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Donald Emmerson
China's propensity for coopting, pressuring, and even bullying Southeast Asia's rulers is creating potentially double-edged swords for Beijing. A corrupt, entrenched local elite can be bought into alignment with China, as has happened in Cambodia. But, such cronyism can prompt opposition from civil society actors who are thereby more likely to blame China for local exploitation and repression, as has happened in
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Oct 18 2017
“I asked Maddox and Pax if they'd work with me again. I think all the kids eventually want to do something. My little boy who's nine said he wants to train me because he thinks I'm out of shape. So maybe I'll just be working with my children.” said Angelina Jolie speaking about Cambodia. It’s one of the 137 quotes about Cambodia you can find on this page. 83 people have said something about this topic. Among them: Hun Sen, Stephen Constantine and Jonathan Bogais. Browse the quotes by date and by name to find those that are relevant to you.
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Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

It's not really the film itself. Preparing to make it was also preparing to understand and communicate with a country and help a country to

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

The reason I was a little late is they made me change. They thought what I was wearing was too revealing. I actually went to a premiere once with pee on me. It was when the kids were little and I just got peed on at the last minute. There was nothing to do but wear

Mark Faber

Some Japanese companies are actually quite good value. I personally prefer investments in Indochina, in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and also Laos. That is the region I think has enormous economic potential and there will be plenty of opportunities. But for institutional investors, the Japanese market offers in some sectors very good

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I said to my son Maddox, who's known Luong his whole life, when you're ready, we should tell Luong's story. But we have to tell it together. We had this script for a few years and he came up to me and said, I'm

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Mad knows himself very well and if he said he was ready, I knew he knew. He goes back and forth [to Cambodia] a lot, but this would be over four months of just being in the country, really reading, listening, learning and absorbing all things about his culture and country [including] the very, very dark

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

He's quite capable and always takes me by surprise. He's been practicing flying, then they called me the other day and said, So Mad can go solo,' and I nearly dropped the phone! He's been taking French and Russian and all these different languages. I hear him talking in full, fluent French, and they'll tell me he's reached a certain level in his German, and I have no idea. He doesn't do it in front of

Phay Siphan

Cambodia still cooperates with the U.S. But while the U.S. tells the world that it respects human rights, in reality they don't. They just drop bombs to kill

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I wanted to learn more about the war of Yugoslavia. I had been in the region and travelling in the UN. It was a war I really couldn't get my head around. ... It was not a goal to become a

Phay Siphan

We don't want any superpower or anyone to get involved in this case. Let it go. If Kem Sokha is involved with foreign agents, a foreign government, to topple the Cambodian government, that is treason. During the 1960s they killed those people involved with the U.S., they shot

Aun Pheap

After they close down all the independent newspapers and radio stations, no one will be able to print true information for the upcoming

Hun Sen

After witnessing the treasonous acts of some Cambodians in recent days, , I have decided to continue my job for another 10

Lee Morgenbesser

I'm not convinced it would be occurring [immediately] before the election, when there's more international focus on Cambodia and more domestic, for that matter. So I think if they were going to do it, they would have to do it

Lee Morgenbesser

The debate, if there is a debate, is to the degree of authoritarianism in

Monovithya Kem

A grass-roots movement is building democracy from below -- and that terrifies the government in Phnom

Nick Ray

Life is dictated by the rise and fall of the water. The wet season is the most dramatic; I love exploring the flooded forests in a dugout boat or

Douglas Steele

I signed the check to build another school today. We have 120 staff at the NGO, at the hospital. I've got other things to

Carl Thayer

The current crackdown is far more extensive than 'normal' repression under the Hun Sen

Chansambath Bong

There are only two well-known English newspaper that have gained trust of the people, you and your across-the-road comrade, the Phnom Penh Post. It was you who kept me and other countless Cambodians, who are sick and tired of hearing overpraised statements and one-sided commentary broadcasted on TV, informed about what is really happening in this Kingdom of Endless

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

Freedom of speech is rapidly becoming a highly endangered right in Prime Minister Hun Sen's march down the road to dictatorship in Cambodia. Kem Sokha is now the latest

