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Mike Cherry
The UK has slower download speeds than Romania, Bulgaria and Thailand. We welcome the government's commitment to an ambitious industrial strategy. But clearly we're not going to have an economy of highly paid, highly productive workers when a significant proportion of businesses can't even access the internet.feedback
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Oct 23 2017
You can find on this page a variety of quotes, by one or many people, on what they said about Bulgaria. 83 people are quoted and you can read 140 citations of them about Bulgaria. Rosen Plevneliev, Radu Magdin and Boiko Borisov, are those who have spoken the most about this topic. Rosen Plevneliev said: “Let's stop with the speculations that fleets will be set up against anyone. Bulgaria is a peaceful country and its foreign policy is not aimed at anyone.”.
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Ansgar Kiene - Greenpeace

Bulgaria and Romania possess a huge potential but are clearly lagging behind in utilising their potential, they rather stick to the old business-as-usual.feedback

Simona Dimova

This is a supercool place to have a music party. I'm sick and tired of all the mainstream bars and clubs in Sofia where you meet the same crowd of people. Sofia needs more underground venues like this one.feedback

Todor Chobanov

This is part of our vision for the cultural development of the capital. We believe that artists should be the ones steering the cultural life of Sofia, not the authorities.feedback

Nikolay Valkov - Gap

From the outside, this looks like just another communist-era building. But when I entered inside, I was like, Wow, we need to organize an event here.feedback

Katarzyna Piriankov

The idea is to show that every individual has their own style and it is not important if you are famous or not. An old lady from Staro Zhelezare could say something important, just like Barack Obama or Donald Trump.feedback

Keith Downing

We're optimistic [though] we're in a very strong group so that will be a severe test of our capabilities. We're trying to continue the good run that the development groups have had. We played Bulgaria in Wycombe back in October [winning 2-1] – they have beaten France to get here. They are kind of dark horses who possess some dangerous players so it's a tough opening.feedback

Rumen Porozhanov

It definitely causes anxiety. The double standards are a fact.feedback

Boyko Borissov

Either next Wednesday or on Wednesday thereafter we will decide when to start negotiations (with Sweden). I told my Swedish colleague: we are making a decision, we are negotiating with you first, then with Eurofighter.feedback

Sam Bright

Bulgaria is giving these plants an unfair and unlawful subsidy, which is helping to prop up coal power plants, amongst others, and hindering the transition from fossil fuels to cleaner energy.feedback

Dick Advocaat

Against France he can play another position. In late August, everyone must ensure that they are fit again. We will have a very close look at it. We have to go for the first place. The first two games against France and Bulgaria after the holidays are very important. It is a crazy time because many players are still not clear where they play.feedback

Marek Pietrzak

But also in central and eastern Europe several countries created such a force, such as the Baltic States, Romania and Bulgaria.feedback

Rumen Porozhanov

Next week we will buy identical products that are sold on the Bulgarian market by the big chains and then the analysis will start. We have a united vision of conducting such measures with the countries of the Visegrad Four.feedback

Justin Forsyth - UNICEF

We know from our experience of working on the ground in north Africa, in central America, in parts of Asia, in parts of Europe like Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, all of these different countries, that there are many children that aren't counted and therefore, the number of 300,000 which is a five-fold increase is probably the tip of an iceberg.feedback

Chavdar Nikolov

People stop us on the street to congratulate us and tell us that they support us, or just give us a 'thumbs up' sign.feedback

Vesislava Antonova

It's the best way to escape the traps of the suppressed media market in Bulgaria.feedback

Stefka Veleva

I enjoy satire and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. We need more critical voices in this country.feedback

Christo Komarnitski

We wanted to give people a paper which is honest and sincere. At the newsstands the variety of papers on offer is overwhelming, but most of these publications are tabloids peddling gossip and untruths.feedback

Georgi Lozanov

The only way to survive is to stay popular among the audience and to demonstrate their boldness of ideas, biting wit and talent with each upcoming issue.feedback

Chavdar Nikolov

There will be no harmless jokes in our paper. But who knows? Maybe for our 100th issue we'll portray Borisov as thin.feedback

Anna Bodey

Today's analysis shows the significant impact international migration has on the UK labour market. It is particularly important to the wholesale and retail, hospitality, and public administration and health sectors, which employ around 1.5 million non-UK nationals. Migrants from Eastern Europe, Bulgaria and Romania are likely to work more hours and earn lower wages than other workers, partly reflecting their numbers in lower-skilled jobs. Many EU migrants are also more likely to be over-educated for the jobs they are in.feedback

