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Jon Rigby - UBS

The stalling in the recovery of oil prices since the beginning of the year is a timely reminder to the industry that there is no room for

Iain Reid

The recent bout of acquisitions by BP has strengthened what we thought was a relatively thin portfolio compared to peers, especially Shell, despite BP having been adamant in the recent past that it did not need to acquire further growth

Dan Naatz

I.P.A.A. applauds the signing of this executive order as a step in the right direction for America's energy economy and national energy security. With a proven record of offshore production that can be done safely and responsibly, I.P.A.A. has long advocated for increased access to our offshore resources to support economic development, American jobs, and expanded energy production here at

Bob Deans

The purpose of the rule is to reduce the risk in what is an inherently dangerous industrial operation at sea. Any attempt to walk back that rule will expose our workers, our waters and our wildlife to increased risk. Why we would want to turn the clock back to April 2010 and roll the dice on another BP-style disaster, walk away from the lessons we learned, from the deaths of those workers, is incomprehensible. It's

Bob Deans

The well control rule is one of the single most important things we did as a nation to respond to the worst offshore oil disaster in our nation's history and to reduce the risk of it ever happening

John Stephenson

The prices will adjust to the supply of buyers and likely move

Rafi Tahmazian

There's not enough financial wherewithal in Canada to snap up all of the foreign investment that might be exiting right now. You end up having to decide as a foreign company, am I willing to get rid of this cheap or do I hang on to it?feedback

Candice Bressler

The leak has been completely stopped, both the crude leak and the natural gas leak, which is great news for the North

Dieter Helm

Slowly companies have adjusted to the idea that maybe we won't see $100 oil again. Then, maybe not even $80 to $90. Now, even $60 oil seems a bit aspirational. But there is still a dominant zeitgeist within the oil majors that there is one last hoorah to come. I don't think there

Dieter Helm

They'd never do it because no company board would contemplate running a smaller company tomorrow than today. It's not in the zeitgeist of the corporate world we're in, but that's what they should do. What the oil companies did was borrow to pay their dividends on the assumption that this is a temporary problem. It's my view that it is permanent. If you look at both the rapid growth in emissions and the rapid growth of oil, fossil fuel and all commodity prices, it was while China was doubling its economy every seven years. This is a phenomenal

Dieter Helm

As prices come down you'd expect producers to supply less – that's normal economics. On the contrary, in oil as output falls the production goes up. Why? Because the marginal cost of production in the Middle East is around $10 and the marginal cost in Russia is $20. So even at $50 you're making a profit. And if you're an authoritarian regime and you need $100 oil to balance the country's budget while surrounded by radicals and insurgents, then you pump as much as you

Dieter Helm

For most of the second half of the last decade I have been the odd maniac in the room – the madman who thought that oil prices were going to

Dieter Helm

Everyone is repeatedly surprised at how fast electric cars are coming forward, but the political pressure to adopt this technology is increasing all the time. And it's not due to concerns over climate change – it's city air pollution. Suppose you're sitting in Saudi Arabia: until now you've been reasonably confident in assuming that if you don't pump the oil today it will be worth more tomorrow. But if you believe in my view that oil will be worth even less tomorrow, then what do you do? You pump even more now which will take the price down even

Dieter Helm

It's all very well to say that with hindsight now, but no one anticipated that this enormous, energy intensive growth would

Dieter Helm

Short of a nasty war – which itself would bring a price spike but not a recovery – I can't see any reason for oil prices to go up. Curiously, I think many of the people in oil companies agree with me on that. What they don't agree with is the short

Dieter Helm

As the oil price fell, at each point, oil executives said that the price would go back up

Spencer Dale - BP

Many low-cost producers have rationed supply with a view that if they do not produce a barrel today they can produce a barrel tomorrow. I think it is increasingly likely that there will be technically recoverable oil reserves which will never be

Brett Clanton - BP

There have been no injuries and no reports of harm to wildlife. Safety will remain our highest priority as we work through this

Brett Clanton - BP

BP is in the process of shutting in a well at the Prudhoe Bay oil field that experienced an unplanned release of hydrocarbon. No people were in the vicinity of the well at the time of the release and there are no injuries. Crews have secured the site, the fire department is on the scene and crew members are now working to safely shut in the well. All necessary notifications have been made to state and federal

Brett Clanton - BP

Based on an overflight with infrared cameras, the release appears to be contained to the gravel pad surrounding the wellhead and has not reached the

Eric Lansinger

He said I wasn't staying on my back leg quite long enough, so I worked on that in BP [for the second game].feedback

Ashley Hamilton Claxton

We applaud the BP remuneration committee for being proactive in responding to the shareholder revolt last year and see this as a milestone in the engagement between companies and shareholders. In particular, the committee applied discretion to override the formulaic outcome of the pay policy, which is a welcome step in the right

Ann Dowling - BP

I have consulted widely with shareholders and listened to and sought to act on their concerns, and have been sensitive to developments in the society in which we

