. We are focused on his health, his condition, and we are calling for independent experts to verify this

Kada Hotic

For all these years this monster was hidden by Serbia, and they knew where he was. Well, at least they are handing him over to face justice now. But I'm afraid of another trial without a verdict as happened

Munira Subasic

We think that they should form a fund to act in the same way as happened for Jews after World War II, so that people can get compensation for their murdered relatives. No-one can pay us for our children but they can pay for our suffering, our pain, and for waiting 19 years before hearing from the Netherlands the truth about what really happened under their protection, their flag, in front of their eyes. And they are still

Kada Hotic

All I can say is it was good that they talked about it. After all, we've been waiting so long for Serbia to accept some kind of

Philippe Leclerc - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It's one of the most if not the most difficult places that I have been, and it reminded me the early days of my position in Srebrenica, of the Muslim enclaves in Bosnia Herzegovina. The violence is as tough and the situation of the people is extremely

Sergio Cantone - Euronews

There's a great deal of emotion around the Scheveningen prison near The Hague, where General Mladic has arrived. The Serbian general will be tried for war crimes committed during the Balkan wars. It is the beginning of the end. Later he will undergo health checks before beginning the legal

Nicolas Sarkozy

If we had not intervened Benghazi would have been razed to the ground by the murderous madness of a man who had promised unprecedented repression. As Europeans we had not forgotten Srebrenica where 8,000 people died despite assurances from the international community that they would be

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