Fred Grim

We played with great flair and energy in bursts, and we also played good football. But you must also be critical: we give goals away too easily. We were on the right track and in some lesser matches, such as against Luxembourg [a 3-1 victory], we did win. But Saturday [against Bulgaria] was not good, and we know that.feedback

Damian Vodenticharov

Borissov's call for national unity comes ahead of tough talks with potential partners in the new parliament, which could take weeks, or even months. And a looming deadline is the choice of a new European commissioner from Bulgaria.feedback

Boiko Borisov

As a country, we have the rare opportunity to assume the presidency of the EU in January. We must build a stable government in the months to come, and a stable opposition as well, with a sense of responsibility. The situation is very complicated but we must do our best to unite the nation.feedback

Antoni Galabov

These results make is possible for Bulgaria to have a stable government, which is especially important as the country takes over the EU's rotating six-month presidency in January 2018.feedback

Danny Blind

We were on the right track, Bulgaria was as far as I'm concerned an incident.feedback

Danny Blind

We were on a good roll. I think the game against Bulgaria was decisive. I gave everything I had. It's too bad that it stops with this now.feedback

Kornelia Ninova

I voted for change, security along our borders and in our homes, and for justice. Every child should have access to education. Every person who needs treatment should have access to it. Small and medium-sized businesses should work in an environment free of pressure. More Bulgarians should have jobs and higher incomes.feedback

Arjen Robben

That does not change the result. We lost here, and those are the hard facts. If we play a good game, we win here. But we did not play a good game, or even a bad game. This was a terrible day.feedback

Georgi Kasabov

It liberated us, it helped us build so many factories.feedback

Georgi Kasabov

BSP is quite right. Who, if not Bulgaria, should be Russia's closest partner? Why don't we remember what Russia did?feedback

Boiko Borisov

I voted for a stable, predictable and united Bulgaria, because tomorrow our nation needs to be united.feedback

Boriana Dimitrova

The GERB party, to a much greater extent, will maintain Bulgaria's Euro-Atlantic orientation and integration. If Bulgaria begins giving up on participation in a number of EU integration policies, underlining its specific interest and privileged relations with Russia, that wouldn't just put it on Europe's periphery, it would move it into a different orbit.feedback

Anna Krasteva

The fragmentation of the vote can be seen as harsh criticism of the political elite. It is clear proof that a decade after EU integration- and that's a long period of time – Bulgarians are not happy. There is no definite and indisputable change for them to support with their vote.feedback

Damian Vodenitcharov - Euronews

According to polls, the elections this Sunday will produce yet another fragmented parliament. Coalition talks have already started somewhat. But they are complicated by yet another factor – foreign influence, namely from Turkey and Russia.feedback

Arjen Robben

What can you say? This is a nightmare. We came here with good intentions and before the game I was positive. But the first half was such a deplorable level. There was a lot wrong. We can point fingers but that does not make sense. That does not change the result. We lost here, and those are the hard facts.feedback

Krasimir Karakachanov

An anti-Bulgarian, propagandistic party could enter the Bulgarian parliament in an artificial way, imported from another country.feedback

Mohammad Nadi Ismail

When I hear people speak Romanian in the street it brings back my trauma. I once fell to the ground shaking just hearing someone speak. I will kill myself rather than go back.feedback

Krisha Prathepan

We intend to challenge any resumption of returns to Greece, as that country's asylum system remains dysfunctional and the risk of refugees being returned from Greece to the very countries in which they faced persecution remains as high as ever.feedback

Mohammad Nadi Ismail

I experienced several beatings, on all parts of the body. There were people covered in blood and they were refused medical help. They even waterboarded me. I thought I would die.feedback

Mohammad Nadi Ismail

I will not go back to Bulgaria. I still have hope that I can stay here legally and rebuild my life with my family who have always supported me.feedback

Mohammad Nadi Ismail

I left Syria to avoid jail and detention and here I have been locked up twice. I can't understand it. Why can't they look at me with some humanity? I am mentally so tired. My children call me from Syria but I can't speak to them any more. It is too painful.feedback

Vladimir Rusev

The CIA is trying to undermine Trump. They want to destroy him. We offer our support to him.feedback

Krassimir Kanev - Bulgarian Helsinki Committee

Bulgaria is a transit country, the refugees want to move to [other] EU countries.feedback

Nikolai Ivanov

I'm not nationalistic or anything like that. I'm just a patriot. Many of these immigrants are not just some guys who are trying to run away from war. They are from age 17 to 35, with good physiques and training. It's not a problem that they are Muslims. The problem is it's a different civilization. They don't think like us, they have a totally different view about life, about everything.feedback