Tony Craven Walker

The UK North Sea, where there are strategic benefits, tax efficiencies and opportunities on offer and where we feel we have an edge, remains a prime area of

Tony Craven Walker

Our immediate focus is to broaden and expand our producing asset base through progressing the Columbus field to development and by acquiring additional production where we believe Serica can add

Ann Dowling - BP

Last year's AGM remuneration vote was a clear message about how we manage executive pay. It is clear that shareholders and other stakeholders would like our remuneration policy to be simpler, more transparent, and to lead to reduced levels of

Pat Rafferty

Unite firmly believes that this sale is bad for Scotland and the UK [...] Do they believe this sale is in the national interest? It's not so long ago that both Grangemouth and the Forties pipeline were owned by all of us, and operated by a nationalised British Petroleum with a responsibility to look at what was good for the country as a whole, not just what was good for a small group of wealthy individuals. Both these parts of vital national infrastructure - which are central to the success of the Scottish and wider UK economy - are now essentially in the hands of one

Bob Dudley - BP

While the Forties pipeline had great significance in BP's history, our business here is now centred around our major offshore interests west of Shetland and in the Central North Sea. The pipeline has long been an important feedstock supplier to Ineos at Grangemouth. We believe that through also owning Forties, Ineos will be able to realise greater integration benefits and help secure a competitive long-term future for this important piece of UK oil and gas

Jim Ratcliffe

The North Sea continues to present new opportunities for INEOS. The Forties Pipeline System is a UK strategic asset and was originally designed to work together to feed the Grangemouth refinery and petrochemical facilities. We have a strong track record of acquiring non-core assets improving their efficiency and reliability, securing long term employment and investment. I am delighted that we can now bring this integrated system back under single ownership in

Mark Thomas - BP

As with our recent agreement with EnQuest, we believe this is a good example of having the 'right assets' in the 'right hands', offering new opportunities for the assets and benefitting the UK Continentnal Shelf, in the spirit of the government's aim of maximising economic recovery of the UK's oil and gas

Murat Ozgul

While acknowledging the recent disappointing share price performance and cumulative impact of impairments, there are now clearer opportunities for value creation than there have been for some time, driven by the significant opportunity afforded by our gas

Janette Marx

I think that stat surprised us because in the past, it was only oil and gas professionals that they would hire. Now they're saying and seeing that they're going to have to expand their horizons and hire outside of the experienced typical oil and gas

Peter Searle

There will be, we believe, a more acute shortage than there's ever been in any other upturn when it comes back. When it actually comes down to it, there will be a war for talent and companies can't just rely on who they

Janette Marx

If hiring managers believe there's an abundance of people out in the market, then they're not going to change the way they recruit or the way they attract people, which will cause issues with the amount that they need to

Janette Marx

If job seekers are thinking that their salaries should be at a certain level, yet the market's paying something else, then it's how long will they stay at their current job or stay unemployed for before they actually adapt to the current market?feedback

Alan Lewis

While we have received considerable support from shareholders on the proposed structure it is clear that for others concerns remain. Under these circumstances the Board considers it appropriate to withdraw the remuneration proposals. The Board will continue to engage in dialogue with shareholders to find a solution that best meets the needs of

Tony Soper

BP, whose oil it was, was selling detergent in industrial quantities which was getting poured over the beaches, killing off the microorganisms which would have broken down the

Chris Beauchamp

With the oil outlook much more positive (at least until the plunge in crude prices this week), the British icon looks more attractive once the weaker pound is taken into account. This is one deal that won't escape the regulator however, and it will also be a tough one for Downing

Mike van Dulken - Accendo Markets

Calls for another negative open come after more losses on Wall St and a mixed bag in Asia overnight. A sharp 5pc drop in oil prices following more big US inventory builds has weighed heavily on Energy which don't forget makes up over 13% of the UK's FTSE index (BP, RDSb), before we even consider the read-across to support/engineering names and the sentiment hit to the

John Farrell - Yankee Stadium

It says he's not afraid of failure, and that's great for any athlete. Athletes are all going to become vulnerable in their performance at some point, and for who's been such a high profile in another sport come in and say, Hey, I'm willing to take a run at this,' I think it's a pretty cool thing. When you look at the raw power in BP, it's pretty evident. It says you've got some pretty good hand-eye coordination. (Baseball's) hard for a guy who plays every year. When you have that kind of gap, I think it's a window into the mindset that anything is possible. Why not take a run with it?feedback

John Farrell - Yankee Stadium

It says he's not afraid of failure and I think that's great for any athlete. Athletes are all going to become vulnerable at some point and for a guy who's been such high-profile in another sport to say, You know what? Hey, I'm willing to take a run at this,' I think it's a pretty cool thing. We'll see how it plays out, but when you look at the raw power in BP it's pretty evident. Not to mention, when you're doing something else in another sport, it says you have some pretty good hand-eye