Charles Santiago

With national elections on the horizon, it is clear that this is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to crush the opposition before the campaign even starts. For months, we have been witnessing the escalation of government attempts to cripple the opposition, but it appears now that Prime Minister Hun Sen is so afraid of what might happen in a genuine vote, he won't allow for competition at

John Sifton

The arrest of Kem Sokha is a disastrous setback for Cambodia's human rights

Holly Robertson

Holly Robertson is a freelance journalist and a former deputy managing editor of the Cambodia Daily

Aun Pornmoniroth

It will not allow itself to become a heavily oil dependent economy. It will instead use oil revenue to fuel structural transformation to sustain economic

Kelvin Tang

Shortly after signing, we will declare a final investment decision and proceed to deliver first oil in 24 months - sometime in

Chhean Nariddh

The Cambodia Daily has tried to apply international standards of news writing in Cambodia, and it has aggressively covered sensitive issues, like corruption, land-grabbing and illegal logging. But unfortunately Cambodian democracy is very young. Press freedom is still

Naly Pilorge

There have been multilevel efforts by the government and government institutions to restrict and repress the opposition party, civil society and the media. Whether it's the courts or the tax department or new legislation, all these mechanisms are being used by the government to crack down on its

Jodie DeJonge

Every day that we get to put out a newspaper is a good day for us. There is still a free press in Cambodia, and we are going to rely on that until they come and put yellow tape around the

Thou Saroeun

We are processing the case and we don't know yet when this will move to

Uk Heisela

I don't know when exactly, that depends on when China sends a

Huy Vannak

They say Cambodian girls are sold for sex by their mothers. This violates the dignity of Cambodian mothers and girls, as culturally Cambodian mothers will never sell their girls for sex at any cost. They portrayed Cambodian girls sold for sex, but the persons they put in the story were Vietnamese – it's like your body is confused with your

Hun Sen

By any means, this NGO must get out of Cambodia. My country is poor, but you cannot insult our people. You bombarded our country, and now you make more trouble. It is fitting that CNN was blasted by President Donald Trump. I would like to say that President Trump is right: U.S. media is very

Kayla Cobb

Everyone should know better than to literally dangle money in front of impoverished children ... no movie is worth psychologically traumatizing multiple

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I cried and cried. He was the one who said, It's time to do it,' . It was a way for him to walk in the steps that most likely his birth parents

Theresa de Langis

At least one small study of victims of forced marriages indicates that over half of these marriages resulted in one or more children, and testimony has already been heard as to the severe impacts on women's health and psyche as a result of this added, almost unimaginable burden in a time of mass starvation, slave labor, and epidemic levels of

María Lobato

The suffering endured by victims of forced pregnancy can only be adequately represented through the application of a specific legal

Luon Sovath

The problem in Cambodia is the ruling party controls everything – the money, the courts, the

Om Kumpheak

Tarantulas are more delicious than crickets. I have to pass through here to buy tarantulas, because they're rare in Phnom

Victor Koppe - Nuon

I'm convinced that the Cambodian public will understand that our long brief will consist of real history and not of quote-unquote fake

Kate Hudson

Taking rest from the rain in the jungle with @swimswammyslippyslappy and Vy! It doesn't take long to fall in love with the beautiful country of

Derryn Hinch

You go to Bali, you go to Phnom Penh, you go to Siem Reap, and you see these middle-aged Australian men there, Caucasian men, with a young local kid – they are not there to get a suntan. These depraved criminals preyed on vulnerable kids, and statistically, we know, many of them will do it again given the

Jonathan Gorstein

The thyroid is a pretty efficient gland at storing

Jonathan Gorstein

What we really want to avoid, is this pattern in which success leads to

George Yeo - Kerry Logistics

The problem is that there are beneficiaries and losers. For example, Singapore is a beneficiary of roaming because it has lots inbound tourists, while Cambodia is on the other side of the coin. We have to find a mechanism to equate

Reed Brody - Human Rights Watch

This system should not be applied to the United States. They like the Hague tribunal for Yugoslavia, for Rwanda, Sierra Leone or Cambodia, but not for a court that has unlimited