Nikolai Ivanov

If we don't do something soon. It's not just Bulgaria, but all of Europe.feedback

Danny Blind

I've left a few players, including Wesley Sneijder, off the list because they are not 100 percent fit at the moment. For the Dutch national team, fitness is obligatory. But we will see in the next weeks if we can include them.feedback

Ovidiu Ursachi

Three million people have already left this country (including me) because these politicians left us no possible bright future. Many still hope, but now they are at their limit and are becoming hopeless. In this way, Romania will soon be no longer be a stability pole in Eastern Europe. After Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria, it seems Romania is paving its way to political instability. Thus, all western politicians must support us in our endeavour to reverse these amendments.feedback

Boiko Borisov

The budget surplus will reach 1 billion levs in January.feedback

Rumen Radev

My creed is: Few words, but efficient action. You have one more week.feedback

Dimitar Belorechkov

We expect affected farms will be able to restart operations in April.feedback

Boiko Borisov

We are giving about 10 million levs mainly to the farmers whose ducks, geese, chickens and birds had to be culled.feedback

Dessislava Taneva

In Bulgaria, we have usually registered bird flu in wild birds in the past few years. It is the first time we have had so many outbreaks in farms.feedback

Martin Radev

By Thursday, the veterinary authorities will cull more than 110,000 birds, mainly ducks.feedback

Leonidas Fragkiadakis

The transaction further strengthens NBG's position in terms of capital and liquidity, allowing for the redeployment of resources to support the Greek economic recovery.feedback

Radu Magdin

I would say, particularly in the case of Bucharest, you saw more people coming back and even in other parts of the country.feedback

Radu Magdin

For example I had my holidays in northern Romania and there was a whole village with people who went abroad to work en masse, whole families, in construction in the UK and all of them came home for Christmas and they all started building houses back home. The fact they are doing that shows they view their futures in Romania.feedback

Radu Magdin

I think we have a mentality to complain, we like to believe our countries are the worst in the universe, but it's not true. People are starting to live better, are more happy with their countries, but our typical habit of criticising everything is still present. We are living better, mostly in the bigger cities, where investment is more present.feedback

Radu Magdin

Sometimes you have the impression that Romania and Bulgaria have positioned themselves as the nice kids on the block, perhaps too nice, perhaps not always looking out for their own interests.feedback

Radu Magdin

People expected in 2007 that this money would simply pour into the country and then be redistributed. We mismanaged the use of EU funds. It's to do with ideas, bureaucracy, red tape, but also corruption.feedback

Radu Magdin

I think that's going to change, not tough talk from Sofia or Bucharest but you're going to see these two countries saying 'Guys, we don't cause you any problems, we're Europhiles, we're both going to have EU presidencies in two years from now, give us a break, give us some space, help us present the EU project as successful.feedback

Radu Magdin

Yes you can say we registered economic growth, yes you can say after the economic crisis Romania is the economic tiger of Europe. But there is some frustration – which is not attributable to Europe – in the sense that the economic growth is not being reflected in people's pockets.feedback

Radu Magdin

There's been a huge brain drain. The truth is very few have returned after years abroad.feedback

Martin Radev

They were killed after a virulent bird flu was discovered. Most probably, it is H5N8 but I am still not able to confirm this because the laboratory tests are still under way.feedback

Georgi Kostov

Two blasts have caused a serious fire and ruined at least 20 buildings. There are many people injured... many with burns.feedback

Stefan Stefanov

I helped take out six people under the ruins. Three were dead, three alive. There are no houses left standing near the incident – within 300 meters from the railways.feedback

Nikolai Nikolov

The explosion has also caused a fire. We do not expect a second blast, but the people from the village are being evacuated.feedback

Amanda Paul

They are looking for something different to what they have had in recent years. And obviously this pro-Russian candidate represents a total change of personality, whereas in Moldova I think it's more to do with disappointment over the corrupt actions of the governing elite in the last few years. The governing elite that was supposed to be pushing policies to make the country more prosperous and less corrupt.feedback

Igor Dodon

Without the reestablishment of the good, friendly and strategic relations with the Russian Federation, the Republic of Moldova has no future. We have had these good and friendly relations for hundreds of years.feedback

Amanda Paul

I think in Bulgaria, again, is a reflection of the ongoing crisis in Europe and the empathy from society which is sick of the current political leaders, so I think it is representative of the negative scenario in Europe.feedback

Rumen Radev

Today democracy in Bulgaria won over apathy and fear, despite the bluff of the government about an apocalypse, you voted for change.feedback