John Farrell - Yankee Stadium

I watched him take a round or two of BP. I don't know what it plays like at game

Bob Dudley - BP

We are not planning on an uptick in the prices. We're going to plan on $55 to $60 ... for the next five years, and we're going to live within a strict capital diet. BP has quietly been getting ready. 2017 is a really important year for us. We have more new projects being commissioned than ever in the history of the

Bob Dudley - BP

We have people coming to our stations that are not buying petrol now. They come for the convenience

Josu Jon Imaz - Repsol YPF

We're adding new products and services to our forecourts to take advantage of the fact we have more face-to-face contact with consumers each day than almost any other brand in

Jayson Werth

Most years, things are moving really fast early on, so I just try to ease into it and work my way into playing, see pitches. I don't know, even from when we took live BP early in camp, things are moving slow. So when that's the case, you try to let everything be normal. It's a little odd, I guess, for this time of year for me. I can't explain it. It's just how it is. I have no answers for you one way or another. It feels good. Everything's been good as far as swinging goes. … Hopefully I can just hang on to whatever I've got going on right

Alan Haywood - BP

Demand for renewable natural gas is growing quickly and BP is pleased to expand our supply capability in this

Brian Gilvary - BP

Over the next five years we expect this to fall to around $35-40 a barrel for the group

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

We are in a field of opportunities. We have a good balance sheet and financial means that others do not have. After two years of very low prices, there are companies around the world that have good assets but are struggling. It is left to us to chose good assets that are of interest to

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

Ultimately despite the rebound in oil prices, revenues are struggling to keep

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

A lot of oil companies put an awful lot of capital expenditure based on oil prices around about $75, $80 dollars a barrel, we've been as low as $27 a barrel, and yes we have rebounded quite substantially off that, and they have cut back capex an awful lot, but it's a very competitive market and there's an awful lot of spare capacity still, I think, out there in the oil market and demand still remains fairly

Bob Dudley - BP

We have delivered solid results in tough conditions - and are well prepared for any volatility in oil pricing. We have adapted by cutting our controllable cash costs by $7 billion from 2014 - a full year earlier than planned. Continued tight discipline on costs remains essential. Everything we have done during the year has made us a more resilient and competitive

Iain Reid

BP are not covering their dividend and they raised their cash breakeven point quite considerably. They are having to pay for what they bought and they are the only company that actually raised their breakeven

Brian Gilvary - BP

If everything holds in terms of what OPEC has said I think we will hold north of US$50 a

Stuart Staley - Citi

The integrated majors, because of their credit rating, in some cases can provide a similar security to a project or government or company by providing hedging. In some sense, I would bucket BP and Shell

Andy Brogan

We expect to see the momentum that began in the fourth quarter of 2016 continue in the year

Spencer Dale - BP

The actual implications of change in U.S. policy are unlikely to be a big game changer. The U.S. has played an enormous leadership role together with China in galvanizing international support (for action on climate change) .... Much of that improvement in the outlook for carbon emissions isn't happening in America. Improvements within America are due to energy efficiency ... which are still quite valued in an economy that encourages growth and

Spencer Dale - BP

What could be a game changer is if the U.S. stops playing a significant (climate) leadership role, it then has significant implication for wider international commitment and that could have greater

Spencer Dale - BP

Low-cost producers will use their competitive advantage to increase their share relative to higher-cost producers. If you get a combination of a very rapid increase in electric vehicles with a very rapid increase in these new technologies the numbers involved could get bigger and more significant. Key growth isn't to power transportation ... rather oil as an input into other products, particularly into petrochemicals and

Jabar Ali al-Luaibi

BP as well and some other companies are responding. So far everything is moving smoothly as far as the oil companies are

Jabar Ali al-Luaibi

We are abiding by OPEC policy and the OPEC agreement. We are cutting from all Iraq. BP as well and some other companies are

Scott Seaman - Eurasia Group

Parties will roll out the red carpet-and draw knives-when Ban returns this week. The more centrist People's Party is likely to court Ban as well and is rumored to be considering backing him jointly with the

Brad Banducci - Woolworths

The release of A$1.785 billion from the sale will be used to strengthen our balance sheet and reinvest in our core

Juliana Roadley

Hardware wasn't so great … this is another area of their business that they weren't really managing

Brendan Warn - BMO Capital Markets

BP's shopping spree is the company's response to what the investor community has long been concerned about: long-term growth and resource sustenance. BP's timing might have also been triggered by what it sees as a likely recovery in the oil price and asset values over

Bernard Looney - BP

We believe the basin will become an important profit centre for our upstream

David Lawler - BP

With two thirds of our operated oil and natural gas production and proved reserves in the Rockies... Denver is a logical - and strategic - place for us to be and a natural fit for our

Charlie Kronick - Greenpeace

BP's sloppy approach to a crucial aspect of safety hasn't changed. The same happy-go-lucky attitude that played a role in major accidents in the past is seemingly still reflected in the management of safety information across the oil giant's operations from rig to