Sherry Lansing

I saw it earlier on. Right after Tomb Raider, she was on my same flight out of London where she sat next to me. She had nothing with her but a backpack and she was going back to Cambodia to work with the refugees. She was always interested in causes bigger than herself and she always worked hard for those causes. She's done amazing good to make the world a better

Benjamin Mora

If we have a style to play long balls, long balls to Safawi, then it would easy for Safawi. But Safawi needs to connect with the other players. I don't blame Safawi, it's very fair and normal. He will play again. I love his style of play - very strong and willing. And I'm still confident he can

Benjamin Mora

He's a 20 year old boy and he needs confidence. He hasn't had a lot of minutes. He's lacking the rhythm, timing and pace - that is not easy in football when playing with team mates that play the ball very

Youk Chhang

They have established a culture of debate in this broken society, and any talk about the tribunal is extremely important for

Peter Maguire

I don't think it's a fair sign of success or failure just to look at dollar signs and convictions. The bigger question is, To what extent has this tribunal contributed to beginning the process of embedding the idea of justice, the absence of impunity, into public consciousness, to help Cambodia transition to a better place?feedback

Bruce Northam

Bolivia remains an even greater bargain than backpacker sanctuaries like Cambodia. La Paz (elevation 12,000ft), the world's highest capital city, is where frugal long-term travelers crisscrossing South America hang their hats and

Hong Ly

Despite how poor and difficult Cambodia is, it's not at a level where we sell breast

Stephen Constantine

I think they all played very well. If I am the coach of Cambodia then I will be very happy only after two

Tep Khunnal

I'm sure that if Cambodia embraces this idea, Cambodia will walk in the right way. What I find interesting for me is that he talks about individuals, he gives power to individuals, not to collectivism. Frederick Taylor in the early 20th century, he talked about efficiency, but Drucker talked about

Stephen Constantine

For us it is an important friendly. We have a difficult game after this with Myanmar. Coming to Cambodia means similar conditions, similar weather. I think it will be an interesting game for us. I wish Cambodia's new coach (Leonardo Vitorino) all the very best and good luck except not so much good luck tomorrow. We are taking this game very seriously and we are trying to give our best

Stephen Constantine

My first views to play Cambodia was that it is very close to Myanmar and the conditions are very similar. They have recently played them in the AFF Suzuki Cup so it will be a good experience for us and will be close to how Myanmar play. Although Cambodia have a new coach and he will look to change somethings, but this was the main reason. Well, we wanted to stay here. We won't be able to train the same way over there. I am sure they (Myanmar) do not want us to be there too early. So, we decided that we will stay here for two or three days. It is better for

Stephen Constantine

I need to thank the Western India Football Association headed by Mr. Praful Patel and Mr. Aditya Thackeray for their hospitality and help. I admire their passion for the National Team. We didn't face any obstacle during our training

Stephen Constantine

The character showed by the boys in the Camp has been exemplary. They worked very hard and we are looking forward to getting a result in both the matches. We are ready for the dual

Prue Leith

Adopting Li-Da was just as wonderful, satisfying and fascinating as having [son] Daniel the way nature intended. The two of them are chalk and cheese, but are devoted to each other. Li-Da was, if anything, too good a child, conscious of her luck and suffering from classic survivor guilt, which she later channelled into making films about Cambodia and working for charities to help the

Prue Leith

At the age of 14, I had this bolt-upright-in-bed situation. I was trying to imagine what my parents looked like, and I realised I couldn't. I'd never met a Cambodian. The only images I had were from documentaries. But you never see Cambodians in those. You just see

Prue Leith

I realised I was totally English. The Cambodian culture was so foreign to me. I grew up with South African expat parents in England and lived in a manor house and had a very charmed lifestyle. Having had no influences from Cambodia before, it was a huge shock in every single way possible. I didn't really feel

Francis Au - Arcadis

Solutions based on migrant labour aren't acceptable to the local population at this stage. To stabilise the rising building costs, the government and the construction industry will have to look into investing in initiatives and solutions that can increase industrial productivity. We used to call those casinos money-printing machines. As China's state economic policy is to expand overseas, we can expect to see more Chinese funds go to other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodia to fuel their infrastructure projects