Boyko Borisov

On the first working day of the parliament we will tender the government's resignation.feedback

Zhelyo Boichev

The main conclusion is that hope and desire for change won over fear, which both Borisov and GERB tried to propagate.feedback

Rumen Radev

Today Bulgarians said no to apathy and voted for change. We have to see the final results, but it is now clear that people have taken democracy in their hands because it belongs to them.feedback

Georgi Danailov

My choice is General Radev because he is a man of honour, who will work to revive the Bulgarian army and he will not be a servant of foreign countries.feedback

Reneta Braykova

I'm not happy with my choice because I had to choose between the lesser of several evils.feedback

Kalin Dragiev

Bulgaria is a small country, we do not have resources and it is naive to go against Russia. Politicians must accept that Bulgaria badly needs Russia ...I will probably vote for Radev but I still think that Tsacheva is the favourite.feedback

Valentina-Andreea Dimulescu

Colectiv bolstered what was happening before. Namely people's tendency to call for the DNA to start investigations whenever corruption or maladministration accusations surfaced. This points to the fact people do trust DNA's capability and impact, based on results.feedback

Valentina-Andreea Dimulescu

We don't really see a change. For example it was a kind of shock in the local elections we had in June, in several counties people voted for the same corrupt mayors that they always have, by saying 'yes, we know they are corrupt but they did this, this and this for us, so we should stick to the devil we know rather than to take a chance on somebody ne.feedback

Victor Alistar

The tragedy itself was a huge vehicle for people understanding what can produce maladministration. In the last year I don't see so much progress, with the exception of the things I mentioned: stronger rules and less bureaucracy. The risk is still there for another tragedy to happen.feedback

Valentina-Andreea Dimulescu

That was kind of a surprise because everybody agrees that corruption is a major problem in this country, but they still continue to vote for corrupt politicians.feedback

Lachezar Bogdanov

When you have revenues that outperform, you can afford to spend funds to overhaul inefficient sectors. But we do not see enough reform drive.feedback

Vladislav Goranov

The budget is conservatively planned and is doable. It also allows us to decrease the deficit if there is faster growth.feedback

Delyan Dobrev

I am not guilty and that will easily be proven in court. I hope prosecutors will find the real culprits for Belene, the shadiest deal in Bulgaria's history.feedback

Rumen Radev

Europhilia does not mean Russophobia. Anti-Russian rhetoric carry unnecessary risks.feedback

Rumen Radev

Bulgaria is a member of NATO and the EU, this is our strategic choice which has no alternative, but we should not look on Russia as an enemy.feedback

Rumyana Arnaudova

We will make the investigation more difficult if we hand out more information at this stage.feedback

Temenuzhka Petkova

The end of October is the deadline, when the taskforce should come up with a proposal which should give us clarity about the possibilities for Bulgaria's participation. We have declared readiness to participate as an investor, as a shareholder with up to a 25 percent stake.feedback

Teodora Georgieva

We expect binding bids by the end of October. We have now companies that have not participated in the first phase of market test willing to place bids.feedback

Bohuslav Sohuslav

That is why you (the European Commission) owe it to us now and look to Bulgaria and help do the work quickly.feedback

Lachezar Bogdanov

The results shows most of the banks did very well. The need of additional capital is very small and would not have any macroeconomic impact.feedback

Emmanuel Ploumis

That's illegal according to the capital control rules, The PoS should be connected only with Greek banks.feedback

Tobias Plate

The Syrian in Ansbach was facing deportation and this was to Bulgaria.feedback

Tobias Plate

Syrians cannot at the moment be deported to Syria at the moment, but that doesn't mean that Syrians overall cannot be deported.feedback

Nishan Dzhingozyan

The uncertainty of our future is creating an atmosphere of fear and worry and panic among millions of people. Some of them are already planning to go back to Bulgaria for example.feedback

Bohuslav Sohuslav

I always say that I want the Black Sea to see sailboats, yachts, large boats with tourists and not become an arena of military action ... I do not need a war in the Black Sea.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Let's stop with the speculations that fleets will be set up against anyone. Bulgaria is a peaceful country and its foreign policy is not aimed at anyone.feedback

Boiko Borisov

I always say that I want the Black Sea to see sailboats, yachts, large boats with tourists and not become an arena of military action … I do not need a war in the Black Sea.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