Erik Nikolai Stavseth - Arctic Securities

As Middle East producers and Russia are due to cut their output, large crude buyers [in Asia] ... will likely import an incremental amount from longer-haul

Giacomo Romeo

Looking into 2017, I would expect refining margins to be down year-on-year, especially if OPEC and Russia

Robert Campbell - Energy Aspects

Margins were supported by turnarounds worldwide but the sizeable drop in Latin American refinery runs this year was probably the decisive

Bjarne Schieldrop - SEB Bank

OPEC is putting U.S. shale oil to the test... (and) we will truly see what it can

Nansen Saleri

They were able to reduce their capital expenditures, the fields that they pick happen to have the right DNA, and this is exceptional DNA. When you're talking about 10,000 barrels per day, that's Middle East

Imran Khan

At the end of the day, these large companies need large projects, and deepwater is going to be where they are going to find these large projects to move their

Ben Snider - Goldman Sachs Group

The strategy of buying the 20 most concentrated stocks has a strong track record over 15 years. Our basket of the 20 'Most Concentrated' stocks has outperformed the S&P 500 by nearly 1000 bp [basis points] YTD, putting it on pace for a fifth consecutive year of outperforming the S&P

Ahmed Hashmi

This makes it much easier for people to act on the information and the data we already

Lorenzo Simonelli - GE Oil & Gas

Baker Hughes provides more opportunity to take Big Data into the oilfields. We're seeing good examples of how big data is changing the outcomes of the oil and gas

Chen Bingyan

BP has an established network in fuel marketing in the

Michal Konarski

I suspect that analysts had expected a smaller than in reality positive impact of the Qualia one-off, which gave the bank 114 million zlotys (at the gross profit level). The difference between expectations and the actual result is small enough to expect a neutral market

Ipek Ozkardeskaya

This is the ninth consecutive quarter of decline in BP's earnings, and it is hard to see the end of the tunnel given the challenging dynamics in the oil

Brian Gilvary - BP

We continue to make good progress in adapting to the challenging price and margin environment. We remain on track to rebalance organic cash flows next year at US$50 to US$55 a barrel, underpinned by continued strong operating reliability and momentum in resetting costs and capital spending. At the same time, we are investing in the projects, businesses and options to deliver growth in the years

Neil Wilson - ETX Capital

BP and Shell both delivered improved figures in the third quarter, but there are yet plenty of risks in the oil market as (oil) prices remain under pressure. Drilling down to the key fundamentals, oil producers have to cut costs to survive in a lower-for-longer price

Chris Beauchamp

For BP, the overtone of the report was more focussed on the tough times ahead. With Shell, the overall picture is far more encouraging for

Thomas Lee

Wage inflation sensitivity [is] beginning to impact stocks. Stocks with low wage sensitivity outperformed 1,590 bp [basis points] since

Peter Boockvar - The Lindsey Group

On the better than expected print as people believe this will spill over into the ISM report in a few weeks, the 10 yr yield is back at 1.75% after trading at 1.73% prior to the release. The 2 yr yield is up by 1 bp to

Jawaid Afsar

The FTSE 100 closed above the 7,000 mark and may well set new records in the days ahead on the back of positive momentum and some stronger earnings reports. Earnings from Morgan Stanley helped the banking sector, while a spike in crude oil prices supported heavyweight oil majors like BP and Shell. The positive correlation between commodity prices and energy and mining shares are here to

Bob Dudley - BP

As much as a US$1 trillion of big projects have been canceled or deferred around the world and that could catch up with the

Lorenzo Simonelli - GE Oil & Gas

The industry will continue to be volatile. However, it has also changed with the advent of shale and technology we are going to see smaller cycles of

Patrick Pouyanne - Total

By 2020 we will have a lack of supplies. Volatility has been huge. The stress on everybody, the balance sheets of companies and countries is

Mike Williams

We understand that the oil is spilling – it was actually still spilling while we were filming which was difficult – but we wanted to kind of be the megaphone for, hey, there are 11 men who lost their lives out here as well. The oil can ultimately be cleaned up, those 11 men can't be

Mark Wahlberg

The focus wasn't really on who made what mistakes and who was responsible. Really it was about the heroics of the 11 people and the inspiring things that they did to survive and help one another, that was what we wanted to focus

Richard de Caux - BP

We expect a substantial chunk of the incremental demand growth next year to be met by two sources which don't come from a

Richard de Caux - BP

The cheap oil prices did not save Europe from further

Peter Berg

One thing that I hope people get from this is the idea that we should make sure that our corporations, like BP, that have so much potential to do harm to an environment, to lose lives, that these guys who are on the ground are in a position to hit the brakes, slow down when things get

Peter Berg

I never faulted BP for being a company for profit. That's what fuels our economy. We all use fuel. I get that they're a company for

Vladimir Putin

Rosneft, strictly speaking, is not a state company. Let us not forget that a part of it is owned by BP, a British

Michael Abendhoff - BP

The refinery's total suspended solids (TSS) returned to permitted levels on Aug. 4. BP is working to safely return the refinery to normal operations as soon as possible and continues to monitor the situation