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

I hope the people of this country are proud when they see it, because they see what they survived. And I hope it sheds light on what it is to be Cambodian, and the beauty and love of the

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

We are focusing on the health of our family, and so we will be, we will be stronger when we come out of this because that's what we're determined to do as a family. Of course. We will always be a family,

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Many people find themselves in this situation. My whole family have all been through a difficult time. My focus is my children, our

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Forty years ago this war affected every single individual here, and I wanted to understand myself. I don't know much of my son's (Maddox) birth parents, but I believe they would've gone through this war. I wanted to understand him and his culture in a deeper way, and I wanted to bring this story to this country in this country's

Angelina Jolie - United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Her story is their story and so this is, in many ways, universal, and we hope that that is something that you think about as well. I hope that the young people, when they see this film, that yes, they will learn part of their history, but I hope they also see – I hope all of you see – that this is a country of talent and art and love and beauty. The children are very close to the children who are in the film and, in fact, many of them are best friends. So, they're simply happy to be back with their friends. Maddox is happy to be back in his

Arjen Dondorp

We now see this very successful resistant parasite lineage emerging, outcompeting its peers, and spreading over a wide

Nicholas White

We are losing a dangerous race to eliminate artemisinin resistant...malaria before widespread resistance to the partner antimalarials makes that impossible. The consequences of resistance spreading further into India and Africa could be grave if drug resistance is not tackled from a global public health emergency

Noriaki Goto

Government investment will provide key catalyst for growth, along with the expected recovery in private consumption, exports and tourism

Sia Phearum

Someone working for the government leaked us the contract and we analyzed it with our lawyers. The problem is often a lack of clear

Jesse Coleman

Disclosure of land contracts can empower project-affected communities, giving them more leverage to assert their rights and demand accountability for the impacts of these

Sorin Tiravuthy

At health centres, people are continuously coming in. I don't know how many

Hun Sen

This shows that we don't discriminate against any foreign

Seng Nhak

We join hands with the Chinese company to make this an international

Hun Sen

In terms of foreign investment over the past five years, 2011-2015, China was the biggest source of investment in

Sy Seng

My daughter works for the company earning about US$4 per day. We would be happy if the company hired all of

Chum Sy

The company measured the land and made a title certificate for

Nico Strydom

The majority of these (residents) now have legal title to the

Chan Sophal

In the long term, companies should be very happy with their investments in Cambodian land, even if they lost some due to the leopard skin

Nico Strydom

The underlying argument for this is that the company will experience a lower level of risk if neighbours are

Sim Sam

They obey the laws and have better conditions than other projects. Land titles have been issued to villagers with help from the

Sim Sam

Lots of customers come in the evening when they finish work. I think things will keep getting better in the

Som Soeun

This is like a competition. When he lost, he cried

Roberto Amato

By studying the genomes of these parasites we found two genetic markers that are linked with piperaquine resistance. Not only can we now use these markers to monitor the spread of the drug resistant malaria, they will also help towards understanding as much as possible about the biology and evolution of the (malaria)

Roberto Amato

The emergence of piperaquine resistance in these Cambodian parasites has led to complete treatment failure there. These malaria parasites are now resistant to both drugs, and since they are no longer being killed, resistance to both drugs will spread. This will threaten global attempts to eliminate

Ted Osius

Indonesia is very internally focussed right now ... Thailand is very internally focussed, and Malaysia has a rolling political crisis. I don't know exactly what direction the Philippines is headed; Singapore has a lot strategic thinkers but it's a city state; I don't think you can really count on Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar to provide the strategic engine for

Miguel Chanco - Association of Southeast Asian Nations

China's continued support of Cambodia, both economically and in the arena of international politics, will mean that the Hun Sen regime is unlikely to soften its heavy-handedness anytime

Pav Sina

If the minimum wage is set to raise every year, our industry may face

Pav Sina

Investors may leave to find cheaper places, so we will have to see what the future will be

Pav Sina

We didn't get what we demanded but we thank those involved for their

Ouk Vibol

With very few Royal Turtles left in the wild and many threats to their survival, Cambodia's national reptile is facing a high risk of extinction. By protecting nests and head starting the hatchlings, we are increasing the chances of survival for this important species for