We depend on Russian gas supplies big time. And we are working on alternatives. We will see the gas interconnector between Bulgaria and Romania to be finished. We have agreed with our friends in Greece about starting the gas interconnector. One of the most important engines, let's say, to trigger the new engine of integration is the European energy union.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Yes, we agree with a formula to redistribute migrants and we will take those migrants. And yes we contribute to the common European solution.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Well, we have significant losses. Just look at the Bulgarian agriculture, the Bulgarian tourism. But yes, Bulgaria stands for the sanctions. When we have to take bold political decisions about preventing future instability in Europe then money is not a factor.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

I am sure that sooner or later this is going to happen. The European integration is your own process to modernise, to restore rule of law, to fight corruption, to create institutions that serve people not oligarchs. That's what I wish to see in Ukraine.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Bulgaria has done a remarkable progress. If you look for example at the GDP per head ratio, 15 years ago Bulgaria was 27 per cent from the average. Yes, the poorest. But today we do have 47 per cent.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

I cannot stop my people, they are free. And they contribute also to their motherland. And we keep a very strong contact with them. And we know as the country is developing, is modernising – and that what we do now in Bulgaria – they will come back.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

If there are such signals – it could be Human Rights Watch, could be the United Nations refugee organisation – the Bulgarian institutions will take very seriously every one of them.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

I stand firmly against building walls between the European member states. Schengen is the dream of 500 million Europeans to travel without borders.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Bulgaria is building – just partially – a temporary equipment, a temporary fence just in order to serve temporary means.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Of course I worry about Russian behaviour – not just in Ukrainian crisis but generally. We see Russia that is telling us that they have their ambitions as a world power and they have their spheres of interest that have to be respected. But I think that this is a very wrong policy which has to stay back in the 19th century.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

I've been living 25 years in Communism. And I know what is not to be a member of the European Union. I know what is to be alone. Or what is to be just a subordinate of a world power as the Soviet Union. I don't want this to happen again. I want Bulgaria to be a proud member of the European Union. That's the only way for us to guarantee our prosperity and to guarantee our safety and security.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

You cannot guarantee security if you make yourself as a castle with big walls, and you are not interested in everything around you. This is a very wrong strategy.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

Nations should not be strong with their armies of soldiers and nuclear weapons. In the 21st century nations should be strong with the success of the people.feedback

Rosen Plevneliev

I want to be a friend with everyone. And I want to be a friend with Russia. I love Tchaikovsky and his music, and I love Dostoyevsky and his writings. I love Russian culture. We love Russian people. But we cannot agree – as proven democrats – when Kremlin today is violating international law and international order. We cannot agree with frozen conflicts.feedback

Olan Hussein

I have been travelling for almost a month and a half. I left Iran for Turkey and then Bulgaria, where I was imprisoned for 18 days. I crossed the border and the Bulgarian police arrested me and put me in a camp that was really a prison. They took my passport – and would not give it back to me.feedback

Nikolina Milic

What seems to be happening in [EU member] Bulgaria daily is totally unacceptable.feedback

Georgi Kostov

Three border policemen stumbled last night onto a large group of about fifty male migrants who put up resistance during the arrest. One of the officers fired warning shots, a ricochet followed and one of the migrants was wounded.feedback

Janina Berg

Since OLAF's mandate is limited to administrative investigations, the responsibility of bringing recommended cases to justice lies so far with EU member state authorities – which still too often fail to recover EU taxpayers' money. . We therefore urge the EU and all EU member states to seize the opportunity to establish the European Public Prosecutor to help tighten the net around fraudsters and cross-border corruption in the EU.feedback

Ivaïlo Ditchev

We have been without direction for some time now. Perhaps this is due to the ageing population. Nonetheless, it is clear that we no longer know where the country is headed.feedback

Ivaïlo Ditchev

A significant factor is that happiness is not a state of being but a process. We are not happy if we are not evolving. It is like riding a bicycle: if the pedals don't turn, you fall over. You have to move forward, to overcome obstacles. Happy societies are those with a goal, a plan.feedback

Ivaïlo Ditchev

Another factor is the definition of happiness: it is a feeling of belonging. We must feel that we are part of a community; that we are appreciated. This may be why the Scandinavian countries, with their highly-developed welfare states, are ranked at the top of the index.feedback

Marco Perolini - Amnesty International

Hundreds of people from minority groups have experienced hate crimes and many more have no confidence in the authorities to protect them. The Bulgarian authorities urgently have to take a strong stand and ensure they are adhering to national and international laws, ensuring human rights for all.feedback

Roland-Francois Weil - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

This campaign is aimed at influencing the attitudes of the people in the middle who are not sure who refugees are. We are trying to refocus the debate away from numbers of refugees and supposed threats, and rally moderate voices to be heard in the public debate. Too often they are drowned out by the far right.feedback

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