Peter Mather - BP

Our industry is going through a period of rebalancing, but our commitment to the UK and to our partners is for the

Oliver Steeds

We know that the deep ocean is changing at its fastest rate for millions and millions of years. What we don't really understand at the moment is its health and its resilience. We need far more missions like this and that's one of the problems, trillions is spent going into outer space and hardly any money is being spent going into inner space, into the deep ocean, despite how critical it is for

Alex Rogers

When you seriously over-exploit marine eco-systems, it can take them decades to recover. And that's in shallow water, you can imagine what happens if you drag a trawl through a deep sea coral bed. That is going to take hundreds of years to recover if it recovers at

Olivier Jakob - Petromatrix

Right now, there is not much to be optimistic about. We have to wait a little bit longer for the

Bob Dudley - BP

As we look forward we expect the external environment to remain challenging, but we have a strong pipeline of new

Bob Dudley - BP

We do see the market coming into balance, it may already be there. There's a lot of stocks. It will take some time to work its way off, 18 months or

Bob Dudley - BP

Market fundamentals continue to suggest that the combination of robust demand and weak supply growth will move global oil markets closer into balance by the end of the

Joe Rundle - ETX Capital

BP's profits fell 80 percent but the results were better than expected and an improvement from the end of last

Jason Gammel - Jefferies

The 1Q16 reporting period looks set to be even worse than what we thought was already an especially ugly

Anish Kapadia - Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

It is still a challenging sector. The oil price improvement will clearly help things, but if anything it highlights the problems of how companies have cut back on capex dramatically and are not investing in new

Anish Kapadia - Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.

We're seeing money flowing into the energy space and early money has gone into the lower-risk names among oil majors. There is still a lot of money sitting on the sidelines that will get into the sector once things get more

Hans-Christoph Hirt

We take a robust approach on the election or re-election of individuals and groups of directors who do not live up to this

Stefan Stern

I think what you're seeing is genuine and substantial concern being expressed in these votes. There's a bit of 'enough is enough' in the

Shade Duffy - AXA Group

There's an absolute need to be conservative – we all know what the wider economic environment is like – and pay should reflect

Alan Judes

Clawback is now going to be there for five years. They (companies) are all moving in the way shareholders want them

Russ Mould

The fall in oil prices is sparking profit-taking as a marked slide in crude raises the question of whether BP and Shell will be able to maintain their dividend payments if oil remains lower for

Ann Dowling - BP

All are agreed that this has been a very good year for Bob and the

Robert Smithson - THS Partners

I'm not a fan of change for the sake of change. Unless there is a really compelling reason of somebody else who can do a better job I think it's probably better he

Ashley Hamilton Claxton

This proposed increase is both unreasonable and insensitive. In a year in which BP has reported its worst ever annual loss, it has decided to sharply boost Mr Dudley's remuneration. We will be voting against this proposal. While we acknowledge BP has had to weather a turbulent period for oil markets, we strongly believe that executive remuneration should remain tied to

Lukas Ross - Friends of the Earth

We are saddened to learn that the gross negligence of BP continues to enjoy taxpayer subsidies. It is clear that we have still failed to learn all the lessons of the Deepwater

Shaun Clarke

From Bob's standpoint, he's charged with a crime he didn't commit, and he's going to go to trial to clear his

Spencer Dale - BP

The market is responding very clearly to lower oil

Charlie Kronick - Greenpeace

Shell and BP have bet heavily on the wrong energy sources, and now they're losing big. The problem is that with thousands of jobs, billions in investments and people's pensions tied up with their companies' fortunes, Big Oil's bosses won't be the only ones to pay for their

Rex W. Tillerson

While our financial results reflect the challenging environment, we remain focused on the business fundamentals, including project execution and effective cost

Simon Smith

I think there are some questions about the management in terms of their ability to transform a company but, quite often, it's their ability to adapt and their resilience to find other sources of revenue and that's always hard for oil companies because you are dependant on the price of a commodity which at the best of times is volatile and unpredictable and that is one of the issues for many oil and gas

Michael Hewson - CMC Markets

This morning's results from BP have added to the gloom surrounding the

Bob Dudley - BP

We are continuing to move rapidly to adapt and rebalance BP for the changing environment. We're making good progress in managing and lowering our costs and capital spending, while maintaining safe and reliable operations and continuing disciplined investment into the future of our portfolio. Our plans set out a clear course for BP for the medium term and will allow us to deliver growth in the longer

Bob Dudley - BP

The first and second quarter will be very difficult… It is a big shock for producing countries. It reminds me of (the oil crisis in)

Justin Urquhart Stewart

The world has changed for all the oil companies and energy companies and it's not going to change back anytime

Sandy Rosenthal

People arrive in Louis Armstrong Airport with a desire to understand what happened here, even though it's been 10 years. And we're glad that they do, because the survivors deserve for everyone to know the vetted facts about the flooding. The survivors deserve for everyone to know that we were flooded because of civil engineering failure, not due to just Mother