Phelim Kine - Human Rights Watch

That dynamic means that Duterte can expect his most meaningful face-time in Laos with other ASEAN embarrassments such as Cambodia's dictator Hun Sen, representatives of Thailand's military junta and his authoritarian Laotian

Grant Govertsen

All of the above are positive for neighboring markets like Cambodia and Laos, which have more investment-friendly

Phuong Nguyen

The U.S. strategic interest in Laos is to see the country be able to exert a certain degree of strategic autonomy because you don't want ... (to) have something akin to the relationship between China and

Jonathan Bogais

More protests could be likely as people get fed up of corruption, and further violence is the worst-case scenario. There is a strong consensus among young people that there is a need

Jonathan Bogais

The [garment] industry is run by partnerships with the government and companies set up by foreign investors soif there's a fear of political unrest, no doubt foreign investors will rethink their

Jonathan Bogais

Politics is at a critical juncture, the current situation is an absolute

Jonathan Bogais

The opposition is dysfunctional. They've never been able to have any form of cabinet or shadow ministry and Rainsy, residing in France, has little role to play in politics. Even if new parties were to emerge, the PM would ensure their

Joshua Kurlantzick - Council on Foreign Relations

Cambodia's politics have veered dangerously out of control. The government's brutal tactics of the 1990s and early 2000s, when political activists were routinely murdered and opposition parties nearly put out of business, have

Chum Sounry

So, this shouldn't drag ASEAN countries into the dispute, and it shouldn't drag Cambodia to get

Chum Sounry

The dispute in the South China Sea is between the Philippines and China, not ASEAN and

Malcolm Cook

Certainly, Cambodia's paralysis of ASEAN ... hurts ASEAN's unity, cohesion, relevance and reputation. It makes ASEAN peripheral, not central, on this issue. For Laos and Cambodia, they clearly see relations with China as more important than their membership in ASEAN and are willing to damage ASEAN to aid their relations with

Markus Rodlauer - International Monetary Fund

We do believe that the growth in the real estate sector is on a dangerous trajectory and needs to slow

Markus Rodlauer - International Monetary Fund

Cambodia is a fast-growing, highly open economy and just attained lower middle income country

Sydney H. Schanberg - The New York Times

Our decision to stay, was founded on our belief – perhaps, looking back, it was more a devout wish or hope – that when the Khmer Rouge won their victory, they would have what they wanted and would end the terrorism and brutal behavior we had written so often

Sydney H. Schanberg - The New York Times

Two million people suddenly moved out of the city in stunned silence – walking, bicycling, pushing cars that had run out of fuel, covering the roads like a human carpet. A once-throbbing city became an echo chamber of silent streets lined with abandoned cars and gaping, empty shops. Streetlights burned eerily for a population that was no longer

Phil Robertson - Human Rights Watch

This group should be allowed to appeal their deportation in a full and fair hearing in a court of law rather than be hustled on to a plane and sent to an uncertain fate back in

Hun Sen

Tourism is acclaimed as the green gold in fostering socio economic development and poverty alleviation as well as contributing to the development of the green

Keat Chhon

Today is an important historical day for Cambodia's financial sector and this market is also a new national pride for Cambodia as it moves to the final stage of

Alex Waugh

In my opinion and in the view of most in the grain trade, we are not going to see prices collapse back to the level they were. What we are seeing is a real increase and that's because of rise in demand around the world because of population. We have 80-million new mouths to feed every year which is the equivalent of say Germany. A new Germany every year!feedback

Hun Sen

We must lay out priority actions and key concrete measures to address all the challenges, and bridge the gaps, which are obstacles for creating the ASEAN economic community by the planned

Karim Khan

Even today, the accused has sought to evade or minimise his role and the reality, the awful reality, that was

Keat Chhon

I strongly believe that securities trading in Cambodia will be a

Ith Samheng

We pay our deep condolences to those who died. The government will organise an investigation into this incident and take measures to prevent something like this from happening

Isabelle Kumar - Euronews

Phillip, we are in the grips of a recession, consumers are asking for cheaper and cheaper goods, we've already seen another factory collapse in Cambodia. Do you think you can ensure such a disaster doesn't happen again?feedback

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