Alisha Renfro - National Wildlife Federation

Since we have moneys that are going to be coming through from the BP oil spill, we can put that towards coastal restoration. It is a very sad opportunity, but a very unique one that can actually help us out a

Spencer Dale - BP

You'll have to go back to the late 1970s to see such a sharp fall in

Tim Pickering - Auspice Capital Advisors

There is a cushion because we have a lot of oil in storage. When that cushion is gone, if this lasts a month, the price of oil on a global basis will

Carl-Henric Svanberg - BP

We anticipate that all the actions we are taking will capture more deflation and drive the point of rebalance to below $60 per

Ann Dowling - BP

The oil price is outside BP's control, but executives performed strongly in managing the things they could control and for which they are accountable. BP surpassed expectations on most measures and directors' remuneration reflects

Doug Suttles

Over the weekend we will attach the dome to the drill ship Enterprise with a riser and pipework assembly which will allow the oil to flow up to the surface and be processed. So, if all goes to plan, we should begin to start that operation – the beginning of trying to process the fluids on the surface and stop the spill into the sea – on

Charlie Crist

We need oil but we don't need it from the Gulf of Mexico. It just wouldn't be the right thing to do. Not now; no way!feedback

Doug Suttles

It is horribly difficult to estimate what the flow is, but what we can see is the amount of oil on top of the water. We think that the range has increased of what the estimate has been. So I think that somewhere between one and five thousand barrels a day is probably the best estimate we have

Mikhail Fridman

This is absolutely a key investment for Russia. Now BP produces more oil in Russia than in any other country…. that's why they don't want to move on anything. Now the question is whether this company will remain independent or will work like a branch of the BP

Rick Steiner

Well the big story here is finally oil from the Deepwater Horizon blowout 40 miles off shore has reached the Southern tip of the Mississippi Delta. It's here on

Doug Suttles

We've made numerous attempts to overcome the flow. We've monitored the situation after each attempt. We've also used our junk shot technique and other materials to try and divert more of the flow down the well, but we have not been able to stop the

Jimmy Marinello

I've been fishing the marshes in Shell Beach and Hopedale since I was three years old and the more wildlife I see die everyday is

Barack Obama

We are dealing with a massive and potentially unprecedented environmental disaster. So let me be clear, BP is responsible for this leak, BP will be paying the bill, but as President of the United States, I'm going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis for as long as it

Eric Holder

This case, which was vigorously pursued by the United States' stellar legal team, marks another significant step forward in the Justice Department's continuing efforts to seek justice on behalf of the American people for this disaster, and we are confident that this will work as a strong deterrent to anyone who is tempted to sacrifice safety and the environment in the pursuit of

Rahm Emanuel

Well, to quote Tony Hayward, he's got his life back, as he would say. And I think we can all conclude that Tony Hayward is not going to have a second career in PR

Rahm Emanuel

There's really a substance here that matters. That's clearly a PR mistake, but he's made a number of those mistakes. What's important is: are we capping the well? Are we capturing the oil? Are we containing the cleanup? Are we filing the claims? Are we also cleaning up the mess? That's what's

Craig Bielkiewic

So he got his life back. I guess he never lost his life. So, I guess we're still working on

Bobby Jindal

Every day they announce how much oil they've burned and skimmed. Every day they announce how much money they have spent on claims and that's great. But you really can't get a complete picture, unless you know how much oil is still out there in the water and how much oil is being leaked

Thad Allen

We are in the process of moving a mobile drilling unit into place. It will probably be there 14th of June, which will add a 10,000 barrel capacity to what is coming out of the wellhead right now, in addition to the Discover

Terry Winn - Euronews

The docks behind Joe Patti's are usually bustling with activity. They probably won't be that way again until the oil is cleaned up and, more importantly, until consumers and retailers regain

Peter Troedsson - coast guard

Coast Guard helicopters on scene and vessels on scene have no reports of a visible sheen in the water. There is no report of an evidence of leaks but we continue to investigate and to monitor that situation to make sure that doesn't

David Cameron

I don't think it's right to show compassion to a mass murderer like

David Cameron

In terms of an inquiry I'm not currently minded that we need to have a UK-based inquiry on this, probably for this reason: I don't need an inquiry to tell me what was a bad decision: it was a bad decision, and if you like, the big fact that has changed over a year that makes it an even worse decision is the fact that of course Megrahi is still free at liberty in Libya rather that serving the prison sentence in Scotland as he should be

Barack Obama

I think that it is a positive sign. We're still in the testing phase. I'll have more to say about it

Doug Suttles

It's an encouraging sign. In a couple more days it may be even more encouraging. But, no celebrations. You know, if you go talk to the people that live here, celebration is a wrong

Damien Ross

Hopefully, the leak is stopped now and we can start getting some revenue back into the city of New Orleans, here. A lot of local agencies lost a lot of business due to the oil spill. Hopefully we will get everything cleaned up and get back up to

Dmitriy Chepurenko

At the moment the court appointed bailiffs are working at the BP office, inspecting the documents that are in the office to find out whether there are any documents concerning the strategic partnership between BP and Rosneft

William Hague

BP will decide on its own dividend, of course, it is a big, err, let's be clear, it has a big task in front of it, and it has had to work hard in recent weeks, it does have to do its utmost to stop this oil spill, to deal with it satisfactorily on a permanent

David Cameron

I completely understand the anger that exists right across America. The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is a catastrophe for the environment, for the fishing industry, for tourism, I've been absolutely clear about that. And like President Obama I've also been clear that it is BP's role to cap the leak, to clean up the mess and to pay appropriate

John Browne - BP

The demand, I expect, will continue to rise. Obviously there will be blips as we go through cycles on, say, a 10 year basis. Production is being developed at the moment and that will come through. But there is quite a lag between deciding to increase capacity and it

Mickey Fruge

We expect to be finished drilling the number two relief well some time .. at the end of July or August, if everything goes

Tony Hayward - BP

We see little evidence of any growth in demand and expect the recovery to be long and drawn

Bobby Jindal

We're not done when they cap the leak, we're not done when they get all the oil out of the water, we're only going to be done when they restore our wetlands, our fisheries and estuaries back to their healthy pre-spill

Doug Suttles

We share the frustration. I want this thing to stop. We want it to stop. The people who live here want it to stop. I'm doing everything we can. I don't know anything we could be doing that we're not doing. We're getting lots of help from lots of places. The government is looking at what we do every day. They are providing experts as well. It's this huge sense of frustration that we have not been able to stop it

Bobby Jindal

Obviously we are concerned about the impact this will have on delaying the relief wells, delaying the skimming and the other activities out there, but also the impact of throwing new oil further in and especially when you look at the the tidal surges that are projected two to five feet along the coastline, especially the southeastern part of our

Thad Allen

It would be terrific news if we can shut the well, but I don't think we can say that. I think there needs to be an overabundance of caution and I don't want anyones hopes up that we can shut this well until we can get the empirical pressure readings that e need and do a seismic survey of the sea floor and try to understand as well as we can the condition of the wellbore and

Robert Menendez

If BP is found to have gained access to Libyan oil reserves by using a mass murderer as a bargaining chip, then make no mistake – any money it makes off that oil is blood money, pure and

Bob Dudley - BP

There's no question that we're going to learn a lot from this accident in the Gulf coast. It's going to be about equipment, people, different companies and as a result of that we're going to learn a lot from that – both BP and the industry – and I'm sure there will be

Doug Suttles

We've got the equipment all hooked up to perform the static kill; so right now the current forecast is we will do that activity on Tuesday we

Barack Obama

This 20 billion dollars will provide substantial assurance the claims people and businesses have will be honoured. It is also important to emphasise, this is not a cap. The people of the Gulf have my commitment that BP will meet its obligation to them… This fund does not supercede either individual rights or state's rights to present claims in

Ron Price

It's completely disastrous. It's wiped out a lot of work for us. We have been able to get a bit of work to get by on. Thank god for that The oil hadn't completely come into our waters yet. It's kind of a saving grace for us. It gives us an opportunity to work until things get really

Doug Suttles

The final solution is to get it to stop. Our next attempt to stop the flow should occur the second half of this week, the later part of this week, when we actually either pursue what we call the junk shot technique, which is to put material in the blow out preventer which will cause it to plug

Jaime Matyas - National Wildlife Federation

Normally you could not catch them. They move so quickly. And they are slow, as if you are trying to run, as though your feet were stuck in

Greg Smith - Fat Prophets

A lot of investors were getting nervous because BP is such an important company – one of the top companies in the FTSE 100. Also very important because they're a dividend

Matt Ferraro

As we searched around the shore we actually found found these small little holes that were in the sand. And as you stepped on the sand next to them, it was kind of squishy and oil bubbled up from out of the

Thad Allen

I think everybody would like to see this thing ended as soon as possible, but my duty as National Incident Commander is to give you my best view. It may be a little conservative, but I think we need to understand we don't know the condition of the well until we start to put mud in

Anthony Grisanti

I'm talking about crude oil, probably 90 to 100 dollars a barrel, definitely if you get Iran involved in this, we've got major

Ken Salazar

The efforts are intended to ramp up over the hours ahead on a sequencing of about every two hours and we ought to have a better measure of what the flow is that is leaking out from the

Doug Suttles

Over the weekend we expect to connect that dome to the drill ship Enterprise, at which time, hopefully at the beginning of next week, we'll begin to start to evacuate the oil from the seabed up to the

Eric Vial

We can see the US authorities don't have the means to collect the oil as 800,000 litres are escaping everyday and the barriers aren't enough. The sea booms aren't effective and while the coastal barriers are useful for isolating zones, the oil has to be gathered and at the moment they lack the means to do

Michael Abendhoff - BP

I know there's a perceived lack of action out there and I can tell you being down here that we're working 24/7, everything we can do to minimise the impacts, and that's what we've said from day one. We're here to stop the oil and we're here to minimise impacts, and where there are impacts we've got people on shorelines cleaning them

Jackie Savitz - Oceana

Whether it's exactly 26 percent that's left, I don't know. But even 26 percent of the oil that was released would be the equivalent of about four Exxon Valdises. So, there's still a lot of oil in the Gulf. Marine life in the Gulf certainly are not quite ready to breathe a sigh of

Eric Holder

As our review expands in the days ahead, we will be meticulous, we will be comprehensive, and we will be aggressive. We will not rest until justice is

Bobby Jindal

The time for studies and discussions are over. We need our federal government to hold BP accountable, make them act like the responsible party. We don't want our federal government making excuses for

Barack Obama

Climate change poses a threat to our way of life. In fact, we are already beginning to see its profound and costly impact. And the spill in the Gulf, which is just heartbreaking, only underscores the necessity of seeking alternative fuel

Tony Hayward - BP

Our plan is to move to a containment device that will be sealed on the top of the blowout preventer that is on the sea bed and will be deployed within a three or four-day time window if the 'top kill' is not

Edward J. Markey

We cannot trust BP. People do not trust the experts any longer. BP has lost all credibility, now the decisions will have to be made by others, because it is clear they have been hiding the actual consequences of this

Thomas Shirley - Harte Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies

The volume of those deep plumes is equal to the volume of Lake Erie. So, they are massive things. The sperm whales are diving through these plumes to get their food which also might be contaminated by the oil – so there are lots of reasons to be

Bill Burton

You know if Tony Hayward wants to put a skimmer on his yacht and bring it down to the Gulf, we would be happy to have his help, but what's important is not what Tony Hayward is doing in his free time, but what what BP is doing to take responsibility for the mess they've

Nikolai Lashkevich

I don't think anyone would have expected the price to go up so quickly and such a big battle to break

Shinzo Abe

From what we've heard from the Algerian government, there is indeed grim information about our

Carol Browner

It's certainly the biggest oil spill and we're responding with the biggest environmental response. There could be oil coming up until August when the relief wells are

Tony Hayward - BP

There's no doubt that the ultimate solution is the relief well, which is in

Michael Brune - Sierra Club

We toured out to the beginnings of where the spill is starting to hit the shore and it's basically this storm of oil broken up into thousands, tens of thousands of globs of oil that are starting to hit the wetlands, that are starting to hit the salt marshes and it's pretty devastating

Lamar McKay - BP

We are sorry for everything the Gulf Coast is going through. We are sorry for that and the

Barack Obama

The tragedy unfolding on our coast is the most painful and the powerful reminder yet that time to embrace the clean energy future is now. Now is the moment for this generation to embark on a national mission to unleash America's innovation and to seize control of our own

Barack Obama

We won't be done until we actually know that we've killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place. We're moving in that direction, but I don't want us to get too far ahead of

John Curry - BP

Essentially it's a 98 ton rectangular box that will be lowered over the major source of the leak and the sea bed. It will funnel the oil through the box, through the top and channel it all the way to the surface, where we will have a ship that will be able to collect it and capture the oil and minimize the impact to the

Robert Gibbs

We're going to do what we have to do. We will keep our boot on the throat of BP to ensure that they're doing all that they- all that is necessary while we do all that is humanly possible to deal with this

Tony Hayward - BP

What has failed here is the ultimate safety device on a drilling rig. There are many barriers of protection that you have to go through before you get to this. It isn't designed not to fail. It is unprecedented in out industry for this sort of

Barack Obama

The well was capped. Oil is no longer flowing into the Gulf. It has not been flowing for a month. And I am here to tell you that our job is not finished, and we are not going anywhere until it is. Beaches all along the Gulf coast are clean; they are safe and they are open for business. That is one of the reasons Michelle, Sasha and I are

Paul Anastas

The long term effects on aquatic life are still significantly unknown. BP has used over 1.8 million gallons of dispersant, a volume never before used in the United

Eric Holder

The investigation that we have begun is a comprehensive one and we will be looking at a wide range of things, everything from false statements to the way in which certain entities conducted themselves. There is really nothing that is off the table at this

Tony Hayward - BP

None of this has ever been done so there is always risk. The risk is reduced but there is still risk as to whether or not it will be fully successful and the next 12 to 24 hours will give us an indication of how successful this attempt will

David Cameron

What is required in countries like Mali – just as in countries like Somalia on the other side of Africa – is that a combination of a tough approach on security, aid, politics, settling grievances and problems; an intelligence approach that brings together all the things we need to do with countries in this neighbourhood to help them; to make them safer, but to make us safer

Gordon Brown

This is a tragic day in the North Sea, my thoughts are with the relatives of those who have lost their lives in the crash. It is at times like these that we remember the risks and dangers that people have to undergo to meet our energy

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